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  1. He doesn't have it as one of his preferred positions. In my game he has finishing 11 so I don't think it's worth trying to convert him.
  2. I think Azcona did well in my last game, but Nico never developed - has a 5* rating though.
  3. Second season is hoping Williams gets ten goals up front and that your wide/attacking midfielders chip in. I'd be interested in knowing whether Nico Williams/Ruben Azcona come good for anyone. Usually I've had regens/other Basque regens who've taken 2-3 seasons to become the main striker.
  4. Just finished my third season and that's three CL places on the bounce (Valencia finished 2nd this season, so Barca missed out! ) Luckily I've been able to bring some good youngsters in from the other Basque clubs so am able to transition out the likes of De Marcos and Iturraspe sooner rather than later. Found this cracking lad at Racing Satander and came in for 475k. First team quality already! Herrera has been here a couple of seasons now but is rotating the AMR position with Unai Lopez. Still having problems with the striker position as Williams is playing there by and large and he's hardly prolific.
  5. Excellent. Getting Merino really is a no brainer, no matter how much he costs. Your CMs are all past their best in this game and he's the only top quality option. Herrera is great but he's 29 and Man Utd never transfer list him cheaply.
  6. Merino is available for 25m unless they extended his minimum release fee. He'll go too - I guess because he isn't a Sociedad youth graduate he doesn't feel quite so loyal.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen Valencia qualify for the CL in my games. Good news about Real Sociedad going down, but I bet it's still difficult to sign Oyarzabal et al. It bugs me that Pardo is immediately transfer listed for way more than his value and still won't leave. Gorosabel is decent in my game too, not that I need a RB (although I will probably move Capa on and De Marcos also gets offers from China).
  8. When my last game corrupted, I knew I'd come back to Athletic Club eventually. I finished 3rd in my first season, selling Garcia, Rico and Balenziaga to fund the signing of Merino. One promising wonderkid emerged. Reckon he could be my back up AMR already (bad news for Susaeta!).
  9. First thing you do in any game, change the staff responsibilities so you do everything.
  10. Big fan of Leverkusen's ruthless efficiency there - they must've won all their games by a single goal!
  11. Thanks - I think I'll keep two saves available. I think I'll keep Bury in mid-table in League One and would hope to build towards promotion to the Championship in the next season, or the one after. Fulham are a mess; I'd rather take over in the Summer tbf and do all the rebuilding then, rather than oversee their pitiful relegation for the next five months. I'll keep the Bury game going
  12. Midway in the 19-20 season, I am mid table in League One with Bury. However, a soon to be relegated from the Premier League (they're around 10 points from safety) Fulham have offered me a job. Dare I take it? Their squad isn't that good (Sessegnon has been sold) so if the big names wanted to leave in the event of relegation there's a hell of a lot of rebuilding to do.
  13. Managed to win League Two at the first attempt with Bury. With Shotton and Hulme in the squad, they'll be the two guys we build the squad around long term. Needless to say I was busy in the free transfer market and brought in a lot of players to do a season/half-season job. Now the fun starts as basically the whole squad will be set for release as I try to mop up better quality free players. A couple of upgrades are already on their way.
  14. Part of me is tempted to try a game with Lincoln as I've never got a team promoted from the bottom division to the Premiership. They have Ellis Chapman, who could really kick on into a handy player at the higher levels. They have a generally decent squad and some spare wage/transfer money but expectations for promotion. Bury are another side I remember having some good young players - they always seem to get regens - Hulme's a good prospect.
  15. I think Liverpool might be geared up to be the best option for the title/CL with an all-British squad.
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