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  1. I've stopped playing since the weeks have been running down for FM20. I hope this thread will quickly spring up for FM20 once it's released. Athletic Club will be my first game - and it should be an interesting one!
  2. I would like Man Utd to be downgraded, so that managing them is a harder challenge. Obviously they'll be loaded, but the dead wood they're carrying at the moment (Mata, Jones, et al) should be exactly that. Turning them around into EPL contenders should be harder work than it probably will be.
  3. I had no idea what had happened! They were my go-to Italian side. They always had great youngsters.
  4. I always play with my tried and tested teams in every game as FM20 will probably be no different: England: Brentford or Charlton Athletic (it's rare I'd manage an EPL team straight out the bat - Norwich City might be the exception) Italy: Palermo, though Fiorentina had a poor season last year and destroyed Milan last night in the San Siro (and have Ribery!) so might be a good bet. Spain: Athletic Club though I should try a Real Sociedad save Netherlands: AZ or Feyenoord and hope you can edge out Ajax and PSV
  5. I think the most players I've ever had in a national squad is probably 4-5 and Real Sociedad have probably provided a couple more. I don't think I've noticed the depth of other Spanish clubs' intakes because I'm only trying to nab the Basque players!!
  6. Yep, don't leave! I lived near Barnet and have tried to get a couple of games off the ground, but their wage budget is always so horrendously over (even after promotion and releasing players) that any squad building is impossible. Charlton are in many ways my second English team, so you could pick worse teams to go to - but do you want to work for Roland Duchâtelet?
  7. I'd call the suburbs anything in transport zones 3-6. http://content.tfl.gov.uk/london-rail-and-tube-services-map.pdf
  8. Do you still have Mauro Vilhete? I was at the Hive when they beat Gateshead in 2015 to get promoted from the conference. He scored both goals. My friends and I then went to the Nandos in Edgware, where Vilhete and family also ate at. The guy's a hero!
  9. Dominguez, Martin and Goni look very promising. Keep an eye on Alvaro Nunez, a very young RB in your u19s or C team, he developed excellently for me.
  10. If they get their head turned, they usually stop complaining once a transfer window closes. Then offer a new deal outside of the window and lock in a huge release fee.
  11. Got any screenshots of the regens? Wow, you might be light at the back though as your third CB now must be Vivian - I guess you can always pick up Ramalho or Bustinza, they're quite solid. I only sold Yeray in my game when he hit 30 or so and was my fourth CB.
  12. A bit of the old Lee Dixon there. I remember one own goal I had on the last game of the season (a title decider) when one of my guys played a 40 yard back pass in the last minute and the GK walked off. Luckily it wasn't costly as Real Madrid only drew but still...
  13. I did like the old Champ Manager games where you could develop a starting XI of guys with 20s in all their necessary attribute areas.
  14. @bowieinspace Great work. Like you I find that the CL is much tougher than La Liga. I think the SF is as far as I've ever reached, and I usually get defeated by a stacked Premier League club. Some great regens, especially your GK. I like a GK with good physical stats (strength, stamina) and you don't often get them. I've put my full game on pause for now in anticipation of FM2020. With the latest update, Athletic Club are an even tougher gig as you've already lost Susaeta/Iturraspe; you don't even get the chance to transition them out.
  15. We're at that point where FM2020 is coming soon, so I'm going to start another Bilbao save for a few seasons and see where a homegrown only squad goes. I'll only sign players who've played for/developed at Athletic Club and not poach guys from Real Sociedad et al. In the new database with the Summer transfers, I suspect I'll be trying to sign Iturraspe back!
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