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4 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

One does not simply get themselves promoted from the National League...

I can't be bothered going looking for the picture, you will just have to visualise the cheesy Sean Bean face! 

One last push! so you can get promoted with no wage budget and well yeah :D

The funny thing is if we go up we will be forced to go Professional surely. I think going up could be the worst thing I could do...lets go do it!

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3 hours ago, deltablue said:

Good luck securing promotion.


11 hours ago, Zilla Blitz said:

Good luck in the final!

Cheers guys. Not going to lie I'm nervous!

Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Playoff Final

So a long season all comes down to this!


Its not a shock to know we aren't the favourites.


We did the double over them this season which gives us confidence.

I'm not expecting to win if I'm honest. We are the underdogs....

Lets get to it!

3rd minute and we get the first real shot on goal from Crawley but it fell miles wide. 0-0.

5th minute and the first shot on target comes from H&R. Good attempt but keeper would have been disappointed to be beaten. 


Thats an awful goal to concede from the underdogs point of view. A striker ghosts in from a cross and somehow gets a toe on it from 2 yards out. Lively start. 1-0!

26th minute and it has been all Crawley. The H&R players just haven't been able to pick themselves up after going 1-0 down. 2-0 is looking far more likely.

37 minutes gone and it should be 2-0! The goalscorer is put through on goal but drags his shot wide. H&R need the half time whistle.

38th minute and H&R see their best chance come and go. Free kick out wide is lofted in and is met by a H&R player but it goes wide. Not really that close but it shows how bad they have been to say that is their best chance.


Half time and Crawley are good value for their lead. They are 45 minutes away from a return to the Football League.

54th minutes and the woodwork has been cracked. Crawley hold their heads in their hands as they were inches from doubling their lead. H&R live to fight another day but they really need to pick it up.

76th minute and as time is winding down the game has slipped into 1st gear. Its been a dull affair. H&R are playing right into Crawley's hands. Not long left now. Will somebody make themselves a hero?


No hero's but an absolute villain! A very poor pass back to the keeper means he struggles to control it and Dan Cashman, whose only been on a few minutes slots home from 2 yards out. Out of absolutely nothing we are level! 

That by the way is Dan Cashman's first goal of the season. What a time to get it.

79th minute. Literally straight from kick off Crawley lose the ball. H&R go on the attack and are awarded a penalty. What a massive moment in this game. H&R have been second best throughout but now have been given a huge opportunity to take the lead and be within 10 minutes of the Football League.

Dylan Parker...the pressure on this man's shoulders is huge, can he slot it home?


He can! What's going on? This game has just done a completely 180!

83rd minute and the ball is in the back of the net and Crawley think they have equalised! But its been ruled offside. Massive decision after what was a brilliant finish.

7 minutes to go and the stadium is still in shock from what we have just seen.

85th minute and H&R have a chance to surely put the game beyond Crawley but its saved. 5 minutes plus stoppage time to go.

89th minute and a half chance goes begging for Crawley. The initial shot hit the defender, fell to the midfielder who let it rip from outside the box. Just over. Time is running out for Crawley.



I couldn't give any less of a toss.


I've never been so happy to see so little wage budget!



Ok that's enough bombarding. What an unbelievable game. I was ready with the whole "we didn't do it but it was still a great season." "A stepping stone" but screw that WE ARE GOING UP SAY WE ARE GOING UP!!




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25 minutes ago, wynter said:

You've got this :Bowen:

Sorry Wynter I was already knee deep in the update and didn't see the reply.......Yeah we do!!!


4 minutes ago, kidthekid said:

Congrats man. The "failure to control players" fine is so apt

Not the first time I've seen this message. Won't be the last. Chris Kelly actually missed the entire playoff run...he was suspended.

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congratulations, i've no idea what I am going to do with all these marshmellows I bought to toast over the fires of failure :(

You are going to need that £750 for wages next year? And isn't 18k a week over double what they were offering if you had stayed in the National League? 

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Hampton and Richmond 

End of Season 2025/26


100% no complaints with that. He was my pick. Brilliant season from him. Absolute rock. Shame he was on loan and I'll be doing all I can to keep him for our season in League Two.


This is the turning point I've been waiting for. I'm hoping this is going to mean, fuller stadiums, better prize money. I need to stay up. That's the goal next season. Stay up, by hook or by crook.


Yay I suppose?

Suppose I should mention in all of that I did get a new 2 year contract. Went down from 1.1k to 650 in order to do my bit to help finances. Now we are professional its going to be even harder to keep the finances in order!


Well I mean we struggle now to fill it so why not I suppose!


Not going to lie this one stings a little bit. I mean yes York went up and......oh dear God....York went up...that means I have to face them again next season.....crap.

So now would be a good time to show you all the end of season London report. It could have been worse I think.


Look at us smack bang in the middle! I'm still buzzing over that promotion. 2 promotions and 2 relegations not counting Harrow. Could have been better, could have been worse. West Ham is the worst one by far. I need to now do what Dulwich Hamlet haven't and that's survive in League Two. I'm mentally preparing myself for a long hard season.

19 teams in the top 5 divisions. National League South is being close to not being a worry!

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2 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

congratulations, i've no idea what I am going to do with all these marshmellows I bought to toast over the fires of failure :(

You are going to need that £750 for wages next year? And isn't 18k a week over double what they were offering if you had stayed in the National League? 

According to the finances screen my wage budget was set to be 8k next season so its 10k more! Its still not going to be enough but hopefully I can do enough to stay in the division. I'm happy to spend 10 years in this division. Just delighted to be out the Conference. I don't want to return!

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1 minute ago, andychar said:

According to the finances screen my wage budget was set to be 8k next season so its 10k more! Its still not going to be enough but hopefully I can do enough to stay in the division. I'm happy to spend 10 years in this division. Just delighted to be out the Conference. I don't want to return!

yeah 1 year in the football league for 6 in the Conference is not a fantastic ratio,

Does staying in League 2 by hook or by crook include taking the Leyton Orient job? ;) 

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6 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

yeah 1 year in the football league for 6 in the Conference is not a fantastic ratio,

Does staying in League 2 by hook or by crook include taking the Leyton Orient job? ;) 

Absolutely not! Hampton and Richmond all the way!

Hampton and Richmond Borough

Offseason and Preseason 2026/27

First thing's first.


Overachievers yet again! Not good enough or Manager of the Year though!

The season has already begin with the draw for the League Cup.


My chances I do not fancy!

In regards to preseason I've gone pure money...


Plenty of hidings but plenty of month coming in.


I can't have any more than 17 foreign players. Amazingly I have 12 so I will have to be careful there,

My wage budget has disappeared. It seems we had a lot of wage rises based on promotion. My chairman still offers my players contracts without my say. I've had a look and can't see any reason why this would be happening. With the month he's pumped into the club I suppose I can't grumble!

I'm going to wait until the contracts have run out before I go for anybody this season. I can't be throwing money away. After all the releases we have 4k to spend. That's enough to get 4 decent players in. I want a new ST and a new CM as well as looking to strengthen the Wingers.


Here's my Striker. I now need to get rid of a few strikers!


Things started well but wow it tanked quickly!

Pre-season is in the books. Our next game will be the first ever game in the Football League. Lets take a look at the team and the odds...

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

Match Day Squad 2026/27


Nothing has changed here. The same starter and same back up.


At 24 I have no intention of letting this guy go. He has the potential to be better. If I stick with him we can go places. Last season he played every single game with an average rating of 6.76.


Fingers crossed we don't see this guy.


Still rocking the flat back 3 and once again there are no changes here.


Chris Kelly is back. When he plays he's a decent defender. But my God lets keep the reds away!


Luca Vega, room for improvement. I will be sticking with him. Average rating of 6.75 from 42 games.


Keenan is a player I trust. Again room for improvement and another I want to keep. Average rating of 6.88 in 45 games. He is our best defender.


Craig Tuck played a lot as a wingback last season. This season he will provide cover for the back 3. Lets face it with Chris Kelly he will get a lot of starts!


At 21 he still has a lot of improvement in him. He will cover both CB and DM.

Defensive Midfielder


Zain was a gamble. He comes on loan and will be playing CDM but he is a great CM. He will be used in both roles but mainly as a CDM.

Wing Backs


Luca was a solid player last season as a WRB. He's starting his 6th season with us and we have watched him grow. Still only 23! Average rating last season of 6.88.


The first new signing. 18 year old and hes already our best WBL. I'm hoping for big thing from him.



You might recognise this guy. We had him for a season but lost him for nothing. Well this time he's back with a proper contract. League One experience so hoping he can give us a good season.


Another new midfielder. He will be brilliant at this level. Expecting good things! At those wages I'm practically demanding it.


I like Finn he had an average rating of 6.96 last season. He will see a lot of game time if only from the bench.


Billy has the potential. He had a good season last season and I'm hoping he can make the step up. Again from the bench but will see game time.



Here is the most expensive signing in Hampton and Richmond Borough history. We struggled for goals from strikers last season. This is the guy I'm looking to change all that.


Dylan Parker. Our captain. Fired the penalty home that took us into the football league. Only striker who showed any consistency last season. He will be leading the line for us in League Two.


Ali found a bit of form towards the end of last season which did enough to fire us into the playoffs. He will be an impact player off the bench.


Finally we have this guy. I like the value of him and would cash in if given the chance!

That is the squad I'm hoping will keep us in the Football League.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

2026/27 Preseason Odds

There will be no prizes for guessing where we are predicted to finish...


Us and Grimsby of all teams cut adift. York predicted to do well. Leyton Orient will be happy with mid-table from the looks. I just need to finish against of Grimsby and Morecambe, that's the aim.


Amazingly just the 2 teams to worry about in the National League South. Kingstonian's playoff adventures seem to be over. Welling, who guesses they will finish 10th?


Boston Utd beat us in the FA Trophy and then went onto win it and get promoted and be favourites to go up again. Maybe that loss wasn't as bad as I thought. The aim here is to not lose any teams from the National League. Dulwich are favourites to go back up, can they prove me wrong yet again? Barnet, Sutton and Dag and Red looking like they can challenge for the playoffs.


Oh Charlton, it looks like they will be fighting to stay in the 3rd Tier. How they have fallen. AFC Wimbledon, I'll take a nice safe midtable finish!


West Ham will be expecting to bounce straight back. Brentford and Millwall will hopefully both challenge for the Playoffs. Fulham aren't what they used to be and should be happy just staying out of trouble. QPR predicted to do badly but they always seem to surprise.


Hopefully the big 3 will be where they are predicted. Palace are 1 of 5 who are set to struggle. They had a brilliant season last season. Hopefully they can build.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

League Two (Feels good to type that)

August 2026

So what will life in the Football League bring us?


A busy ass August is what!

I have a very proud record of never losing an opening game of the season. I have little faith this will extend to another year.

I have no idea what to expect other than a very tricky game. The away game against Brentford was one of the worst draws we could have gotten. Fingers crossed we give a good performance and get a lot of money!


Absolutely unreal. I am at a complete loss. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this sort of result. 3 goals from new signings and Ali came off the bench to get a brace. Its now 8 opening games without defeat for me.

Fantastic result but we can't get carried away. We open our home campaign with a game against Tranmere.


Our financial troubles are over!


Not going to lie I had completely forgot about this tournament. Do I take it seriously or not? It is 2 other League 2 teams and obviously could have been worse with the u23 team. Maybe we go for it as a means to get to Wembley and get a nice payout?


What can we say? The Vanuatu U19's just don't have the pulling power they used to.

Only one change for the 2nd game of the season with Dylan Parker dropping to the bench and Ali getting the start after his 2 goals.


Really disappointing after the opening game. They took their chances and we didn't that was the difference. I think we are going to be punished more for not taking chances than we were in the National League.

Away again next, lets hope for a better performance regardless of the result.


One more new player. CB this time, just to give us that assurance at the back.


Not good enough! Take your damn chances. That's what's needed. We missed a penalty at 0-0 and then they convered their own. Parker came off the bench and slotted the 2nd chance but we need to take chances otherwise this is going to be a long ass season. I'm not expecting miracles I just want the strikers to do their job, we are creating the chances.

We used all our fire power in the opening game of the season it seems. Brentford away next so it won't get any better!


We got him! On loan for another season. Our player of the season last year. Fingers crossed he can make the jump.

To say I'm not taking the game against Brentford seriously isn't fair but I have made a number of chances. 3 players making their first apperance of the season.


Would you believe me if I told you we were the better team. We matched them on everything except the scoreline. 1 goal in 3 games and that goal was a penalty is not good enough. The strikers reallllllllllly need to pull their finger out if we are to stand a chance of survival.


Same s*** different game. Strikers just haven't performed once again. Missing chance after chance. It was an indiviudal defensive error that gifted them the winning goal. I have to keep believing it will all click soon but right now its so frustrating to watch us more than match teams and get nothing.

Another home game next, please any striker, just score from open play!


Will it this guy? With that finishing I doubt it but he's worth a go.



How about blaming the damn strikers? Because the stats of every single loss have roughly looked like this...


This was the 3-0 loss. Do not blame me. Blame my piece of crap strikers who couldn't hit a barn door.

Blackpool are 3rd in the league and we go there on the back of the worst run I've seen. Fantastic stuff.


Expected result. We played well enough to score, shame our strikers are impotent.

We finish the month at home to a team who have lost all 6 games so far this season. This has the feel of a relegation 6 pointer already!


Oh Jesus does that feel good! It does mean though no striker has scored in open play since the opening day of the season. But if the rest of the team carries on scoring I'll not care (I'm lying I will care).

It means the table looks like this after our first month.


It was always going to be a really long and hard season. I wish the season was only a game long then we would have won the league! End of the day if we finished 19th I'd be delighted. We are officially the best London team in League Two anyway!

Updates for other leagues will start next month. Hopefully we can build on the win over Rochdale.

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1 hour ago, Mandy42 said:

tough going! but then, it is going to be going up into the real football league!

fingers crossed you can hang on and survive. Glad the sponsorship deal came through 

Life changing that sponsorship deal. Yeah I expected a tough season but after that 5-0 I maybe got my hopes up. Crash bang back to reality.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

League Two

September 2026

We need to build on beating the worst team in the league!


Tough month with a lot of away games. I'll drop in and see the rents while in Mansfield. 

I've made the decision to not give a crap about the Leasing.com Trophy. We need to concentrate on the league and we need fitness in order to do that. If I can sill qualify going into the final game then maybe I'll try but its not the priority this season.

And yes we are back to the normal skin. New skin new form right? Right?!


This is the team who just came up with us. Contrast or what!


This is encouraging. I can't think of anything special this month which would lead to the profit. If this is the same every month then finances won't be as bad as I thought...

3 players keep their place ahead of the Swindon game. One of them being the keeper.


Obviously we don't know what kind of team they sent out but thats a good unexpected result. We were gifted a goal after being absolutely battered in the first half. Good win and sets us up looking good in the group.


Palace won 4-0. Gulp.

Burton in the league next. Would have much prefered to surprisingly win this one.


What a surprising win! Great finish for the opening goal, a strikers goal! They missed a penalty as well. Its nice to see the luck going our way for once this season. Huge win and its 3 in a row, 2 in the league.

Mansfield away next, they came down, we went up. I'm expecting a tricky game.


Wow I take the luck thing back. Another game where we can argue we were the better team really. An own goal and a penatly was the difference between the teams. Another goal from Whittaker, fingers crossed this is him finding a bit of form.

It doesn't get any easier with high flying Bolton next. We didn't beat them the season they spent in the National League and I'm not expecitng to here either.


This is for the AFC Wimbledon job. I'm very happy where I am thank you.


Solid effort. Bolton just about edged it but we missed some chances to equalise. Lets keep going!

Back away next against Colchester who are in and around us. These are the games we have to think we can get points from. Although away from home will always be tricky.


3rd straight defeat and I have a feeling this is going to be the season in a nutshell. I would be embarssed to know how many goals we concede from set pieces. We just struggle to win any header it seems. Great goal by Barber for his first but it wasn't enough.

Northampton at home next. We have started both months with a win, can we finish both month in the same way?


This is every game and its really starting to p*** me off.


Their goalkeeper and 3 defenders the other defender got subbed off...with an 8.4 rating. Every goddamn game!

What more can I do? Please tell me. What more can I bloody do?


Same headline every game.


The only thing keeping us out the relegation zone is the fact we hammered Grimsby 5-0! Leyton Orient are shocking as well.

Ok here's what's happening around the league.


Only 2 National League South teams and both of them in the playoffs. Be very happy with that.


Sutton the surprise packages so far I think. Barnet always up there. Dulwuch looking for a way straight back up. Bromley and Dag and Red there or thereabouts. Fingers crossed we can have them all in the playoffs with one going up automatically! Wealdstone are the worst London club at the moment but are only 3 points behind playoffs. Closer to playoffs than relegation.


Well this is nightmare fuel! As you know the AFC Wimbledon job is there and thats why. Wonder if I'll apply for the Charlton job for the 4th time!


I'd want West Ham higher but loads of time yet. Millwall and Brentford challenging once again. Fulham are QPR midtable, both will be happy with that.


Spurs! What are you playing at? Palace have a nice lead over relegation. Chelsea and Arsenal give me no worries at least.

So after 2 months we are above relegation zone so I should be happy but we should be doing so much better with the performances we are giving.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

October 2026

Well I wasn't expecting a collaspe this season, that would have required a decent start. The performances we have put in have been so much better than the results we have had. I think I need to see how this month goes and if we find ourselves in danger a change of tactic might be needed.


Lots of home games this month. We really need to capitilise. Just want a win to get us out of this tailspin.

I'm not expecting it against Newport though.


Our first draw as a Football League team and honestly it was a very good point. We were battered. Not going to lie. We were hammered. I was miffed when they took the lead at the death but I accepted it. So to equalise for the 3rd time in the game and steal a point, it could be a season turning point. I hope so anyway. Its been the opposite of this season, we picked up a point when we didn't deserve it and have lost so many when deserved it. 

Cambridge in the Leasing.com Trophy next. Expect changes galour.


I mean yes I'm not overly fussed by the competition but its just another p*** poor showing by the strikers and I'm really getting sick of it. We had double the attempts they did and it took a stunning strike from our CB to get a goal. Regardless of what happens this season I'm clearing the lot out next season. Not a single one is going to stay unless they start pulling their fingers out.

If we had a half decent striker who could actually convert the chances we are creating game in game out we would be mid-table pushing for playoffs and that isn't an exaggeration.


And this is why I don't care about this competition. The fans don't so why should I?


We can still go through but I don't fancy our chances against Crystal Palace U23s!

Back to the league now, the important games! Its home to 9th. Probably shouldn't expect too much from the game.

Apparently the Cheltenham manager doesn't like me because of what happened last time we met. I can't even remember it...never played Cheltenham before but he has been manager of Stockport.


Great performance and thankfully a win to go with it! We have picked up 4 points from 6, lets carry on building and give ourselves a bit of breathing room!

Carlise next who are 23rd, this is our chance to open up a bit of room at the bottom.


AAARRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! This is what happens when only one person turns up. Great performance from Davenport, the rest can bore off. Aboslutely shocking. This team will go down and I won't be going with them.

2 more games this month. We need to win one of them to avoid staying out the bottom 2 I think.


Give me a break. No chance of a decent cup run this season. Might get a decent turnout at least.

Fitness and now suspensions are really taking their toll at the moment. We could do with only playing once a week to be honest.


We weren't as bad as the scoreline suggests but we deffo got what we deserve. We need a change of tactic. Its now or never.

The problem with changing tactic is we have nobody decent as a RM/LM/RB/LB so it would mean we have to be narrow regardless.


Really hating life.


I've seen nothing to suggest we are going to stay up. They take one or two of the few chances they create while we are constantly creating chances but the strikers are fluffing their lines. I am honestly hating playing this at the moment, absolutely hating it.


Rock Bottom and that's where we will stay. I say no signs that things will improve and we will be cut adift. Leyton Orient also crap. The job is avaliable there. I am the favourite. I've not applied for it but if they want me it will be a decision I have to make. If Hampton and Richmond go down I will not be staying. I am not going through that horrible damn league with this team again.


Welling and Kingstonian are nicely in the playoffs. Fingers crossed they can maintain.


All but one London side in the Top 8 at the moment. 3 of them will be looking at automatic. Things are looking good. Wealdstone are looking down rather than up but have a little gap.


Still nightmare feul in League One. Both still have plenty of time to turn it around.


West Ham pushing for automatic promotion while Millwall and Brentford looking ok at the moment. No worries for the other two teams. Fulham are 6 points off the drop. I'd kill to be in that position!

303ad239da8386b2becb0a32e4842aaf.png b7b7bc87c5a3021b368bfb49c5ae3e87.png

Spurs are rock bottom. Palace have been dragged into a battle. Nothing like last season. Thank God for Chelsea and Arsenal.

I think this challenge is becoming even more impossible than before. My rise up the leagues has been much harder than I ever imagined and the teams near the top just aren't staying at the top. When do I give up?

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Hampton and RIchmond Borough

League Two

November 2026

Things are looking very bleak. I'm not going to lie. Its really hard to complain about the tactics when we are creating chances just not taking them!


I was actually premature with my post last time...I swear to God that never happens! We start this month in October with the first and only away London Derby. We could finish this month outside the bottom 2 which would have made the last post a lot less gloomy.


Money is money.

I honestly don't know what to do with this team. We just need that little bit of luck go our way, or the strikers to do their damn job, either will do.


We were limp and lifeless. 

The next 2 games are in the cup and honestly I don't care. Not even the FA Cup after such a crap draw. Lets just get them over with so we can focus on the league again.

I'm going to change tactic. I have too this one just isn't getting the results. No point getting the performances if results dont come with it.


Their goals was a crappy scrappy goal to concede. They did miss a penalty after 5 minutes and I was fearing the worst. But we actually played well. On another day we could have taken them to a replay. Encouraging from the changing tactic.

So despite playing Sunday we are playing a pointless game nobody cares about on the Tuesday. Good stuff.

Ok scratch that our game was postponed until the Thursday. Which means we will be playing Thursday and Sunday. I don't care about this cup but I'm going to play a strong team. I'm encouraged by the previous game and just want to have a chance of winning a game!

The funny thing is if we get beat by 2 goals or less we are through.

I was offered the Leyton Orient job. I've turned it down. I don't want to give up I want to stay and turn things around. I'll probably regret this decisions but I need to keep going.


2 massive individual defensive mistakes giften both their goals. They were the better team but still annoying to get beat like that.




We sucked less than Swindon and Cambridge.

We finish the month with games against Cambridge and then Swindon!

We have lost 6 games in a row in 3 different competitions. Why did I turn down the Leyton Orient job?


I think it was always going to be an away game because we finished 2nd in the group. London Derby for us.

Cambridge are top of the league and we are travelling to them. I am expecting it to be 7 straight losses as we fall further and further behind everybody.

You know what. I'm halfway through the Cambridge game and its the kind of goals they are scoring that's p****** me off the most. They are scoring scrambles, or 30 yard screamers or more often than not a shot which bounces off somebody for them to slot into an open net. These things never happen for me. My strikers can slot home clear on goal. This is the most soul destroying thing. I'm not expecting miracles. Just a bit of damn fairness.


We went to the best team in the league, dominated possession, had more chances and still lost 4-3. Pleast tell me what I'm doing wrong. This is the second tactic this season that is producing stats like this and we are rock bottom and cut adrift. I'm getting sick of it.


I should be encourged but its getting into severe bulls*** territory.

Swindon at home next, 3 losses but honestly 3 encouraging performances. This needs to be a win.


I'm done.

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Ok here’s where my head is. 


Im not enjoying this save. I feel like I’ve not enjoyed it for a while. It’s been a slog.

Absolutely nothing I’m trying has worked. It barely worked last season as I ended up crawling my way to the playoffs. Still amazed I managed to win it. 
If I was getting hammered every game I’ve accept it. But the fact that 7/10 games we are destroying them and not getting anything is demoralising. I’d accept it once or twice but not every time. 

I don’t know if this is because it’s a Beta save or what but bottom line is I’m done. 


I don’t know what I’m going to do now. This save was all I had in my head and I’m gutted it’s not gone anything like I planned. I think the thing I’ve learnt here is don’t start a long term save during the Beta!


Sorry to those whose have enjoyed watching my suffer. Thanks for reading and following. 

Hopefully I’ll be back with something a bit less ambitious! And not a beta save!

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You know what screw it. I'm not ready to give up on this save just yet. Maybe what I needed was just a change of scenary. In hindsight I should have taken the Leyton Orient job.

If only I had a second chance.........


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November 2026

I went back on my laptop after pretty much slamming it shut and went to close but caught advance by accident. What popped up was an offer for a job I applied for and got laughed off by the Fulham fans. Well...whose laughing now.

We are all watched Fulham slide down the Championship and now its my turn to turn them around. I will be using the same sort of tactics. Its a good chance to really see if the Beta is bad or if its just Hampton and Richmond or worse...its me....

So this pretty much dooms Hampton back to the National League where I'm hoping they have enough about them to stay. I don't like the idea of them going all the way back down.

So here we go...


That's a very defensive formation...hahahahahaha....ok.

I have two games before the end of the month.


What's the squad look like though?


And no it isn't THE Luis Suarez!

What does that look like in the formation I want to use?


This is the team I'm going to be rocking with to begin life at Craven Cottage.

I won't show the table because the end of the season is near.


Good start to life so far.


Amazing finances are worse than they were before. But for the first time ever I have a transfer budget and space for wages too.


5 year plan is simple. Get this team into the Premier League and keep them there. Its my job to get this team into a position where they can survive in the Premier League without me.



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49 minutes ago, deltablue said:

I'm glad this isn't finished after all.

Me 2. I'm hoping a chance of scenary is just what I needed to spart the life back in. Plan is to get Fulham into a decent place then look back down to the National League and start again with a team.

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November 2026

Ok I'm excited. A fresh start on this save and a chance to get my first team in the Premier League. Its not what I had in my head I thought I could help one team from bottom to top. Turns out its hard! I'm hoping Kingstonian and Welling can really pull it through and I'm really hoping Hampton and Richmond Borough don't fall as low as the National League South. I've already come to terms with the fact they are doomed to fall in the National League.

So as I showed we start at high flying Sheffield Wednesday at home. They currently sit in a playoff place so it won't be an easy game for sure.


Fantastic result. Really great start to my managerial stint. We bossed the first half and they actually scored from a rebounded penalty. They had the better of the second half but we held on and counter attacked to devastating effect. Very happy with the win.

We go away to Fleetwood next who sit in 23rd. My aim is mid-table this season, these are the sort of games we need to be winning if we are to manage this.


Another fit win but a win nonetheless. Suarez hadn't scored before I arrived now he has 2 in 2. He's my striker so its good to see him firing them home. It was nervy at times but I think we just about deserved it!

It means after a very up and down month with 2 compeltely different teams in 2 completely different leagues the table looks like this...


West Ham are sitting pretty at the top with Millwall pushing for an automatic. Brentford are a playoff team, theres no denying it. There is a big gap between the bottom 5 and everybody else. I'm not worried about the drop. In fact after 2 positive results is it too stupid to be looking at the 11 point gap between us and 6th? Maybe so. Maybe just focus on the top 12 this season...I do have a transfer window coming up with 7million to spend.


A good season in the National League South as Welling are fighting for automatic and Kingstonian just inside the playoffs. A dream double is still on.


Sutton are top! Amazing stuff from them. Barnet still have a good chance of Automatic. 2 other London clubs in the plays with Dulwich just outside but still plenty of time to climb into a playoff place. Wealdstone will be safe in mid-table. The important thing is nobody will drop down. We will still have 19 teams in the top 5 divisions at the very least.


I'm worried for Hampton and Richmond. I think they will 100% go down this season. I just hope I've left them in a position where they can be a steady National League team. I don't want back to back relegations. Leyton Orient have been disappoiting and have some work to do.


Not quite the nightmare situation it once was. Charlton still have work to do however. AFC Wimbledon rock bottom but only 5 points adrift and with a game in hand. Long way to go yet.


Spurs and Palace have swapped places. Only 12 games gone but not a good sight for Palace. Chelsea and Arsenal nothing to worry about.

Edited by andychar
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December 2026

Good start but two tight wins. Can't assume its going to be easy.


Some tricky fixtures this month. I need to remember top 12 is the aim, not playoffs.

We start the month with another away fixture against Bristol City. We were good against Fleetwood but they also could have argued they deserved something from it.


2nd team out the hat and that's a pretty bad draw really. Sure its winable but its also very losable!


Very nearly missed out on this milestone! Fingers crossed its a good one.


First set back and it was a very even game. The opening goal was a scorcher from distance and the second we got caught pushing for an equaliser. 

All 3 games have been very close and I'm not sure I approve! I've reverted back to the formation and tactics that I won promotion for Hampton and Richmond with. The problem there wasn't the creating of chances it was the finishing so I'm hoping with better players this tactic will work. If it doesnt then I will just have to knock it on the head completely.

Reading at home next, they sit in the bottom 3 so good chance to bounce back straight away.

I'm going to have to split this month up because FM is running very slow so will need to restart my computer me thinks!


A good win, nothing spectacular and the goals weren't special. But its a win. 

Still more to go this month...

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December 2026

Right fingers crossed that little restart has done something. Next up is Derby away. A sign of things to come in the cup.


First time its really been worth looking into this. I like the sound of a real Golden Generation!

Derby away next, not an easy game.


Very strange game. We dominated with possession but it was Derby who created the chances. Did we deserve to win? Absolutely not. Will I take it laughing? With the luck I've had this save absolutely!

We have back to back home games now, a real chance to make this good start a brilliant one.

I've asked for a senior affliate. I'm keeping fingers crossed one is found.


Another 1-0 win, another tight cagey affair. Its 5 out of 6 wins and 4 of them have been by 1 goal and 3 of them have been 1-0. Lets look at the positives though. We haven't conceded a goal in 3 games now.

Home again and its a very tricky one against Brentford. Merry Christmas!


That was one hell of a groin strain.


Now that is a result. If this doesn't fill the fans with Christmas cheer nothing will. Best win and best performance of my reign so far.

Millwall away next. Not expecting much from this one honestly. 2 days between the games, I love Christmas.


Very good solid point. We were hanging on towards the end but we went to the Den and came away with a point. Its now 5 games without conceding a goal, something I never got close to with Hampton and Richmond.


Now that this is a tricky choice!

Not going to lie United or Liverpool would be the best choice but...


Arsenal makes the most sense. Keep it all things London. Having a look at my affiliates and we have Barnet. Hopefully we can help them as much as Arsenal can help us.


Its an extra 1.4m on the transfer budget and 30k on the wage bugdet if I change to Top Half Finish...

Here is the table at the end of 2026.


Despite a decent month we have actually lost ground on the playoffs! A top half finish is achieveable but I'm just thinking if its worth the extra pressure for a little bit more money? QPR have dropped but still aren't in trouble. Brentford have also dropped, they didn't look good against us. Millwall looked good and I think they will get playoffs. West Ham finish the year top hoping to bounce straight back.


Welling still fighting for the title. Kingstonian still fighting for the playoffs. Looks good in the National League South.


Sutton still leading the way, its a two horse race now. Dulwich have had a good month. Its very close for the playoffs though. Bromley have fallen off which is a shame. Wealdstone find themselves in a little spot of bother. Work to be done.


7 points, I won't give up but its looking unlikely. Leyton Orient only 6 points off the playoffs. Good second half of the season and you never know.


AFC Wimbledon still rock bottom but only 6 points off. Not giving up hope there. Charlton still with work to be done.


Palace 6 points off. Theres a theme. Spurs look to be dragging themselves out of danger. Chelsea and Arsenal no worries as always.

The move has done wonders, obviously it helps I'm winning but I think its because I have a senior and junior affiliate in Arsenal and Barnet. I feel like I can help a team lower down and that's what I had in my head when I cooked up this crazy idea.


I didn't change. Lets not add unnessessary pressure just yet.

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38 minutes ago, kevhamster said:

I know this is a few years in the future, but is that the same Luis Suarez you've got in your team??

:lol: I wish! No this geezer is an uncapped Colombian. Starts the game at Watford. We bought him a few season ago for 750k. He's now with 7m although he's going nowhere!

The actual Luis Suarez is currently an unemployed Assistant Manager and I've never been happier reading something.

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27 minutes ago, andychar said:

:lol: I wish! No this geezer is an uncapped Colombian. Starts the game at Watford. We bought him a few season ago for 750k. He's now with 7m although he's going nowhere!

The actual Luis Suarez is currently an unemployed Assistant Manager and I've never been happier reading something.


No jobs out there for him to sink his teeth into?

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20 minutes ago, henryzz said:

On previous versions of football manager I would have said say top half. This one I think the boards are a bit stricter.

I think that's absolutely spot on mate. I don't feel confident in myself at the moment. I have struggled to be consistent more on this FM than I have in quite a few years. I don't want to give the board any reason to fire me.

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Just blasted my way through this thread over a couple of days - was gutted when I got to the point where you were going to give up!

Glad you're carrying on :)

I always used to start out in the Conference North but found that when you get to a certain level there's a limit to how much you can actually grow the club. On an older version I managed to get Corby to midtable League One but the infrastructure prevented me from ever attracting/keeping good enough players to keep progressing (probably more likely that I'm not so great at the game haha) - so I wouldn't feel too down about what happened with Hampton

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6 hours ago, johnstonpickle said:

Just blasted my way through this thread over a couple of days - was gutted when I got to the point where you were going to give up!

Glad you're carrying on :)

I always used to start out in the Conference North but found that when you get to a certain level there's a limit to how much you can actually grow the club. On an older version I managed to get Corby to midtable League One but the infrastructure prevented me from ever attracting/keeping good enough players to keep progressing (probably more likely that I'm not so great at the game haha) - so I wouldn't feel too down about what happened with Hampton

Thanks for reading! I appreciate the comments and kind words. 

Getting to League One was a very good achievement. The fact I’m doing well with Fulham with the same tactic just proves to me that maybe I was expecting way to much of my Hampton side. I think I put too much pressure on myself knowing how bad the finances looked. 

Glad I moved. Starting to enjoy the save again! 

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glad it's still continuing, hoping you manage to get a lengthy period of enjoyment out of it after struggling for a while.

Hopefully if Hampton do fall, they fall all the way, if they become unplayable you won't have to worry about them :p 

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January 2027

A new year and hopefully more of the same in terms of form. For the first time ever I'm interested in the January transfer window!


We start the month with a tricky away game to Derby. We did beat them 1-0 last month but we were battered so I'm not expecting more of the same really. From then its another tricky month in the Championship.

Will be a slower month as I'm really wanting to make use of the 7.5m I have to spend. I'm wanting to improve 4 positions ideally. CDM, WBR, WBL and I want a new Striker.

But first up its the Cup game.


Completely different game to the one last month. We were the better team here and fully deserved our win. Into the hat for the 4th Round. Hoping for a kind draw.


I just didn't think such things were possible!

He's going nowhere....


Except the Hospital.


We were last out the hat this time and I don't think I'd class this as a kind draw. Sheffield United have been up and down more times than Sutton so it will be an interesting one. I think I've used up all my kind draws with Hampton and Richmond!

Blackburn away next and they sit mid-table. If we have any outside hopes of having a playoff push we need to be winning games like this...remember though the objective is mid-table!


What a comeback! We were terrible in the first half absolutely awful. I calmly told them what I thought and in the second half we got a response and then some! Absolutely fantastic to be on the right end of one of these!

West Brom away next and if we can somehow pick up 6 points from these 2 away games then I will start to believe that maybe, just maybe, we can push for a playoff spot.


My first signing and I got my striker! Very happy with that. Cost us 850k.


Nah we should have won this game. Especially after taking the lead. We dominated the game but didn't look all that dangerous. 2 points dropped despite a decent enough performance. My fault for mentioning the word believe and playoffs in the same sentence :lol:.

2 home games back to back next before the next round of the cup. Be nice to have a week between games after the hectic Christmas period.

We have Hull next. I wonder if they will come attack us or settle for a point...


Alrighty then.


Whose challenging the keeper in training!


Right that's it, flu jab for all next season.


One for the future here. Didn't cost us a lot. Will slot into the CDM role.


Plan A for Hull really worked a treat! Onomah was on loan at Millwall. I cut it short and brought him back. He repayed that faith in 3 minutes and it took Barnes 6 minutes to score on his debut. Never mind one for the future. He's one for now! Great result but when you score twice in 6 minute you expect a thrashing. Still no complaints.


He comes in on loan from Arsenal although the pricks are making us pay some wages! Some partnership. With wages we are down to 3m transfer budget. I want to improve a few more positions but there's nobody out there. I think I might be done for the window.

Swansea are just above us in the league, we hopefully can get the better of them.


Awful performance from our strikers. Ready missed the target when he was on his own in front of goal from about 4 yards. Absolutely shocking. He came off and got the hairdryer. The rest of the rest got a telling off. We need to be winning these games. Games we absolutely dominate need to be won. Especially at home.

We travel to Premier League opposition next. Not expecting anything.


I mean this is a wake up call. We actually weren't bad! I told the players at full time they were unlucky! What a massive gap between us and a lower mid-table Premier League team. They were just deadly going forward, we weren't. That was the difference here today. No complaints they deserved to win but the scoreline flattered them a little bit. 

One more game this month. Away to Huddersfield, once again we will do well to get anything.


Wow. Just wow. What a way to bounce back. We controlled this game from start to finish. Unbelievable.

The league table looks like this...


The gap between us and the playoffs is 6 although Brentford could make that 8 with a win in their game in hand. We are unbeaten in 10 in the league and looking very good. Millwall still battling for automatic while QPR not in any danger really.

I haven't got time to do the rest of the leagues so they will come at the end of next month. What a way to finish the month.

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12 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

glad it's still continuing, hoping you manage to get a lengthy period of enjoyment out of it after struggling for a while.

Hopefully if Hampton do fall, they fall all the way, if they become unplayable you won't have to worry about them :p 

I don’t want to see them go! Now I know it was the players and not the tactic itself I’d be in a better position to give them another go!

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February 2027

Great end to the month, hopefully we can continue it into February.


Barnsley is a big game as they are there or thereabouts. But the rest we have to see as winnable games. 12/15 points would be great this month and you'd hope be enough to keep us in a playoff hunt.

We start with a home game against Middlesbrough. According to the scouting they are going to come to us with a very defensive formation. Hopefully we can break them down as quickly as we did Hull.

Although I'm actually going to start with 31st January. For the first time this save I'm going to take part in the deadline day dealings.


Harries comes to us on loan to help provide over at the back. We play 3 center backs so I'm always keen in making sure we have enough players who are decent in that position. The plan is to see how he is and maybe look at a free transfer in the summer.

We are currently spending the 12th most in the Championship on wage. 

Right deadline day is over, it was frantic as I had to reject bids for 3/4 players. I'm happy with the squad we have for the rest of the season. Lets see how high we can finish.


What a weird game. Don't know if I should be happy or not. Obviously a great comeback from 2-0 down but honestly we shouldn't have been 2-0 down. We created a load of chances which were wasted. It took 2 stunning strikes from Ethan Barnes (who is looking like a steal) to get us back level. I suppose I should be happy with a point and the unbeaten run still intact. 


He went off just before half time and that might be his season over. He will be missed.

On paper we should be beating Barnsley but they have had a great season and it will be very tricky. We will leapfrog them into 9th with a win.


We were awful. Proper awful. Worst 90 minutes I've seen from this Fulham side. If we had snatched a point it wouldn't have been deserved in the slightest. Where's the Fulham that beat Huddesfield 5-0 in their own back yard? I want them back!

Suddenly we need to win 3 out of 3 this month just to still have an outside chance of the playoffs. Although I think they have already gone. After working hard to get within 6 points its a shame we have seen a mini collapse.

Bristol City at home next, they beat us earilier in the season which before Barnsley was my only defeat in the league. I want revenge.


Could have done without the lapses in concentration at the back but a good performance and 3 points. Good way to bounce back from 2 tricky results.

Back to back away games to finish off the month. First Reading who are in the relegation zone and QPR. A nice London derby.

We should be beating Reading but we have reached the point of the season where its probably harder going to a relegation candidate than a mid-table team. So we can't take anything for granted.

Spoiler alert for when I put the tables up. Ive just had a quick look and Jesus it does not look good! At the end of the season I will do a comparison and see just where we are compared to where we started.


I expected a tough game and thats exactly what I got. Very hard to break down. We did waste some chances but I'm more than happy with a narrow win.

I can't really grumble if our bad month consists of a draw and a loss. If we beat QPR its got to be classed as a decent month. Not quite the 12/15 I wanted but still.

We can never expect to be away on a London Derby and win. It will be a tough game.


Honest to God this is the first game since I've taken over at Fulham where I can honestly say f*** you FM. This was a joke to watch. The own goal was laughable. It was a game where I feel like the game had basically decided before a ball was kicked "yeah you aren't winning this". Absolute joke.

Its a huge opportunity thrown away.


If we win our game in hand we go 5 points off the playoffs. The game in hand is against West Ham so I'm hoping zero hopes of winning it. Basically I'm admitting now that the joke of a game against QPR has pretty much cost us a playoff place or at least a playoff battle. Hope they choke on their 3 points and I'm really not looking forward to the time I have to take charge of the tin-pot club. West Ham will be bouncing straight back to the Premier League. Millwall have had a bad run which has seen them drop from the top 2. At the moment 2 London teams in the playoffs. I will happily take that, of course given the choice I'd prefer to be in Brentford's place.


Welling still with an outside chance of automatic promotion but its looking like Playoffs. Kingstonian need a big finish to get that playoff place.


Sutton are looking very good for the title and a trip to League Two. Dulwich and Barnet are looking ok for the playoffs. Dag and Red have work to do if they are to get there, still time though. Bromley and Wealdstone aren't safe yet. Big finish from them to avoid the drop. Can't have any going back down to the National League South.


Leyton Orient are mid-table with nothing to play for while Hampton and Richmond have been cut adfift. I really hope they are ok in the National League next season.


These two are going to give me a heart attack. If they both drop it will be massively deflating. Its very close at the bottom so at least they have a chance.


The writing is on the wall for Palace. The Premier League teams are just falling and its depressing. Spurs have recovered enough for me. Arsenal and Chelsea never worried.

I'm really annoyed about that QPR game. I feel its singlehanded cost us a real shot at the playoffs. I know the goal wasn't playoffs but when they are dangled in your face like that its hard not to be frustrated.

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So glad you carried this on, as i think it's one of the most fun ideas currently on the forum and i've been really enjoying it,


Think with Hampton you took them as far as you could, i haven't got FM20 but i think on old FM's it was pretty straight forward to shoot up the leagues from Non League, maybe it isnt like that anymore,


Fulham is a fresh start and with the results you've had this season since you came in i'd be hoping for automatic promotion next season!

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6 hours ago, ryanlion28 said:

So glad you carried this on, as i think it's one of the most fun ideas currently on the forum and i've been really enjoying it,


Think with Hampton you took them as far as you could, i haven't got FM20 but i think on old FM's it was pretty straight forward to shoot up the leagues from Non League, maybe it isnt like that anymore,


Fulham is a fresh start and with the results you've had this season since you came in i'd be hoping for automatic promotion next season!

Thanks for the kind words mate. 

I think your right with Hampton. Honestly I think I got a bit cocky and just assumed I’d be fine. The jump between National League and League 2 was a lot bigger than I thought. I’m just so glad I went to Fulham and got the same tactic working. It was just the players weren’t good enough!

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March 2027

The goal wasn't playoffs. Repeat after me the goal wasn't playoffs!

Ok I'm ready.


Really want to beat West Ham after losing the last London Derby. But they are flying and are a shoe in for the title so even at home we can't expect anything.


What a brilliant game of football. End to end stuff, could have gone either way. A stone walled penatly gave us the lead and even then we did well to keep it. Very very very good win!

Its a win that takes us 5 points off the playoffs which isnt the goal remember. We play the reverse fixture against Wednesday next. I won the first game in my Fulham debut and I would love another win. Very tricky place to go and we will do well to win it.


I swear to God this Fulham team are going to kill me. Fantastic performance but talk about doing it the hard way! Even before the sending off we were the much better team. Huge win and it keeps us battle for a playoff place which is totally not the goal.

Gap is still 5 points. 8 games to go. We dont play Brentford who are currently 6th. Which just means we need help from elsewhere.

Fleetwood at home next. There is no excuse for not taking 3 points from this game which means I'm more than prepared to lose.


Well we won but I could do without the heart attack! I have a feeling we aren't going to be doing things easily.

Away to Birmingham next, on paper its a winnable game. 7 games to go and the gap is 5 points still. The teams above me just keep on winning.


No way near good enough. Keeper was massively at fault for the eqauliser but we created more than enough chances to win this game. Very disappointing and very annoying.

We are actually only 4 points off now but we are 4 points off 3 different teams with 6 games to go. I can't see it happening and it will be results like the Birmingham one and the QPR one which are going to cost us.

We host 3rd place Brighton next and honestly I'm fearing the worst.


I did absolutely nothing of the sort!

Youth Intake day.



I won't show Tony Matthews because I don't play that formation. Sucks for him.


A very good win! It appears we need to go behind before we start playing! Massive result and one that keeps the playoff dream alive...you know the playoff dream that isn't the goal...honest.


Anything will do!

It leaves the table looking like this heading into the final full month.


4 points still the gap but its likely to 4 points behind 3 different teams meaning we probably can't drop anymore points this season and we need a lot of help. The good thing is its Brentford at the moment, if we miss out it needs to be them. Barnsley just look brilliant at the moment, they destroyed us. Millwall are on a bit of a slump but at least they seem to have Playoffs wrapped up. QPR need to be careful otherwise they will find themselves in a relegation battle.


Welling are still battling for that title while Kingstonian should have that final playoff place wrapped up at least. Will be tricky but anything can happen in the playoffs. Look at us last season winning it!


Sutton are being challenge but at least its by Dulwich. Barnet should be assured a playoff place. Dag and Red only 3 points off 5th. Will be close for them. Wealdstone have done well to get out of relegation battle but Bromley still have work to do. Can't have anybody falling back down.


Poor Hampton and RIchmond, just 1 division to much. Leyton Orient have shot up the league and have the same outside shot of the playoffs as we do. Good luck to them!


This is going to be tight but my God that could be bad! Charlton would be the first team to drop 2 divisions.


Thank God West Ham are going up at least we will have a minimum of 4 teams in the Premier League still. Spurs are close to a European place at least. Chelsea and Arsenal still challenging for the title.

5 games to go. We are still in with an outside shot of the playoffs. Its all we could have asked for when I took over.

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April 2027

5 games to go, this is going to be a very tricky month although lots of home games.


4 winnable games thanks to most being at home. We will give it a go and whatever happens happens.


I'm on my way. Finances have stopped me getting the next badge!

So we open with a home game against 15th Preston. Must win, but I think all of them are now if we are to claim an unexpected playoff place.


My heart! Great win but at a cost as we will be without 2 out of our starting 3 CB's. Luckily we held on when we were massively under pressure.


We have over taken Swansea, close the gap on Brentford but Barnsley just aren't winning. As silly as it sounds we have a better chance at catching Millwall than Barnsley at the moment. 4 games to go and we still have a chance, can't ask for more.

Rotherham away next, won't be an easy game as they are in a relegation battle themselves.


This win is very impressive. We had a few players playing out of position then an injury made things so much worse. It was an even game but we took the chances we created and they didn't. That was a the difference. Huge win.


Barnsley just keep winning. We are 5 points off Brighton and 4 off Millwall and honestly I think we have a better chance at catching them! Barnsley have won 7 games in a row.

3rd place Luton at home next. They are still chasing the Automatic Promotion space so this will be anything other than easy. They have also only lost 6 games all season.


Its been a while since I've seen one of these!


Excuse me what?

I'm very aware the Championship finishes later than the other divisions so I will have the final league tables when they come in rather than at the end of the post.

So with 3 games to go we have an outside chance of the playoffs still. We beat Luton no matter what happens we will go into gameweek 45 still with a shot.


Ready scores his first goal for the club and its a huge one! He missed a sitter not long before but made up for it. What a stunning finish and our playoff hopes are very much still alive.


It is ridiculously close. We are only 3 points off finishing as high as 4th. The important thing is we can catch any 1 of 3 teams to the playoffs with the right set of results.

Gameweek 45 has to have its own post. We host Derby.

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Gameweek 45

We could move into a playoff position if results go our way. Or we could be out of contention all together if they don't. The important thing is if we win our game no matter what the final game of the season will matter.

As mentioned before we host 9th place Derby who still have a very slim chance of making the playoff's themselves.

Barnsley host 16th Preston. You'd expect them to win that one. 

Brighton host 15th place Blackburn, they should win as well.

Millwall are away to 23rd place Reading. They haven't been relegated yet, it won't be an easy game.

Odds are we need to beat Derby to stand a chance. So lets do just that!


Everytime there is a mistake it seems to have Russell Gough's name on it. He has scored an own goal in the biggest match of the season. Losing patience with him.

1-0 at the break and 0-0 in all the other games. Its not been as excited as I thought it would be! We have been awful this half and for the first time in a long time I'm going to have to give them a bashing.

58th minutes and all 3 subs have been made as we attempt to rescue the game. As it stands with all the other games being 0-0 even a draw wouldn't be a bad result.


Brighton are behind. Great result if we can somehow turn this game around.


Russell Gough scores his second of the game! This time in the right goal! 

It means as it stands with 20 minutes to go the league table looks like this...


With Brentford losing it would go down to a 4 team race. Now let's get the winner!

No late drama in the slightest. 

Barnsley 0-0 Preston

Brighton 0-1 Blackburn

Fulham 1-1 Derby

Reading 0-0 Millwall

West Brom 1-0 Brentford. 

What a massive anticlimax!

It means heading into the final game the league table looks exactly the same as what it does up there. We can finish as low as 9th but as high as 4th. We need to win and hope either Millwall, Brighton or Barnsley lose.

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Gameweek 46

Before we go into the final game of the season we have this...


Welling did it! I've never been so proud! Fantastic result. Kingstonian give themselves an easier game but still will do well to get promoted from there.


Sutton are going up. Didn't see that coming at all. They will replace Hampton and Richmond which makes me feel a lot better. With 2 decent teams in the playoffs fingers crossed its a double promotion into the football league. Feel bad for Dag and Red who had a good season but miss out. Bromley did just enough as did Wealdstone. No relegations is a fantastic result.


Leyton Orient couldn't quite get that final push. Hampton and Richmond...I'm sorry. Please be ok next season!


AFC Wimbledon need a miracle. Their final game? Away to Forest Green. Charlton are safe and secure in League One for another season.


They could only manage a 0-0 draw and go back down to League Two.

Right onto us. We do not have a nice easy finish.

We are away to 11th place Leeds United.

Millwall host 22nd place Hull. I imagine they will win that one easily, that being said Hull aren't safe from relegation.

Brighton are away to 3rd place Luton in easily our best chance to nick a playoff spot.

Barnsley are away to 15th place Blackburn who have already done us a favor. 

First and foremost though, we need to win and it won't be easy. A point would be enough if Barnsley lose.

Here we go...whatever happens to take it to the final game of the season is a massive achievement in itself.


Millwall haven't taken long. They should be safe. Can't see them throwing it away.


Bad scoreline coming from Ewood. At the moment we need 2 goals otherwise a win won't be enough. But lets focus on getting the lead first!


There's the lifeline! If we can find a way into the lead we will be playoff bound!


Millwall home and hosed. Good for London teams.


It all means nothing unless we win and right now we look so far from winning. Its been a flat performance. Very poor to say we have put ourselves into this position. Very disappointing.

Half time and I think for the first time its been an aggressive team talk. Probably the worst 45 I've seen from this Fulham side.


Two quick goals in Luton and its game back on.

Chance after chance is going begging and with 25 minutes to go a point isn't enough. Fulham need 2 goals. Its looking increasingly unlikely.


Not been good enough and Brighton are going to get away with one. We just haven't shown up and I've never been more frustrated.


It was always going to be tricky going to Elland Road and getting a result but honestly it was the worst 90 minutes I've seen them put in and that's the thing that's frustrated me the most. We finish all the way down in 9th. We did brilliantly to create a playoff battle but just fell short. Go on Millwall do it for us!

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2026/27 Play-Offs

We have teams in the National League South, National League and the Championship to cheer on. First up awards and shizzle.


I am delighted with the signing of Ethan Barnes. He's been brilliant for me. I think this team has shown enough that next season we could be a threat for maybe even Automatic. I don't know what type of budget we will get so lets wait and see.


I wish this was a full season. You can see on the graph when I took over. I'm full of hope for next season.


Pretty much what I had left over after January. We aren't going to get that marque signing but can we add enough to create a promotion charge?


I have 2 seasons to get them promoted. From Top Half to Promotion just like that. It seems never season I'll be also fighting for a new contract. I'm feeling fairly positive. I don't think much needs to be added to push for promotion. I need a striker who is going to bang in 30 goals. It just feels like I've been asking for that since I started this save!


Oh Barnet. You just seem cursed to continuously make the playoffs but get nowhere with it.


The dream double promotion is over but as it stands we now have 20 teams in the Top 5 division of the football league instead of the top 6 divisions.

We still have Dulwich and Millwall left.


Fantastic first leg from Millwall. Its not over yet but won't grumble.


Dulwich need extra time and its a guy I've loaned to them who bagged the winner! They will face Crawley who we beat last season. Double promotion from the National League would be brilliant.


It was close but job done. Millwall are 90 minutes away from the Premier League. They will play Brighton who snuck thanks to us losing!

Speaking of the Premier League. It finished.


Surprised to see Sheff United relegated after they destroyed us! Spurs pipped to a European place by 1 goal. City are just unstoppable.

2 games left and we start with Dulwich, can they get their 3rd promotion in 5 seasons?


Yeah they can! Crawley back to back playoff final defeats. Double promotion from the National League really makes me feel better about Hampton and Richmond going down!

Now Millwall, can we get back to 5 teams in the Premier League?


Something about the Championship play off final that is unwinable if your a London club. Its the most Millwall thing to have a guy sent off after 7 minutes though.

So that's it for another season. I will round up what the state of play looks like and also do a comparison as to where we are in terms of number of teams in each division.

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State of Play

First up is this lovely piece of spreadsheet.


This is what the state of play currently looks like. If I'm the only one who can understant this let me know. 

How does this compared to where we started?

Premier League 

In 2019/20 season we started with FIVE teams. We are now down to FOUR. This has gone up and down between 5 and 4 but never above 5. We have had 3 playoff final losses (2 Brentford 1 Millwall). The only promotions we have had are teams who previous have come down meaning no new team has graced the Premier League. Chelsea and Arsenal have never given me cause for concern. Spurs have now seemingly turned themselves into a mid-table team. West Ham apart from 1 season in the Championship have also been ok. Its Palace who have been annoying. Relegated twice now and always seem to be there or thereabouts. They had 1 good season, thats it. So far so bad.


We started 2019/20 with FIVE teams in the Championship. We now have FIVE. Problem is one of them is an ex Premier League side. Fulham before I took over seemingly weren't bothered about going up finishing further and further down the table. Brentford actually went down to League One but it was the shot in the arm they needed. They are now a team expected to finish near the playoffs and can boast (if that's correct) two play off finals. Millwall have been the surprise package just missing out on promotion this season. They seem to challenge more than any other team. QPR also went down to League One but have bounce back well and are now just a run of the mill Championship team. Palace I've already mentioned.

League One

We started this season with ONE League One team. AFC Wimbledon. They have been relegated twice now and will play next season in League Two. We currenly have ONE team. Charlton. They started like in the Championship but went down and haven't been able to bounce back, even flirting with League Two. They need to improve and fast.

League Two

This is where we will see some improvement. We started 2019/20 with ONE team. Leyton Orient. They went down but are now an established League Two side. We will start the next season with THREE. One of which started life in the National League South. Dulwich Hamlet have purhaps been the AI surprise story of the save. They have now won promotion in 3 out of the last 5 season and will now aim to stay in the Football League. Sutton another surprise to see. They have been yo-yoing between National League and National League South but now find themselves in the football league. Hopefully one of these teams if not both can survive.

National League

This is where you'll find the biggest bunch. We started 2019/20 with FOUR London sides. Next season there will be SIX. The improve has come from promotions from the National League South. Hampton and Richmond, Wealdstone and now Welling have seen themselves promoted to this division. I don't want to talk to much about Hampton because you know. Welling were always the bridesmaid never the bride for so many season it became a running joke. They are finally with the big boys of non-league and I hope they can stay up. Wealdstone have made themselves an established team and even challenged for playoffs on occasion. Barnet and Dag and Red have done everthing they can to win promotion back to the football league but have been unsucessful. Fingers crossed its another good National League season.

National League South

The only division I'm happy to see a number go down. We started 2019/20 with FOUR teams in this division but all of them have been promoted now. The only team left in this division is Kingstonian who started life in this save as a none playable team. They have always been in the playoffs but shown no signs of going up. We have 20 teams in the National League and above so right now I'm not too bothered about this league.

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