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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League 

November 2021


A bit of a break before Wrexham at home. 5 games in a month. Pretty standard.


Does this mean Hutchinson isn't going to score this month? He also won Young Player of the Month for a second time this season.

So half way through the month, absolutely nothing has happened so lets crack straight on with the first game.

Oh I forgot to mention...the new midfielder I got...broken ankle 2nd game. He will be out 4 months. He's on a non-contract so at least its a no play no pay job.


I wasn't sure how we would be after a prolonged break. Turns out had nothing to worry about. Brilliant performance. The attendance looks good but look at the away support! 

Back to back away games now and really test whether or not we are serious about a title challenge.


We have now had a 0-0 in every month this season. This one was a good 0-0. 2nd best all game we did well to hold on. Chorley sit just outside the playoffs so it makes the point even better.

2 out of the 3 strikers have just had "worried about goalless x..." Never a good sign. 

Newly promoted Kings Lynn away from home next. At home I'd fancy our chances but you just never know what will happen away.


Home draw in the FA Trophy. National League opposition, it's not fantastic but at least its at home. We couldn't come to an agreement with extra time, I wanted it they didn't. Don't blame them but last time I said no I regretted it so we will have to wait and see what happens.

Well I've just had a crash dump...midway through the game against Kings Lynn. Just a one off for now. But I've lost the entire month very frustrating!

Will be replaying until I get the win against Wrexham again. Then will keep replaying until I get at least a point against Chorley. Only commentary to try and blast through!

3-1 win against Wrexham first time of asking and an immediate save!

Chorley we were 2nd best so ideally I'd love a point so we are exactly where we were before.

A 1-1 draw at the first time of asking means its been a lot easier than I thought to catch up!

I was drawing 1-1 at the time of the crash dump against Kings Lynn but we were down to 10 men so I'm going to leave it and whatever happens from here happens.

A better draw in the FA Trophy means we are at home to National League South side Hungerford. In 4 games against them we have 3 wins and 1 draw and extra time has been arranged. 

So that should be that all caught back up again. Quick save before the Kings Lynn game just in case.


It was 1-1 at the crash and it finished 1-1 this time. Not going to complain in the slightest as I would have taken 1-1 before the crash.

Two home games now finish this month. If we win them both we are still in a playoff place heading into December and its still dream territory. Is it too greedy to be thinking top 5 gives you one home playoff game at least.


Accidentally aggressively told them I wasn't happy with the performance. Cue a lot of confused faces in the dressing room...including mine. Actually I was very pleased. Very pleased indeed. Feel sorry for Ofosu who scored 4 goals then had to hear me yell at everybody.

One more game this month...a home London Derby against Dulwich Hamlet. Our first 2 meetings took place in the division below.


Oh FM. Don't ever change. The eqauliser was in the 96th minute and involved a shot on target saved and straight back to striker for an open goal. So really they had 2 shots on target all game and scored them both. Daylight robbery. Ofosu went from scoring 4 goals to missing an open net really at 2-0. We absolutely battered them from start to finish and come away with a point. 

I'd be fuming if it wasn't just so typical.


I can't grumble with 4th I really can't. But we were seconds away from only being 3 points off top. Now we have to think an unlikely title challenge is just out of reach. But 4th is brilliant with a nice cushion over 8th place. We will battle for a playoff place until the end, at least that's the plan.

Other London clubs are having a mixed season. We have seen some comebacks in the National League but if Sutton survive it will top the lot. Dag and Red just safe at the moment, thats all that matters. The jammy Dulwich boys are looking ok at the moment. Leyton Orient having a bad season really, midtable. Playoffs currently have 3 London clubs there, I'd be happy with that come end of the season.


6 points separate the top 12 in a very close league. Wealdstone banging on the door. Welling currently in a playoff place...we all know how that normally ends! Kingstonian and Hornchurch looking good to stay in the National League South.


QPR have a game in hand so its not looking horrible but automatic is surely out of reach now. AFC Wimbledon still battling. Will be close till the end that one.


The top 13 still within reach of the playoffs and you'll notice 2 London clubs leading the charge. Things not looking rosy for Fulham or Brentford but realistically you're only a few wins in a row from challenging for the playoffs again.


I'm not worried about West Ham they shouldn't be in a relegation battle. the others are just plodding along nicely. Palace with a win at least. Just need to find a way to stay competitive.




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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

December 2021

We have been solid without being spectacular. 


Some top of the table clashes this month.

Yeovil will want revenge after the opening day defeat.


When Gold made it 3-1 with 14 minutes to go I thought it was over but a superb fightback gives us a point. Much better point than the last game.

FA Trophy time. I would like a good cup run. Not had one yet really this career.


It was a win. It wasn't a great win but a win. It will do. Into the Second Round we go. The best showing so far in the FA Trophy.


First ever cup game after Christmas! Hard game but at least we are at home. Extra Time has been arranged.

Tricky away game next against Harrogate, they are currently top so we really need to win if we have any chance of challenging for first.


Even game, could have gone either way. Unfortunately for us it went their way. Title challenge all but over, can't grumble. We still have a playoff battle on our hands. Lets bounce back.

Home London Derby next. Great chance to bounce back!

So I've noticed it seems we always have a player suspended...




Lazar comes to us on loan from National League side Aldershot. Hoping he can be the rock in defence we need.

I was annoyed when I saw 2 games in 2 days. I thought it was terrible scheduling...then I noticed the month, and the date and my annoyance drained from me. Its Chrrrrrriiiiiissssssttttmmmmaaaaaaaaassssss!


Merry Christmas. A tackle HE made....good grief.

We were unable to bring in a loan player before the game against Leyton Orient but we have somebody lined up. Zac Joseph makes his debut in the meantime.


The one against Chorley officially didn't count but here's another 0-0. We missed a sitter at the end. 

One more game this month, this year. Away to Hereford who are struggling. Would love to finish 2021 with a win!


Hopefully this guy will replace the goals lost with that broken foot. If not then it could be a long second half of the season.


Shocking. Absolutely shocking. I think we are starting to get the results and see the performances that were expected of us at the start of the season.

Injuries are starting to rack up as well which just isn't helping. 

The league table looks like this heading into 2022.


Sutton still look doomed but I bet they would still beat us! Dulwich and Dag and Red doing just enough to keep their head above water. Leyton Orient are showing signs of fight but I have the feeling it will be us they are fighting with. We need to rediscover some form otherwise we will find ourselves falling down the table at a rate of knots. Barnet and Bromley are looking good. Don't bet against Bromley getting back to back promotions!


An absolute implosion by Wealdstone. Not nice to see. Welling in a playoff place...we all know how that will end! I think the other two will be ok. It means the number of London teams in the playable division can only increase!


QPR look far from an immediate return to the Championship. Very disappointing. AFC Wimbledon have done well to get out of the bottom 4 but are far from safe.


Charlton have dropped off the pace but will still think they can fight up the table. Truth be told they have done well to be where they are. Millwall only 2 points off playoffs. Fulham are in no real danger. Season looks to be fizzling out for them. Brentford have a fight on their hands. We really cant have another one drop out of the Championship.


Its really not looking good for Palace. I think we could have our first drop out of the Premier League of the save. The rest, no dramas.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

January 2022

It wasn't a great end to the year. Lets start 2022 like we started the season.


Each game seems as big as the last. Barnet at home is going to be tricky, they have been on fire recently.


Yeah that's why I brought you in, to get sent off. The season is unravelling fast. I think its just time to be thankful we are still high up and its not a relegation battle.

We just can't score at the moment, can hardly hit the target. Its painful watching.

Cup game next. Nice distraction from the horrible league form.


Well would you look at that. In that case cheers ref. *****.


Either way he was cup tied so he didn't play. Didn't need him though! Two goal droughts ended today. Let this be the turn around! 

York away next, very tricky game I shouldn't expect anything from.


Another home draw against National League opposition. Not a horrible draw at this stage. Extra time has been arranged, giving us the best chance.


Its not a coincidence the same person assisted all 3 goals. We just couldn't stop the cross and were easily beaten in the air. Decent enough performance but no complaints with the final score. We even missed a glorious chance in the dying embers.

I can't seen an end to this terrible form in the league and another away game isn't going to help much. Fans have criticised my tactics. Is it time for a switch?

Next its rock bottom Sutton away from home. We aren't going to get a better chance at picking up a win! We are still in a playoff place by goal difference. I am confident we just need a few wins in a row, get some confidence back!

I've gone for a chance of formation. 1 up front instead of 3. I want some more protection for the back 4. I will see how it goes.


There's this months 0-0 and its utterly garbage watching this team at the moment. Absolutely nothing about them, the free fall down the league continues and it shows absolutely no sign of slowing.

One last home game this month. I've given up expecting anything from any game.

Going to stubbornly go back to the previous tactic. The one I used against Sutton was horrible. 

Aldershot at home. Not an easy game at the best of times!


The loudest cheer of the day was the 93rd minute equaliser. Surely that's an unrealistic attendance for an away team compared to home?

In regards to the actual result it was a very even game. Doesn't matter when you score, you play to the final whistle but Jesus that's frustrating. Seconds away from a massively vital win. Its now 9 games and 2 months since we won in the league.

It leaves the table looking like this.


Falling from grace. Look at our form compared to the teams now in the playoffs. Chalk and cheese. I don't want this run of form to take away from the fact its still been a good season. 3 London teams currently in the top 7 with one of them top of the pile. A double promotion would be good. No point even talking about Sutton anymore! Dulwich surviving, if they stay up it would be another great achievement for them.


Welling doing Welling things. Wealdstone will be hoping to finish as high as possible to give them an easier playoff draw. Still a long way to go. The other 2 still safe and still comfortable.


QPR have done well to propel themselves into a playoff place and actually find themselves chasing automatic promotion. AFC Wimbledon are in the heady heights of 16th! Very good for them. 6 point clear. Things are looking good in League 1.


Millwall find themselves in a playoff place. What a result that would be. Still very close. Fulham and Charlton shouldn't have anything to worry about but look at Brentford. A terrible season and they find themselves 6 points from safety.


Cant say its not been coming for Palace. We are going to lose a Premier League member. Bad times! Champions League battle for 3 out of the other 4.  West Ham very mid table.

We need a huge month if we are going to make a push for the playoffs but if we don't then we need to remember where we were actually predicted to finish.





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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League 

February 2022

Big month needed! What's in store?


We have some winnable games this month. We start with the distraction of the cup. Happy if we go through, it will keep the money coming in and potentially spark something. Although it didn't last time!


Quick check of the finances. It looks ok but trust me its not. I've had 2 cash injections. We have 9 more years on the bank loan taken to build the new stadium. Money is going to be a worry for a very long time. Attendances aren't increasing either. If we go up soon and have to go professional I have no idea what will happen! Doom and gloom eh!


They are happy with me. Both concerning performances are our RB's. I think I need a new one next season. I bought Rob Howard back on loan and hes just not performed.

Anyway onto the actual football.  Between injuries, suspensions and cup tied players we are using Dean Inman at CB he's out 5th choice.


Just get me out of this damn season. Even games just not going our way. 

At this point I can't remember what its like to win.

London Derby time. 


I am just flat out absolutely hating this right now. 

Change of tactic time. The update has obviously nuked what was a nicely working tactic. So thanks for that. Really good job. Going to go back to what worked First season and see what happens.

Solihull Moors at home but right now I've seriously lost the will. Just want to get to the end of the season and rip this team apart at the foundation. A win thought and we are only 4 points off playoffs.

Ok I've calmed down now. Not as salty...lets see what the next game brings :lol:


A win! Oh my God a win! I forgot what this feeling felt like. Change of tactic and change of fortune. 

Me being stubborn last season worked, me being stubborn this season could have cost us a playoff place. Swings and roundabouts.

Midtable Halifax away next, lets not make this win a flash in the pan, please!


I have absolutely no doubt if they game stayed 11 v 11 we would have won. Hinds has massively let us down. Deadfield has come in because we have changed formation. He missed a penalty and a few sitters. I will be straight on the market looking to replace him.

If that game is this season in a nutshell I don't know what is.

We finish the month at home to Macclesfield. The past 2 games have been an improvement. I'm cautiously optimistic we can at least finish the season strong.


I've wasted no time in replacing Deadfield. 


Brilliant result to finish the month with.

It means the table looks like this heading into the penultimate month.


We are clinging on in there. 4 points off a playoff place. I don't fancy our chances even if we got there but it would be an achievement and a half. Its tight at the top, Bromley still have a chance though. Leyton Orient and Barnet are the teams I'm chasing. Dag and Red safe in midtable. Sutton are behind by the same amount of points they have got this season. Dulwich are going to be in a battle till the end.


Oh Welling will you ever get there? Wealdstone still a decent chance of top 3 to help that playoff fixture. The gap has closed a little bit but nothing to worry about just yet.


QPR still up there. They have turned their season around in the same way we are hoping to do. A nice 7 point gap from 7th. AFC Wimbledon have done brilliant and are actually closer to the playoffs than they are relegation.


Millwall have dropped but still have a chance.  The bottom 3 in this division already look doomed and that includes Brentford. Fulham consistently disappointing.


Palace better be planning for next season. West Ham are the same amount of points from relegation than they are a European Place next season. The other London Club not a worry.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

March 2022

This is the month that will make or break the season I think.


Some tricky fixtures in there. Some big fixtures. Lose against Ebbsfleet and that will be that.

The first game is 3rd v 8th. Not bad for 2 newly promoted teams.

Its worth noting as well we currently sit at the beginning of March and my contract still hasn't been renewed. Despite me asking....twice....make that 3 times.


How many late goals are going to cost us points? Its getting beyond a joke now. I'm sick of conceding the exact same goals. We just can't handle the cross. I need an entirely new back 4 next season. Defenders are going to be my priority.

Ebbsfleet at home next. Anything other than a win and its playoff over.


I haven't seen a performance like that for a long time. Brilliant performance. Absolutely brilliant.

We are at home against 23rd place Eastleigh. A chance for back to back wins for the first time since November.


Ricky comes to us on a non contract. Both my starting strikers are on loan at the moment so I thought I better start planning for next season.


German was terrible, luckily the rest of the team weren't. Back to back wins for the first time since November. We are clinging on in there battling for a playoff spot.

Back to back away games will test whether we have what it takes to maintain the fight all the way till the end.


Brilliant come back! Finally a late goal went our way. That is a massive result and keeps us in the hunt for a top 7 place.

Oldham away next, I'm not expecting anything from it at all really.


So there it is. The target officially achieved.


And absolutely nobody was shocked.


A poor game decided by a penalty. Nobody deserved to win. Disappointing but expected to be honest.

One more game this month. Its a home game. We need to win our home games if we have any chance of getting that 7th spot.


Its amazing how your luck can change. An absolutely huge win. Deadfield missed a penalty because I forgot to take him off the duties. He more than made up for it.

The annoying thing is there are so many people ahead of Deadfield in the pecking order that he wouldn't take one in a penalty shootout.


We knew about Sutton but Dulwich have slipped into the bottom 4. Its going to be a tense final month for them. As it will be for us. Amazingly we find ourselves in a playoff position. 5 games to go. Can we hold out? Barnet and Bromley look set to represent London clubs in the playoffs at least. Dag and Red are just nothing.


Well have 4 games to creep into a playoff place. Can't see it happening. Wealdstone are in the playoffs surely. Just need to see if can finish in the top 3. Kingstonian and Hornchurch a good first season in the National League South. They should be safe.


QPR still plugging away. 5 games to go and one point away. Still only 4 points inside the playoffs. Could go either way! AFC Wimbledon are going to finish midtable and have done a brilliant job this season of not only surviving but finishing comfortable.


Look at Millwall fly! Playoff place at the moment. Still 6 games to go, finish strong! Charlton and Fulham safe. Brentford its just a matter of time.


Palace not only going down but could go down with the least amount of points in Premier League history. West Ham plodding along. Not in any danger not really challenging for the European places. All the others in European places.

We head into the final month with a chance of playoffs. Great start, terrible middle...can we finish strong?

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

April 2022

5 games to go...


Rest assured if there's nothing to play for I will be giving Dulwich Hamlet the win.

Wrexham away is a very trick start to the month, we could be playing catching up after it. 3 of us have the same amount of points but as it stands we hold the GD battle.


Bad result. Both sides had same amount of shots, theirs hit the target more and that was the difference. No complaints here. We just need to move on. Amazingly both Leyton Orient and Ebbsfleet both lost so its as you were.

4 games to go!

Back to back home games next. We need to win them both.


Job very well done. We conceded at the worst possible time but responded brilliantly. 


Amazingly we could be targeting 6th place. Still an away game but gives a possibility of a home game eventually.

The youth intake has come through and its absolutely shocking. Its not even worth a screenshot. I need cash in order to improve the facilities but at the moment there is no chance of that happening.

Our last home game of the season against Kings Lynn. We can help ourselves and Dulwich Hamlet at the same time.

Well....the match has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.


It means the remaining fixtures look like this. Could be a potential massive event out of our control.


Every screenshot another team enters the frame.

Barrow away next. They currently sit in 16th place. It is a winnable game but our away form is historically terrible and they are in very good form sitting 3rd in the form table.


I think we just about edged it. Great win. Huge win!


Its in our own hands. We win or draw that game in hand we are in the playoffs as high as 6th. Wrexham are a dark horse with 2 games to go.

My next game is Dulwich Hamlet. Their final game. They have a 3 point cushion. I can't hand them the win. My last game is against the only team who can catch them. I therefore have both our fates in my hands. I like it.


Brentford actually gave it a good go but it was far too little far too late.


And the award to absolutely no effort goes too...

Our 2nd to last game everybody else's last. We could be in playoffs without the pressure of the final game. Or we could be out of it without the point of the final game. Fine margins.


4th time of asking. I still have no new contract. I have 2 months left to run.


Well my nerves are shot. Another late goal but this time it went our way. Massive!


York are safe. Annoying its another London team I will be taken the playoff place from. Win/draw and its a playoff place. Lose and its so near yet so far. And at the other end?


Win/draw and Dulwich are safe. Lose and its a double whammy. 

This game better be on TV!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Gameweek 46

The entire season comes down to this game for both us and Dulwich Hamlet. 

Win/draw and we both get what we want. Lose and its relegation for them and no football in May for us.

Lets get straight into it.

9 minutes gone and Hutchinson has a great chance to take the lead but its saved. 0-0.

19 minutes gone and another chance goes begging for Hampton and Richmond. Still 0-0. Good enough for the home side not good enough for Kings Lynn.


Completely against the run of play. Ouch!

26 minutes played and it should be 2-0. Barnes in the home net makes a brilliant save.

27 minutes. Its all Kings Lynn as they hunt for a second goal. Another fine save from Barnes who is keeping his side in it. This game has completely turned on its head.

40 minutes to go and this game should be over. Kings Lynn have been on top since the goal. Still 1-0.


A huge moment just before the half...


We are going into the break level. A stroke of luck for the home side and a bitter blow for Kings Lynn who have been the better side.

45+2 Hampton and Richmond should be going into the break with a lead! A blown chance right at the end of the first half.

A huge 45 ahead for both of these sides.

54th minute a shot from outside the box just goes wide for the home side. Close game. Still 1-1.

65th minute 736614a05a3990a616c57a1472715fa6.png. A potentially huge decision. A point is enough for the home side. This will be an onslaught for 25 minutes.

67th minute a fine stop from the visiting keeper! Hampton and Richmond aren't settling for the point!

68th minute from the resulting corner a header just wide of the post. Kings Lynn survive. Does this game have another twist?

79th minute and Whittaker thinks he's kept Kings Lynn in the National League but the linesman is flagging. Drama!


Hampton and Richmond have done it! Kings Lynn are going down after a brave fight.


Sutton were gone ages ago. Dulwich survive again. Brilliant effort by them. Dag and Red finished well but it wasn't enough. Leyton Orient miss out on the final day thanks to us stealing a point. 

Whatever happens Playoffs is a fantastic achievement. We will be playing Bromley away. Barnet also in the playoffs. London teams make up half the playoffs.

Brilliant season.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Round Up 2021/22

After we grabbed a playoff place by the skin of our teeth its time to find out how the rest of the London Clubs have fared.


Welling did their normal thing. Wealdstone finished a very great top 3 which means they have a home tie in the Semi Final. ce91a8d67892cb902991269b25c35ae6.png

Good season for Kingstonian. Hornchurch finished just above the relegation zone but were never really in danger. We will be keeping an eye on Wealdstone.

The other leagues have yet to finish.


Barnet away. We haven't beat them this season. Better late than never?


Bromley host York in the other First Round match.


QPR squeeze a playoff place in the end. It will be Sunderland for them in the Semi. Look at my Mansfield go as well!


AFC Wimbledon finish a great season. Could have finished as high as 10th but they will be happy with 13th.


The first time we have anything to look forward in the Championship. Well done Millwall! Hopefully they can replace Palace.


Brentford only 3 points off in the end. Shame they left it too late. Fulham bad season down there. Charlton good season surviving.

We are up first. Away to Barnet. Its going to be tricky but really we have nothing to lose.



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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Playoffs 2021/22

Barnet away. We aren't favourites. We lost both games to them this season. Lets get on it!

4 minutes in and Barnet show their intent. Good save keeps it 0-0.

10 minutes in and Hampton and Richmond's first chance comes from an unlikely source. The back up RB in because of a suspension has a darting run down the wing, cuts inside but his shot is tame. Then not 10 seconds later Hutchinson is put through and forces a good save.


A goal out of absolutely nothing, a quick through ball and a fine volley. The host leading. What are Hampton and Richmond made of?

22 minutes in and it should be 2-0. Great save. Can the storm be weathered?

37th minute and we should be level. Hutchinson has had a great season on loan but that chance could haunt him.

41 minutes on the clock and Hampton and Richmond get away with one. They tried to play it out from the back and should have been punished. Corner only. Still 1-0 Barnet.

An even game at the break with a bit of magic the difference between the two teams.


Is that going to be enough? Fine save from the original shot which fell perfectly for the oncoming striker to slot into an empty net.

62nd minute and once against Hutchinson has the chance, it wasn't as clear cut as some of the others but it forces a save. The away side are trying to come back into this game but don't look like making anything happen.

65th minute and a good save keeps this game 2-0. Another home game and it would be game over.

66th minute a counter attack from the away side leads to a good cross and a header which is knocked wide. Hutchinson has missed chances after chance. He's gone missing just when hes been needed the most.

70th minute, this game should be over. Much like Hutchinson 4 minutes previous a cross should have been buried but is nodded wide. Time is running out for the visitors.

80th minute and the crossbar comes to the rescue for Hampton and Richmond, the cross has been their weak point all season and it should have haunted them once more. 

10 minutes to go can they get a goal which would give them a lifeline?


A tight game with one massive difference. Once again the challenged our keeper, we didn't challenge theirs. Hutchinson was a massively disappointment after a good season.

It was always going to be hard but I don't think we did ourselves justice when it mattered. 3 players out because of suspension didn't help at all.

Still plenty of playoff action in all the divisions to cover.


Bromley were seconds away from getting through but in the end managed it thanks to the lottery of a penalty shootout. 


Disappointing home leg. Away goals don't count so they need to go to Sunderland and win. Tough order.


Well what could have been an all London playoff final ends in disaster. Nobody will be going up from the National League this season. Its a very hard league to get out of.


Wealdstone are one game away from the National League. They will travel to Boreham Wood.


It will be League One football for QPR once again. As it stands we haven't had a single promotion and 3 relegation's.


Millwall have it all to do as well. I think we are resting all hopes on Wealdstone!


Well first I'm hearing of anything like this.


Two 1-0 losses was enough to sink Millwall. Great season by them.


Fantastic season.


Massive congrats to Wealdstone who ensure a London club has won promotion from the National League South all 3 seasons so far.

It means the state of the play looks like this after 3 seasons...


This could change before the start of the season if any teams come up from Tier 7. We are in a worse position than when we started near the top. But the fact we have 11 teams in the top 3 divisions. Then another 7 in the National League means we are only potentially 1 season away from having the 20 teams in the Top 5 divisions. We just need Sutton to bounce back and Welling to finally put their finger out and make the leap.

Hampton and Richmond still haven't offered me a new contract and at this point I'm getting slightly worried! Without being too big headed without me they will be heading straight back down.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Off-Season 2021/22 Pre Season 2022/23

I had a really details post ready of how we did last season, loans coming in and out. Finances, the state of the club etc...then made the massive mistake of leaving my laptop unattended in front of my 18 month old. Long story short it disappeared.

So here's a half arsed update.

The Stadium has been delayed by 2 months meaning we won't be moving in until September at the earliest.

Finances are ok but that's only because my Chairman keeps pumping money into the club. He is looking to sell the club which could mean we are in trouble. 

I will cover the loan signings in my Starting XI post. 

Overall I'm happy with how things are going at the moment. My shortcomings are coming to the fray. Normally I'm a one or two season wonder at a club then I move on. I'm not used to having to build for the future and I think this is where I'm struggling at the moment.

One thing that is obvious the team is massive. I have too many names on the books. I need to get rid of players. I keep trying to let contracts run out but somebody is giving them new ones. I will have a look in depth at each player and see if they are worthy of actually staying.


Hayes and Yeading and Hendon join the playable sides. It means the National League South has 6 teams and the total amount of teams I'm not able to manage is 24!

Decided not to take charge of friendlies this season. Just want to get straight into it.

The Premier League and Championship have started without us because of the 2022 World Cup. Honestly I was confused for a second.


Some decent results there. Quite happy with the off season and how its gone.

We haven't had any long term injuries so I know how my Starting XI is going to shape up.


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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Match Day Squad

So this is how my line up will mainly look.



Number 1 hasn't changed from last season. 54 goals conceded in 44 games with an average of 6.93. Not spectacular but decent enough.


Back up is somebody I'm hoping never touches the grass. If he does then I will be searching for a replacement straight away.



On loan signing at RB for the 3rd straight year. Can't quite find anybody to sign full time. Fingers crossed he does the trick at a position I've not been happy with.


Very happy with this loan signing. Seems I've raided Notts Forest.


Prince was a gamble, signed him without scouting at all. Hopefully the gamble will pay off. 


Tariq somehow keeps the starting LB role. I'm not happy I've not been able to replace him. He's very hit and miss mainly missing. Won't stop looking to replace him.

I said I wanted a new back line. 3 out of 4 isn't bad.



Ricky was bought as a striker but he's the only decent RM at the moment. I'll be looking to replace him asap. Him and Tariq are easily the weak points in the team.


I like Giddings. 6.88 average in 40 games last season. He wasn't fantastic but solid. I don't know what it is about him I like, I just do.

"I don't need a new CM"


Here's my new CM. On loan from the team we relegated last season. I think he will be our Frank Lampard.


Signed at the back end of last season. Didn't have chance to make an impact so hopefully he will this season.



Delighted to get Shea back for another season. If he does what he did last season I'll be a happy man.


The final loan signing. All 5 will hopefully play a role in the first team this season.



Ryan Hill has been an ever present in my side. Solidly around 7 average he will play a key role this season.


A brilliant season last year ruined by injury. If he hits the same form we could do very well.

There are others but they are my key players.


First time I've had any player in any of these. So to not only have 1 but 2 it could be a special season.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League


So how are the London clubs predicted to fare this season?


Only 4 Premier League teams left and none of them are predicted to struggle. 


Crystal Palace are predicted to be in a playoff place while Fulham and Millwall could challenge as well. Charlton its all about survival. Do enough to stay in the Championship.


Brentford predicted to bounce straight back with QPR there or thereabouts. AFC Wimbledon predicted to be fine, fingers crossed they have a similar season to last season. 


Predicted to be a good season for London club with 3 projected in the top 7. Look at Dulwich Hamlet all the way up in 10th. We are 18th but at 18/1 we could do well. We are better than last season. Bromley should be safe and Wealdstone are predicted to survive. That would be brilliant if we didn't get any relegation this season.


Two London clubs make up the Top 7. 3 make up the bottom 5 though so it could be a bad season in the National League South. We can afford to lose 4 and still have 20 clubs so I'm not massively concerned. Welling, I'm really not expecting anything from them.

I'm confident of a decent season, that's a dangerous thing.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

August 2022


Its hard to know who is going to be hard or not but Leyton Orient away is always going to tricky. For the second season in a row we start our year against a newly promoted team.


We can't get too carried away. No disrespect to Farsley but we will face trickier teams. Still a good performance and a good well done.

First London Derby of the season. The first of many as we travel to Leyton Orient. From one extreme to another really. This will be a tough game.


Tough result to take as I felt we deserved a point. If we play like this all season then I think we will be a playoff team. Good performance just a shame we couldn't hold on. The important thing is we are going to places like this and giving them a good game.

Back home next against Solihull Moors. We still don't really know whose going to be good or not so can't go into the game expecting a win but we need to make our "home" stadium a fortress.

Quite a few new faces at the team doesn't help the first few months. They need time to gel.

I think personally these two leagues (National League and National League South) are the hardest to get out of. Only 1 up automatically and then the crazy 1 legged playoffs mean absolutely anything can happen.


Dylan Parker's second penalty this season. Thankfully he scored this time. This was a good performance but I was sure we were going to blow it. In the first month results are more important thank performances so I'm happy with the win.

Back away next and its another tricky one at Oldham.

Historically our away form is terrible. I'm not expecting much.


Fantastic performance and a much earned 3 points. Dylan Parker proving to be a good loan signing already.

Back home again now against Fylde who came down from League Two after spending a solitary season there. Will be a test of our 100% home record in the early parts of the season.


There's the 0-0 out the way for the month. We dominated. We did everything but score. 2 points dropped rather than 1 gained I fear.

We finish the month with back to back away games. Starting with Macclesfield.


2 quick first half goals was all that was needed. Very solid performance. Very pleased.

Much like last season its been a good start. Can we continue it with another away win at Maidenhead? This is an early top of the table clash.


Happy we took advantage of the red card but disappointed we didn't take full advantage. Probably the correct result and a decent away point. It leaves the table looking like this after month 1.


York lead the way but its way to early and way to close to be excited. We have had a good start and only sit a couple off top. We started strong last season, the important thing is maintaining it this season. Not a single London club in the Bottom 4 which is brilliant.

Elsewhere its too early for tables so a brief overview.

In the National League South Sutton have started well in 2nd, Hayes and Yeading currently in the bottom 4 with Kingstonian and Hendon not doing much better. Welling are midtable just above Hornchurch.

Brentford are top of League 1 with AFC Wimbledon picking up where they left off in midtable. QPR have started shocking and found themselves in the bottom half. Hopefully they can bounce back.

Charlton are in the bottom 3, they have done well to avoid a battle recent seasons, is this finally the season? Fulham haven't improved on last season. Millwall and Palace just outside the playoffs. 

Arsenal are down in 14th! They shouldn't struggle for much longer though. The other 3 in the top 10. I shouldn't have anything to worry about in the Premier League until somebody makes the jump from the Championship.

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18 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Very good season Andy. Well done staying up.

Cheers Nobby. First season for me is always about survival in a new league. Second season is mid-table so hopefully I can keep up the fine start.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

September 2022

Will be a weird season this with the World Cup in Winter but it shouldn't affect us at all.


Steady September with 3 London Derbies in a row including the latest battle between us and Wealdstone!

A chance to pick up some points this month if we play our cards right.

September should also see us move into our new home.

We lost all 3 games last season against Barnet including that playoff loss.


Aboslutely fantastic comeback. Its a monkey off the back. Fantastic stuff.


First home game in new Stadium is against Dagenham and Redbridge. Fitting its a London Derby.



Fantastic occasion. I'm not expecting this attendance every week but its nice to see. Soft penalty I thought but I'll take it. Huge win and another comeback. I like the comebacks but could do without the heart attacks. 

3rd and final London Derby this month. Away to Wealdstone. Would love a win, still salty about that Playoff Loss.


We held on. After the red card we were struggling. Their goal was a monster of a goal. They missed a few chances but we held on. Clean sweep of London Derbies.

York away next, we aren't expecting anything from it so a point or even a win would be a huge sign of intent.


Nah we were second best here. Didn't deserve anything. I'm worried about our discipline. We seem to have red cards galore. Something needs to change there.


Our biggest win of the season and its nice to have a game where I'm not biting my nails with 2 minutes to go. Great month, a blip against York but we would have done well to get anything from that game.

It means the table looks like this...


Wealdstone did well to finally come up but unless they start scoring their stay will be brief. One of those 4 goals was against me and it was a bullet from about 30 yards. All the other London Clubs doing well. Leyton Orient and Us at the top. Dag and Red also enjoying a good start. Dulwich and Barnet playoff chasing. If it stays like this all season I'll be delighted!


Sutton are enjoying a great start. Hopefully they don't slip. Welling and Kingstonian on the outside looking in for now. The others are all above the relegation zone, lets keep it that way. Still plenty of time to go.


Brentford a good start. The teams who went down looking to bounce straight back. AFC Wimbledon continue to shock and find themselves challenging for a playoff place. If they can maintain this all season that would be brilliant. QPR are a bit behind but plenty of time to come back.


Millwall having another good season. Palace just continue to disappoint Charlton in the bottom 3 but lots of time left. Fulham just don't seem to want to challenge in the slightest. I think they have missed their chance.


Arsenal still struggling. The others in the top 8 now. Look at Norwich! 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

October 2022

Joint top of the league has a nice ring to it. We also have a little deja vu. We started strong last season and got to about mid November before it all went to pot. So October should be alright!


I really want a good cup run this season! Hopefully a home draw against the worst team left in it. Not asking for much. 3 homes, 3 away in the league, lets build.

We start at home to a newly promoted side so we should be winning.

Second in Manager of the Month! Lost out to a guy with 4 wins and 1 draw. No complaint really (Stupid York).


Finances still not great but thanks to the monster intake from the opening home game we saw a positive. We are just 1 cup run away from getting into the Black and then maybe I can look at improving the Youth Academy. We are going to need it the higher up we go, otherwise we are going to need to keep using and abusing the loan rule.


Absolutely shocking. Really terrible performance. Worst I've seen from this side in a long time. 22 shots and only 7 on target not even close to being good enough. Only way we actually managed to score was thanks to a thunderbolt from our RIGHT BACK! Words can't describe how awful we were. 

We better bounce back away to Ebbsfleet. There is just no excuse for the strikers to be that awful.


Ok at this point I'm willing to admit I have a serious problem. I have so many CM its unreal. But this guy was free! Free!


Its a home draw at least and its lower league opposition. They are currently 6th in the National League South. 


If past games are go to by it will be tight but being the home side we should win!

Our new signing is actually on International Duty so will miss the first two games he has at the club.


Good win. Good way to bounce back. Strikers still weren't fantastic until I bought Ofosu on. He might have to get the nod after a pair of goals got us the win.

Back "home" next against Hartlepool. How many home games do you have to play in order for a new stadium to feel like home?


Big crowd for a game which was on TV. Great performance. We missed a penalty as well. Still worried about the lack of goals from my strikers. CM, RB and CB with the goals today. For now I'm happy with whoever scores as long as we keep the wins coming.

FA Cup action now. I really want a win! We need a cup run for the money! Dreaming of a tie against Chelsea or Spurs!


Job done! Fantastic performance. The early goal did the trick and we controlled from there.

Back to back away games now. A test of our title challenge. Starting with a London Derby.


We were first out the hat. A nice home draw against League 1 opposition. Hoping its a sell out and bring a nice bit of money in.


Yep pretty standard stuff. 

Away to Halifax FC next. We can't let this result snowball otherwise that will be season over earlier than last year. I know it sounds drastic but I really think it.


Football is a strange game. We weren't horrible against Bromley the result just looked horrible. We weren't brilliant against Halifax the result just looked good.

Great way to bounce back. Good to see the 4-0 hammering didn't affect us mentally.

One more game this month. Home to Harrogate who aren't as good as they were last season but I'm still treating them as a threat.


When you have the same amount of shots on target as they have shots in total you have to ask how the hell you lost the game in the first place, never mind 4-1! 

I really don't know what to say. Same tactics and same team for 3 games with absolutely different performances.

I know one thing now though. Hinds has to go! 


We are well in a title battle at the moment but Jesus those 2 results are the end of the month are a massively eye opener. Top 3 clubs all London. I'll take that! Wealdstone have done well to claw their way out the bottom 4 with no London team currently heading down. Barnet just on the outside looking in and Bromley just slumming it in midtable. 


Sutton still flying high and looking good. Welling the usual, outside looking in....we all know how it will end. Kingstonian in a playoff place, be a great result that. Hendon looking ok. Hornchurch with a little gap but its Hayes and Yeading we need to be worried about at the moment.


All 3 London sides in the Top 10 in League 1. Brentford looking good for automatic at the moment. QPR chasing Notts Co. 

Basically we have at the moment the 2nd worst draw we could have gotten in the FA Cup.


Millwall still battling for a playoff place. Be great if they could go back. Crystal Palace are still disappointing everybody. As far Fulham. Charlton are in risk of being cut adrift. Lets hope they can pick it up.


Arsenal still all the way down in 15th! Nothing to separate the other London clubs.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

November 2022

November is where things went pear shaped last season so if we finish this month within 3 points of top it will be an improvement on last season!

We start with a nice FA tie against Notts County. I'm not expecting anything at all, just a nice financial experience.


We didn't deserve this. We played well. Their finishing was just so much better than ours. Nice attendance.


The league fixture list looks like this. More away from home. It will be a tricky month. Lets make the best of it.



Now that's what I'm talking about!


Nah we were absolutely shocking. Not going to win any games with only 1 shot on target all game. To be fair they didn't deserve it either. Once again its our inability to defend corners and crosses which costs us. I fear this is the drop. I fear this is where the season falls off a cliff.

Away game against Dulwich next and I'm going in with absolutely zero hope.


I'm getting royally hacked off with this now. We are dominating games yet the strikers couldn't hit a barn door. They seem to score with every attack they have. What more can I do!

Am i going to need to change tactic every year in November just to stay competitive? 

Couple of home games now, they are now both must wins. No excuses I don't care who we are playing we need to win both of them.

14th place Barrow is next.


Awful draw in the FA Trophy. They knocked us out last season and I'm expecting the same. Extra time has been arranged because I don't want another fixture if necessary. 

The World Cup has started so there will be no update on Champions and Premier League until January.


Ok I'm not going to be stubborn this time. Its time to change tactic ASAP.

No team talk. Sick of telling them the same stuff. 


Horrible form deserves a new contract! Very happy to get it. 2 years!

Home to Stockport who are currently in 8th. New tactic. Fingers crossed it works!


We just couldn't hold on for the win. A point is a step in the right direction but still not good enough.

Wrexham away finishes this absolutely awful month. I'm not expecting anything.


Now that's more like it! Did we deserve it? Probably not. Do I care? Absolutely not!


We are still up there. A change of tactic. Fingers crossed we can stay there.

London clubs still 3 out of the top 4. Barnet still just outside the playoffs. Bromley are just chilling in midtable.


Sutton still doing well. Welling are falling further and further behind the playoffs. Kingstonian have fallen out and there is a little gap. Hayes and Yeading 2nd bottom but only a few points off. Hendon and Hornchurch looking ok for now.


Brentford not flying anymore but still top. QPR still just inside the playoffs and AFC Wimbledon still outside but enjoying another good season.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

December 2022

The end of 2022. We need to build on the end of the month and forget about the bad run.


Only the three league games. I want to win in the FA Trophy but to be honest if we go out I'm not going to be too upset. Need to focus all energy on this playoff push.

Stockport, Wrexham and York have been 3 very tricky games. If we can come out of them with 7 points from 9 then it would be amazing considering our form.


And that's exactly what we have done. Brilliant performance. 1 goal each from the 2 forwards. Fantastic stuff.

Is this the end of that terrible form? Have we turned the corner?

FA Trophy next. I'll play my first team but honestly either way I'm not fussed.


Its amazing how much more enjoyable this game is when your winning. The change of tactic has helped big time and into the next round of the FA Trophy we go. We at least reach the minimum expectation of the board.


Another chapter in the long running battles with Bromley. It will be the 8th time we have played Bromley in this save and the 3rd time in the FA Trophy. We knocked them out last season. Amazing how we have played the exact same 2 teams from last season in the same competition.

We are at home to bottom of the league next. We are flying but I've played enough FM to know this is far from a foregone conclusion.


Good win. First half was all huff but no puff. Second half we met expectations. Keeps the streak alive. 

Away to Hartlepool to round up the month. We are looking at a potential 100% month...

France made it back to back World Cup's beating Argentina in the Final.


I asked but wasn't expecting a yes! They were worried about me moving onto a bigger club. There isn't an option for "I plan on being here until your in the Premier League" so I just had to tell them not to worry!


Fantastic win and a fantastic month after the shambles that was November. Very happy with the way we have finished 2022.

It means the table looks like this heading into the New Year.


Only 4 points off top but our GD took a battering during November. London Clubs top 3 with Dulwich nicely in a playoff place, Barnet are on the cusp of playoffs. At the other end Wealdstone are doing just enough to survive. Good season so far for them.


Sutton are romping it and should be back in the National League next season. Welling are...well they are welling and there is no known cure. I just missed Kingstonian off that screenshot in 9th 1 point being Welling. At the other end its close and I think it will be close all season. Hayes and Yeading on the wrong side with Hornchurch on the correct side. Hendon should be safe if they carry on.


Brenford and QPR are going strong while AFC Wimbledon have fallen off the pace for playoffs but have had a great season and I'm happy for them to be surviving.

No update on Championship and Premier League, that will come next month thanks to the World Cup.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

January 2023

We start the year in a better position than this time last year. Something to build on as we start the countdown to the end of the season.

I don't know if I ever introduced this guy...


He was free, couldn't get him tied down to a contract but happy to have him. The reason why I've introduced him is because...


He's the best Young Player of the Month.

I didn't win the Manager of the Month mainly because of the lack of games I actually played. Which I suppose is fair enough really.

January is a big month (not that there isn't a small month).


Would be nice to go through in the cup but as always we need to concentrate on the form in the league.

Away to a midtable team to begin with and these tend to be the games we have been dropping points in. Lets start the new year with a bang!


Now that is how you make a statement! Brilliant second half. We weren't really trouble either as they failed to hit the target. 

Cup time now. I say I'm not fussed but we have been playing really well and are on quite the streak, I don't want a loss to ruin that. But if it does have to come I'd prefer it in the cup.


Extra time didn't get arranged and I'm glad. The next game would have been against Leyton Orient in 3 days and everybody would have been shattered. Instead its the replay. I'm not confident of going through and feel we have missed our chance.


Awesome. Not an absolute waste of time and energy at all. Good job.

Time to focus on the league now. We can't slip up now. We are very much in a title battle. We look at bounce back away to Farsley.


Sick of getting my hopes up with this time for them to stomp all over it. There are words to describe this performance I just can't use on the forums.

We have Leyton Orient at home next. Its 1st v 3rd and really we now need to win just to stay in the title battle. After that performance I'm not hopeful in the slightest.


We just couldn't hold on. A point a piece is a fair result. Its not the end of our title challenge but we need to break this mini slump we find ourselves in. Considering the amount of changes we had to make I think a point has to be considered a good result.

If we don't beat 22nd place Macclesfield at home next I might have to think about changing my tactics once again. Would need to nip in the bud.


That wasn't happy viewing. We were probably the better team but only just. Its a win but it doesn't feel like one. Again though it wasn't a full strength side. Do I stick or twist?

Away to Fylde next. We start the month as we finish it. Away to a midtable side. I'm going to stick...cautiously stick.

Its a nice full week in between games. Hoping to have a full strength squad. We are listed as the favourites but something tells me we aren't.


One of those games where we did absolutely everything except score. Even missed a penalty which was 100% called before it happened.

I will be changing the tactic again. I need to find something that is going to actually stick so I don't need to keep changing every few months.

So after another horrible month the league table looks like this...


Title challenge has gone and its not hard to see why. We have conceded the same amount of goals as bottom of the league. 5 out of the current top 7 are London Clubs. A double promotion is on the cards. Although another month like January and we will be on the outside looking in. Bromley just plodding along while Wealdstone still doing well to keep their heads above water.


Sutton not looking as invincible as they once were. Welling in the playoffs, can they finally finish there!? Kingstonian still have a chance of making a playoff push. Hendon have had a good first season in the National League South. Hornchurch looking ok while Hayes and Yeading are still battling bravely for survival. The more London clubs the better. If 2 win promotion from this league it means we will have 20 sides in the top 5 divisions.


The dream top 2 in League 1. Brentford should be making an immediate return. AFC Wimbledon can still dream of a playoff place but look at that GD!


Palace are not flying the London flag in the Championship. Great resurgence from them. Millwall have dropped and are neither here nor there. Fulham should be safe but its looking grim for Charlton. It looks like we are going to have 3 relegation's from the Championship in 3 years. 


Battle for 4th for some while a battle in midtable for others. None should be anywhere near the drop.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

February 2023

Guess what...its a big month! New month new tactic....well old tactic. Gone back to 3 up front. If we are going to concede a stupid amount of goals we might as well try and outscore them.


I'll reuse this joke again because I always enjoy it...even the fixture list is laughing at me!

So lets see if this change of tactic means a change of fortune.


No tactic did nothing as we didn't look like scoring in the slightest. I don't know what to do with this team anymore. 

Away to Stockport next and I hold absolutely zero hopes of getting anything out of it.


Stunning, absolutely stunning! To come from 2-0 down away to one of the favourites to go up is huge. If this isn't a confidence booster for the rest of the season I don't know what will be.

I've been very critical of Tariq Hinds but that was a brilliant goal.

Massive home London Derby next against Dulwich. Who would have thought this would be a playoff battle.


3 strikers 3 goals 1 goal each. Can't ask for much really. Very pleasing result against a playoff team.

Harrogate away. They are on the outside looking in, it will be a tough game.


Right thats its I'm putting a lottery ticket on. I was happy with 0-0 after playing 74 minutes with 10 men but Jesus that late goal. Brilliant.

Chorley at home, another playoff chasing team. Another huge game.


Another fantastic win, although Chorley were better than the scoreline suggests. They had a goal disallowed at 3-1 down which would have turned the game on its head.

Fantastic February after a bad January.

It means the table looks like this with 2 months to go.


Those 5 London teams still rocking in the Playoffs. We are 7 points off Leyton Orient. Its not over with 10 games to go but we have little room for error. Bromley are going to be safe. Wealdstone are back in danger but so close. Just haven't scored enough goals.


Sutton have been caught up. Its going to be tight. Speaking of tight look at the playoffs. 2 London teams on the outside looking in. Hendon definitely safe, Hornchurch looking over their shoulder a little but should be safe. Hayes and Yeading are out the bottom 4 for the first time in a while. Great stuff.


Still the Golden duo. Brentford are pretty much up. QPR still a bit of work to do but its looking good. AFC Wimbledon only 6 points off the playoffs. Still a chance.


Crystal Palace knocking on the door. Great recovery. If they can get there they will be a danger. 16th looks ok for Fulham but its only 6 points off the drop, they aren't safe yet. Charlton are doomed.


Screenshot is getting smaller for the Premier League. Chelsea bounced back.

Its not looking too bad for London clubs barring Charlton of course.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

March 2023


5 games this month 5 games next month which will decide if we get playoffs and how easy they potentially will be.


Well that's unexpected. Fantastic news.

FC Halifax next. My opposite number?


Yes its THE Premier League winning Jamie Vardy.


Not good enough. Equalised twice but end up losing at home to 2nd bottom. We just seem to do crap against the teams we really should be beating.

Away to mid-table Barrow. I don't know what to expect.


Let me ask you all something. Is there any point in getting a Penalty in FM 20? Missed the last 3 now. 3 different takers. Absolutely pointless. We deserved something out of this game. Absolutely deserved it. A tough loss to take.

Maidenhead at home next. We have picked up Lewis Grabban! Hoping he can keep us in the playoffs.


That's gone quick.


No way near good enough result considering our next 2 games are Barnet away and Dag and Red away. We are going to finish this month winless and clinging onto a playoff place.

We start the hard end to the month away to Barnet. I'm not expecting anything, we tend to struggle against Barnet. 


This team. This team is going to kill me. How have we lost some of the games this month but then won this one! Crazy. We didn't deserve it at all. Brilliant stuff.

Dag and Red next. If we win we are only 4 points off them which is 2nd. Anything other than a win and 3rd will be our best finish. Still means avoiding the first round of playoffs and having at least 1 home game.


Complete opposite of the Barnet game. We were the better team by a country mile and yet we not only lost but blew a lead. 

It means with 5 games to go the league looks like this...


So the Top 2 are pretty much sorted. Leyton Orient have pretty much won the league. We only have a 4 point gap over 8th. Its going to be another nervy finish. Barnet still have a chance but need a big finish. Bromley nothing really. Wealdstone still there with a chance. Just need to start winning!


Sutton have 4 games to win the league, simple as that. Welling still hanging on and its another London team who is challenging them! Hendon safe. Hornchurch still not safe but looking ok. It will go down to the wire for Hayes and Yeading!


Dream top 2 still. Can QPR hang on? AFC Wimbledon have dropped off. Still a good season.


Crystal Palace have broke the plain. Millwall and Fulham just midtable. Need to hang on now. Charlton gone. Terrible season. 


Premier League plodding along.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

April 2023

Here we are the final month. 5 games to secure a playoff place. 


We need to start strong while we are at home!

2 more London Derbies then a big game against Wrexham. If we play our cards right a play off place could be secure before the away games kick in.


You know what screw this side. We don't deserve playoffs. We would be a waste of a place.

Bromley next. If we don't improve it will be double figures.


And with this we fall out of a play off place.

One more home game this season. There won't be a playoff game at home/at all.


Nah this game can seriously do one.


3 decent players in the youth intake.


With 2 games to spare!

Lets just get these 2 games out the way so I can move away from this horribly inconsistent season and rebuild.


Its a win but its going to be too little too late.


Not only do we need to win we need some help. Unless Chorley get spanked in their game in hand.

They drew so Chorley move onto 77 points.

We are probably going to miss out on play-offs despite having more points than last season. Crazy. Just too many blips. We haven't been consistent enough and its been so frustrating.

I think gameweek 46 needs a nice post of its own.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Gameweek 46


On the outside looking in. 


York should win I think its Chorley we are looking to drop points.

We are away to 18th place Lowestoft.

Lets get this over with.


York strike first as is expected.


40 minutes gone and we are down to 10 men. That awful discipline will end up costing us.


York are upto 4th. Its between us and Chorley.


Huge goal in Chorley for us. 


They concede 2 more goals and we draw we are there.


I had to go for it and doing so left us short at the back thanks to that stupid sending off and that's our season over.


The red card ruined the game. 

Full season wrap up coming up but truth be told I'm far too annoyed to do it now.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Round Up 2022/23

A very disappointing end to the season. I've slept on it and I'm not as salty as I was last night!


So we were predicted near the bottom so 8th really isn't a bad season but to spend so much of the season in a playoff place to then miss out is gut wrenching.

Onto the positives. Leyton Orient are going up and not a single London team is going down. Well done to Wealdstone. Dag and Red will go into the playoffs as favourites but look at Dulwich, fantastic season for them. Disappointment for us and Barnet.


Sutton blew it and will be relying on the Playoffs to go up. Well done to Kingstonian, only their 2nd season at this level and already challenging to progress. Welling...I literally have to words. I would absolutely hate to be a Welling fan at this point. Good first season for Hendon while Hornchurch just did enough. Hayes and Yeading are going straight back down after a poor finish to the season.


Brentford have absolutely walked the division to the surprise of nobody. Notts Co start the game in the National League and are now only 1 game away from stopping QPR going up automatically. Another decent enough season for AFC Wimbledon.

Notts Co are at home to 11th place Rotherham while QPR are away to already relegated Peterborough.


Villa, wow. Palace have done very well to ensure a playoff place. Nothing else doing. Charlton rock bottom. Millwall and Fulham mid-table.


Lots of time left in the Premier League but nothing to concern ourselves with really.

So onto the playoffs and there are several teams in several divisions with a chance to win promotion. We have seen 2 teams relegated and 2 teams promoted so its been a good season for London teams so far.

Before the playoffs though lets wrap up our season.


It bodes well that the top 3 players voted for by the fans are all on loan! I will be looking to bring back Parker as he had a brilliant season. This seasons failure isn't down to the Strikers or midfield. Its the back 4 and GK. I will be looking to replace them all.



"Sets" "Matches" same thing.


Notts Co lost but QPR only managed a draw. Playoffs for them.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Playoffs 2022/23

So for the first time this save there will be no playoff action for us but plenty that we are interested in.

In the Championship Palace will take on West Brom.

In League One QPR will take on Mansfield.

In the National League Dulwich Hamlet will take on Wrexham away with Dag and Red to come.

In the National League South Kingstonian will take on Concord away with Sutton to come. 


Woooooo I'm on my way!


The Dulwich dream continues. Massive result away to Wrexham. They will go to Dag and Red to ensure a London team in the Final.


Kingstonian were thumped in the first half leaving Sutton to fight the National League South fight. 

Sutton will host Havent and Waterlooville.


QPR have a massive hill to climb in the second leg. Normally love to see Mansfield do well...but not like this!


Dulwich are 90 minutes away from the Football League. What an amazing story that would be. Although I think Dag and Red would have had the better chance against Stockport in the final.


More penalty drama gives Sutton the chance to bounce straight back to the National League. They will take on Kingstonian's conquerors Concord.


Good comeback gives Palace a chance in the second leg. 

It would be great if we had a representative in all 4 playoff finals but QPR need a big 90 minutes.


Or just a big 23 minutes! Great turnaround. They will take on Sunderland in the Final. 

We still have the chance for 4 promotions.


Sutton are up! It means we have 19 London teams in the National League or better. Definite improvement right at the bottom of the Pyramid. Only problem now is we are likely to be relying on Welling to go up!


Unreal! Dulwich Hamlet will be a Football League team next season. Unbelievable achievement. 


Palace are in the Final. Its been a brilliant Playoff for London clubs, can they make a return to the Premier League after only 1 season out of it? They will play Derby.


Well that's absolutely ridiculous. Dulwich Hamlet manager should have won it. I mean it looks good on the old CV but after missing out on the playoffs I really don't think I deserve it. Maybe I'm expecting far too much from this team and 8th is actually an amazing season?


Another team up and QPR return to the Championship.

One more game. Can Palace make it 5 Premier League teams?


Yes they can! Absolute scenes!

It means after the 2022/23 season the state of play for London teams looks like this...


An amazing 6 promotions and only 2 relegations. One of which didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. We have 12 teams playing in the Football League and 22 playable teams. I think we have made progress in 4 years, mainly thanks to the AI. Dulwich Hamlet have been the surprise so far, the AI have done with them what I wanted to do with Hampton and Richmond Borough!


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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Off-Season & Pre-Season

Obviously the state of play can change depending on who got promoted from Tier 7. I'm expecting a lot of red next season with so many teams being promoted odds are some will go straight back down. Dulwich I'm looking at you.

Ok the plan this season is to wait until Loans and contracts run out so we can actually see what the squad looks like. What sort of wage budget we are working with. We will be loaning 5 players as always. They will probably be defenders unless I can find some decent players. We need an entirely new back 4 I think and a new GK. 

My problem is I sign players all season and end up with a massively bloated squad and a huge wage bill. I'm going to try to avoid doing that this season. I'm going to stick with one tactic. Choping changing all the time I don't think worked. Can't expect to win every game. Teams hit blips and this season we will push through them.

One thing I've noticed this season...


I'm liked!


I have no intention of going and its goes against the rules of the save but I've attended the interview, if it looks like I can get the job I might be able to rinse the board out of something.

I didn't get offered the job. Damn Italians coming over here and stealing our job.

So I'm entering my 5th season at the same team. I've been in this position before with the same club but soon we will be reaching levels I'm not used to. Lets put it this way I've never had the "Part of the Furniture" trophy.

Shae Hutchinson has spent the last 2 seasons on loan, he comes to us on a non contract. As does Parker who had a brilliant season last season. I'm not worried in the slightest about our attack. Its our back 4 I really want to strengthen.

I won't be playing my friendlies again this season. I want to just plow into the new season.

A couple of loanee come in from Luton completely free of charge. First time I've really used an affiliate.

Attempts have been made to improve the back 4. There will be 2 new starts but ultimately its not been as good as I wanted it to be.


I do have high hopes for Jay Stansfield. I think he's a better player than the National League. Hope this is correct.

I have no idea how this season is going to go in the slightest. I think either way we have a young side that we need to start working on. Lots of 4 or 5 star potential we need to help reach.


Overall a good preseason. All at home to help boost the finances. We are ready. Full in depth look at matchday squad and the predictions coming up!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League 

Match Day Squad

I really wish we could have more than 5 subs, but at the moment its just the 5.



Josh Barnes keeps the number 1. Couldn't find a decent enough replacement. Although I've just taken a punt on a loanee...


But he isn't an improvement. Be good competition for Barnes though.


I made the points of wanting to improve this area.


On loan last season but I picked him up on a free this season. He will improve and that's what I'm banking on. 


Another loanee from last season who I've decided to keep. He's on a non-contract so its pay to play. Which means if he doesn't play its no skin off my nose which I think is ideal. He will improve.


First new defender. Good signing I think, once again with room to improve.


The first loanee from Luton. Costing me absolutely nothing. Meaning I have nothing to lose.



I like Ricky German. It annoys me when I have to use a formation without a RM. He ticks all my boxes.


Our full International and best midfielder in the team. 23 games last season and an average rating of 6.86. Room for improvement but I am confident he can fulfill his potential.


You might remember this name. We had him in our Promotion season from National League South but couldn't keep him. He was a free in the summer and I snatched him up. If hes as good as he was a few seasons ago then we are massively onto a winner.


This guy is gonna be maaaaaad. I promised to play him CM as a CM. He won't be. He will be a LM. I will try and make him happy when his promise is just about to run out.



I have high hopes for Jay and I'm a little worried we havent been able to tie him down to a contract. Massive 30+ plus goal season please.


21 goals on loan last season, bringing him back on a non-contract was a no brainer. Do it again and we will be up there.

Subs Bench

You've seen the Keeper so here's the other 4.


It will be either this guy or Charlie Fox. I'm willing to rock with this guy for now.


Cover for both right and Left. He isn't happy with me because he didn't play loads last season. 


He's scored at this level before. I'm hoping he can find his form again from the bench.


I like Jake and he will be in and out the first team.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Predictions 2023/24

So what do the odds say?


Last seasons beaten playoff finalists and runners up make up the top 2. Bradford and Bolton coming down will be tricky. 15th at 14/1 I'll take that any day of the week. 

I think we come into this season with the strongest squad we've ever had.

Bromley, Wealdstone and Sutton are predicted to struggle so baring us, Dag and Red and Barnet we shouldn't be expecting much this season.


Kingstonian are predicted to have a good season. Welling will be their usual self. Hendon and Hornchurch are going to be there or thereabouts and need a good season to survive. We have had at least 1 promoted from this league every year, another without losing any from the National League means the magic 20 are all in the top 5 tiers.


No need to show any more in League Two. Both promoted sides will probably struggle. Fingers crossed they have enough about them.


AFC Wimbledon are definitely looking to be challenging for playoffs rather than worried about relegation. Charlton hopefully can follow in Brentford's footsteps. Some big teams in that division.


Fulham represent our best chance to have 6 in the Premier League for the first time. Brentford set to have a good season back in the Championship. Millwall and QPR in the bottom half but if all 4 survive I'll be happy.


No real surprises in the Premier League. The 4 main stays will be fine. Palace will struggle but there's so many down there that they have a real chance.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

August 2023

I started playing the month then decided to upgrade to the TCM20 logo pack. Still have the old Hampton and Richmond logo. I'm not going to sweat it. Also changed the skin because...why not.

I've played a game already. It was against York to open the season. A good early test of our ambition


And wow we played brilliantly. I said before I love German and this is why. Brilliant performance and outstanding start to the season.

The rest of the month looks like this.


Its not an easy start at all with arguments for losing all 5 games. 

I want to give you a sneak peak of October and November fixtures because they are ridiculous.


4 league home games in a row then an entire month of away. The first gap is the FA Cup. Craziness!

Its been 4 seasons so thought now would be a good time to show how this save has gone really.


Winning just over half our games. Not a single days holiday and not a single penny spent or received on transfers.

Just thought you'd want to know...I don't know. Back to the football!


I like this. It comes up when the game is processing. If your interested the skin is Heffem Skin v1.4 and is available to download in the skinning section. It also has an Instant Result button which I think we will be using down the road if we are to stand any chance of getting through the seasons and finishing this challenge.

Our first London derby comes against a team who came to our back yard and destroyed us 3-0 on our way to blowing the playoffs. Would love some revenge but our games against Wealdstone tend to be hard to predict. P8 W4 D1 L3.


I said I wanted Shae to come off the bench and make a difference and that's exactly what he did. Big goal so early in the season. It was no more than we deserved. We dominated the first half, they came back a bit in the second but overall we earned the win. 

Its only the 2nd time in 5 seasons we have won our opening 2 games.

Wrexham at home next, another game that cost us the playoffs in April last season. More revenge wanted.


Stunning performance. We are just taking our chances. Once again Hutchinson comes off the bench to grab a goal. He might have to be given a chance to start.

2 tricky away games finishes the month. We beat Stockport away last season thanks to a last second winner in a game we didn't deserve to win. More of the same please.


We 100% deserved something out of this game. Gutted to lose it. Another day we not only would have won but won comfortably.

Hopefully we can bounce back but its another tricky away game against Oldham.


Now that's how you bounce back! Another great performance and the correct result this time.

It means the early league table looks like this...


We are top thanks to GD. I want to get excited after this start but we have started strong the past 2 seasons and dropped. Although for some reason this just feels different. Look at Bolton. Talk about a free fall. Bad start by all London clubs really.

Kingstonian in a playoff place with Welling just outside (shocking!). Hendon and Hornchurch outside the bottom 4 at the moment.

Dulwich have 4 points from 5 games in a decent enough start. Leyton Orient only 3 but both are outside the bottom 2.

AFC Wimbledon have only lost 1 game out of 5 to start the season...but they haven't won either. Just outside the bottom 4, Charlton are mid table after a sluggish start.

QPR are 3rd after a brilliant start. No London team in the bottom 3. 

North London top 2 in the Premier League. Palace have started well in 8th with Chelsea 9th and West Ham 10th. All London clubs in the top 10 is a brilliant start.

More in depth look next month after we reach double figures.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

September 2023

We start the month with a new signing and I'm really excited about this one.


He will go straight into the lineup. Huge signing. He has a big wage and a big appearance fee clause so he better be worth it!

A new month comes with a new skin as well as the tactics screen on the old skin wasn't fantastic and I didn't like the way the league table was set out. Sounds silly I know. Gone back to the box skin but the light version.


September is set to be a busy month. Looking forward to it, hopefully we can continue the season strong.

I'm trying to get rid of a few players as the wage budget is taking a huge hit after that signing. I'm getting increasingly worried about our finances. We are always relying on the chairman to provide cash injections. If we do somehow go up we will have to go Pro and I just don't know how we are going to handle it!


Great stuff!


2 points dropped here. They scored with their only shot on target. We managed 24 shots but only 7 of them actually hit the target, that's awful.

London Derby next, hopefully we can find our shooting boots again. 3 players on International Duty won't help.

6 games in and there is our first (of absolutely loads) suspension.


What an awful game. There were 13 shots between the two of us and 13 yellow cards! Very scrappy game but a great win. Hutchinson once again spares us. He will be starting the next game.

Lowestoft next. Another revenge game as these beat us last game of the season to stop us getting a playoff place.


Here we go again. I don't want my current chairman to leave. If he does I would want a tycoon...for obvious reasons.


Lets see what happens. Last time absolutely nothing.


We haven't beat this team in all 3 games against them now and quite frankly I'm getting sick of the damn sight of them!

Chorley next, they are flying high so it won't be easy. Truth be told I'm not expecting anything from it. 2 changes, both in defence.


How the hell do you expect to get anything out of a game when you have 12 shots and get one of those on target! Absolutely pathetic! I wasn't expecting anything and was still disappointed.

We need to bounce back right now. London derby against Barnet I am expecting nothing less than a win.

I am going to be very stubborn. This tactic doesn't change all season. Its shown it can work and it will. We are controlling games, having the lions share of possession. If we have many more games where the strikes can't even hit the target then the tactics won't change it will be the players.


I have no words. Except Tariq Hinds was released the second the ref blew his final whistle. We did well to hold on for as long as we did but when the first goal went in the floodgates opened.

One last game this month. 5th place Fylde away. Nice easy start to the season we have had really.


Some points are better than others. This was a good point. 

I've changed my tactic to one lovingly supplied by @Makoto Nakamura. So if it all goes wrong I can blame him this time.

So what seemed like a never ending month the table looks like this.


Things aren't looking too fantastic early on but then when you think of the teams I've played I have already taken on the entire top 8. So maybe the next few month are where we claw some points back. Who knows! 

Bromley are letting us down at the moment but plenty of time to go yet. Other than that everybody else will be happy apart from maybe Dag and Red who after last season will want to be higher up.


Welling and Kingstonian are where you would want them. In the mix early on. Hendon are ok but Hornchurch find themselves with room for improvement.


Well I thought the two would be close but I wasn't expecting it to be in mid-table. Cracking start by both London Clubs for their first season back in League Two, or in Dulwich's case ever.


Charlton down in 11th but only 1 point off the playoffs. Mansfield are in the relegation zone but only 6 points off the playoffs. Expect the table to look very different next month.


QPR teased us before they went down. Great start by all the London Clubs really none of them worried at the moment.


Arsenal with the dream start. West Ham also going well. Chelsea chilling in mid-table nothing to worry about just yet. It was always going to be tough for Palace. Long season ahead.



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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

October 2023

Not the greatest of starts but cause of optimism I reckon.


Huge chance to catch up with 4 homes games in a row. Which will lead to November being entirely away (cup dependant).

But we actually start the season away to a struggling Bradford City side. We can't take them lightly though.



Yes you could say it was a good point but we should have won! I'm sick of dominating teams and not winning. 5 without a win now and taking the Barnet game out the equation we should have won them all really.

We have 4 home games in a row and realistically we need to take at least 10 points.

This all starts with Kings Lynn.

The Bolton game has been postponed because of International Call Ups. For the first time this save I was given the option and I took it.


We get a home draw in the cup so its 5 home games in a row. Maidstone are currently 3rd in the National League South so room for an upset.


We didn't deserve this in the slightest. Its nice for this sort of result to go our way for a change. Fingers crossed it means a change in luck?

Big wait until the Cup Game now. I'm glad that Bolton game has been postponed, would rather play 2 games in 4 days than have 3 starters missing.

I think maybe its time to realise that we aren't a decent team and the playoff appearance a few seasons ago was an unbelievable achievement. Maybe I need a proper declutter in the summer and work towards sorting out the debt so we can actually get the youth developed.


Again I didn't apply and wouldn't be able to move even if I wanted too. Lets see what happens though.


2 new players join us and yes I have a CM problem. I just love them! They both go straight into the starting line up.


Getting absolutely sick and tired of this. They had their first shot on target on the 74th and then their second shot on the 89th minute. I hate our keeper. He couldn't catch a cold.

It will be Blackpool away for the winner. Not a fantastic draw in the slightest.

The Bolton game has been pushed back to next month meaning the run of away games isn't as drastic as it could have been.


Fantastic performance. At least we have reached the minimum requirement. We won't get through Blackpool but maybe TV?

Barrow next at home. Lets build.


This is so frustrating. On paper this is by far the best team we have had at this team but absolutely nothing is sticking. I'm pretty much hating this right now.

Hartlepool at home to finish another frustrating month. 


Same absolute crap.

Hating this. Absolutely hating this. Doesn't matter what I do nothing is working and I'm getting tired of trying.


Bromley better get their act together. Sutton doing well to keep their head above water. Barnet only London club in the playoffs at the moment. Its been better.


Welling just inside the playoffs...we know how that will finish! Kingstonian still there with a shout. Hornchurch doing well. Hendon have some games in hand so it could be worse for them.


Dulwich still doing well. 7 points clear of the drop. Leyton Orient are 5 points off playoffs.


Somebody needs to tell Charlton to stop their freefall. AFC Wimbledon are only 5 points off the playoffs and 5 points off the drop. 


Brentford just needed to go down to refind themselves. Fulham finally having a go of it. Looking good elsewhere with comfortable midtable places.


Jesus Arsenal calm down. Palace are doing very well and have a little cushion over the bottom 3. Would take that any day.

Sorry for being very salty I'm just sick of getting my hopes up for the team to expertly dash them. I'm going to go into the rest of the season assuming we aren't going to be challenging for the playoffs this season.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

November 2023


Its going to be a fun month.


Another even game which just didn't go our way. 

I've been linked with the AFC Wimbledon and truth be told I'd be tempted. 

Finally we play Bolton at home. The crazy thing is if we win this game in hand we go from 15th to 12th and only 3 points off a playoff place! 


A point we didn't deserve. I'm really hoping we can use this result as a springboard but I'm not getting those hopes up. 

We need to say goodbye to Hampton as the rest of the month is on our travels. Starting with an FA Cup tie against Blackpool. Hahahahaha great.


I've not applied for the job, nor will I. 

I'm hating life at Hampton and Richmond at the moment but I don't want to give up! Despite the crap we are only 5 points off a playoff place.

Blackpool sit 11th in League One....I'm scared.


Unbelievable result. Great chance to earn some money and officially we are in the draw for the second round. 


This is what we wanted. Nice little bit of money we should get from this fixture.

If we win against the odds it will be a home tie against League Two Carlisle. Home game makes it worth it!

Harrogate away next where we have a total of 2 players on International Duty and 3 players suspended...


I am lost for words, for a good reason this time. I forgotten what it was like to win in the league and win well. Funny thing is it was an even game. We took our chances and they didn't. Its normally the other way around.


I'm not going to lie I'm absolutely gutted. We outplayed them for 120 minutes but I think we just ran out of puff. Great performance.

Woking away next. They are rock bottom and we have 2 good performances under our belt. Can't wait to lose this 3-0.


Just another game we dominate and don't win. We were literally the better team for 88 goddamn minute of this game.

One more game this month. Its been another weird one. Inconsistently consistent. 4 games against Ebbsfleet, 4 wins...until now....



These are the last two headlines and honestly its this season in a nutshell. I've not enjoyed this season in the slightest. Same crap game after game irregardless of the tactic I'm using.


This was the rue miss chances game. They didn't miss their chances. Scoring twice in 3 shots on target.


Ashford play in Tier 7 but the way we are playing we will have 55 shots and lose 1-0 to their only shot all game.

League table looks like this.


Sutton find themselves in trouble. Bromley have just crawled their way out. Everybody else is fine. We are midtable and I'm already ready to write this entire season off. Only Barnet are doing well for the London teams.


Both on the outside looking in but only a few points off 4th. It will be close throughout the season. Hendon and Hornchurch are on the right side of the line.


Brilliant season by the two League Two teams. Only 5 points off the playoffs.


Charlton are only 4 points off the playoffs after recovering well. AFC Wimbledon have work to do. They are still managerless.


Brentford in, Fulham out. Plenty of time yet. QPR are only 3 points off playoffs. Good season for them. Millwall just doing enough. Room for improvement.


Arsenal are absolutely killing it. Spurs and West Ham comfy. Palace doing enough, Chelsea should be doing better.

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1 hour ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Last season went well Andy... this season not so.

Not going to lie, hating this season. The team we have are so much better than they are doing, thought this was going to be the one!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

December 2023

Another month. Its a big one.


You know what I look at this fixture list and I think we have enough about us to win every single one of them.


And that's a good start. Could have been more but not doing to start to complain its a win!

Home again against Darlington, another game we should be winning.


Guess how many shots on target they had. If you guessed 4 you'd be correct. 

I'm really debating using IR and just blasting through this piece of crap season.

Bromley away next. Another chapter in our rivalry. What need to be done in order for dynamic rivals to kick in?


I'm done. IR from here on out. 

FA Trophy next against a team a few division below. We better win and win well. I'll be playing full strength team because its not like we have anything else to play for this season.

I don't know if its because its FA Trophy but my God its taking ages to simulate.


Straightforward in as I would expect. I don't like IR I think it takes something away.

I think I need to just leave my body and accept its going to be a long frustrating second half to the season. No more complaining. I've used so many different tactics and nothing has worked, its time to accept the fact its my team. Rebuild in the Summer is needed.

Home draw against either Warrington or Kings Lynn. Both sides are a league below us so we have a decent chance of reaching the 3rd round.

Ok so new plan is. Stick with 1 tactic and stop being a mardy git. Accept that we were predicted to be midtable and thats exactly where we are. Not every season is going to be a successful season.

Bradford City at home next in the league. Nothing really to play for just try and get a run going.


They are currently 7th in the National League North.

I've been linked with the QPR job. Surprised but flattered.

So going forward positivity instead of anger. No panicking when results go against us. This is a marathon not a sprint.


Fantastic result and the happiest I've been watching my side in a long time. Fully deserved. 

Barrow away next and if we repeat the performance we can win. Its what happens when strikers actually hit the target!

I've applied for the QPR job...


Thought the ref was a joke here. Probably a soft penalty and I don't think it was a red card either. That being said great performance to get a point. We were battered in the second half as they pushed. Shame we couldn't hold out.

I appealed the red card but it was rejected.

Home to Fylde rounds up the month and the year. Its been a year to forget I think.


Fine margins are costing us dearly. In that game we had a goal ruled out for offside, an individual error costing us a goal and we hit the post in the second from about 3 yards out. Its the difference between this being a comfortable 3-0 win and another disappointing result.


The table doesn't read well at all. We are bang on mid-table and cut adrift of the top. Neither here nor there. For the rest of London, Bromley and Wealdstone are going to do well to stay in the division for another season. Sutton on the other hand are heading straight back down. Dag and Red will hold hopes of a return to playoffs while Barnet will have their eye on the title.


Kingstonian on the right side of the line. Welling and 10th...name me a better duo. Hornchurch will be find for another season while Hendon have it all do it yet.


Dulwich still doing ok. 6 points above the drop. Leyton Orient are only 5 points off the playoffs.


Its just about survival for the League One teams. Just stay in that division.


Brentford still having a great season. Fulham have dropped off a bit but still going to be knocking. Millwall and QPR like us neither here nor there. Should be no relegation's from this league which is brilliant. 


Arsenal v Man Utd just like the good old days. Chelsea have recovered but Spurs have slipped. West Ham having a great season. At the other end its Goal Difference and nothing else. Keep going Palace, keep going.





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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

January 2024

Hopefully we can put 2023 behind us and look forward to a good year.


Some tricky games this month. I'm holding absolutely no hope of a successful month although I want to go through in the Cup. Its the only thing I have left this season to get excited about.

We start the year with a rough and tumble tie against Wealdstone. Both teams will be knackered and hungover from the new year so it will make for an entertaining game.

I personally opened up the month with an interview from QPR.


Tight game which could have gone either way. It went our way for once this season. Decent enough start to 2024.

York away next. Always a tricky game. I wouldn't expect to get anything even if we had brilliant form.


The fact that the headline for this game "York hold on to draw" shows we more than deserved to get something out of this game. Happy with the point, probably deserved 3.

FA Trophy next and we have a golden opportunity to book a place in the 3rd Round.


I've got to say I'm more than tempted. Without sounding too big headed I think it would mean Hampton and Richmond Borough would be heading back down sooner or later. 

I don't know what to do!

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January 2024

So I delayed the job offer for a week. 

FA Trophy next. Win it and I'm going to stay and persist. It really means I can't argue about the team because it was my decision to stay.

Lose and I'm off.


Well that was the most unconvincing win in the history of wins.


I'm not ready to give up on Hampton and Richmond just yet!


We have just beat these 3-0 at home in the league. We also bossed the away game and were unlucky to draw. I fancy our chances of getting to the Quarter Final for the first time this save. Either way hoping for a decent crowd.

Wrexham away in the league next. Playoffs is 9 points off. I'm going to need a miracle to even compete...it starts with a win away to Wrexham!


18 seconds is all it took me to regret my decision. Can't really have many complaints about the result really.

We round up this month at home to Stockport. Another tricky game. I can just feel us slipping further and further down the table.


Another bang even game that didn't go our way. 

I swear if little things had actually gone our way this season we would be in a playoff place. We are 16th in the league with a +8 GD. That tells you everything you need to know on how the season is going in my opinion.


In fact this shows you everything you need to know.

Full league table looks like this.


Sutton still in with a shot. Wealdstone have to look over their shoulder. Us and Bromley just floating in mid-table. Dag and Red with the game in hand but its Barnet they will be replacing. They have dropped a bit but its so close at the top.


Welling and 10th...Kingstonian only 3 off a bye in the playoffs. No worries for Hornchurch, Hendon are going to take this to the wire.


Dulwich are starting to fall, they need to find some of that early season form. Leyton Orient continue to enjoy a good season and are chasing the playoffs.


Charlton are yo-yoing. AFC Wimbledon with a little bit of a cushion.


Its very close for those 2 playoff places. Brentford and Millwall still in with a shout. Fulham look destined for another mid-table nothing season. QPR without me are 8 points clear of the drop.


Top 8 for 4/5 London Clubs in the Premier League. Its going to be stupidly tight for Palace.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

February 2024

The only thing this month is going to be good for is the FA Trophy as we try and book our place in the Quarter Final.


The League games will be tricky starting with an away trip to Birmingham.

We are getting the performance we just need to start getting the results!

Scratch that the game has been postponed, we haven't had a game called off since moving into the new Ground which I think is great.

So its Oldham at home which will kick start the month.


Great result. Even game that went our way. Maybe things might even itself out towards the end of the season.

Cup action next. I've never seen past the 3rd Round. Would love to here.


120 minutes couldn't separate us which means we do it again in the week. Both sides are going to be tired at least. If they had nicked it we couldn't have argued really.

Valley Parade will be a tough place to go and win...

A trip to Maidenhead for the winner. If we get through it would mean we will have played 3 seasons in a row.

It does mean the game against Solihull has been postponed again. 


We lost this game because of Dylan Parker. I've lost patience with him this season. At 1-1 he missed an absolute sitter and a penalty. He won't be playing again.

Ebbsfleet in the league next. 


We got a point but after hitting the woodwork 3 damn times during the game it was the least we deserved.

I've never known a season like this, honestly the luck we have had is absolutely unreal.

2 away games to finish the month. I expect nothing.



Crap time to concede. We didn't deserve anything really.

One more game this month. Then just 2 more months.


I cant wait to have a clean out at the end of the season. I am going to strip this place bare.


Look at Bradford! Sutton are pretty much done. All the London teams are bunched together. All our hopes rest on Barnet. 


Welling and 10th, absolutely brilliant stuff. Kingstonian still going strong. Hold out for a playoff place! Hornchurch safe, Hendon are down as it stands but its bloody close!


Leyton Orient still with work to do but are only 8 points off automatic promotion! Dulwich only 2 points clear now. 11 more games to hang on.


Charlton are safe now. AFC Wimbledon have a little bit of a gap but still not safe.


Brentford, Millwall and Fulham all have eyes on the playoffs. Good first season back in the Championship for QPR.


Palace have dropped but its so close. The rest are golden as always.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

March 2024

We only have 2 more months of this horrible season to go.


This one is a bit of a big one.

We start away to Hartlepool. Any other season I would have fancied our chances but not today.

Decided to do IR. I think it does take away from the game a little bit because obviously you can't influence anything in the game. But honestly I just want to get to the end of the season so I can put this year behind me and improve in the summer.


Apparently we were lucky to win. I'll take it because we have been unlucky all season.

Couple of home games now. We haven't won back to back in the league since August.


Nothing lucky about this one. Back to back wins! It turns out its not the players its the manager trying to manage them!

Home to Harrogate next they are in the playoffs so I'm not expecting much really.


3 wins in a row! Dreamland! Its a shame this has all come too little too late.

Sutton away next. They are already doomed otherwise I would have looked to throw the game. Might as well try and finish as high up the league as possible now.


Well the run is over against a very poor Sutton side. In a way it makes me feel better. The game was even but they took their chances and we didn't. Its not just me!

The first win took us 10 points off the playoffs and I'll be honest I was thinking....you never know. After 3 wins in a row we were 7 points off and I was starting to believe. That win knocked us back to 10 and made me realise we have no chance! We would have to be perfect. The best thing that could happen here is an encouraging finish.

Dag and Red next and it appears neither of us have anything to play for. Completely different to last season.


Brilliant result. Especially considering the red card. Bashir Humphreys is a new player...


New player in defence. Once again we are one of the highest scorers but just can't defend.

6th place Chorley next. I am going to do something stupid and get my hopes up. If we beat them then we only go 6 points off a playoff place...


Very impressive result. We had a few Internationals and a Suspension so I'm delighted.

We have officially avoided relegation!

Lowestoft at home next...past 3 meets with this team we should be beating everytime...


Not great!


Its been a stunning month. I don't know if its the IR (probably) but something has changed. Maybe we just needed 1 win to kick start the team. Either way is brilliant and it gives me so belief heading into next season.


Bradford City look doomed for Back to Back Relegations. They played in the Premier League for Two seasons and next season might be playing in the National League North. We are up to 8th after an amazing month. Bolton have the game in hand but if they lose it we are only 4 points behind them. Last game of the season is Bolton away. Barnet flying the London flag. Its only a matter of time for Sutton. Everybody else nice and comfortable.


Kingstonian are looking good for a placeoff place. Welling are higher than normal but still missing out! Hendon need to get something out of that game in hand or could find themselves back in the relegation zone. Hornchurch not officially safe but should be fine.


To say Leyton Orient are out of the playoff hunt would be to admit we are as well. They are 6 points off. Outside chance but still there. 4 point gap for Dulwich. Will it be enough?


Charlton have been disappointing in League One. AFC Wimbledon have 6 games to save themselves. I don't want them to go down!


Millwall look set for another crack at the big time. Brentford still have a good chance a well. Fulham have an outside chance as well. Nice to see London clubs doing well. QPR a very good mid-table place.


Bad season for Spurs. West Ham decent enough. Can Arsenal hold on? Palace have dropped into the bottom 3 but will take it all the way.

One more month to go. Are we going to have a massively unlikely playoff push?


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National League is notoriously one of the most difficult divisions to get out of in the world.

Really competitive league, looking at it in real life atm Notts County 9th, Yeovil 6th, Hartlepool 10th, Barnet 15th, Dagenham 16th, all recent football league clubs!

The top 3 is Barrow, Solihull and Bromley, think Barrow have been in that league for a long while, probably takes a very long time to become ready to make that push for promotion

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7 hours ago, ryanlion28 said:

National League is notoriously one of the most difficult divisions to get out of in the world.

Really competitive league, looking at it in real life atm Notts County 9th, Yeovil 6th, Hartlepool 10th, Barnet 15th, Dagenham 16th, all recent football league clubs!

The top 3 is Barrow, Solihull and Bromley, think Barrow have been in that league for a long while, probably takes a very long time to become ready to make that push for promotion

You are 100% correct. My team is Mansfield Town and in order to get out of the league we won something crazy like 20 out of our last 22 games. We had a good cup run that year so had like 5/6 games in hand over everybody. It was unreal. 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

April 2024

Well I never thought I'd say this but we head into the final month with a chance. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless.


Barnet are in the playoffs. Bromley 18th, Kings Lynn 17th, Maidenhead 16th and then Bolton. A key away game to start and end the month with 3 winable games in between.

We have nothing to lose I think.


Its been a while but I get the feeling these players know they are playing for their futures.


Its also been a while for this so a nice little way to bounce back from a horrible season really. It goes to show you. I have two of these now this season. What could have been!

So we start with our final London Derby of the season and its a huge one against Barnet. Lose or draw and I think playoffs will be gone. Win however and we will be right in there with a shout.


So close! It was an even game and Barnet probably deserved something from it but that it gut wrenching!

We are 6 points off playoffs with 4 games to go. Not completely over but we can't afford anymore mistakes. These last 4 games need to be wins.

Big gap between the games which gives the team a much needed rest. Reason why is Maidenhead game got moved because of their involvement in the FA Trophy semis.

Everybody else obviously played. If we win our game in hand we go 3 points behind 7th place Chorley, and we have the much better GD.


There is the inevitable. Sutton back down. If London clubs can come out of this season with only the 1 relegation I would class that as a brilliant season.

The key game against Bolton isn't key for them anymore. They have come up clutch when it mattered and pulled away. Realistically now the only team I should be able to catch is 7th place Chorley. AFC Fylde are ahead of me as well so I need them to drop points between now and the end of the season.


Intake day was disappointing as ever. We need money in order to get the youth improved. We just keep spiralling financially not helped by the bank loan taken out to pay for the new stadium.

We are one very good cup run or potential promotion away from making this happen. At the moment I cant even get a new contract because of finances. A contract which runs out in June!


Massive win. Absolutely huge! 


Results have gone our way meaning if we win out we are in the playoffs. Unbelievable turnaround.


Well this is 2 points lost. We were the better team. Kings Lynn have finished well so its not a horrible result but in context it could be the end.


Luckily results went our way and we go into the last 2 games with our fate very much in our hands.

We finish our home season against Maidenhead. either way we will take the playoffs into the final game but obviously anything less than a win and we make things difficult for ourselves.


We did everything but score! Highly frustrating game. 

So we still have a chance of playoff but it means we need 2 teams to drop points and to beat Bolton away. Somehow I don't think it will happen but its been an amazing few months and to even be in with a shout is a massive achievement. It gives me hope for next season that maybe just maybe we can challenge for the playoffs again.

If we had won I would have done the whole Gameweek 46 post but because its so unlikely I'm just going to rip the plaster off!


A shocker for Fylde means we can overtake them.


Chorley have lost meaning if we win we are in!


We didn't...sorry about that. We didn't deserve it so can have no complaints.

For the second year in a row we miss out on the playoffs on the final game of the season when a win would have taken us there. So close!


Bye bye Bradford City, quite remarkable relegation. Wrexham go up while Barnet fly the London flag. Look at our close we were in the end. Brilliant effort but we have just been way to inconsistent. Disappointing season for London clubs really. Fingers crossed Barnet can make the leap.


Welling as low as 12th. They are getting worse. Kingstonian have given themselves a chance. That's all they need. Hendon are down. We are losing teams. 


Leyton Orient gave it a good go and missed out on GD. Very close. Dulwich went into the last game above by 1 point.


Gutted for them. Goal Difference once again. We will see them next season.


Dylan Parker player of the season. Don't agree with it but fair enough. Clean sweep from him really! Not good enough to be in the Team of the Year :lol:


The rise the fall and the middle revival. Its been a season and a half!


The board are showing a bit of ambition. Very happy to see that!


Charlton disappointing. AFC Wimbledon survive. That's the main thing.


Great season by Brentford! Millwall started the last game in the playoffs but missed out on GD. Goal Difference has been harsh on the London Clubs. Fulham and QPR mid-table.

Playoffs coming up and I'm going to leave you in suspense about the Premier League final.





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Playoffs 2023/24

Not nearly as many teams in the Playoffs compared to last season but the fact we have only had 3 relegation's (one of which doesn't matter that much). Gutted about Dulwich Hamlet I don't think they will bounce back. Sutton should bounce back.

We have 3 teams. Kingstonian in National League South. Barnet in National League and Brenford in the Championship.


Barnet have blown it! Another failed playoff attempt by them. We shall see them next season!


Good effort by Kingstonian. First time in this save a team won't be coming up from the National League South.


Brentford have it all to do in the second leg. Not over yet though.


And turn it around they have! Obviously the red cards will have made a massive difference. 90 minutes from back to back promotions into the Premier League.


Shocking season by Spurs. West Ham unlucky to miss out on Europe. Arsenal miss out on the title. Palace did brilliantly to stay in the league. 

Could we have 6 teams in the Premier League for the first time this save?


Football karma Gods worked straight away against Brenford. Massive effort to even take it to ET and then to miss out in the last second. Devastating.

It means the state of play looks like this at the end of 2023/24.


We have 22 playable teams, means we can still afford 2 more relegation's. We lost a team in the Football League and for the first time we have no promotions. After last season though I think this was expected. 

Once again this is all subject to change depending on who comes up from the lower Tiers. 


2 year deal for me. Excellent stuff. After what has been a testing season I see light at the end of the tunnel.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Off-Season and Pre-Season

I'm wanting to cut away quite a bit of deadwood in this off season. The end of the season proved we can actually compete and I want to improve a few positions to ensure we stay competitive.


Stockport miss out in the Playoff final for the second year in a row. And I thought I had it bad!


2nd in Manager of the Year, although I got the achievement for winning Manager of the Year 5 times...I can assure you I haven't.


Tommy Anderson comes in and the reason why is...


To be honest he was on a lot of money and was quite disappointing. So to get 40k for him I'm very happy.

That being said Tommy comes in on a big wage so hopefully he can come good.


Expectation is growing. They wanted a Mid table finish but I increased it for the sake of an extra 400 quid in the wage budget!


The way to early projections have us at 17th so the board are wanting more than the press think we can do.

We extend the loan of Stephen Skinner. He didn't do horribly at LB and he will cost us nothing so I'm happy with it.

I honestly think we are a few signings off having a good squad here.


Another new Midfielder comes in. We are looking good in that area of the field.

We just won our first friendly game away from home against a team in the National League South 7-0. Friendly or not that's a stand up and take notice win. I'm not even done in the transfer window yet either.

I took a gamble on a Luton loanee knowing that if it didn't pay off it wouldn't matter...


Tell you what it could have been worse.

Big wages money spent on this next guy...


Mainly a CM but hoping he can slot into the DCM.

For the time being I don't have any intentions of bringing anybody else in. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking however! Amazingly as it stands I'm 143 p/w under the wage budget! That decision to increase expectation proving to be a good one.


Wasn't expecting this. On my way!

We are 250k in the red. Its getting to the point where I don't think a cup run is going to be good enough to get us out of it. We need to get promoted. Although that will bring its own financial problems.

We lost Matthew Smith who was our star CM. He went to Oxford. I tried to throw money at him but he was never going to stay. He was on a non-contract so we get nothing other than freed up wages. Not going to lie its a bit of a blow.


2 in the favourites for top goalscorer. Lets hope we have plenty of goals!


Preseason done. Lets crack on with another year!

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