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  1. I also thought that the information for long strikers was a bit unclear. Also 4411, 41221 and 4141 have quite different lone strikers to each other.
  2. Am I correct in thinking that if your defensive line is higher then a wider defence could be useful due to the centre backs being less ready for crosses as they are still running back(i.e. crosses behind the defence rather than through balls over the defence)?
  3. To me it looks a little vulnerable to players attacking the channels.
  4. Or you can set your assistant manager to manage friendlies.
  5. The nice thing about dominating a league this much is you can rotate youth in heavily.
  6. I would have thought it a challenge to win despite all these bugs.
  7. Team talks are the sort of thing that could be optional.
  8. Doesn't FMT not have fluidity. This probably makes it easier assuming that fluidity is always full.
  9. On previous versions of football manager I would have said say top half. This one I think the boards are a bit stricter.
  10. I agree that there is room for this to be useful. You could say that you should just be making other roles play the same way but this isn't completely possible. I would like to be able to have players playing exactly like the playmaker roles or targetman roles when they receive the ball without all the other players altering their behaviour to feed the ball to them.
  11. If it is just cosmetic then it is annoying but manageable. If more than that I wouldn't suggest any youth saves until it is fixed.
  12. Surely a yearly subforum like the downloads section would make more sense. I didn't realise that they were from so long ago.
  13. But so what? It just seems like overactive moderating. Why should a moderator decide that the OP has the answer they need and doesn't have any follow up questions?
  14. Why does this subforum seem to now how a policy of locking every thread if there seems to even vaguely have an answer?
  15. They don't stop doing that sort of fixes for a while. There is plenty of time for them to get it right.
  16. IWB behind an offensive central midfielder makes some sense as the IWB would move into some of the space the the CM is vacating. I think that the mentality is balanced rather than positive in order to allow more space in front and room for forward(vertical) passes(probably from the regista)
  17. I think that this was always going to be a really complex feature to add. I suspect that this is something that they have been working on for a while(probably could have put something in FM19) but wanted to get it as good as possible. I suspect that they will continue working on it and it will see improvements in FM21.
  18. A problem I have had with a gegenpress 4231 is a congested centre. I found I was scoring a lot more freely when I changed the attacking width to wider. I do believe this has led to me being more vulnerable to counters though.
  19. I was sort of thinking top of the country qualifying for champions league sort of level so good facilities. I was also thinking about the difference between 5 and 10 games rather than trying to give youth 20+ games.
  20. How does the shorter season affect player development? Does it make it harder to develop the youngsters? Do you have to make sure that they are in the team a higher % of the time to develop(ending up with the same game time)?
  21. If your reputation has spiked, fixing the cause won't fix the value straight away. It may drift down towards where it should be but reputation is the sort of thing that is much harder to lose than gain.
  22. You can remote in from a web browser. The only software installation is on his home laptop.
  23. I didn't realise that. I knew it was no longer done in Europe but I thought it was still done in Brazil.
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