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  1. Also don't report it in the news, don't give them any press, or notoriety. Simply ban them from the competitions and move on
  2. Jim deserves a knighthood! Fabulous read, looking forward to more
  3. I suppose the only place to begin, would be at the beginning, which seems a bit of a silly thing to say, especially after blurting out the accusations right off the bat. I guess I understand now, why he told me. Something like this it eats you up inside, it produces a whole mixed bag of emotions. I find myself giggling to myself about how crazy and unbelievable it is, like I know the punch line to an insider joke. Or I just drift off staring into space contemplating the wonder, the power, the sheer temptation of what he had at his disposal. For the longest time I raged at him, safely hidden beyond the grave, "WHY DID YOU PICK ME YOU B*STARD! WHY DO I HAVE TO CARRY THE BURDEN OF YOUR LIES" I felt he had dumped the weight of the world on my shoulders, that when he pulled back the curtain, laid it all bare, I was somehow complicit, if I didn't come forward with what I had learned then in some small way I had accepted and agreed with his actions. Had he picked me because I was young, relatively new to the whole Mcneil experience? Maybe, but I understand now that the most simple reason was, he had to tell someone, he had to let it out before he died, I'm amazed he carried it with him as long as he did. Once again I'm getting ahead of myself, my name is Michael Mcneil, I'm 20 years old, born April 1st 2047 (but it was after midday so it's alright). My father was Max Mcneil, born February 15th 1992, died Wednesday October 12th 2067. His 100th trophy had come just 5 months earlier, with his Hoffenheim side continuing their domestic dominance with their 3rd Bundesliga title in a row. That 100th trophy was met with more than it's fair share of apathy, if 99 trophies was a milestone that would never be repeated then how significant was pushing the unbeatable line just one more step to 100. His death however, that sent a shockwave around the sporting world. Through his career my father had managed in nine different countries, the number of players he had managed, coaching staff he had worked with, peoples lives he had intersected with was unfathomable. Everyone in the footballing world knew a guy who knew a guy who most likely had at one point had a full English breakfast with my father. At football stadiums all over the world, stands packed with fans commemorated his death by celebrating his life, they applauded for 100 seconds at every fixture that took place in the week of his death. If you think that being a blood relative of the man would make his passing much more personal, then you are sadly mistaken. Was I sad that my father was dead, yes in a biological, psychological way, but not much else. Much like my fathers football family lineage his biological family had spread in the wake of his journey. I had been born in England, and while my father had been chasing more and more trophies, managing in Italy, Denmark and finally Germany, I had stayed in England with my mother. I was grateful to the man, he had looked after me and my mother (a member of the cabin crew whilst he was England manager) set us both up for life and attempted to integrate us into the wider Mcneil family. But he had never been an overly hands on active figure in my upbringing, there was no inner circle, no secret communication, not then anyway. He never missed a birthday or scrimped on Christmas, but when it came to his death, I found out the same way everyone else found out, Sky news. That is why the morning of Thursday October 13th 2067 you would have found me leaving my riverside penthouse apartment in Leeds city centre and getting into the back of a taxi bound for the airport, on route for a plane to Sweden. Why Sweden you ask? (I certainly did!) The night before I had received a call from my ,then, late fathers solicitor, a man as aloof as the name Tiberius Clark might suggest. There was no chit chat, no enquiry into how I was taking the news just a precise and efficient undertaking of the task at hand. I was informed that the funeral and the subsequent reading of the will would take place in Stockholm Sweden. After I enquired as to why, Tiberius simply stated, "It was you fathers wish to handle the details of his death in a country which he had not managed, as not to alienate any of the supporters in any of the countries he had worked. He also always liked Sweden and always regretted there was never a Nobel prize for sport." Without another word, Tiberius then hung up on me. Just another day in the life of a Mcneil descendant. Though even on important days like today, when the world stops and holds its breath for a microsecond to mark a great man's passing, the minute daily details still need attention. I had an Amazon delivery to sign for before I got in the back of the taxi.
  4. While I wasn't able to attend the awards ceremony myself I find myself in awe, proud, and more than a little bit jealous of the winners, plus the community as a whole that has inspired them to write in the first place. Galvanised to come up with some content worthy of such a great community, I'm dipping my toe in the water with an idea that's been in the back of my brain for a while. Full disclosure going in, while it is about football management, it isn't necessarily that involving football manager and has other themes besides, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am looking forward to writing it! Like the rest of you I believed the hype, my father, now my late father, Max Mcneil was the greatest football manager of all time. He won more games and more trophies than anybody else ever. In the end it became his obsession, probably what killed him, he wouldn't stop until he had won his 100th trophy. It took him 40 years, which works out at an average of 2 and a half trophies a year. To put it in context, Alex Ferguson won 49 trophies over the course of his managerial career, which in terms of winning spanned from 1976 until 2013. That's 49 trophies in 37 years. Thus my father was considered a genius, a football management god, achieving managerial feats that would never be replicated. I am his youngest son, Michael Mcneil, and at the time of his death aged 75 I am 20 years old, and because my father was also rather prolific when it came to sowing his wild oats I am the last of the 12 Mcneil children he sired. While I might be the last in every other respect, I am the first and only in one very specific category, I am the only member of our family, and potentially the wider world who knows the truth. My father, my late great father is a fraud and a cheat and he has left it to me to decide what becomes of his legacy.
  5. Congratulations to all winners, and although I'm very very late to the ceremony (was hoping to swoop in and take some defenceless drinks off the tables, but strangely all I could find was tap water?!) Anyway, all worthy winners! It was an honour to simply get nominated, reading through the ceremony has me motivated to put hands to keys (it can't be pen to paper can it!) and continue striving to give you all something I enjoy writing and hope you enjoy reading. @mark wilson27 thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, you are a true testament to this community.
  6. House rule, keep your acceptance speeches shorter than a Mexican announcers goal commentary
  7. amazing awards congratulations to all the winners, been so busy with real life I also didn't see the voting thread! Amazed and honoured to even get a mention any category, especially the Journeyman save one. Only fitting that @Makoto Nakamura should win it, the person whose threads inspired me to try it. Plus I can't really call myself a Journeyman when I haven't left Zimbabwe yet! Soon though I shall return!
  8. having dipped my toe into the general / off topic areas on the forum I think i'll be retreating once more to the tranquil safety of the stories and career forum
  9. Week 8: Saturday 5 October 2019 Brighton 1 v 0 Spurs 12:30 Burnley 1 v 1 Everton 15:00 Liverpool 3 v 2 Leicester 15:00 Norwich 2 v 0 Aston Villa 15:00 Watford 0 v 0 Sheffield Utd 15:00 West Ham 0 v 2 Crystal Palace 17:30 Sunday 6 October 2019 Arsenal 2 v 2 Bournemouth 14:00 Man City 3 v 1 Wolves 14:00 Southampton 1 v 2 Chelsea 14:00 Newcastle 0 v 1 Man Utd 16:30
  10. I'm quite surprised I am top of the league, and top of the open head to head league I joined. Mainly because I hadn't actually done much with the team since setting it up. I've now made two free transfers and a formation change, so yeah, the slump starts here!
  11. Week 7: Saturday 28 September 2019 Sheffield Utd 1 v 3 Liverpool 12:30 Aston Villa 1 v 1 Burnley 15:00 Bournemouth 2 v 0 West Ham 15:00 Chelsea 3 v 0 Brighton 15:00 Crystal Palace 1 v 2 Norwich 15:00 Spurs 1 v 1 Southampton 15:00 Wolves 2 v 0 Watford 15:00 Everton 2 v 2 Man City 17:30 Sunday 29 September 2019 Leicester 1 v 0 Newcastle 16:30 Monday 30 September 2019 Man Utd 2 v 2 Arsenal 20:00
  12. Week 6: Friday 20 September 2019 Southampton 0 v 2 Bournemouth 20:00 Saturday 21 September 2019 Leicester 2 v 2 Spurs 12:30 Burnley 1 v 3 Norwich 15:00 Everton 2 v 0 Sheffield Utd 15:00 Man City 3 v 1 Watford 15:00 Newcastle 1 v 1Brighton 17:30 Sunday 22 September 2019 Crystal Palace 1 v 2 Wolves 14:00 West Ham 0 v 1 Man Utd 14:00 Arsenal 2 v 2 Aston Villa 16:30 Chelsea 1 v 2 Liverpool 16:30
  13. Week 5: Saturday 14 September 2019 Liverpool 2 - 0 Newcastle 12:30 Brighton 0 - 1 Burnley 15:00 Man Utd 1 - 2 Leicester 15:00 Sheffield Utd 0 - 0 Southampton Spurs 2 - 0 Crystal Palace 15:0 Wolves 1 - 2 Chelsea 15:00 Norwich 2 - 4Man City 17:30 Sunday 15 September 2019 Bournemouth 0 - 1 Everton 14:00 Watford 1- 2 Arsenal 16:30 Monday 16 September 2019 Aston Villa 1 - 1 West Ham 20:00
  14. around the top of the league always seems far too vague for me :P but good luck, would have liked to have seen you take Aber professional but the "Journey" in Journeyman kind of gives it away also surprised to see you didn't bring Robbie Parry with you :P
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