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  1. Finis Coronat Opus is back for a second season in the hope of at least defending the cup!
  2. Will be signing up when I get home. As it doesn’t seem to want to let me from work!
  3. Time to get back on the horse. Week 1 Friday 13 August 2021 Brentford 0 v 1 Arsenal 20:00 Saturday 14 August 2021 Man Utd 1 v 1 Leeds 12:30 Burnley 0v 0 Brighton 15:00 Chelsea 3 v 1 Crystal Palace 15:00 Everton 2 v 1Southampton 15:00 Leicester 1 v 1 Wolves 15:00 Watford 0 v 1 Aston Villa 15:00 Norwich 1 v 2 Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 15 August 2021 Newcastle 1v 1 West Ham 14:00 Spurs 2 v 2 Man City 16:30
  4. December 2021 Game Week 17 Just a quick bump to hopefully stop the thread from being locked. Normal service will resume when real life is no longer kicking my ass! Good bounce back from the 2nd XI after the defeat in Europe.
  5. Thanks as always for the organisation and work that goes in to putting this one. Awesome to win a cup in both this and the predictions league. More to play for next year!
  6. unfortunately I've already drunk some rather questionable substances out of it!
  7. 6th pace after christmas! cracking performance. just got to maintain it now
  8. Pre season of 2021 and we are in the Sky Bet Championship. Though according to the bookmakers not for very long. We are 60-1 to go up. While we are evens to go back down. They believe we will finish 22nd, with Luton and fellow promoted side Lincoln below us. Interestingly Wigan who came up with us having finished 2nd are predicted to avoid the drop and finish 18th. Of the relegated clubs Everton are expected to bounce straight back up as champions. Norwich should finish 2nd. With Crystal Palace and Swansea both down from the Premier league last season are only good enough for playoff spo
  9. December 2021 Group E Game 6 Despite our domestic league dominance this season, our Champions league form has been patchy at best. While we haven't lost a group game so far in the campaign. We find ourselves in the strange position of being top of the group, but the team below us in 2nd place have secured qualification while we ourselves haven't. The simplest equation is, we need a minimum of a point from our last game to secure qualification. If we lose and Lyon get a win in Turkey then we would slide from top of the group all the way to the Europa league. We get off to a
  10. December 2021 Game Week 16 Norwich up next, the team I have seriously cursed since suggesting they might be in and around the top 6 come the end of the season. What with them slipping all the way to 18th since I said it. Today when they play us as Carrow Road is not the day for lifting said curse thank you very much! We are however the late game on the Saturday, meaning we know the majority of the other results before we come out to play. Goals galore at St James Park. Liverpool have Wijnaldum on the transfer list. Along with a lot of their older playe
  11. on a slightly more light hearted note @BenArsenal Chelsea Retirement Home 2 - Norwich 1 tell me I'm wrong
  12. December 2021 Game Week 15 As I noted at the end of last month, December is a much easier month on paper regarding who we play. Wolves to start with probably the hardest game going by the teams relative positions in the league. Though to say we fielded our 1st XI for this game it was a slog to get a result. It required a soft penalty just before the hour mark for us to go ahead. Tammy Abraham getting us on the scoresheet. Only a few minutes later and Reece James, scores a fine direct free kick. Patricio might feel he could have done better, but I'm quite happy. We were
  13. hasn't it always been corrupt? The blatant France hand ball in the international qualification playoff which got ignored so France could progress as they would bring more fan appeal to the tournament than Ireland. The dubious at best relationship between Wolves and Mendes. The hilarity of applying only financial based penalties to clubs who breach FFP rules. The cynic in me says these clubs aren't stupid. There is some position they are bargaining for by going public then withdrawing so suddenly.
  14. Anyone shed any light on why this guy is performing so well? He's playing in my U18s and has been stalked by clubs since he came into my academy. Wolves offered me £10M for him plus addons which only really made me more determined to keep him. I just don't understand why he is so prolific with finishing of 3 and long shots of 7.
  15. katie wants to be a Spartan
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