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    I'm 36 , working in Wakefield. I'm an unpublished author who when he can't write plays computer games or goes on long bike rides to clear my head.

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  1. Week 26 Saturday 27 February 2021 Man City v West Ham 12:30 2 - 1 West Brom v Brighton 15:00 0 - 1 Leeds v Aston Villa 17:30 1- 1 Newcastle v Wolves 20:00 2 - 1 Sunday 28 February 2021 Crystal Palace v Fulham 12:00 1 - 1 Leicester v Arsenal 12:00 2 - 2 Spurs v Burnley 14:00 2 - 0 Chelsea v Man Utd 16:30 1 - 1 Sheffield Utd v Liverpool 19:15 0 - 1 Monday 1 March 2021 Everton v Southampton 20:00 1 - 1 Tuesday 2 March 2021 Man City v Wolves 20:00 3 - 0 Wednesday 3 March 2021 Burnley v Leicester 18:00 0 - 2 Sheffield Utd v Aston Villa 18:00 0 - 0 C
  2. FC Halifax, the town of my birth! Best they have done in a long while!
  3. Rousing speeches have never really been my thing. Probably because I'm not any good at them. Also, my idea of when a rousing speech might indeed be required are not likely to match up with other peoples. As a player I never needed to be motivated to play in a cup competition, be it domestic or continental. the added spice of a different competition, plus the opponent was likely to be someone you didn't play as often, those factors made it special. Playing bottom of the league at home when everyone and their dog feels you should be walking in 5 or 6 goals, when the reality is the opposition wou
  4. Where are you Guinea? I can't seem to see you. Must be the cloud cover up here at the top of the mountain
  5. are there any water bottles left without boot prints on?
  6. ouch! Boomed out just before the 1st round!
  7. not sure about that, if a player hasn't received a new contract, then their wage demand is the same for a better quality player all because they have been able to play on loan. If they demand more money then the loan club might not want to continue with the deal and thus the players time is cut short. But then I have a whole issue with contract demands based upon "i'm not the player I was when I signed it" ehm... you signed a 5 year deal, why are you surprised you improved as a footballer after 2 years of constantly playing and training? Stop being greedy and get out of my office
  8. urgh Hull! I can never understand why they won't let me shield and deliver pregnant women at home.... unlucky with the board, a very harsh C when you delivered everything they asked of you. They wanted playoff football, they said nothing about promotion through the playoffs.
  9. Week 25 Friday 19 February 2021 Wolves v Leeds 20:00 1 - 2 Saturday 20 February 2021 Southampton v Chelsea 12:30 0 - 2 Burnley v West Brom 15:00 1 - 0 Liverpool v Everton 17:30 1 - 1 Fulham v Sheffield Utd 20:00 1 - 0 Sunday 21 February 2021 West Ham v Spurs 12:00 1 - 2 Aston Villa v Leicester 14:00 1 - 1 Arsenal v Man City 16:30 0 - 2 Man Utd v Newcastle 19:00 3 - 0 Monday 22 February 2021 Brighton v Crystal Palace 20:00 1 - 1 Tuesday 23 February 2021 Leeds v Southampton 18:00 2 - 0
  10. August 2021 Community Shield I remember, when I was a lad, that the coolest thing about my birthday being the 19th of August was the fact that the football season started on or around it. That meant that the countdown to my birthday was also the count down to football! In recent years it just seems that it starts whenever the heck it wants! This season, probably due to the disaster which is the Qatar World Cup, we are starting early. August the 1st, Yorkshire day, and we are having the Community Shield. Now, there seems to be a constant debate regarding whether the Community Shi
  11. always a fan of this challenge, saw me take over Leicester in FM20. Good luck! However Spurs nearly got relegated in my save as well in their 1st season
  12. nutella and edible underwear can help! OH! you mean in the football manager save! I've just sacked my U18 and U23 managers so I can have control over all of the teams. I also have a list of "home made achievements" to keep track of, some of them are season by season, others are much longer term. For instance tracking how my players fare in trying to beat Alan Shearer's premier league goals record, is a long term goal. While another is winning every competition I'm entered in over the course of a season. After that I have a long term club goal for becoming the most succe
  13. If that doesn't end up on your headstone... then there is no justice in this world....
  14. Next step, have hand drawn posters of an eye drawn, in a colour that looks like blood, dried or fresh is optional. Recruit the help of local vagabond children to distribute them at the current managers home, office, training ground, on his car. It usually gets me the job in the end.
  15. Pre Season 2021 Imam Jagne is the central midfielder who wants to go out on loan instead of stay with us! The agreed transfers don't show up here, which means in 3-4 years when they pop up to be completed I will have forgotten all about them! General principle for selling players was that if you weren't the 1st or 2nd option in a position you were gone. Over 30, and your gone. I wanted players sold rather than loaned but some of them just wouldn't go permanently. It wasn't overly about making a ton of money either, more saving the cash on the wage bill to then slim it
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