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  1. can't you use the money you get each season to improve your club? i know it might take a few years, but unless a better job comes along it's worth the guaranteed money and trophies to up your reputation as a manager to get better job
  2. amusing when you see names in other peoples saves you recognise. Fiete Arp was a wonderkid striker who I signed as Chelsea. Nice to see my Valencia side getting through the group, just hope I can do it in my own save!! I would stay in Wales and smash your way into the Europa League
  3. ballstarz over Virgin Fat Women any day
  4. surely for any Welsh team that isn't you, it is rather difficult to win
  5. Played 2 won 2 a dream start, now the worry of the international break and wondering if my key players would get injured, or if the two weeks off would provide just enough of a break to slow us down and break up our momentum. Lee Kanglin made his debut for South Korea and scored on that debut, which led me to take a better look at him, he's a 17 year old with 5 star potential, on top of that I am intending on keeping and playing him to see if he has to serve military service if he doesn't win the Asia cup or the Olympics. Geoffrey Kondogbia also made his debut for the Central African Republic, he however did not score on his debut. Jose Gaya made his debut for Spain, seems some people have been paying attention to my squad! We are favourites to win, we sit 3rd because of teams playing earlier in the day than us, Sevilla have won their 3rd game and are top with maximum points. Other than Saiz on loan from Leeds, who I know enough about to see him as a threat, I don't recognise any of the other players, more interesting is the formation, it's listed as a 4-2-2-2, but shouldn't it be a 4-2-2-1-1 or is that just being ridiculous, lets just call it a defensive 4-4-2 and have done with it. I am concerned that the two deep midfield players are going to crowd out the space my false 9 will be trying to drop into, and because they are there the defenders will not feel the need to pursue and thus won't be dragged out of position. The formation stays the same, though I change the mentality to attacking, as we are at home. Cheryshev stays on a support duty, as he is better at it than attacking, Gaya goes back to support, my one change to the line up, Carlos Soler comes in at right wing, he is returning from injury and needs the minutes, plus he is my Captain so he should play, though he's only 21 and he has a leadership of all of 14, it is a fault of the current squad. The rest keep their places as they remain fresh after the international break, several of them are in superb spirits due to the way they played for their countries, and the way I congratulated them on their debuts. Only 82 away supporters! makes my 266 faithful look amazing by comparison, especially when you find out that That it's about half the distance my away fans travelled! Lazebags! Anyway enough of the geography, back to the football. I felt very twitchy during this game, which seems ridiculous when you look at the stats, them only having 2 shots on target the whole game, but it felt very open, especially in the 1st half. We attacked, and when it broke down they would spring forward, a last ditched tackle, or a wayward pass from them would see their counter falter and then we would press the advantage again. Often a period of counter and riposte would develop where the game dissolved into disjointed formations and hopeful balls forward. I didn't like it, not with us being the favourite and the clearly superior side, I felt we were playing ourselves into potential trouble. Thus in the middle of the 1st half I pulled us back from attacking to positive, I wanted to get a more controlled handle on the game which turned out to be the case. The problem then became that with us taking a more considered approach, Getafe sat more men behind the ball and the majority of our shots were blocked. Half time came and it seemed my young captain's 1st game back after injury was over, he was exhausted, so on came Daniel Wass for the 2nd half, before I sent them out, I moved our attacking play to "very wide" in a hope that when we had the ball we would do our best to stretch our opponents and hopefully create some space for a breakthrough. On 62 minutes we won a throw in level with the left side of their box, Gaya throws in, Cheryshev chests down on the edge of the box and delivers a 1st time cross to the near post, Rodrigo's 1st time volley is blocked, the rebound falls to Parejo but his effort is blocked, that rebound rolls into the path of Geoffrey Kondogbia whose piledriver beats everyone and balloons the net just inside the left hand post, he might not have scored on his debut for his country, but he can score goals like that for me anytime! Kondogbia comes off for Kanglin in the same box to box for Mezzala swap as the previous game, I have a feeling I will need Geoffrey's defensive presence against Bayern and I want to tap into Kanglin's debut goal scoring glee as soon as possible. The 2nd goal is simpler though very similar. Throw in from the right, Wass gets to the byline and crosses the ball back, Rodrigo meets it with a volley unchallenged by a stagnant Getafe defence, 2-0, his 2nd in 2 games. I usually move my team's mentality back after a 2 goal cushion, and today is no exception to that rule, however I am not used to playing with a cautious mentality, but seems I have spent some of each of my 1st three games with that mindset, and we have won all 3. Cheryshev comes off, Mina comes on, our 4-4-2 becomes asymmetrical as Rodrigo can't play as a left winger, but can survive as a left inside forward, again a more defensive mentality but a more attacking formation to see out the game with. Speaking of Rodrigo, maybe it's us winning 3 games on the spin and sitting top of the table, maybe it's that nobody came in for him once he put the transfer request in, maybe it's he's played 2 full games and scored two goals: I took my sweet time agreeing to his request, but in the end if he plays well for us between the windows it will only improve his market value if he demands away in the future. Maybe he's got multiple personality disorder, or maybe Marcelino is ringing him and winding him up.... Damn you Marcelino!
  6. I was thinking of doing monthly updates, but getting back into the swing of the career thread i'm having too much fun, plus I take too many screenshots and describe my games in too much detail! Thus my posts are long enough already without them having to encompass a full months activity! So rolling into September this is the domestic picture I know a league table after 1 game (for the majority of clubs) is pretty pointless, but out of the bookmakers top 5 (of which we are expected to finish 5th) only us and Sevilla are off to winning starts. The only thing keeping Real Madrid off the bottom of the table is that Leganes have played a 2nd game and shipped more goals than they have, I bet Marcelino never put Real Madrid at the bottom of the league! Away from the domestic front It is comforting to know that I have been drawn against 2 of the top 5 spending clubs in the previous transfer window. We on the other hand have spent a poultry 1.1 million on our only signing He is a solid back up, which frees up Daniel Wass from being a back up right back to being a rotational right winger and a back up playmaker for Dani Parejo in the centre of the park. I have no prior knowledge of Real San Sebastian, in fact scrolling up to the table screenshot I can safely say that (including ourselves) I recognise at most half of the names in the division, and most of them by name only. I do however recognise the name Adrian Januzaj and as horrible as it is that he has fractured his lower leg, I am glad he isn't available for selection. My other cause for concern (new readers of my thread will realise I am always concerned) is that the odds are the exact opposite of what the were in the Real Madrid game, we are the favourite, they are the underdog, and we all know what happened there. The last game felt like a cup final, this game feels like a milestone in our season. It might only be the 2nd game, but it is the 1st away game, it's the 1st game against supposed weaker opposition, it will shine a light on the potential details of our campaign. Will we play better away from home or at home, will we play well against teams better than us and find it hard to put away the "easier" opponent? I was eager to find out. They lined up quite attacking, but then, they are at home, another name I recognised, their right winger is on loan from Brighton, almost didn't notice as the strips are at first glance very similar. We line up in the same 4-4-2 we have since I drew it up in pre-season, the original plan was to have both wing backs and both wingers set to attacking, a standard stopper and cover centre back pairing in the middle, a playmaker and box to box midfield player in midfield. Up top have one out and out forward with an attack duty and a false 9 to support and confuse the other team's defence. Attacking wide players, a vertically mobile central midfielder and a striker with license to drop deep hopefully will create a considerable amount of play between the lines and enough movement to create space and confuse most teams we play against. The downside is, with the 4 attack duties out wide, and a roaming midfield player it could lead to a very open game, and leave us very stretched at the back. Thus for this game I dialled it back to a balanced mentality, see what Real San Sebastian had in store for us. I set Gaya at left wing back to defend, and Roncaglia at right wing back to support, and moved both wingers to support, hoping that Cheryshev (the more talented) on the left would feel more freedom to move higher up the pitch knowing his wing back was sitting in behind him. My 1st thought when I saw this screenshot was, only 266 away fans turned up, man I have a crap fan base! Though a 11 hour, 1086km (674 miles) round trip to the game gave me pause for thought. Anyway, those 266 fans were treated to a decent away day display. Nobody (obviously) had come in for Rodrigo in the final days of the transfer window, so he started and he started well, my aim was only to give him some game time in order that he would be less rusty and usable after the international break. In truth the whole team started well, the 1st ten minutes didn't feel so balanced, the stats say we had 18 shots in the whole of the game, ten of them came in the 1st 15 minutes, we won throw in and corner on top of corner, turning the screw and not letting Real San Sebastian out. Our reward for this period of pressure came after 7 minutes, a throw in on the right, the same routine that had given us the lead in the 1st game, a short throw, a run down the line and a cross into the box, this time no defender rose to attempt to clear it, instead Gameiro climbed up opposed and glanced the ball into the far top corner. After the initial 15 minute surge they came into the game slightly, then we won a corner on 17 minutes, Parejo took it short, with nobody coming out to close him down Kondogbia had all the time in the world to pick a cross, Ezequiel Garay escaped his marker at the near post to power a header into the top near corner, two headers two goals 2-0. And so it went till half time, with a 2 goal cushion I felt good about making some changes, I brought Gameiro off for Santa Mina, leaving Rodrigo on for more minutes, and because I still didn't overly care about him as he wants to leave. 4 minutes into the second half Mina pulls up with a tight thigh, but thinks he can play on, which is a damn good job because making a substitution that instantly results in an injury annoys me. Wass comes on for Kondogbia on 61 minutes as the engine of my midfield is beginning to look a little leggy. Finally on 73 minutes Ferran Torres our right winger is once again knackered and I swap Wass out to the right side, bringing Lee Kanglin on in the centre as a supporting Mezzala. I reason with myself that his forward roaming would be similar to Kondogbia and that I wasn't compromising my formation by fitting a round peg into a square hole. Any doubts that Kanglin would be less effective defensively were dispelled in the 85th minute when he chased down an opponent on the right side or our box and stole the ball off him with a sliding tackle. He then drove forward to the halfway line and supplied Mina with a ball in space, tight thigh or no tight thigh Mina was able to hold the ball up and turn, sliding a ball into the path of Rodrigo, whose blasted right footed drive the goalkeeper could only palm into his own net. 2nd game 2nd 3-0 score line, the 266 fans would feel like they were floating home. It's amazing what going top of the league, winning your 1st two games and not conceding a goal does for your popularity on the TV, though it certainly isn't Premier League money
  7. I might have to manage in Wales, that's the coolest trophy I've ever seen! Also the MLS always seemed strange to me, odd rules and a draft system that I know works in American Football but struggle to get my mind round it when I think about our football, but on the other side of that coin it will probably make for a pretty unique experience, might have to add it to the list Congratulations on winning the domestic league, good luck with the European football
  8. Following hoping for more Chelsea domination of the Champions league, also the transfers amused me, PSG made a profit on Dembele, but Barca not so much when it came to Gedson! Also, if your a foreigner in Wales, I'm surprised your players aren't complaining about you in Welsh!
  9. Moise Kean is on a lot of wonder kid threads but I always thought he was a better striker than inside forward, but he stand's out as marquee enough for me. What about your shortage in squad depth at the BWM position? Declan Rice not a good enough fit? or can he not play the position?
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry that is the best thing I've read all day! What is your structure and mentality for the game, I read somewhere that on Very Fluid the whole team considers itself a single unit, thus: Very Fluid - Cautious will have your strikers sitting deeper and creating fewer chances as they help out in midfield Very Fluid - Attacking was described as "playing with 4 David Luiz's at the back" If it isn't mentality / structure based I've no idea why, I've never seen it before, does he have a PPM, *must score a goal against Spurs* or *Comes up for corners in injury time*
  11. Rounding off August With My 1st game coming in August now not September it felt wrong to tag it into the next months round up. The fact that my 1st game on this nemesis journey is against one of our rivals and legendary Real Madrid made it seem even more appropriate to single it out. Setting the scene, the board expect the above from me, I was right, they want me to reach the group stage of the Champions League, well the draw happens shortly, so I can tick that one off the list. Achieve Europa League qualification and the quarter final of the Spanish Cup, these I am a bit more in the dark about, as the Spanish cup system and what league positions translate to in terms of European qualification is all new to me. It will likely all come clear during the course of the save. In the build up to the game my scouts sent me this, I know there are people on these forums who worship at the temple of the strikerless system but I must admit never seeing the AI field such a formation. No Bale or Benzema surprises me, Suso is a recent addition in this transfer window costing 41 mil, that Ronaldo cash is burning a hole in their pocket. It was then that it struck me how in turmoil Real have been in real life, Zidane leaving then coming back, they just flaming better not sign Hazard next season... While it is a home game, and we are technically underdogs, 13-8 extrapolates to 6.5-4 which I know isn't proper bookmaker speak but it isn't a whole world away from the Real odds of 6-4, so underdogs, but not fat underdogs. In the build up to the game this happened: With a week to go in the current window I guess he felt he had no option, as nobody had come in for him and made an offer, and I hadn't put much effort into finding him a new home. So he is officially on the market, which I am ok with, for the right price, I do however face an interesting dilemma. On the one hand I can keep him as long as I see fit as he has a release clause of 108 mil, if someone wants him bad enough they are going to have to get pretty close to that number, however I am not going to have time to use any of that cash until the next window. On the other hand, Rodrigo takes up 8.4% of my current wage budget, shipping him on elsewhere for a reasonable profit makes good business sense. And so we come to the day itself, I go through a press conference that asks me how much I am looking forward to playing rivals about 5 times over, then after changing my team, my mentality and some of my players duties (but keeping the same formation) I then go through a tunnel interview where all the press conference questions seem to get asked again, only then can the game get underway. All joking aside regarding questions about rivals and big games, this feels to me like a cup final. I need this game, I expect to lose, but I need us to play well, to be competitive, I don't have a huge backing in the fan base or the dressing room and I don't have the money to change the club in my image, I have to make it work, and it has to work with the players I have, thus a decent performance against a big rival in my opening game would be a big step forward. That was unexpected, and I must say nerve racking, we played well, not the free flowing pre season standard, but then against this type of opposition that was probably even more unlikely. Gameiro's opener on his debut came from a throw in on the left, Cheryshev collected it short and managed a cross into the box, Ramos looked to clear it but Santo Mina made enough of a nuisance of himself that the attempted clearance dropped dangerously in the box. Gameiro pounced and calmly side footed a finish to give us the lead. That was that for the 1st half, except Real gave me a scare on 40 minutes, we had contained them to very little, a Marcelo dipping long ranged effort that skimmed the bar had been the closest they had come until they broke from our corner. Kroos collected the ball on the edge of his area, turned and fed Isco through the middle, one touch and he was beyond our lurching defence, he struck high across goal and Neto managed to get a big paw to it and guide it wide for a corner, I breathed again. Ramos' header from the resulting corner was straight at Neto. Half time came and I told the lads they were excellent, I kept the mentality balanced and ensured my wide players who usually roamed around like salivating barbarians were set to a more sedate supply duty. We kicked off, I was concerned 1 would not be enough and that my players would tire en mass during the 2nd half and I wouldn't have the reserves to maintain the result. 1st casualty was my midfield maestro Dani Parejo, (Passing, Free Kick Taking 18, Vision, Work Rate 17) on 65 minutes he needed to come off, I moved my right Wing Back, Daniel Wass to the play maker role in midfield (strangely he can play anywhere down the right and then central midfield) you don't have to be called Dani to play in my midfield, but it helps, and I replaced him at right back with my more defensive option Facundo Roncaglia a bruising Argentinian on loan from Vigo. 3 minutes after I made the switch Real seem to get a little nasty in their attempt to break up our resistance, a few challenges go flying in, the worst of which leads Marcelo to up end Mina an inch away from giving away a penalty. Typical I think, a free kick right on the edge of the area and I've just taken my set piece specialist off, and who is standing over it but Ezequiel Garay another Argentinian who my staff inform me is past his best. Not today though Ezequiel not today! he is right footed, the free kick is so close that if he goes direct there is only one place he can be trying to put it. Courtois goes the correct way but the ball is so far into the top corner he can't reach it, hit with such power that the net looks like it is going to explode and it's 2-0! I toy with switching us to a cautious mentality, but I'm very cautious about doing so, we have held our own at balanced, and previous experience has shown that trying to hold onto a lead gives the opposition the possession and incentive they need to mount a come back, so I stay as we are. I take Cheryshev off after the 2nd goal goes in, he seems to be baring the brunt of the Real ruffians, and his name is on a mental list I have created of "big name" players I will need to lean on deeper in the season. We have a corner, a moment of panic ensues as I remember Real's best chance came from one of our corners, but we play it short without them seeming to notice, we then slide it inside to Roncaglia?!?! What in the name of all that is sacred are you doing driving into the box with the ball at your feet, YOU ARE MY MORE DEFENSIVE MINDED FULL BACK YOU CRETIN! Watching the replay I am still unsure whether he shoots or crosses, either way Courtois makes a meal of it and it ends up sneaking in at the near post. 3-0! Only joking Facundo I adore you, but that's my mind made up, I'm changing our mentality to cautious. I make my final substitution, I really want to bring Gameiro off, another big name player I don't feel the need to risk in a game that is over with 16 minutes left to play, but my right winger Ferran Torres is crawling around with a look on his face like he doesn't know what day it is. Lee Kanglin, my 17 year old South Korean comes on in his place and we see out the game. In other news, the Champions League group stage draw took place: Which makes September now look like this: In what could work as a wonderful piece of drama for the save as a whole, Man Utd are manager less and Marcelino is still wanted there, fingers crossed he gets (any job) but if he has to take the Man Utd job he gets it before we face each other in the group stages!
  12. only dissent from me is about Blake's headband! a Petr Cech skull cap it is not...
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