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  1. We round off the month of November with my 2nd and 3rd games in charge, up 1st are the Hammers at home, yet another lower quarter of the table scrap, but after that we go away to the Ethiad to play current league leaders Man City. Now I don't think there is ever a good time to play City, however your 3rd game in charge when your players still can't find their arse from their elbow tactically. Maybe because of our 0-4 win over Sheffield Utd away we were given better odds, I still think it's going to be closer than they suggest. I'm putting the lack of possession down to our less than fluid understanding of the tactic. We get vertical penetration, but we also seem to just lump it forward and turn the ball over, hopefully this improves in time. Two wins on the bounce, 6 goals scored, zero conceded, this is looking good! Though officially no chickens will be counted with the City game up next. Speaking of that game I don't have the kit and odds screenshot as I was too interested in hiding behind the sofa! This was a more frustrating game than I expected it to be, we were good value for our lead (though not in terms of possession!) until they equalised. We should have had a penalty of our own inside the 1st minute but VAR concluded the challenge was outside the box. Yet the resulting free kick spot was very dubious! When they scored on 72 minutes I felt we had given it a good go and could be proud of the result, 4-1 seems very harsh. We just seemed to grind to a complete stop from the 70th minute on wards. The squad needs reinforcements, there can be no doubt, be that players coming back from injury or me going out and getting more position appropriate players for this formation we will have to see. 1st things 1st we are out of the relegation zone, we were up to 15th before the loss to City, there is only one direction we need to be concentrating in moving in! Bournemouth, Southampton and Burnley could be tough, though I have growing confidence we could get some points in the games against teams around us.
  2. As I have followed more @ManUtd1 threads about hope, obsession and Zlatan the Lion and the Golden Fountain, than I care to be honest even with myself about. It is no wonder that along the way, one of his obsessions, about playing striker less football has peeked my interest. You can take a look at his latest thread Here, there is plenty of fun and frolicking, plus you can see him using the tactics I've stolen! PM HAAIENBEK is detailed in glorious detail here, but in all fairness I was sold once I discovered I could replicate a sharks mouth with a magic box! Once again I feel lucky that the synergy of the tactic I wanted to play, the challenge I wanted to try, and the random team setting up this challenge gives you look to be promising. I look forward to seeing what mayhem James Maddison and Youri Tielemans can create from inside the magic box. One thing I didn't enjoy so much, at least the time it took, was to re download all the badges, portraits, and kits that I took for granted having done it ages ago for FM19. That was until I saw the badge collection I fell upon by chance at FM SCOUT turned out to give a rather awesome interpretation of the Foxes badge. This challenge is the 1st time I've taken over a team mid season, our form is crap, we've won one game all year to this point and that's against the only team below us in the league: Newcastle. Statistically an even game, they threatened, mainly as my wingbacks were caught up field and the narrower defending centre backs held their ground within the width of the penalty area it allowed the opposition wide players the opportunity to cross or more often shoot. The positive of this was that the majority of those shots are from tight angles and longer ranges. At the other end of the pitch we had no problems creating chances, and scored with 50% of our shots on target. The magic box rotated to allow space for each of it's members. With Maddison often moving out to the left to create a passing option before one of the other box players moved beyond him as the highest player on the pitch. When all 4 players stayed central the Sheffield Utd defence had no answer, we overloaded their ability to pick everyone up without completely abandoning their shape and we were able to thread the ball through the holes their indecision created. Its early days, and I know it's only against 17th in the league but it definitely ticked the box for "play entertaining football" and having scored only 7 goals in the previous 11 league games, its a big step in the right direction. 6 days till the next game against West Ham, who are also struggling 2 points away in 16th place
  3. Being new to FM20 as well as this challenge I've had a closer look at both, which brought me to one of the new screens There is nothing in there I disagree with an certainly a lot that works in my favour. The challenge details how I have to always have at least one academy product in the match day squad, and how I should look to develop players at the club rather than just bring them in. Being at a club that wants to use the youth system is a bonus. The top half finish for this season is realistically where I want to be, however I am not being judged on those terms, as I was brought in to battle bravely against relegation. The from there the progression is clear, work slowly upwards from "best of the rest" which is outside of the top 6, to qualifying for the Europa League. This is the squad I have whittled down to do it, with a transfer budget of only £2M and no room in the wage budget at all I doubt I will be doing any business in January. It is lacking in a few players I would like to use, Ben Chillwell has ruptured his cruciate ligament and will be out for likely the rest of this season. Likewise Kelechi Iheanacho is sidelined for up to 4 months for a damaged achilles. Adrien Silva and Andy King are both out on loan and will look to be recalled if possible. I have no place for Jamie Vardy, who with a 4 month injury with a fractured skull keeping him out of my hair, before we even mention the fact that my formation doesn't accommodate him, so he is up for sale. Kieran Dewsbury-Hall is the academy prospect who is closest to coming through into the 1st team and helps me fulfil the challenge rule without me feeling that I'm wasting a subs bench spot just to sit someone there. With that colour away kit, it's going to have to be a pink hair dryer! 1st game and tactics to follow!
  4. The full rules of the challenge can be found here though the basics are to attempt to emulate Sir Alex Ferguson's managerial achievements in England within the same time scale he did. That means I have 27 years to win these: Premier League (13) FA Cup (5) League Cup (4) Community Shield (10) UEFA Champions League (2) UEFA Europa League (1) (Replaces the Cup Winners Cup) ** UEFA Super Cup (1) FIFA Club World Cup (2) (One Replaces Intercontinental Cup) To start the challenge you have to holiday to 6th of November and take control of the team 2nd bottom in the table. That is the date Ferguson joined and the position Man Utd were in at the point he became their manager. The date is now November the 6th, and I am just recovering from a fantastic fireworks and bonfire display, to wake up and find that I have replaced Brendan Rogers as manager of struggling Leicester City. We have just 5 points and a woeful -14 goal difference! My 1st game in charge is going to be in 3 days against Sheffield Utd in 17th spot, a relegation 6 pointer already!
  5. The we are, to the Foxes we go, bit annoyed my addled brain got the date of birth wrong by a year :P But oh well we are off and running now.
  6. So as late as last night I indicated I had no interest in getting the latest version, or had the money spare to do so. However much has changed in the intervening period. The temptation of being involved in the joint thread, the fact I got paid more than I expected and the fact that my illness has returned. My body is at this moment sleeker than Cristiano Ronaldo, but mine is sweat not whatever oil the poser uses. Currently my shirt is on, however if my temperature continues to rise then I cannot promise this will remain the case. So feeling under the weather, temptation, extra funds! WOO HOO IT'S FM20 TIME. I'm also more than a little disillusioned with my round the world save in FM19 where I can't seem to get out of Zimbabwe! I have always been fascinated by the challenge forum, reading through the threads for ideas and inspiration, and I figured it was time to dip my toes in the water, so he we go, Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge begins
  7. been wanting to give this a go for ages, finally succumbed and invested in FM20 *shakes fist at @andychar* will post in a bit with team and manager shots!
  8. some fantastic results in there! you made it up! takes guts to not take either the Arsenal or Tottenham jobs! you just have to battle now, as bravely as I am battling back from man flu!
  9. i like the concept, but for me it will most likely be following along and cheering from afar, I have too many commitments to confirm I could complete a season in any fixed amount of time. Plus currently I have no financial availability or interest to upgrade to FM20 from 19 hope it goes well though!
  10. always a scary game when your goalkeeper comes up as best performer! Great result though, keeps you in the hunt! Now that i'm semi back and feeling slightly better than half dead, I will share a revelation with you. Lying a few nights ago on what at the time I presumed was my death bed, a woman came to me, kneeling at my bed side she read in hushed tones from the book of Zlatan. She cried out in pain and rended her garments as she did so, her voice was filled with such melancholy that for a moment I was revived from my slumber. Only then did I realise it was Serbian Alex Morgan, she finished reading the passage and quietly closed the tome before setting it on my bedside table. She brought her forehead to mine, the cool smoothness of her skin in stark contrast to the burning power of my fever. Her voice still breaking with emotion she whispered, "If you are to have any hope of mending what little remains of the tatters the lion has left of my heart, then you must go strikerless and never look back." With that she was gone. I awoke some time later, the bed was a battlefield of flung pillows and rucked up sheets, I have no shame in admitting I was moist. I most certainly hallucinated the whole thing at the height of my fever, however I am no fool, the moment I get out of Zimbabwe I will be a converted disciple of the strikerless system (just in case!)
  11. mmmmm we could all do with a little golden fountain in our lives! Just caught up, having been sidelined by illness. though on the plus side my dad really enjoyed his Chinese holiday!
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