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  1. Game Week 11 Saturday 5 December 2020 Burnley v Everton 12:30 1 - 2 Man City v Fulham 15:00 3-0 West Ham v Man Utd 17:30 0 - 1 Chelsea v Leeds 20:00 3- 2 Sunday 6 December 2020 West Brom v Crystal Palace 12:00 1 - 1 Sheffield Utd v Leicester 14:15 1 - 2 Spurs v Arsenal 16:30 2 - 1 Liverpool v Wolves 19:15 2 - 1 Brighton v Southampton 20:00 1 - 1
  2. Sunday 29 November 2020 Southampton v Man Utd 14:00 1 - 1 Chelsea v Spurs 16:30 3 - 2 Arsenal v Wolves 19:15 2 - 1 Monday 30 November 2020 Leicester v Fulham 17:30 2 - 0 West Ham v Aston Villa 20:00 0 - 2
  3. November 2020 Group Stage Game 4 The second of two games back to back against Rennes, the 3rd time we would play them in just 4 months. We lost the first friendly meeting, drew the away game, now we would face them at Stamford Bridge, still looking to leapfrog them into a qualification spot. To round out November we would face Brighton away, not the hardest opponent, and we now had a fledgling 3 point game. Realistically we had a 6 point game to the minimum board expectation in the league. Where as they wanted a Champions League semi final appearance. All of which I added up in
  4. November 2020 Game Week 9 After our defensive heroics at Anfield, we faced the real test the week after. I've noted in most of the saves I document on here, that although I am nervous facing bigger teams, I tend to do well against them as they come and play. The provide us space to create chances. Add to this the fact that while the board don't like us losing to a top 6 rival, then have more patience for losing to a team of similar stature than they do a smaller or lesser team. So the week 9 game against Fulham was the one that I was really dreading. That was until I read t
  5. @Ronaldo Beckham would you say there is still the European bias towards English clubs? As seemed to be the case in FM20? As I’d expect Barca to put up more of a fight than Liverpool
  6. I love an FMing 1st thing in a morning, tastes like frustration, let’s me know everything is alright with the world
  7. Week 9 Saturday 21 November 2020 Newcastle 2 v 4 Chelsea 12:30 Aston Villa 2 v 0 Brighton 15:00 Spurs 1 v 1 Man City 17:30 Man Utd 1 v 0 West Brom 20:00 Sunday 22 November 2020 Fulham 0 v 2 Everton 12:00 Sheffield Utd 1 v 0 West Ham 14:00 Leeds 2 v 2 Arsenal 16:30 Liverpool 2 v 1 Leicester 19:15 Monday 23 November 2020 Burnley 0 v 0 Crystal Palace 17:30 Wolves 1 v 2 Southampton 20:00
  8. November 2020 Game Week 8 Just the small matter of the defending Premier League champions Liverpool sandwiched between our two crucial Champions League games. That said Liverpool had lost their last two league games, and only managed a 2-2 draw against Inter Milan in their Champions League game. Missing Kante, and knowing I now needed the shot in the arm of a win against Rennes in our next fixture to realistically qualify from the group. I didn't feel it was a good idea to try go toe to toe with Liverpool despite their poor recent form. I can only guess that is what Leicester at
  9. November 2020 Group Stage Game 3 Rennes away, the same fixture we lost in pre season. The same fixture Juventus lost in the last game. Nothing to report on the awards front, I finished 2nd in the manager of the month award for October behind Ole at Man Utd. Though I might be round his house to steal a 3rd of the award trophy as we were on the same points. I'd ship the other 3rd off to Pep as he was also tied with the two of us. In other awards Kai Havertz came 3rd in the young player award, Timo Werner was 2nd in the player of the month and Hakim Ziyech's free kick was only good
  10. Here's hoping! they seem rock solid at the back so far.
  11. We will start with the most important business and go from there. The stress sloth is dead! More accurately he is now in two pieces, as I squeezed his head all the way off. Quite frankly I am surprised he made it as far through the month as he did. Though, once again to be completely accurate the stress sloth is, was, rather asexual. Actually I've no idea how you tell the difference between the male and female of the species. For crying out loud this job is already making me lose my mind! I'm babbling about sloth genitalia! Last point on the sloth, I have contemplated keeping the head, as
  12. Basel! he's a very naughty boy! I know that's crossing the streams of Python but oh well
  13. October 2020 Game Week 7 Palace at home rounds out the month. They are 16th, and my scouts who went to see them tell me they are crap. It takes us 20 minutes of sustained pressure but we get the breakthrough with Ziyech sweeping home a peach of a Havertz through ball. Unfortunately not only do we not kick on from there and take control of the game, but 2 minutes later Palace equalise from a free kick. Then three minutes later, after poor use of the ball down the right, we are unable to apply a decent press as Palace bring the ball up the pitch. A Townsend pull back, allows
  14. October 2020 Group Stage Game 2 Gent are the lucky team who play us next at home, I am looking for not only a win, but a response to get us back on track with regards the competition as a whole. Remember, the board want a semi final appearance! Much like the Villa game we are ahead within a minute. Three Gent players are drawn to Abraham inside the box, and although they block his shot, the rebound falls to Pulisic for him to stroke home. Just over 10 minutes later and this time Abraham does score able to peel away from his marker he heads in at the near post. Wit
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