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  1. can always rely on the Arsenal supporters to stick the boot in and keep me grounded
  2. England U21 manager fantastic news! and definite change of pace good luck!
  3. End of the Light* The light is over! Next month is back to a heavy workload! 4 games 3 wins, 3 competitions, we might be out of the FA cup but the board haven't gotten on my back yet about it. That might be because the league looks like this, we still have a minimum of 5 point lead at the top if Tottenham win their game in hand, if we win our next game in the league we will qualify for the Champions league, 1 more win and we meet the minimum requirements for the league, with a huge chance of achieving more. Less positive is the draw for the next round of the Champions league, as much as we drew the away game at the Etihad I am well aware we were not in the game at all and got lucky to get away from there with the draw. At home we might have a chance, have to dig in and survive the 1st game, we overturned the Roma result, but then Man City beat Arsenal last week 8-2 which scares me to death! In other news Norwich are looking for their 2nd manager in 2 seasons, I took a little too much pleasure in telling my brother in law this via whatsapp and he has demanded I take the job! To which I responded no way I'm top of the league! However I can tell the "pressure" to start a Norwich save is growing. Next months fixtures, Arsenal and Leicester are the only games against people not in the top 6. Will have to see how we get on but I'm not sure we will either make it through the month unbeaten, or more importantly get enough points to survive and win the league! Will have to keep the faith and see how we get on *Dr Wicked
  4. Lonely at the Top* Huddersfield at home to end the month, another game I've put a mark against to attempt to get maximum points so that I can stay at the top, next month has a lot harder fixtures that I can't guarantee I will take points from, so it might not be lonely at the top come this time next month! Jorginho comes in for the injured Barella (who is complaining about expecting more play time) Azpilicueta is getting his fitness back in the reserves, so James continues at right back. Cheryshev limped off the last time we played but before then was influential in the game, Nketiah their 20 year old striker is on loan from Arsenal has scored against us before. We dominate the ball, create chances, but it takes us until half an hour into the game to get a break through. Mount delivers a free kick from the left hand side of their box, it's deep to beyond the far post, Batman looks to get to it but it's too deep, but for some reason (probably because Batman is going for the ball) Cheryshev jumps and heads the ball back into play, across his own goal, de ligt get's up and heads down into the goal. We go in at half time 1-0 up, I bring Mepham on for Christensen to keep his legs fresh. I tell the players once more not to think the game is won and stay alert. That lasts all of 3 minutes into the 2nd half, Lossl makes a save from a tame Batman header. He delivers a long kick upfield, for some reason my defenders let it bounce and Nketiah pounces on it. He chests it down pushes it into the box before placing it beyond Kepa into the bottom right corner. We were ahead for 18 minutes, 3 minutes after the restart we are level and we start again. I bring Arp on for Batman who is still struggling post injury, and Barkley for Mount, who since he got his new contract has gone off the boil. On 78 minutes Arp is close to finally scoring a goal but a robust challenge from one of their defenders sends him sprawling, Jorginho puts away the penalty and we go back ahead. In the 81st minute Kante drives into the area but gets tackled, the ball breaks out of the box, Willian runs back and wins it, he slides it out the right wing to James who overlaps and gets to the byline, he pulls a ball back, Hudson-Odoi slides in and meets it before the keeper gets there and it slips into the net 3-1 makes me feel safer. We see out the game without incident which means 3 more points in the bag! *Randy Newman
  5. Wake me up Before you Go-Go* FA cup 6th round time against Man Utd, the title refers to rumours circulating that Jose might be leaving at the end of the season as he has not yet agreed a new contract, and the fact that even with the midfield he has at his disposal they still play some rather boring football! Abraham starts after scoring twice in his last two starts, Kante is fit enough to start but might not make it through the game, Barella and Jorginho in the line up to hopefully give us the creativity we need while still being defensive. Though how fragile we were against City in this formation does not fill me with confidence. 4-1-4-1 trust Jose to have that amount of talent in his team and keep it tight and defensive. It's a cagey 1st half, Man Utd have a goal ruled out for offside, which is a warning for us. On 35 minutes we clear a hopeful Man Utd ball out of our half, they recycle it across their back 4 before giving it to Hazard on the left wing, he makes a run forward before playing a through ball for Lukaku, our centre backs have parted for some reason like the red sea, Lukaku takes a touch and slams the ball beyond Kepa to give them a 1-0 lead. We get to halftime without conceding again, though we don't overly create much. Tell the lads to get out there and keep playing the way they have done in the 1st half. Barkley comes on for Jorginho, Kante moves back to the defensive midfielder role, Barella to the box to box role and Barkley in the Mezzala role, Batman comes on for Abraham up front, the current hot hand hasn't produced anything. On 68 minutes Christensen has the ball on the right wing, he tries deliver a cross but it gets cut out and headed out of the box, Kante gives it to Christensen who shoots, the shot is blocked, Kante rolls the rebounded ball to Barella on the edge of the area, who threads an eye on the needle shot to put the ball into the bottom right corner. 1-1 68 minutes played we are back in the cup! I bring on Thiago Maia for the goal scorer who pulls up injured, just what I need as he's expecting more 1st team footbal! We keep it tight again but don't create anything, then in the 88th minute Pogba breaks up our play in the Man Utd half and pushes forward, he slides a through ball to Hazard who draws our defenders to him before slipping the ball sideways to Lukaku, he once more takes a touch and shoots hard past Kepa, the shot is quite central but the power makes it unstoppable. 2-1 down with 2 minutes of normal time to play. I put us to very attacking, demand more, Willian gets down the right side in stoppage time pulls the ball back across the box, Batman has a tap in at the far post but Lindelof throws himself at the ball an cuts it out, it dribbles agonisingly wide of the post for corner, which the ref doesn't give us time to take. Knocked out of our 2nd cup competition of the year *Wham!
  6. No not yet, I've lost to PSV away in the Champions league group stage, Tottenham in the 1st round of the Carabao cup last season Roma away in the Champions league knock out stage this year Tottenham away in the Carabao cup this year.
  7. YELLOWS YELLOWS YELLOWS! and congratulations on staying up quite comfortably
  8. I'm just curious as I've recently had to pay a £73M release clause on a 20 year old player who was desperate to leave, but if he's desperate to leave why did he agree to such a high release clause, unless he had no say in the matter
  9. Back Down to Earth* After the highest scoring competitive game in my career and the best comeback to boot it was definitely back down to earth for the next game of the season, away to bottom of the league Aston Villa. Giving the 3-2-3-2 another run out, should be enough to get a result against poorer opposition, one day I might even be brave enough to use it against a better side! Struck me looking back at this team line up that there are only 2 players on this screen grab with Chelsea shirts one, Kepa was signed pretty much as I arrived and Abraham was away on loan at Aston Villa in my 1st season, this is a pretty much new team. Not sure whether it is just the euphoria of the Roma result but I don't see them getting a result from this game. The way the title race is shaping up it is these games against Villa and Huddersfield (although the terriers sit 7th in the league) where I should look to pick up points, giving me the cushion to drop points against Spurs and Arsenal as the campaign winds down. On 17 minutes we have a corner from the right, Sancho delivers, it swings to the far post where de Ligt rises and heads at goal, the keeper gets a hand to it and palms it away, but only back into the centre of goal where a prowling Abraham pounces and sticks it in the net for 1-0. To my shame, we hadn't started too well, maybe because it took until the 10th minute for me to remember to switch Brooks and Sancho on their respective wings. On 84 minutes Sancho brings the ball infield from the left, he gets into the Villa half before he meets resistance and slides the ball centrally to Kante, he then lays the ball on to Brooks on the right wing. Brooks cuts infield and dribbles towards the area, a lunging Villa tackle wins the ball just as the wide playmaker was about to pull the trigger, it is a great tackle and could have saved a goal in it's own right. Unfortunately the strength of the challenge pushes the ball into the Villa area where an alert Abraham beats the Villa defence to the ball and slots a 1st time strike into the bottom left corner. 2-0 points in the bag, I can relax a bit (was a bit cagey at only 1-0) 2nd game in a row where Abraham has scored a brace. This time he played at the F9 position to try give Arp more of a chance at the advanced forward position. *Carly Simon
  10. but if you really wanted to keep someone (such as the beating heart of your team) could you demand £100M release fee, or would the player say no?
  11. On Days Like These* Here we are, the home leg against Roma, I wanted to save any Italian Job reference to as and when I played Juventus, but after the 1st leg result I figured we would need a similar effort to that of driving 3 mini's full of gold out from under the eyes of the Italian mafia. I just hope we get a better ending to the caper than they did in the movie. Plus just for the record I am talking about the original, none of this Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham rubbish. We go with the 4-2-3-1 formation as we need at least 4 goals, Batman returns to lead the line, though he might not make it through the full game. Hudson-Odoi instead of Sancho as he played in the Bournemouth game. Barkley comes back in for Mount, Willian returns after resting from him injury. Reece James has to play on the right as Azpilicueta's broken arm rules him out. Kante is just a machine, he recovered from his injury, accidentally he was picked to play in the U23 game two days ago to regain fitness, he has regained some of that fitness, is tired and can still play 60 minutes of this game. what a BEAST! The only change to their team from our spanking away from home is that Javier Pastore comes in for Bryan Cristante, which is fine by me as he scored one of their goals. I tell the players that they deserve to get their revenge on Roma after the way the 1st leg went down, I send them out with a positive attitude as I don't want to try force the issue too early, I fear if we go out attacking from the start we run the huge risk of conceding a goal which then means we have an even bigger mountain to climb. There is something special about European nights, whether it's playing against opposition you don't normally play, or just the glamour of the competition. I think my favourite Chelsea game every was the 2-2 draw in the Nou Camp with only 10 men on the pitch, the drama and against the odds. We need something similar tonight against Roma. We kick off, and in the 1st 30 seconds we have 2 shots blocked by the Roma defence before they manage to get on target, then Barkley makes a rash tackle on the edge of their area which removes the pressure, when I said take revenge I didn't mean physically. We keep the pressure on, keeping the ball, the only thing more perfect would be to get an early goal. 11 minutes in and we have Emerson delivering a corner from the right, he whips it into the near post but Roma clear it as far as the edge of the box, Kante pushes back into the box and shoots but his shot is blocked, it rolls out of the box on the right corner. Emerson, coming from taking the corner runs at the ball and shoots 1st time, an absolute pile driver into the top left corner. We have 1 of the 4 goals we need with only 11 minutes played! Do the supporters dare to dream? I praise the players and let them get on with it. On 15 minutes Christensen throws in from the right, just outside their box, Kante receives the short throw, the Roma defender stops him from going down the line and he lays the ball back across the edge of the box to Jorginho, who hits it, Pickford is scared but as he dives it just slips wide of the near post. The players are definitely up for this, where was this in the 1st leg. On 16 minutes Christensen throws in from close to the same place, Kante tries go down the line this time, but his cross is blocked from going into the box and the ball rolls back to Christensen, he drills a hard low cross into the box, Manolas manages to block it but doesn't clear it far, Barkley swings his foot at it on the 6 yard line and it goes into the back of the net. 2-0 with 16 minutes played, we are halfway there! 25 minutes, another throw in, Christensen throws it into Kante, this time he does go down the line, he drills the ball across the box and Batman meets the cross at the far post and slams it home past a diving Pickford. That's 3-0 which makes it 3-3 on aggregate with only just half of the 1st half played. I pull the players back to a balanced mentality as now I am fearful that all our hard work, all of the hope we have kindled with our fast start can be undone by just 1 Roma goal. We can take our time now, we only need 1 more goal. 30 minutes, Emerson has a throw in, this time in our half, Kante collects it near the halfway line, he rolls it back to Christensen on the edge of our box, he plays it short to Jorginho, who lays it forward to Barkley on the halfway line. He turns and rolls it out to the right wing for Willian to run onto. Willian charges down the right wing, he gets to the edge of the Roma box and is crowded out by three of their defenders. He back heels a ball to James, who plays a 1st time ball to the edge of the D for Barkley who shoots with power, Pickford gets a hand to it but can't keep it out. A third of the game played and we have the 4 goals we need, however we Roma still only need 1 goal to ruin our fun. 33 minutes Roma panic a clearance that Emerson collects at our left back position. We move the ball around well, working it from left to right, before feeding a ball into Batman in the right side channel, he turns on the ball and shoots, but it's wide of the goal and Pickford doesn't even have to dive. 41 minutes, Roma have a throw in, in their own half, it comes into our half, they work it from the left to the right side, Under attempts to cut inside like he did in the 1st game but Hudson-Odoi is all over him and clears the ball long and high into the Roma half. Batman chases it, bringing the ball to the right edge of the Roma box. Pickford commits himself to going to ground early and Batman places the ball past him into the bottom left corner. 5-0! In the 1st half I can't honestly believe it! Kante was the player of the half, but I don't want to risk him and how close to his 60 minutes he can push it so I take him off at half time for Thiago Maia on in his place. Just after the hour mark we have another throw in, Left side edge of their box, Maia delivers it short to Jorginho, he lays it back to Maia on the touchline. Hudson-Odoi makes a run to the edge of the box, Maia lays the ball to him, and he shoots 1st time, into the bottom right corner, Pickford can't get there and it's 6-0. I bring on Ampadu and Barella for Barkley and Jorginho, dropping Maia and Ampadu as two defensive midfielders to shield the back 4. We see the rest of the game out, Roma have 2 shots total, none on target. Beyond all belief we are in the hat for the next round, and won ourselves a cool £8.25M besides. *Italian Job Soundtrack Matt Monro
  12. Light* March is here, and we have a month with only 4 games to play, if we hadn't progressed to the later stages of the two cup competitions we'd only have 2 games this month! That's like being in the depths of Scottish tier 6 like @andychar at Clydebank in his thread https://community.sigames.com/topic/465949-where-in-the-world-is-andychar/ Check it out! Back with Chelsea, two "easy" games in the league let us focus on the two cups, plus the at minimum 5 point lead at the top of the Premier league doesn't hurt! *San Holo (Worth listening to for the artist name alone)
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