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  1. I have modified the L22 database from https://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-2017-english-lower-leagues-database/ to make Cambridge City(L7) a reserve team for Cambridge United. I noticed that although Cambridge City is in 5th they are not in the playoffs. Instead the team in 6th is highlighted. Does this mean that it isn't possible for reserve teams to get promoted into L6 and above? I assume to fix this I need to convert to advanced rules and change something.
  2. Would be amazing if we could edit how many teams qualify for european leagues per country properly. Currently it is only possible to make a fixed version which is useless. I would love to make more tiers of european competition.
  3. Is there a limited number of pcs?
  4. It has got a lot harder over the last few versions. I know that people say that it is more realistic. This is good. However, should you have to learn advanced tactics in order to be able to play the game with any success? Getting sacked is part of real life. However, this is a game not real life. I understand that there are many players who want a really difficult game(many of those on this forum). There are also many who want to be able to have success with a little less time commitment. This game is no longer relaxing. There needs to be some sort of difficulty level in this game.
  5. Just started on fm17 and am finding it a little confusing being given the option to send an injury to the physio instead of the doctor. Why wouldn't I send the injury to the doctor(out 2-3 days) rather than the physio(14-15 days)? Is there increased cost?
  6. So good tactics that don't rely on bugs should be ok.
  7. How are people finding designing tactics on the FM17 Beta compared with on the last FM16 patch. Are there any changes to be aware of when moving tactics over? Is the match engine more robust in any way?
  8. What facilities are being downgraded and why? Also you seem to have been losing money for a few seasons not just the new stadium. Are you spending a lot on wages or something?
  9. How much do you value two-footedness? I am currently looking for a midfielder to replace kouyate and a lot of them are one footed.
  10. It did seem to be a little extreme going all that way at once. What about Counter and Standard? If it is a risk scale then do you really need to go down so much. I suppose as long as you are getting enough goals then you are fine with low risk. Do you have a very low conceding rate? This has been a fun thread to read.
  11. In the second post you refer to a load of PPMs that the original players had that you want to repeat. I notice that a lot of them can be replicated using player instructions. Why not use player instructions rather than search for a host of PPMs?
  12. I didn't buy him and regretted it. He normally scores against me when I play him. Hearts bought him on my game.
  13. My budgets are very good for 3rd season. 8.1M and 200k/week 132k/week used. This will have been boosted by me doing 6 friendlies with English premier division sides at the beginning of the second season. Will be doing that again third season.
  14. Used him at the end of the first season for a while. He did fairly well. When Waghorn was injured. Loaned him out to Motherwell second season. He didn't score that much but they were relegated so fair enough. His performances weren't bad. Might use a combination of him and Waghorn next season. Vuckic can cover.
  15. Just finished my second season. First season transfers: In: George Evans 300k Out: Andy Halliday 40k Kenny Miller Free Nicky Clark Free Dean Sheils Free Result: Won the Championship with 87 points Scottish Cup Final League Cup Quarter Final Challenge Cup Third Round Second Season transfers: In: Josh Harrop 275k Ryan Seager Loan Dominic Ball Free January: Charlie Telfer 650k Haris Vuckic 230k Results: 2nd in Premiership with 68 points Scottish Cup Winner League Cup Winner Signings: George Evans has been a good MC for me. He is a good partner for Holt. Josh Harrop has done really well for me on the right wing and made it his own. Dominic Ball. Free so no brainer signing. Charlie Telfer. Fairly versatile and played a bit on the left wing for me as well as in the center. Nothing special. Would probably look further in another game. Only 21 though. Bit expensive. Haris Vuckic. Very good signing. Scored a few goals from AMC before getting injured for 3 months. Looks well worthwhile signing. Loan: Ryan Seager started well and scored more than Waghorn but tailed off and barely scored for the second half of the season. Not that special. Tactic: 4-2-3-1 Wide MCs GK GK-D - Foderingham - English premiership sides are sniffing around DR FB-A - Tavernier - Very good. Best player first season CDR CD-D - Wilson/Kiernan - Quite solid central defence. Kiernan has declined slightly. CDL CD-D - Ball/Kiernan DL FB-S - Wallace/Thompson - Wallace has had some bad injuries. Will need to replace him at some point. MCR CM-S - Evans - Very solid MCL DLP-S - Holt/Zelalem - Very good had Zelalem switch in when injured and for backup AMR W-S - Harrop/Law - Harrop has done really well here Law ended up backup for AMC and AML mostly AMC AM-S - Vuckic/Zelalem/Telfer - Vuckic has very good before getting injured. Zelalem quite good. AML IF-S - Templeton/Telfer - Keeps getting injured(54% of second season!!). Did very well first season. STC AF-A - Waghorn/Seager - This position never performed amazingly. Waghorn did quite well at times. Mentality - Control Team Shape - Very Fluid Instructions - Stay on feet, play out of defence, look for overlap, run at defence Notable moments: 7-1 and 7-0 losses to Celtic. Really struggled against them. Have been working on a more compact tactic to face them. Beat them 2-0 near end of season. Backroom advice has been really useful here. Had injuries to both Wilson and Kiernan at one point had to play a regen. Getting one or two regens a season that should have the potential to play for me in the future and be very good. If anyone has any suggested improvements to my squad/tactic please give me a shout. Can't really get Zelalem third season as they want 36k wages. Would love a CB better than Wilson and Ball to replace Kiernan with. Also would like a DL that is better/younger than Wallace. Could do with injecting some good personalities into the squad as mostly balanced now.