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  1. Are you playing gegenpress by any chance? Neymar has several questionable attributes for such a tactic: work rate, aggression, tackling etc. are all lower than sanchez
  2. I am considering Hazard as a potential option for the AMR problem. How long do you think it will take for him to retrain to the right? My scouts reckon 98M -138M which is expensive but we have money. I want a player that good. We need some extra spark in the attack.
  3. Would it be possible for you to include the Tercera División from Spain this year? That looks a really fun division to try and get out of.
  4. Is it just me who has a ridiculous number of fixtures in august? Got 8 league matches in August. Got 3 league matches and 1 cup match in september. 4 league matches in october etc. Playing as Stockport County.
  5. Even 6th stands a decent chance of Europa league. What is the status in the cups? Is is likely to be assigned there or in the league?
  6. This sounds more like bugs than editor problems to me. Maybe a combination.
  7. This is especially true for clubs that start with a subset of the youth teams that would be expected higher up in the pyramid
  8. Which stats do you think impact instant result?
  9. Shouldn't it be possible to turn off many of the lower leagues slowing it down? Can we not persuade you to try another couple of seasons? It would be amazing to see a rebuild a league or 2 down. What income do your rivals have that you don't?
  10. You show your wage budget above. What are you actually spending? How does this compare to the rest of the league?
  11. Once every week or two or more. There is no need it is a fast pc. TBH windows updates make me do it more often.
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