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  1. Maybe a decent aim for this save would be a League and Europe double
  2. Are the other teams from Faroe Islands improving their performances in Europe?
  3. 8-1 win and then 6-2 loss. There must have been some nerves in that match(and some records broken).
  4. Would you mind doing a lower league london update every few seasons?
  5. I think the use case is when the wages are more than you can offer per week than the board will allow. The board won't necessarily let you use the rest of the wage budget on one player after you transfer the money to wage budget.
  6. I also thought that the information for long strikers was a bit unclear. Also 4411, 41221 and 4141 have quite different lone strikers to each other.
  7. Am I correct in thinking that if your defensive line is higher then a wider defence could be useful due to the centre backs being less ready for crosses as they are still running back(i.e. crosses behind the defence rather than through balls over the defence)?
  8. Or you can set your assistant manager to manage friendlies.
  9. I would have thought it a challenge to win despite all these bugs.
  10. Team talks are the sort of thing that could be optional.
  11. Doesn't FMT not have fluidity. This probably makes it easier assuming that fluidity is always full.
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