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  1. A problem I have had with a gegenpress 4231 is a congested centre. I found I was scoring a lot more freely when I changed the attacking width to wider. I do believe this has led to me being more vulnerable to counters though.
  2. I was sort of thinking top of the country qualifying for champions league sort of level so good facilities. I was also thinking about the difference between 5 and 10 games rather than trying to give youth 20+ games.
  3. How does the shorter season affect player development? Does it make it harder to develop the youngsters? Do you have to make sure that they are in the team a higher % of the time to develop(ending up with the same game time)?
  4. If your reputation has spiked, fixing the cause won't fix the value straight away. It may drift down towards where it should be but reputation is the sort of thing that is much harder to lose than gain.
  5. You can remote in from a web browser. The only software installation is on his home laptop.
  6. I didn't realise that. I knew it was no longer done in Europe but I thought it was still done in Brazil.
  7. Chrome remote desktop is quite good for this. You will want to use 2d but otherwise it is ok.
  8. Is third party ownership of players still in the game? Where is it in the editor? I can't find it.
  9. What is the first year senior player rule for Portuguese squad registration that Miles was talking about?
  10. There are of course also the usual things to turn off like mouse and keyboard waking. Try "powercfg -devicequery wake_armed" to discover what can wake as well. I tend to find that keyboard is fine but not mouse. I would turn all off until you find the culprit and then add them back if you want. I actually use the keyboard sometimes. These should be an issue without FM as well though. Hope you work it out.
  11. My sound driver gets added in powercfg /requests whenever FM is running. The solution was to use powercfg /requestsoverride. I think this has solved it. Not hibernated many times yet so can't guarantee. I have had to do this with other versions of FM on other pcs as well.
  12. Whenever I have football manager running my pc turns back on straight away when I hibernate. It is the only program that does this. I have found a solution to this in the past be can no longer find it. Anyone have any ideas? I am pretty certain that it required doing something on the command line to fix it.
  13. You said the biggest factor was the crossing point???
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