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  1. One more season and Argentina are a good possibility.
  2. I have created a discord for us to discuss the game in. https://discord.gg/4KrX55c I have posted a few questions that need to be decided on before we can start the game. Please respond so we can get underway. Typically I have a different username on discord. I am primeprover there.
  3. It will limit what you can do a bit but you should be able to take part in a lot of the decisions. We should be able to post enough screenshots for most things. Not everyone will want to download a save file frequently. What version do you have?
  4. Two makes a conversation not a democracy We need more people. @Lenzar Do you have any ideas on where you want to manage? I personally have my eye on finding a league with a fairly small number of games to help speed things along. Norway looks good from that prospective. The top two divisions have 16 teams and 30 games+cups. The third tier has 14 teams with 26 games+cups. We could always attempt to bring a fallen giant like Moss back up to the top division of Norway.
  5. One of the advantages of a group of people playing is that not everyone has to be around for every decision.
  6. A while ago I came across democraciv , a group of people who play the games from the Civilization series in a cooperative, democratic fashion. Ever since I have been wondering how this would work for playing football manager. There are many situations in football manager where a group could make better decisions than any individual: signing players and staff, designing tactics, scouting opposition, training, etc. I think that this could work well while allowing less experienced players to learn how to play the game better. One issue that I foresee is maintaining pace of playing the game. Generally there will be decisions to be made for each match and there can easily be 50-60 matches in a season. I think a good aim should be to finish 1 season ever month or so(I expect the first one to be slower as we find our feet). This could require a huge amount activity if we plan to finish a few seasons, however, a lot of decisions can be made in advance(squad rotation, how to use tactics to face certain teams etc.). There will need to be ways of rethinking these decisions in reaction to injuries etc. democraciv has grown more and more complicated over the years that it has been running and has a full governmental system. I think that we can vastly simplify this initially at least. The key thing IMO is to attempt to keep as much as possible democratic and open to new and old players alike. This whole project requires people being interested. If people are interested we can set up a discord group and discuss further how to continue. Please post if you are interested and/or have questions about how this will work(a lot of that will be made up as we go along).
  7. Are you playing gegenpress by any chance? Neymar has several questionable attributes for such a tactic: work rate, aggression, tackling etc. are all lower than sanchez
  8. I am considering Hazard as a potential option for the AMR problem. How long do you think it will take for him to retrain to the right? My scouts reckon 98M -138M which is expensive but we have money. I want a player that good. We need some extra spark in the attack.
  9. Would it be possible for you to include the Tercera División from Spain this year? That looks a really fun division to try and get out of.
  10. Is it just me who has a ridiculous number of fixtures in august? Got 8 league matches in August. Got 3 league matches and 1 cup match in september. 4 league matches in october etc. Playing as Stockport County.
  11. Even 6th stands a decent chance of Europa league. What is the status in the cups? Is is likely to be assigned there or in the league?
  12. This sounds more like bugs than editor problems to me. Maybe a combination.
  13. This is especially true for clubs that start with a subset of the youth teams that would be expected higher up in the pyramid
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