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  1. [FM17] Yet another San Giovanni save

    Just played my first friendly against Oympique Lyonnais Reserves. Given that their players were much better than ours we did very well. In the first half I used the tactic as shown in the previous post apart from reducing the mentality to counter and it remained goalless. We seemed to be defending quite effectively, however, we were struggling to connect our midfield to our attack. To counter this I brought on Esposito to replace Bahiano as a AP(s) in AMC. This seemed effective at linking up our attack with midfield a lot better. Unfortunately on one of these attacks we were caught on the counter and conceded. The game ended 2-0. I was pleased with how well we did against opposition so good. I am hopeful we should be able to defend well in the league. Recruitment hasn't gone too well. I have found several players that would improve the team(mainly in DR). Unfortunately I was unable to persuade them to join even though my assistant thought them realistic targets. It looks like we will need some success before being able to recruit. I am finding it tough to hold onto Genghini. Cailungo, Fiorentino and Virtus have all offered contracts. I have tried offering a new contract myself but I suspect he is probably about to leave.
  2. [FM17] Yet another San Giovanni save

    Here is my first draft at a tactic along with my first team. Valentini has risky passes and direct passes due to his stats. I suspect there may be a lot to change here. Any suggestions? I will now have a look to see if I can find any better players willing to sign.
  3. [FM17] Yet another San Giovanni save

    Midfield: Perrazini will be okay as my most defensive midfielder. He might end up playing at DM if I drop a player back in my 4-3-3. Not conviced my assistant has got Tellinai rated right at 2*. I prefer Fantini at 1*. Bugli looks nice and rounded. I quite like Valentini's passing, vision and technique. He might be useful as a link between midfield and attack. He is earning too much though. Strikers: Two quite different options. Bahiano is a slow target man and Musta is a faster option. Molari looks like he has decent finishing as well as decent speed. Esposito has decent pace but has some development to do. Moroni is another option as a forward. Not special at anything but well rounded.
  4. [FM17] Yet another San Giovanni save

    Generally I think I struck lucky managing to find and sign this guy as my assistant manager. The only stat that isn't excellent for this level is Discipline. He seemed quite a bit better than everyone else. Having an assistant manager means that I now have estimates of how good my players are: I see two possibilities with the players available. 4-3-3 narrow and 4-4-2. We are generally really weak on the wings so I think 4-3-3 will probably be used most. 4-4-2 might be better in matches we expect to lose though. Several of my players are already wanted by other clubs might need to spend some money on part time contracts. Unfortunately £4,450 p/a out of £5,600 p/a is already being spent. According to my assistant at least it isn't being spent on the best players. Looking at the attributes of the players I am inclined to agree with him. While Manzaroli has worse reflexes and handling he is generally much better than Venerucci. His age also helps cement him as my first choice keeper. My assistant highly rates Genghini and Giordani at centre back. I am not sure I see his point: Genghini looks like he has far better stats than Giordani apart from being short for a CB. Still they are my best two. Their competition includes an ancient CB in Fabio Giardi at age 45. Hopefully I will be able to replace Zefferani at RB fairly soon. He doesn't have many redeeming qualities. He looks more like a CB DL isn't amazingly better although the young Cecchetti has some nice attacking stats. Hopefully I am not being irritating by posting comparisons rather than players individually. It isn't quite as clear for each player but I like being able to compare the players easier. Midfield and Strikers to follow.
  5. You might be wondering why yet another person has started a thread on trying to bring San Giovanni to the top of the world. Basically I decided that for my first attempt at a career thread I would go for a league that doesn't have too many games per season. Of course the Sammarinese league occurred to me given I have been reading @jupjaime's threads for a while. Since FM18 isn't that far off and I am a slow player I have decided to take a different approach to the game than everyone else. While I plan to focus on producing youth players for the first team I do plan on buying players as well. Depending on who we get in youth intakes, youth products might be a source of income rather than first team players. We will see how good they are. Based upon others not seeing their youth recruitment level go up like their fellow Sammarinese teams I will be increasing mine as realistically as possible using the in-game editor. I set up my database using claassen's World League Pack with only the Sammarinese league selected. As well as a large database I included all players based in San Marino and all Sammarinese players. European players were included if there were an international player or they play for a team playing continental football. Since I am playing in San Marino it didn't make sense for me to start with a good manager. This is what I ended up with: We can't tell a huge amount about the squad currently given that the team started without an assistant manager. Looks like that is my first job. You might notice that I have included columns for professionalism and ambition as well as determination. Basically I have done this as I believe that managers/staff should be able to judge professionalism and ambition just as well as determination. I am new to youth saves in general and this will help with tutoring.
  6. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Or putting them on loan at a club that will. Maybe send them to a club where they will be a top player?
  7. Play up Pompey!

    Only been to Southampton once for a wedding. My biggest memory is the 30+ stops on the train between there and Manchester. It turns what could be a 3 hour train into 5 hours. Painful!!
  8. Play up Pompey!

    I think any Portsmouth fan would call a brand new stadium for Southampton a dump.
  9. Play up Pompey!

    Yes but there are many bigger better stadiums in Europe for a major final to be held at. I just looked at list of uk football stadiums and counted around 18 bigger in the UK. Of course a couple of those are being redeveloped currently(Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane). I suppose the stadium could have been expanded ingame.
  10. As far as I am aware the scouts should be including chance of development in their star rating for PA.
  11. I had a feeling it might be a more recent feature. In more recent versions the stars can be visible all over the place. Old laptops can be a pain. Around a year ago I upgraded my pc from a 2007 era quad core cpu. FM16 ran ok and was perfectly playable but my new modern pc is a welcome speedup. I have tried on an underpowered laptop. The main issue was the laptop would get to hot. At least until FM17 memory shouldn't be an issue as it was still 32-bit limiting it to 2GB. I should try an older version of FM on my laptop.
  12. I can't remember whether this is possible back in FM13 but is it possible for the Assistant Manager's CA and PA stars to be shown on the player profiles? Another thing that may be due to the old FM version: At least in recent versions it is possible to show a red, yellow or green circle on the fixtures list. Could you turn this on if it is available. Thanks, I am enjoying your exploits although you do seem to be finding it a bit easy. I think that is partly due to the old version of football manager although FM13 was harder than previous I think. You might enjoy upgrading at some point
  13. Jimbokav1971 made quite a bit on money in his Iceland save from similar occurrences. Keep increasing the amount you are willing to sell for to a bit above the bids and either sell him with around a year left or when the board steps in. Try and get a 50% of resale
  14. Been reading an iceland career lately. Their season hit virtually every european tornament. A huge issue once icelandic national team players played in the nation
  15. Just spent a while trying to get this working. Not quite sure how to start. I was hoping that it would be possible to split a league into many sections. It looks like it is only possible to do two. It looks like group stages will be necessary but I am not sure how to combine the points into a table before every round. Any ideas? I am fairly new to the editor and think I might have bitten off more than I can chew.