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  1. Once every week or two or more. There is no need it is a fast pc. TBH windows updates make me do it more often.
  2. Cause then I end up doing something else
  3. The pc doesn't turn on if FM isn't running. That isn't going to be Windows Update. Hibernate after x minutes is a possibility
  4. Generally at night I hibernate my pc with FM still running. Unfortunately when FM is running the pc keeps turning itself on randomly in the middle of the night. I recall having this issue with another pc a few years ago and there was something I had to turn off via the cmd line. I can't find that now. Anyone got any ideas? It sleeps fine throughout the night if I close FM.
  5. Make South America Great Again!

    The first time a non-European club has won the Ballon d'Or. There was one African, George Weah, who was playing in Europe at the time.
  6. Secondary U23s league

    Probably but it seems weird that I need to.
  7. Secondary U23s league

    I didn't use advanced rules. I was able to register players but couldn't register my >23 year old players due to the age restriction I had put on players in the squad(max of 0). The auto select for registration seemed to think that players could be registered if they were old but the restriction did appear in the game. The players also thought they could be registered. In games prior to registration other teams used older players.
  8. Secondary U23s league

    Created a secondary league system in England with squad rules that only allow a maximum of 0 over 23s in the squad. When I came to play it all my over 23 players complained at me due to me not registering them for the competition. Am I missing something?
  9. I notice you have a red card at DL. Are cards common in that position? You look like you are stretching the player too much so he will make rash tackles. Try him on support instead of attack. Watch for more info.
  10. Can you summarize their performance over the last few years? It is possible they qualified by coming second to a team already qualified for example. Failing good progression somewhere it is probably a bug(random selection)
  11. Mine are probably good enough then although my first team LB got 0 assists in 24 appearances last season from FBs. I assume I would need to put them in as WBs to get better width. I am a little nervous of making them more offensive.
  12. I am looking for wingers currently and consistently the best players seem to be inside forwards. Up til now I have always had a winger on one side and an inside forward on the other side. I have avoided playing with two inside forwards due to fear of my attack being too narrow and easier to defend against. I am aware that some people do that though. What can I do to combat the narrowness? I am using a hard working 4-1-2-3 Wide currently. My Fullbacks are on support and are better at the defensive side of the game than offensive. My Midfield is a APa and BBMs in front of a DLPd. Both Inside forwards would be on attack with a F9 or CFs in the centre.