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  1. Club Season 1: September 2020 Struggling to Find the Way Record: 4W-5D-8L, 17 points (21st place in Vanarama National North) Back at it now that the new patch has fixed ratings, 1v1s, and some odd stuttering I was experiencing... September hit us hard. We started with a draw, lost three in succession, bounced back for two wins against bottom of the table teams, then ended the month with two more losses. We only pick up 7 points in 8 league matches. The poor play drops us to 21st place, just in the relegation zone after roughly a third of the season done. On a minor positive note, we did make it through the 2nd Qualifying Round of the FA Cup, and our next round draw is also against a club in a league below us. I feel like we should be playing better, but maybe it’s a matter of tweaking tactics and letting new players get comfortable in their roles. We’ve brought in a bunch of players, and have pretty much tapped out the rest of our wage space. Some of these players should up our play, but our biggest gamble, an £800/week splurge on Ivor Lawton, a central midfielder with sky high mental attributes, good physical skills, and weak technical skills, has panned out terribly so far. Every match the guy plays has been a mess. Instead of solidifying our midfield, the guy is a sieve. I still haven't given up on him, but it looks as if it's a painful lesson in the importance of technique. Looking ahead, we’ve got another busy month, with seven matches in October. We’ve yet to have a week with less than two matches. Fortunately, only one of October’s matches are against teams in the top 3rd, and more than half are against bottom half teams. If we could find our form just a bit, I’m hopeful we can pick up some points to lift us clear of the relegation zone.
  2. I only had time to play one match this evening with my previous save. No incidents of choppy video, but I did get three occurrences of the repeated ball kick sound. It happened at random times, and sounded like the ball getting kicked about 20 times in quick succession, then it just stops. I'll be playing more matches tomorrow and can update again, of if there is something I can provide you, let me know.
  3. Excellent! That's good to hear, thanks. I'm not sure why this wasn't a bigger issue to more people. I'm super glad to hear they've addressed it.
  4. I hope he has really high determination. That might explain it.
  5. Just saw that, thanks for the follow up here too. I should be able to test it out in a few hours. I will post an update here once I do.
  6. Issue: All of a sudden my match engine display rate started getting choppy. Speed of the replay is fine, but it just looks like it's dropping frames and makes it tough to watch the match enjoyably. At the same time that this started, during a throw in, the ball-kicking sound repeated about 20-30 times, while the player was standing to throw the ball in. In the subsequent match, the chopping came and went throughout the match, and at one point I got the repeated ball-kicking sound again, this time before a free kick. Related Issue: I experienced some choppiness in the match engine a week or so ago, then modified some video display settings that made it go away. I'm running the game on a new Windows 10 PC with plenty of horsepower. Not sure what might be helpful for you in exploring this issue, but I have the save file and could capture video/sound with OBS.
  7. In case it helps, this FM Scout video gives a walkthrough on how to do this. The guy makes several million before the season starts with a VNL team.
  8. The match ratings, in particular for defenders, have issues, at least in the lower leagues where I'm managing. If your team scores three goals in a match, they shift to more normal ratings. If not, they run quite low. Pretty much every match I've played has had at least one defender rated "red", while that hasn't happened once for mids or attackers. It creates spin-offs issues too. My board and fans, for example, are upset with my defensive signings because their ratings are so low. But it's across the whole league.
  9. Same league for me. I’ve seen only two 1 on 1’s converted in 12 matches so far (our of ~20-30 attempts). I’ve got a newly promoted relegation candidate so playing a lot of counter attack football. We get 1-3 breakaways per match and never convert. Usually we just kick it right at the keeper. Decent striker for this level too. I have seen a number of these come from through balls from midfielders though. I’ve tried to get midfielders with good vision and passing though.
  10. Nice work! That sounds like a better strategy than I took. I took my Nuneaton from a predicted 22nd place to a predicted 23rd place in the three weeks I had with the team before the season started. I'll have to find that Osbourne. He definitely wasn't with the team when I took over.
  11. Club Season 1: August 2020 Not Totally Garbage Record: 2W-4D-3L, 10 points (18th place in Vanarama National North) 20 days and 3 friendlies was not nearly enough time to hire a coaching staff, find good players, and establish a tactical vision. Not only that, but with the Vanarama National North and South newly expanded to 24 teams, they packed all the extra games into the first two months of the season. We have 2 matches every week in August & September. I really should have quickly brought in any sort of non-contract players, but I didn’t and now we’re looking at handling a heavy match load with a shortage of bodies. We start our opening match completely unprepared, 16 players in all, and only 2 functional central midfielders. Not surprisingly, we lose our opening match 2-0, and it doesn’t help that one of our two central midfielders picks up a three-match ban for a horrible tackle and a subsequent red card. Things get no better after that, and by the mid-point of August we’ve only got one point from our first four matches. But having £4k in salary room to work with gives us the ability to bring in a good number of players, and by the middle of the month reinforcements start to arrive. Our play starts to pick up as these new players get into match shape, and we put together a decent run. We go unbeaten in the back half of August and finish the month with 2 wins, 4 draws, and 3 losses. The results lift us to 18th place, 4 points above the relegation zone. Having said that, we’ve played some of the softer teams in the league so far, and I’m sure we’ll struggle against better opposition. We’re also maddeningly inconsistent, with a lot of gaping weak spots in our roster. Our defense in particular can’t find their way, with our best defender in our back four rated a 6.53 after nine matches. Our main striker, Luke Benbow, also only scored 1 goal in 8 appearances despite getting 15 shots and a good number 1-vs-1 breakaways. Speaking of 1-vs-1 breakaways, no one can score these. It’s laughably bad down here. Benbow’s sole goal did come on a 1-vs-1, but I’ve seen at least 15 other clear breakaways by us and our opponents, and none of them go in. Most are just kicked right at the keeper. Going forward, we’ve got another month of 9 matches coming up, and many of them against more formidable opposition. I’d be ecstatic if we could duplicate our August results in September. Video Edition Quick note: With the holiday in the US this week, I'll be traveling a bit. Next update won't be until next Monday. From that point I don't have significant travel, so things should start to roll more regularly.
  12. Yeah, there definitely seems to be something going on. Looking back just over the past eight matches, there are 13 defenders with "red" ratings (and no mids or forwards). And a good number of these are low scoring affairs. Screenshots of the ratings from these matches are shown here. Save file is the same as in my above post.
  13. I am seeing the same thing. The low ratings issue seems to extend to defenders as well. I've got a career going in the English lower leagues. Scanning through the ratings of the teams in the Vanarama National North, most defenders, even on teams that are performing solidly, are in the 6.3 to 6.7 range. Seems out of balance with midfielder and forward ratings, and seems to be over-valuing goals and assists by defenders. Also, my board and fans are expressing concerns about some of our centerbacks' performances, but they're actually in line with the rest of the league. Just seems like they're getting evaluated lower on the whole than they should be. Save file name: DtP Main.fm Here's a typical screenshot of a club's central defender ratings...
  14. Playing a career down in the lower leagues with the latest version. Nine matches in and I've only seen one successful 1-v-1, from us or our opponents. All the rest (usually 0-3 per game) have not scored, I think the majority go directly at the keeper. The ratio of success to failure seems off, at least down here at the bottom of the football world. Here's the match that had the one that actually scored, with four fails. But again, this is the only successful 1-v-1 I've seen in any of our games. As an aside, it's the only goal our main striker has scored this season (Brenbow: Finishing 10, Composure 9, Technique 11, so not horrible for VNN). I'd guess we've seen about 15 clear cut chances from us and our opponents over that span of games? Brenbow has probably had 10 or so? 22:10 - Brenbow (Nuneaton) scores a 1-v-1 from the right side. This is the only successful one I've seen from either us or our opponents this season so far. 46:32 - Ofori (Nuneaton) denied on a 1-v-1 62:40 - Thompson (Scarborough) denied on a 1-v-1 82:37 - Brenbow (Nuneaton) denied on a 1-v-1 94:00 - Brenbow (Nuneaton) denied on a 1-v-1 Nuneaton v Scarborough Athletic.pkm
  15. That'd be interesting to see how a same team would play out, for sure. I had offers from Ashton United and East Thurrock as well, but Nuneaton looked to be the strongest. I'm not good at the game yet, so I figured I should give myself the best chance I could. Hmmm. Osbourne wasn't on the team when I got them, and I don't see him in the database. Not sure what could have happened to him? I'm also interested in trying Nuneaton because I gave them a shot from the start of an FM19 game and got them relegated. Chance for revenge, this is. About ready to kick off in the first game, but we're not ready. With the interview process, we didn't take over until July 11, so only 20 days before our first match. I barely have enough players, and we have two matches per week throughout August. Yikes. I may have made a mess of this already.
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