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  1. Hi Everyone! Walkabout: Europe is a new journeyman save where I combine Football Manager with getting in shape and losing weight. Basically, I'm doing a journeyman save where I can only move between clubs in the game when I've walked/exercised the equivalent distance between the clubs in real life. First episode is up on YouTube, and the series is a few videos in now. Feedback, comments, hate mail are all appreciated. Well, maybe not the hate mail. Thanks!
  2. I'm wondering if someone here might be able to help... I'm using a custom database by Timo for Czechia that extends the game to the lower levels of the nation. I'm currently playing in the third level, the MSFL. Here's the problem: Although all the contract settings for the third level in the database are correct, teams can't offer players anything other than amateur contracts. Many of the clubs already have players on paid contracts at the start of the game and are semi-pro clubs, but once you start playing you can only offer players free contracts for no money. You can add bonuses
  3. Are performance ratings connected to morale? I've got a new save I started and even though we've won half the time (in line with expectations) our ratings are god-awful compared to our performance and our player morale is in the doghouse. And that extends in turn to the board's evaluation, as they're not happy that team morale is so low.
  4. Hi Everyone! I've got a new short Football Manager 21 series up on YouTube: The Sodfather Can we last one season at a "family-run" Juventus, where we have to start the Sodfather's 16-year-old twin sons at striker and keeper? Spoiler: They suck. Comes complete with: - Stupid intros - The Sodfather - Nintendo characters - Pronunciation errors - Horses - More stuff I haven't thought of yet Total series will be about 10 20-minute episodes. Thanks in advance for checking it out!
  5. Club Season 5: September 2024 Clicking Manager Notes Our bumpy start settles down and we go on a good run in September. Our loanees are a powerful help, and have made us immediately competitive on the outsides. In particular, our LB and RB are so strong, and having attacking support from these positions really helps our offense click. We stumble a bit at the end of the month with some losses, but overall our performance is good enough to lift us to 3rd place. I’m starting to wonder if we might actually be a decent club this year. I wish we weren’t relying on
  6. Club Season 5: August 2024 A Bumpy Start Manager Notes We start the season with a rough stretch, as we pick up only two points in our first four matches. I’m starting to get nervous, but then we rebound in the bottom half of the month, as we win three of four and pick up some momentum. Of particular note is a 5-0 rout over Blackpool to get our first win. We end the month in the top half of a yet tightly packed table. We might be okay. Our loaned players look as good as advertised. It’s nice to have strength on the outsides. Last year we were weak on the outs
  7. Club Season 5: Summer Preseason 2024 Onward to League 1! Manager Notes This season promises to be a bear, as we are completely unprepared for promotion to League 1. We’ll have the lowest budget in the league by about £10k, and as we enter our off-season, we have only one player who grades out as a good fit for League 1 competition. Somewhat repeating the blueprint we’ve used in previous seasons, we dive into the offseason with the intent of keeping the better half of our team and replacing the lower half with players better suited to the league we’re heading into. But w
  8. Whew, it's been a while since the last update... Club Season 4 Summary 2023-24 Season Notes Although our League 2 season started slowly, we picked up a good head of steam a third of the way in and soared to a playoff spot by the three-quarters mark in the season. We tailed badly at the end, and barely made the playoffs and a 6th-place finish thanks to some helpful losses by clubs around us. With little momentum and awful morale, I thought we'd have little chance to gain promotion. But fortune smiled on us, as we scored in extra time in the second leg to make the final, th
  9. Club Season 4 Summary 2023-24 Table | Manager Profile Season Notes This is the first time I can remember that I’ve ever gotten three consecutive promotions in Football Manager. And as happy as I am with the promotion, my overall feeling is that it would have been better for us to stay in League 2 for another season. It’s looking like we’ll have the lowest wage budget in League 1 by about 10k. Our youth and training facilities are poor. We have one player who our scouts say is ready for League 1. Everyone else is League 2 or lower. We have lots of work to do, and with th
  10. Thanks! You're the second person to mention the friendlies to me. I had trouble keeping players match fit the last time we were in the playoffs (first season), and think we lost partly because of it. Also, our morale was horrible after we lost our last three matches of the year. I figured some easy friendlies would help me keep players ready and boost morale. I guess that's not normally something that's done in football? Risk of injury?
  11. Club Season 4: May 2024 Onward to League 1! Manager Notes In dramatic fashion, we claw our way through the League 2 Playoffs and win promotion to League 1! We faced off against Tranmere in a home-away two-leg Semi-Final. After two legs and 180 minutes of football, we were dead even at 2-2. But in extra time on the road, Jake Scrimshaw scores a stunning goal to give us a lead that we’re able to nurse home. In the Final against Walsall, Andrew Robinson scored the sole goal of the game 24 minutes in, and that’s enough to see us squeak by Walsall at Wembley to win pro
  12. Club Season 4: April 2024 Whew! We Made that Hard! Manager Notes By the slimmest of margins, we made it to the playoffs! We actually did pretty much everything we could to blow it. After winning our first match of the month, we only picked up one point in our last four matches. We took things to the final day of the season, where although we lost, we got help from teams around us losing as well to just barely qualify for the playoffs! Whew! The omens look fairly dire for us heading into the playoffs, but we’ll give it our best shot! We’ll need to win two
  13. Turns out it wasn't so safe after all, but we just barely made the playoffs!
  14. Club Season 4: March 2024 Slipping Away Manager Notes Our run of good form grinds to an end, as we only pick up 8 points over six matches in March. Injuries are a factor, but it just seems as if opponents are adjusting to our tactics and we’ll need to come up with something different. Our offense in particular is struggling, as we only get two goals in our most recent five matches. The slip in form sees us drop from 4th to 6th, five points away from automatic promotion. With 5 matches left in the season, automatic promotion is looking like a stretch, and we s
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