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(FM20) London Calling

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6 hours ago, kidthekid said:

That was close. Freaking Leeds had to ruin it.

Honesty the fact it was Leeds made it sting all that bit more! No complaints though they were the better team :seagull:

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Off-Season and Preseason

So first things first. 


It was time to start one of these bad boys. A yearly preseason London Cup. Nice range of teams as well.



Not a fantastic draw. Newly promoted to the Championship and away.

Third things third.

Enfield Town have won promotion to the National League South which means we have a new playable teams and 22 playable London teams.

Onto transfers!


Picked this guy up free from Man United. Will be keeping a close eye on him.


Kenzo comes on loan from Arsenal (full wages though). He will add depth to a very big position.


Not a new signing but we are bringing back this guy on loan for another season. 9 in 17 with an average rating of 7.10. No brainer if you ask me.

I didn't think there was much more needed to the squad. The important thing for me was tying some players down for long contracts.

So I wanted to take the first ever London Cup seriously. Up first was Dag and Red. Nice easy start and a chance to play some youngsters. 3 games in 3 days will be tough for everybody.


Well as wins go it was very inconvincing. Chelsea next. I'm scared. They beat Millwall 2-0.


2.3m got me this geezer. He will be used in CM role and I think he will be a very good creative player.


We missed TWO penalties. One to make it 1-0 and the other to make it 2-2. This is a game of whatifs. Strikers were shocking and even though it was Chelsea its worrying.

We need to thrash Millwall and hope Dag and Red beat Chelsea, can't see it!

Well Chelsea won the cup but if we lose we finish bottom of our cup. Lets not do that please!


Good win! It means the London Cup finishes like this...


Only surprise was Millwall!

Don't worry I'll fly through the rest of preseason.

The race is on to free up the funds to sign my next target. I'm 200k short and delayed the transfer for one week. I've just sold a player and had 30k go into the kitty...I have 2 more players being sold lined up...going to be tight...


Got him! Centre back. We have 5 very good CB now. I'm ready.


Positive news!


But he won't win the Top Goalscorer or be anywhere near it.


Very good pre season. Squad update and odds coming up.

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Fulham Squad



2 keepers.


Our starter last season. Very happy with him and hoping he can really push on this season.


A loanee from Chelsea who will provide very good back up.


You've seen 2 out of the 5 we have so here are the others.


Probably not the automatic starter but imagine all 5 will get decent game time.


One of the oldest on the team. Very steady defender.


Russell. He has the ability to be a very good defender but seems to make mistakes. He's good going forward though and he's playing outside his first choice position so I'm willing to give him a break.



Ethan Barnes is my favourite signing. Cheap as chips and made a massive different in CDM. Happy to see him grow.


He was on loan when I arrived. I bought him back as soon as I could. 30 but just signed a new contract, he's a very good player when he turns up.


Probably the best player on the team. He is an instant starter if he's fit.

You saw a new signing as well.



Picked up this guy for less than a million last year in January. Didn't play fantastic but popped up with a few important goals.


I like this guy. Good guy to bring off the bench. Room to improve and young. Ticks all the boxes.


Luis Suarez was my best striker last season but didn't score a goal until I turned up. Hoping for a big season.

You've already seen the Arsenal player who I loaned back. This is the team I'm hoping will take me into the Premier League.

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Odds and Bobs


I am happy with 8th place. I want playoffs this season. We showed enough to suggest we could get playoffs. Palace favourites to bounce back. Millwall and Brentford also set to challenge for the playoffs. QPR projected to struggle again. Fingers crossed this isn't the case.


In the Conference South its very close to call! Kingstonian down to 16th but have a better chance than winning than us.


In the National League Welling are set to struggle but this isn't a surprise. Bromley might go down as well which is worrying. Wealdstone also set to struggle. I'd be happy if Hampton and Richmond spend their days there! Near the top Barnet and Dag and Red could challenge for the playoffs. I'm not expecting a promotion from this league this season. 


In League Two both promoted side expected to stay up with Dulwich maybe good enough for a playoff place! AFC Wimbledon not expected to go straight back up. Leyton Orient expected to finish the same as last season really. No relegations from this division would be brilliant.


Only the one team and Charlton and predicted to go down. This could be a worrying season.


No relegations! For the love of God please no relegations. West Ham should be ok and the big 3 should give me no worries!

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August 2027

We start life technically in July with an away trip to Wigan. Newly promoted but we need to be at our best. I'm still unbeaten in opening day matches and want that to continue!


Great performance. We absolutely smashed them and really my complant is it was only 2-0. We had 30 shots with 20 on target. But you only get 3 points regardless of how many you score. 8 games unbeaten in opening day fixtures, it means nothing but I'm proud of it!

I started the game without posting the fixtures. So here they are for the opening month.


2 very tricky league away games to start the season. 2 places we went to last season and were by in far the worse team. Back to back against Ipswich up next. It means the first 3 games are against newly promoted teams. Not too fussed about cup but will try.


Another decent win and another 3 points. Expected against the teams we were playing but still had to win them.

Ipswich again fitness will dicate who will play.


Good performance and we are through to the 2nd round. I made some changes here but the squad I have is good so it didn't make much of a difference.


Another all Championship game in the League Cup. At least its at home this time.

Barnsley away next, worried as they bossed us last time.


Smashed them. Absolutely smashed them for 90 minutes. They hit one long ball over my defence and it goes in. We pepper the goal for 90 and don't score. First time this season we have come up against Gordon Banks. It won't be the last.

Pompey at home next and I demand a response. I don't care they are unbeaten this season so far.


Awful performance. It took a 25 yard screamer to beat us but we were terrible. Long season ahead if we are only beating the teams who have come up. Not a happy camper its one thing to lose 1-0 away from home when dominating but its another to lose 1-0 at home when you can't be arsed to turn up. Goalless strikers are starting to worry me as well. Its like being back at Hampton and Richmond.

Birmingham at home next. I really don't know...we are getting into "I demand a performance" territory.


I think this game will be the death of me. We deserved the win but it wasn't pretty. Our games aren't exciting at the moment and I'm really starting to worry about the lack of goals from the strikers.

Cup action next and I reckon I will be rotating a lot as my focus has to be on the league.

I think its worth noting that we finished with 78 points last season which would have been enough for the playoffs every season in this save except one. We finished 9th.


Good performance and we are with the big boys in the Carabao Cup. 3rd round was the board expectation so glad we hit that. I did heavily rotate but you wouldn't guess. As mentioned before I have faith in all my squad to step up. Fingers crossed this is the end of the mini crisis. 

Problem is we finish the month with a very hard away game against Leeds.


It isn't a big boy, its a Premier League side away. It feels much like the Sheff United game in which we were spanked. We will go in with a hope but a small one.


I can't really complain about the late equaliser. Just wish I could have gotten one eariler in the season when I was in the same position as Leeds. Not that I'm salty or anything. Decent point regardless.

It means after an up and down month the table looks like this...


Down in 8th but obviously its very close after only 6 games. 40 of these bad boys to go and I don't think my heart can take it.

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September 2027

I've already played one game this month because I had to restart my laptop so here is that result.


Good performance and a good result. It was a long time waiting thanks to International Duty. 

Here's what the month looks like.


Some tricky away fixtures coming up. Will be tough to keep up at the top.

We have somebody making their debut in the Brentford game but not by choice. 5 CB's 2 injured and 1 needed on the wing meaning Dubios comes in for his first ever game. He is not good.


That. Was f***ing dreadful. Absolutely awful game of football by us. Can't blame strikers for not scoring because they had nothing all game. Awful 90 minutes absolutely awful. We are missing 3 first teamers through injury and it was so painful here.

Doesn't get any easier with a trip to Premier League Norwich next.


As bad as the Brentford game was this was a great performance. Chalk and cheese performances really! We go into the next round of the cup but honestly if you gave me the choice I'd want the league win rather than the cup.

Preston away in the league next, they are ahead of us and I think its going to be another tough away game. They seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment.


Well it was a nice cup run. Would have been nice to get a home fixture. 


Good win in the league. Thought we had blown it with the equaliser but we responded brilliantly. Very good 3 points.

Blackburn at home rounds off the month. If we can win then it will just be that disappointing loss against Brentford to dampen the month. Blackburn are only 8th so it won't be an easy game.


Very tight game with a scruffy winning goal. Its another game without a goal from my strikers and honestly I'm getting worried.


Its tight at the top. Only 2 points separate the top 6. Happy with the month. We were punished for a poor performance against Brentford but other than that no complaints. QPR look like they might struggle which is bad news. Millwall down there as well which is a bit of a shock. Us and Palace are flying the London Flag to get more teams in the Premier League.


Kingstonian are sitting pretty in the playoffs. Not like it ever goes well for them in there. Enfield Town are the latest London club to give Tier 6 a go and its looking like they will be heading straight back down.


Its tight in the National League with only 6 points seperating the top 11. Dag and Red and Barnet are right in there battling for the top. Delighted with Hampton and Richmond who are only 3 points off a playoff place. Wealdstone have started terribly and are already looking like they will struggle. If Welling and Bromley can survive that would be brilliant but really we need Wealdstone to survive as well. As it stands I won't need to go back to the National League South. I want it to stay that way!


Leyton Orient and AFC Wimbledon have started well and are in touching distance of an automatic place. Sutton and Dulwich have started well as well and if they can maintain and stay up it would be a great result.


Charlton are the only London side in League One and it looks like another season of struggle. I can't see them challenging for a Championship place any time soon.


I don't want any relegation trouble this season. So far so good.

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October 2027

I've made a decision to only update the other leagues every other post. It takes up more time than actually playing!

Anyway here's this months lineup.


Some more tricky away games this month. Early make or break month. Historically its also the month where my wheels have fallen off.

Rotherham at home has to be seen as a winnable games. We need to be targeting 3 points here.


Ethan Barnes picks up the Player of the Month and rightfully so.


Decent start to the month. Wins a win at this point. Keep the points ticking.

Bad news during the International Break as we lose Ethan Barnes for 4-5 weeks through injury. He has been absolutely solid since I bought him for peanuts. Fast becoming one of my favourite signings.


Money spinner!


This game was so frustrating. We weren't good enough we deserved to lose but its not a coincedence that we had an injury after all 3 subs were made on the 81st minute. 2 minutes later they scored. Sometimes you get the feeling nothing you do will change the outcome of the result and this was one of them. 

Real test of our promotion credentials and we failed. Epically.


A picture can speak a thousand words. This is shocking.

Middlesborough at home next and this game suddenly is massive. They are down in 18th.


Typical. Both strikers finally score and we still can't win the game. Boro probably deserved something but it doesn't make the stoppage time goal suck any less. 2 points dropped.

3 away games to finish the month and I'm not expected to win any of them. What the hell is it with October and every one of my bloody seasons!


We deserved the point. No question about it. Happy we got the goal. Some points are better than others. This is a good point. Problem is we are finding ourselves falling futher and further away from playoffs. On the plus side I think we have had a very tricky start. We seem to have played all the teams around us away from home. So actually hoping the second half of the season is when we kick on. The important thing here is to keep up with the playoffs at least.

City in the cup next. Pray for me.


I'm at a loss. The back 3 and Dan Cole in net were absolutely amazing here. We snatched a goal from a corner and amazingly we go into the Quarters. I'd swap this run for wins in the league but what this does for morale is huge.

Please just give me a home draw in the Quarters. I don't care who its against.


From one Manchester club to the other. We get our wish and it should be a nice money spinner.

Bit of a wait until we play that. Time to concentrate on the league. We finish the month away to Sheff United. Its not been a good month really but if we can somehow come away with 3 points it won't be so bad.


Stunning win and a fantastic way to finish the month! It was quite an even affair if you look at stats. Plenty of chances for both but we took ours and they didn't. Its happened plenty of times against us so I'm delighted.

It leaves the table looking like this...


We are very much still up there after a tricky month of fixtures. I think we will be set for an easier 2nd half of the season so we need to keep 2nd in our sights. QPR and Millwall still down there fighting. Palace and Brentford looking good. The top 8 have created a sizable gap.

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November 2027

Shorter month this month.


Mainly at home but still some tricky fixtures starting with 4th place Bournemouth.


They will be a hell of a lot happier than we are. Their penalty was a shocking decision if you ask my unbiased opinion. We hit the woodwork twice before finally finding the net. Decent enough performance just lacked that cutting edge. Still a point is a point.

We go away next for our only away game of the month. Tricky one against Wednesday. They just all seem to be tricky at the moment! They are just below us in 8th. Big International Break before hand though where we just pray for no injuries.


You know like my sodding first choice keeper!

Luckily I picked up that loanee from Chelsea for this very reason.


Or my striker who has a whopping 4 goals this season (the most amoung Strikers).

Annoyingly neither of those players went off for International games.

Even more annoying is we were just about to be able to play our strongest line up. But lets face it I'm not going to miss Suarez' goals :lol:

So after all of that its finally time to play Wednesday. Not hopeful at all really.


Stunning. We had a man injured after 80 minutes after 3 subs. Down to 10 men and I thought we had been robbed what would have been a fair and just win. Up step the two strikers. One after the other just ran until they couldn't anymore and cooly slotted home. Amazing and deserved win.

Big London Derby next against QPR. Hopefully we can build on this brilliant result. We don't seem to be at our best at home at the moment.

I've applied for the West Ham job. I have zero intention of leaving but I want to try and get something out the board in order to stay if they indeed choose me.


Great performance and a very satisfying win. Gough the CB grabs his 5th goal of the season to make him our joint top goalscorer! This game marked a year to the day I took over at Fulham. Its been a good 365 days. 

We finish the month with a home game against mid-table Luton.


Another goes and we are starting to be a bit thread bare.


More points dropped at home. We were the better side but we could hardly say we should have won. Didn't do enough for me. 

It means the table looks like this...


We are still up there. We just need to keep picking up points. 5 points isn't a lot. QPR still in danger but not far off. Brentford looking to challenge for automatic as well as us. 2 up this season would be dreamy!


Kingstonian have dropped and Enfield are more doomed than before. Not overly concerned this season as we have everybody we need in the top 5 divisions.


Dag and Red still in touching distance of the top. Barnet have dropped but still have one eye on the playoffs. Wealdstone look doomed already and it looks like Welling might be heading straight back down, this would be a bit of a disaster of a season. Bromley aren't safe while Hampton are doing just enough to keep me happy.


AFC Wimbledon are 5 points off automatic while Leyton Orient still in the run in for the playoffs. Dulwich and Sutton are both doing enough right now. If they can survive it would be a brilliant result.


Its only goal difference but its worrying. Charlton need to survive in that league. I think once I'm done with Fulham it could be my next destination. They are dropping like a stone and I need to reverse that.


The major 3 giving me nothing to worry about. I thought West Ham would be safe. I was wrong! This isn't good!

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December 2027

Big month with a big quarter final.


We also play 2 teams above us so its huge really.

West Brom are 19th so really we need to be looking at that game as a must win. Our away form actually hasn't been awful which is quite shocking for this save!


Fellow Championship outfit Wigan in the FA Cup 3rd Round. Winable tie. Could have been better could have been much worse. Happy for a home game.


Fair result with us coming back twice but honestly we need to start winning these games instead of just drawing. Too many draws and we miss a golden opportunity to close the gap on everybody above us.

We go to Palace next. This will be a mega tough game and I don't think we have enough about us at the moment to win. We then host league leaders Swansea. The entire season could swing on these 2 games. Win them both and boom we are right up there, lose them both and we will have to think that playoffs is the maximum we are going to get.


Huge result! Did we deserve it? Probably not a draw would have been more than fair. But I don't care. I want to tell you that Ready has turned a corner and is going to start smashing them in now but he has scored 3 open net rebound goals. Suppose he's always in the right place at the right time and that's what you need from a striker.

We go against Swansea on a high. If we win then we will be at worst 5 points off the top 2.


What a brilliant performance and a fantastic result. This goes to show how we aren't reliant on one or two players to score goals. No tap in for Ready this time an actual decent goal and its 4 in 3 for him.

We have had 15 different players score goals for us this season and our top goalscorer is on 6. 

So two big games down just the small matter of Manchester United at home in the Quarter Final of the League Cup. Its nice to go into a game with zero pressure on us really.


Ideally I want to get some money to improve the youth at the club. This doesn't look horrible but could be better.

So here we go. The entire team is on a yellow card so I can see a bad game coming our way. Can we cause another upset?

Spoiler alert...




Now this would be something! 

Never mind they went straight up the pitch and scored.


Harsh scoreline in the end. We gave it a good go and we created chances but just couldn't take them. Rashford destroyed us. The cup run is over.

Cardiff at home next, they sit in 10th. I'm not happy with our home form against the teams below us. Hope the big loss hasn't dented confidence much.

I have been offered the West Ham job. I won't be taking it but annoyingly I didn't get anything from Fulham to try and keep me either. Worth a go I suppose.


Not happy. We weren't good enough by any stretch of the imagination. Sick of dropping points at home.

Middlesbrough away next. I really don't know which Fulham is going to turn up to be honest. Everytime we put ourselves in a great position we follow it up with a poor result and performance to boot.

Let's hope for a bit of Christmas cheer.


Pulling my hair out with these draws! We did everything but score here, but even when we did it was ruled out for offside.

Christmas fixtures coming thick and fast as we host Sheff United. But they will be as shattered as us so can't complain. Could do with ending the year with a win. Too many draws.


Brilliant result and a great way to finish the year. 

It means the league looks like this...


Brentford top. I'd be happy with that as long as we were 2nd behind them. We are still there. The top 7/8 have pulled away a little bit. QPR are out the bottom 3 but still with work to do. We can give them a favour next month as we play Ipswich and Rotherham. Its going to be another big month for us as we look to cut the gap to 2nd and hopefully create a gap from 7th.

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2 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

won 3 drew 3 in that last month and drop from 5 points behind 2nd place to 6 points behind. Not bad, but shows how tough the league is!

It’s a tough old league. It’s why I’m getting frustrated with the draws. They just aren’t enough!

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January 2028

Happy New Year everybody both in game and IRL. 


This month is a massive opportunity to catch up with the top 2. No massively hard game. 4 out of 5 wins is what I'm aiming for here in the league. Wigan in the Cup. Form goes out the window obviously but we will be favourites. 

As it stands I have no money for transfers but if that does change I want a new WBL and potentially a new ST.


Although I don't see that happening anytime soon. Erm...ouch? Honeslty I knew we were in the red but didn't think it was that bad. I might need to look to see a few players in the window but honestly I'm happy with the balance of the squad.


Great start to the year and the game was as easy as the scoreline suggests. We now need a cup run for a money boost it seems!

Rotherham away kick starts the league in 2028. I've managed to annoy a player trying to offer him out. He is worth 10m and is on 28k a month. I feel I can sort the finances out with a single sale. I don't really want to get rid as I've liked him pretty much from the start but I'm desperate.

Just accepted a 6.5m bid for him. Not the 10 I wanted but as mentioned. I need the money quick. I've got a big in for a loanee midfielder from Arsenal with no wage so I should have a replacement ready at least.


What a crap draw! They sit 19th in the Premier League so actually not much between us. Really could have done with a home draw though!


This was not as straightforward as it looks! In fact it was an even game. We took out chances and they didn't. Some great finishes which is brilliant to see.

Next up we travel to rock bottom. I've played enough FM to know this isn't going to go well.

So I decided I wanted to try and keep the player but offer him a lower waged contract to which he was happy with...




Job done at Portman Road. I thought we were going to pay for not putting them away but we held on well. Good win. 1-0, 4-0 makes no odds its still 3 points.

Wigan at home next. We have already dispatched them comfortably at home once this month. We need to do it again!


Jamie comes to us on loan for Arsenal for absolutely no wages so it was a no brainer. He will hopefully fill in the gap Onomah is going to leave.


A bit of a set back here. He is always solid as a rock in CDM.


It hurts losing him but I couldn't turn down that sort of deal to be honest. Hoping Jamie will slot in and take us home.


Great performance and a carbon copy of the FA Cup result. Its been a perfect month so far and probably the first time in this save where I expected to win games and I'm actually doing so!

Next is our hardest league game. At home to 8th place Barnsley. They are a little bit of a bogey team for me so I'm not expecting much to be honest.

Some untimely flu "injuries" means my CDM all 3 of them are out for this game. Come on lads just wash your damn hands. Its not hard.


Early goal was enough and that's a big win. A massive win in fact.


Great effort from the defenders and Goalkeeper :applause:. It does mean we are 100% going to concede against Burnley in the cup next!


Annoying defeat as it was a very even game. Even worse it was a defensive mistake that allowed the goal. Other than that we played well. It was a test this as Burnley are rock bottom of the Premier League.

We travel to Birmingham with the hopes of going 100% in the league in January. Looking at my fixtures in February this is a must...


100% in the league! I was nervous at 3-2 so to get the goal to win the game was brilliant. 

It means the table looks like this heading into what will be a very tricky February...


We are upto 2nd! Shame Swansea had a brilliant month as well but I'm delighted. QPR still with work to do. The top 7 are so far from everybody else but at the same time you probably have the same chance of winning the league than missing out on playoffs all together!


Kingstonian still battling for the right to lose in the playoffs. Enfield are completely doomed.


Dag and Red still fighting for the title. Barnet have been slightly disappointing this season. The whole of the National League has been disappointing really! I'd like to think Hampton and Richmond are safe but I've come to terms with the fact I'm losing at least 2 London Clubs from the National League. Fingers crossed Bromley don't join them.


3 London clubs still fighting for a playoff place with Leyton Orient being the favourite. Sutton are 10 points clear of the drop and looking good. Just having them all survive is good enough for me. A promotion would be a bonus.


Charlton have clawed their way out the bottom 4. Would like Mansfield to survive but it hardly matters.


Oh West Ham why are you doing this to me! We need you to survive! Rest no worries.

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That top 7 is really tight! Crying out for someone to go on a decent unbeaten run.. ;)

Had to laugh at Boro's stadium "Juninho Paulista Arena".

They finally tore the abomination that is The Riverside to the ground! :lol:

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23 hours ago, johnstonpickle said:

That top 7 is really tight! Crying out for someone to go on a decent unbeaten run.. ;)

Had to laugh at Boro's stadium "Juninho Paulista Arena".

They finally tore the abomination that is The Riverside to the ground! :lol:

Haha and I can’t think of anybody better to name the new stadium after! 

I’m worried I’ve used my good form to just get into the hunt and now it’s gonna go to pot!

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February 2028

I mentioned this month was going to be tricky.


I was not lying! I can easily see us losing more games than winning this month. If we get to the end of this month and we are still in the top 2 then I will truely start to believe!

We kick off at home to Leeds. They destroyed us at Elland Road but we came away with a point.

Before that game however I have some interesting transfer deadline day news with Dan Cole. My starting GK who I love became unsettled because Norwich of all teams came in for him and I only wanted his release clause. Luckily I told him this and he seemed happy that if somebody hit his release clause he would go. He wanted Continential football...Norwich are 13th in the Premier League.


Oh Jesus! And look at that next sale percentage (which has nothing to do with me!)

I have that loanee keeper from Chelsea to keep me going until the end of the season but this is a massive blow in my eyes.

So just like that Dan Cole has gone. That all happened so fast.

Annoying despite everything we are still in the red and over our wage budget. It seems I did everything I could to help the finances and got nowhere!


Player of the Month. Getting ready for zero goals from this geezer.


My first award since becoming Fulham manager!


Git is on 20k a week and hasn't played a single second. I went as low as 50k to get rid. He rejected 2 contract offers. I want him gone. He wants to go. Yet here he is until at least the summer. *****.

Anyway enough of all this, some football actually happened this month.


You know this game is not fair and its so Goddamn predictable. 2 goalkeeping mistakes and a Player of the Month striker who suddenly couldn't hit a barn door. We dominated this game and still lost. They dominated at home and nicked a point, couldn't we just do the same? Make it fair? Course not.

Portsmouth away next. No hopes of getting anything to be honest. I'm livid truth be told.

More annoyingly Vertiz who has come into his own again this season is going to Bayern on a free transfer. His contract runs out but because I'm an English side I couldn't bid. Not like I had a chance against Bayern!


We deserved a point but this is what happens when Strikers suddenly turn to s***. 

Palace at home next. We are putting in the performances. We just need to keep going. A win here and we are right back up there.


The worst we have played this month and we win. Go figure! They deserved a point so I think we are even from last 2 games.

Swansea away next and the end of this horrible run of tricky games (well nearly). If we could sneak a point I'd be happy.

I had a news feed saying Fulham were worried they could lose me. I asked for a new contract eariler in the season and they said no. I asked again and I will be getting one soon.


They offered me 15k and 2 years. I knocked it down to 11.75k and 3 years. I wanted more years!

After 3 games in a week I'm glad of 7 days between the Palace and Swansea games.


These 4 games were a test of if we deserve to go up and honestly we failed. We need to learn to defend for the full 90 minutes because I'm getting sick of conceding late goals. That being said I can't complain with the result here.

We have a home game against Mid-table Wednesday and an away trip to struggling QPR. These both need to be wins otherwise we can kiss automatic promotion goodbye and we will need to concentrate on just making the playoffs.


It wasn't pretty much man was it needed. The sending off helped and even then we weren't great we did enough.

I want to say we should be winning our next game but despite the difference in form between us QPR away just doesn't scream easy game.

I wanted to be in touching distance of the top 2 at the end of this month. Its proven to be as tricky as I imagined but at the end regardless of the result the worst position we will be is 4 points off 2nd. I can live with that. Of course best case is finishing this month still in the top 2. I just have a bad feeling about this QPR game. They did us last season at a similar stage of the season chasing a playoff place.


Very good performance. We were made to wait for the 2nd but we got it to make things comfy for the last 10 minutes.

It means after 3 wins and 3 losses the league table looks like this...


The best thing that happened this month was the 6 point gap opening between us and 7th. I would hate to go through this season and not even get a playoff place! Amazingly we are only 1 point off top. Everybody is beating everybody at the top. I can't call it at the slightest. Its going to be a long 10 games!

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March 2028


Some games here that could really go either way but its not a horrible month on paper and we need to capitilise.

Luton sit in 15th place. I'm always weary of away games although with Fulham it seems away form hasn't been terrible...


2nd best in the league only behind free scoring Bournemouth.

Luton have won their last 4 games though so it wont be a straightforward game.


I really miss Dan Cole. Luton had 4 shots on target and scored them all. Pathetic show in goal and we have just looked vunerable since Cole left.

We need to bounce back straight away at home to West Brom who are sitting in 18th place. Luckily Brentford lost as well so we maintain that 6 point lead over 7th. 9 games to go and 3 points separate the top 6.

I played the next 3 games and then FM crashed on me. Orginally I beat West Brom 4-2, lost against Millwall 3-0 and drew with Preston 1-1.

I'm obviously going to play them again. I will play them all to win so forgive me if I end up with more points than I should. For quickness I'm going to instant result them so the skin will change for the next 3 games then go back to normal.


Was 4-2 first go around. 4-1 this time but we lost somebody to injury so we aren't in a better position at the moment!

Millwall next, lost this one 3-0 in a very even game, similar to the one we won 4-0 against Rotherham. I'm hoping for a better result second time around but secretly hoping to lose if I'm honest. At this point by the way 1 point separates the top 6.


Well we conceded 3 but at least we scored 3 this time. We are on the way to the same set of results if I lose the next game.

We are at home to Preston. Drew this one 1-1 before. Was annoyed as we dominating but conceded a last minute equaliser.

Big International break after this game as well.


Youth Candidates have changed as well and they are much worse!


Well I ended up with 3 more points than I did before. It could have been worse. I feel this is the result I was owed before!

It means with 1 month and 6 games to go the table looks like this...


It really couldn't be tighter at the top. We sit just on the outside looking in. I can tell you we play 2 teams in the top 6 in our last 6 games. I don't think we will have enough to break the top 2 but we should be in a playoff place. That being said our next game is Brentford! QPR should be safe.


5 games to go and Kingstonian are still battling for a playoff place. While Enfield battle for a 2nd win.


Dag and Red won't have given up on the title, not yet. Barnet back pushing for a playoff place. Probably as good as it was going to get for Hampton. Glad for survival for them. Wealdstone and Welling are doomed and Bromley really need to stay up. 3 going down would be a disaster.


Its been a good year in League Two although AFC Wimbledon will have hoped to do better. Can Dulwich pull off a brilliant playoff apperance?


Its only a 5 point gap from the bottom 4 so still work to do but the London club and my club should be safe. 


Chelsea and Arsenal battling for Champions League. Spurs are just a midtable team now, we have to admit this. West Ham are going to be safe. All we can ask at the moment from the Premier League.

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Gameweek 41

Yep I'm going to milk this sucker!

Obviously the games in hand for teams behind us are massive.


My next game is Brentford at home. I could easily win the league, or miss out on playoffs altogether.

I should have waited to post because the next day Bournemouth and Derby drew 0-0.


I don't like how close this is but my God does it make my thread entertaining.

We win this game then surely Playoffs are the bare minimum. We need to leapfrog potentially 3 teams if Swansea win game in hand. We play one of them at least.


Swansea don't win their game in hand. Meaning they go onto 77 points.

I won't do goal by goal updates for all the games because there are simply too many. We were shocking against Brentford in the reverse fixture so I'm not going into this game expecting a win. It will be tough. I'm predicting a draw. We are the late game as well so we will know what a win can do for us.

A win and we leapfrog Bournemouth into 3rd and stay 1 point off Portsmouth. But more importantly open up a 9 point lead over Brentford.

5-4 at the break! Yellow cards that is and I'll be amazed if this finished 11 aside.


Well my prediction was right but it shouldn't have been. We were punished for not getting the 2nd goal. Very frustating because we just aren't learning our lessons.


Opportunity missed. 

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Gameweek 42

I'm still annoyed at the lack of concentration this team has. 

Blackburn away next. They are 8th place so this will be far from an easy game. Luckily we are still only 3 points off 2nd and with a better GD so we still have hope but what a massive opportunity missed. I think catching Palace and winning the league has gone but if we finish 2nd I won't care.


Huge win for us. We learnt from our mistake against Brentford and put them away although we had to wait for it. Deserved win.

Palace faced Brentford which meant either we would catch up with top or pull away from 7th.


I think I would have prefered the other result. But I suppose it keeps another team in touching distance.

Bournemouth at home to Birmingham should be a win for them.


They were 2-0 down and still came back, was annoying seeing the goals go in.

Swansea still keep up with us as well as Derby both had winnable away games.


Late goals are going against us!

Portsmouth had probably the hardest game out the others.


Finally a result which goes our way!

It means with 4 games to go the table looks like this at the top...


3 points separating the top 6. Our GD is looking healthy but Bournemouth have scored 94 goals this season. They will hit 100 no problem. 

Next up just the small matter of Bournemouth away.

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10 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

smash Bournemouth away, go top, profit!

Truth be told I’d be happy with a point! I purposefully didn’t play it last night because I didn’t wanna be annoyed before going back to work today :lol:. Hoping to get the season finished (promotion) this afternoon!

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Gameweek 43

Promotion is in our own hands. We still have some very tricky games left this season but the hardest is next.

Bournemouth away. We can't go into this game expecting a win but if we can avoid defeat then I'll take it as a plus.


Palace should win but look at the other fixtures. This could be a week that changes the Championship promotion race.

I'm not confident against Bournemouth, lets go take control.


I said I'd be happy with a point and happy I am. They missed a penatly at 1-0, huge turning point. Both teams could have won it but a draw was the fair result.


Palace had a scare but did enough to win. No surprises there.


The best result here keeps both these teams behind us. We still have a 6 point lead over Brentford with 3 games to go. 


Big shock here as Portsmouth have absolutely diddled themselves.

It means with 3 games to go the league table looks like this...


Surely Brentford are going to be the team to miss out. Palace I think have ensured promotion. Just pick 1 from 5. 2 points between everybody. We play Derby next at home. One game at a time!

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Gameweek 44

3 games to go. 2 days in between these fixtures. Its the same for everybody so no complaints.


Portsmouth go to 23rd place Birmingham while Brentford host 22nd place Rotherham. At a normal stage I'd say easy wins but Rotherham are still fighting for survival while Birmingham have nothing to play for. Strange things happen towards the end of the season.


Palace go to 20th place Preston who are still fighting for their lives and just look at that fixture at the bottom. 2nd takes on 3rd with 4th hoping they draw so they can singlehandedly leapfrog them both. 

Derby at home is far from an easy game and if results go a certain way Derby could find themselves 2nd at the end of the day.

Bournemouth have by far the best attack and we only conceded the one. Derby have by far the best defensive record. We will need to be at our best to breach them.


It was a game that really swung both way and once again its hard to argue that the draw wasn't the fair result. Its a point that doesn't help either of us really.


Another comeback from 2-0 down and another late goal which just goes against us. Really starting to think that top 2 place wasn't meant to be.


Palace just can't seem to pull away but benefited from our point.


Brentford couldn't take advantage of the slips and it looks like they will be the unlucky team to finish 7th.


Jesus Christ Swansea! They have had a 9 goal swing go their way in 2 very tricky games.

It means with just 2 games to go the table looks like this...


Brentford can still get there. We need a lot of help. We need to leapfrog 2 teams still and that Swansea GD is too big to get back over 2 games. They need to drop points in both games while we need to win both games. We have Cardiff away next which is not a straightforward game.

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Gameweek 45

2 games to go. I don't think we are going to do it. There has been so many things that could have gone either way and it seems all of them have swung against us.


Crystal Palace will play on the Friday. If they fail to win that game then we can reel them in, the most teams we can still overtake the better at this stage.


Birmingham gave Pompey a scare but have to see Derby winning that. Luton currently sit in 12th but after that 5-0 drumming will Bournemouth be reeling? Brentford need to win and hope results go their way in order to into the final game with a chance of playoffs. Bristol City are our last game they currently sit in 14th. Cardiff are 13th but it will be far from an easy game.


The late game for Pompey is 10th place Barnsley. 


Our hopes rest on winning and QPR getting anything from Swansea. Absolutely anything.

Lets at least take it to the final day!


We can no longer catch Palace. Its 2nd or playoffs.


We weren't even close to being good enough here. We didn't register a shot on target until the 70th minute and that was a sitter that the future Bayern Munich striker bottled. He doesn't stand a chance over there and if we play like this in the playoffs neither do we.

Well its been a bit of an anticlimax. Offically we haven't secured the playoffs but with a 3 point lead and a GD difference of 9 if we don't make the playoffs I will never be playing this damn game again.

The only thing that makes this bearable is because we are so close it really makes no odds where you finish. 3rd doesn't have an advantage over 6th. The playoffs are going to be too tight all call all the way through.

Something else has happened as well that I wasnt expecting...


This guy has gone. I didn't think it would go straight through! I thought I'd have him until the Summer. Al-Wahda came in and offered 7m for a 30 year old striker who has been a bench warmer. I couldn't turn it down!

So its playoffs. Way too many draws this season that's been the problem. Just one more game to go. Lets finish on a win and take some momentum into the playoffs.

Leagues all around the country have finished as well. I will get this game out the way then do a roundup.

I say this with the upmost of respect 


But f*** this f****** game.


Well the game tried its hardest to screw me. Even made Brentford beat Bournemouth 6-1...yes 6-1.


So in the end it's playoffs only just. 

In the last week of the season I've lost both games, lost my top goalscorer for the rest of the season, sold my back up striker because I didn't think it was going to happen until the summer and now will be without the defender I'd say has been the most consistent through suspension. 

Oh and we have Portsmouth in the playoffs who beat us home and away this season with an aggregate of 3-0. 

Can't wait.

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2027-28 Review


It wasn't meant to be for Kingstonian and for the first time in a while we have nothing to look forward to in the National League South. Enfield might as well have not bothered!


Dag and Red fought hard but will have to settle for playoffs. Barnet did well to get a playoff place. Always seem to get there, is this their year or will Crawley make it 3rd time lucky? Hampton and Richmond finish with a solid mid-table place. Welling back down. Wealdstone very disappointing. Luckily Bromley survived. Means there will be 3 in the National League South next season at least.


Amazing season for Dulwich, they only just miss out on Automatic! Can they do it in the playoffs? They have a brilliant record. AFC Wimbledon will be disappointed but Sutton won't be. No worries in this league which was good. Fingers crossed another can join.


Not bad for Charlton in the end. Safe mid-table position. Now build on it.

Easy to overlook the Championship following the disappointing of how the season ended but Palace are back in the Premier League. We are back to 5 up there. Fingers crossed we can make it 6!


West Ham are safe thats all that matters.

So we have 3 divisions with London clubs in the playoffs. I'm not hopeful in the slightest but stranger things have happened!

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So after a long season it will all come down to the (hopefully) next 3 games.


For Barnet it was more of the same. Playoffs and then disappointment.

And then there were 3.


And then there were 2! Disappointing end to the season for Dag and Red who sacked their manager straight after the game! Harsh!

Its looking like there could only be 1 promotion this season.

We are up next. I don't want to do this!

I want to avoid defeat...


And this is a good start! Ready has had a poor end to the season but we are resting a lot of hope on him and he gives us the lead.


Dreamland. Ben Johnson the WBL with a brilliant volley. Absolute dreamland.


We had a brilliant first half. If we can avoid conceding this will be brilliant.


It was all going too well!


We take a lead into Fratton Park. Big result. We lost the away game 2-0 which would be a disaster. We deserved this win though. Lets take the confidence into the away leg.

Bournemouth Derby finished 0-0 so its still up for grabs there!


Dulwich love a playoff! Can they hold on?

The big question is can we? We can only field 6 out of 7 subs. 

There is no away goal in the playoffs. Basically a draw or better and we are there. Anything else and its either extra time or we are out.


Ben Johnson! 2 in 2 in the playoffs and Fratton Park has been silenced. Huge goal. It means we need to concede 3 times if we are being knocked out in 90 minutes. I'm still nervous!


We are good value for the lead despite it coming against the run of play. 

Derby are 2-0 up at half time in the other game. Gap of 2 in both games. Massive 45 coming up.

The key is not conceding early.


The score hasn't changed but the number of men on the pitch has. We are down to 10 with Ekland the CB being sent off. This is gonna be a rough second half.

25 minutes to go and we have one "Get out of jail free" card...


And there is goes. Its going to be a horrible last 10 minutes with stoppage time.


This game is cruel. There's only one winner from here.


Scenes! Absolute scenes! Can we hold on?

Derby won 2-0 by the way.


Absolutely unreal. We did it! We are in the Final. I don't think we have much of a team left with suspensions but we are there! 90 minutes away from the Premier League.

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23 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

The Derby game in the run up to the playoffs was a draw! Don't know if my finger nails can take it ! 

Not going to lie when that 94th minute equaliser went in I was ready to walk!

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Playoff Final

So here we are. 90 minutes from the Premier League, the richest game in the World. Our defence has been suspended out the final though and potentially one is on International Duty. Its not going to end well.

There is a massive 17 days gap between which gives some players a chance of recovery at least.


Dulwich are doing exactly what I wanted to do with Hampton and Richmond a lovely steady rise up the leagues. They are 90 minutes away from League One football. 


This is scary.

This game is massive. Financially speaking its huge. We need this. I've made 22m from transfers this season and we are still in deep financial trouble.


The Premier League has finished. All 4 teams have survived. That's all that matters!

So against Derby this season we have lost away 1-0 and drew at home 2-2. I would make us the underdogs. But I thought we were against Pompey as well.

2 players have been called up for the European Championships but luckily they don't go till after the Play-Off Final so thankfully it won't be a bug that screws us.

So after 46 games, 2 playoff games and a lot of twists and turns and swearing and cheering...here we go.

We play in white despite being listed as the away team...literally unplayable.


Well as starts go it could have been better.

27 minute and its another Derby chance. We aren't in this game at all and I'm worried.

38th minute and Derby have a freekick which goes wide. They look dangerous everytime they go forward. Fulham just haven't turned up.

44th minute and we should be level. Scott is through he hasn't been playing well at all and is only in because there is no other option and he misses a glorious opportunity. Fulham's first chance and it should have gone in.


Its been coming. This game looks over already.


Not a single complaint from the Fulham fans they haven't bothered to turn up to their biggest game in a decade and the manager cannot be happy at all.

67th minute and its been more of the same really. Fulham have another chance which is saved. The corner wasted. 

Derby winning this game and without really getting out of 2nd gear.

75th minute and Derby should be 3-0 up. It won't matter but that really would have put the game to bed.

85th minute and there's only one side who look like scoring and it isn't Fulham.


So this is how the season ends not with a bang but with the most pathetic whimper I've ever seen.

Feel sorry for Pompey are absolutely wasting a place in the Playoff Final.

I've never been more deflated after a loss before. We were shocking. Its what if. What if we didn't have to make 4 changes thanks to injuries and suspensions.


Barnes 100% my favourite player on the side.


Moment to forget. No arguements here!


I thought it was going to be much worse than this so I'm happy. Finance page said 300k so thats a full player better. We need at least 1 Striker and a Keeper. They are my priorities in the Summer. Hopefully able to bag a free agent or 2!


We knew this was coming. Promotion next season or else. I think financially I agree with this.



Well done. I love this kid the fact I got him so cheap is brilliant. I really hope we can keep him.


The good news keeps coming!

So Dulwich have their final. Can we end this post on a high?



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On 06/01/2020 at 22:54, Mandy42 said:

always next year!

That there is. I'm more optimistic than I thought I was going to be. I don't fear anybody who came down!

On 06/01/2020 at 22:43, Nobby_McDonald said:

Not a good finish. I know that playoff feeling!

Just a shame we didn't perform in the slightest. Hopefully automatic next season. I think we can do it!

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State of Play

So I think it's pretty much the worse season we have had for London Clubs. The state of play looks like this...


Actually looking at it like this it wasn't horrible. We went back upto 5 Premier League teams and only had 2 meaningful relegations. It was a nothing season really.

Best case (realistic) scenario for next season. We get Automatic Promotion while Brentford win the playoffs. Charlton stay up but challenge for playoffs. One or maybe even 2 teams get to at least the League Two playoffs. Barnet finally get promoted and at least 1 of the relegated National League South teams bounce back. And no Premier League relegations!

Worst case (realistic) scenario for next season. West Ham and Crystal Palace struggle, QPR go down and nobody goes up. Charlton go down. Sutton suffer from 2nd season syndrome. Bromley go down. Nobody comes up from the National League South.

Take your pick.


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Off Season 2028/29

First bit of news...


This won't stop us hosting the London Cup!

I've made an offer to have the Arsenal boys on loan again. A CB which would mean we don't need to look for a new one and a CM who played well and would be free of wage.

I need a ST and a GK. They are 100% my priority.


CM doesn't want to come back. This isn't the end of the World as I feel CM is a position we are fairly strong at.


One out of 2 aint bad and its the one I wanted so I'm happy. 

I have plenty of wage free so I'll be looking at FA closely.

New loan signing incoming...


From Liverpool he looks very tidy indeed. Comes with a heafty wage but if he bangs in 30 goals then it will all be worth it!

I'm going to be giving a young striker more game time this season as well. I also have an eye on a free loanee from Arsenal.


Championship opposition in the League Cup. We haven't played anybody lower than the Championship in any competition since I took over Fulham.


The expectations are there. Simple. Promotion or else.


I would lie and say I went for a different tactic with the London Cup this year but I actually made a mistake. Should have been a League again but oh well. Chelsea are back because they won it last season. Seems fair.


Love this guy!


Sam comes to us for free. Can't complain. No brainer.

I didn't want to but I've renewed the Keepers loan for another season. I feel If I had Dan Cole for the season we would have gone up but honestly there was nobody I could get.


I also bought a back up. 300k but we needed 1.

I think I'm pretty much done. Transfers in. This team is probably very similar to last season. Fingers crossed we have that 30+ goal striker.

Coming up the preseason, odds and an upto date view of the team.

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hope its not a 3 and an 0 goal striker.... 

and I know that Sam Roberts is free an all, but isn't 16 first touch a waste if you then blaze it into the stands with finishing 10? :P 

positive vibes ;) 

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4 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

hope its not a 3 and an 0 goal striker.... 

and I know that Sam Roberts is free an all, but isn't 16 first touch a waste if you then blaze it into the stands with finishing 10? :P 

positive vibes ;) 

But but but but he’s free! I’m already annoyed at the missed 1v1s. 

42 minutes ago, kidthekid said:



Yeah pretty much :ackter:

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Preseason was fairly quiet to be honest. Friendlies and a few loans out but nothing major.

We started with the tour of Switzerland.


We dominated all 3 games but fell short against Basel despite them having 10 men. They scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes!

We played Barnet inbetween the tour and the London Cup beating them 3-0.

I was annoyed I messed up the London Cup but at least it was something...


We reached the final on a penalty shootout where we will play Chelsea. At least it means we will finish Runner Up....again.


In Football Manager logic our loan on striker Paul-Alexandre Cargol was 6th favourite to win the best player award...he wasn't even in the top scorer list with Aaron Ready being our best shot...at 70/1!

West Ham managed to grab 3rd in the London Cup beating Brentford 2-1 after scoring a last minute winner.

A last minute goal went in during the Final! 


But it mattered not. Chelsea will be back next season to defend. We lost by a smaller margin this season so baby steps!

I want to show you something because I can't remember the last time (if at all) I've seen it during this save...


We are in the plus financially! The 22m I raised in Transfers last season made a massive difference. It gives me a few more years without worrying. Of course I still believe the board will fire me if I don't win promotion this season.


Kenzo on loan from Arsenal for the second season in a row is up there to be the best young player. He was very good last season and I'll go into a bit more depth when I do my First XI post.


While we have the money I might as well take advantage!

If you have a lovely follower of this thread then you might have noticed that I'm a little paranoid about my strikers...


I got another on loan from Arsenal...for nothing so he's not a risk in the slighest.

I now have like 5 strikers. I am a little obsessed.

It just means I'll ship my young striker off ready for next season.

Couple more friendlies and we are ready...


I stuck the last one in for confidence. I think it might work.

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Squad 2028-29

This is my 9th year and this is what the team looks like heading into a make or break season I think.


You have already seen the new guy I bought. This is the loanee from Chelsea.


He's better than he was last season but not by loads. We didn't do well after we lost Cole. This guy will have to do this season but a new Goalkeeper needs to be my priority next season regardless of which league we are playing in.


No new defenders but here are the main 4.


On loan from Arsenal and a steal at the wages we are paying. He has good attributes in all the right places. 38 games last season 6.90 average. Solid.


Another solid defender, cost us 1.9m last season. Finished with a 6.90 average over 40 games. 


I love this guy. He plays CM but then LDM when needed. He missed the entire playoffs through suspension and was a massive loss. 7.06 average over 44 games in the league with 5 goals to his name and 4 POTM.


More than capable back up. We have a lot of suspensions so he will see a lot of game time. 37 apperances last season 6.87 average.

Defensive Mids


On the Left. Turned down a big bid for him in the Summer. He's more than happy to stay which is good for me. Missed some of last season through injury, hoping its just a one off and he can stay healthy this season. 7.07 average in 32 games last season with 6 goals and 7 assists. He's a very good player for us.


If I could have this guys virtual babies I would. Bought for 33.5k he was last seasons Championship player of the Year. Average of 7.35 in 37 games. We missed him when he was injured. Hoping for a full healthy year with this man God.


I would call the DMR my weakest position. This guy had a great two games against Pompey in the playoffs. Missed a good chunk of the season through injury. Average of 6.86 last season.


This guy might be the starter to be honest. I turned down a 7m big for him in the Summer. I like him. Only 26 apperances last season because he also missed through injury. Average of 6.85 with 3 goals and 2 assists.



This guy went from fringe to one of first names on the team sheet. 7.01 average in 34 games 4 goals 6 asts.


We are steady in not spectacular in the midfield. Matt always steady. 6.90 average in 25 games. He's in and out the side. 


Lewis is probably the starter. 6.93 average last season with 4 goals in 30 apperances. 


You have seen all the strikers bar one because they are all new signings!


Ready had a tough start but brilliant end to the season. Finished with 13 league goals in 42 games. Not great really but 11 assists to go with it and an average of 7.09. He's going to be one of the starters. 

Overal I think the squad is pretty much the same as last season. As mentioned absolutely loads I'm hoping the difference can be the strikers. 30+ goal striker! That's all I'm asking for!

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So what to the bookies make of the year ahead.


Last year was 8th. This year is 8th. I'll take it. I think we should be challenging for the automatic, I mentioned I wasn't worried about the 3 that came down and those 3 are all predicted to finish above us! QPR look like they are in for another year of struggle. Just survive. Hopefully Millwall can challenge and Brentford as well. Only the 4 this season. Hopefully next season it will only be 1. (2 if we are being ambitious with Charlton coming up).

Lets drop down.


No London Club came up so its the 3. Wealdstone predicted to be up there challenging for a return. Welling are down in 16th but have a better chance of going up than we do according to the odds. Kingstonin 13th. Its close to call. I think anybody from 19th up could potential challenge for a top 7 place.


Crawley need to get our of this division ASAP! But I don't care if they do or not...Barnet there or thereabouts as always. Dag and Red and Hampton will have hopes of a playoff palce. Bromley, like last season its all about survival. Fingers crossed we don't lose anymore after last season.


Not looking good in League Two. Sutton after last season are predicted to struggle as are Orient and to an extent Dulwich who were only a penalty shootout away from League One. Hopefully AFC Wimbledon can bounce back and get back to League One.


I've sort of decided that Charlton are going to be my next team so really they just need to survive. Chill in League One. I'm coming.


Huddersfield won the FA Cup last season. We kinda need them to go far to help Palace stay up. Everybody else should be fine but West Ham always find a way to make me sweat!

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August 2028

I've never lost an opening day fixture!


Home to a recently relegated side is probably hardest opening day fixture baring the Hampton and Richmond League Two fixture...which I somehow managed to win...5-1 I think it was.

I'm ready. Lets do this!

We have 2 players on International Duty for the opening game including our star striker on loan from Liverpool. Lets make do.

I'll show this before the start of the season as I normally don't bother...


Everything is green which can only be a good thing.


I agree 100% I just felt I needed a back up keeper and James Trafford was the best at the time. 

Right enough of this...lets get to the opening game...can I make it 9 unbeaten in opening day fixtures or am I massively jinxing myself?


Well that was a horrible game. Both teams were terrible and it was only via a penalty anybody was going to score. That being said 3 points is 3 points against a team who are favourites to win the league. Great win and a great start to the season.

Preston away next. Don't know how good teams are but any away game fills me with dread!


It not the length that worries its the fact its happened at all. I don't want him to be injury prone. 


But at the moment the list is speaking for itself.


More injuries during training. Not great start.


Sigh. Will never know how we didn't win this game never mind lose the damn thing. Can't dwell. The performance was more than there, one of the best performances we have put in. Just didn't get the finishing touch,

Reading in the cup next. Honestly don't care. No money in it. Will be making changes. We have QPR at home in the league days later and that will be the priority. Only thing that worries me is the board expectation.


Good win. Good performance. Into the second round we go.


Bit of a crap draw and another fixture to play this month. I don't think I'll be playing the strongest side. Still no side lower than the Championship in any draw with Fulham.

QPR at home next. We need to bounce back from the loss with a London Derby win. If we carry on playing like we have done we should be fine.


Cagey game. We got the early goal and from then it was an even game. Think we just about deserved it but it wasn't fun watching.

We need to build on this, Sheffield Wednesday next who haven't scored a goal all season so far...I know where this is going.


Great win really. We were the better team and the goal came against the run of play. Very happy with the second half and the win.

Brentford away next and this is big even this early. They are top 4 wins from 4. They destroyed us in this fixture last season so I'm not hopeful.


Wow that game took years off my life. We were brilliant up until the sending off then the game changed understandably. We were hanging on massively but defended brilliantly. Massive win and a huge statement to make.

Middlesborough back to back next. First away in the cup. They are currently top of the Championship so I need to focus on the league game meaning there will be changes ahead of League Cup. Expecting a loss here.

Ready is ready! Worse case scenario here is Extra Time. Id rather lose.


Well shows what I know. League Cup goes straight to penalties. Didn't know that. Good to see 3 out of 5 penalties missed and 2 of them being p****** strikers!

Not going to lose any sleep. In fact we went to the league leaders and got a point I'd be happy with that in the league. Lets stuff them at home next!

7 goals this season in all games. 7 different goal scorers. I just can't find that prolific goalscorer!


Getting sick of the same s***. 3 subs made. Injury. Just at the point where we were on top after making it 2-2. They go on to win. Getting absolutely sick of it.

Table looks like this...


Boro aren't staying up there. The luck will run out for them. We haven't played badly at all this season but of course the game can't let us win all the time so we see 2 defeats on the board. Millwall better pull their finger out soon.

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September 2028


On paper this could be a good month. Cardiff away will be tricky but we could win all these games. We won't. Something will happen. Something always happens but the chance is there.

International Break first. Can't wait to see who gets injured this time.


There are good points and bad points. This is a good point. Even game, neither side deserved to lose. Happy with the point.

MK Dons at home next. Turned into a must win, get out of this mini tailspin.


All the action in the first half. We kept pulling away but MK Dons kept clawing their way back. Good win in the end. Expected.

Bournemouth at home next. Another team who were up there last season although a little disappointing so far this season.


Get in! We deserved to win and the late winner makes up for the bad luck we had against Middlesborough. Scott right place right time boom!

Reading away next. We need to be better in these games. Away to mid-table teams.


No consistency except how much I hate this game. Gives with one hand then takes away with the other.

Wigan at home next. Lets finish this month with a win.


Absolutely outstanding stuff.


We got the win but it comes at a price. Good win and it helps the goal difference. Broken Leg is a massive blow. That being said I'm really glad I didn't cash in on Cody when I could. He will have to step up now as the starter for the season.


Mark my words Boro aren't stopping up there. We are in touching distance of the top 2 that's all we need to be for now. I'm not bothered about winning the league, hell not bothered about top 2 as long as we go up!

First look this season at how the London Clubs are doing.


Wealdstone are we would have expected to see them near the top. Welling and Kingstonian still up there battling for the playoffs.


Dag and Red have pikced up where they left off with a good start. Bromley surprising challening for a playoff place. Barnet are the same distance from playoff as they are relegation. Don't like seeing Hampton and Richmond in the bottom 4 but its too early to be panicking.


Things looking good in League Two. AFC Wimbledon challenging for automatic. Sutton up there is a nice surprise and Leyton Orient and Dulwich are only 3 points off the playoffs. Keep it up!


Charlton are closer to relegation than the playoffs but a nice midtable place at the moment.


Very early days in the Premier League but so far so good. Worth noting a London Club hasn't won the League during this save yet. Chelsea being the last team in 16/17 season.

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October 2028

I've figured out why my seasons tend to fizzle in October/November...


Because they pull ridiculous schedule's like this! 3 away games in a row! Pull the other one yeah!

International Break first before big game. 3 away games but once again on paper all winnable.


That's gone quick!


Huge result and a brilliant 100th in charge. I thought the game was lost after the red card followed straight away by a very unlucky own goal but we kept going and grabbed the winner. Huge result.

We go to Luton next who sit in 21st. Chance to string some wins together here.


Absolutely brilliant win. We were dominant from start to finish. Robertson has been outstanding this season so far. Starting to turn into a brilliant signing.

Blackburn away. We had a big win here last season, lets get another.


A hattrick...from a striker....pinch me! We were brilliant here. We seem to have found our feet these past 2 games. Normally means crashing back to Earth next.

We are away again this time its Bristol City who are a little bit of a bogey team for me. They sit 16th. I said on paper it was a month of winnable games. A full house would be huge. Although we are without 2 out of 3 starting CB's.


Its been a month of landmarks!

2 players injuried and 3 suspended means we can only have 4 players on the bench. Didn't realise just how thin our squad was. We are threadbare and I don't hold much hopes of getting anything.


With everything as it is going into that game a point is a great result but conceding when we did thanks to a defensive error by somebody who is only there because Gough decided to play silly beggars is frustrating. We have a problem and I think harsher fines are needed for next season.

So 500 up this is what I've done...


Not great. Not bad, Middle of the road. Hoping to turn that Promotions from 2 to 3.

League table looks like this after an unbeaten month.


Opportunity massively missed with that late goal but the top 3 have a mini cushion and its looking good. I'm liking the gap between us and 7th. Still a lot of football to be played though.

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November 2028

October passed without worry. Into November. Normally its either or for the month to destroy the season!


Pompey away is obviously the massive game this month. Forest at home is big as well, on paper though win the home games. 

Nice to start with some awards...


He's had a brilliant season so far.


Just the 3rd. The winner was Millwall manager Brendan Rodgers!

Hull at home, this should be 3 points no drama's.


Job done. Little drama after Hull equalised out of nothing but really straightforward win to start the month.

International Break before the big game away to Pompey. Last time we visited was the 2nd leg of the Playoff Semi Final. My heart can't take the same drama here.


I mean he's been suspended for 4 games after his second red card of the season. Now we are going to be without him for another month. I'm going to turn training into non-contact!


Good solid point here. Keeps us ahead of Pompey. We were probably the better team but can't really argue with a good point.

Rotherham at home next. Another game that should be a win with no dramas.


Well it was a win but I'd hardly call it drama-less! Having to come from behind and finish the game with 10 men is rough, but we did it. 

Onto the next game. We finish the month at home again against Nottingham Forest. They came down last season but I don't fear them. Could end up eating those words.

I've had to turn down an 11m bid for Ready. Don't want to lose him. He's our only semi consistent striker!


No good having all those shots if you can't find the target with them. 2 points dropped here. Disappointing way to finish the month.

It means the league table looks like this...


Unbeaten in 9 but some disappointing draws. I mean not as many as Pompey but we could be out of sight really! That 9 points gap over 7th fills me with joy though. Looks like no London club is going to give me worries about going down at least. Brentford battling for a playoff spot with Millwall there or thereabouts.


Wealdstone are where they need to be. Welling in a playoff place. What you betting they finish 10th. Kingstonian down in 16th but only a stone throw from playoffs. 14 draws in 24 games! Crazy.


Barnet in the usual space. Look at Hampton and Richmond go! Battling for a playoff place as are Dag and Red. Bromley down where they were predicted, fingers crossed they can survive again.


Things are looking good AFC Wimbledon where they wanna be. Sutton still challenging for a playoff place which would be a brilliant result. Leyton and Dulwich both midtable closer to playoffs than relegation. Shouldn't be in trouble.


Charlton are the right end of the table pushing for a playoff place. Brilliant stuff.


Palace with only 1 win but still in touching distance. Still long way to go in all leagues but its not looking bad for London teams.

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