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  1. It really makes it hard if teams don't invest in their facilities when you're trying to upgrade a nation
  2. I've played FM for 4 years but i've never had to concern myself with this as i've only ever worried about developing my own club but now i want to develop a league. I hope this still applies to Fm14, Do AI clubs upgrade their training and youth facilities, as well as youth recruitment if they have the finances to do so? I'm managing in the Malta league and i'm in 2033 and all my rivals still have basic training facilities, one of them has gotten to the Europa League group stages a couple of times so they're definitely financially comfortable
  3. Re playing a FM14 save and came across this gem... Not only really really talented, but also has them long blonde locks
  4. I wonder if Aldershot happen to have an affiliation with the St Vincent club? Very impressive either way
  5. 2 from the same team is nice, India is rare but with Canadian's it's more likely nowadays due to their being a few Canadian teams in the MLS. Alphonso Davies is a good example of this irl
  6. I am considering buying FM19 but i really just would need a save idea to purchase it, and i currently don't have one. I'm probably like a lot of people who have done a lot of the big challenges, I've done the San Marino challenge, i've managed a club in a minnow european nation and got them to Europe, i've managed the club i support, i've managed in the lower leagues of England and risen to the Prem. I've managed in every continent in the game, done the hexagon challenge. Done lots of international management. Managed an easy team in Man United too. Where can I go next? Youth Only doesn't appeal to me as i like signing players , I just feel like i've done all the fun things i can do in the game, obviously there's so much more fun to be had but I just cannot find any motivation to start a save as I can't think of anything that interests me.
  7. Caught up since you joined Westerlo in Belgium. Belize situation is another funny quirk that is keeping the different countries unique and interesting rather than just being the same thing every time! It's funny how a tiny island like Bermuda has 3 leagues to slog through, but glad to see a Sanmarinese player get brought in and start. Ireland's coefficient place is very worrying lol, fallen behind Malta!
  8. Hi, looking at the top one and the 3rd the specs all seem the same except one. the 1st laptop (£599) has a processor number 8250U, where as the 3rd laptop (£639) has a processor number 8300H. would you say this difference in processor is significant in upping my budget 40 quid or is there anything else about the 3rd laptop that makes it better than the 1st? Thanks.
  9. On the previous topic which has since been locked due to this new one i stated that my budget was £500-600. Smurf kindly showed me 2 laptops, as below I haven't managed to grab one yet as since black friday prices were all over the place and i was kinda thinking maybe in January they'll all take a dip again. The first link is now 899, which shows since Smurf posted it it's gone up about 300 quid. The 2nd link is only 479.98, would anyone be able to tell me if the 2 laptops below are really much different? If the differents in regards to FM is only minimal i may aswell go for the cheaper option "It's out of stock and it's not great - I think this would be better https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.GP8EK.003-Acer-Aspire-7-A715-71G-57YT_2156569.html I found this one https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.GS1EK.005-Acer-Aspire-5-A515-51-36BV_2385767.html Seems like it would do the trick - but if other exeperienced users on the forum wouldn't mind weighing in on it. "
  10. Big question here is why did Hannover decide to go over to Bangladesh for a pre season friendly
  11. Considering they struggle to even qualify in real life it's outlandish to me!
  12. Do you mind posting a couple of the best Renegades players? Just wondering how much of a skill gap there is! Any Non-Bahamians in the league out of curiosity?
  13. Andrei Agius has in my opinion been Malta's best player in the last few years performances wise. Well done on the progress, got a lot of good young talent, once you get in Europe I think Hibs and Valletta will stop snatching players from you. Interesting that Gzira aren't even in the prem, they're one of the better teams in the league recently, got europa league football last season
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