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  1. Been gone for ages, this was my first save and found the training and stuff a bit overwhelming having been so used to my long term FM14 save where it was a lot easier.. But came back today The team is just awful, my tactics are awful, I'm gonna get sacked cos there's no way i'm winning 2 games, so i'm just going to resign. Awful start to the save but i'll take a job in the Welsh league or something now hopefully, just want to start a fresh. Disaster. CLUB MANAGEMENT Season Team League Position Domestic Cups Continental Cup Notes 2019 Geylang Singapore PL 6th Prelim, Group Stage NA Took over after we were out of Singapore Cup, 7th in league 2020 Geylang Singapore PL 8th Prelim, NA NA Resigned after 14 games to avoid sack
  2. I wonder if Bologna randomly have a feeder club in Gibraltar?
  3. Go further to what extent? Hasn't everyone provided perfectly justifiable answers to why this interests us
  4. Because in general I have a hobby with following the game in 'minnow' nations and watching the game grow in them countries. For Football Manager reasons, because like people above said, it's rarer, and there's plenty of threads where we can see world class French wonderkids. It also shows an element to the game that's just another example of attention to detail from Football Manager, for me to see out of the blue a Rwandan wonderkid come through from a random Rwandan football league club is fascinating to me and shows that it's not always just about solely scouting Brazil/Argentina etc. There's a reason most mega clubs have academies in most countries in the world
  5. Obviously i don't need 6 tabs telling me about my scouting, is this a glitch or is it just cos it's pre season and none of the other tabs are relevant?
  6. Hi, I'm new to FM 2020 and managing in Singapore, There's only 2 foreign player slots, and yet everyone that approaches me or everyone that gets scouted is foreign. Is there a way i can set one scout to carry on scouting everyone, and one scout to focus specifically on players with Singapore nationality?
  7. That rule is fine by me, the Singapore Cup seems to be quite a unique one, has teams from Cambodia and the Phillipines in it!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, there were much worse places to start.. Is that fine for the challenge then? The two cups would count as two towards the overall challenge? (They both involve top tier sides)
  9. Half Season 1 2019 - Geylang International First season in management complete and here's how it went I took over in July when they were in 7th, and finished in 6th, I just don't know where i can take this team, we have 1 5* player who's leaving on a free as he doesn't want to renew his contract, i can only register 2 foreign players, and the team's depth is awful. Home United, the job i really wanted won the league comfortably which makes it worse, i'll try to rebuild in preseason but don't intend to stay here too long CLUB MANAGEMENT Season Team League Position Domestic Cups Continental Cup Notes 2019 Geylang Singapore PL 6th Prelim, Group Stage NA Took over after we were out of Singapore Cup, 7th in league
  10. So I got my first job in my first ever FM20 save, not only am i learning a completely new squad but i'm also gonna have to learn the game early on. I had a few job interviews straight away but there was one i really wanted. Home United in the Singapore Premier League, as they sat top after 14 games, but alas they were the only team that didn't approach me after the interview. I've instead ended up here A club in the same league but sit lower down in 7th out of 9. There's not much expectation other than to be competitive. Here's my manager profile and game setup, i might need to lower the amount of leagues i've got as it already feels a bit slow. Leagues at bottom are Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and Wales No clue what i'm doing but here goes!
  11. Okay safe to just uninstall then thanks, was just making sure
  12. Hi, I have a long running save on FM14 that i know i will come back to one day, Just bought FM20 and want to uninstall FM14 for now to free up disk space, will i lose my save if i uninstall the game? If so is there a way i can back up this file on my laptop? Thanks
  13. Bought FM20 solely to attempt this challenge, always been a one club man so will see how i fare with being a journeyman. Really hope my Laptop can handle it, i skipped FM19 so i hope all the new training stuff doesn't overwhelm me too much! Will hopefully have an update later with where i'm starting
  14. He looks like a quality player. You tend to get a lot of Angolan's or people from Guinea-Bissau come through Portuguese teams. The best one though is Sao Tome & Principe!
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