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  1. Good to see you back, purely cos you always smash out a random save like this one! looking forward to reading it
  2. Not FM21 but 20, this guy has come up for Malta, looks absolutely class Weirdly he came from Partizan in Serbia, which is random, has no Serbian 2nd nationality, very impressive for 18
  3. Has FM21 been producing any minnow nation wonderkids in your saves? I expect it to become more regular as the game now reflects real life more with more nationalities coming through youth academies in countries like England
  4. Love these kinda saves Can we get some National team updates please? I don't expect them to be doing amazing but the national team must be up there chasing being the 2nd best team in Oceania now. Also can we get updates on how the Cook Islanders who have gone to play abroad are doing?
  5. I haven't played FM20 in a few months but started a new save today in the 11th tier of football I have set my assistant to assign individual training to my players, however none of them have any individual training assignments. If i recall when i previously played the game, there was a button on this screen where you clicked something like "ask assistant to assign individual training" and he'd give all the players an individual focus Is there a way i can do this rather than me having to go through each player one by one and adding them myself?
  6. Didn't know this, so if you win the North American CL you qualify for the sudamerica? Then if you win that do you qualify for the libertadores?
  7. Is it a coincidence that all the players getting poached are Togolese?
  8. I wouldn't say stop posting them, as it's still pretty rare to get the combination of getting the minnow country to show up, and for that player to be a top quality player too Obviously getting ones to come through from low youth rating nations is even more exotic like the one's above!
  9. My one reply per 2 months is back, i'm not very good at these but will try to keep it up. After winning the cup last year i had one goal this year, win the league and get out of Wales and move on... League won at an absolute canter, i've had 3 full seasons at this club now and have a strong fondness with them, did nothing in the cups but i'd already ticked that off.. I also resigned from Rwanda as that was pointless and we had no where near enough quality to compete in AFCON Qualifiers When resigning I honestly thought i'd be able to
  10. Biggest minnow nation so far! What club did he come from?
  11. Just a quick one, I'm in the Welsh league, won the 'welsh fa cup' last season, and there's another domestic cup, which to me seems no different to the FA Cup, has top teams in it etc, am i allowed to count 2 domestic cups in one nation if i win both? I'm also in this bizarre cup this year Would this count towards the challenge too? I dont think i have a chance of winning it, but it's a very weird competition
  12. Hi, would you happen to have a template that i could borrow for your stats please? I'm an idiot with google docs and your setup looks really good
  13. Season 2021/22 - Cefn Druids Season 2 After a ok 6th place finish last season i made big improvements to the team, anyone who's got some form of Welsh knowledge will know that TNS are the giants of Welsh domestic football, so overcoming them in the season would be very tough. Skipping to the final day of the league season - TNS and Barry Town were both sitting on 55 and i was on 53. My goal difference was better than both so if i won and neither of them won i would win the league I won my game 5-1, job done. Barry Town drew 0-0, putting me ahead of them B
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