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December 2028

Lets finish the month with a bang!

I've played a few games and lost a few screenshots because I had to restart my machine. 

I can tell you Robertson won Player of the Month for the second month in a row and I have more news about him coming up. 

First the two games I've played and then the fixtures.


Loved this game. We didn't quite do enough to win despite the 2 man advantage but it was a brilliant London Derby. Both teams had chances, got stuck in and I'm more than happy with a point to be honest.

We played Brighton next, they are midtable but we have to take them seriously as they came down last season but will be better than their form shows.


Fantastic win! Huge win. It was another brilliant game that could have gone either way. It took a brilliant assist from Robertson and a cool finish to break the deadlock and from then we controlled. Massive win!

Its from this game Robertson's agent came to me asking for an improved deal. I wanted to give it but he wanted 13k more than the board would let me give. No chance basically.


We bought him for 3m and honestly I can see us struggling to keep him. I don't want to accept anything lower than 20m for him. He has a nice few years yet on his contract so I won't be buillied into selling him. I have a feeling I might need to make a promotion promise to him.

So the rest of the fixtures for this month.


We finish as we started this month with another crap cup draw. 5 different competitions and we are still yet to draw anybody below the Championship. I fear an early exit. With the promotion push it might not be a bad thing. Tricky month with some tricky fixtures, we have 2 out of the way at least. Back to back home wins next would put us in a brilliant situation.


Had to show the stats on this one. We were awful. Can't have that many shots and only get that many on target. They took their chances we didn't. The high from the Brighton result has completely gone and it feels like we are starting from scratch again. 

Worst part is I accidentally told them I was pleased with the performance despite the result. I wanted to scream at them. Everybody was confused and morale has dipped. All in all a pretty bad day :lol:

Barnsley at home next. We really need to bounce back from that awful result, even more important, Barnsley are now just behind us in the race for that 2nd place. I hate to say I was wrong (even though it happens a lot) but I can't see anybody catching Middlesbrough.

The pressure I'm under this season can be seen with the manager performance rating. We are currently 3rd, 1 point off 2nd and my performance is C+. Tough crowd.


Don't play LB so that's nice and useful. In fact it looks like its going to be a poor youth intake for what we need, unless we use them to sell with high sell on percentages.

Anyway onto Barnsley. We finally welcome back Ethan Barnes. Not expecting much after a lengthy lay off.


Well it won't win any game of the year awards. We were awful in the first half. We picked it up in the second. Probably fortunate to pick up the win but not complaining. The GK and back 3 were outstanding. I've really coming around on GK I think he's made a big difference recently.

Sheff United away next. We normally don't fare too badly against them but can't rely on past results. We need the results now. If we win the gap between us and 7th will be a minimum of 11 points. Lose and it goes down to 6. Big game.


Massive goal. We had a goal disallowed 2 minutes prior. I wa ready to get a touchline ban for it! Luckily Maatsen came up with a huge goal giving us a massive 3 points. We like Bramall Lane even if Bramall Lane doesn't like us.

Bristol City at home next. We are looking for 3 wins in a row to finish the 2028 league fixtures.


So goddamn frustrating. First of all we have 2 injuries before half time, both in the same position. We concede on the stroke. We pull off a masterful comeback. Luke Wilkinson should have been sent off for a second yellow on the penalty but wasn't. They get an undeserved equaliser at the death. Feels like absolutely everything went against us in that game and with other results going our way its a massive opportunity missed. Bristol City are going to be a team I can't stand in real life purely based on this game.

It means at the end of the year the league table looks like this.


Middlesbrough have gone. They are going to run away with this league leaving the rest of us to fight it out for 2nd. I'm happy we are there at the moment. It was a big month and we sort of past it. 21 games left to go so plenty of football to be played.

Month isn't over yet though. We have Millwall away in the cup and with injuries in the same position we are going to be a little thin. I don't want to admit it but I don't think I care...even though its the FA Cup. Priority is promotion. Doesn't mean I don't want to win. I'll just not be upset if we don't. I'd rather lose than have a replay.


We finish the month as we started it 2-2 at The Den. This one was more one sided and we really should have won. Twice in a row we have come back to then lose the lead late. Its not good enough. I'm finishing the year worried because my strikers have gone back to crap. They are missing easy chance after easy chance and relying on the rest of the team to pick up the slack.

We stay in the Cup but it's just another fixture.

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January 2029

It was already a full month but thanks to the replay it just got worse.


Some big games, notably the games against Burnley and MIddlesbrough. Sick of seeing Millwall to be honest!

What we need is an incentive to beat Millwall and go through to the next round.

January 1st



It begins! 20m...minimum.


Well we would get a full house but it would be the end of our journey again.

Lets get the football started. At home to Preston North End. Should be winning this game.


Our top Striker injured for a month is a big loss. How will we survive without his 1 goals every 233 minutes?


All joking aside he did open the scoring against Preston. Should have been more but I'll never complain about a 2-0 win.

Burnley away next. A real test for this side who are being hit by injuries.


Another late goal and a point we more than deserved. We picked up another injury. Not long term but we are that thin at the moment that we are only able to have 4 subs on the bench and one of them is a keeper.

Millwall in the cup next. I might rotate. If we had a game in the next round I thought we could win then I'd try but Chelsea at home we won't have a chance.

I mean I say rotate...make the 3 changes I can.

A transfer bid has come through...but not for who I expected. One of our CB. 5.5m when he's worth 5. Absolutely not. I haven' got the finances to be looking and I don't really want to sell at the moment. I'm hoping for a very quiet January.


2 late goals added gloss but we deserved the win. 

Chelsea in the next round and its another fixture in Janaury. We have hit the board expectation at least. Means nothing if we don't win promotion I fear.

Rock Bottom Sheffield Wednesday at home next. This needs to be a win. We can't be dropping points in these games.


Well if we hadn't won it would have been my fault. I forgot I had rotated for the cup so it wasn't my strongest team and it showed. We were lucky they had a man sent off and we could come back. Nearly a silly mistake to make!

Next up we travel to Wigan who are currently 2nd bottom. Another game we have to win.


Nice to have a game with no drama. Very straightforward win although I'm annoyed at the goal conceded. We need to improve our GD.

Chelsea in the cup next. I'm scared.


We welcome Jamie Steele back to the job free of wage. He will help bulk out the side. He finished with a 7.01 average from 19 games last season for us. I tried to get him at the start of the season but he wasn't bothered. He's made 1 sub appearence in the Carabao Cup for Arsenal this season so he's changed his mind.


This result stings. We gave as good as we good. We were the better team in the first half but Jesus they just ripped us apart in the second. The difference between the two teams was finishing for every chance they took we missed a sitter. We made 750k from that game so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

We can focus on the league now. Away game against QPR. Big game. Hard game.


Getting close to completing all the licences. I'll ask for the next but we are that much in the red I can't see it...


What do I know!?


Absolutely s***. We are just determined to not pull away and make things easier for ourselves. They scored with one of the only shots they had then we spent the game spraying shots all over the place. Simply not good enough.

Middlesbrough away next. The way they have been playing and they way we have been playing I'm not confident of picking up anything. If we have any hopes of catching them we need to win but I think we have more important things to worry about.


Positives. We went to the runaway leaders and drew. Negatives. We haven't scored in 3 games now. The strikers are just constantly letting us down to the point where I've given up hope of them ever scoring again.

The league table looks like this...


We have shot ourselves in the foot the past 2 games. Luckily we are still in touching distance. Only problem now is there are more teams in touching distance. This si going to do down to the wire.


Wealdstone are still plugging away but it looks like its Eastbourne's. Welling doing well in the playoffs. Kingstonian mid-table not in trouble not challenging.


Barnet in the playoffs, Hampton just out. GD the difference. Good finish coming up there. At the other end its just as tight. Ideally Solihull will fill the relegation zone and the London Clubs will survive. We can't have that!


AFC Wimbledon looking good. Leyton Orient still battling for a playoff place. We could still have 2 London Clubs up from this division. Sutton and Dulwich aren't in danger which will do me.


Only a 7 point gap. Lets just keep going eh Charlton.


Ok this is looking good...oh Palace come on! The yo-yo team!

I just have to survive the rest of January without losing any players!

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February 2029

We didn't lose anybody in January, I still reckon losing my keeper was the beginning of failing to get the automatic. We are slowly getting a full strength squad back. Lets kick on this month.


For the third month in a row we face Millwall but there are some real tough games and we face both teams behind us, both at home at least but I'm worried about my strikers. I'm also worried about Leeds after the drumming they gave us.

Brighton up next. They are still disappointing in the league but we can't underestimate them. We played out a good game earilier in the season which we snatched late.


Every so often we will put in a performance so awful I just think "how the hell are we up near the top?" We are in the middle of the worst run since I took over and its come at a pretty crap time. Silver lining? Barnsley, Portsmouth and Brentford all lost as well so its as you were at the top.

Brentford at home next in a massive local derby. I'm not confident at all. We seem to be better away than at home this season.


We just can't buy a win at the moment. Dominating games and still not winning. Sigh.

Leeds away next. Nope. Not feeling it.


Outstanding. Love to see it.


2 goals disallowed one at the start of the game before I was even 1-0 and one in stoppage time. Numerous easy one on ones missed. Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover this.

Portsmouth at home next. I honestly don't know what more I need to do to get a chuffing win! At this point in the save I've downloaded the new beta in the hopes that my strikers might actually start scoring!


Finally! A result which matches the performance! I mean we still hit the woodwork 3 times so I thought it was just going to be another one of those games. Luckily Sam came up and poked home a winner. We needed that badly.

Now we just need to turn 1 win into 2. Rotherham away. On paper it should be a win but with my form and them battling relegation I'm not confident.


I can just feel that automatic promotion getting futher and further away. Once again we fail to take advantage of teams around us dropping points but dropping points of our own. Plenty of chances yet we never looked like scoring.

It may shock you to know we are actually the 3rd highest goal scorers in the Championship. It really doesn't feel like it.

Millwall at home next to finish off the month. Sick of the sight of them to be honest!


Didn't apply for it. But I've attended.

Well I got the job. Turned it down. I'm not done here. I wanted something out the board but they were happy to see me leave!


If there was ever a time to pull out a big win it was now. Nice way to finish the month. Glad to have seen the back of Millwall for the season.

It means after a very testing month the table looks like this...


Funny thing is we have actually caught up a point on Middlesbrough! 4 points behind Barnsley and now a new team on own trail in Sheff United. 9 games to go...one of them is against Barnsley.

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March 2029

We need to build on that win against Millwall, funny thing is we are actually unbeaten in 5. Just doesn't feel like it!


March won't be much easier. There will be 4 games after this month and if we are still in touching distance of Barnsley then I'll be happy! You never know Middlesbrough might be reeled in yet! 

I mentioned I have to play Barnsley again...not this month though.

Forest away. Hard game against a team who came down last season despite them being in 10th. I can see us easily losing this.


Crazy last 15 minutes. I can't argue with the result on the run of the game a point each is fair but these late goals are absolutely killing us. I know we have had a few go out way this season but it just feels like these late goals are why we aren't going to go up this season.

Barnsley and Sheffield United also drew so once again its such a wasted opportunity.

Cardiff at home next. Historically I don't think we do well against Cardiff...in fact we haven't won in 3 against them.




Well that's his season over. Hip injury through wear and tear? Mate you're 21! Massive loss.


So thats both our best players in the same week. Give me a f******* break.


And there's the now monthly 0-0. Absolutely sick of strikers being awful. 9 seasons I've done now and I can't remember the last time I was impressed by one.

Once again Barnsley draw meaning we are still only 4 points behind but once again we miss out on a golden opportunity to catch up points! How many more times are they going to come!

Bournemouth away next. Can't wait to draw it! Nah Bournemouth are 5th so this will be a very trick game and actually a point would be a good result.


I did apply for this job. Just to see what would happen.


Jesus this is just getting frustrating. We are hard to beat but we just aren't winning games. We were the better team here and deserved the late goal. We deserved a winner to be honest. 

6 points the gap with 6 games to go and they have a much better goal difference. It means we basically need to win our last 6 games and hope they drop points in half of theirs. I think its still doable. We just need to grab winners!

Starting away at MK Dons.


Well its something to aim for :lol:

I just want a nice comfortable win here, and preferably Barnsely to drop any points.


Good win as we keep the pressure applied. The difference in GD is 9. We still have to play Barnsley meaning a 3 goal win would be a swing of 6. And they need to drop more points meaning the gap with keep decreasing. I'm not giving up on this until its mathematically impossible.

One more game this month and its Reading at home. But that's after an International Break. Please no injuries!

Youth Intake time!


I like the look of Bryon. 


I think he could be decent enough. 

LB is also decent but will be cannon fodder.

I didn't get the Arsenal job. So now I know I'm not good enough for a top job. Not that I want one.


Lord give me strength.

So we got through the International Break with only 1 injury and it was my keeper...in training...kicking a ball.


I spoke to soon. It looks like we are going to have to start practising with imaginary balls.

We currently have 7 players injured. Highest in the league. 


Job done. Good performance against a decent team. 

It means heading into the final month the league table looks like this...


I honestly was that focused on catching Barnsley I didn't even notice we were only 7 behind Middlesbrough. Too late to catch them but they have really slipped. 6 points with 4 games to go. We play Barnsley second to last game so its in our hands to take it to the final day at least. 


Wealdstone still with an outside chance of winning the league but its looking like playoffs alongside Welling. Kingstonian just a mid-table season.daa71de9789d601e90bfabf9d4d8dab0.png1c815029dcb6612fa5da3eee440ff6bb.png

Hampton and Barnet still battling to get in the playoffs. Fingers crossed they can both make it. Its tight at the bottom. Both teams could survive yet but both could easily go down.


AFC Wimbledon still battling for a automatic promotion place while Leyton still battling for a playoff place. Another decent season for Sutton and Dulwich. Never in danger.


Charlton have dropped. Still a bit of work to do to avoid the drop.


At one point Palace looked doomed. Still plenty of time to claw back. West Ham are safe in midtable. Disappointing season for Arsenal and it seems Spurs are back to their strong self.

One final month. 4 more games. One more big push. I still believe!

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Gameweek 43

There are 3 teams battling for 2 Automatic promotion places and at the moment we are on the outside looking in.

If Barnsley or Middlesbrough drop points here and we win, I might start to believe. If we could chose we would pick Barnsley dropping the points.


Boro face a tricky game against Brentford. On paper all 3 of us have a fairly straightforward run in. Which isn't great for us. I currently live in Rotherham and they are going to have a big say on the promotion run in as well as their own survival.


First blood of the day goes to us. No more goals and we will be 4 and 5 points behind...


Weve been absolutely dominant so of course they go down and score.


The score is the same and thats only thanks to a penalty save! We are still level.


Big penatly miss at Barnsley.

All 3 games level at half time.


As it stands Barnsley are top!


Don't know why I bother getting my hopes up.


Means nothing if we can't grab a winner.


Well the good news is I not longer need to milk the end of the season. The bad news is its playoffs again. Way to many draws. We actually have lost the least amount of games this season. Just not been good enough to turn draws into wins when we are dominating.

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April 2029

No point flogging a dead horse. Here's the rest of April ahead of the playoffs...unless we manage to screw that up as well.

Luton at home next, we need to get back to winning ways ahead of the playoffs.


Good win. Good performance. Too little too late....


Or is it?


We play Barnsley next. 

Worst case scenario...


Sorry...I'm back to milking...

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Gameweek 45

First of all I'm absolutely p***** off. I played this game last night, had a really good detailed highlight by highlight snap of the game. It was a great game 2 penalties and a red card. Came back this morning to finish the post with the final league tables and my laptop had restarted. Everything lost. No idea why. 

So instead of a nice detailed post you're going to get this crap rushed one. 

So in the first game I had a penatly in the 4th minute which was cooly dispatched. Barnsley were the better side and got their own penalty in stoppage time in the first half. 1-1. Second half was more of the same until the 65th minute when they were reduced to 10 men. We pushed in vain and the game finished 1-1. Barnsley promoted. Us demoted to the playoffs.

I used Instant Result to make sure the result was the same. 


I then played Blackburn to finish the season. I used Instant Result the first time because I was 3rd no matter what. It finished 0-0. I was use Instant Result again but just keep the result as once again it doesn't matter.


Well it means nothing really other than more points and I don't equal the record for draws. 

One big thing that has changed however is the playoffs. 2 teams who made it last time haven't made it this time.


It was suppose to be Burnley instead its Bournemouth. 

Full details of how the leagues finished coming up I just wanted this post done!

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Round Up 2028-29

Its playoffs for us. Here's how the league finished.


Bournemouth and Brentford have benefitted most as they missed out at first. Millwall and QPR never in danger of anything.

How about everybody else?


Wealdstone so close. Welling not bad season. 2 teams in the playoffs. Fingers crossed one can go up. Kingstonian mid-table. Pretty much where they were predicted.


Home tie hopefully will be enough to see them through.


Barnet in the playoffs. Standard, Hampton sunk like a stone but at least it was a season that showed promise. Bromley right back down. At least we only lost one. We really need a promise from the National League South to counter this.


Much like Welling a nice home tie to start the playoffs.


AFC Wimbledon did it! Back up to League One. Fingers crossed they can stay up there. Leyton Orient just missed out. Good season for Dulwich and Sutton again. Survival is good.


Charlton survived. 7 points in the end. No worries. 

The Premier League hasn't finished yet but I can tell you that Palace are still alive!

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Playoffs 2028-29

I'm happy with playoffs. Too many draws cost us. We were hard to beat though which bodes well for the playoffs.


All London final? With Palace staying up? A guy can dream!

The board are not happy. 


Harsh because we still have a chance. Promotion is promotion doesn't matter how its done!

Verne is hopefully going to be back in some way during these playoffs.


Barnet are off to go a good start in the playoffs.


As have Welling.


All London Final please.


Going to be tricky for Barnet as they are the "worst" team left.


Well Sam's season is over. He had a good finish to the season as an impact striker.

So its our turn in the playoffs. We need to make sure we go into the home leg still in this tie.


The past meetings since I took over tell me its going to be a very close tie!


Get in! A great run from Ready, he's brought down in the box and the penalty is slotted home by Maatsen. Huge goal.


With 5 minutes to go the hosts are reduced to 10 men. He will miss the second leg. 


Huge win! Gives us a great chance to reach our second Playoff Final in a row.


Brilliant win for Barnet and they are now 90 minutes away from the Football League.


Perfection! All London Final. We are getting a promotion from the National League South.


Brentford have 1 foot in the final! Could we be seeing them there?


Palace go into the final day needing help but its possible. Either way somebody is going to be staying up with a ridiculous amount of points.


The final day fixtures are kind as well for Palace. Lets hope!

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Playoffs 2028-29



Brentford have blown it. Our potential finalist is the team we beat last season in a heated Semi. We need to get through our Semi first though.

A 1-0 lead is a lead but not a safe one, neither is 2-0 apparently.


We started well and got what we deserved! Cargol with a brilliant header.

On the 29th minute Bournemouth finally find the net but its chalked off!

We have been forced to use 2 subs before Half-Time thanks to injuries.


Surely that's it now! Ekland from a corner, lovely header and Fulham are looking good for the final.


Out of nothing Bournemouth are back in the game. It bounced around and fell to a stirker who slotted into an empty net.


Job done! We were hanging on a little at the end but we deserved to go through to the Final!

There isn't a crazy time between the games this year. 11 days. Enough time for fitness.


Welling didn't half make things awkward for himself. Bad loss for them but from a personal save stand point I think its better Wealdstone went up.

Can Palace pull off the unthinkable?


No. A 2-2 draw wasn't enough on the final day. They suffered from the same thing we have, too many draws!


West Ham dropped but were never in danger. Everybody else top 7.


Barnet have finally done it! After all those playoff losses they are heading to League Two! God I hope they don't come straight back down.

It means we only have 3 teams in the National League next season.

Only one thing left to sort out...

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Playoff Final

So it all comes down to this. Its win or be fired. Simple as that.

I can play my strongest side. No injuries, no suspensions, no excuses.


Unbeaten in 4 including that epic Semi Final last season. This is going to be to close to call.

2nd minute - The first real chance didn't take long to materialise. Ekland is in from a free kick but volleys over. Fulham have started brighter.

8th minute - Fulham have another chance but this time force a good save from the keeper.

15th minute - Robertson has a free header on the penatly spot but heads over. Fulham the better side but still 0-0.

17th minute - Pompey break and for the first time they force the keeper into a good save. Signs of life for them.

20th minute - Its been a good game so far as Maatsen forces a smart save from the keeper.

31st minute - Pompey force another smart save from Heatley.

33rd minute - A burst of energy down the wing results in a cross which would be 3 points in rugby. 0-0 but a lively one.

39th minute - First won header from a corner but its blazed over the Fulham goal. Pompey have come into this game and its now end to end.


It was always going to be close and with 45 still to go its anybodies.

46th minute - Maatsen with a shot but he drags it just wide. 

57th minute - Ready should do better. Acres of space in the box he his shot is hit tamely to the keeper. He's not been brilliant.

57th minute - From the resulting save the keeper launches the ball forward and Pompey force a save. Really end to end.

66th minute - A huge decision! Fulham burst forward, a good pass from Ready to the wing. The cross comes up and the Fulham player hits the deck. Its a penalty.

Maatsen steps up.


What a huge save at this point in the final! We remain at 0-0.

67th minute - From the resulting corner Robertson heads just over. 

72nd minute - What a screamer! A goal worthy of winning any playoff final!


Ethan Barnes. Bought for 33k has given Fulham the lead!

76th minute - What a block. Ethan Barnes finds himself with the ball 7 yards out but the Pompey defender puts his body on the line and saves what was probably a goal. 1-0 with 14 minutes plus stoppage time to go.

84th minute - Unbelievable! Its another penalty. The substitute Johnson takes the ball the entire length of the pitch, works his way into the box and is brought down. Maybe a soft penalty but Maatsen has a chance to avenge his earlier miss and surely send Fulham into the Premier League.


Keeper didn't move! No mistake this time and surely Fulham are Premier League bound!

89th minute - Still Fulham attack and its Cargol who hits the post. Not long now.

93rd minute - Hang on!


Great flick on and great composure. This game isn't over. We have 90 seconds left. Can Pompey do it?


Its over!


What a game! No doubt Fulham deserved it. Brilliant performance and what a moment for the manager!

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Round Up 2028-29

Absolutely delighted! We had the goal of promotion or fired and we nailed it. Would have liked automatic but the joys of winning a playoff final is brilliant.



Damn right I gots to get paid!


The biggest the kitty has been since I joined is 3m. I have quite a few positions I need to fill so this money will go a long way. I also have 200k more wage budget than I did this season.




Have I mentioned before how much I love Ethan Barnes?



No arguements here.


Long season ahead but for the first time this save we will be appearing in the Premier League! We need to survive. That's the main thing. 17th at the end of the season would be a great year.

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Off Season 2028-29

We start with a big of surprising news.


Didn't think he was that good to be honest!

So what's the state of play?


We still only have 5 Premier League teams. That number hasn't increased since the start of the save. We now have 15 out the 20 teams in the Football League which is quite good really. We can hope Palace come straight back up and we survive. 

So in terms of transfers, I'm looking for a GK, CB and probably 2 strikers.

I'm happy with my defenders. I think they will be decent enough in the Premier League but I want to replace Varne who I'm not going to be able to afford, unless they are happy with my loaning again which would be brilliant. I need new strikers, obviously. Ethan Barnes, Ian Maatsen and Aaron Ready will be staying and playing.

Our first signing hasn't broke the bank. We pick up a new LWB from Man City. He will be cover for Maatsen. Allowing Gough to stay CB as much as possible. We pick him up for Free (with 200k compensation) at that value I'm very happy.


I'm waiting for Free Agents and seeing who we can pick up. The board want me to sign young players but I think I need some experience in the ranks.

Next signing is a postion we don't need but I couldn't turn it down really!


He will be an instant starter. He comes with a 50% sell on clause which worries me. But if it comes to it I'll buy it off them if his value sky rockets. 3.5m isn't a bad back for him either.

So I am proud of my record of never losing an opening game...


That's going to be tricky to keep up!




Looks normal to me. Win at least 1 game in both cups and survive.


I was expecting this but was hoping it wouldn't happen. Arsenal were a massive help in our promotion chase and I'll miss the link.

I asked but the board don't want a Senior Affiliate. Mistake if you ask me.

We are one of 5 teams 1000/1 to win the league. This fills me with confidence. We just need to be better than 3 other teams.

I am very nervous after what happened with Hampton and Richmond. I'm hoping the Premier League isn't too strong for us.


I have a feeling we are going to beat that again this season.

The London Cup returns for a 3rd season. No Chelsea though as they weren't free.


We extend Cargol for another season. He finished last season with an average of 7.19 and although only scored 12 in 43 games he also assisted 12. I think he's worth a go in the Premier League.


We also extend Sam Roberts because he will cost us nothing. No brainer really. It means we do have 4 strikers although I don't think Scott is good enough for the Premier League.

Next up its time for preseason to begin.

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Premier League

Preseason 2029-30

I have a new/old goalkeeper.


I never wanted to lose Dan Cole so I'm delighted he's back.


Outstanding bit of business. Its one position I wanted to improve and now I feel we have our keeper for the next 10 years. Delighted really.

The London Cup got going. We should be finishing 2nd really.


Well we should have done. Worrying opening friendly really.


Better performance but still same result. We are going to finish bottom of our own London Cup!



Well at least it wasn't bottom but not good enough really.


New CB comes to us for 1.1m. Young with good chance of improvement. He won't improve the first time but I'n happy with the cover he will provide.


I'm very happy with this signing. 1.5m. I've got the strikers I wanted.

I'm hoping I've got the CB I wanted as well...


11.5m and I finally got him. I'm happy with my squad now. Fingers crossed its enough to keep me up!


First I'm hearing about it. Tycoon?! Would be nice but I doubt it.


No massive tests here but a nice preseason. 

I'm ready for the first game!

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2029-30 Squad


You've seen my new starter Dan Cole. Here's my back up.


Same as last season. He played 1 game. The cup game against Chelsea. 


You've seen my two new defenders.


Eklund has improved. 6.89 average from 35 games last season. He will be a starter.


Astley had a good season last year. 7.01 average in 40 games.


I like Gough. He can still improve as well. 6.93 average in 40 games and even scored 5 goals.

Defensive Mids


There is nothing I can say about this guy you don't already know. Love him, signed a new contract, very happy to keep him.


Maatsen I think will be a good player for us this season. 7.01 from 32 games. I'm just worried about his injury pronness.


I wanted to improve this position but it will go on the back burner for now. Its between him and...


Broke his leg last season but I've given him another chance.


You've seen my new signing here.


Probably our best player. Hoping for big things this season.


The two backs up are that interchangable I keep mixing them up.



Big season for Ready. Can he do it in the Premier League?

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2029-30 Odds 

No surprises in the Premier League...


We just need to be better than 3 teams. Huddersfield, Swansea, Boro or Barnsley.


Palace will want to bounce back. Brentford will hopefully challenge for the playoffs. Millwall have an outside chance. Another long season for QPR?


AFC Wimbledon could be set for a good season. Charlton...just hang on...please.


Don't know what's happened with Sutton but that's worrying. Barnet suviving would be a great result. Looks like no challengers at the top.


The National League is stupidly close between all teams. 32-1 but predicted to finish bottom. I can't call it. 


Very similar in the National League South. Although I do like the look of Welling being 2nd favourite. Looks like Kingstonian have had their chance at promotion.

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Premier League

August 2029

Premier League now so short months.


My unbeaten opening game streak will be over. Tricky start, not that there are any easy games at this level.


Gutted. Absolutely gutted. If there's one footballer I wish nothing but horrible things its Dele Alli. Double blow.

Newcastle away next. If we play like we did against United I think we can sneak a point.


Another horrible crap draw in the cup. I can't believe the lack of luck I've had in cup draws since joining Fulham. 


Points are going to be hard to come by this season. This is a good point. Yes we lost the lead twice but honestly we were battered. Its a good point.

We need to make our home games count this season. Everton next at the cottage.


I can imagine most games are going to be like this. We matched them all game and it took a wonder goal from Mason Mount to get the winner for Everton. So frustrating as we have deserved something in all 3 games yet we start our life in the Premier League with 1 point from 9.

We have Leeds in the cup next and honestly I'm rotating. Sick of having crap draws.


The table looks like this to start. We are the best of the 5 crap at the moment because we haven't been leaky at the back. Not going to say solid start but remember we just need to be better than 3 of the other 4 predicted to struggle. Can't see Wolves staying down there.

I've rotated as much as I can against Leeds. We will have bigger fish to fry than the League Cup.


Well go figure. It was a good performance and a good result. Can't wait to be disappointed by the 3rd round draw :lol:


Ok that's not a bad draw. Its a winnable game and it means we could be looking at a 4th round place. I really don't want to take this cup seriously!

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Premier League

September 2029


4 games out of 5 a London Derby. This is what we wanted! Its going to be another tough month. Staying in touch is the aim. 

Tricky start away to West Ham, we can't go into this game expecting anything really.


It's gonna be a long ass season if this carries on. Once again we were in the game throughout, we just don't seem to have that final bit of quality. The OG was easily the worst goal we have conceded this season. Errors all over.

Watford at home, every home game like this has to be seen as the opportunities.

17 days in between games though thanks to Internationals! Long time to wait.


Ok then. Didn't affect me in the slightest!


Huge win! Just before Chelsea and Arsenal in the league as well. We were brilliant, we dominated and deserved it 100%. I feel we have arrived. Massive result considering we should be spanked the next 2 games.

Chelsea away. I'm not hopeful. I've played Chelsea a few times in cups and they have spanked us every time. One day I will win this fixture, it won't be today.


Absolutely amazing point. We were battered. Dan Cole proved why I bought him back. We soaked up a lot of pressure and kicked them to be honest. How big could this point be come May?

QPR in the League Cup next. I will rotate as much as possible. They have just been spanked 8-0.


Well for the second season in a row we go out thanks to penalties. I rotated. I'm annoyed at losing but at the same time don't really care. We aren't going to win it and staying up is the main aim.

Arsenal at home next. We have been brilliant in the last 2 games in the league with our strongest side. But I think this is going to be a heavy loss.


I am speechless. This wasn't a fluke. We were the better side. We even had a goal ruled out for offside. Chuffing VAR. I was worried after the West Ham game that we weren't going to be good enough but wow. What a month its been. 

It means the league table looks like this...


Start at the bottom and just keep going, you'll eventually get to us in 12th! With a massive 5 point gap between us and 18th. I'm not taking it for granted at all, I'm buzzing after Chelsea and Arsenal results. No London Club in the bottom 3, lets face it I'm the most likely.


Tale of two halves in the Championship. Palace started well with Brentford challenging for automatic as well. QPR have been woeful with Millwall not much better. Plenty of time yet.


AFC Wimbledon down in 15th but only 3 points off playoffs. Charlton have been flirting with League Two for years now. Is this the season? 


Barnet have started well. Leyton Orient aren't in and massive danger. Dulwich and Sutton are. Sutton were predicted to be rock bottom so if they still in touch it will be good.


I've shown the relegation zone in every division so far. This isn't good! Wealdstone have started brilliant. Hampton and Richmond! Please! Not like this! Dag and Red also need to pull their finger out.

National League South, you never let me down...


All team up near the top, where they need to be. Good to see Kingstonian back up there.

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Premier League

October 2029

God I hope we haven't peaked.


Short month with 2 big games at the bottom and then a spanking.

Swansea is the first game I've looked at and thought. We should be getting something here. They have been shipping goals left, right and centre. We need to take advantage and build on what was a great September.


Back to Earth with a bang. This was annoying because we battered for up until we scored. We went 1-0 then decided to stop playing. Doesn't help they had 4 shots on target all game and scored 3 of them. Feel a little cheated if I'm honest.

Not even a chance to bounce straight back because of Internationals.

Wolves next and for the second game in a row we are playing rock bottom. Lets hope for a better result to go with a good performance.


What a time to score and what a result. Great way to bounce back from the disappointing of the Swansea game. It was an even game and a point would have been good enough so to grab all 3 is huge.

Liverpool at Anfield next. Unbeaten Liverpool. Pray for me.


Not an awful loss to say the least. It could have been though. There was a disallowed goal, a missed penalty and none of it for me. We were lucky to even be in the game and amazingly we missed a great chance to snatch a point. Happy with that game. Helps the GD.

It means after 10 games the table looks like this...


We have a nice 6 points lead over 18th. Teams behind us are all struggling for form which is brilliant. Still think Wolves and Spurs will be fine and it will be the predicted 5 down there. At the moment so far so good!

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November 2029

If you thought October was short...


November takes the Michael! Big International Break. It means no matter what we shoudn't fall into the relegation zone at the end of November. Shouldn't!

Leicester are mid-table, every game is going to be tricky and this is no exception.


Didn't apply but attended.


We deserved something from this game. We aren't being outclassed we are just doing what we always seem to do and that's struggle to score goals. Last season everybody was chipping in, this season nobody seems to want to chip in.

Stoke away after another long International Break. Not confident.


Oh wow I wasn't expecting that to be honest! Obviously I will turn them down but its good to know I can get that sort of job. Although they are lower in the league than we are!


I don't know if we used up all our luck already but its getting beyond a joke now. Another even game where you could argue we were the better team and we come away with nothing yet again. We even had a goal chalked off for VAR. 

Its one thing if we were getting battered every week but we really aren't.

Means after a short month the table looks like this...


Bad run of form but how we didn't get a win this month is beyond me. We just need to keep going. We are 3 points clear and our GD isn't bad at all. Its essentially 3.5 points ahead at this point. Just need to pick up the odd win and we will be fine.

Short month for us but not for everybody...


Bromley and Kingstonian continue to battle for the automatic promotion place. Welling in 10th but still in with a shout.


Its really not looking good in the National League. Hampton are really struggling and seem to be heading back down to where I brought them up from, completely wasting my time. Wealdstone have some work to do as do Dag and Red.

The whole Hampton thing has made me think that maybe this whole idea is absolutely impossible. As soon as I leave a club are they just going to free fall back down the leagues?


Barnet in a playoff place at the moment with Leyton on their heels. This season could be the final straw in relation to the goal of this save.


Charlton have their heads just above water.


Palace looking good for a return to the Prem, If I stay up it will be the first time this save more than 5 London Clubs will be in the Premier League. Hell Brentford could come up as well and we would have 7! QPR showing signs of life while Millwall continue to struggle. 

I think this season is a make or break season for the future of this save.

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Premier League

December 2029


Some big games this month. Boro and Town. Yes that is back to back fixtures against City, its not a glitch like I thought the first time I saw it!

We start with a London derby against Spurs who have been very disappointing this season. Can we pile on the misery?


Taken out by his own tackle. Sounds about right.


We deserved this point. 100%. We deserved to win really but I'll take a point. Spurs aren't the side they used to be but its a solid point.

8th place Norwich away next. Probably a loss but you never know. Annoyingly we get 1 days rest so I'm really not expecting anything.


For the first time this save with Fulham I am facing somebody outside the Championship! 1st place in League One so it's literally the best team I could have faced outside the Championship but I'll take it. 


We were battered for 90 minutes. It was more of a battering that Liverpool gave us but amazingly we come away with the 3 points. Dan Cole has a thing to show Norwich and he delivered.

Southampton away next, they are high flying so we can't expect anything but its a "you never know" type of game.

We have agreed 2 incomings and 1 outgoing but I'll go into that next month.


Looking like he will miss most if not all of December and thats a huge blow. James Trafford will have to come in and proof his worth.


A good solid away point but it comes at a price. We lost not one but two LWB in that game within 10 minutes of each other. Both out for at least 2 weeks. We are starting to look thin defensive ahead of probably our biggest two games of the season so far.

We host rock bottom Middlesbrough next.  They are without a win all season. Please don't let us be the first.


Another season in the Premier League and we will be in a position to increase the Youth Facilities and get the future of this club without me looking much better.


Fantastic win. We took advantage of some poor defending and silly mistakes from Boro. No wonder they are going down. Means we stay unbeaten in December.

For us to go the month unbeaten we will need to not lose home and away against Man City so don't see it! But we are on track for 40 points and survival.

Next up another big game at the bottom of the league as we travel to Huddersfield.


Damn it! Last action of the game costs us what would have been a massive win. Still a solid point and its keeps us ticking over and the gap between us and the bottom 3 but its a what could have been game.

Back to back games against Man City next means we will be ending the decade on a bit of a downer.


Well this went about as well as expected. Worryingly we have them away next!


We were hammered. Not going to lose sleep was always going to be a tricky back to back to finish the year.

It means we head into 2030 with the league looking like this...


5 points is the difference. If you had offered me this at the start of the season I would have bit your hand off. We are half way to the magical 40 points at the half way point in the league. On course.

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some fantastic results in there! you made it up!

takes guts to not take either the Arsenal or Tottenham jobs!

you just have to battle now, as bravely as I am battling back from man flu!

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14 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Middlesbrough are having a shocker.

My prediction is...they will stay down there. 

I haven’t given up on this save. My living room is being redecorated at the moment and I have no time at all. (fingers crossed I’m not first in the joint save!). 

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Premier League

January 2030

We have a few transfers coming in and out. 

We say goodbye to Matt O'Riley. He wanted a new change and I wasnt going to stand in his way. 11m we got for him which I'm very happy with.

Cody Drameh also departs. He wanted a new challenge, his contract was up at the end of the season so I decided to cash in rather than see him leave for nothing. 

Peter Scott will also depart. He isn't good enough for the side, we are only getting 850k for him but we are seeing 6.5k freed up in wages.

We say hello 2 two new players.


Bouzidi comes to us for 1.2m which I think is a bargain. He will add some depth to CDM although I hate to replace Barnes.


My quest for a 30 goal striker continues. I'm happy with this guy. He set me back 4.3m again a nice bargain. They should both improve the squad greatly.


Straight into the thick of things.

Big games in the league then 2 tricky fixtures then a winnable game to close things out. Its going to be a big month. Hopefully we can either maintain or grow the gap!


It is time...


Get in!


Double get in!


Outstanding start to the month. 


Not happy with the performance. We took the lead then a stupid defensive error let them in. They looks the more dangerous from then. Too many stupid mistakes costing us at the moment.

Rotherham away in the cup. We have a little cusion between us and the bottom 3. I'm going to go for it in the cup but I am going to rotate.

While we have the money...


It will increase the capacity by 2000. Better than nothing.

Another new signing...


He comes to us for 75k and has the potential to be a brilliant defender for us. He will pretty much drive Astley out the squad. We might as well cash in on him before his value drops.

I would start my new signing but he is on International Duty.


Well I wanted a cup run but it seems the players didn't. Absolutely f****** pathetic. Some changes were made and some players have shown me they have no future at this club. Not a single person can come out and say they had a good game.

Most annoying its going to appear on my bio for the next 30 years "famously knocked out by Rotherham".

Swansea at home next and I demand a performance. We have no excuse for not staying up now.


What's the point in having those attempts on goal if you can't hit the damn target!? They scored a wondergoal as per and we couldn't hit a barn door from 3 yards out.

The gap which looked good before the City games is now down to 3 and our next 2 fixtures are Arsenal and Liverpool. Things have turned very sour very quickly and it started with that 95th minute equaliser for Huddersfield.

Another new signing comes in but purely to boost the numbers in a position we have always struggled with.


He will be the new starting WRB and hold us until we can afford somebody better in the Summer...as long as we stay up. I'm not as confident as I was 6 games ago.

Arsenal away next. I really not looking forward to it. They will be mad after the first game.


Well that went about as well as expected. Its been such a hard run and its Liverpool next. We are sinking like a stone!

I have no expectation of getting anything from Liverpool. Even if we were on a decent run it would be nearly impossible.

I have one eye on the final game of the month. Away to Wolves. A proper relegation 6 pointer.


Its 7 without a win now but this feels like a win. Great effort and we had a golden chance to win it at the death. Great point ahead of a huge game against Wolves.


Might as well get the big one done haven't I?


And there we go.

Biggest game of the season so far. Win it and we open up a little bit of a cushion once again. Lose it and we are in deep trouble.


Get in! I was thinking here we go again with the late equaliser but what a response. Striker goals have been worse than ever this season so to get 2 different strikers scoring its huge.

We would have had another game this month had we not crashed out the FA Cup. Starting to think it might be a blessing in disgiuse.

What a massive result. It means the league table looks like this heading into the final 14 games.


Despite the run we have a nice 6 point gap over the bottom 3 although 1 eye is on Swansea. Finishing as high as 15th would be great as I was fully expecting 17th as the best case scenario.

Trickling down...


Couldn't be tighter at the top. Hopefully Palace can bounce straight back up. Brentford still in with a shout of playoffs. At the other end QPR and Millwall still battling for survival. Just as tight down there.


Chalton with their head above water and AFC Wimbledon potentially heading straight back down. Another yo-yo club.


Barnet and Leyton Orient going well. Barnet still with an outside shot of automatic. Need one of these to survive and I don't think its going to be Sutton!


Mid-table and should both be safe from worry but not challenge for playoffs. Hampton are just about hanging on but I can't see them surviving. Complete waste of time really!

Couldn't get a snap shot of the National League South. Kingstonian and Bromley occupy the last 2 places in the Playoffs while Welling are...10th.

Edited by andychar
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Premier League

February 2030

Well January was interesting. Good result to finish but it was a tricky one. We have a 6 point lead over the bottom 3 and if you had offered me that with 14 games to go I would have bit your hand off.


If all we do is beat Barnsley I will be happy!


Fantastic result and a big win. Luckily nothing happened after the sending off. This gives us a huge lead over the bottom 3. 

Another big gap now between games thanks to the FA Cup. Its keeping my players fresh so can't complain. Newcastle next at home a chance to make it 3 wins a row for the first time this season.


I asked for it. Gives me a bit more stability.


This time the red card does cost us. I've had a go at the ref's in the media room because...why not. Could have been 3 but its a point that keeps the number ticking over.

Manchester United to finish the month. Not expecting anything from this game. Luckily we have the gap for games like this.


Pffft replays. What do they prove?!


Well that was painful. Battered from the moment the keeper screwed up for the first goal to the final whistle. Amazingly though we scored and it was Ledesma's first goal since joining in January so hopefully that will be the start for him!

So after a short month the table looks like this...


Swansea are now the team to look out for. Its a nice gap we have but we have seen just how quickly it can disappear. 8 point lead with 11 games to go. We just need to hold on!

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Premier League 

March 2030

March has a feeling of a huge month...


No reason to think we couldn't sneak 2, maybe even 3 wins. If we can then surely survival will be in reach.

First up is a must in against Huddersfield. The last second goal we conceded against them sparked a 7 game streak without a win. I want to beat them badly.


Toothless. Absolutely p*** poor in all areas. 17 shots and only 5 on target is absolutely shocking. They had 3 shots and scored 2 of them. Horrible result. Absolutely terrible.

We better bounce back against rock bottom out of their depth Middlesbrough.

23 minutes ago, andychar said:

Amazingly though we scored and it was Ledesma's first goal since joining in January so hopefully that will be the start for him!


Yep that seems about right. After he missed the last game with a bloody stubbed toe.

Spurs game has been moved due to FA Cup meaning there are only 2 more games this month.


Well to say the early goal and red card helped would be an understatement. Good win nonetheless. 

Southampton at home rounds up the month. They were the 2nd biggest spenders in the World in January so I'm not expecting much but hoping.

Youth Intake time...


These are the only 3 decent ones. Fingers crossed this will improve next season with the facilities increasing.



2 late goals but no more than we deserved! We were brilliant here and if we played like this every week we would be a nice safe midtable team.

That's my month over in terms of games...

And nothing of note happened for the rest of the month. Here's the league table.


We are the 4th best team in London as it stands! Great effort. 10 points with 8 games to go. I'd like to think we are safe but a few more wins are needed.

Trickling down the leagues...


Palace still holding onto the automatic promotion place. Playoffs have gone for Brentford. Notice Pompey nowhere to be seen...ok they are in 9th. QPR have had a brilliant second half of the season and have lifted themselves up and won't be worried about relegation. Millwall however...big 6 games for them.


Charlton a little bit more work to do but looking good. AFC Wimbledon, time is running out for them.


Leyton Orient looking good in a playoff place, hopefully they can hold on! Barnet have dropped but still a good first season back in the football league. Dulwich have improved. Sutton were predicted to struggle and that's exactly what they have done. Back to the National League for them.


Mid-table for these 2. Could have been worse. Hampton are doomed. Back to the National League South for them. Fingers crossed they can bounce straight back up.


Very close in the National League South. Still a great chance we could have all 3 teams in the Playoffs. Still a chance we could have none.

Things aren't looking great. 2 teams 100% down. 2 teams battling relegation and really very few at the top challenging for promotion. If we could get Palace up and have 6 in the Premier Leauge for the first time. Is it enough to call this improvement?

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April 2030

10 points clear with 8 games to go. Surely just a few more wins will be enough. Can we get them in April and make May a meaningless month?


Looking at May's fixtures it would be nice to have it wrapped up. Amazingly on paper the easiest game is Spurs away. There are a few games this month we can look at and think we have a chance of getting something from. Mainly the 3 home games.

Funny thing is if we beat Spurs (despite their rubbish season still a big if) we are only 8 points off a European place!


We were woeful and didn't deserve anything. That being said their match winner was a slide tackle from my midfielder which happened to land perfectly onto their onrushing striker. Getting sick of goals like that going in. Ridiculous.

Hopefully we can pick ourselves up quickly ahead of a home game against Norwich.


We let a 2 goal lead slip and my ass man wants me to sympathise. No f******* chance. Not happy in the slightest. Our lead over the bottom 3 stretches to 11 but we could have been completely out of sight.

We go to Leicester away next and I'm not expecting a single thing.


We made the most profit this year. Helps we came up obviously.


Well you never know what might have happened had Cariou not dived 2 footed from behind before the game was 20 minutes young. Stupid boy. It was never a contest from then.

Stoke at home next. This is a game we should be looking at getting something from. We are 11 points clear with 15 left to play for. Almost there.


Poor game. Probably one we didn't deserve to be honest. But we should have beat Norwich so it evens out.

We still aren't clear yet. Still just that tiny bit of work left to be done. Worrying thing is I can see us losing all 4 of our final games.

Home to West Ham next. They are chasing Europe. It won't be easy. We still have a chance to end the month on the high of survival. Although we play on a Monday so if results go our way we could survive without kicking a ball.


And that's exactly what happened! It takes the pressure off the last 4 games because as I said I can see us losing them all!

I'm going to use Instant Result till the end of the season now get it over and done with.


I'm playing a few youngsters to end the season. Get some players game time. This result is annoying because according to the stats we were the better team but there is only 1 stat that matters and thats 2-0.

End of the month table looks like this...


Plenty to play for at the bottom but we won't be involved. Good thing as our last 3 games are against 3rd, 7th and 8th.

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2029-30 Round Up

We still have 3 games but all the other leagues have reached the playoffs so lets do a little round up starting at the bottom.


Kingstonian miss out but Welling and Bromley will face off in the playoffs. Fingers crossed one of them can go up.


Down without a fight and its back to where they started for Hampton and Richmond Borough. Frustrating. Safe Mid-table for the other two teams in the division.


We were told Sutton were going to struggle and they did. Dulwich recovered for a half decent season while any early promise for Barnet faded. Luckily Leyton Orient have given us something to look forward to.


Yet another relegation as AFC Wimbledon continue to yo-yo. Charlton survive another season. Losing lives I reckon.


Palace promoted so for the first time this save there will be 6 London Clubs in the Premier League! QPR and Millwall also survived so nearly perfect in the Championship. Brentford playoffs would have been nice but they weren't close really.

Only one promotion with 2 potentials and 3 relegations. Bad news at the bottom but great news at the top!

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Premier League 

May 2030 + Playoffs 

A full month of instant result because it really doesn't matter. What a great season its been really.

We start with Everton away. Tricky game.


Fantastic result! Ledesma has scored more in 12 minute in this game then the entire time he has played for the club. Finish the season strong give me hope!

Our next game is at home to Chelsea. What a way to round up the home fixtures! We can still finish as high as 13th but cant drop now any lower than our current 15th. 

I say there's nothing to play for there is 5m different between 13th and 15th.

With that win against Everton we hit 40 points. I mean it looks like 30 would be enough but you also aim for that 40.


Welling won the battle of London and will go away to Weymouth in the Semi FInal. We wish them all the best!


Never mind. First time in a while we will have 4 teams in the lowest playable division. 2 of which started there.


I'm starting to think maybe I should Instant Result every game! What a win! Derby day victory. One that will live long in the memory for fans.

Its either 14th or 15th. Finishing ahead of Spurs would be brilliant. Watford away is the task we face in order to bag 14th.


Leyton Orient have given themselves a chance in the Semi Final. Fingers crossed they can see it through.


Not a bad effort. In our first season back in the Premier League we made an 11m loss on transfer activity. It could have been a lot worse.


Well this season is ending in a whimper.

Lets see if we can finish on a high.


Late goal but deserved. No complaints.


Very happy with 14th. Very happy indeed!


So are the board!


I expected to pay out more so very happy.


The bank balance is looking very healthy.


Always love breaking a record.


Cargol winning this award suprises me. No problems with signing of the season. 


Survival has to be the aim next season then hopefully build.


We are currently spending 650k on wages. So we I have a lovely bit of money to spend!


Things are getting better and better! I'm very optimistic for the future here.


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State of Play


This is the state of play. For the first time this save we have 6 London teams in the Premier League. Brentford at the moment are out best chance to make it 7. Charlton are still hanging on in there in League One. Still looking to make them my next team once I'm done with Fulham. 14 out of the 20 needed are currently in the Football League. We have seen some drops into the National League. 

Are we in a better position than last year? I'd say we are pretty much the same. 

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Fulham Off Season 


Big season this season. We have money to spend on improving the team not just replacing the loanees.

First a bit of house keeping.


Excellent stuff!


Just the massive Chairman Loan to go!


We were named Overachievers which is a great effort and shows how good a 14th finish actually was.


Our first effort in the transfer market. I needed a CM and now I'm very happy with my core 3. He cost 15m, the most I've spend on this save on one person. I'm happy.

I need a new WBR. Its easily my weakest position. I could also do with a new Striker! I've got the CB for the future and they will probably get more game time this season, it does mean we will likely be weaker at the back than we were last season. 

Generally I don't think I need to do too much. I bought players for the future last season. It was a 2 year plan, survive for 2 seasons then hopefully kick on.


Not surprising and with the stadium expansion this will increase once again I hope.

I've offered a contract to Cargol.


He's a striker who does everything but score it seems. 7 goals in 32 apperances last season with 5 assists and an average rating of just under 7. He does a lot on the field. He will cost me nothing but wages I think at this point its a no brainer. It means I have 4 strikers who on paper should be doing the job. If somebody offers me money for Ready it will be hard to turn it down.

I have 2 loanees I can bring in. I wasted one last season not knowing I only got 2. I will be more careful this season with them.


Another striker bought for the future. He might be shipped off on loan.


Now he is worth it for that player Value alone! On paper he should be a brilliant striker. I'm hoping with the 1 on 1 fix he might actually start scoring goals!


London Cup returns. Forest Hill is the odd team out. Poor team are going to be destroyed.


Well it went about as well as expected! I will win this thing one day. Chelsea win their 3rd title while Spurs will have to wait for their 2nd. Forest Hill...sorry you were the only other team free to me! We have the tour of Spain to look forward to.


This save is turning into a long term Fulham save the longer it goes on so with that in mind I made the decision to improve the reputation World Wide. I will still be keeping an eye on the London Clubs but honestly I think the goals of this save are changing.

Couple more signings which improve the squad...


1.4m got me a better Keeper. On paper Dan Cole is better but this guy has the better potential so I thought for the money its a no brainer.

Before I show this next guy I want to make sure you know I am NOT happy with how much I've had to pay him...


He fills that gap at WBR I needed. I paid over the odds for him but its because I needed him. Its as simple as that.

I think I'm done spending for now unless I can ship a few people.

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5 hours ago, HawkAussie said:

How much of a murder did Forest Hill take in those matches.

Well they did better than the Micronesian U23 did. So that’s something I guess. We beat them 14-0 I think and that was their best result. 

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Premier League

Preseason 2030-31

First bit of news is Russel Gough. He has been a brilliant CB for me since I took over. Swansea asked how much I wanted for him, I gave them a reasonable amount and they accepted. He doesn't want to go and I'm not going to force him. It would force me to play a defender whose worse now but has the potential so its a no brainer if you ask me.


Image result for never have i ever been more insulted


Wasn't looking to actively sell him so not going to force him to leave. 14m was the agreed price if anybody was interested. He won't play much this season unless injuries of course....or desperation.


Excellent stuff. I will see how this season goes with attendances and see if its worth increasing it futher...if I can.

We are also sharing with Luton Town which I wasn't really aware of. They are waiting for a new stadium to be built. That won't be finished until March 2031. Lovely stuff.

So the Preseason looked like this in the end...


Unsuccessful London Cup as per but a very good tour of Spain and the odd good result thrown in for good measure.

Coming up next I've got the squad report and the odds for the new season. Looking forward/absolutely dreading this season.

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Match Day Squad 2030-31

So all being well this is how my team is going to line up this season. 


Gary Riley will take the starting place. Mainly because he has the potential to be better than Dan Cole. I like Dan, always have but I need somebody who can take this team to the next level and given the chance I think Gary is that man. His screenshot is a bit further up.


It might even be a rotation policy. You can see how much I'm sitting on the fence with this decision.


I have 5 defenders I'm happy with.


Jose came to us last season and did nothing but improve. He will hopefully be our CB of choice for a good few years. I tried to tie as many people down to long term deals as possible.


Iman cost me 74k and I'm really hoping he can reach his potential. He certainly has room to improve but with 23 caps at the age of 19 his future is looking very bright. He will be given the nod this season as a starting CB.


And if Vargas improves as well we could have our 3 CB's for the next 10 seasons. He's the weakest of the 3 in my opinion. I want him to at least hit the 3 and half stars. Anything else is a bonus.


Gough will be waiting for me to change my mind. Hes been a solid player for us and hopefully will be a great player to bring on and close games out.


Eklund is going to be the one who sees his game time drop considerable. Injuries aside.


You already saw my new WBR. A position we have struggled at for so long. Happy to see him come in although he is a little injury prone so we might see his back up a lot this season.


Not a horrible player and got us over the line last season but he's not good enough for the Premier League.


Impressed with the guy on the left. Took over as the starter last season and its not even close this season. Hopefully more improvement. Not bad for a free transfer.


Maatsen still here but much like the back up on the other side he isn't good enough for the Premier League. These are the two positions I'm worried about. Fitness could play a key part on survival this season.

Defensive Mid


Bouzidi cost me 1.2m in January last season and he's already showing his worth and can only get better. 7.03 average since joining.


Ethan's stats have never been amazing yet he always performs. He will be good back up for both CDM and CM this season.


You saw my biggest signing ever already. He will be the first name on the teamsheet.


Cariou had a good first season and will only get better. My biggest concern is the crazy deal I had to sign to get him. 50% of the next transfer will go to his previous club. He has just signed a new 5 year deal with a 1 year option for me so hopefully by then he won't want to leave!


Robertson will be a good a backup as any. Could always count on him last season.


You've seen the new youngster and also Cargol.


McCarthy surprised me last season as he started brilliantly. Cooled down towards the end but showed real promise. He will get the nod at the start of the season along with Cargol.


Took Ledesma a long time to settle last season and he didn't score nearly as many as I thought but I'm hoping he's used to the Premier League now and can have a great season.


Truth be told if somebody offered me 15m for him right now I'd bite their hand off. Never really got going at Fulham despite showing signs here and there. He will likely be 5th choice striker.

So that's the team. I think the potential is there. If we can survive another season I don't think much is going to be needed to spend next season. Players will hopefully improve in key areas and this team can go from relegation candidates to European chasers! 

Either way I'm not kidding myself its going to be another long hard season.

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2030-31 Odds

My favourite time of the year. What have all the new signings done to our odds of winning...


Well we are predicted to finish bottom which is going because it means we can only prove people wrong! All we have to do is be better than 3 teams. Huddersfield, United and Villa if we are lucky. We finished ahead of Spurs last season but they are predicted to do well. Fingers crossed West Ham show more than their 100-1 odd shows.


Some good teams in this division. Brenford predicted to be up there challenging for playoffs. Millwall hopefully can enjoy a comfortable season. QPR once again predicted to go down. They keep proving people wrong but like Charlton how many lives they got left?

Speaking of Charlton...


They are predicted to survive another season. Please don't let us down. Only team left in League One.


AFC Wimbledon will hopefully be challenging for a playoff place, as will Leyton Orient and Dulwich maybe. Looks like Barnet could suffer second season syndrome. Just survive. That's all I ask.


Good to see Wealdstone predicted to do well. We need fresh blood in the Football League. Sutton not predicted to pull any trees back in the Non-League. Dag and Red slated to struggle. Can never seem to guess what sort of season they are going to have.


Anybody hoping for Hampton and Richmond to bounce straight back look set to be disappointed. They look exactly how they did when I started with them! Cray survival would be brilliant. Bromley, Kingstonian and Welling set to have good seasons but as ever in the National League South its too close to call. 

So basically not a single London team is predicted to go up this season. Fantastic stuff!

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Premier League

August 2031

Lets not beat around the bush. Its going to be a tricky season with not many easy games. Can we survive? Well we did so last season with ease. This season I think we have a better team on paper.


First few games will shape it. I want to think we can do well with the homes games this season. I think it might be another season where the cups play second fiddle. The Carabao Cup especially.

Transfer deadline day came and went without fuss. We have enough in the bank and wages to improve in January if need be.

Also worth noting because of Brexit we are only allowed another 7 foreign players.


We are paying the players the lowest amount in the Premier League. Compared to Chelsea who are paying 6.5m a week. Crazy!

Newcastle at home. Worth noting last season we drew twice against them.


Honestly sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say "I couldn't have done more". We lose that game 1 time of out 20. Today was that day.

"It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. This is not a weakness...that is life" Jean-Luc Picard

Luckily we have a nice game to bounce back with...its Arsenal...away...f***.

Hopefully we don't lose by too much. Need to keep the GD in check, even this early on!


Kind draw. I'll be rotating and giving game time to players who aren't getting much.

So it looks like we are going to start the season with back to back losses but we can't be too disheartened. We played well against Newcastle other than scoring (story of this career).


Such a frustrating game to watch and once again on any other day we could have drawn that game at least. I'm not going to praise their striker in the slightest. The first goal was an absolute b******* one to concede. The second Dan Cole screwed up big time and pretty much cemented his place on the bench for the season. The other two goals were punts forward that just happens to spring him free on goal. The sort of one on one chance your player would miss 9/10. Massively salty about that. 

If we keep performing as we have been then the luck is bound to change. Just need not to panic. Southampton at home next. This has to be seen as a winnable games and even this early on its getting close to a must win.


Can you imagine?


This is what happens when everything comes together! Brilliant result and amazing performance. My striker...scoring a hattrick...I'm still in complete shock.


Super Sunday!

It means at the end of the first month the table looks like this...


Nightmare bottom 3! Expecting Spurs to be ok but I'm worried about Palace and West Ham even at this early stage. Great to be off the board. 3 pleasing performances despite some results not going our way. 

I'm going to end the post here with a Carabao Cup game opening the next post.

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23 hours ago, kevhamster said:

Well done at the start of the season.

Looking at the Saints game, the thing which shocks me the most is there being a man young enough to play professional football in 2030 being called Malcolm!

Poor thing tried his very bestest!


Premier League

September 2030

We start this month in the past...


I made 10 changes for this game and the back ups came up trumps...although the only player to keep his place bagged 2 so make of that what you want!


League 1 constant strugglers away in the next round. Do I make the changes again or do I see this as an opportunity for a cup run?

It might all depend on how the league games go between now and then...


On paper some tricky games with Villa looking like a must win. We don't want to only have 3 points from our opening 6 games but its looking a possibility.

Chelsea will be mad after I took 4 points off them last season. I expect an absolute hammering at the Bridge. It is technically favourite vs predicted 20th.


1/2 in the Young Player of the Month award. McCarthy literally had 1 good game!

Found an amazing Midfielder who I can get for 7.5m. Problem? I've already spent the money I was saving on this guy...


At 19 his stats are looking great and if they can only get better he will be a massive signing. His release clause was only 6.75m. A potential bargain. I know its another defender, it means either Gough or Eklund will be leaving in January. Probably Gough as he has interest in him already.

I'm going to scout the other guy more, if he's as good as they say he is then I might need to shift a player to get him.


This only tells half the story. We started brilliantly and deserved to be 1-0 up. I love Cariou as a player but he's young and still making stupid decisions. Chelsea equalised and then 30 seconds later we loss a man to injury. It meant we had used 2 subs before half time. We held Chelsea great in the second half until they won a penalty with 10 minutes to go. Luckily it was blasted wide! Thankfully we held on for a huge point. Amazingly we are now 3 games unbeaten against Chelsea!


Well we have a bit to go when it comes to commercial revenue!

Villa next after an International Break. TIme to reflect on a semi decent start to the season. Beating Villa would mean we have made a great start following 2 losses.

3 people hit the transfer list. Not a single one happy about it. Aaron Ready, Ben Johnson and Eklund. They just don't fit into the squad anymore and I need to get rid before any potential contracts run out.


Sorry mate but I can't take the risk of losing 1.25m! I'm getting 100% of transfer revenue back at the moment!

Switched to light to keep things looking fresh...


Great win and nice to see Tim McMarthy continue his fine goalscoring form. We lost Cargol to injury but nothing to serious.

We are playing rock bottom away next, it just so happens to be Spurs. On paper still a very tough game.


You know what the less I say about this game the better. I could go on a massive rant about the BS but I just need to leave it and move on.

Charlton next in the cup. I will be making 10 changes once again. I can't justify taking this cup seriously after a performance I've just witnessed. Survivial needs to be the aim.

The player I was onabout eariler, the midfielder...yeah he doesn't want to come. I'm going to declare interest and watch his games, try my best to get him to change his mind.


10 changes but a decent enough performance. Job done either way. Nothing more needs to be said.


This is where we need to decide. Are we serious about this cup?

We do have West Ham at the end of the month but my battery is dying so I'm going to stop here and add that game onto the next post.

The league table looks like this....


Judging by teams early form staying up this season is going to be much harder than last season. Teams are going to have more points. Decent enough start but not happy with that Spurs game. Left a nasty taste in my mouth.

I've also decided I'm going to do a fully update at the end of the Year and then end of the season.

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October 2030

We are still looking ok despite that horrible result against a Spurs side who should be higher up the table than they are.

We once again start in September as my laptop is now back on charge!


There is an obvious right off game by 3 games around it where we have potential to get something. At this point in time I want to give Chelsea a game. Anybody else I might have given it up but because we are 3 unbeaten I kinda wanna make it 4.

West Ham at home. Chance to bounce back in the league with a win.


Well the last post could have ended a lot more cheerier than it did! Great solid performance from everybody. This is why I love Cariou. Arranz I slated after the Spurs game he responded in the best possible way. 

I'm starting to think this team might be good enough not to be dragged into a relegation battle but there is still a long way to go just yet.

I've noticed that we are selling out the Cottage on a regular basis. I thought we might as well expand while we have the money...


Option isn't there. Is that because we have only recently expanded or is it because it can't be expanded anymore? How can I find out? I don't want the costs of a brand new stadium hanging over me but it might be worth it in the long run.

Liverpool away next. Can't expect anything. Just take the beating and move on.


Another 1/2 in the Young Player of the Month. This shows just where this club is heading.


The only unhappy players are the 2 transfer listed who haven't been sold yet.


Financially things are looking as good as you can expect from a team in the Premier League. With not much activity planned in the January Window expect this figure to rise.


We are making strides in the right places.

This is a first for me...


I went to Brazil to watch my wanted man in action in the Copa Libertadores. I want him at my club. I've had a 7.5m bid for him accepted. He just needs to want to come. I'm doing everything in my power! He was crap by the way. I'll be going to the second leg as well if this is what it takes.


Happy to see this one go out on loan. He has a huge future ahead of him and hopefully he will get the game time needed to progress.


We were battered here. Dan Cole was brilliant in our goal making the scoreline look better. Could have been 5 or 6 easily. Happy with the effort showed. We gave them a mini scare.

Norwich at home next. Not be easy but a chance to show we mean business this season. International Break first to survive.


Got him. 8m and 90k a week. More than what I wanted to spend on him on wages but hopefully he will be more than worth it. I upped the initial transfer fee to get rid of any sell on clauses. Any future figure sold for will be all ours. This team is slowly turning into the team I wanted.

It does mean with a massively heavy heart I need to put this guy on the transfer list.


Absolutley love the guy but soon he won't be getting any game time so he needs to go before his value goes down. I've asked for 20m which is probably a tad ambitious.

Any way back to some actual football, it was Norwich at home next. A win and strangly enough we would be nearer Champions League than the relegation zone.


Another great performance and you know when things seem to good to be true...I'm there right now.

Stoke away next. They are having a good season so it's going to be a tricky game.

I don't want to scare anybody but at the moment Tim McCarthy is the 2nd joint top goalscorer.

Barnes is going to Young Boys. Very upset to see him leave in January. He was my first signing with Fulham. He will be sold for 7.5m which could increase to 10m...he was bought for 33.5k and been brilliant for me. Ruthless but required if we want to progress up the Premier League.


Hard to argue the sending off didn't change the game but I don't care. Brilliant result and one that really cements a midtable place for us.

I'm going to leave it there despite the Chelsea game in the cup being this month because I want to leave on a high.

Table looks like this...


We have a 9 point gap over 18th. That is still the aim. Don't get me wrong I'd love to think we could keep a challenge for Europe but I don't see it personally. Palace hopefully can start picking up points, don't want to see them cut adrift.

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