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  1. Week 8 Saturday 16 October 2021 Watford 0 v 3 Liverpool 12:30 Aston Villa 1 v 1 Wolves 15:00 Leicester 1 v 0 Man Utd 15:00 Man City 2 v 0 Burnley 15:00 Norwich 2 v 1 Brighton 15:00 Southampton 1 v 1 Leeds 15:00 Brentford 2 v 3 Chelsea 17:30 Sunday 17 October 2021 Everton 1 v 1 West Ham 14:00 Newcastle 0 v 1 Spurs 16:30 Monday 18 October 2021 Arsenal 2 v 1 Crystal Palace 20:00
  2. Mandy42

    25 Years

    think that's the understatement of the decade :D
  3. Mandy42

    25 Years

    I have very fond memories of Championship Manager. Chief among them. Being placed in a headlock by the the other lads in our game at school when I won the league on the last day of the season. Good to see you back. Looking forward to reading
  4. Surely if your a leg end like ole Christopher Ron. You don't need any managing?
  5. Did not expect to scoop an award this year as I've been not as productive as previous years. Which probably shows in the fact I missed the darn ceremony! Thought i had an outside shot at funniest writer. But never did I imagine that Confessions would net me another award after it took story of the year last year. Other than that it was a night of celebrating others success. Though must admit theres a nice feeling to seeing many of the people I voted for pick up awards. Awesome wins for Jon. Glad you took the newcomer award. Well deserved. Plus story of the year! Once those dreaded links came out of it it turned out alright! Am made up for you Mark. Not only did you win a considerable number of awards. But you've broken the lock on the hall of fame and taken your rightful place as a living legend of this part of the forum. Long may it continue. Congratulations to all the other winners. Hope the accolades can help wake this place up a bit and we can have even more to celebrate this time next year. Only thing I'm slightly miffed at is you touting Jon for an entry and have over looked me
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo's Holiday Inn Hotel Room. Manchester
  7. I blog about cycling. Professional races and my own escapades on the bike. I get interaction on discord servers from readers as I make predictions and suggest how the race might unfold. I get praise when I get it right. And ribbed when I get it badly wrong. Which makes it fun to do. Plus I'm writing about something I'm passionate about. But even with that. Real life impedes my ability to do it as much as I would like. I either need to accept that this is always going to be the case. Or find a way to monetize it so that it allows me the time to spend on it. Which unfortunately means that for what is basically a hobby. In writing football manager based fiction. It feels the real life squeeze and there is little or nothing to be done about it. Though for the record I can't stand streaming / video based pretty much anything. Maybe its the reinforcement of what they want you to do. IE: "Like or subscribe in the comments." If I like it, or I have something to say. I would do that naturally. Much like, if I want a meal deal at subway. I will ask for one. Being asked by every member of staff along the line just grates on me.
  8. Week 7 Saturday 2 October 2021 Man Utd 1 v 1 Everton 12:30 Burnley 0 v 1 Norwich 15:00 Chelsea 3 v 0 Southampton 15:00 Leeds 2 v 1 Watford 15:00 Wolves 1 v 1 Newcastle 15:00 Brighton 1 v 2 Arsenal 17:30 Sunday 3 October 2021 Crystal Palace 2 v 0 Leicester 14:00 Spurs 1 v 1 Aston Villa 14:00 West Ham 2 v 2 Brentford 14:00 Liverpool 3 v 2 Man City 16:30
  9. Week 6 Saturday 25 September 2021 Chelsea 2 v 0 Man City 12:30 Man Utd 2 v 1 Aston Villa 12:30 Everton 3 v 1 Norwich 15:00 Leeds 1 v 2 West Ham 15:00 Leicester 1 v 1 Burnley 15:00 Watford 1 v 1 Newcastle 15:00 Brentford 0 v 1 Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 26 September 2021 Southampton 1 v 1 Wolves 14:00 Arsenal 0 v 2 Spurs16:30 Monday 27 September 2021 Crystal Palace 2 v 0 Brighton 20:00
  10. Week 5 Friday 17 September 2021 Newcastle 0 v 2 Leeds 20:00 Saturday 18 September 2021 Wolves 1 v 1 Brentford 12:30 Burnley 1 v 0 Arsenal 15:00 Liverpool 2 v 1 Crystal Palace 15:00 Man City 2 v 0 Southampton 15:00 Norwich 1 v 1 Watford 15:00 Aston Villa 2 v 2 Everton 17:30 Sunday 19 September 2021 Brighton 0 v 1 Leicester 14:00 West Ham 1 v 3 Man Utd 14:00 Spurs 1 v 2 Chelsea 16:30
  11. Just caught up reading this on a night shift at work. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But Chelsea at home earlier in the season was a 2-0 win? The only original big six team you took points from? I'd maybe have been a little more proactive in that game even though it was away from home. Would 10 points from 5 games have given you an outside shot at Champions league qualification? That's the only real reason I can see for the change in decision. That not gaining Champions league football was the ultimate line. While having the back door of the Europa League available to get you there. Then it wasn't an instant sacking. Once you were out, and you hadn't picked up a point in the first of the five games. Then the axe fell. Maybe they also didn't want to give you the chance to muddy the waters by securing a domestic cup final. Who knows. Like you I'm looking forward to FM22. I've got a save idea I've not tried before. Will be looking out for what your planning to do.
  12. Whether those parting words had been regarding my ability to get used to feeling as though I was seconds away from dispensing ice cubes out of my ass. Or my desire to travel through time. They were equally accurate in either eventuality. Little bits of the blue inlaid pattern kept flaking away every so often. But other than that the ring became almost bearable. Any time I contemplated taking it off. I only had to recall my first travelling experience. Passing out on my bed in my Swedish hotel room. Coming too naked in the bathtub. That confirmed the level of discomfort was worth it. When it came to travelling again. The problem was imagination. What would you do? If you could go anywhere? See anything. Never mind bones in a national history museum. Go see a dinosaur with your own eyes. Watch the sun set over the Giza Plateau. The reflection off the golden tips of the pyramids almost as bright as that of the light bouncing off the Nile only a few miles away. Any unanswered question at any point in time. Who shot JFK? What was the real identity of Jack the Ripper, or the Zodiac killer? A less macabre, more entertaining list. Did the ball really cross the line in the 1966 World Cup final? What about the hand of god? Seeing it with your own eyes, being in the crowd, on both sides. Feeling the reaction, experiencing the moment. I went with the cube and I experienced it all. As much as I could and more. I took Darth with me, or at least a projection of him to basically keep me safe. Ensuring my time travel tourism didn't cause me any problems. Or indeed the world. Last time I wanted was to become my own father or mother. On a slightly less selfish scale I wasn't overly keen of causing a world wide apocalypse. Hence my cube shaped companion. This is just some of the sporting events I crossed off my time travel bucket list. A list I didn't even know I had the potential to have just a few short weeks ago: Going back to 1888. To see the New Zealand Rugby team perform the Haka for the first time. December 25th 1914. Watching British, French and German soldiers playing football. The 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. Watching Jesse Owens take four gold medals, break nine Olympic records. And set three new ones. Sticking with the Olympics. Mexico 1968. John Carlos and Tommie Smith giving the black power salute after their success in the 200m. The Rumble in the Jungle in 1971. The 1992 Summer Olympics. Watching the Lithuanian basketball team. Only at the competition because they had been funded by the Grateful Dead rock band. Taking the bronze medal. The 1995 South Africa Rugby World Cup. Seeing Nelson Mandela present the trophy to Francois Pienaar. Almost brought a tear to my eye. The 1998 World Cup. Watching Iran beat the USA 2-1. This I experienced twice. Once in the stadium and once in Iran. The second was most certainly the bigger party! There are many MANY more! As I said the options are endless. But it took a while. Before I realised my mind was only seeing half of the picture. Why travel in only one direction. What does the sport of the future look like? What does the world of the future look like? That surely has its own dangers. The temptation of recording every sporting outcome and making a tremendous amount of money backing those results when the come up. Doing the same in business with stocks and shares. Knowing what to buy and sell, when to buy and sell it. On a much more basic level. Knowing where to be and not to be. Never worry about a natural disaster or freak accident again. Because they can't be freak accidents if you have seen them happen once already. I had to pull myself up quickly before my head spun out of control. Wasn't it only a week or so ago that I hadn't want to travel full stop? Heck with all the back and forth. It was difficult to remember when exactly the present was. I took a couple of days off. Making myself promise that my next trip would be something that was not just big from a bucket list point of view. But also personally important. That last one kind of narrowed it exclusively to my dad. I didn't think I had the courage to confront him and ask him why he did what he did. Or why he chose to tell me. But as a starting point I could go forward in time and see why my father was picked in the first place. At least I thought I could. I'd have to consult the cube.
  13. Week 4 Saturday 11 September 2021 Crystal Palace 0 v 2 Spurs 12:30 Arsenal 2 v 2 Norwich 15:00 Brentford 2 v Brighton 1 15:00 Leicester 1 v Man City 3 15:00 Man Utd 4 v Newcastle 0 15:00 Southampton 1 v West Ham 2 15:00 Watford 1 v Wolves 1 15:00 Chelsea 2 v Aston Villa 0 17:30 Sunday 12 September 2021 Leeds 1 v Liverpool 3 16:30 Monday 13 September 2021 Everton 1 v Burnley 0 20:00
  14. I know I’m waiting for the new version to try spark my interest again. Though I’ve had the year from hell in my personal / work life. Divorce, buying a new house, snowed under with pregnant women with covid related complications at work. Hopefully the new version will coincide nicely with internet at the new house. Plus actually having time to sit down and add to some of my stories / write new ones would be a big bonus. Plus getting time to vote in the awards!
  15. I quoted the blank fixtures. Then put my own scores in. Sorry if there is any confusion!
  16. Week 2 Saturday 21 August 2021 Liverpool 2 v 0 Burnley 12:30 Aston Villa 1 v 0 Newcastle 15:00 Crystal Palace 1 v 1 Brentford 15:00 Leeds 1 v 2 Everton 15:00 Man City 5 v 0 Norwich 15:00 Brighton 1 v 1 Watford 17:30 Sunday 22 August 2021 Southampton 0 v 2 Man Utd 14:00 Wolves 1 v 1 Spurs 14:00 Arsenal 0 v 2 Chelsea 16:30 Monday 23 August 2021 West Ham 1 v 1 Leicester 20:00
  17. Finis Coronat Opus is back for a second season in the hope of at least defending the cup!
  18. Will be signing up when I get home. As it doesn’t seem to want to let me from work!
  19. Time to get back on the horse. Week 1 Friday 13 August 2021 Brentford 0 v 1 Arsenal 20:00 Saturday 14 August 2021 Man Utd 1 v 1 Leeds 12:30 Burnley 0v 0 Brighton 15:00 Chelsea 3 v 1 Crystal Palace 15:00 Everton 2 v 1Southampton 15:00 Leicester 1 v 1 Wolves 15:00 Watford 0 v 1 Aston Villa 15:00 Norwich 1 v 2 Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 15 August 2021 Newcastle 1v 1 West Ham 14:00 Spurs 2 v 2 Man City 16:30
  20. December 2021 Game Week 17 Just a quick bump to hopefully stop the thread from being locked. Normal service will resume when real life is no longer kicking my ass! Good bounce back from the 2nd XI after the defeat in Europe.
  21. Thanks as always for the organisation and work that goes in to putting this one. Awesome to win a cup in both this and the predictions league. More to play for next year!
  22. unfortunately I've already drunk some rather questionable substances out of it!
  23. 6th pace after christmas! cracking performance. just got to maintain it now
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