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  1. Will be tracking this closely! as a Blade I’ve always had a soft spot for Rotherham and Barnsley (Through living pretty much on the border of all 3 places!) I hope our scouts are keeping tabs on Styles. Reminds me of Grealish the way he likes to get on the ball and make stuff happen, classy player.
  2. The game has changed now you're in the CL places! I fear for what you'll do the Blades this season though...!
  3. Great to see you’re still tearing this up! Imagine the scenes if you were to win the PL. I imagine the expectations would ramp up?! Esposito almost seems too good! Not wanting to hijack this thread in any way, but I did start another game with the Owls, inspired by this thread...and coincidentally Forestieri scored the only goal in the playoff final to get us promoted first time around! I have chosen to recruit only from the EFL and transfer listed PL players in an attempt to make it as challenging as possible 😆
  4. Yeah it's fair to say he does become a World Class midfielder as time goes by! For some reason I do love managing the other South Yorkshire teams, I've always had ambitions of getting all of them up into the Prem over the course of a save but never managed it. I've never actually managed a team that went into administration mid-save, so that would've been a good challenge. Tempted to start another one with Wednesday actually, inspired by this thread... I think your aim has to be to break into Europe as soon as possible. The type of player you could attract along with the extra cash w
  5. Just tuned in to this thread and caught up in one long monster read. Love it! As a Blade, I tried a Wednesday save on the beta, which went through until about 2027 before I lost the spark. Found equally similar issues during the first season with injuries, finances, the lack of potency and inconsistency of the wingers! After season 2 the financial situation gets very sticky indeed. I won promotion in the 2nd season and after a year or two of staying up in the Prem it's pretty clear that you need to push the top 6 early doors, otherwise they just hoover up all the outstanding talent a
  6. This is a brilliant thread! Unbelievable first season with such a big turnover! I have just started a Blades game too - my aim is to create the meanest team ever to grace the Premier League - which means signing the most aggressive and physically intimidating players and kicking lumps out of everyone else all along the way. Will definitely be following this thread closely for personality tips 😉
  7. Awesome post! Your methodology has become my go-to for tactical brainstorming! Passing my way to glory as it stands - also 18 clean sheets!
  8. Yeah it’s certainly opened my eyes! When looking for players to sign I really just pay attention to their attributes and their preferred foot and just make my mind up about the position i will be playing them in. Forcing players to become proficient in other areas also gives them good versatility so one game my RPM could be playing as a F9 if he’s needed and my IWs are then filling in for him. It’s definitely needed with a small squad! The aim of this save is to get from the Vanarama North to the Premier League whilst spending no more than £1m in total. In 6/7 seasons I’ve currently just
  9. This topic has really helped me piece together a decent tactic for my Kettering side. Last season we finished 20th in League 1 (2025/26) and I couldn’t get anything working consistently. Unbelievably I just avoided the sack! After reading this thread it made me want to try and make this type of system work with a weaker team. I have a really average team and my wage budget is only £31k p/w (Twice as low as the 23rd lowest wage budget in the league!) so I’ve had to build a squad of quality rather than quantity and from frees/loans/youth. The thing I’ve found that makes this work
  10. Bonnin looks like a player to build a team around for years to come! I think he would be incredible as the covering CB in the middle of a back 3... Never have I ever seen Sheffield United do anything but yo-yo!
  11. Brilliant! This thread just typifies everything that is wrong with the modern game In reality i'm sure the penalties for such ridiculous spending would be far greater!
  12. 2021/22 SEASON Another big round up of events that occurred during the season that's just gone by. I mentioned that business was concluded in the last post, but this was a lie. I managed to bring in a couple more players just to bolster the squad. Hernan Lopez Munoz was a last minute signing for £5.5m. I thought he looked class, and could potentially play up front as an out and out finisher. At that price, I had to sign him up. Lacking in a few key areas, but hopefully we can improve things. Not seen many players aged 16 that are as good as Hannant, certainly be
  13. Yeah you could swap them round I guess. Lot of flexibility in there depending on what you want them to do. I tried Norwood as a DLP(d) but I found he didn't drop deep enough to support the lone CB and it left me exposed. Even as a HB I've found that if the player has the attributes he will still try to control the game as a DLP would but will be a bit more disciplined defensively. I abandoned the tactic for a while to be honest, but the more stuff i've been reading about how to prevent being exploited by the long balls and applied this to my other tactics, the more I think that it co
  14. I've tried to replicated it by having one CB(c) and then players in the RB/LB as IWB(s) and RWB/LWB positions as CWB(a). Found that you have more versatility with IWBs than CBs and can ask them to do more things. To complete the midfield, there's a HB(d) in the deep midfield role (Norwood comes as deep as Egan at times), with a BBM(s) (Fleck's role) and a MEZ(s) Lundstram. F9 (McGoldrick) and PF(a) (Mousset) up front. The positives are that you can produce overloads down the flanks, with the WBs, IWBs, and left/right sided midfielder down each side. The F9 provides an extra man
  15. Cheers. Yeah it felt like a drag at times, hopefully though it will be more entertaining next season! Once we've got a side that I feel confident is good enough to hold it's own in the PL, I might consider moving on to another club.
  16. POST SEASON - TRANSFERS I knew that the squad needed a little improvement over the summer, so here's the overall transfer business; Borner was the only player to leave for a fee, whilst Odubajo and Van Aken were the biggest names to leave on a free following the expiry of their contracts. A total net spend of approximately £39.5m has seen us sign this little lot; You've seen Eze.. Stankovic is very much one for the future. I think he has a lot of promise and will hopefully in the future show himself to be a good defensively minded midfielder. Potentially on
  17. SEASON SUMMARY So this weekend has allowed for some really good game time, and as such I've managed to polish off the season. Let's see how things went... As you can see, results have been pretty hard to come by... goals too. 4 wins in the 2nd half of the season, with a lot of poor runs without winning (or scoring) in between. I was hoping that the teams in and around us were just as bad as this, if not worse... And I guess they were!! Painful to see the Blades go down, but ultimately they just weren't good enough. I lost count of the times that their latest score fl
  18. DECEMBER After a goalless month in November, we really needed a strong month in December to give ourselves a fighting chance of staying up. As mentioned before, I have no intention of dramatically overhauling my tactical approach. I have faith that what worked for us before can work for us again, and that once the players are settled into our system that we can once again find a way to win. Here's how December went; .. We got our first goal of the month through a freak David De Gea o.g after 22 seconds, but Man Utd showed their class and fought their way back to win the gam
  19. Some of those newgens are unbelieveable. Love the HOYD! Wow, i've never seen an employee with such attributes! Definitely looks like you'll be consolidating at least the top 4, with a relatively tiny budget. Wonder if there's any more room for expansion with the NYS? Realistically there is plenty of free land around the stadium so it should be pretty expandable if needs be?
  20. That’s the plan, hopefully there are 3 worse teams than us. Just changing my laptop at the moment so will get back playing again soon, hoping it will bring me a bit more luck 😄 Anyone else spend a disproportionate amount of their free time thinking about transfer targets/ tactics and how they can do better with their team? What an all consuming hobby this game is! Love it.
  21. NOVEMBER The solitary point against Leeds is pretty much the only positive here! A goalless, winless month. Again, we are creating the chances, but to go 5 games without scoring is obscene! We were battered by the Blades, who were at the foot of the table. Morale is on the floor, we are desperate for some kind of luck... But still not in the relegation zone! The league this year has some really poor sides in it... i'm really hoping we can be the best of them! My tactics from the Championship seem to still create plenty of chances, so i'm sticking with it and just
  22. OCTOBER Only the 3 games this month - but at least we got a win! And stopped conceding so many! Just look at what we did to Arsenal Although i'm still pretty worried about our league position...
  23. I mean, this kinda backs up what i'm seeing. We played the counter attacking game to perfection, created ourselves 4 1v1 chances, and still lost. Surely it's got to be down to the personnel? Unfortunately I will just have to persist with what i've got until Jan.
  24. SEPTEMBER It's tough at the top; A winless and morale shattering month. I wasn't too fussed about the cup defeat, as this was actually a fairly decent performance from the kids, but only a point in the league alongside a thrashing from Liverpool leaves us in a precarious position Equally concerning is the amount of goals scored and conceded. Not as though we're not creating chances, it's putting them away thats the problem. This says it all really. We're probably fielding a side that is far too experienced. October calls for a rethink and a bit of a squad shu
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