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As you might have read in the announcement thread, to be able to do pre-release reviews on the iPod release of Football Manager Handheld, we did up some special 32GB iPod Touches, with the Football Manager logo engraved on the back (by the people who engrave the FA Cup, no less) which were a numbered limited edition of 55.

2 of these devices were cunningly hidden away to be able to be given away to the SI/FM community.

1 of them is being given away in a competition on the FM Facebook page (www.facebook.com/officialfootballmanager) along with a copy of the game.

The other is being given away in this very thread.

To enter the competition here, all you have to do it write "Please pick me! Please pick me!" in the thread below. A winner will be drawn out at random on Monday at 6pm.

Please note that all our normal competition terms and conditions apply, except that this competition is not open to anyone in Germany. Sorry - but we can't sell the game there, so we can't ship the device there either...

If you try to enter multiple times, all of your entries will be disqualified. If you type anything apart from what is written above, you will also be disqualified.

Have a lovely weekend.

Please pick me! Please pick me

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Please pick me! Please pick me!

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