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  1. So my first game with Chelsea didn't go as expected (or to be fair it did compared to the our season in real life). Dominated a lot of games on xG but couldn't convert (familiar story) and by January I was 8th/9th in the league, out the Carabao Cup and FA cup at the 3rd round. I had multiple players fall out with me for teamtalks which to be honest weren't overly harsh considering the performances. Every game I played the press said I'd be sacked if I got a bad result. Overall I felt like I rushed the save, wasn't happy with my staff, tactics, approach etc and didn't feel that invested in it for various reasons so essentially self-sabotaged and got the board to sack me. To be fair based on how the board and fans felt towards me I would have been sacked at the end of the season unless the results improved massively. I'm waiting for a couple more editor files to be released in the next day or so and will start again. Have read through a lot of what you guys have been doing regarding tactics so going to actually try and create my own style rather than just blanket pick what the coaches say fits the XI the best.
  2. Correct, that's exactly the question I'm asking. I'm a bit of a realism obsessive to be honest. I want the game to mirror as closely to real life as possible until I'm further in date than real life, if that makes sense? So in my mind, if I start a game in March with the January update I would want to start with Chelsea in my case in June/July, have all the players come in for the summer window when they did in real life and then have them all join on January (if any were signed). So I suppose my question to SI would be, will this be the case for the January window and is it possible to disable budgets for the January window like you can with the summer? If no then the real world for January won't be as good for me as you'd get all the players moving and then still have clubs buying/selling/loaning etc whoever they want in January!
  3. Thank you for that. I will probably consider waiting until I start my main Chelsea save. Out of interest do you know (or anyone know) if the real world option will update after the January update? I love to play the game in it's most complete state but used to hate having the players move 6 months before they actually do as it depletes the realism!
  4. Have only recently come back to the forums. What are the biggest issue bugs for long term saves? As I might decide to hold off on mine until a patch is released.
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