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  1. Am i the only kid who has been playing FM?

    I've been playing since CM3, when I was 12, and have bought all but 3 (I think) iterations since then.
  2. FM11 needs a new injury system.

    This is a very good point that I haven't ever considered
  3. It's something that FM will struggle to replicate tbh. It has always been the same really, if you take the example of England, on paper most of the players are very good and so stats-wise on FM they are all very good. Put the best ones into a team with a decent tactic and it's generally always been pretty easy to get far in tournaments or win them when in real life we haven't come close for 40 years. France are in a similar position as they always seem to do well in FM tournaments due to all the individuals being good players and having good stats but it doesn't always work like that in real life - but how can this accurately be replicated? I'm not sure it can.
  4. The 'pick up and play' aspect of the iPhone version is great, I am nearing the end of my second season and have played a lot of that in the car after arriving early for uni!
  5. This would be an excellent addition as I agree the current system is quite frustrating.
  6. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  7. Confused.com?!

    Russia isn't a member of the EU.
  8. I've been thinking that it would be nice to have a visual representation of where your players are set up to be for corners, as opposed to just having it in writing. Should be fairly easy to put in and would make life slightly easier when setting up set pieces. Also, on the same subject, I would love to be able to set corners up to either one of two or three options. At the moment you have to say, for example, left corners near post, right corners far post or just mixed. Why can't I say either near or far post but none of the other options?
  9. after all these years

    I really like the 3D. It does exactly what is needed, is much improved in FM 2010, and is only going to get better.
  10. Strange Video Card Issue - Half a Star?

    That's strange, I have the same card and it was 2* - I updated the drivers and now it says 1.5*
  11. I think it would be a good idea, it would stop a lot of people posting their updates in LLM even when they aren't simply because they want to post it somewhere.
  12. Revision or FM09?

    I really don't understand why people don't bother revising or generally trying very hard when doing degrees. I am currently doing exams for my degree and I working as hard as possible, revising as much as possible to get the best results I can. After all I am paying a lot of money to be here and will come out owing nearly £20,000 so I have to try my best and work hard to get the degree I need for the career I want.
  13. Is it cheating? Yes.
  14. Isn't it The Bandits who are paying the £90k p/w?
  15. Laptop overheating

    Thanks, I've got speedfan which seems to work OK, although it keeps creating weird shortcuts on my desktop!