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  1. is it me or is the sort by function broken since 17.3? like i sort my squad screen by position, look at a players profile, go back and it's defaulted to being sorted by different criteria. quite annoying. other than that, enjoying the game a lot atm.
  2. the confession videos etc came after 'you, me and usv' iirc although it was his stamford struggle save that alerted people to his flagrant use of editors.
  3. This isn't a definitive answer but I would just assume they are both playing to the same level. i almost totally disregard those * ratings as well from coaches unless they have really high JPA and JPP. I'd rather look at the players attributes and make my own mind up. If I had two players of the same position averaging 7.5 I definitely wouldn't strengthen there further.
  4. mods, where am i able to voice my opinion on the current state of this game and the direction i feel it's heading? i appreciate this may not be the correct thread so if you would be so kind as to let me where is appropriate, that would be appreciated. ta.
  5. i will be the first one to admit i do have a massive lack of knowledge, don't you worry about that. all i know is i'm a fan of 20 or so years of a football computer game, where the football bit doesn't work properly. frustrating.
  6. well maybe a 3d me should never have been implemented in the first place then if it will never be perfect? let's be honest, at the moment it's not even anywhere near. ok, so we can argue all day about what makes the state of the game too rubbish to release. remember cm4?? and there have been others since.
  7. ok, i concede this point. i look on here less and less these days as i find it's like banging my head against a wall... have si ever come out and said why they still deem it ok to release the game in such a state in the first place let alone not having it fixed 5 months after release? i understand time constraints etc, but why not take a year off? why not make sure the game is in perfect shape straight off the shelf? maybe i'm looking at things too black and white, but i don't see why the me needs changing year on year anyway.
  8. very clever, and nothing short of what i have come to expect from this place. your first sentence was enough. yes, i understand the point of movember, but as i have previously said, i do not understand why there needs to be a team dedicated to working on these sorts of things in the game when wide play is knackered. let's have less people concentrating on less rubbish tacked on to the game and more people working on the important stuff.
  9. thanks for clearing up things francism89 as i am unable to play the game until tonight. in fact, i probably wont even bother now. confused/unsure as to why mods on here who have no link to si other than their responsibility for ensuring people are behaving themselves see the need to comment telling us to play the game before commenting on what has/hasn't been done etc, despite the changelist showing what has been altered in .3. so, now we know for certain, there is still an issue with wide play. i fully appreciate how tweaking such a fundamental aspect of the game could result in problems skewing results in other areas, however what is SIs response as to why time is spent on guff like players growing moustaches in november when such a huge part of the game is not working as it should? i can't help but feel you are so disconnected with the people that actually play the game, despite all of the dedicated web sites etc out there. i hope this post isn't seen as not being constructive, so just to make sure it isn't... really pleased players spend more time celebrating on the pitch after winning a trophy. maybe this could be added to more in the future, sliding on bellies, players holding hands waving to the crowd etc??
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