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  1. Apologies if there is already a thread. I’ve just searched the forums and couldn’t see anything. Given that this community is brought together by football I expect there’s a good chance that there are a few FootballIndex traders on here. If not, check it out. https://www.footballindex.co.uk/ For those that have never heard of it, it’s basically a footballer stock market where you can make a profit by either dividends or capital appreciation on ‘futures’ that you buy in footballers. If you know your football, it’s pretty interesting. The platform seems to be growing at the minute with the top players on the rise as new countries join etc. If there are a few I thought it would be good to have a thread to discuss tactics, tips etc. I do have a referral code which gets you a free £10 to get started but that’s not the reason for the thread. If you did want to take me up on it, feel free to drop me a message and I’d send it across.
  2. Goddard

    Common misconceptions about your job

    Oh and my company is a dairy. The meaning of this is that we buy milk as our raw material but people generally assume I work on a farm
  3. Goddard

    Common misconceptions about your job

    I'm a financial controller/head of finance which is effectively a chartered accountant within a company that leads the finance department. When asked, I just say I'm an accountant. I got asked yesterday if I get any interaction with people. I hate trying to explain what I actually do so just leave them thinking I stare at spreadsheets all day.
  4. Goddard

    Championship Manager 97/98

    Absolutely loved this game. All nighters all through the summer 👍
  5. Goddard

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    My garage door broke a few months back. The coil in one side was knotted. I rang someone to fix it thinking it was a big job. £80. He was here for 15 minutes.
  6. Goddard


    Hello I'm off to Copenhagen tomorrow to watch Leicester play. We are looking at going out after the game. Do any locals or others now where is a good night on a Wednesday? Thanks
  7. Round 3 Ukraine and Germany to win £11 Returns £27.92
  8. Happy to just roll with it. So I can bet tomorrow?
  9. Round 2 bet Event - Repulic of Ireland vs Sweden Bet - Both teams to score Odds - 2.20 Stake - £5 Returns - £11 Bookie - Skybet
  10. Goddard

    England V Russia - Group B - ITV1 KO: 20:00

    James Milner. Must have been tired legs...
  11. Round 1 Germany to win by more than 1 2.50 £2 £5 Skybet
  12. Just kick England and Russia out of the tournament. The whole thing is a joke.
  13. Goddard

    England vs Portugal Kick Off 7.45 ITV

    Similar to Man U earlier in the season imo
  14. Goddard

    England vs Portugal Kick Off 7.45 ITV

    **** system to try and accommodate Rooney. I feel sorry for vardy.
  15. Can we change the title of this thread please. It's offending me.