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  1. Round 3 Ukraine and Germany to win £11 Returns £27.92
  2. Happy to just roll with it. So I can bet tomorrow?
  3. Round 2 bet Event - Repulic of Ireland vs Sweden Bet - Both teams to score Odds - 2.20 Stake - £5 Returns - £11 Bookie - Skybet
  4. James Milner. Must have been tired legs...
  5. Round 1 Germany to win by more than 1 2.50 £2 £5 Skybet
  6. Just kick England and Russia out of the tournament. The whole thing is a joke.
  7. Similar to Man U earlier in the season imo
  8. **** system to try and accommodate Rooney. I feel sorry for vardy.
  9. Can we change the title of this thread please. It's offending me.
  10. As the league stands I think it would be Liverpool 'stealing' a place
  11. That would be quite difficult to spot on an Internet forum.
  12. Really not difficult to spot the London based football fans in these threads.
  13. Manager history and club achievements are two things I miss. I want to be able to look back on my career and see how I have faired each year in all competitions..
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