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  1. @Raymond85 I picked up Lihadji too, he has been insane since breaking into the team. Made me really comfortable selling Antony after just one season (got £80m+ for him). He's currently worth £45.5m(ish) but still cannot get picked for France - bonkers! It took me ages to get rid of Tagliafico, eventually went for roughly what you got but was 30 at the time. Neres and Tadic went end of 1st season for around £110m combined. Kenneth Taylor was exceptional for me but eventually went to Liverpool for £74m, you should look to develop him...
  2. I'm currently in 2025/26 and am trying to stick to the Ajax ethos and not reject any bids that are 'acceptable' and try to have a replacement ready to come in for small fees (I only broke this rule twice, actually in the same day, when I signed transfer listed Kipembe (£35m) and Sancho (I know! £53m). I currently still have Dest, Gravenbach and Onana but the rest have gone for really good fees. I will look to post my outgoing transfers because I've made a ton of money (currently close to £700m in the bank). No real success in Europe since season 1 when I reacher the final with Ziyech as a beast.
  3. and the small 2 in the top right corner indicating there are two players...
  4. I have seen this in regens this year - there was a German striker in my game with 10 finishing and he broke all sorts of goal-scoring records for Real M and Germany, I wouldn't touch an elite striker with finishing less that 15 or so (at least not for the roles I need currently).
  5. @gmati1998In most of those examples, you create very few clear cut chances - in fact in one of the games you win 1-0 when you haven't actually created a decent chance. Anyone can shoot from distance and hit 30 shots a game, you're rarely hitting the target (%age-wise) and even less of the time creating CCC. The game where you beat Charlton 3-2 is probably the worst result because you create 5 CCC and they don't but you still won. In you 0-0 draw with Preston you created 0 CCC and they they created 2, so you could consider yourself lucky to win that one.
  6. The 3rd inbox item down says you've set a record for goals conceded in the Coppa Italia - just how bad was the defeat?
  7. Haha - the realism kicks in again.
  8. Sounds like you play a similar formation and style as me but I use 3CB and 2AF
  9. There seems be a lot of argument over whether or not the board intervened in the transfer and I can categorically say they HAVE NOT. The message of intervening on behalf of the management tells me that the OP has his loan manager responsible for finalising outgoing loan deals, or has the players on a development list meaning essentially the same thing. If the board had intervened the message would read similar to this 'the board have decided to confirm this deal because the offer was too good to refuse'. I agree with the posts that suggest the loan manager should not be accepting loans with future fees but wonder if there is a responsibility command to avoid this.
  10. A way around this would be to accept and then reduce his squad status perhaps
  11. Check out the result at Bournemouth and how it impaced the table, absolutely mental! Like Man City - QPR but at the other end. I wonder if Martin Tyler screams 'Dickennnnnnnnnns'!
  12. Hi, I know there;s always been the debate about the AI's inability to team build and to coherently do this as an ongoing concern. Has anyone noticed anything odd about how teams taken over by tycoons have gone about this? I am way into a long terms save and both Bournemouth and Strasbourg were taken over by what I assume are front end tycoons because they spent a lot of money very quickly. What I did notice though was that they trimmed their squads to ridiculous levels. I have attached a picture of Strasbourg's 1st team squad, I didn't really assume much was wrong till it happened a 2nd time, so didn't screeshot Bournemouth. Please bear in mind they are in the CL so are battling on several fronts and notice that they have 5 players on loan too. Is this worth mentioning as a bug or is it just an oddity?
  13. I'd like to add my regen into the mix - came through my academy too. I give you John Harris. NUFC best 11 info
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