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  1. Two things have just happened in quick succession - one massive, one minor both infuriating. 1) Kenny Bruce has scaled down his funding; I think we're self-sustaining now but we'll soon see. 2.) I sold a fringe player to a premier league club (yes, you read that correctly) for a very hard-negotiated £2.5m (£15 upfront, £1m + 50%) an immediately he's worth £12m! We've moved up to 21st in qualification place lists too. I think this summer will be a case of rejecting bids daily for some of my best players.
  2. So close to the biggest result in our history. We lost to an 82nd minute 'equaliser' as we went out of the Euro cup QF to Napoli 2-3.
  3. Haha! You really have to put up with some horrendous offers. I am going to start to look to sell to rivals and see if the nation can be boosted. I couldn't believe it when scouts found him and he was interested - free from Chelsea (after a few dodgy loan spells).
  4. This is a very interesting development too, in final stage before qualifying...
  5. Here's the screenshots I mentioned. AMC upgrade: Striker 1: Striker 2 (new 5 year deal and all) Only player to come close to Ben Tilney's 33 assists in a season:
  6. There was something last year, whereby use of a third party editor (even not to manipulate PA) caused random changes in PA. There was a thread on it iirc.
  7. They've ungraded facilities and are continually 2nd now - I have increased stature to 2 1/2 stars now 'geet in there'. I have a couple of belters upfront now and was worried that they'd leave in the summer, especially when 3 and 4 million bids came in for a striker with a year left but he signed a new 5 year deal with no release clause and his partner in crime signed a 4 year deal. In other news Callum Gribbin (who had been amazing for me) has been replaced by an AMC who is streets apart from pretty much anyone in the league - I picked him up on a free. Starting to see both interest in my players from other teams and much bigger/higher potential players wanting to come to me. Will upload some screenshots when I get home. On a less happy note, my record in the main stages of European competition is abysmal. My keeper's stats are shot by conceding between 15 and 25 in each CL group stage
  8. If things go well, they'll not be there for long to be honest.
  9. Haha, drawing an Icelandic team in qualifying - would it be quicker to go eastwards or westwards?
  10. Just had a very interesting turn of events. Glenavon have been taken over by a Russian tycoon, who by the wording seems to be front end (will stop at nothing etc. etc.). Had a peek under then hood at Christmas time and this is what was there... That is far and away more than me and will be interesting to see how they developand how long he hangs around for.
  11. Good stuff guys - I am beginning to think this is become stale but your updates are driving me on. This is currently my best player We're now constantly competing for a CL/EL spot but the problem is that the rest of the league are not progressing at all and I still ned to go through every qualifying round known to man to get there...
  12. Nice, I am struggling to get the board to go past excellent.
  13. Yeah, mine was in planning for about that - usually they get cancelled before making it this far. Wonder what the expansion capacity is...
  14. In the editor, I could make Hawkeye a player - doesn't mean his shooting skills and aggression will be maxed out.
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