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  1. He's quick enough and has decent enough finishing to be a nuisance at a high level if you get him the ball enough.
  2. Because they're not really evident and can't be seen during a performance. Things like ambition and adaptability are things that the player themselves knows but few others.
  3. I'm in 2026 and Curtis Jones is the best player in the England team.
  4. I'm in 2026 - I will post a screenshot when I am back on tonight. Spoiler - he's insanely good, he's already Dortmund's top league scorer.
  5. I’m currently using him at Dortmund and he’s more of an out and out winger
  6. I got £160m straight up so took it and gave Moukouko his chance (Jan season 2) - had a golden generation come through with 2 forwards too.
  7. Has this fella ever been mentioned? Picked him up for £750k from SPAL. This is him after 3/4 of a season of decent development and a few forced appearances.
  8. Has his mentality been changed, seems to only be light-hearted now.
  9. I wish the AI was in charge in real life 😞
  10. Seen him develop brilliantly preupdate so if he’s had a bump he could be awesome!
  11. Sure there’s an RB team in Brazil too
  12. He made his debut a few weeks back and was in the BBC’s wonderkids challenge too.
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