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  1. I find him too good and end up selling him after a few years.
  2. I’d imagine this is because you’re playing with a custom dB with ‘realistic ‘ injuries
  3. Once I start winning things, I like to rip my team apart and start again. I run an Ajax system so I can manage this without too much fall out.
  4. Yuo do realise his PPM is cuts in from the right hand side.
  5. Much like @XaW I have a player who is simlar to yours in my current team but like his report says, he is fringe/squad player (ability-wise) but because of my formation and tactics he fits perfectly and produces. Don't take your scouts reports as gospel, you need to make sure each play you sign has/or will have the skill-set you need. If someone offered me the money you offered for your player, I would snap their hands off.
  6. To be honest, his attributes don’t scream to me top player, especially for that amount of money. He might make a serviceable rotation player or an advanced forward bit in my opinion you’ve over paid there.
  7. I was wondering if all future FM World Cups coded to be in the summer or could there possibly be another one moved to the winter?
  8. As big and offer as that is, it’s in $ so less than first appears (probably about £260m), far bigger than any AI offer I’ve ever seen though.
  9. There was a whole raft of them, Jonas Lunden too. Was it Sindre Loe Bing who could play everywhere? Alexander Farenaud too. Tommy Svindal Larsen and Lasee Olsen we’re amazing as were Pavel Brozek and Fernando Cavenaghi
  10. I think that might be your issue, I’d step off a little and sit a little deeper and hit on the counter attack to begin with.
  11. In reality, this is one of the biggest jumps in class because of many things. How did you go up? Did you scrape promotion or cruise up? I’d think about making your team difficult to break down and keep the ball well to begin with and then as the players become more comfortable in the league try and become more expansive
  12. I have flagged this in the last few versions of FM touch - after a few years (usually about 6+) pretty much every Bundesliga team gains worldwide reputation.
  13. I’m about 6 seasons with Benfica, my intake produced 10 of the starting 11 from the Ukrainian national team.
  14. Yes - I recently played as Rennes and bought Riann Brewster, who not only went on to gain French nationality but became eligible to play for France too.
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