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  1. No I actually meant that I've had players, like the OP, who really shouldn't be effective but are excellent. As @herne79 says, hidden attributes are just as important as the ability to run, dribble, pass etc and I would much rather have a player who performed consistently that someone who had 'high' attributes and didn't.
  2. It's just as much a reputation thing as ability thing.
  3. Attributes mean nothing - performances are what counts. I have had players with amazing stats who never seem to perform. If a player fits your system and plays well - he's worth keeping.
  4. I am heading on holiday for a week but will get back on this when I return. Apologies.
  5. I logged this last year that there seems to be something wrong with the way German team's reputations are calculated. Union Berlin and Foruna Dusseldorf have just been promoted, Werder finished 11th on their 1st season back in top flight and have 'worldwide' reputation. I can upload game if necessary.
  6. They are usually for players who have 0 chance of playing for that country too. I press conference answer stating as much would be great.
  7. I just had a huge offer for him at 29 accepted £117m + 3 players valued in excess of £100m but he then wanted £550k per week plus bonuses and fees - that's a hard nope from me.
  8. Nah, that fella rocking it with Brescia is waaaay ahead of me. i tried and failed massively with them.
  9. I'm really enjoying life in Bergamo as manager of Atalanta - in 2027-28 and successfully defended the Scudetto ahead of both Milan teams. Have been lucky with a few intakes of youth, with three current 1st teamers coming off the assembly line and, like other here, I have found a few gems along them way. I have found the key is, upgrading scouting as soon as I can attract better 9I am playing FMT, so no packages to worry about). Melengoni is the only player remaining from the original squad (other than Traore, and he has barely featured) most were sold to help the team get better with the money they brought in. Here is a sample of my youth and finds... This lad was almost an immediate first teamer, came through after 1st season, never went out on loan and is immense Brugni came through the season after and took a little longer to settle, I was close to getting rid but excellent spells at Genoa and Fiorentina made me think twice. Marcato is my next big hope, although I have to coach his 'fickle' personality out of him. I have high hopes for Diaw too, although I tend not to play with an anchor man, I may see how he develops. Now onto the 'jewels of my crown' Curcio cost me £3.4m from Milan and I have been tested with bids north of £150m but held firm. This is the second of my DC pairing and I could not be more delighted - cost me £1.8 from Young Boys - wow! Finally Frank Yao, the man everyone wants - £475k from ASEC and is possibly the best regen I have ever had.
  10. I'd never go for a wingback with dribbling and crossing like that unless it was 1/10 (max) of that price.
  11. This is mine: came through as most talented player from a 'golden generation' at Atalanta
  12. Get that personality coached out of him for a start.
  13. Gone back in afresh, 2nd season at the minute - wholesale changes to say the least. Squad is barely recognisable, anyone had any joy with Kasinga-Madia? His rating has improved over the first season and he's now 4 1/2 star potential... First three games of season Liverpool Spurs Man City
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