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  1. Rodgers is due a move mate, if he goes everything will change...
  2. Got a little bored of my first winter transfer save after about 2 1/2 seasons. Just mired in the mid-table battle while to top teams spend billions - sounds sadly familiar.
  3. Actually just picked up Lisandro Martinez, he'd had a few years in MLS to develop too so looks great.
  4. 2nd season in my NUFC save Lyon beat PSG to the title.
  5. Picked up what could be the best signing of my entire FM career to date. Scouts came back on told me that Joao Felix had requested to leave Benfica and was listed for £37m, I slapped a bid in quicker than you Jordan Pickford can fumble the ball and hey presto - he's a mag! One of the drawbacks and pluses of the game that, that the AI doesn't even contemplate transfers between windows.
  6. FFS! Went into February of 2nd season 8th, in the 5th round of the FA cup and in pretty good nick all in all. Played Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City in a week, all away from home and it just imploded. Lost 7-2 at Anfield, 6-0 at The Emirates and 5-1 at Etihad! I could not do anything to stop them - wow stunned.
  7. Has anyone seen this kid Evander from FC Midtjylland? Wow! He's costing me £10m, I know that's a fair chunk of money but nothing like value for money eh.
  8. Start of 2nd season with updated DB. Was able to shift so much dead weight and recruit some cracking players - some I knew of and some I had no idea of - I particularly like the lad Massengo from Monaco. Here's the transfers - oddly enough, I toyed with stuping up £30m for Kennedy as he was pretty great last year but Pjaca at that price...
  9. The Belgian kid is available for free at the end of the first season...
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