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  1. Seen a lot of love for Josip Brekalo over the last few years, introducing Filip Brekalo - pretty much a carbon copy but more defensive oriented.
  2. Still on the OG database and not sure how hidden he is b/c it seems they paid £2.2m as a 16 year old but...
  3. All done I think, at least it says it is. File name: Steven Young - PSG (from Rangers) the item should be there in the inbox.
  4. Just like the title says - I am playing with Scottish and English leagues loaded up but have just been offered the PSG job. I have the game saved at the job offer point if needed.
  5. Yeah, I would have no issue with that. Fati and Mbappe as IF with Haaland up top. Well done Jay you've completed Football Manager
  6. I took over at Leverkusen in a recent save 2020 and he was there, worth £60m and seen as a star player.
  7. Harry Cochrane starts at Hearts has gone to Chelsea in mine and back to me at Rangers.
  8. Thankfully Haha, I guess it is a little unrealistic but hey ho.
  9. Yep possibly - thats the reality of hard Brexit unfortunately. I had agreed to sign Rodrygo on a free (absolute scenes) but his WP was denied despite a contract of almost 100k p/w - I lost Vignato and Mejibri the same way too. Thankfully the club seems sustainable still and I'm able to shift dead weight easily enough.
  10. I have found a few recently who have not been mentioned yet. Diego Pampin - cost me £775k from Celta Vigo B in 2021/22 Next fella was already there when I took over at Rangers - was a free from Hadjuk the summer I arrived. Hamza The next two weren't cheap but have been amazing, I had to go slightly higher due to WP restrictions. Amione was from Belgrano and was £10m Diveev was from £11.75m (he scored 12 goals in his 1st season!
  11. @Welshace Cam eon here to post about Uluriaga, one of my favourite players on the game this year. Also love Bruno Amione too
  12. I've got confused with two different threads - could have sworn that there was someone saying that he was not as good as last year. Oops
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