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  1. @Harrison Modeste it is a saved game that has already been uploaded. I think I probably should have unlocked the achievement when I won the Europa League (perhaps) which is before the save game date. Can you just check?
  2. I'm in season 9 or 10 with NUFC and we're currently the 2nd most reputable club in the world but I haven't unloacked the aforementioned DLC, which is unlockable by 'increasing the reputation of a club'.
  3. I had no idea that FM legend Joao Felix had a younger brother. Hugo Felix starts out at SLB (just like his trail-blazing brother did) and develops into a pretty damn good player. Here is is at 26 (around 9 seasons into the game) and he's been pretty amazing for a Leeds team, who are challenging for Europa League football in the league having won the FA Cup last season. This is all AI development but I have no idea whether or not his stats are totally random or not. I am assuming this is him at the top end of his PA range. Just thought it was a pretty cool find and worthy of this forum.
  4. In a player’s transfer options you can select ‘promote club to top target’
  5. In my game Man City managed to get him for free at the end of the first season but they transfer listed him after 9 games in 3 years (I'm assuming Ederson-based) and I bought him for £39.5m. Just checked Ederson is still there and has pretty much been ever present since the beginning of the game.
  6. Surely it does if they're trying to unsettle him
  7. But like I said in context I am as big, if not bigger than they are...
  8. Bit of context here, I am 8 seasons in, a regular Champions League team and title contender. No players are unhappy about leaving for bigger clubs. The player is question is a regular starter, think his contract says important player, he is worth £74 million, has 3 years left on contract, isn't really that interested in leaving for the bidding team, but still they've come in with a bid that is essentially 1/3 of the player's value (and in installments at that!) - is it genuinely a tactic or could is be a transfer bug? See image: Just out of interest, I tried negotiating to
  9. How’s Louis Sibley been for you guys? He’s been in my shortlist since end of season 1 and was gonna try a cheeky bid for him January 2026 but a newly taken-over West Ham just signed him for £55m!
  10. PSG beat me to him and he's progressing pretty brilliantly Posesses a resolute personality so pretty good from AI development
  11. Something that totally reflects real life is that lack of interest England managers have in NUFC players. Callum wilson has 164 goals in 192 games from me. In this time Tammy Abraham has scored 52, Harry Kane has 70, Marcus Rashford has 77 and Mason Greenwood has 73. Callum Wilson has had 1 cap since the game began (I am in December 2024) he has been an unused sub for the last 20 England games!
  12. Roy Keane was my assistant manager, then I appointed Jesus Perez around 18 months later but it turns out Keane didn't leave. To cap things off, Spurs approached Keane, he signed a new contract and Perez got sacked because of this. FFS! I have uploaded the game: Steven Young - Newcastle for upload.fmt
  13. Haha, not really sure; think I just lucked out on who I was playing. He hit 11 in 3 at one point.
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