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  1. Going to give this ago with the Daggers! Few players look like they could fit in with this tactic. I currently have no scouts, what do you look for when hiring scouts?
  2. Do you get much luck from corners? Seem to keep hitting the first man, and rarely score from them
  3. How much did Messi & Ronaldo set you back Scott?
  4. Struggling to score goals with Chelmsford in Vandarma South
  5. Amazing tactic Mr Rosler! Decided to try it out with West Ham, with fantastic results. No cup wins, but managed to win the premier league using the same squad I started with (apart from signing Valdes mid season). Sakho, Valencia, Downing & Zarate outstanding.
  6. Tactic working really well, mixture of Heaven Gates & Fire Guided Light. Was set for Champions League final, only to be denied by 95th min goal. Lost in semi's of German Cup & Lost title by 2 points!! Maybe next season, great work.
  7. Just downloaded for my West Ham save. After a terrible attempt at making a tactic, and killing the morale of my team. Including 8-0 lose to Chelsea!! I have started to use this, 4 games in 4 defeats however morale has improved, and playing a lot better. So just need that bit of luck to get first win.
  8. In-Game Editor

    Nearly FM15 time, can you reduce the editor
  9. 5th Season in with Chelmsford, just missed out on automatic promotion in league 2 by goal difference. Then lost in the playoff's semi's, gutted! Was meant to be a season for consolidation, so 4th was a bonus.
  10. Excellent tactic, had been using your XXX tactic with Chelmsford, which had me top of the league then a big dip in form left me 7pts behind the playoffs. Changed to this tactic and wow, managed to make the playoffs on the last day of season and managed to win promotion.
  11. Managed to go 16 unbeaten in the league, but now been hit with 3 defeats on the spin. Knocked out of the Champions League on goal difference! Hopefully can pull through it, have noticed players are getting very tired.
  12. Played 13 games with Chelsea, have won 11 drawn 1 lost 1 (Lost 4-1 at home to Dortmund!) Scoring 26 conceding just 7!! Going well, keep you updated.
  13. Started well 3 out of 3, but now failed to win in 8 games. Will keep trying it.
  14. I signed him & Ronaldo for Man Utd, /o\ I think they are now on over £1m a week wages.