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  1. Seriously 10-3, we have said all along you should get your work published. I read a lot of books similar to this and this is equal if not better.
  2. There goes my hopes for Richmond.
  3. Great as always 10-3, just a side note, have you tried FM11, if so are you still an unbelievably good manager?
  4. That's it..... I can't take it anymore..... life isn't worth living without Emiliani...... To be honest, I can't see him being sadly missed but RIP Emiliani anyway.
  5. Yeah, i have read the descriptions of all the characters but for some reason i imagine them all differently
  6. I used to see Richmond as a man with receding hair (pretty much bald) with a suit and an evil grin -since reading the past few pages i now see him as an evil mastermind with a mustache and a cat to stroke...
  7. Think everyone else has said it all, but world class as always 10-3.
  8. You should look both ways before crossing a road.
  9. It's Richmond dressed as Emiliani, and he's plotting to kill Rob! Or it could be that he's having relationship troubles. Either way suits me
  10. Hey 10-3, I don't know if you remember me, but i stopped reading last year due to personal reasons and now after 3 solid days of reading i have catched up and I tell you what, the story has only gone upwards from what was near perfection already Top marks 10-3, you deserve every award imaginable
  11. Thanks, I have managed to do it now, will be interesting to see what happens..
  12. Just a quick question.... Is it possible to put a rule in the English Premier Division to make it so that clubs are only allowed 5 non-british players in the playing squad (no matter what the age)
  13. thats settled then if anyone who is willing to be a head of department please PM me, i will post the sign-up late today/early tomorrow
  14. I agree, if some dedicated users were to sign-up they could then become heads of departments which they would have the final decision to what happens in their department. That way if no one was to contribute in that department for 1 decision, the head of department would be able to make that decision.
  15. I'm looking at starting a Myfootball Club takeover kinda thing where each week we will vote for the starting XI, we will pick the club, pick the manager, pick the signings all from a list. The sign-up will consist of people choosing which department that wish to participate in. Eg. Signings, Picking The Team, Hiring Staff, Budgeting etc. Let me know what you think!
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