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  1. Where is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domiciano_Cav%C3%A9m ? And all the "Os Belenenses" legends like Matateu,Di Pace,Vicente Lucas,José Pereira and others?
  2. I don't like people that hear red hats so stop hearing red hats.
  3. Stop making excuses,tell me an instance where something similar happened irl?It's ridiculous to think that any club after rejecting a 30M bid would accept an 8M bid a week later,no matter what the circunstances are.It's something that has happen for years and needs to be fixed.
  4. yes,SLBenfica lost the final agaisnt Man U so I would be very interested.
  5. Waine Rooney asking to join Arsenal near the end of the season so he can play champions league football when it's clear Arsenal won't qualify for next season and Man U almost certain gonna be champions or when at the start of the season or when a player just come back from a long term injurie a player asks to leave so he can get first team football.
  6. In my save he is doing good,City on the other hand are doing poorly.
  7. I'm really angry at you SI.For the first time i got this game in Beta (I usually wait until the full realease) so now you ruined my life for 2 weeks more Well done once again,the game is awesome(although my Girlfriend wants to kick me out) and can't wait for next patch when all the bugs are gone.
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