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  1. To clarify - the "research" is live data from the game. As per the EULA, we anonymously collect data to help us with the games development. This can be turned off in preferences. So it's accurate based on data from over 1m people who played FM17 and didn't turn off the data collection in preferences.
  2. Early bird season tickets are on sale until April at most clubs. With any chasing promotion & relegation, they don't know what division they in. They end well before the transfer market opens, let alone closes. We are announcing features before the discount period ends. Which is more than any club early bird discount does. So I don't understand your issue. At all.
  3. With FM17 we attempted to do something that we’d wanted to do for years – and that was to put in place an “early bird loyalty scheme”, just like you have with season tickets at football clubs, so that if you owned our last 4 titles, you got a 20% discount from your pre-order from our friends at Steam. It was very experimental – not something that others devs had managed in the past in the way we did it, and we’re very grateful to Steam for putting the technology in place not just for you, but also for other studios and publishers who wanted to use it in the future. It was hugely successfu
  4. It's not going to be perfect alignment wise - but certainly better than the option now of just playing in English We're going to be monitoring the success of this system both with quality, downloads and extra sales in the region, and will react accordingly. We might not have time to change things to make it work better with FM17, but hopefully 17 will do well enough to allow us to make FM18 and make improvements to the community translation system based on feedback and use.
  5. Every year we get requests from around the world from people who want us to add a translated version of Football Manager in their language. As much as we’d love to translate the game into every language, it’s often not possible for us to do so. So, in the same way as we let people add extra leagues to the game and make them available via Steam Workshop, with FM17 we’re doing the same with languages. Once the game is released on November 4th, you’ll notice a new tab on the Steam Workshop called “Community Translations”. This is where the community-made translations will live, and
  6. As I said earlier, we've been working on this for a few years, specifically for the Korean market. It's not a secret - there've been news articles about and I talk about it on both Twitter and Facebook. We are co-developing the game with a Korean developer who were called KTH, until they were bought from their parent company earlier in the year by, umm, our parent company (SEGA). Officially I've been studio director of both SI and SPK (the developer previously known as KTH) for many months - and apart from a recent break to finish FM - have been spending 1 week out of 6 over there with many
  7. We announced that a couple of years ago. It's nothing new. We're working on it for release in South Korea next year. There are no plans to release it anywhere else. It is VERY different to FML.
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