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  1. In game SS v1 Realistic update for Bosnia and Herzegovina, later this week I update db with Club Club culture and smaller things. BH Telecom Premier League (1st tier). First Leagues of B&H: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska (2nd tier). National Cup Bosnian newspapers and other media. my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/editor data Bosnia.fmf
  2. New questions for manager interviews is very important to me because I almost never miss press conference.
  3. Of course. Raya, Mulgrew (best assistant in all three season), Williams, Evans, Armstrong and I think maybe one or two more players. On winter I sold Smallwood and Nyambe.
  4. I finish with 3rd season and I'm very pleased with results.
  5. I won promotion in season two! Semi final: Crystal Palace - Blackburn 0:1 Blackburn - Crystal Palace 2:1 Final: Cardiff - Blackburn 1:5 In cups I eliminated in 3rd round of Carabao Cup (Brighton, home, 1:1 and they won after penalties) and in 5th round of FA Cup (Everton, away, 4:2). Now board plan to build a new stadium. Huge, huge news! Avarage age of my squad is only 23!
  6. Players from FC Cuando Cubango is U13 or U14? You have nice start with this club and maybe you at end of the season can be 2nd.
  7. Nice from you for now. Good luck in future.
  8. I finish first season with Blackburn. We aren't promoted but I'm very satisfied with this result.
  9. Hi, You can change to any nation continent with this:
  10. No. Recent clubs development (F91 Dudelange play in group stage of UEL).
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