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    I'm owner of Football Manager Bosnia community and also assistant researcher for Bosnia database.


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  1. Players from FC Cuando Cubango is U13 or U14? You have nice start with this club and maybe you at end of the season can be 2nd.
  2. SlobaFMB

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Nice from you for now. Good luck in future.
  3. If you want to win trophy, Lusitanos first need to lose.
  4. I finish first season with Blackburn. We aren't promoted but I'm very satisfied with this result.
  5. SlobaFMB

    Former country & Uefa

    Hi, You can change to any nation continent with this:
  6. SlobaFMB

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    No. Recent clubs development (F91 Dudelange play in group stage of UEL).
  7. For now, nice add-on for my squad.
  8. Well done legend! I wait for other european leagues also and thank for your work.
  9. I like this idea. Good luck with project.
  10. SlobaFMB

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I play with one Championship side and I buy one of the Serbian wonderkids but he don't have work permit (he is rejected). Can he play for my U23 or U18 team if he don't have work permit?
  11. SlobaFMB

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Sorry if I post in wrong topic. Just quick question. Can player without work permit play in reserve leagues (U23, U18)?
  12. SlobaFMB

    Additional editor options [DOWNLOAD]

    No. This is just for more options in editing like you can change language name etc. Nothing will it effect at saved leagues. Focus is on change continents for nations.
  13. Well done mate. I plan something like Greater Yugoslavia (I'm Yugoslav communist who like idea ex yu countries + Alb and Bul). Do you edit something in european competitions? How works qual. system for SSlovenia, Croatia etc. countries? Once again well done.
  14. I just remove hidden stage option for every stage where I put that.