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  1. Second of my adventures in Spain taken from my side https://djsmileysawordp.wordpress.com/ Welcome back everybody, last time we played all our preseason games and won all of them and didn't concede a goal which for a club of our size was excellent achievement, even though it was preseason but I felt proud and thought we ready for the real deal. The day we all been waiting for finally arrived, our first major test with our 4-1-4-1DM tactic. Our first league game at the Estadio de Vallecas, Madrid vs Espanyol in their 4-1-4-1 wide formation. First minute Espanyol works
  2. I wasn't sure about counter pressing at first but most of the time it turns to be something witch works perfectly when watching games, and just to state that theory is always good cause it gives someone something to work on but watching matches will prove if theory was good or if change is needed.
  3. This is taken from my site https://djsmileysawordp.wordpress.com/ I received a call from the president of Rayo Vallecano for a meeting in Madrid Spain in a neighbourhood of Vallecas. I accepted it even though I had never travelled overseas in my entire life but at the same time this was not an opportunity I would turn down. Next stop I was at O.R Tambo international airport boarding a plane from South Africa Johannesburg to Madrid Spain and I was so looking forward to the meeting. I had this dictionary with me that I used to translate Spanish words into my beloved English language ob
  4. I could start this again a thousand times 'People generally advise those unfamiliar with roles/duties and how to understand attributes' If all of can crucially understand attributes then eventually the game will become simple to understand. Thanks a lot Rashidi
  5. Thanks Hunter but why on top of that pressing bar it says Less Urgent
  6. Am using a Positive mentality and out of possession told the team to press extremely urgent but after checking, some of the player roles are told to press less urgent...am lost can someone help?
  7. It makes sense Cleon thanks a lot for taking the time to respond
  8. I have been playing around with mentality and roles trying to figure out how often will certain things happen in a match when using different roles and mentality. Let's say am using Counter mentality and plus very wide TI and in midfield I have gone for 2 roles with a hardcoreded PI of risky passes, basically since mentality equals risk are these 2 roles gonna play risky passes often when using Counter or will Counter mentality come into effect and tell those roles to play risky passes sometimes since Counter actually tells my players not to take huge risk with the ball. I just hope
  9. :applause:Hi THOG

    I've been checking the forums daily thinking I would find a recent post from you but unfortunately...

    Can you please come back we really miss hearing from you. 

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