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  1. Thanks Hunter but why on top of that pressing bar it says Less Urgent
  2. Am using a Positive mentality and out of possession told the team to press extremely urgent but after checking, some of the player roles are told to press less urgent...am lost can someone help?
  3. It makes sense Cleon thanks a lot for taking the time to respond
  4. I have been playing around with mentality and roles trying to figure out how often will certain things happen in a match when using different roles and mentality. Let's say am using Counter mentality and plus very wide TI and in midfield I have gone for 2 roles with a hardcoreded PI of risky passes, basically since mentality equals risk are these 2 roles gonna play risky passes often when using Counter or will Counter mentality come into effect and tell those roles to play risky passes sometimes since Counter actually tells my players not to take huge risk with the ball. I just hope some of the big guns here understand my question cause I feel that's where most of us get confused when choosing Mentality and roles... Not Duties.
  5. The first problem i see its from your team instructions, exploit the flanks will give your wide midfielders higher mentalities and they will push more forward looking for space in the final third and look for overlap will actually tell your wide midfielders to hold onto the ball, make fewer forward runs and wait for the full back to overlap. Your Wideplaymaker and the Right DM will occupy the same space when ever your team has possession of the ball which will mean poor utilization of space rather give your DM a defend duty so he stays behind the wide p-maker and give the wide p-maker and attack duty so he will support your strikers.
  6. For balls played in the air always look for this attributes. Determination, Strength, Balance, Jumping Reach and of course Heading. Attacking corners, In swinging = a right footed player taking a left sided corner kick and Out swinging = a right footed player taking a right sided corner kick. In swinging corners are best directed at the near or far post although they are easy for the keeper to claim and Out swinging corners are best directed at the penalty spot, for both corner routines you must always have your best headers attacking the posts and especially for out swinging have 1 guy attacking the ball from deep, the rest tell them to go forward. ENJOY
  7. My favorite all time formation 4-4-2. - Firstly the space between the lines in a 4-4-2 and the two man midfield has to be your number one priority when creating the tactic. So for shape I would choose fluid to reduce the lines between the stratas. - Mentality I would say Standard since you don't have quality players, and on the wings I would recommend aggressive roles like wingers to support the two strikers more especially since you using an advanced forward. For the second striker I would recommend a more creative striker like a Deeplying Forward if you have a player capable of playing the role. - The crucial part, the two man midfield with what I have mentions above I would advice a deeplying Midfielder on Defend and a Box to Box midfielder. The DLP will create and run the show from deep and hold off to protect your defence while the BBM will support your attack. - Instructions wise I wouldn't go as far as using exploits the flanks as I think that should only be used if there's any weakness with your opposition's tactic. Tempo wise I would recommend slower since you are a weaker side remember increasing the tempo means your players decision making must be fast so they move the quickly, think (Attacking Mentality) so slower means they will take time to think of the best way to use the ball. Remember don't tell your players to do something that they are not capable of I mean since you are one of the weaker sides in the leageu, Attacking mentality is out of the question for think Counter or Standard even Defensive would do for your side and playing a Target man you need players making runs so when he's holding the ball there's always someone nearby for him to pass the ball to.
  8. :applause:Hi THOG

    I've been checking the forums daily thinking I would find a recent post from you but unfortunately...

    Can you please come back we really miss hearing from you. 

  9. MENTALITY Every time i go through the forum i come across the word ' In FM now everything is linked together' and i think if we can try and explain and show the examples of how is everything linked together that can actually help a lot of people and give most people some basic's of creating and understanding the terms used in Football Manager. OK that out of the way, now on to my first example i hope am right since am still learning the game as well, please bear with me here . Am using Counter Mentality, the first thing to know is with more defensive mentalities is your team will play with a deep defensive line, my deeper players will use direct passes from deep and they will stand off and close down later. At the other end my advanced players will play short passes and play with lower tempo, they wont be any roaming movement from them. SHAPE I choose Highly Structured shape as an example, GOD HELP ME . I see shape as 'A player given freedom to express themselves and who will contribute to the defensive, transitions and attacking phases of play. With highly structured shape my players have 'DON'T GO AND EXPRESS YOURSELF TEAM INSTRUCTION FROM ME' but i can choose one or two players and give them the creative freedom. Secondly the player mentalities will differ according to their specific duties across the pitch. ROLES AND DUTIES Think which instructions does your mentality give your players, On the mentality i chose my defenders will pass long so i where to play 2 at the back then i will choose, Defensive Central Defender - Defend + Defensive Central Defender - Defend /Central Defender - Defend and they will definitely do what the Mentality told them to do. So basically my passing range will be DIRECT so i need players that can HOLD the ball up and i don't need MORE RISKY PASSING from any Role as the wont be any roaming or greater off the ball movement from my players. TEAM INSTRUCTIONS If you are still reading thank you hopefully am not misleading you. Pump the ball into the box, More direct passing, Go route one those are for my deeper players, i can even choose Play from the back if i had to tone down the passing directness a bit. There's 2 shouts for the advanced players that is exactly the same as what your mentality actually tells your most advanced players to do, Roam from positions or Be more Disciplined. I would choose the second one if i had to. PREFERRED MOVES Tries Long range passes, likes to beat offside trap, likes to switch the ball to other flank... etc That's how i play the game please correct me if am wrong, as i said am still learning the game mechanics as well.
  10. This is my initial setup with Burnley, am a fan of the 4-4-2 shape so here we go. Mentality - Control Shape - Highly Structured Ti's - Play narrow Now on to the roles and duties to balance my Mentality and Shape. 1. Gk - Defend 2. F/Back - Attack 4. & 5. Central defender - Stopper x 2 to reduce the space between defense and midfield since am on Highly Structure shape 3. F/Back - Support 6 & 8 = BWM - Defend and Box to Box Mid - Support 7. Wide PlayMaker - Attack 11. Wide Midfielder - Attack 10. DeepLying Forward or Complete Forward on Support 9. Advanced Forward - Attack Then i adapt according to the situation i come across when actually playing the game.
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