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  1. Any update on this? Want to start a new game. Trevor L.
  2. How do you make a new XML file with different numbers. I tried FMXML and it asks for each individual number. I cant enter 15000 unique numbers Ill be there all day. How do you guys create the generic one so I can just plug it in and keep trying till I find the correct ID numner? Trevor L.
  3. Yep every edition. Just got this years so will load it up shortly and go.
  4. I have to load all the leagues. Game just doesn't feel complete. Trevor L.
  5. D(L,R) DM ST/AMF Guys I have arent bad but i could use a real good defense. leaking a little too much. Trevor L.
  6. Started unemployed and got he job at Independiente. Currently 6th after 4 games. Not a bad squad. Keep fiddling with the tactics to ty and get some consistancy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also any good SA players I should go after? I have 3.1million in transfer funds Trevor L.
  7. last night it took about 4 minutes to get through a normal saturday. I have seen a few heavy days where it seems every league has a game going. Takes about 8-10 minutes then. I know some dont like that, but it works fine for me. Trevor L.
  8. All leagues loaded and small DB. 2 year old laptop with 8 gb ram. Runs at the speed I like. Looking at about 2 weeks a season at the rate I am going. Just started and I am 2 months into my save. I like it at the speed. Never understood people who have like 3 seasons done the day of release. How do you enjoy your game whipping through it like that? Trevor L.
  9. not to sound stupid, but did you check under your Dev Center and the youth intake tab? Trevor L.
  10. No Gibraltar League on the Steam workshop this year? Trevor L.
  11. I get it is a bug and has been confirmed by mods, but it is really that big of deal. If it affects your team it affects every team. So in essence everyone has a level playing field. I am going to start a long term save and see how it goes. It does not affect newgens so for me at least I should be good for long term. Cant wait till tonight after work I can really dig in and get going. Trevor L.
  12. Finally got a chance to try the beta last night. Started unemployed. I like the club vision alot. During the interview it really made it feel like you are interviewing for a job. First game lost 1-0 but the ME looked good for me. Shots looked good and I felt I was seeing real football being played. Didn't have a lot of time to dig too deep, but what I played around with I really like. I cannot wait for Tuesday so I can start a real deep dive and lead a team to glory. Great job SI, keep it up. Can't wait till Tuesday. Trevor L.
  13. Arsenal fan and my sons favorite team is Chelsea so I just cant bring myself to manage them or my best mates favorite team Liverpool. Just can't do it :-) Go Gunners!!!!! Trevor L.
  14. Dave you have been hitting it out of the ballpark today. I think I upvoted 10 of your posts today :-) Trevor L.
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