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  1. I am running every league on full detail. Medium database around 155000 players on a 2 yr old laptop and it is running fine for me. Now to just get job :-) Trevor L.
  2. I hope we get something soon before Full FM19 drops. Would like to at least know :-) Trevor L.
  3. Mine shows half a star and it runs fine with all leagues full detail and 3d at max. I sugget just try it and see how it feels.
  4. I play with all leagues loaded Full detail on all and Medium database around 125000 people on a 2 year old laptop and it runs fine for me. On heavy days it can take 3-4 minutes to process but I am fine with that. I enjoy watching the whole world. Playing around with the Beta and I am loving it at the moment. Will start a full game once 11/2 rolls around. Great job guys! Trevor L.
  5. Well since I am at work (in America) and cant play yet I have not seen much of ME talk. I am guessing no talking is no issues? I know that is asking alot and the ME will never be perfect but I am holding out hope. I was happy with last years so they can only improve. Trevor L
  6. Thats sweet,you really think your under the radar. The simply fact you posted means you are tracked somewhere. If Steam is such an issue don't play, thats cool. but I think it is very naive to think since I dont have steam or social media i'm under the radar. Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of playing this great game for some obscure reason that isnt even real. Come on I know you are all smarter than that. Trevor L.
  7. Been playing since Beta and I will have to say it is totally worth picking up. I haven't seen some of the issues others do, but for me the ME is looking strong and I enjoy the game. As a qualifier I play with everything loaded up and go slow. Usually only get 3 seasons in before the next edition, but I take a deep dive on stats and really comb over things. I am just at the start of pre season for my second season of my 2nd save so while I have a small set to look at, I do have every league loaded and I go over all of them on a consistent basis to make sure I like what I see and so far so good. I would say get it. Trevor L.
  8. He took over the USA National team in my save. Actually got them to the World Cup. made it through group phase and got beat by Brazil in the first round. Trevor L.
  9. I am always Jaz Richards. My alter Ego for any game where I have to add my name. Started because I usually like to put myself in as a player.
  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for me at least, I am really enjoying the game. I have no issues with the UI, partly because I deal with a program that drives me crazy at work, and this one seems nicer. I never understood the big deal with extra clicking. Just me I guess. ME is playing fine, except a few little things that I am sure will get worked out in the next patch or 2. Getting used to scouting and rather like the way it is setup. I have played since day 1 of beta and usually try 3 or so hours a night so i think i have a good grasp of things. Hoping to take Werder Breman to European glory. I say just keep plugging away, the great game you love will show through eventually. It did for me. Great job SI. Trevor L.
  11. I agree the packages are a little confusing. I am running a few tests on a throwaway save to see if I can get my head around them. I cannot believe it is as difficult as it is being made out, I think we just need to study it a bit. Trevor L.
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