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  1. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Training visuals?

    Is their any actual visuals such as this in the pic? Any visuals what so ever..
  2. Ok thanks, my fm 18 experience with this stutter was fixed with geforce wide resolution, fm 19 doesn’t offer the resolution I used on geforce last year.. hope this helps aswell
  3. Hi, it stutters on both settings in the exact same way
  4. Hi, my game is running with the Nvidia card and is set to high performance @Jack Joyce
  5. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Has this been noted?
  6. Ok I can’t check until tonight though but I will post back on here right away
  7. Hi, i’ll double check after work. Bout 8ish. But pretty sure both are, is their no way to use a beta with GeForce experience?
  8. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Started with Walsall, Nicky Devlin has a suspension right at the start. Couldn’t use him in the game v the under 21s and he still has suspension after it also lol.
  9. My match engine is extremely jumpy, can’t use geforce experience yet so don’t know if that will help.. it’s very jumpy and for some reason, using recommended for this pc (laptop) doesn’t help. Lowering resolution just makes the match engine look spread out and still jumps. Personally find the game unplayable with this, i’d rather play sensible soccer than fm in 2d lol. The font looks washed out with lower resolution also. I have i5-7300hq 2.5 ~ 3.5 GTX 1050 4gb 8 Gb ram edit - Had this problem with FM 18 but GeForce Experience sorted it with a custom wide resolution, I think it was 1080x1024 (guess) but FM 19 doesn't offer this in the settings, the lowest FM 19 resolution stops the stutters but it looks awful.
  10. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Posistion Training.

    So aslong as I press Full Back support, It will do it even tho it doesn’t show it? Just to clarify so I can play it again
  11. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Posistion Training.

    Can you elaborate on this please, I used to believe this helped a player get better in that role? I had to save the game because this practically made it unplayable for me earlier, I like to do everything myself like this. Does this feature not do anything constructive then?
  12. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Posistion Training.

    When I try to put a Natural Left Wing Back to train as Full Back Support, it doesn't change and it leaves a blank when I go back on to the page.
  13. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    FM 19 needs to hurry up.

    Fm has auto continue, processing times mesn nothing now
  14. Stopped playing FM 18 in anticipation for FM 19 but the time is going so slow! Can’t wait for it, going to start in League 1 I think. Best game ever made, chilling out, cup of tea in my Football Manager cup bit of Friends or Big Bang Theory in the backround if it isn’t too distracting at the time as in forgetting my pre match team talks sort of deal lol. Hurry UP!!