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  1. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Lag on high-end Nvidia graphics cards

    @HOTBULLETOWEN On FM preferences, settings only allow windowed mode and one other resolution. So; Go on GeForce Experience, find FM, customize it’s resolution to something like 1280x1080 Wide Screen I think mine is, scroll all the way down. It will fix the annoying lag. This message has been repeated over and over on here, it should be on the header of the thread as a fix. Also make sure everytime you play FM, press play through GeForce.
  2. No idea but sounds like a class save 🌝
  3. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Game keep close suddenly

    Your laptops overworking. Hold Ctrl, Alt and Delete to bring up procceses and see what’s being over used. Ensure FM is running as you do it. @miky69900
  4. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Monitor size for Fm

    @wayne'o Tried it on my 49” , looks immense, played it with an xbox controller aswell. Just doesn’t feel the same as having your laptop on you while playing for me.
  5. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    How to not concede in the last 15 minutes?

    When you overachieve with Ipswich or a similar team over a 46 game season and finish above Wolves in 2nd and Fulham 3rd, let me no then what you think of my advice. The best defence is to score another goal UNTIL the game is closing out, say 65th minute consider holding on to the lead, say swap a centre mid for a MORE defence midfielder (ball winner). Not trying to close the game out when you have a 1 goal lead late on is goal greed.
  6. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    How to not concede in the last 15 minutes?

    Did you win the Championship first season with Ipswich using this approach late on?
  7. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    How to not concede in the last 15 minutes?

    Keep eye on how match stats , if their shots are sneaking up then you must go contain. Manage the moment, if the shots aren’t going up then change nothing.
  8. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Need Help getting back to basics

    @JohanCruyff#14 Use a 442, use balance mentallity for the first 20 minutes of a match and adapt to how the match is going. That’s as basic as it gets.
  9. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Match Engine lag

    @trueblue It’s the screen resolution, in Football Manager 18, their is only 2 options available in the preferences I believe? Open geforce experience, modify FM 18 on it and set resolution to something like wide screen 1280x1080 I think mine is, scroll all the way down on the resolutions drop down then save them.
  10. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    I gave up

    The ONLY things you need to do are; - Suitable formation to match the players familiarity roles and combine the roles with each other. - Tactical familiarity is VERY important so DON’T change it expecting instant results. - Match sharpness. - Team Cohesion. - Morale. - THE ONLY tactical approach change you need to make is when to attack, counter, balance or contain. - Understand the team you’re playing is far superior right now. (I played v Adama Traore, 19 pace, 17 Dribbling, 17 flair, my left back and left winger was NEVER stopping him while he was on form). People like you drive yourselves crazy overthinking the game.
  11. Completely revamped my team after losing to Bolton. Hopefully my cohesion gets a move on. @herne79 I thought matches would be the best medicine for cohesion?
  12. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Are Newgens Too Good?

    Defo way too good, man citys regens are better than their main players
  13. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Fotball manager Live

    Fm live was full of 4-1-2-3 noob cheaters.
  14. Ive played a match every 2 days, team a and team b rotating, played 10 friendlies, very heavy training load on match cohesion and match training 1 bar from full. My cohesion hasn’t improved 1%
  15. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Easy Game FM 2018

    People say it’s too easy but they can’t overachieve with Burton albion and get promoted 1st season, they are full on bull******s.