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  1. I agree to an extent but how have Forest Green got players with 13 passing and vision lol like 2 or 3 that’s likely equal to some prem players if I wanted to compare
  2. So after leaving Walsall, struggling, I took over Forest Green who by far have a better team. Walsall have loans, hardely any money, awful players who just don’t match a flat 442 and the only creative spark is the on loan player from Wolves. Forest Green, have a fantastic back 4, a variety of creativity in the centre mid. The only thing Walsall better are the 2 strikers, FG even have a fantastic right winger, is this not abit silly or would people consider this normal at the start of the game?
  3. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Team Cohesion

    Is this the main focus because even 5 months, my walsall team are in the negative after starting negative, and setting team to focus on cohesion. To be honest it’s a big bore, training this year is silly, nobody cares about football manager illusions this much to do this and that each week. Football Manager 2018 was far the more complete package, i’m shocked that I can’t just load the game up and do simple things now, if I was a new FM player, i’d think sod this, when your off form your team all of a sudden likes getting sent off and leaking goals even v the bottom sides regardless if morale is decent. I spend half my time trying to ensure cohesion is being worked on, also the new tactical and team layout selection is dog awful compared to last year, surely an option to keep it as it was should of been available, I really dislike this game and would comfortably say it is the worst FM ever made. Why is the users team starting off with very bad cohesion? Why are players always getting low match sharpness after 1 or 2 games and when you play them they automatically play terrible and miss sitters, since FM god knows, the 3D camera angle selections are plain simple tat. Anybody else have cohesion problems? I can’t be bothered to wrestle against it anymore.
  4. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Nvidia Response Stuttering / low fps (possible fix)

    Nvidia program settings, fm 2019. Set power to max performance.
  5. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    2d match engine poor

    Data Analyst @Johnny Ace 2D is the same as playing football manager 2008 on the xbox to me.
  6. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    2d match engine poor

    If you’re going to play in 2d you might aswell have the phone version lol
  7. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    First Time I Have Seen This

    They played the false 9 mate so basically a deep striker. Good point tho
  8. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    2-0 leads

    @Cityon86 Although this is silly and wouldn’t happen anywhere near this often, you should contemplate containing in the last 15 minutes on a 2 goal lead unless your on top, as soon as the other sides stats pick up, CONTAIN. Remember, you manage the match, not just the preparation.
  9. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    First Time I Have Seen This

    Can somebody remember a time strikerless formations was used in real life? Silly feature.
  10. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Camera Angles suck

    Anybody else think the camera choices are terrible? Personally would like one like fifa in fms style. The way the camera tilts from left to right is so blaaa The sideline view is poor because it’s so far away even fully zoomed in.
  11. This works like heaven! Thanks @Jimmy Wong <3 When I take my laptop off the mains it starts stuttering again which I assume it somehow sets to power saver mode even though I set it high performance, anything to fix this or you recommend using the mains at all times? (Wont this wear the battery out in the long run?)
  12. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Load up screen not being smooth around the edges.

    @Jimmy Wong Zoom in and look how unsmooth the lines are on the outside, look at the lines inside the numbers they look horrible, is this normal?
  13. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Load up screen not being smooth around the edges.

    I’ll get screenshot and dxdiag tonight. I get really bad match engine stutter
  14. When I load FM 19 up, when the Football Manager 2019 logo screen comes as it’s loading, the edges are not smooth at all, can’t show a pic as I uninstalled FM 19 after my problems with the match engine but this could help find the solution. processor i5 2.5ghz ~ 3.5 8 gb ram 4gb Nvidia 1050 SSD So how can’t my laptop load a simple FM load up screen logo smoothly? Anyone else have it or are yours all smooth?
  15. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Nvidia Response Stuttering / low fps (possible fix)

    Same, I regret also, this was an issue on FM 18. So what hope have we got when they don’t fix it in a new game, while fifa and pes run perfect on my laptop, 100% SI not your laptop.