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  1. First season with QPR, I hit form and then go 2nd, in top 2 by 6 points, mid-season collapse happens, I lose in the play-off semis. Season after, I’m 4th. I lose 4 in a row, then somehow get sacked lol I take over Portsmouth in 17th in League 1... we have a great run, finish 4 and miss out on automatic promotion, by get this... If I win, I’m promoted BUT, it’s 3-2 to me, 5 minutes added on, I conceded on 95:55 almost a minute over, and then, in the play off final, I lose 4-0 v Sunderland Obviously I resigned I took over Kosovo just before the World Cup, we beat Russia(I think), America and Serbia. Then lose 4-1 v England, no complaints, England are overrated on every game so you always expect a thumping when the mighty Declan Rice is playing, no complaints really I then take over Walsall, in the Championship, 17th on 25 points, always going to be tough. I have played FM since 8 till now, and I’ve won one game in that time, with Walsall. I signed 3 wingers as the current ones were poor, all 3 got injured and I couldn’t get them match ready for ages, so after 5 hours, I have come to the conclusion... I need it out of my life, it’s not fun The assumed work permit situation is a nightmare. It’s a great game but this game encourages anger, no need for some of the things that happen. Man Utd winning the league with 33 wins, realistic, yes in terms of it being possible, fun? No. Imagine trying to win the league against that
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back, the Spanish lad I wanted I agreed a deal for £650,000. To get a work permit, the transfer fee required was £18 million. Bit of a disappointment, my favourite part of the game is signing young Spanish players
  3. I’m in season 2 with QPR, I’m was trying to sign a Spanish midfielder who failed his work permit. SPANISH So I went after a Norwich player who was German. FAILED to get a WORK PERMIT! How does this even make sense? Assuming how Brexit will affect the game has damaged the fun a bit. Now, if I want to get rid of work permit’s for Spanish and German players, I have to pay 99p, to remove a part of the game that was made on assumptions. The Xbox version is great guys but please try to maintain it’s fun side, it’s not fun buying overrated English players
  4. Who ever it was at S.I who thought it was a good idea to bring a mid-season form drop every season needs sacking... Yes, teams get used to how you play, but it I wanted that detail, I’d be on the laptop version wouldn’t I... Every player in my team has good or above morale, my strikers are bang off form, I can’t even throw a water bottle at them. With good morale, the ONLY explanation for my bad run is teams getting used to how we play... I don’t mind a tweak here and there but then the strikers are like “Na, I cba to score an header from 3 yards out two times a game with my 6, 4 height, 16 strength, 14 heading... Literally, no other reason for such bad form. Keep this nonsense in the full game, jeez
  5. Me and my cousin did the fantasy draft, played each other, however, during the game. It was not possible to change tactics or even make a substitute.
  6. @herne79 I can confirm my team was playing a tika taka style and had 70% possession in other games, but away v Wigan with 10 men after 10 minutes was a step too far for my team lol wigan ended the game with 60% possession as well lol I don’t want tactical advice i’m just sharing my experience
  7. It’s the year 2019 and people are still raging about the same issues we have had year in year out on Fm games, I mean FM 20 has been out since Beta stage like what, 5-6 weeks and the game has had four, five patches/hotfix’s... the game is a mess, as much as we love FM, it’s a mess, the long balls are way over effective which makes the bad one v one’s stand out more, yet S.I patch one v one’s so now long balls are EVEN more effective lol, you can train tika taka for an whole month, and still get dominated on possession by a Wigan team with 10 men from the 10th minute lol... literally just pointless this year, same bugs, same issues, same Nvidia stutter issue’s having to be resolved by using prefer max performance, as I said before I can’t be bothered this year, in terms of general gaming in 2019, people are realising how desperate we are getting, to avoiding boredom, I play Tennis Clash, a phone game, better gameplay than these £30, £40, £50 games. Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. A.i accurate long balls, one v one situation three times a game... deep defensively line can’t even stop it. I genuinely can’t even be bothered for games this year. Fifa is the exact same but with pace abuse. Pes, dribbling and long shots are next to broken. FM, still seeing long balls where your defence doesn’t go towards it but the a.i striker from 20 yards gets their, same bug as the one from 10 years ago. I can’t be bothered to waste my time this year.
  9. This is so annoying, human controlled, this would never happen, yet the a.i can do it...
  10. O wow. Can’t believe they allow this, makes me feel better about the game doing it
  11. Lol so say we’re league 2 sides in the final and we come up against him it’s fair? Literally no point in that match being played. Lol
  12. So Aguero played in the Checkatrade Final, luckily I wasn’t in the final with Wycombe, but this would of made me so angry, why on earth is Aguero in this team from a realism point of view.
  13. @jujigatame I’ve not played FM now in a couple months or so, I can honestly say I don’t miss the scripted momentum tosh, if I load a game up, I don’t want to examine before things, for example, examining the next opponent, it’s like playing fifa and examining the opponent rather than JUST enjoying playing it your way. On FM you have to stick to what the developers believe in, you can’t put angry without a player then missing an open goal or your defence giving the usual off form penalty away within a couple games. I love the work S.I do, I love FM, but it is milleniums behind other games in the fun department, FIFA career is miles better, even New Star Soccer on phones is more fun, right now I play FC Pro chairman game where you start a club and you’re the chairman obviously by the name.. on this I have done 7 seasons today, Rocket League blows FM out the water in terms of fun, on FIFA you change mentallity based on the flow of the game, on FM, you change mentality, it disprups the players match understanding, if I loaded FM up now and my striker was off form and missed open goals or my off form team kept giving penalties away, i’d turn it off, because it might be realistic but it over emphasises things, I mean crosses have been broke for years on FMs aswell.
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