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  1. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Game just slowed down today

    Maybe backround scan or something? (Mcafee, Norton, etc) Defrag your main game drive. Updates wont batter it that much.
  2. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Need advice, most important tips to succeeding

    I want to be able to be man city and atleast try and win the league, i was 7th with them at one point on fm 17 or 18, i’m literally THAT bad, I have one good save on every fm, by pure luck
  3. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Need advice, most important tips to succeeding

    Player roles baffle me and i’m fa level 2 and youth award module 2, so as a new user i’d be even worse than what I am, for example. In real life, wingers/inside forwards can work as one, on fm it’s one or the other. Ball winning midfielder, basically holding midfielder high up or deep, ayoze perez on the game is a natural playmaker, in real life his more of a second striker. As a new player, i’d be baffled, i’ve always played fm, I put my formation, then look at players, then buy if necessary, training I cba with, then i just play and continue ensuring players are getting match sharp. In real life you wouldn’t tell kante what to do, or robben. It’s their preferred moves in reality. Striker options are confusing, I play a poacher, he tries taking on how many players, lol. Same as goalies in real life. Sweeper gk is preferred moves, u pick tactics to help him achieve this while using your formation and mentality, sorry if i seem ******** but i wana enjoy playing fm
  4. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Need advice, most important tips to succeeding

    I change tactics through out depending on match stats, normally from mentality to mentality, i was using 4231 wide control at home and counter away, was 10 games unbeaten then lost 2 at home in row v relegation sides, put agressive angry both times and never found form again lol.
  5. Hi, i’m awful at FM and it puts me off playing the game, I have decemt games but more so i’m terrible. Just finished 17th with Norwich 1st season, then lost opening 4 next season then quit, using unsackable. I do tactics and use basic mentallity. Someone who is good at FM, please tell me your top tips on how to be good, YouTube is useless for me. What makes you succeed.
  6. The roles are what YOU the manager choose, for example, pep guardiola prefers attacking wing backs, but their just wing backs, lol. You can set up a playmaker, put him as centre midfielder and his style of play will come out anyway, roles to me are just the managers style of play but have little effect. Manage YOUR way, what matters is sensible tactics, team talks and momentum. Roles wont effect too much, but I do recommend picking a striker role based on his strength.
  7. Is it just me who thinks their is too much emphasis on changing tactics/mentality for each home and away game? I read the match engine or something favours the home side, which I can’t get my head around. Wether you are Watford, Burnley, Stoke City, they only change mentallity v much bigger sides, on FM the element of surprise seems to over power tactical familiarity. In real life, teams play teams knowing how they are going to play, and still can’t stop them. On FM, if you play attacking, control or so on Home and Away for a few games, you start getting tactically out classed. For example, on my Norwicg save, I was 15th, LOL. I read Home and Away tactics are very important, which I’ve never bothered with on any fm and i’ve not had much success tb honest, promotion here and their. Anyway from 15th to 5th in 7 games due to changing tactics for home and away. I was away playing Counter v reading, off form for a while, 21st they sat and I get a comfortable 3-0 when I hadn’t won away all season, might of been 1 win before.. in reality, being at home is way more pressure than being away as being away you aren’t expected to win for some delusional reason, i’ve read pressure is a reason on FM for this?
  8. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Please someone help me !!!!

    Show image of your purchase confirmation 👍
  9. Andrew_Goats_Gruff


    I find not giving a team talk eases pressure, but when a player is still nervous.
  10. I’m Norwich and this is my fans, in every home game.
  11. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Lag on high-end Nvidia graphics cards

    Hi, i’ve been experiencing this on my FM 18 and it really ruins the whole game. However, I think i’ve found the problem. * The Screen Resolution * Standard resolution for everyone seems to be 1920x1080 However, using the GeForce Experience optimisation, I set 1280x1024 and with this it runs perfectly smooth. Now in the FM 18 preferences, you either pick 1920x1080 or Windowed, on mine anyway. So I hope this helps Sports Interactive find a way to fix the issue so please pass it on to them. I don’t get why this is an issue because I’m not good with computers. Everybody else, try this and let me no if it worked for you, if it does then FINALLY we can enjoy the game again.
  12. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    What driver version do you use for Nvidia? Mine is 391.35 Also I take it fm is smooth for you then? Nvidia live chat isn’t connecting
  13. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    My laptop is brand new, 2016 release I believe, dell inspiron 15 - 7000 gaming series. 2.5ghz ~ 3.5ghz turbo boost quad core 4gb Nvidia 1050 8gb ram 244gb SSD It’s a known lag issue of which SI have been investigating since November I believe. Not trying to put you off getting one, just saying you can spend £1,000 and will STILL experience the in game match engine glitching eether you play on low or high settings, they or anybody else can’t work out the problem. I love FM but it’s unplayable, I believe it’s an Nvidia thing.
  14. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Doesn’t matter how good your laptop, you’ll have big fm issues. My laptops £750 and this issue I get makes me not play the game. It’s been under review for months on end and leta face it, it wont be fixed
  15. Andrew_Goats_Gruff

    Match Engine lag jump

    Hi, latest drivers installed, game is freshly installed as I had wiped windows. As I said one match is perfecf, next is jumpy. Fifa 18 runs perfect, I play Rocket League and PUBG and so on, it’s just FM. I’ll do it later on tonight