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  1. Couldn't do that nowadays, signing players like that from rival clubs!
  2. Basically, I absolutely annihilate the small to medium sized clubs in the various European comps (even if I rest loads of my first choice team and play some of my youngsters who are way off first team level), but even against big European teams, I find I have a much better record against them than my record suggests (just the one top 4 finish, though I have qualified for the Champions Cup via the EURO Cup too). Had this on FM18 as well
  3. Had a young lad come through the same year I arrived at Watford, my first full year when he was 16 he actually played a fair few games with injuries and Arzani on international duty mid season, did great with me as I started playing in Europe (and even in the Premier League, which for obvious reasons wasn't as ridiculously easy as the EURO Cup and EURO Cup II), loaned him out to the Championship as I didn't think he'd be playing enough games in the Champions League, came back, but stagnated. I'm back in the Champions League, so I've loaned him out again to Hibs, but at 21, I think time might b
  4. Had been trying to sign a Brazilian regen right-back from Barcelona, they always quoted £80m, until he got the hump there so I got him for £50m rising to £55m. Sold my no nonsense full back to Atletico for a fee rising to £45m, which despite the fact some of that had to go to Colchester (who must be buzzing right now lol), I think is a pretty good deal as he never really excelled anywhere I put him
  5. With Watford now, generally use Positive, unless it's away against the bigger teams, in which case I use Balanced or Cautious. None seem to work well for me though lol
  6. Swept all before me as AFC Wimbledon in my second season (having finished 13th in my first season) on cautious, lost my nerve a few times and went with the assistant manager's suggestion to go balanced or positive against mid to lower table opposition, but it never worked as well so I always went back to cautious
  7. As it turned out, both my LBs were crocked for about 6 weeks so he's been filling in there lol
  8. In the end, I wasn't able to shift my 30yo RB lol. Guess my no-nonsense full back will have another year of deputising lol
  9. Hi guys! On my Watford save, I've got to the stage where I'm a European regular, and now my regular right-back is coming towards the end of his time at the club (30 yo and doesn't want to renew, trying desperately to shift him). I've got a 22 yo lad who spent last season deputising at RB and CB, got superb defensive stats, but is poor going forward, would it be worth me having him as my first choice as a no-nonsense full-back, or is that only really a suitable option for lower clubs? Just how much would it hinder me going forward (in particular my right winger, who was my second top goalscorer
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