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  1. To echo those before me, you don't have anyone in your system who's primary objective is to attack the box (which is one the basic necessities of any tactical system (generally speaking)) Ask yourself, "who is going to score my goals?" If you don't have anyone, then the best case result you can really hope for is a 0-0.
  2. Hi All, I was wandering if anyone had any fundamentals that they use when playing against a high line/high press from the opposition? So if you're looking to beat the press when employing a strategy around retaining possession, what are the things that people have noticed work for them? (I appreciate that the obvious thing would be to change to a system that tries to utilise the space in behind and playing a more direct style in order to bypass the press...) However I'm more referring (in a possession based system) to the build up phase - from when you have possession in your ow
  3. Yes I do have the top Brazilian league loaded and he’s been scouting it for roughly 5 months. (Just realised I’ve posted this in the wrong forum, apologies)
  4. Fantasista10 - great point on the use of a HB. Makes a lot of sense and could definitely help me in my save when facing a high press, especially when away from home. Sorry to hijack momentarily but it’s really interesting that both the recent posts talk about ineffectiveness of a F9. I’m finding Messi really poor for me in that role. Is there any reason why the role appears to be struggling? I was thinking using a Complete Forward or DLF (A) - but off out of the physical and aerial attributes needed for the CF role.
  5. Hi All, I have all my scouts set-up to be scouting the major competitions, so that I have a good wide knowledge and hopefully cover all bases. However they don't seem to be picking up any players, despite being doing it for 6+ months (currently in late Feb). Playing as Barca, this is the scout set-up for my coach for the Brazilian comps: Yet this is all he's picked up... no-one in this the Brazilian league:
  6. Strangely no*... I get this: And then in the analyst report, there's still now fixture detail available (there's been plenty of fixtures)?
  7. So I take it players find it difficult to be motivated by a lower rep coach - which in turn in closely linked to strong performances. ie. demotivated player = likely poor performance I'm just trying to work out why my three attempts at a Barca save, always end with my team grinding out performances and constantly getting out played This is my Rep
  8. Hi All, I was just keen to see how much effect this has on the pitch? ie. does having a low reputation effect how well players perform on the pitch and follow your instructions? Do they perhaps feel more confident?
  9. I was just keen to see how important it is to keep your familiarity high? I have a system that is very familar for my players now that we're 8 games into the season. However for example, if I'm playing against an inferior team and I would like to increase the attacking width and the tempo by one notch, I seem to lose a lot of familiarity. Also if I would like to change things up mid-game and 'be more expressive', all of sudden my team aren't familair with this... It seems a bit strange considering we're constantly encouraged to use scout reports and analysis to tweak our systems
  10. This is good advice. Although if your overall defensive strategy is about pushing up high and pressing the opposition in their half - then dropping deeper would be counter productive. I wonder what else could be done without scarifying the high line? I guess it’s risk versus reward
  11. My Performance Analyst is scouting the next opposition currently. Deos it have to be the Recruitment Analyst?
  12. Same thing just happened with my next game against Atletico Madrid, who are in my league? No fixture data to display - I’m in late October
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