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  1. You'll be back just like the rest of us. For all concerned - I imagine there will be further ME updates in the February update that they have promised to release. This year is the most proactive SI have been when it comes to giving ME updates (we normally only get 3 a year). I'm no computer programmer/developer - but I imagine the ME isn't exactly simple to tweak/change.
  2. I'd be very surprised if any updates come out between now and March. I don't think the ME will change that much from the current BETA one available, considering that it was only just released.
  3. It came out 1st March last year and has been has always been released in March for as long as I can remember... So no I'm not joking.
  4. I would say early(ish) March from previous releases. All of the transfer windows need to end first.
  5. This is completely natural. A team that is losing with 10 mins to go, will always look to push forward and play more attacking to try get a result. The only circumstance where a team would continue to play cautious would be over two legs.
  6. Hi All, As the title suggests, struggling to work out the difference between the two roles. What I imagine is the Inside Forward plays slightly further forward and is more goal focused, while the Inverted Winger starts from a deeper position and is more involved in the build-up. An IF is also less likely to track back than IW. Anyone able to share their thoughts on how they distinguish between the two? Any real life example they can link it to?
  7. Hi Guys, Might have been mentioned before, but I was wandering how I can get a full 90 mins clock during a match (rather than the H1 and H2, 45 mins each version they have currently)? Thanks
  8. Do we expect any ME updates/changes between now and the New Year? (can't remember when we usually get updates)
  9. It will differ depending on the duty, but as mentioned he does a bit of everything . He's afforded quite a lot of creative freedom, so the role requires a a good/well rounded player. On support he'll have a lower mentality and will therefore play a bit deeper and look to be more involved in the build-up before getting into the box in the final transition. On attack he'll 'lead the line' more and stay further forward. He'll be more attack minded and his first thought will be to score (he'll be more 'direct').
  10. This is a consistent occurrence in FM19 I'm afraid and I don' think there's anything you can do to avoid it (unless you tried focusing more of your play through the middle). However I don't think any of us should have to sacrifice wide play in order to do that. It's a known issue that will hopefully get fixed for FM20.
  11. I don't think there's anything massively out of place, although I imagine sometimes you fail to create proper chances? The reason I say this, is that there's a lack of movement between the lines. While I appreciate you're trying to control the game and therefore trying to play patiently, a direct runner from deep can be really effective, in any system. To add to this, if a team is sitting deep using a lone striker on a support duty can help create more space for said runners - otherwise a PF (A) doesn't have a lot of room to attack. Perhaps changing the IF on the left to an attack duty and the PF to a support may help? You'd then have quite a nice balance of duties.
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