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  1. I was waiting for the 17.3 update feedback before I considered buying the game this year. I've heard concerns about crossing and defensive shape being an ongoing issue in he ME? Perhaps I might consider buying after this
  2. How's everyone finding the current state of the ME? This is the first year in a while I havnt bought FM due to the crossing issue in FM16. I was just wandering if this and other issues have been ironed out?
  3. This. I think you have to field a minimum of 4 Russian players in your starting line-up, so If you want to challenge the likes of CSKA and Zenit then you have to spend a lot of money on the better Russian players. Also there's only 2 Champions league spots which are usually dominated by Zenit and CSKA.
  4. Deos that £10 Million include clauses? I imagine Arsenal have offered a percentage of the players next transfer fee
  5. The Chinese transfer window doesn't shut until the 26th Feb; so don't expect any update before then... However I am with you, the current ME just isn't enjoyable.
  6. I've asked this before and didn't get the replies that I wanted unfortunately. I think the large proportion of people make minimal, if any changes before the match; and instead prefer to adjust to what they see happening on the pitch. I personally like the idea of making adjustments prior to the game, however I keep it very simple as I'm worried that any changes I make can be detrimental to my set-up. Here are a few examples of changes that I may make: - If the opposition's striker/s are particularly slow then I will push my defensive line up slightly. Vice-Versa is their striker/s are quick. - I look to close down/tight-mark their player who has the most assists. This tends to be a midfielder and is most likely a playmaker for them. - If any of their players have poor Bravery, Composure and Strength then I'll close down and give them Hard-Tackling. This puts them under pressure and can often lead to them making a mistake. - If the team play a narrow formation then I may give my central players for conservative duties in order to cater for opposition strength. I may also look to play the majority of my football in the wider areas where they lack numbers. This could lead me to give more attacking duties to my Fullbacks.
  7. I'm seeing a lot people in FM16 using successful systems that don't give an 'Attack' duty to any of their players. I've always believed that you needed at least a couple 'Attack' duties in your team to give penetration to your play?
  8. For those who have attempted to play a high pressing game, similar to what Simeone implements at Atletico; have you had consistent success? I was also wandering how hard it is to implement without having the required attributes from your players?
  9. I've stopped playing till this has been fixed; generally isn't enjoyable at the moment unfortunately
  10. Direct free kicks

    I only got the game on New Years Day, so can't comment of previous versions of FM16. However so far I'm finding set-pieces in general seem ineffective; whether that's down me or not is open for debate! Edit: I'm in January and I'm yet to score a corner in my Leeds save
  11. Is there the possibility of any ME updates prior to the 16.3 update? I just don't enjoy the current engine with an over reliance on crossing
  12. Anyone noticing that a large percentage of the Goals come from crosses?
  13. Do any of them go into depth about tactics?
  14. Creating my first tactic

    In my opinion the game is much more immersive and enjoyable when you create your own tactics, so kudos for 'growing a pair' It's worth saying that it's difficult to give any quality advice without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your squad. Therefore it's hard to tell whether the roles and duties you've given are getting the best out of your players (despite saying you have). As this tactic is to used when your team is expected to take the initiative and break down a team using a more conservative approach; you'll need to concentrate on creating space. I find the best way to do this is to create 'movement between the lines' (ie. A striker dropping deep and a midfielder attacking the vacated space). In this system, your front 3 (ST, AMR & AML) are all looking to get forward at any given chance, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it will pin the opposition's defensive line back, however it will struggle to create space. It makes the attack quite predictable and the opposition who using a conservative approach, should be able to deal with it as they will be sitting deep into their half not giving any space for the onrushing trio. Therefore I feel that you need to have a forward player coming deep (preferably your ST), so the he can pull defenders with him and create space and gaps within the opponents defence for onrushing players. Nothing wrong with a Control/Fluid set-up, however bear in mind that a Control strategy already operates with a High Closing Down, Tempo and Defensive Line setting. Therefore increasing these values via TIs may be too much. Something to keep an eye on. I must admit I really struggle to create a set-up where I can concentrate on frustrating the opposition and launch consistent counter-attacks. So I'm probably not best suited to advise you on such a set-up. What I would say is remember that a counter strategy looks to keep hold of the ball and wait for opportunities patiently. Is this what your looking for? This is why a lot of people use it for possession based set-ups. Another aspect to consider is does your AP (A) get to separated from the two DMCs? This can be a problem when looking to build attacks, as there is already a gap between the players by their positions. The gap is the exaggerated with the AP (A) having an Attack duty.