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  1. Hi @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!, I can't believe I've only just got round to reading this whole thread, having been on these forums for many years. I've only ever flicked through and read glimpses here and there, but to actually go through from front to back has been brilliant. I'd actually now go as far as saying this is essential reading for everyone on these forums. Anyway, I wanted to ask specifically regarding about the below system, in particular the outside CMs. Despite the below appearing a very generic system, it has always been something I've struggled with. I thin
  2. @Cleon Do you have the original post documented with pictures? Unfortunately the pictures aren't showing up anymore.
  3. I agree with Iniesta as a Mezzela. However wouldn’t an attack duty be too aggressive/wasteful? (in a positive team mentality)
  4. You’ve only lost two games (narrowly) so far and beat Liverpool away - who are are very strong team (both in real life and in FM). Considering you’re playing as Leeds, I’d be quite content considering the gulf in attributes between your players and the ones at the (so called) bigger teams. However to answer your questions, the only point I would make is to try and watch the match. You might be able to spot potential areas that you can exploit (ie. high line, numerical advantage in an area of the pitch, slow fullback, etc)
  5. There’s a lot of contrasting views of how to best use tempo. In theory, I would agree that increasing tempo should allow the players to transition the ball faster and not allow the opposition to get close and cause errors. However the counter argument is that players then rush their play, which leads to wasted possession... Ultimately there is a lot more to it than that - least of which including attributes and where the players are positioned to offer passing outlets in comparison to the opponents (formation and roles/duties come into play). Perhaps increasing the numbers in the bui
  6. Hi All, I've been having difficulties for many years now when it's come to enforcing a high-pressing/possession based strategy against a team that plays an equally aggressive gameplan. I see so many people playing shorter passing systems on this forum, so was wandering how people tend to adapt (or not adapt) when playing against strong, high pressing teams. For some background, I play as Barcelona on my long term save and luckily I have some really talented players who are strong technically and hence very capable of keeping the ball under pressure (one would think). For most of game
  7. Just how important are the roles star ratings? Does it have any impact on the effectiveness of a players (maybe through some internal ME calculation)? I want to use Pedri as a Mez (S), however I don't want the player to move into the half-space. So I'm considering using a CM (S) with some additional PIs (roam from position and get further forward). He's rating as a Mez (S) is 3 star, whereas it's only 2 star as CM (S).
  8. Both ideas sounds sensible. Just remember that using an AP will focus the play through that player.
  9. Both flanks looks like they're could be an issue. On the left: The Mezzala and the Inverted Winger will likely get in each others way in the final third, as they both move into the half space. Alena is a great player and suits the Mezzala role very well, so try and give him some more room to operate. You could either ask the IW to 'stay wider' via the PI or change his role the a Winger. This would not only prevent them from getting in each others way, but it will also dray the opponents fullback wider aswell - thus making the real dilema for the opposition. On the right: Your
  10. Still having issues here... Not sure if this needs to be raised as a bug or if Im missing something... Next match is against Almeria and no fixture data is available: Detail level has been on the below for a few months
  11. No, it's coming up as HOME in their schedule
  12. Yes I believe it was always going to be played there: Also I can see that previous finals have been played at some of the finalists home stadiums:
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