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  1. Viking

    I gave up

    I am useless at this game despite playing it since the fall of the Roman empire, mostly because the tactics are incredibly confusing to me. And just like you I'm not interested in reading armies of guides and manuals (in a laguage that's not my native, none the less) just to not get beaten home against the worst club in the league. However, for the last month or so I've tried to experience a bit with different settings and tactis, and it's acutally kind of satisfying when it works. I guess it takes time and patience.
  2. I like the logo. Pre-ordered. Now for the painful three month wait. And here's not hoping we will see first person stuff in-game.
  3. Viking

    End of an era

    Nooo. I have bought every single game on CD/DVD since Samuel Pepys was young. I will miss them.
  4. Just put the two files in the folder called "editor data" in your FM folder and start a new save. Not sure about your second question, but I assume the Samurai Blue is the national team. In that case you will have a lot, lot more players to chose from so I guess it will make things easier.
  5. How do I defend against this tactic? Every single team uses this against my 4-4-2, and I am helpless against it. Apparently I get "seriously overun in the midfield", which baffels me as they have no players at central midfield at all, as far as I can see. I am useless at tactics, so explain like I was a two year old ferret.
  6. Viking

    Ideas to make FM harder

    I agree. Threads like this makes me want to cry over my puny attempts to win matches in FM.
  7. How do I tell my players to not cross the ball into the box? Not to work the ball into the box, but insted of a cross from the flank, just make a hard pass along the grass? I have a set of midget strikers, and since most opponent defenders are towering over them I imagine this could be usefull. I am useless at tactics, so explain it like I was a three year old toddler.
  8. I would love a GM or DoF mode on FM. No crazy tactics or player interactions. Just buy players and hire managers. Much like in your sister game EHM.
  9. Under clauses Jon Toral has a competition bonus that reads "Arsenal will be due £500 if Hull gain promotion from the Premier League". Isn't that wrong, or do I misunderstand the sentence?
  10. Two part problem: 1. If you start a new save in 2018 and add MLS, MLS is never actually added. The game just postpones the addition a year at a time. I reported this for FM17, but I can't find that post right now. 2. If you use an editor file, for example one of Uncle_Sam:s, MLS actually starts. But, for some crazy reason FM adds tonnes of fake players to the rosters, even if there's already plenty of real players in the squads. This seems to happen because the MLS players are on holiday when the league is added. User mine explains it better in this thread: Thanks.
  11. This is interesting. On several occasions I've seen 3D highlights where the opposite team have had a goal opportunity, ending in something that looks like a great counter attack for one of my players. But the highlight cuts off while my player still runs unchallenged with the ball. If the highlights are a live unfolding of events, why do the ME cut off the highlight if it doesn't already know my attack won't end in a goal? Or do I misunderstand you (my english are at the same level as Manuel from Fawlty Towers) and the highlights are replays of sequences already calculated?