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  1. Those eyes! Is his mother a reptile?
  2. I have a horrible temper and am something of a serial rage quitter. No, that league two team did not win against my PL side in the cup, no, my only decent striker is not out six month with a broken leg, no, that crap team with three points mid January did not win their first game of the season away against me, no, that player is not unhappy because I praised his recent performance, no, the team with a red card did not just score a goal against me, no ... I think my worst rage offenses have not been cheating, but I have smashed a couple of keyboards thru the years, and I even broke a CD back in the CM 98-days. One time I free transfered my entire team and resigned after a particulary bad loss in CM 99 (I think). But that was under the influence of alcohol.
  3. Sorry, I deleted the save after it got ruined by another bug. I'll upload if I ever get back to FM and encounter the bug in this thread again.
  4. I had something similar in my last save. West Ham bought Danny Ings for like £5m just to put him on the transfer list the very next day.
  5. Michael Folivi is 182 cm tall but only has 5 for jumping.
  6. Well, I rage-deleted the save. This was supposed to be my FM 2017 career-save, and I was very happy when I managed to get Millwall to the Championship and Cahill back to the club. I think I'm done with FM for the time being. Thank God Eastside Hockey Manager just updated to 1.4.
  7. Promises are not just broken, they are bat **** crazy and game breaking. I signed Tim Cahill to Millwall, one promise was to give him his favourite number 17. I gave him number 17 and now he's slighly concerned because the promise was broken? What the hell? Edit. And now he's unhappy.
  8. Leon Bailey is 185 cm tall, but only has 7 for jumping reach.
  9. Jon Toral has both Goes forward whenerver possible and Arrives late in oppents area as traits. Aren't those contradictional?
  10. Because I am a passionate cheater, and I don't want my cheater results defiling the leaderboard for those who actually care about it.
  11. It's completley pointless and it should be optional if you want to participate.
  12. Found another work around that works for me. Select Draft mode before pressing anything else when starting a new game. Cancel out and select Career. The game shows all the leauges you selected the last time. Any word from SI on this problem?
  13. How do you send players on intensive language courses nowadays?
  14. She has been dead since 2012 so I can't imagine she 's very agile nowadays.
  15. I think the game feels more sluggish a fter the latest patch.