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  1. Thanks. I had to play one more game to make sure I'm not missing something. I started a new save with Wigan, start date 11/3/2017. I had a transfer budget of £1 million, and a remaining wage budget of £30.25k. When the season was over I hade the same tb/wb remaining. May 5:th I got the "End of season team meeting" and the "Decide start date" messages. I am pretty sure this is when I got an initial transfer budget in FM 16. No message of such in FM 17, and still the same tb/wb remaining. June 11:th I got the commercial summary. No change of the tb/wb. June 25:th, the day before the start of the pre-season, I got the season expectation message. The default choices left me with the same tb/wb as above. Unless this is how it is supposed to work in FM 17, I'll upload a day one save file named "No initial transfer budget" with my usual game setup as fast as my slow DSL can manage. Edit: Uploaded the save anyway. Name as above.
  2. Thanks. I play with all leagues (except MLS) and levels loaded on full detail (IE all playable), and as mentioned, with 11/3/2017 as the start date. In my three saves so far with the beta I've played as Brentford, and twice as Derby. Only thing ticked is "Do not add key staff". No team picked before the game is created. I don't know what a day 1 save is. Just start up a new career and send the save to you before I start to play? Edit: I forgot to say I've played FM this way the last couple of years, and I've always got an initial transfer budget before.
  3. First of all, I am not sure this is a bug. Better safe than sorry I guess. I'm pretty sure I always got an initial transfer budget at the same time I got the Commersial summary in FM 16. In the beta, however, I don't get an transfer budget until the very near of the start of the season (when you get to chose your goals for the league and cups). Or at least I haven't got a message of such in my last three saves with the beta. I should probably add I use to play the game a bit unorthodox by chose to start the game in March 2017 (the latest possible swedish start date), and then take over a struggling Championship (IE England) side. I have no saved game at the moment, but I can get one by starting a new game if needed.
  4. I'll try again: When do you guys get the transfer budget for your team in the english Championship? I'm pretty sure you got it at the same time as you got the Commersial summary in FM 16, but I don't get it until the very near of the start of the season in the FM 17 beta. Just want to make sure this is not a bug that I get because I start the game in March 2017. Edit. Or maybe I get the transfer budget but not get notified? I'm confused.
  5. I could swear I read a thread about it aome days ago, but now I can't find it.
  6. I think the regen thing is a known issue.
  7. I have had almost no injuries at all in the beta. But I leave all training duties to my assistant managers and coaches.
  8. Anyone? Also, I repeatedly get loan offers for my recently bought CD with a rotation status. He has played in 100% of the leauge games so far this season. Is that a bug?
  9. I did not get an initial transfer budget for my Brentford side in the Championship before the second season. Is this normal, or should I report it as a bug?
  10. Reported this last year: Connor Hunte is 189 cm tall in the game, but his jumping stat is only 6.
  11. After a couple of days with the beta I'm happy. It's a polished version of FM 16, which is good. It runs fast and smooth. The bugs I've encountered are all addressed in the forum as far as I can see. I really like that Brexit are in the game. Only thing I really don't like is the new news/social feed. It's scary and confusing, and I feel I'm missing important news. Guess I'll get used to it. Still can't win games, though. But that's me being a tactical moron.
  12. But ithe text says the chairman accepted it because the offer was too good to refuse.
  13. I can't find Emir Kujovic at KAA Gent:ć