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  1. Have SI confirmed they will change the Brexit rules in the game? In that case, in what way?
  2. This again... Okay. FM20 was crazy hard, the demo was very easy, FM21 is just perfect. Change nothing.
  3. Well, it's one of my favorite games of all time. Sad that more people don't fall in love with it.
  4. Thanks for the reply. The team is Reading. Uploaded save file as "reading". Edit: I see now you have steps to follow when logging a bug. Sorry.
  5. Under Staff responsibilites -> Transfer and Contract responsibilites -> Transfers -> Find and sign young players for the future (U18) I can't find my Head of Youth Developement in the drop down menu. The owner and all directors, my assistant manager and the chief scout are all there. Is this a bug?
  6. My Assistant Manager thinks that one month remaining on a contract is "enough time": Apologies if I am misunderstanding something.
  7. Will the issue where the schedule always show the top of the list instead of focus on the games around the current date ever be fixed? Or is it by design? I hate it and have done so since FM20, (yes, it has been reported as a bug)
  8. It's a known issue. Only solution I've found is to uninstall the editor, delete the cache, and reinstall it. Quite infuriating.
  9. So... Still only one Brexit outcome post beta? (It's a long thread and I have a small brain)
  10. Another quickie: do FM20 editor files work with FM21? I've not yet started a new save, but loading up my FM20 (which I've had since FM17 IIRC) injuries editor file with the FM21 editor does not seem to work.
  11. How do you add potential takeover tycoons to the DB? I've always added them as super rich chairmen, but I don't think I've ever seen them appear in a save.
  12. On SteamDB: Change #U:19949687 Changed Store Release Date – 24 November 2020 › 23 November 2020
  13. With the harsh UK work permits in the game, it would be nice if players that where promised to play in the first team, failed to get a work permit, but still joins a club, had the decency to let themselves be loaned out. Now I am stuck with a player I can't use. No, he's not unhappy.
  14. They could at least keep some less harsh scenarios in the game until we know for sure what happens.
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