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  1. Two things that need some tweaking for FM21: * My stinking rich board just wanted me to cancel a player sale of £12 because they feel £12.75 is the least they can accept. That's just bizarre. * FM can show me 1.5 minutes of absolute nonsense on extended match highlights, just to let the clock tick a few seconds and then cut to an out-of-context corner and a goal for the other team. The reasons for the insane set pieces effectiveness for AI teams put aside, at least let me see what led to that corner and I would feel much less frustrated.
  2. I just want to say I am happy I am not the only one who needs a "Complete idiots guide to FM". I have played this game since 97 and I still haven't got a clue on what I am doing. "Start a thread in the Tactics forum", they say, but it would be like "Okay, so I have started a new save, now how do I not suck at this?"
  3. I let my AM do my training (but I always stock up on good physios), and I have almost no injuries at all in any save. Feels a bit unrealistic and I'd appreciate the choice to add those extra 20% injuries to the game. I fail at every other aspect of the game, though, so: I got 99 problems but injuries aint one.
  4. Why is FM20 so goddamn hard? Is that what the majority of the consumers want?
  5. It feels like this game just don't want me to succeed. I had a very enjoyable save with Newcastle where I managed to take them all the way från the Championship back to PL with no cheating. I acutally found some tactics that works for me. Now, in PL, I lose almost every game because of set pieces. It does'nt matter if I dominate possesion, it always (hyperbole and proverbal) cuts to some out-of-context set pieces for the other team (on extended highlights) and they score a goal. It's exhausting. And, no. I am not saying the developers are on some deliberate mission to make the game bat poo crazy hard to play. I'm just saying there's something new every year I have to learn and master to not fail at FM while I am still struggling with basic tactics on kindergarten level..
  6. Set piece for them near my goal = scoring chance for them Set piece for me near their goal = scoring chance for them And how come I cant let my assistant manager take care of set piece instructions? I know they never did any set pieces training in previous versions of FM, can't remember I have seen them do it in FM20 either.
  7. I've lost count of how many games I have lost due to a 80-90:th minute set piece from the other team. They are now on my ever growing "okay to replay game"-list (aka "cheating").
  8. The ID range for created players has changed since the face pack was made. The only way to get it to work is to manually change the name of every picture in the face pack. Or if there's some kind of software out there that can do it, but I doubt it.
  9. Granted, I am awful at tactics in FM in general, but this particular weird thing is a nightmare for me: Some kind of 4-2-3-1 with two DMC:s. I die a little bit inside whenever I meet a team that uses this anathema. No matter how bad the other team is, I can't win. I've tried to play attacking, normal, defensive, super defensive, use more defensive roles. high tempo, low tempo... Nothing helps. I'm guessing the trick is to exploit the middle, but I am not good enough at this to even know where to begin. Currently watching my all star Newcastle acting like toddlers against a struggling Wigan using this tactic. Any ideas?
  10. I'll buy it. CM/FM has given me so much joy for so many years, and even if the game probably is too comprehensive for my little monkey brain for the moment I'll keep supporting SI.
  11. Do FHM have a pre-game editor nowadays?
  12. So, I started up a new save despite swearing to myself I would'nt touch FM20 again. I saw this youtuber take a mediocre Norwich side to Europa leauge football seemingly without any problems, so I though maybe the game got a bit easier after the latest updates. Turns out I can't even win with Wolves in the Championship with a PL-class squad. Well, I won the first five games, then I suddenly started to lose home agains teams like Millwall, ending their losing streak. Then the players lose trust in me and wants to discuss my manager skills, and the board wants to discuss my future, and I want to smash my computer into small pieces and cut out my eyes. Unplayable.
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