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  1. The tactics in FM nowadays are confusing and unforgiving to the point where I no longer care and just play a straight 4-4-2, watch the clownfest that are my players on the pitch, and replay the match if I think I should be able to win it in real life.
  2. Not slow at all, but on the other hand I've never played for more than two years in-game as I usually get bored of my saves.
  3. 135 leagues, 55 nations, advanced database, 167340 players.
  4. Isn't versatility a factor here, too?
  5. I've had plenty of free kicks scored so far in my saves. That said, I have no idea how many to expect during a season.
  6. I concede a crazy amount of 90+ minute goals in this years FM. It doesn't matter if I put in an extra DMC, put in an extra DC, play "Contain", do nothing... It's almost like the match engine goes "oops, you're not supposed to win this match", and then cut to a sequense where the opposite teams scores a goal.
  7. Intel CPU Bug

    Microsoft has released the update (KB4056892) for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and after several hours with FM I can't say I notice any major difference in speed. The sluggishness (is that a word?) I experienced earlier was probably just a fluke. Or in my head.
  8. Intel CPU Bug

    Well, thats a relief.
  9. Intel CPU Bug

    I think the game feels a bit more sluggish after the Windows Update, but I might be imagining things.
  10. I have something similar when I try to figure out why I am the only team to lose home against the newly promoted team with a 15 game losing streak. Player ratings are fine, players seems motivated, assistent manager doesn't have anything contructive to offer, and I can't say the 3D helps me very much eather. Though I suck at this game and probably miss something obvious somewhere.
  11. Intel CPU Bug

    If my computer gets 30-40% slower I am sure my games will be heavily affected considering I run 131 leagues.
  12. Just Can't Stop Cheating

    To me, cheating is the only way to play this game. I don't see why that newly promoted team should have their 20 game losing streak ending when playing away against me. No reason to lose against that tier 3 league team in a cup game. Always save before a player/team interaction to avoid the player rage career death. No "exciting" 94:th minute game winning goals. I don't care why this happen, I'm just replaying until I get a result I feel is acceptable.
  13. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I get the same with a default view. I should probably mention I have an ridicolusy large shortlist. Over 650 players. Edit: I don't know if it helps, but I just found out I can see the players at the bottom of the list if I grab the bar in the right hand side of the list with the mouse and pull it down and hold it there, but as soon as I let it go they disappear. Also, I just notice another issue: If I have two shortlists and tick the "Add to shortlist" box on a player on the scouting page, it gets added to default shortlist despite I have the other set as active. Should I report this in a separate thread?
  14. When I find myself cranking up the match speed to full and let the matches play in the background while I do other stuff. Usually happens after one or two seasons.