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  1. I just don't understand why it's so important for FM that I lose against crappy teams that loses to everyone else? Right now, it's Cheltenham. Seven games so far, They have five losses and two ties. Beats me 2-0 without any effort. That's a reload. And no, it's not complacency.
  2. I know there's been no (or at least very few) changes to the ME, but my run-and-gun tactic is actually working after the patch. At least for now.
  3. By the way, is the crash report mandatory? Because I sometimes get a message that the report could not be sent despite I am closing the window with the "x".
  4. Please make that annoying, intrusive "We're sorry! Football manager has crashed"-popup optional. Yes. I know the game crashes everytime I exit in the middle of a match. Thanks. I have submitted the crash report some 20 times since day one already and it obviously still occurs several patches later, so maybe stop pestering me about it? Please?
  5. There's usually another data update after the Chinese transfer window closes, right? Around March?
  6. Are there really a lot of posts about the game being too easy, though? It seems to be a handful of posters here, and some on the official Steam review page. Best regards Someone who has played CM/FM for 25 years and right now is on his 30-ish failed attempt to win home against a crap team with one draw and no wins 20 games into the season.
  7. It looks like you have "ready to play" ticked. Try and untick the little light blue circle with an arrow in it. Next to the "Tools" bar and the little clock.
  8. Before the latest update I had a tactic that worked and I acutally won games. Now I can go entire matches and have ridicolous low possession and hardly get any shots on goal. I am baffled people find FM21 easy. It was the same last year, and the year before that. I win games with the beta and possibly after the first updates, then it becomes unplayable. My players just gets mowed down when they go on the offensive, or the other players just do a little tap with their feet and takes the ball away from them. I lose home against newly promoted teams with no wins halfway into the season. The boar
  9. It has been very quiet in this thread since the last patch. What does the "Too Easy"-gang think of the game now? Still too easy? Better? Even easier?
  10. I see history repeats itself: Beta very easy, enjoyable after first patch, crazy hard and unplayable after the later patches. Back to CK III.
  11. That's what the Americans call it. Did you change the language somehow?
  12. You fixed the name of the latest opposition goal scorer getting stuck on the screen. Thank you! <3
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