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  1. With Las Vegas luriking around the corner: Expansion teams and expansion drafts!
  2. Excellent! Thanks!
  3. Found it. Thanks.
  4. For the official In-game editor: I'd like to be able to edit the leauge table to change the order of the teams. IE add and remove points as explained in this thread:
  5. I see. Thanks for the reply. Is there a wish list thread for the in-game editor where I can ask for this feature? I am not cheating per se, but I like to start the game in march 2016 and take over a struggling Premier League or Chapionship team, and I want the league tables to look somewhat like what they did in real life at that point.
  6. Sorry if I have posted this at the wrong place. I did a search, but the search function on these forums did not provide an answer for me. Neither did Google or the official Steam site. Can I edit the league table with the official Football Manager in-game editor? IE remove or add points to the teams and thus change their position in the leauge table? I know FMRTE had this feature a long time ago, but it seems like it costs money now, and I don't want to hand money around on sites I do not trust.
  7. I know it might be a minor issue, but it is not very realistic when swedish newgens go from the J20 Elit teams of third tier swedish teams straight into regual hockey with an NHL team. Never happens in real life. If they have enough reputation to be a 1:st or 2nd round pick, they should at least be picked up by a Superelit team first. On the same topic, obscure J20 teams produce way, way, too many talented players in the game.
  8. If I understand the rules correctly, which I by all means might not, he will be exempt from the CHL rule since he's technically drafted from an European team. Just like Julius Honka was some years ago. Edit: There's a discussion on the topic in this thread:
  9. I really love the game. Good job. Some minor things I've noticed: 1. I still get insulting bids for my first round player the day after the draft. 2. I get offers from agents on players I've just released. 3. This might be a DB issue: Alexander Nylander is on loan from Rögle in the SHL to OHL, still I can't send him to my farm team after I've drafted him.
  10. You should post that in the Italy thread.
  11. I can't find croatian U17-player Dino Halilović (brother of Alen) in the DB. He's 17 so shouldn't be too young. Seems like he's playing for Dinamo Zagreb:
  12. David Accam should be declared for Ghana as he made his international debut for them in November 2014. Also, I'm not sure he's even eligible to play for the US with only a green card.
  13. Axel Sjöberg in Colorado is missing the umlaut in his last name: (IE, It's Sjoberg in the game) Edit: Also, with a height of 201 cm he could do with a little better jumping stat than 13.
  14. Connor Hunte is 190 cm tall in the DB, but have only 6 for jumping. Should be at least 12-13.
  15. Where did you find the 1.1 update?