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  1. I'm 50. And I just realised I've been on these boards longer than some people here have lived.
  2. Hello. CM hoarder here. I just can't say no to a hard working, determined, centre midfielder. I always end up with 4-5 more than I need.
  3. A big thank you to whoever (can't find the post right now) wrote about using early crosses and faster pace against those annoying defensive sit back type of tactics. I can actually win games now.
  4. If you think it was impossible to win games in FM14 you really should not buy FM20. I've owned every single version of FM and CM since the dawn of time, and FM20 is by far the hardest one.
  5. Alex Aguinaga always preformed for me back in the days.
  6. If he rejects his own suggestions he's either mad as a hatter, or it's a bug. I would report it in the bugs section.
  7. Jayden Nelson should have Jamaica as second nationality. Also, Efraín Álvarez is locked to Mexico NT in the DB, but as far as I know he's still not decided on what nation he will represent. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50506029
  8. Is v2026 the latest official version of the ME, or does it come with the beta participation? I started a new save this morning, and I notice fewer (or none actually) of the so hated long balls to the forwards from the opposite team so far. However, my players completley ignore my "much shorter passing", "slower tempo" and "work ball into box" instructions and keep bombing long balls to my inside forwards. Could have something to do with me not knowing anything about tactics, though.
  9. Nico Yennaris has lost his English second nationality, which seems weird. Also, he was born in London. http://hugmansfootballers.com/player/25829
  10. I have no clue what I am doing. And I don't know how to begin asking for help as I fail to understand the very basics of FM tactics. All I see is my players ignoring what I think I'm telling them to do and happily give the ball to the other team. I would need an "The Complete Imbeciles Guide to FM Tactics". You know, with lots of colorful pictures and a vocabulary suited for a very dumb three year old. It doesn't matter, though. I'm done with FM20 for the time being. Red Dead Redemption 2, here I come.
  11. It's crazy how bad I am at FM this year. I have some 30 attempts trying to win away agains Wolves with Man U. First attempt I was down a goal a couple of seconds after kick-off, second attempt it took them just over 2 minutes. My players hardly get a shot away. Haven't scored a goal in all those attempts. Not even when they get a red card after 24 minutes. It's hillarious!
  12. As I wrote in the feedback thread: So far I've started over ten new saves with FM20 and failed in every one of them. All of them look the same. When the season begins and I play the matches I either actually manage to score the first goal, but the rest of the match will be highlight after highlight after highlight of the other team having a corner, a free kick, or a throw in near my goal until they finally scores the goals they need to get even or win. Or they score the first goal and the rest of the match basically will be the clock ticking. On extended highlights. No matter what I try to do. Repeat this for 4-5 matches and the players want to have a talk about how incredible useless and stupid I am. A couple of losses later I start to cheat to end the downward spiral. And some games after that I usually end up playing the matches on the highest speed in the background while I watch YouTube, and replay the game if I am down a goal or more when I check back. Then I delete the save after a while because what's the point. It's possible that FM20 is long term easy, but I'll never know. Edit: Just to clarify: I'm not saying SI should make the game easier, just that it's not for me.
  13. Well, I hope at least the vocal part of this community that thinks FM19 was "too easy" are happy with FM20, because this game is virtually unplayable to me.
  14. So I just deleted my ... nineth? save game from FM20 after another horrendus start of a career save. A loss home against a newly promoted Gillingham with zero wins after 12 games of the season was the final straw. I will never understand stuff like tactics, or how a player can be complacent after a series of losses, or how some people say this game is easy. Now onto career save attemp number 10.
  15. Wil Trapp is trying through balls again after the update. \o/
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