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  1. If you click on John Greigs name under Rangers legends you get the profile of a Chilean manager. I know nothing about Rangers history, but I doubt this is the right guy.
  2. You should be able to add the serial number from the boxed copy into Steam. "Add game". Bottom left on the page with the list of all your current games.
  3. I did some research on this. My guess is that when Foss did this database he, by mistake, added japanese players and forgot to assign them to a nationality, thus making them english by default. This probably added the japanese names to the list of english names. If that is the case, there does'nt seem to be any way for us to remove those from the name list in the DB with the tools we have (IE the SI pre-game and reat time editor). Haven't tried FMRTE. though.
  4. I'm not saying there's not a problem with the ME, but my strikers scores plenty of goals and I have had no problems with long shots so far. Could be pure luck, though. I am absolute crap when it comes to tactics. I only use a possession based 4-2-3-1 and shift between defensive and optimistic approach depending on who I play against.
  5. I reloaded the game. But I will keep that in mind if it happens again.
  6. There´s still some very weird own goals around. My keeper just recieved a back pass from one of his team mates, then slided into the goal with the ball in his hands, standing up, facing the goal, and feet not moving.
  7. Adam Idah is 190cm tall but has only 8 for jumping reach.
  8. Well, he did answer you question. Load all players so you get enough in your save to be able to manage the national team.
  9. Sorry. I got the "Maximum of 17 foreign players" Brexit. All foreign players seems to get a work permit, but some got this U-23 variant.
  10. Searched, but could not find a thread on this: So post Brexit in game I have a bounch of players with an "Under-23 foreign work permit". I can't find a way to apply for a regular work permit for these players. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Sorry if already posted: When clicking Database Changes in the pre-game editor you only get one page of results, even if there's more changes in the editor file. There's no way to scroll up or down.
  12. I don't know if this is something that only happens in this beta, but I haven't noticed it earlier: As the topic says, players U23 league games doesn't show up in their season stats. (nevermind the skin, I've tried this with different ones)
  13. I don't care if it's ultra realistic, this is a part of FM I've never liked and probably never will. And it's definitly worse in FM19. To me, it just feels like a never ending line of players going "Whaa! Whaa! I am a big baby!" And all my options feels like "Ok. Please make a big fuss of this and disrupt team morale".
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