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  1. Under clauses Jon Toral has a competition bonus that reads "Arsenal will be due £500 if Hull gain promotion from the Premier League". Isn't that wrong, or do I misunderstand the sentence?
  2. Two part problem: 1. If you start a new save in 2018 and add MLS, MLS is never actually added. The game just postpones the addition a year at a time. I reported this for FM17, but I can't find that post right now. 2. If you use an editor file, for example one of Uncle_Sam:s, MLS actually starts. But, for some crazy reason FM adds tonnes of fake players to the rosters, even if there's already plenty of real players in the squads. This seems to happen because the MLS players are on holiday when the league is added. User mine explains it better in this thread: Thanks.
  3. This is interesting. On several occasions I've seen 3D highlights where the opposite team have had a goal opportunity, ending in something that looks like a great counter attack for one of my players. But the highlight cuts off while my player still runs unchallenged with the ball. If the highlights are a live unfolding of events, why do the ME cut off the highlight if it doesn't already know my attack won't end in a goal? Or do I misunderstand you (my english are at the same level as Manuel from Fawlty Towers) and the highlights are replays of sequences already calculated?
  4. Well, if CM was random tactic-wise it's probably why I liked it; I could win matches without knowing the first thing about tactics.
  5. Too much of a hassle indeed. I used to think FM (or rather the old CM) was relaxing and fun. Now it's just exhausting.
  6. There's an issue with the files that makes it take 30-60 minutes to create a new game.
  7. Anyone know if SI fixed this for FM18?
  8. Will FM still spam MLS with 25+ year old super regens if you start the game in 2018 and activate the league at a future date?
  9. Well, there is a known problem with starting a new game with this DB. As Foss wrote: "although the slow initial load time is still present so you might have to wait a while before the game starts". I can't say removing any of my 15 claassen files makes any difference to the setup speed.
  10. Sure it does'nt just take a very, very long time? It takes 30 minutes to set up a game on my high end computer.
  11. Super! Time to start my post winter patch career save. And you really don't have to apologize for something you do for free on your spare time.
  12. Viking

    Why are my players regressing?

    To each their own...
  13. That does'nt work with all of them, though.