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  1. Could you at least fix this for FM18, if it is a bug?
  2. As per this thread: I did not have a save from that particular game, but I started a new save with the start date March 11 2017 and added MLS as a playable league. FM says MLS will be added December 27 2017. When that date comes FM says MLS will start on March 10 2018, but it never does. I have uploaded a save called "MLS" to FM/game-save from a few days before December 27 2017. I have started games like this several times on FM 2017, but I have never seen MLS actually get added to the game. Worked on FM 2016, though.
  3. So I started a new game in March 2017, and then added MLS in the Add/remove leagues section. Now I am in 2019, and MLS still haven't been added. I suppose this is a bug?
  4. Maybe some custom files messing things up?
  5. FM Touch is as exciting as chewing paper. Not a game for me. Regular FM used to be fun and relaxing. Now it's just stressful and exhausting. Incredible hard. Not a game for me.
  6. I can start in 2017 with all leagues but MLS loaded.
  7. I used to have this problem until I realised you have to delete the players with the right data base loaded into the editor. IE, if you created the players with the 17.0 DB and delete them with the 17.3 DB loaded into the editor, they will still show up in the game. Load the old DB into the editor and delete them they will stay gone.
  8. I'm done with FM. The game is too hard for me nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I want the game to be realistic and I do not want SI to dumb it down for people like me, but I haven't got the time, patience, brains or interest to micro manage tactics or deal with whiny players. Most of my saves so far with FM 17 have been the same: I lose the first 10-15 games despite the odds being like 1.44-10 to my favour, then I start to cheat and play most of the matches on the highest speed with the mouse hovering above the "close window"-button. And then I delete the save. It's just not for me anymore.
  9. Those eyes! Is his mother a reptile?
  10. I have a horrible temper and am something of a serial rage quitter. No, that league two team did not win against my PL side in the cup, no, my only decent striker is not out six month with a broken leg, no, that crap team with three points mid January did not win their first game of the season away against me, no, that player is not unhappy because I praised his recent performance, no, the team with a red card did not just score a goal against me, no ... I think my worst rage offenses have not been cheating, but I have smashed a couple of keyboards thru the years, and I even broke a CD back in the CM 98-days. One time I free transfered my entire team and resigned after a particulary bad loss in CM 99 (I think). But that was under the influence of alcohol.
  11. Sorry, I deleted the save after it got ruined by another bug. I'll upload if I ever get back to FM and encounter the bug in this thread again.
  12. I had something similar in my last save. West Ham bought Danny Ings for like £5m just to put him on the transfer list the very next day.
  13. Michael Folivi is 182 cm tall but only has 5 for jumping.