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  1. Oh. This takes me back. I hope we'll see stuff like that in FM20.
  2. There's plenty of them. I like Loki Doki.
  3. So, after some 3400 hours of FM19 I have now uninstalled the game and will take some time off until FM20 is here. My final thoughs on FM19 is that I've generally enjoyed the game. I still find the game quite hard, at least on Championship level where I most often play my saves. Higher up the echelon it's easier to succeed, but I often find those saves to be boring in the long term (and often more of a "Wants a new contract-Manager" than a football manager game, what's up with that?). There's issues with the ME, and I'm still cranky because you won't let me use a real manager photo instead of the cartoon thing. But from someone who have played CM/FM since the days Samuel Pepys walked around in London, and pretty much only likes to buy players and watch them win games while I eat tacos to escape a demanding and depressing real life: good job SI. Looking forward to FM20.
  4. I might be misunderstanding your question, but: Google Stadia is a gaming platform, like Xbox or Playstation, but instead of you buying hardware the game is streamed to your computer. You don't have to use that platform, thou. The game will still be released on Windows and whatever else FM19 ran on.
  5. Well, the announcements do feel a bit lackluster so far. Not that I care, I've already pre-purchased the game. But previous years it was rock music and content creators and videos with an enthusiastic Miles. Now it's a 10 second video, some pictures, and the patch note roulette. "I have nothing specific to mention right now, you know what to do out there" "I'm far from pleased with what I just saw from this team" "Don't get complacent out there" <--- "You can go out there and play without pressure now"
  6. I'd like to be able to activate those 20% extra injuries to match real life stats.
  7. Weird. My players aim at the feet of opponent players all the time.
  8. New Starbucks opening in the SI towers proximity.
  9. I find the lack of news disturbing.
  10. The ability to only show replays of my goals during matches. (IE no replays when the other teams scores)
  11. I can't find Sherko Karim in the DB: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherko_Karim
  12. I concede an awful lot of goals from set pieces in FM19. Is there a particular reason my idiot assistant manager never seems to train defending against those? (Or managers, I don't think I have seen any of them do that in any save so far)
  13. Sometimes when I ask my assistant manager to suggest an offer for a player during contract negiotiations he adds clauses that are locked and thus impossible for me to remove. It's possible that the player in question would want that clausule, but there's no reason for my assistant manager to make them impossible to remove before the contract is even suggested to the player, Not to mention is way above his paygrade to decide what I can or cannot include in the contract offer.
  14. Beta was probably too easy, then the game got harder with each patch and now is as hard as FM18 ever was. Make this game any harder and it will be literary unplayable for me.
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