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  1. After, but I start my games in March 2018 so I guess that explains it. Probably will crash January 2019 for me, then.
  2. Really? When does it crash? I am in August 2018 and really don't want this save to crash.
  3. One thing that might work is to make sure the Japan editor file is loaded first by renaming it something like 000japan (which only would work if you start a new save, obvious). It's also fairly easy to fix the config file yourself, abeit a bit time consuming, as all player UIDs will still be in sequence but some numbers off. IE, if you check a random Japanese (added) player UID in game, and it is for example 3 numbers higher than the number in the facepack config (like 555003 vs 555000), it's the same for all players in the facepack config. So you'd "only" have to add 3 (as in increase its value by 3) to all players UID in the config. A bit tediuos, but still...
  4. Not exactly. It depends on if that database have added players outside the standard database. Mons explained it better in the post above yours.
  5. Seriously, SI. This game is hard enough as it is for someone who is useless at tactics like me. I don't need players that hates me from day one and will rebel at anything to make it challenging. Is there no way to turn player dynamics off?
  6. It all depends on wether you have added other players to the save. If you (IE the creator or anyone using this update) have another created player in the editor files that is loaded before the japanese players the whole sequense get messed up.
  7. Looks like it might be the Japan leauge files that are the culprit: Edit: Apparently this is a known problem with the Japan files, with a known workaround.
  8. Just checking so it isn't related to this: I have a crash in January 6:th 2019. Have any of you guys got past that date with this update installed?
  9. Well, there's 13 of them. Seven related to the particual... game enhancing name fixing pack that we must not speak of, two for the japanese league, two are old FM17 files that I loaded up into the FM18 editor and saved, and two are my own for adding players and adjusting attributes. Several of them has been updated or altered since I created that save. Do you still want me to RAR and upload them? Edit: Just remember I added MLS as a playable league after the save was created. Game started in March 2018. Just mentioning in case it's important.
  10. Save uploaded to "fm/game-save" with the name VikingCrash. Thanks.
  11. I just had my first crashes on FM18. The game always crashes while processing on January 6 2019. The save has several editor files and the name fix pack. I've tried to remove all custom graphics, clear the cache, and remove the folders in AppData. Nothing works. Crash dump is called "FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 18.27.33)". FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 18.27.33).dmp