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  1. So after a couple of weeks in-game, and some ten matches, these are my first impressions: * I really like the UI. I like the purple and the buttons are where I want them. One thing I do not like, however, are the hand drawn (?) pictures in the background, for example when there's a press conference. Not that I find them ugly, but it gets a bit too cartoony for me and takes me out of the immersion. I'd prefer photos. Also, the text gets a bit messy here and there on my resolution, but I guess that's getting fixed before release. * The tactics are much, much easier for a moron like me. Now I can pick a template and mess around a little with the settings and see what happens. I like. * 3D matches looks better than last year. * I like the new training. Seems more realistic. * I like that I now can put my FM icon in the taskbar without issues. * Found some bugs and issues, but most of them seems to have been reported. Overall the game feels more polishied and release day ready than ever. Looking forward to November 2:nd. Edit: and I said before, I love that you now can save and load your Game Setup. Whoever added that deserves a free beer. Just tell me where to send the money.
  2. If I have multiple shortlists and tick "add to shortlist" on the scouting screen, even if I set my loaded shortlist to active, the player gets added to the default shortlist. The same goes for players I make bids for. They end up in my default shortlist instead of my loaded, active shortlist against my instructions. On a side note, there really should be a way to remove the default shortlist entirely of you have multiple shortlists. Or make it possible to load saved shortlists into the default one. Having multiple shortlists is just messy.
  3. First first impressions: Thank you for adding the Game Setup load/save function! Something I don't like is the fact I can't select body type for my manager. I am some 100 kilograms of muscles in real life, but if I use that weight to my manager he looks like a meatball. Not a big issue, but maybe something to consider for the future. I'll be back with more when I've actually played the game.
  4. Oh no! Does that mean I will have to stay up later and later for every beta? Football Manager 2200 and onwards will be a nightmare for me.
  5. Forget the beta, I want that Football Manager pen.
  6. I think some people in here are too young for Spinal Tap references.
  7. Viking


    I also think FM18 is quick.
  8. The FM show #3 just reseased and the guys discussed this. I really like this feature. Hopefully it will make life easier for tactic-illiterate muppets like me.
  9. Viking

    I gave up

    I am useless at this game despite playing it since the fall of the Roman empire, mostly because the tactics are incredibly confusing to me. And just like you I'm not interested in reading armies of guides and manuals (in a laguage that's not my native, none the less) just to not get beaten home against the worst club in the league. However, for the last month or so I've tried to experience a bit with different settings and tactis, and it's acutally kind of satisfying when it works. I guess it takes time and patience.
  10. I like the logo. Pre-ordered. Now for the painful three month wait. And here's not hoping we will see first person stuff in-game.
  11. Viking

    End of an era

    Nooo. I have bought every single game on CD/DVD since Samuel Pepys was young. I will miss them.