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  1. Well, not a bug per se, but an minor annoyance: I have the Gustafson twins in my team, Simon and Samuel. They both have the name "S. Gustafson" above them on the pitch. Kind of confusing.
  2. Some tweets about FM18 from @FootballManager today: "More contextual social posts in #FM18 mean fans will have their say when a player moves to a rival club." "Fans will react differently on social media to loan signings compared with permanent signings in #FM18" "In #FM18 you can reject or accept all offers for a player straight from your inbox."
  3. Hard

    I hear you, buddy. I have the exact same problem as you. It's sad when you no longer can play the game you used to love. And you forgot to post a screen shot of a green schedule.
  4. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Jacob Hjelte, Gefle IF, is 188 cm tall but only have 9 for jumping.
  5. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Samuel Gustafson, Torino: Correct DOB is 11/1/1995 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Gustafson
  6. I haven't seen any greyed out players at MLS clubs either. When 1/1/2018 comes, FM adds tonnes of 25+ year old fake "newgens" to all MLS clubs for me, despite the fact the rosters are already full with real players.
  7. So I tried another save, started the game in March 2017 and added MLS as a playable leauge afterwards. MLS definitely adds fake players. Maybe it's because all real players are on vacation 1/1/2018 when the leauge is added in-game and the AI thinks that means there's no players in the teams. In any case, I can't use this. Still appreciate the effort, though.
  8. Well, I still don't get MLS to work if I start a new save in march 2017 and then add it later, which makes sense since there's been no updates since I reported the bug as far as I know. I'll try another save to see if I get the fake player horror again, though. Hopefully it was just a one time thing.
  9. I've found something weird when using this: If you start a save in 2017, without this expansion file, and add MLS as a playable leauge later on, MLS never starts. This is a bug with the game and I've reported it to SI so they can at least fix it for FM18. With this expansion file, however, MLS starts 1/1/2018 as it should, but for some strange reason FM feels the need to fill all MLS-teams with scary looking adult fake players, despite the fact there's already plenty of real players in the roster. They are good fake players, too. So good they go straight into the US national team and completley suck the realsim out of the game. I doubt this has anything to do with this expansion file, though. Probably an SI bug. Just thought it could be worth mentioning so others don't get a nasty surprise.
  10. A big Thank You for this one!
  11. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Andreas Bengtsson, Halmstad, is 188 cm tall but only have 7 for jumping.
  12. [MK Dons] (Official) Data Issues

    Dons has both "Has no reserve fixtures" and "Has no youth fixtures" ticked in the database. Just double checking this is correct.
  13. [Preston North End] (Official) Data Issues

    Preston has both "Has no reserve fixtures" and "Has no youth fixtures" ticked in the database. Just double checking it's correct.
  14. [Sweden] (Official) Data Issues

    Marcus Degerlund, Hammarby IF, is 194 cm tall but has only 8 for jumping.
  15. Should I just...quit FM?

    From someone who is depressingly bad at this game: The tips in this post, together with the revelation that you shouldn't change player roles in tactics to fit the players, that someone posted somewere, are the most helpful things I've read on these forums so far. That said, I still think the game is crazy hard. I've tried to read up on player roles, tactics and other tips here. Just for ”fun” I started a new save with Rangers, really trying to get the tactis right. Still, I lose most games. Occasionally I win, but I never feel it's because of anything I do, rather lucky penalties, own goals or red cards. And even if I manage to score a goal and get a lead, the opposite team most often get a goal literary one minute later. And as always, I drop in the league table, everyone is unhappy, the board wants me dead. It's a farse. So I do what I've done for the last five (?) years of FM: I start to cheat. After a while I play the matches on the highest speed in the background while I do other stuff. Then I delete the save, because whats the point? Why would I want to play this? Why waste time and energy on something thats essentially a defeat simulator, or fifty shades of humiliation? Anyone who says this game is ”too easy” are trolls or playing as Man C. Either way they should be hanged from their toes and get flogged. If you want to keep us moron few who can't play this game for the life of us as customers, I suggest you give us a little more help. The hints and tips during the processing flashes away too fast on my high end computer. ”If it rains ...” something something, ”Make sure your players... ”something something. The guides on these forums may be brilliant, but they are written in a language that are not native to some people. And there's a lot to read. The assistant manager never provides me with anything useful. Before the match he suggests a tactic that my players have no familliarity with. During the match he bombs me with confusing and often contradictional tips that doesn't seem to make any difference. And after the match he tells me we should tell the players they are disappointing, which I really don't need his help to understand. I pay good money to get some data analysist to provide me with statistic, but heat maps and dots with arrows really doesn't tell me anything. So most players was on the right hand side of the pitch? Okay. And what do I do with this information? What is going on on the pitch during the match doesn't help me either. When a player, for example, stumbles on the ball and then stand still watching something far in the distance while the opposite player steals the ball, is that supposed to tell me something? In that case, what? Is he tired? Does he have low concentration? Did he get a stroke? Did he just remember he promised his girlfried to buy cheese? Or is it limitations in the 3D animations? I don't know. And while the forum is ever so helpful and super competent I don't want to post my tactics and ask for help here, because I know it only will make me feel like an idiot when I don't understand anything despite people taking the discussion down to something a three year old would get. Give us a proper tutorial, SI. Use one of the managers of your affiliate clubs and let him hold our hand during one season. Let his face pop up in the corner like the Office Helper every time we do something stupid. ”As you notice it is raining, which makes the pitch soggy. Therefore you should [something]”. ”The players ignores everything you say because they hate you. You should start a new save”. ”The opposite team is using counter attack. You should [something]”. ”Player X is unfamiliar with this tactic/player role. I whould replace him with player Y if I was in charge”. Sorry if I sound angry and bitter. I still love this game.