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  1. Now this is obviously slightly exaggerated, but it's basically my FM experience nowadays; A SNAFU horror game that inflicts stress and depression. And with the risk of sounding like a wife beater: It's your fault I cheat, FM. I didn't change, you did.. I used to love you, now you're just a toxic addiction. And no, I don't need any tactical advise, or any comments at all as a matter of fact. I just want SI to know what happens when you cater to the guys in here who thinks the game is "too easy".
  2. Kobe Hernandez-Foster was born in Los Angeles, United States. Not Los Angeles, Chile.
  3. But as I said, the rosters are already full. I have all North American based players loaded. There's no need for the game to add players whatsoever.
  4. I notice FM still thinks it needs to fill the MLS rosters with tonnes of fake (good) players when you add the leauge after you start a new save, despite the fact there's plenty of (good) real players in them. Why? It kind of kills the immersion when fake "John Sweet", 25, is the star of the USNT one season into the save.
  5. Does this mean we finally get to see long hair in the ME?
  6. Interesting questions. First one: I would probably buy it even if it gets even harder. I have bought it for 25 odd years and it has been too hard for me the last five-six-ten years anyways. I mostly do it to support SI after all the fun I've had with the game over the years. Well, that and a naive hope that I one day will understand this sorcery you people call "tactics". Second question: Hard to answer, really. That depends what the modes represent to me. I mean, this game is apparently very easy right now, and still it's football management on nightmare mode for me. I am usually one und
  7. Still baffled people thinks FM is easy. I managed to win the first 6 games of the season with Groningen. Only successful start I've had with a FM save in many, many years. Then out of the blue I start to lose (or tie) games I clearly should win and can't recover. I find FM nothing but unplayable nowadays. I used to love it. I want to love it. But it's just not fun. Only stress and drama.
  8. You should release this game with a tool that tells you the exact mechanics behind why you lost a game. Oh, and a "autowin match" button. Replaying the same match 20-30 times to get a win is tedious and exhausting. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, well. CKIII is fun complex. FM is "bwahahaha I will make you feel dumb as a rock"-complex.
  10. I just don't understand why it's so important for FM that I lose against crappy teams that loses to everyone else? Right now, it's Cheltenham. Seven games so far, They have five losses and two ties. Beats me 2-0 without any effort. That's a reload. And no, it's not complacency.
  11. I know there's been no (or at least very few) changes to the ME, but my run-and-gun tactic is actually working after the patch. At least for now.
  12. By the way, is the crash report mandatory? Because I sometimes get a message that the report could not be sent despite I am closing the window with the "x".
  13. Please make that annoying, intrusive "We're sorry! Football manager has crashed"-popup optional. Yes. I know the game crashes everytime I exit in the middle of a match. Thanks. I have submitted the crash report some 20 times since day one already and it obviously still occurs several patches later, so maybe stop pestering me about it? Please?
  14. There's usually another data update after the Chinese transfer window closes, right? Around March?
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