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  1. The formation in the Tactics section is the defensive shape. Now try to choose players roles and instructions that will lead to the shape being altered into a new one, and you will have a defensive (default) formation as well as an attacking formation. That's how I see it.
  2. I tend to only put filters on value and potential (minimum 3 stars) when sending scouts so this way I have a much larger pool of scouted players to build my shortlist. I do this from September to November. Then December to April, i scout the players in my shortlist, with priority given to players with less than 6 months of contract. So I'm able to make my free transfers in the end of January and my transfers in May. I only look for loans in the transfer period and almost never spend money in the winter period. The transfer policy and transfer targets are decided in september and following is a "template" of what I consider a transfer target: [youngster/sub/starter] [position] from [specify countries] for [free/specify max amount to be paid] I'm very biased toward buying players from the club's country (I'm a one club man in FM so Italy) and Germany/Denmark/Holland/Ukraine/Spain/France but thats a personal preference. So I optimally need 8 scouts: 2 for Italy and 1 for each other country.
  3. I second this. I've been using my DLP-de in the LCM slot, and with the Comes deep trait and Distribute to Playmaker TI, he always come between the 2 defenders and form a back three when building up from the back.
  4. Hi guys, I'm wondering if you have any strategies to prevent a playern on loan from extending his contract with his team? I'm in 20/21 and I just got promoted to Serie A from Serie B; also managed to extend Perr Schuurs on loan from Ajax until the end of 2022. The thing is that his contract also ends in 2022 and I would like to get him on free. He's happy at the club, part of the main social group and supports me as a manager. Any tips? thanks in advance!
  5. I finished the season unbeaten with this tactic and a slight variation of it that has lower tempo and shorter passing, so now I'm in the Serie B in the 2nd tier of Italian football. However I didn't touch the save since 3-4 days due to being bored somehow. This is the second time since 2 years of playing FM that I finish a season Now I'm rethinking my approach for coming season, I don't want anymore to "copy" Guardiola (wide wingers, two 8s in halfspaces, etc) who has his own understanding of Total Football. Total Football is a more a philosophy than a "system". I'm more reading some tactics related articles (FM and non-FM) than playing. The only thing that I'm sure about is that I'll use a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1. First because it's a real challenge to transform the 4-4-2 into whichever system I want in attacking phase, and secondly because I'm very stubborn and I never used another formation than the cited ones. Also hesitating to begin a new save with a mid/low-table Serie A club because I want Van Basten as my assistant manager from day 1, but there's no team playing in red and white
  6. Check the CA progress graph (select progress instead of attributes). Sometimes there's those declining arrows, but if the progress graph doesn't show a decrease it should be ok. At least that's how I do in my save.
  7. I'm currently trying to implement Total Football in my Italian 3rd division side using a 4-4-2. The ultimate idea is to reproduce this shape: Basically wingers should be technical players providing width, a #10 and a #8 as playmakers, a #6 protecting the backline and starting the possession phases. As I lack quality players for now I'm beginning by implementing a quick transitions playing style, while still having average possession of >55%. As many players developped the Play One-Twos trait, I'm able to reproduce some typical passing patterns and attacking patterns of Total Football. Current formation is as follows: Key elements: False 9: comes back in midfield and combines with the CM. They act as attacking playmakers for the team. Poacher: attacks the penalty area, I mainly chose this role because I don't want him wide. CM-su (Moves into channels, Take more risks, Get further forward): gets forwards and plays in the half spaces W-su and WM-at: the two of them provide width. However the one on support overloads the left side while the one on attack has more space and tries to create chances for the Poacher. Pass into Space, Higher Tempo: I feel those two contribute to having a quick and entertaining passing game that sometimes reminds me of last season's Ajax. The FBs are pretty much some times providing width, sometimes play in the middle. When my #8 will have more of an attacking responsibility I'll maybe use IWBs. An example of pass combinations and overall position with the ball of a match the team played really well (3-0 win): Clearly we can see the "midfield trio" formed by the DLP(18)-CM(8)-F9(39). The two wingers should be more far ahead, so I'm just gonna make them learn the Get Forward whenever possible trait. Also the Poacher, while he constantly attacks the penalty area, combines also too much in wide areas. Still have to adjust this. FBs played great and offered width also. Overall position with the ball shows how the 4-4-2 almost transforms into a 4-3-3, but that there's still room for improvements: - F9(39) should maybe come deeper - LB(21) was on attack duty, but still the LB and the LW(28) are taking the same space. - Poacher(9) should be more central Also: I'm still a long way from Total Football, but I certainly feel I'm progressing towards this style of play.
  8. Just discovered the series and wanted to post about it!
  9. I feel you... almost 800 hours on this game and the most I've done is one complete season. Still trying to figure out how this is possible.. Hopefully this save is the one lol
  10. Just went over all your posts, it really is one of the best threads here. Keep it up mate!
  11. Really interesting post! I would be really interested to know how you would recreate Total Football using this shape (or a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1)
  12. @CowShedBarmyArmy wondering how do you visualize your plots? EDIT: Will just go with Jupyter Lab/Notebook, less of a hassle and it would be sort of a report I have defined all the plots and data I wanna see using my excel tool (which I can share): It contains a dictionnary for the attributes (long name, short name), the stats (long & short name, categorization also) a sheet to define my tactic and a sheet with a macro that converts multiple cells into a string containing their values into a python list format, for example ['aaa','bbb','ccc'] I've already wrote a code to import data and clean it, for example converting appropriate stats to integer of float type, or converting appearances (x) y into x+y. An example of simple plot with matplotlib: In the long term, I also project to analyse how attributes influence my KPIs, so projecting to do some regression analysis after setting up my dashboard, would be a cool project
  13. Always wanted to do something similar and doing the "analysis" job of the manager IRL, for example monitoring the squad during the season with stats and attributes...but laziness always takes over Planning of beginning a new long term save soon, I'll definitively try to be serious about it lol Also this could be a very useful tool for scouting hundreds of players stats Will share here if I get something done
  14. Looks like I found a way to keep the guy lol Basically just bought time, when offers came in, i answered at the last possible time and with a counter-offer not too big to refuse directly and not too small to accept it also. Then, end of the window transfer, rejected all transfer offers and he accepts a contract mid-September
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