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  1. Wow, this is EXACTLY what i want to achieve but with a RPM/DLP in a 2 man pariring (4-4-1-1) Very nice, it replicates VdB behavior imo Thanks for your pics, really appreciated man!
  2. Okay, i see...so that's more of a misunderstanding from me...I'll test the CM DLP(S or D) next time i'll have time for my test save, didn't have time to test most of the tweaked formations that you guys helped me with. Really looking to implement the changes and see the result @zlatanera do you have an average positions chart of a formation with a CM DLP(S or D) and the completed passes chart of the DLP to see if he roams a little bit? (saw that you used a DLP(s) in CM slot in your Dortmung 4-4-1-1, in your Monaco topic that i enjoyed to read btw
  3. Yeah and thats the dilemna... A DLP almost does the perfect job, the problem is that he holds his position, he doesn't roam. I want a CM roaming in all the defense-midfield area, making himself always available for a pass, and covering the defense. A RPM also does the perfect job but he enters the final third and i dont wamt that... So i think maybe the RPM in DM position would do a better job covering the defense than a CM, and still roam compared to the DLP who does not. This a point i'll tweak by seeing the behavior of each possible role/duty in my save and also adapt to the opposition. Maybe if i put the AMC straight above him in an asymetrical 4-4-1-1 I'll limit the space in which he would operate...
  4. yeah, saw it. However I didn't like the tactic due to the CWBs and RGA, as i really feel the RPM is the "De Jong" role, but i took some inspiration from this video, let's say it was one of the starting points. I tought of of using DMs (see my last post before this one), in a deep 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 DM so it would like your formation but wingers/IF in the MR/ML strata, and AF/CF/DLF instead of F9. And for the CM(A) it would be either this or move it to AMC strata and become SS(A). However, i would prefer to defend in 4-4-1-1/4-4-2, so i have to find a balanced combination for the 2 man midfield. The thing is that i don't want my RPM to enter the final third and I want him to be the one covering for the defense, and in the CM strata he doesn't play like this...so i may have to sacrifice the 4-4-2 shape and go with a 4-4-2 DM with RPM(S)-VOL(S), i will see average positions in game and decide...Hopefully we can keep the 2 banks of four with a 4-4-2 DM
  5. Nice, i have the same TIs apart from Be More Expressive (i play with an english second division team so for the moment there isn't enough quality to use this TI) and More Urgent Pressing (I followed the above advices to only use Close Down More PI on my front 4 attackers and depending on the team on another midfielder) For the VDB role i made my mind: Either it is a Shadow Striker with a Come Deep player trait, either it is a Box to box with PIs Get Further Foward, Move Into Channels, Take More Risks, Dribble More (so a B2B with PIs of a shadow striker). But for this to be effective, what i do is play a natural midfielder, preferably a good B2B and train him as Shadow Striker. I would never use a natural AMC/ST in this position, the player would be too attack-minded for the VDB role what i don't like in the DLP role is the PI Hold Position...I would like my "De Jong" to patrol the midfield, always be the "spare man", the one player that is always available for a pass, so naturally i chose the Roaming Playmaker. A perfect attacking initiating movement for me would be my "De Jong" coming deep, get the ball from the DCs, make passes to the best positioned winger/shadow striker/the other midfielder until the defence can be unlocked. Rarely, he can try trough balls if the opportunity is clear. I don't want him to be static like a DLP (Hold Position). However now that i made my mind for the "De Jong" and VDB roles, now the "Schone"/other midfielder is the one giving me trouble. With a 2 MC pairing (4-4-1-1), i have to margin of error if I put a RPM. The other has to not roam and hold his position, being able to help the defence when it's needed. With a 3 MC paring (4-5-1), i have a RPM and a BBM (VDB role) as my CM left and right. So do i put the 3rd in the DM strata (4-1-4-1) but allowing him to play like a CM(S)? do i put the RPM and the 3rd in the DM strata and use a RPM-VOL DM pairing (4-2-3-1 deep with MR/ML)? I don't know... However, i narrowed my formations to 3: 4-4-1-1 : the most attacking formation, use of a Shadow striker for the VDB role, typically for less stronger sides 4-5-1/4-1-4-1: more balanced, the center CM in the 4-5-1 or the DM in the 4-1-4-1 always cover for the defence, use of a BBM for the VDB role, typically for equal quality sides 4-2-3-1 deep DM MR/ML: more defensive, the DM pairing allows a good screening of the defence, but still allowing to roam (RPM) and make some runs (VOL), use of a BBM for the VDB role, typically for clearly better sides In all those 3 formations, i use IW and a W in the MR/ML strata depending on the side of the pitch where the SS/BBM is (IW in the opposite side of SS/BBM, W on the same side), FB(S) but with Get Forward depending on the side of the IW/W (the fullback on the side of IW will have to put in more crosses) and a DLF(S/A) in attack (S for the 4-4-1-1 and A for the others). And always a RPM in CM or DM strata. So what changes is the VDB role (BBM/SS) and Schone role (VOL/CM-D/BWM-D/??) I made a test save with Boro and everything is relatively going well, I'll post some screens maybe later...Will try to read the 4-4-2 thread of Cleon, Possession threads in this forum, some training and developing youth threads in here also and then I'll begin my long term Boro save
  6. what roles and PIs you gave to your double pivot (the 2 CMs)? and what PPMs you expect them to have long-term wise? nice explanation, thanks seems like I'll go for this and see how it works in match I'll finally settle for this target tactic and use my 6 pre-season games to tweak it, mostly for the foward role, the non-roaming CM and the back four instructions I'll use the first 3 games to see how my current squad plays with this tactic and how can i adapt it to them, and the final 3 to observe the adapted version, so surely the deep 4-2-3-1 with wide players in MR/ML will be the adapted tactic for the first half of the season. However, i'll insist that my youth teams use my target tactic. Maybe when i'll build a better squad I'll be able to replicate more the tactic DLF(S) - close down more (pressing) PPM: place shots SS(A) - close down more (pressing) will settle for this as for the VDB role... PPM: moves into channels, gets into opposition area, tries killer balls IW(A) - close down more PPM: hugs line, cuts inside with ball RPM(S) PPM: comes deep to get ball, bring ball out of defence, dictates tempo CM(S) - hold position (?), take fewer risks (?) PPM: (?) W(S) - close down more FB(S) maybe cross from deep? CD(S) maybe one on Take fewer risks PI
  7. @zlatanera to which players you gave the pressing PI? and the TI pressing intensity was standard or More (1 level above standard)?
  8. Would a solution to that be the use of my IF/W in the ML/MR (Inverted winger and winger) strata? i get it, makes sense Your help is really appreciated, I'll try to implement all those new ideas in a save with Boro (i know I said I already managed Boro, while that is true, it is also true that i've done 15+ with only Boro, never going past the preseason, i always quit my save and begin another by frustration of not knowing what I'm doing). That save will be the one i hope. I would have a last question for you: what is the fundamental difference between positionning wide attacking players in ML/MR and in AML/AMR? I know that i have to see it with the combination of other roles, but there has to be a main difference; does it mainly give more space to attack into? have you identified some patterns in De Jong play with this role? in general, how does he play within your tactic? does he track back and cover for the defence?
  9. play trough balls and play dynamically. I sure want my players to pass around and retain possession, but i first want them to search for a run/provoke runs. My philosophy is about a direct/vertical approach: if you don't find a possible run, pass it to a free player; if you find a possible run, try at least to exploit it by making the pass or using the space created by the call and advancing with the ball stretch the defence and possibly having multiple possible runs/ways of penetrating it I want to replicate a 4-4-1-1 in defending phase, to get my IF and W to defend, so i went for a medium but compact block (higher Def Line and lower LOE. With a relatively compact block, i want my players to actively try to dispossess the opponent and launch quick counter-attacks, which would be possible because my team isn't too much advanced. So basically i let the opponent advance a little bit but it's to better launch counter-attacks. But maybe i could start with a 4-4-1-1 DM or a 4-2-3-1 with no players in the AM strata and use a standard LOE? I watched this video, and read some tactical analysis of Ajax, and honestly (with a total humility) i don't think this video makes me learn something new, or maybe i'm missing some points, it could be. But essentially it confirms the triangle passing pattern, the 4-2-3-1 with an AMC (van de Beek) playing like a Shadow Striker and a Roaming Playmaker in the Def Mid area that comes deep and dictates the tempo. Understanding the tactic is 30% of the job, implementing it in FM is the other 70% imo, and I'm really struggling with the implementation part. edit: your profile says you're managing Ajax..if it's the case, do you mind showing your tactics?
  10. yeah, I meant "waste" sorry for the mistakes, just re-read my post and found many silly mistakes... I think you got a point here on the BPDs and the RPM. Basically i wanted to replicate the De Jong role, so a midfielder that would be the real playmaker of the team, getting the ball deep, dictating tempo, distributing the ball to my VOL/IF/W/AMC and from times to times trying trough balls if there's an opportunity; so i tough the RPM would fit this description best with PPM like Dictate Tempo and Simple Short Passes. However, i want to play from the back...to would CD(D) and CD(C) be a solution with the right PPMs and TI like Play Out from Defence and Short Passing? And do you think of any alternative role for the De Jong role? Also any thoughts about the Van de Beek role as i explained it? btw thanks for your replies, really appreciate it
  11. Mentality is Balanced because i don't want defenders to be Positive and still want them to be in support Sorry, meant Short Passing+High Tempo and Short Passing+Standard Tempo
  12. Hi, first post for me in this forum although i've read many (many) topics here. I'm also new to FM, he 19 is my first after finally parting ways with PES/FIFA. As a big fan of Bayern Munich, I love direct football with a certain degree of possession/control mentality: the 2012/13 style of play of Heynckes at Bayern or the 2010 Germany are for me the ultimate football styles of play. Recently, Ajax playing in 4-2-3-1 and successfully alternating possession and direct football also impressed me, and surprisingly I didn't find so much tactic replication of this team. So I basically have 2 questions: 1) The Donny van de Beek role I'm not a football tactical analyst, but from the Ajax matches i've witnessed, VDB is used as a second striker, but in the midfield strata. He plays like an AMC, get in the box, creates space for his teammates, but defends like a CM, unlike the typical lazy AMCs like Ozil for example (not saying its a bad thing, just saying that a #10 is usually lazy in defending). Given that the formation in FM is the defensive one, i would interpret his role as a CM(S) with Get Further Foward,Get In Channels and with PPMs Get in Opposition Box (not the late one, he doesn't do late runs but stays in the box or very near), Move Into Channels, Play One-Twos (which is conflicting with More Direct Passes, why??), and maybe Tries Killer Balls. However when i play a 4-2-3-1 but with them AMC as a CM, i feel that i lack of presence in the final third because of the support role. And if he's on Attack, still lack of presence, but less than support, but he defend less... The rest of my tactic is G (D): by default choice, maybe i'll adjust it when the outfield is good FB (S): I want my fullbacks to firstly defend, but having big stamina, work rate and crossing to they can put some crosses in. Really want the Philipp Lahm style of fullback here BPD(D): ball playing defenders to be able to get the ball out of defence by retaining possession - this one would be with the PPM Get The Ball Out Of Defence BPD(C): same as other central defender, but i want him to be less risky and to cover FB (S): same as the other fullback DM-RPM(S): this here is one of my biggest interrogations. I want to play my 2 midfielders in the DM strata to close the gap between defence and midfield, but giving them roles so they play as true midfielders and defend like DMs. So one of the roles is locked, its the Segundo Volante: i want him to play like a B2B, like Schone for Ajax, of Schweinsteiger in his glorious days, but for the other DM, i want him to be the player that get the ball from defence and distribute it to the other players that would initiate the attacks. But i feel like having two roaming DMs would be contradicting with the essence of having two DMs... I'm thinking of PPMs like Try Killer Balls, Dictate Tempo, Play Short Balls, Come Deep to Get the Ball DM-VOL(S): already explained, but i have no clue as for the PPMs that would replicate the Schweinsteiger role in Germany 2010 of Bayern 2013 CM(S)/CM(A)/AM(S)?? IF(A): essentially, want a player that cuts inside but also crosses, like a Ribery or Robben W(S): would be on the side of the VOL so would prefer him not to cut inside and deliver crosses and maybe help the mildfield. P(A)/DLF(S)?? This position is maybe the more complicated for me in FM...i would like a Klose type of striker, so a Poacher. But I feel like he's too isolated in my tactics... Finally, i have to keep in mind I'm playing with Middlesbrough (no link with the club, but i like to start in a top 8 second division team so i can really model the theam..and also it may be silly but i wanted a team playing in red like Bayern and Ajax lol), so what i do is that i create my tactic (the target tactic) without seeing if its adapted to the team, put it in the second slot, and it the first slot i copy my target tactic and tweak it so it can be adapted to the team. And with training and new players, i try to tweak the adapted tactic until my players can play with my target tactic... The fact that i play with Boro also means I haven't tried my target tactic because i don't have the players for...Boro have too much kick and rush players to my likes. In the first paragraph i said i had two questions...the second is relative to the tempo: I want to play a non-stop direct football, but by controlling the game. So I aim for at least 55% possession. I tried Low Pass and High Tempo, Short Pass and Standard Tempo, but always felt that my players waist many balls by trying long range balls or stupid trough balls to give possession away (not that i don't want trough balls, but i want them to be effective...or at least aimed to be effective). So I don't know to replicate a direct control style of play. Any thoughts on all of this? Thanks in advance edit: screen of the tactics
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