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  1. I'm gonna get back to you soon, I haven't looked at the code in a while except yesterday.
  2. There is a function that is used to clean & format the data: cleandata() So if what you want to do is (Save1 + save2 + save3)/90minutes, you could add this line in the above function, which adds a new variable to the original dataset: ... mutate(`Saves/90` = (`save1`+`save2`+`save3`)/`Mins`*90) %>% ... Of course replace the save1, etc by the real column name in the data. Then you can add a visualization using this new variable, I believe you already know how to do this.
  3. Thanks mate, finally finished 5th in the Europa spot, and I'm back at it this season, currently lying in 6th position after 23 matches. However while attacking is great, defense is still an alarming issue: Not sure if I should adapt my tactics or if I should try getting better players. Also, my RCMs, which should be one of the creative leaders of the team with the F9, are really disappointing. Here are the players I use for this position: #1 #2 They seem to be good (great?) for a De Bruyne-esque type of role, but whether I use any of the RPM/BBM/MEZ role
  4. Finally, I went on full Bielsa and just sticked to my initial tactic, and I reckon it did pretty well Talk of high risk, high rewards tactic: 2nd best attack...and 3rd worst defense...
  5. It's crystal clear, and I already answered: use the squads files to capture your squad data at different dates and the shortlist file for all external players. If you want to add your players in your shortlist, go for it. There's a "Club" filter in the squad page...because you may have players on loan and not take them into account in your analysis? Or on the contrary you may want to analyse only your loaned players?
  6. You only have two type of data that the app can read: squad_<date> (you can have multiple snapshots of the squad at unique & different dates) which is for YOUR squad, and shortlist which covers external players. If you want to analyse other teams, add their squad to your shortlist. The squads files are only for YOUR squad.
  7. Great thread, looking forward to see the complete tactic. On my side, I've used a sort of Total football 4-4-2 the last three seasons, and it got me promoted to Serie A. Really enjoyed the tactic and the way my team plays. All of my players except the two CDs and the Poacher have the Plays One-Twos PPM, and for matches against better oppositions I use to add the Be More Expressive TI and increase by one unit the Passing Directness and the Tempo. F9 is instructed to Move Into Channels and Roam, Poacher is instructed to Roam, IWB to Shoot Less Often and finally, the FB is loaded
  8. Hi mate, just saw your post. Great that you figured it out yourself. By curiosity, do you have programming (R?) experience/knowledge or you figured it out from nothing? As you surely understood it, you have to add the button in Visualization Selection, add a tab in Visualizations and link it to the button, add an output (PlotlyOutput) in the tab, then in the server side, add a render (renderPlotly iirc). So IMO pretty easy to do, and the code to add is exactly the same as the one included, the only thing to change is the statistics and the various plot labels.
  9. Indeed you're right, higher DL increases the LOE only by a small amount, pretty negligible. I'm in the third Italian division, so I'm far from having players at the level of your Petit lol. The only player that has great attributes, my starter winger on loan from Serie A, has 3 of Aggression...and I wonder why he doesn't press as much as I want Guess I'll just wait to get better players, but pressing was the only negative point I had for my tactic. Otherwise, it produces beautiful offensive phases, passing play and a lot of overloads. Irrelevant question:
  10. The Higher DL increases by default the LOE, and I don't want to lose compactness by increasing it more nor get too high up the pitch by increasing more the DL. The issue is that even though there is a lot of space ahead and they are instructed to press urgently, the wingers in the midfield strata won't press almost as high as the front 2 strikers. Hoped the attack duty and the extremely urgent pressing TI would resolve it but it doesn't seem so. Last recourse would be to use OIs instructing the wingers to press more the full backs/wing backs.
  11. How's your pressing in game? My tactic is very similar to yours in term of formation, roles and TIs and the main issue I have is that the wingers do not press high enough, even if I have a Higher Defensive Line and use Extremely Urgent Pressing.
  12. I am myself using a 4-4-2 to replicate a Total Football playing style, so I'm very eager to see what you'll come up with
  13. I don't have much time to do updates, but it should be fairly simple. The Yth/Full time data point is available, so it should be added in the filter box, then in the filters section (#### Squad (or scouting): Filters ####), add the previously added filter.
  14. It's been done since first release mate Size is relative to the number of games played and the color is relative to the Scouting Recommandation (shortlist) & DNA Rating (squad). Also additional information is available when the point is hovered on. I also considered Python, but for now Dash is far behind Shiny and I wanted to build an interactive tool, not something like a Jupyter notebook. And I didn't want to mess with HTML and CSS Anyway, great tool also mate
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