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  1. Thanks @Mikal For all users - please follow this direction from my first post to avoid errors: ** It is preferable to install R in a folder you have created in the C:\ directory (instead of installing it in "C:\Program Files") to avoid errors when running the batch file that launches the app For example: (1) Create the MyPrograms folder in C:\ (2) Install R in the following directory: C:\MyPrograms
  2. Yes I mean do not install R under program files. This version is different as the package installation process occurs direct from the main R script and not from a batch file. Create a folder (for example MyPrograms in C:\) and re-install R in it. EDIT: added a more explicit direction to follow in my first post regarding R's installation
  3. Well that is exactly what I suspected Refer to my first post: So either run as an admin or uninstall R and install it in a folder you'll create in C:\ Do not forget to adjust again the path in FMapp.bat (no need to reinstall my app)
  4. @Mikal @jtaylor1409 add a "PAUSE" at the bottom of your FMapp.bat like this and save the file. <my code blablabla...> PAUSE As you can see the batch file launches R, launches also the app, but you're stuck at the package install step. PM me with a print screen of the command prompt (black window) when you re-run FMapp.bat
  5. @Jay86's issue resolved. FMapp.bat was updated on Github. For the more curious basically the path for his Rscript.exe file had a space in it. Using the following syntax "variable=value" to set the variable to a value doesn't allow spaces in the value (path). Instead, the correct syntax to allow spaces in the path is variable="value" . Which is now used in the FMapp.bat Also, as this is a very recurrent error from the user's side: when exporting from the FM shortlist, be sure to scroll from top to bottom of the shortlist. Otherwise your data will be in
  6. PM me with the content of FMapp, and a printscreen of Rscript.exe's location
  7. Great! I think -and this was the general feedback I perceived from v1 version- that there was way too much "parts" to the app. Having eliminated the other batch file and the Excel tool certainly helped streamlining the application and make it more accessible. I'll have a lot less free time to work on the app from now on, but I intend to focus on user interface for the next update, and maybe add some more stats (headers won vs height for example). It won't release as fast as the v2 version tho. About your request comparing the squad's attributes, isn't it something we can actually do
  8. Nice to hear it works! And yes the data is from competitive games (league/cup/etc). Afaik there's no way to extract friendly games stats. Has your squad played competitive matches?
  9. UPDATE LOG: V2 (2020/01/15) * The app now directly reads the FM outputs to extract the data, thus meaning the Excel tool is obsolete. It is no longer included in the download. * FFP Contribution and future time playing removed from the views (5 columns) as they are user-specific * The app now dynamically install required packages if needed. First thing the code does is check if there are missing required packages and installs them. This means the installpackages.bat batch file is now obsolete. It is no longer included in the download. * FMapp.bat now detects its current dir
  10. @Hovis Dexter @Gdawg69Excel issues from VBA code have been rare and if Excel is set up correctly there should not be any. My best guess is try to add a "Application." in front of the "ThisWorkbook.Queries...", save the Excel file and try again. Anyway I'm working on an update that should release in the next few days that will bypass the Excel tool. The app will read directly the html files instead of reading the spreadsheet which itself reads on the htmls.
  11. Ok I see, that's a column that is valid for UEFA clubs only. Will change this in a future update (should release in a matter of days).
  12. That's something that is more on FM's side and not my app, but I don't think there's a screen in FM where you can have all players for a whole screen together. Basically, you can replicate the FM views I provide for any screen that offers player statistics (like in Scouting > Players). So yeah seems like you have to shortlist all the players from each side OR replicate my .fmf view for the Players screen and filter by league in FM.
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