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  1. Sorry guys, hadn't the chance to reply earlier. Thanks for all your answers, it was of great use! My strategy is to give me 2-3 seasons to become a team that is sure to stay up, and I have already many great 17-21 years old player. Will use the loans to almost build a first team from scratch, and make transfers of young players that I will develop during those 2-3 seasons so they be my first team players after this lapse of time. However, this will be at expense of team cohesion during the first stages of the season...but it will also maintain my finances, guess that's a good trade-off
  2. Thanks! Okay, I understand your point. Also, after having read some articles about the subject, I think setting a salary scale would be the most important thing. Also another question, does the star ratings change a lot when going up because of the new league reputation? For the players that I still need to develop, I base myself on the coaches report, so if they have a 4.5 star potential rating in Serie B but a 3 star potential rating in Serie A it would be a problem for my squad planning...
  3. Hi guys, just secured promotion from Serie B to Serie A this season, after a fantastic and unexpected (was predicted 17th) season However, now that the season ended, I'm a little confused about what to do next. Especially about finances...I managed very well my wage budget, but in Serie B I had a limit (couldn't pay more than 5.75K per week). Now that I'm in Serie A I can offer any wage I want. Hopefully, all the players I want to keep had been already signed on long/medium term contracts within the Serie B wage limits, but should I give them contract renewals? Also more generally, what you guys do when the season ends? scouting for next season? some friendlies? Thanks in advance.
  4. Nice, thanks all for your answers! Do you do yourself the training schedule of the youth teams or just change some sessions to put more emphasis on some attributes? Thanks for the confirmation
  5. Concerning under-18 players, is there some age where a type of training is more effective? For example more physical training at 16-17 years then more technical or tactical training. What should i develop first, physical, technical or tactical attributes? Or the order hasn't really an importance?
  6. what's the problem, even if in FM there isn't the official name and kits? FM19 is my first FM and it took me 10 minutes to install all kit,faces and logos packs. This isn't an issue, only important thing is that there is the real players, which even FIFA have. Moreover, all is free. So it isn't like if they release a "uncomplete" game and ask to pay more for licensing.
  7. I don't understand this Stadia thing. Just please reassure me, FM 2020 will also have a PC version like the 2019?
  8. Isn't the OP talking about national teams?
  9. Been using recently a DLPde - CMsu(Hold Position) partnership, felt it was no more than correct, but my DLP doesn't do this movement to be always available for a pass in the building phase. I already used a RPM in another formation and it was a joy to see all the movements. I've been thinking of it, but wanted to really have the two banks of 4. Will experiment however it's not my preffered option. Really don't know how I missed this thread lol, already read the one of Ozil, but never seen this one. Interesting that in the first post @herne79 talks about a RPM-CMsu for the formation also.
  10. I'm also a newbie, and had the same problem. Was thinking this part of the game was broken until I began to analyse those crosses. And I've come to the conclusion that at least 60% of the time, blocked crosses come from wingers/full back who are too much forward to go back (or counter TI, high tempo TI,etc making them less likely to play to the back when they're in the final third) and have no teammates that can receive pass a pass because they are marked or not in position. With growing tactical familiarity and some adjustments to tactics, blocked crosses went to lower, normal numbers (which aren't low in real life). EDIT: first read something like this here, then verified it myself
  11. @herne79 To sum up my mildfield in one pic i would go with this I want to be able to recreate a flat 4-4-2 for the defensive shape (that's why I wanted my mildfield bank of 4 on support duties) while having a deep roaming playmaker that I use in building the play, rarely going higher up the pitch like a normal RPM will do. The #6 (first guy) would heavily rely on intelligence (positionning,anticipation) to defend. But I get your point about mentality, and I will try to experiment the behaviour of the RPM under different mentalities. Would it be optimal to test with a player that has 20 in all key attributes for RPM, so the attribute are less a factor in the experiment?
  12. Let's say I play in a 4-4-2, with one of the 2 strikers playing like a creator and coming deep. Even with this extra man in the hole between mildfield and attack, I will lack a man in mildfield against 3-man mildfield formations such as 4-3-3/4-1-4-1. Therefore, I want to focus on my 2-man mildfield in this post. Let's suppose that the players are good all rounders (good defensive attributes, good decisions,anticipation,off the ball, positionning, etc) to not complicate things. I want one man in the mildfield to be a playmaker from deep, roaming to get the ball and organizing the play, and he would also be the man that stays back, stopping attacks by being in good defensive positions. The other man would be the guy that primarly defends, but is able to go forward intelligently. Kind of a Ancelotti-Rikjaard or maybe also a Albertini-Desailly partnership. The first guy would be also perfectly depicted by De Jong in a double pivot. My main concern is the first guy. If I give him a RPMsu role, but I teach him the PPM "Stays back" that contradicts the roaming part, would this basically mean that the player can roam all he wants when we are in the building phase and we have the ball, but when the opposition has the ball, he is always covering the defense? Basically like a RPM that is limited to our half and that would have a Defend duty? So that was my question, but I'm aware that the best answer to this is "test it yourself". However, I don't really know how to conduct this sort of experience. Just take a team that has a CM able to play in RPM and has the wanted PPM and stick him in a 4-4-2 with RPM? Do I have to worry about the roles of other players? Do I have to conduct the experience with a created fictionnal player that has 20 on all key attributes for RPM so the attributes don't affect the experience? Other issues I have to be aware of? If any of you guys have answers for the question or how to conduct the experience, it would be nice to hear -read?- you Also, if you had any experience succesfully using PPMs with contradicting role/duty (ex:DMde/get forward), feel free to participate!
  13. my bad, it was another video tactical analysis against barcelona: notice the mix of zonal and man-marking, it's mainly in the beginning
  14. Also, and I think the Tifo video you posted says it, Bayern 2012/13 had a similar man-marking approach to last year semi-finalists Ajax. They had the "3-1" of the 4-2-3-1 and at least one of the 2 DMs tightly man-marking, and the defense + 1 DM marking zonally (85% percent sure).
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