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  1. Talking to a brickwall mate ,it does happen all the time but only to me and you , they try to unsettle your player ,you try the same not a chance you can unsettle
  2. Ai dont offer better wages to a player you are after, as your wages and fees are always higher
  3. When clubs turn down your 3 million offer but except 500k of AI club When player refuses your 30k a week offer but signs for lower club on 5k a week
  4. Thanks for the break, it gave me time to read other forums
  5. I take it you are a mod? and part of your job is to ACTUALLY read a post properly? so i will just quote you "Unfortunately for you I've seen all your posts and I didn't see any evidence of backing up what you've said about youth intake" now if you had done your job, instead of being bias then you would of read that i cant provide said evidence "Look i have backed up everything i have said in other threads with pics ,alas this thread i cant because i deleted the game." Cant wait to ban me can you
  6. And his agent would of been disguted with me if i offered the same 115k city contract ,but ....
  7. So of course i canceled ,and let the player move to bayern for his AI to AI value on the exact same contract at city ,so AI to human 1 value 137million not because they didnt want to sell ,because they had already valued the player at 46 million by bayerns bid ,its just the way the game as always been though it will never be admited
  8. Player on my shortlist for 3 years , watched him a few times ,declared for transfer etc player upset wants to impress etc ,gave up after 18months as per normal ,anyway in my inbox bayern have had a 46million bid excepted, so i declare interest and put the same 46 in all up front
  9. You like to presume alot dont you how do you know i havent been sacked ? It as already happened about 50 times on many FMs to me ( now managers do get sacked in real life to)Shall i start a thread saying been sacked 5 times in a 40year save ? Then you could help me out with that ? It would take me years do to a 20season reloading every game that way, But just semi finals ,and maybe last game of season were i need a point ,you know to beat the script sometimes it happens ,but i will let you keep presuming if it makes you feel better ,SI say theres nothing wrong so its all good 😁 Your the greatest FM player i bow down to
  10. No where am i bad at the game ? Where is your proof of this ? Do you just presume this ? So i state my feedback on how the game as been to me for 22 years ,and you call me a liar ,and your proof is because someone who takes your money off you HAS said theres nothing wrong 😂 Want to buy a car mate ?*
  11. Well fulham bid 23.5 million of course turned down ,i think they should pay 120million for him,its what they would of wanted
  12. Whats up ? You dont like words being backed up ? Or is to hard to take in that people do speak the truth ?
  13. You see i dont lie !! I say it as it is ,not to hard is it, im hardly going to lie when i can post pics to back things up 😁 why is it so hard for people to grasp , my mansion is like your kettering youth team 😁
  14. 80 million will get you a good 20million value player,wait for another club to have a bid accepted for one thats not on the transfer list ,then jump in aswell with the same bid ,it will of course be refused but no harm in trying
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