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  1. They would be if you loaded all or enough players from that countries.
  2. There is no difference in spending online of offline.
  3. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/225404-Suggestion-Versus-mode This should be considered, if not already. Thanks.
  4. Unplayable Balkan leagues are Bosnian, Montenegrin and Macedonian (not just Macedonian) and it would be nice to see them all on FM10 or FM11. Fully agree. This is "must have" for FM10.
  5. We have two SI researchers (Bosnia) and lot of people who helping them with informations.
  6. @Ter: I know it is not one hour, but it is not hard for you to make league. If swaping Magyar and Bosnian League takes as few hours, it is not much for you either. So can you tell as when we can expect Bosnian, Cyprian, Montenegrin... leagues? Thank you.
  7. A repeat: for leagues like Bosniam, Cyprian, Montenegrin, they have both players and teams, so they JUST need to build league (one hour of work) I dont understand why they dont do this! (they have enough time to do this for FM09 ) And Qatar league would be great too.
  8. adding non-european leagues is not connected with adding european. then can add european and african, asian.... at same time. i just tink that is unfair to not make leagues like cyprian, bosnian... whenm they have all teams. i cant understand that. because of that, people now must change other leagues to get leagues like bosnian, cyprian... it is easier to SI to add them. or at least make editor where is possible to add new league. thanks
  9. Can someone who is in charge finally respond will Bosnian league be in fm 09, or when?
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