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    Najveći bludnik grada Čikaga

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    IT, FM, Music, Films

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    Partizan, Juvenus
  1. Send me your offers in closed envelopes.
  2. Run time error.

    Some other software messed up runtime libraries. Not SI's fault. Try reinstalling it http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=8328
  3. Upload clip to youtube, and Kriss must give you FM if speech is touchy enough.
  4. Best comment so far. He should be given free copy for this.
  5. Obviously, this is set up!!! I suggest massive riots! We can gather in GD, tomorrow 12:00 PM, GMT.
  6. I didn't receive PM. Which way you notified me?
  7. Can someone explain in short what's going on in this thread?
  8. Maybe because you are connected to internet, smartass.
  9. Steam in offline mode doesn't work well. If you restart PC, you need to reconnect, etc. Good luck with this when FM is released.
  10. Excellent work! I've been waiting for this since last November! Finally proper FM11 patch!!!
  11. I'll think about it. Can you PM me this on Serbian, I see many words here, but no meaning.
  12. I just wanna help. I saw that users with up to 1 post, and membership of up to 2 days like your forum very much, and there is your opportunity. You should concentrate you marketing to that segment of members. Obviously, SI forum is not needed now, all users have English-speaking area of your forum, and I tried to help you how to attract even more memberz!!! Other part of your message is beyond my level, and I will not comment it.
  13. I did review their site, but my review is unfortunately deleted. And funny enough, your English is bad, just like Orthodox's.