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  1. Flitwick in Bedfordshire is pronounced with a silent W.
  2. I've been learning Spanish on and off for some time. I found Paul Noble's CDs to be quite helpful, I think they're available on iTunes in Italian. Once you get to a more intermediate level, http://www.newsinslow.com/ is worth a look.
  3. hjfh

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    What I like about Fortnite is that you can be terrible but still make it to the end of the game!
  4. hjfh

    EU Referendum - In or Out?

    It's very easy to make statements like that (the jobs Brits refuse bit) based on one example, but I'm afraid that's not always the case. I've been desperately trying to find full time work for several years and the competition for entry level jobs in this area from English people and immigrants alike is huge. Last year both me and my brother applied for the same job in a food outlet at Center Parcs - he got through to the interview, I didn't. With the amount of applications some of these jobs get it is literally a lottery as to who gets through to an interview. Anyway, from those who made it to that stage, he and a Polish lad who told my brother he had just come over here, got the job. I also had an interview earlier this year at Luton Airport for passenger services, and it was me up against a young girl who again had just come over from Romania. Now the lady doing the interview said that one of their biggest operations at the airport, which the job would sometimes be covering, is Wizz Air which caters to the Eastern European market. So from that point of view I can understand why they probably chose her over me, but can you see why that is frustrating? I don't usually like to comment in threads like this one, and especially don't like putting stuff up about myself, but some of the comments in here are incredibly unfair. I don't disagree with you at all that some people won't get out and work for low wages, but the repeated suggestion from people that immigrants just do the jobs British people don't want is not true.
  5. Campaign to get Eagles of Death Metal to number 1: http://www.nme.com/news/eagles-of-death-metal/89724
  6. I'm a massive fan of Eagles Of Death Metal and have seen them twice this year, I even looked up how much the train to Paris to go see them would be the other day. This is just awful, the thought of all those people enjoying themselves and the terror they're now going through. Just hoping anyone still in there and the band are ok.
  7. I'm not convinced Stannis will die just yet, without him who is there actually challenging Cersei/Tommen for the throne? I guess if Tommen dies and the Dornish son gets married to Myrcella (who would become queen?) then that opens things up? Daenerys seems a long way from getting anywhere near Westeros still.
  8. I've heard a few people say they're finding it a bit slow this series, but I guess it's all building up to an epic battle at Winterfell? Without getting into spoilers obviously, has it been confirmed that this series is going to encompass all of books 4 and 5? I'd look it up but daren't risk spoiling anything!
  9. Possibly. Though my money is on something happening to Shireen first.
  10. hjfh

    UK General Election 2015

    I'm certainly not a Labour voter, but I thought David Lammy came across rather well on the Daily Politics. Ruled himself out of their leadership contest though as he's concentrating on the Mayoral election. Not a UKIP voter either but they certainly need Farage to stay on. Plus it makes politics much more interesting in general having people like him around, whether you agree with him or not.
  11. I bet on Fatboy at 33-1. He's now 12-1.
  12. hjfh

    Spotify - Your Year In Music

    Interesting stuff. Mine's a bit boring: Top 5 Artists: Queens of the Stone Age Miles Kane Arctic Monkeys Jake Bugg Royal Blood (All are artists I've been to see this year) Top 5 Albums: Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork Arctic Monkeys - AM Royal Blood - Royal Blood Mile Kane - Colour of The Trap 7% of my tunes came from Mexico, that's Rodrigo Y Gabriela
  13. I thought they sounded great when they supported the Arctic Monkeys in May. Look forward to giving the album a listen.
  14. Good thread. I've just started a game as FGR, I need a change from playing as Luton! I've signed Mangan from Fleetwood and Andy Burgess on a free transfer. I'm trying to offload Hodgkiss but other than that I think the squad looks good enough to make the play offs at least. I'm going to go 4-3-3 with Mangan, Styche and Viera up front and Burgess, Klukowski and Bangura in the middle.
  15. hjfh

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Anyone on here order it from Asda? Still waiting for it to arrive despite it being 'out for delivery' with Yodel yesterday morning, very disappointing.