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  1. Good thread. I've just started a game as FGR, I need a change from playing as Luton! I've signed Mangan from Fleetwood and Andy Burgess on a free transfer. I'm trying to offload Hodgkiss but other than that I think the squad looks good enough to make the play offs at least. I'm going to go 4-3-3 with Mangan, Styche and Viera up front and Burgess, Klukowski and Bangura in the middle.
  2. Luton Town thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/277328-FM12-Luton-Town-Thread?p=7143332#post7143332
  3. Don't know if it has been suggested already but in a similar way to getting a loan player report from your assistant, would it not be good to have a free agent/expired contract report?
  4. I can't see the point of adding more South American leagues to be honest, even though they would be very interesting there wouldn't be a demand. I mean how many people do you see on these forums asking for advice for managing in the Peru leagues? Although it would be really hard to do because of player attributes and because players come and go all the time, I would love to see the Southern and Ryman Leagues added.
  5. I would like to see the following - The Ryman Southern and Northern premiers. Luton Town a good club. Pre match team talks. More to do with training, such as viewing players train to help your squad selection. Other angles to view matches with, (CM is putting this into the game) Less silly transfers, such as Manyoo signing Gudjohnson for 40million£. That would all be nice!
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