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  1. Did you have any close matches @bestbrother ?
  2. If the cases of the South African variant are falling, I can’t help but feel they should give it another few weeks to send kids back to school, just to make sure that variant doesn’t start to spread.
  3. I think it’s interesting how accents change over time. I would say I speak with a hint of a Lutonian accent, but that accent is dying out in the town as the demographics change. I guess that accent, like most working class towns in the South East, was influenced by my grandparents generation moving out of London. There’s some older people in Bedfordshire (in the smaller villages) that still speak with a bit of a rural twang.
  4. Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch are the best. Does anyone remember there being a spaghetti flavoured Monster Munch?
  5. I guess it’s got to reach a point where case numbers won’t go any lower. Suppose the concern is how quickly it got out of control at the start of December. But at least by the time things properly start to open up, most over 50s should be vaccinated with their first dose.
  6. Lemon and sugar here. Golden syrup too.
  7. Not had Discos for years! Weirdly they’re the only salt and vinegar flavoured crisp I have ever enjoyed.
  8. It’s a horrible situation, but I genuinely can’t see how they can let everyone go all around the world until they’ve more knowledge on mutations/how often they need to give a booster jab. Maybe a partnership with a couple of other countries could work, but that seems unlikely. Realistically, if people want to go abroad, they need to aim for 2022. If we’re in a position where it can happen before then it’s a bonus.
  9. I’m not sure why such a big deal has been made by the media regarding summer holidays over the last few days. I don’t think they’re most peoples priority at the moment. Getting kids back to school, being able to see loved ones, and getting businesses open without the fear of spreading Covid surely comes first? If holidays do happen, they’re going to be expensive. I had a cottage booked for last May, which I’d moved to this May. I had a look to see how much it’d be to move it again to Sep/Oct, and it’s over double the price!
  10. Question for those of you with elderly/vulnerable relatives. It will be three weeks on Thursday since my Nan had her first dose of the Oxford vaccine. I’m effectively her ‘support bubble’, though I’ve not been into her house since before the first lockdown due to other family members I live with working/socialising. Should I feel comfortable to go into her house a couple of times a week, with a mask on, in another week or so? Part of me feels I should wait until she’s had a second dose, or at least until there’s more data on those who have had their first dose of the Oxford vaccine. But
  11. I’d think (hope!) they’ll wait for the most vulnerable to have their second dose before opening pubs/restaurants.
  12. I don’t know what (if anything) has been said about abroad holidays this summer, but I’d personally like to see them banned until the scientists have a better idea how frequently people will need to be jabbed. (Which you’d hope won’t take too many months to find out.)
  13. I remember on the 1st of Feb last year, I went to pick up my uncle from Heathrow. He’d spent a few days in Singapore on his way back from Australia, and I think my first post in this thread was asking light-heartedly if I would be safe picking him up. I remember a handful of people on his flight coming into the arrival area with masks on and thinking to myself you’d never get people doing that over here! I’d been following the story from near the start, but I don’t think I started taking it really seriously until I saw one of the Italian posters on here posting their daily hospital admiss
  14. Over Christmas if I remember correctly.
  15. I’d say it’s unlikely Captain Tom has been vaccinated as the vaccine centre for Central Beds, which would cover his village’s surgery, only opened 10 days ago.
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