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  1. For small files, it's really no hassle to redo the changes in each version of the editor, or most likely import them and they should be fine in most cases. This year was an exception, but nothing a quick find and replace could sort. But for big files, really you need to keep the data outside of the editor. Excel really is the way to go - with a few lookups and data tables you can remake most of what would go into the editor through formulas. And you can more easily go through all of that data and enter any changes than you ever could by going through the editor - in addition, you can avoid bloating a file with changes upon changes that actually don't make it into the game because they are overwritten. It takes time to setup, but the setup pays off in the long run as you have a more viable method for maintaining your project long term.
  2. You can just delete the line in its entirety. However, it does mean that you will have to do a lot of testing in game. Of course, given the state of the editor right now, that's probably preferable but long term once the issues are fixed you should go back to testing in the editor as the features that are there are pretty powerful and allow you to simulate very fast.
  3. Report it to SI if you can;t do it, you should be able to update files through the Editor. Also top work as always, this constitutes one of the must have files. I love seeing the additional history and especially this far back too! Incredible.
  4. I'm pretty certain if you had a thread open in here with a release and advertised a Discord to promote research it would be absolutely fine. I've done that before and it hasn't been an issue.
  5. I don't think it would be possible, the amount of time that goes into those releases (at least in our case) would mean that I'd be limited to one club, there's no way I could cover an entire league. Also being in Wales doesn't help! Plus I'd like to see a lower league database in England that adds a lot of players. I haven't been around for a while so maybe there is. It's a lot of effort to add players with a fair amount of detail and attributes. By this, I mean to say it would be a lot of research only for the players to then move around again. How do you keep on top of it? Having someone dedicated to a club, or a few clubs at most depending on your locality and time available is the way to go. And direct that research to SI, rather than a download on the Editor.
  6. This is why we've always argued when we were actively working on EEE for players of the game who liked EEE to get involved with the research. Find out who the head or assistant researchers are. Follow your local club(s) and ensure that the data can be found and added. Obviously right now it probably wouldn't be possible for it to be well done. But once we are out of a global pandemic it will be possible to go and watch Non-League games, find out who the players are, where they play on the pitch etc.
  7. Saving as .fmf (normally and not exporting as xml) should work, although I am somewhat baffled as to why a databace change only xml file won't load in the game - clearly an unintended bug.
  8. I think the season update day is too late for it to be in 2020 season. Try moving it back? I did that and actually got a few errors in your file, so once this is fixed it should hopefully work.
  9. That isn't necessary as it's only masking a problem with the file. How will you know if that league has the correct number of teams? I found that the J1 rules were not set to Flexible Format Rules and was skipping the 2020 season - once I changed this it worked fine other than a further issue with J3 promotion as there is no 2021 J3 league in the current file. Potentially a few other issues but that's normal with a file at this stage
  10. I've updated the file so it no longer needs converting. Just download the new version!
  11. It worked during the beta, it looks like the release of the game broke it somehow. This file works as an xml. I have updated the file and retested it, it now appears to work on the released version of the game. The updated file is in the opening post. Thanks for letting me know that there was an issue!
  12. It's out now on Steam. I had to restart Steam for it to show in my library.
  13. Without access to the FM21 Editor, it's quite difficult to get files into FM21 as you cannot verify or test the files. There's no knowing if any database changes will have failed without manually checking the game afterwards. I do usually release fixtures for the beta though, as this doesn't involve any database changes and the file is configures in the advanced rules to only contain fixtures and not to amend any other rules for the league. The file is downloadable in the following link.
  14. FMUpdates FM2021 EPL Fixtures To celebrate the launch of the ‪‎Football Manager 2021 beta‬, we at FMUpdates have released the original fixtures for the English Premier League. Download below! This file contains the original fixtures prior to being rescheduled by Amazon, Sky, BBC and BT, therefore you may notice different games are rescheduled for broadcast picks in Football Manager 2021 than in real life. INSTRUCTIONS Save the xml file in 'Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data' or equivalent folder. When starting a new game, ensure the file is selected by cliching on the Database option and under Editor Data Files checking the file called FMUpdates EPL Fixtures 2020-21. You should then have the real fixtures for the Premier League. UPDATES v1.1 - Fixes real fixtures not being playable after release of game FMUpdates EPL Fixtures 2020-21.xml
  15. I've been keeping an eye on the Excel thread and the recent posts. I still use a similar method. I mainly use it for histories so that way I have a list of histories on Excel than can be converted to XML. I don't use mail merge though, I just simply concantenate the series of XML code required to build up all the changes, with checks in place to skip entires that are blank e.g. Team Cup History Second Stages. I then transpose the single history records into XML on a single line that can then be inserted into Notepad++ (or the Mac equivalent, used to be TextWrangler, think it's now BBEdit but I no longer use a Mac). The Transpose requires Office 365 due to the new calculation engine in Excel that allows simpler array formulas to spill their results into adjacent non-blank cells. But I wanted to drop by and wish you the best of luck with this. If it means that you and others can extend the amoutn of research and work that you want to put into FM, then clearly everyone benefits!
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