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  1. Most likely. You would need to add a new history, enter data in all possible fields and analyse the xml data. You can use formulas to hide parts of the xml data which you don't need to use and switch/if formulas to choose the relevant xml code.
  2. I have sought to update this file after achieving a working version of the winter break. Unfortunately due to a bug with real fixtures in the game, certain matches are being moved incorrectly. This is under review by SI.
  3. I think you're going about this the wrong way. You shouldn't really pick random teams from a division, then later choose the best teams from that same division. Instead you might want to get all of the teams once, and give them a bye. Based on an SI file this should be possible. See screenshot: You can enter more teams into a round than can actually play in that round. In this case, one team from this cup round gets a bye to the next round. In your case, you would get all Division 1 and 2 teams, 20 of those teams should get a bye, joining the 16 teams who get through via w
  4. It is possible, but not supported by SI if you then have any problems. I often use Excel to get changes into the game, usually this is in the form of Team Cup Histories or Team League Histories. The trick is to create one club perfectly with all the necessary changes you would need to make in the editor, then export as an xml. Using the XML, copy and paste all of the code inside <list id="db_changes">. I usually use Notepad++ for this (Mac users can use BBEdit). Tidy up the data and ensure they are all in one column. The next step is to comb through the data
  5. I could be wrong but I'm certain the teams in each league are determined by the quality of their youth facilities.
  6. The Test Competitions feature of the Editor is often unused by many editors, presumably due to a lack of understanding in its use case. I have found it to be an invaluable tool in testing leagues created within the editor's Advanced Rules and ensures that I spend less time in the game checking for bugs within the file. Testing allows you to simulate competitions extremely quickly and allows you to drill down into each stage, showing how each competition has been set up for each year. I find it best to simulate a few years so that you have a large amount of data to work with.
  7. I applied the fix on my end and it works fine, although there is an issue with the start date for Egypt. I started at the beginning of pre-season and the season had already started! I looked into fixing it and found three things to add: Season Update Day - Changed to 10th of July (this will negate the need to have a separate season update day for the FA Cup) Season Periods - I changed this to 18/08 Start Dates - I manually added early and late pre-season dates of 25/6 and 1/8, and start of season as 15/08. This seems to have done the trick. Hopefully this works for
  8. When testing in the editor, I noticed that the Egyptian FA Cup only runs every other season. I'm not sure if this is the case in game. This is an easy fix though - just set the competition in the editor to have its own season update day, such as 1st September. I didn't check if it was happening in game, but if someone has the file and has played a few seasons it would be worth checking if this is the case.
  9. I've taken a look at this. The file indicates 10 fixtures on the final game day, but according to the game's files in the Editor two matches are scheduled to be moved to a Sunday on the final match day. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, and I know I have this same issue with my current game as I'm using the file but I'd need to check if this is also affected when not using the fixtures.
  10. I copied and pasted the XML straight into Notepad++. I made sure the format would work by usually making a test change in the database to see how it would appear in the xml file. From there, I would replace the xml with that from the excel file. Once it's saved in the editor, it should be formatted correctly.
  11. @Ivs please know that I in no way take any issue with the work that you have done or you or AhMostyn personally, and all I asked was for the work that we have done that was shared by AhMostyn to be removed from your file and from his post where he shared the data. Clearly the file has to be removed on a temporary basis so our work is no longer distributed via your file, this way you have the time to remove these changes from your file and our work is no longer distributed. That is something that cannot be delayed which is why I posted publicly for the mods to see the infringement. Had I wai
  12. Thanks to @Bigpole and @Wolf_pd for your incredibly fast action on this. It is greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you, the file needs to be removed from post #3 too as this is where the infringing data was provided.
  14. Unfortunately the files shared by @AhMostyn are not his own creation but mine and @jWaSiMhE's work as part of FMUpdates. I have reached out to AhMostyn on Steam but haven't heard from him yet. He may have updated the files but we originally created them and he has expanded on our work without permission. We have never claimed to allow others to use our work on this forum as we never anticipated being away from the editing scene forever. I am not entirely certain how the files have been obtained but they must be removed completely from the release and the zip file containing our work ne
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