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  1. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    Thanks for this, when you get a RL USA expansion up and running it is always very high quality, can't wait to give this a crack and a test.
  2. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    We have decided that due to work and family commitments we'll be unable to release EEE in a state we would be happy with for the foreseeable future. We'll be back when we're ready to bring it out. Thanks for your patience and understanding, this wasn't an easy decision to make but it was the right one in our opinion. In the meantime, there are plenty of other releases out by now which you can use to enjoy Football Manager with instead of EEE.
  3. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    I would like to make a distinction here. For us, this project is the result of years of work and has our ideals implemented. We're not in this to rush out a release as fast as possible with EEE, we're in this to build a big database full of detail that we are proud of - this is probably more the case than getting extra playable leagues and cups, but we put those in because we don't want a riot. There comes a stage however that due to the amount of work this project contains, it is difficult to maintain. We're finding ways to get around this by getting the work done using tools like Excel, which has actually resulted in the project containing much more than is normally capable by doing the work manually in the editor - such amount of work would lead to insanity. We're no longer geared towards fast releases, which in one way is a shame, and in another way means that you will get much more for your patience. We're also limited with the amount of time we can offer towards the project as we are both incredibly busy people. Nothing has been rescheduled, it is still a case of being worked on and it will be a while yet before release.
  4. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    While we will be doing research at this level, we have no more plans to extend EEE any further. Football Manager is not designed to be played at a lower level than this.
  5. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    Hello everyone, we set up this thread super early once we knew we were going to be able to work on the FM17 version of EEE. Some of you may have been disappointed with the quality of last years release. For our standards, Level 9 was always going to be a tough nut to crack and while I am happy that we managed to release it, my heart wasn't 100% in it anymore. The reason for this is that I had long decided that version 9 would have Level 9, and that version would be my last major contribution for EEE at FMUpdates. With this said, we have finally got the setup that can take FMUpdates and EEE forward to the next level with our small Discord Community, which has helped us reach out to others and for those people to help out with researching the file and testing our releases. The EEE project will continue with Daniel @jWaSiMhE as the Project Lead, and I will still be involved in helping out with certain parts of the project going forward. Aaron @uncle ron trusted me when handing over the project to me over 4-5 years ago, and having worked with Daniel over most of those years I am confident that EEE is in the best of hands. It's thanks to Daniel that the level of detail in this project is what it is.
  6. Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    It's okay, you can still use those results in Excel if you were to do it that way. It's just a case of learning a few new formulas to manipulate the data. With regards to the scripts, like I mentioned earlier it would be great to have a tutorial on this much like what I have done in the OP of this thread. I may take some time this weekend to teach myself and see if I can become comfortable in it to help others.
  7. Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    I don't need the help, I'm just trying to get tutorials out here for people to use and learn. I'd love it if there were guides for writing these sorts of scripts for FM.
  8. Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    I can see how this would be useful! I'd still use Excel obviously to get the data. I quite like being able to have the data in Excel though for future proof purposes as the format of the xml files and the Database can change.
  9. Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    Yep, a script is going to be much better than Excel - but Excel is a bit more accessible for most people. I'd like to see how you do it in a script though, I'm sure others would be interested too!
  10. Some tips for using the FM Editor with Excel (not supported by SI) 



  11. Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    I will preface this post by stating that SI generally do not support files that have content created outside of the FM Editor, including Excel. I've used Excel with FM over the past year to help with big projects when it comes to importing a massive amount of data. It can rapidly reduce the amount of time you would otherwise spend in the Editor making the changes manually, and as long as you create the file separately from your main project, and test it in game to ensure that it works, you should find that it works flawlessly. This includes changes to the database for items like histories etc. One example of this is when setting up Fixtures in the editor - this can take a long time and when you have a few leagues you want to do, this can become monotonous (I have probably done a 100 of these over the past few years, and I did all fixtures not included in game for last years EEE release, minus 3 L9 leagues that still announce their fixtures monthly, in other words, the EPL, L7, L8 and 11 L9 leagues - 21 in total for one season while SI had the EFL and ENL covered with 7 leagues). Using excel text formulas you can manipulate the data in released fixture files and tabulate all the necessary details, such as the date, the home team and away team, and the time for the fixture. As an example, here is one original fixture announced for the EPL this year: 13/08/2016 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool This is how the fixture is formatted by the FA in their original announcement here. The way I tabulated this data was first of all to separate the date, which could then be separated into the day of the week, the day of the month, the month and the year. The formula I used was "=LEFT(A2,10)" to retrieve the information for the date. I could then obtain all the other data by using formulas such as "=LOWER(TEXT(B2,"ddd"))" for the day of the week, "=DAY(B2)" for the day of the month, "=LOWER(TEXT(B2,"mmm"))" for the name of the month and "=YEAR(B2)" for the year. Similar formulas are done for the rest. The trickiest part here is getting the data for the teams separated so that you can find the team Unique ID. The formula "=MID(A2,25,100)" separated the teams from the original data, at which point you can then use formulas to get the home and away team. The " v " is the key part here, as you can use this as the dividing line to separate the data in formulas. I retrieved the home team using "=LEFT(D2,SUM(SEARCH(" v ",D2,1))-1)" and the away team using "=RIGHT(D2,SUM(LEN(D2)-SEARCH(" v ",D2,1))-2)". A separate sheet should be setup with the Unique ID's and the names of the clubs in question - not too hard to get from the Editor and not too time consuming. From here, you can use a VLOOKUP function to get the ID's of the clubs. I used this formula: "=VLOOKUP(J2,[ENG.xlsx]ENG!$A:$B,2,FALSE)", just a simple VLOOKUP to another spreadsheet which has the club name in the first tab and the ID in the second. So my end result is the following: DATE TIME MATCH Day Date Nmonth Year Time Home Team Away Team Home Team ID Away Team ID 13/08/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Manchester United 13/08/2016 15:00 A.F.C. Bournemouth v Manchester United sat 13 aug 2016 1500 A.F.C. Bournemouth Manchester United 600 680 13/08/2016 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool 13/08/2016 15:00 Arsenal v Liverpool sat 13 aug 2016 1500 Arsenal Liverpool 602 676 13/08/2016 15:00 Burnley v Swansea City 13/08/2016 15:00 Burnley v Swansea City sat 13 aug 2016 1500 Burnley Swansea City 622 724 etc. So, with this data I can now set up the xml data for the fixtures. Having exported a copy of the Advanced Rules file for England into an xml, I was able to ascertain which data I would need and inputted each xml line into a tab on the first row, and removed the data which would require altering. <record> <integer id="fixture_order" value="0"/> <string id="day_of_week" value=""/> <integer id="day_of_month" value=""/> <string id="month" value=""/> <integer id="year" value=""/> <string id="time" value=""/> <record id="home_team_id"> <integer id="id" value="1752003689"/> <integer id="Ttea" value=""/> </record> <record id="away_team_id"> <integer id="id" value="1635218537"/> <integer id="Ttea" value=""/> </record> </record> These were the first row tabs. As an example, the first cell that would need changing is '<string id="day_of_week" value=""/>'. Using a formula you can change this to find the day of the week easily from the previous worksheet. I used "=CONCATENATE(LEFT(C1,32),fixtures!E2,RIGHT(C1,3))", and similar ones for the rest. As for the cells that didn't need extra data, it was a case of equalling the first cell (e.g. "=B$1"). Once this was done, you could drag the formula all the way down to get the fixtures. I've attached the file to this so you can check out the exact worksheet I used so you can create your own. Lastly, you can use the xml data and paste it into an FM XML file. I just found the EFL fixtures, pasted that into the EPL file and overwrote the main fixtures part with the one from the worksheet. I've attached that file too so you can see the EPL Fixtures in the editor. So why go through all this, it seems like a lot of work from what I've written? If you've had to do this before, you'll know how long inputting fixtures into FM can take. This has taken me from 09:21 when I saved the original fixture list, to 10:04 when I saved the FM XML file with the fixtures formatted. A total of 43 minutes for 380 fixtures. And once you've done this only once, it becomes quicker the second time, and you can use this as a basis to edit other things like records and histories into the game. You could even use it to add players, although I have not done it. You just need to add a few records into the same and save the file as an xml to check the data and how it is formatted. Then you can identify what you need and implement a worksheet with Excel for what you need. I'm hoping to bring out more content like this in the future, please let me know if you found this useful or interesting! And please feel free to ask questions if you think I have missed something or if you think there is another way the work can be improved. EPL Fixtures Workbook.xlsx EPL Fixtures.xml
  12. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded
  13. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded EEE - ENGLAND, ENHANCED, EXPANDED RETURNS FOR FM2017 FMUpdates has returned! Following last season's launch of Level 9, we will be bringing you the latest in our long line of impressive 'Football Manager' releases with the enhancement of the English league pyramid bringing you an improved gameplay experience of the leagues already available and the expansion of the English non-league structure to incorporate Steps 3, 4 and 5 of the National League System along with all the additional cups and rules that accompany them. As ever, EEE will provide you with only the best and most advanced, realistic, detailed and reliable expansion around for the 'Football Manager' series. Accept NO substitutes! The Advanced England League Expansion includes: ORIGINAL FIXTURE LISTS ENGLISH AND INTERNATIONAL TEAM CUP HISTORIES FA VASE QUALIFICATION SYSTEM REBUILT FA CUP & FA TROPHY FEATURING EARLIER ROUNDS COMPLETE ITINERARY OF LEAGUE CUPS & COUNTY CUPS CREATION OF INACTIVE LEVEL 10 FOR PROMOTION/RELEGATION PURPOSES REBUILT FA CUP & FA TROPHY RULES TO INCORPORATE EARLIER ROUNDS FINE-TUNING OF EXISTING ENGLISH LEAGUE STRUCTURE TO FURTHER REPLICATE REAL LIFE EXPANDED & IN-DEPTH HISTORIES FULL & AUTHENTIC COMPETITION AWARDS OVERHAUL EXPANDED FA GROUND GRADING REQUIREMENTS SYSTEM EXPANDED MEDIA SOURCES AND JOURNALISTS UPDATED KITS & OTHER CLUB INFORMATION AND MUCH MORE WAITING TO BE ANNOUNCED, FEATURED AND DISCOVERED! #supportlocalfootball #FMUpdates #EEE #FM2017
  14. That is bizarre, I'm certain the setup is correct but I will take a look at this once more. Thanks for bringing this one up!