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  1. @forzali Perhaps you mean IRL that's how the Turkish League works? If that's the case, then the rules in the game for sorting teams need to have this included because right now it is not. It is only recognising the result as W, D or L, and you both have 3 points each. That means if they won the 3 remaining games and you lost all yours and they had better GD than you then they would win the league.
  2. Matches Between Teams only looks at the number of points between the teams. Because both teams have won, you both have 3 points each. The rules have to specify if Goals Difference/Goals For are for matches between teams. The rules do not specify this, so it uses points instead, and points only.
  3. 24-team FIFA Club World Cup

    You can qualify a team for a competition and offset the year in the Advanced Rules. You can do this to qualify them for each subsequent year. You would need to amend each Continental Cup to add this fate action. As for the best four UEFA ranked teams, I would think this will not be possible until SI code in a way to get teams by their UEFA ranking, which I guess they would do if this competition format becomes a reality.
  4. [FM17] Champions League Fixtures

    Here is the dilemma you face: 1. How can you account for which teams are drawn in the qualifying rounds, and how do you ensure those matches are simulated correctly? Sadly you cannot, which makes this impossible in and of itself. 2. Suppose you could do the above. How do you simulate the group draws so that they have the correct teams, and that those teams then have the correct result? If you can find a way to do the above, then you are laughing. And I'd ask you to then share with us how it is done. Sadly I do not think it is possible.
  5. Advanced Rules Editor Help Needed!

    What I did notice is on the Nation file you have not set any further leagues to simulate past the MLS. This means that you won't be able to select further than the MLS when playing in game. See the screenshot I attached. You also set the start year for the Third Division to be offset by 10, this meant the competiiton was not running until 2027. See second screenshot. Otherwise, barring a couple of issues, it works - at least for the first season. All the teams in the second season are not in their respective conferences, but in the Third Division itself. I suppose this is probably because you haven't finished your setup, so I'm not overly worried about this.
  6. Advanced Editor

    As @krlenjushka said, but also you don't even need another file. Just open up a new Nations Rules for a country and convert it to Advanced Rules, and have a look at the setup. It's not easy but it's quite satisfying when you get a complicated setup to work!
  7. FMUpdates FM2018 EPL Fixtures

    I don't plan on releasing any further fixtures.
  8. FMUpdates FM2018 EPL Fixtures

    Thanks for the comment, since Steam Workshop has been an option we solely use it for releases. There will not be a direct download.
  9. FMUpdates FM2018 EPL Fixtures To celebrate the launch of ‪#‎FM18‬, we have released the original fixtures for the English Premier League. Download now on Steam Workshop! This file contains the original fixtures prior to being rescheduled by Sky and BT, therefore you may notice different games are rescheduled for TV in Football Manager 2018 than in real life.
  10. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    Thanks for this, when you get a RL USA expansion up and running it is always very high quality, can't wait to give this a crack and a test.
  11. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    We have decided that due to work and family commitments we'll be unable to release EEE in a state we would be happy with for the foreseeable future. We'll be back when we're ready to bring it out. Thanks for your patience and understanding, this wasn't an easy decision to make but it was the right one in our opinion. In the meantime, there are plenty of other releases out by now which you can use to enjoy Football Manager with instead of EEE.
  12. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    I would like to make a distinction here. For us, this project is the result of years of work and has our ideals implemented. We're not in this to rush out a release as fast as possible with EEE, we're in this to build a big database full of detail that we are proud of - this is probably more the case than getting extra playable leagues and cups, but we put those in because we don't want a riot. There comes a stage however that due to the amount of work this project contains, it is difficult to maintain. We're finding ways to get around this by getting the work done using tools like Excel, which has actually resulted in the project containing much more than is normally capable by doing the work manually in the editor - such amount of work would lead to insanity. We're no longer geared towards fast releases, which in one way is a shame, and in another way means that you will get much more for your patience. We're also limited with the amount of time we can offer towards the project as we are both incredibly busy people. Nothing has been rescheduled, it is still a case of being worked on and it will be a while yet before release.
  13. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    While we will be doing research at this level, we have no more plans to extend EEE any further. Football Manager is not designed to be played at a lower level than this.
  14. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded

    Hello everyone, we set up this thread super early once we knew we were going to be able to work on the FM17 version of EEE. Some of you may have been disappointed with the quality of last years release. For our standards, Level 9 was always going to be a tough nut to crack and while I am happy that we managed to release it, my heart wasn't 100% in it anymore. The reason for this is that I had long decided that version 9 would have Level 9, and that version would be my last major contribution for EEE at FMUpdates. With this said, we have finally got the setup that can take FMUpdates and EEE forward to the next level with our small Discord Community, which has helped us reach out to others and for those people to help out with researching the file and testing our releases. The EEE project will continue with Daniel @jWaSiMhE as the Project Lead, and I will still be involved in helping out with certain parts of the project going forward. Aaron @uncle ron trusted me when handing over the project to me over 4-5 years ago, and having worked with Daniel over most of those years I am confident that EEE is in the best of hands. It's thanks to Daniel that the level of detail in this project is what it is.
  15. Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    It's okay, you can still use those results in Excel if you were to do it that way. It's just a case of learning a few new formulas to manipulate the data. With regards to the scripts, like I mentioned earlier it would be great to have a tutorial on this much like what I have done in the OP of this thread. I may take some time this weekend to teach myself and see if I can become comfortable in it to help others.