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  1. This is not true. The dates are correct in the file. So the changes are being made in game.
  2. Actually this is correct. There is always a game played on Boxing Day, which would fall/be observed on the 28th of December 2020 as the 26th is a Saturday. This last happened in 2009 - see https://footballdatabase.com/league-scores/england-premier-league-2009-10/3 and https://footballdatabase.com/league-scores/england-premier-league-2009-10/4 for proof (some games were moved to the 27th and 29th rather than 26th and 28th).
  3. Again I am making my point regarding the split not being correct in game. You guys have the split in games scheduled at the start of the season, and this is not the case in real life. The split is scheduled when the February broadcast picks are made. Therefore, the game should not be scheduling any games for the 15th of February until December, at which point it should choose 5 matches to be moved from the 8th to the 15th. PROOF: https://www.premierleague.com/news/1241248 - note the part that states the following: The split of the matches will be decided when the UK broadcast picks for the month of February 2020 are announced. The approximate date for this announcement is 13 December 2019. The image above shows the actual Premier League listed fixtures for the 8th of February over at https://www.premierleague.com/fixtures. Could you please finally acknowledge this as an issue?
  4. But even without the file, the split is not simulated as it is IRL. If you were to take a look at the Premier League fixtures for the 8th of February right now, you will see that there are 10 games scheduled for it. They are only split when the broadcast picks are made for the month of February, which is yet to happen. Therefore these should not be split at the start of the season, and should be moved much like games are moved for broadcast picks. I hope that I have made my point clearer this time.
  5. This is correct. Normally, 4 teams are relegated from League One and Two from League Two. This is due to Bury's expulsion from the EFL and is required to ensure that there are 24 teams in the Championship, League One and League Two in 2020-21.
  6. Sadly I didn't pick up FM2019 and haven't been active in the community for a while, so I felt that I was not in a position to help. This link should be a great help to you. With that said, I did these fixtures solely in the FM2018 Editor. I would not recommend the same process with lower leagues as you'd have to do it several times just for tier 8/step 4. It is far better and a time saver to manipulate your data instead.
  7. It appears that the first midweek December fixtures do not all get televised as they should, and both matchdays are not fully televised in subsequent seasons on the same game file as above which should not be the case as this is a 3 year deal.
  8. That depends entirely on two things, the state of the game and the FM Editor, and our sanity. We haven't done EEE since FM2016, so there would be a tremendous amount of work to do. Don't get me wrong though, I'd love to do a lower league expansion
  9. FMUpdates FM2020 EPL Fixtures To celebrate the launch of the ‪‎Football Manager 2020 beta‬, we at FMUpdates have released the original fixtures for the English Premier League. Download below! This file contains the original fixtures prior to being rescheduled by Amazon, Sky and BT and prior to the mid-season player break*, therefore you may notice different games are rescheduled for broadcast picks in Football Manager 2020 than in real life. INSTRUCTIONS Save the xml file in 'Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data' or equivalent folder. *Football Manager 2020 is programmed to schedule the mid-season player break at the start of the season. As the fixtures specify a whole weekend to be played and is rescheduled in real life when the February broadcast picks are made, the fixtures do not split as intended. This has been reported to Sports Interactive. FMUpdates EPL Fixtures 2019-20.xml
  10. There appears to be an issue with the Premier League fixtures. I have a file that enables real-life fixtures. Currently, the mid-season player break isn't properly scheduled until the February broadcast picks are made. That means all matches are currently scheduled for the 8th of February. Once the matches are selected for live TV, the league will select 5 matches to be played on the weekend of the 15th of February. In game, this is scheduled at the beginning of the season, which is incorrect. As my file uses real fixtures, the game doesn't reschedule them as per the mid-season player break. Besides, the game should only really be rescheduling these around December. I've attached my save game which uses the real fixtures. In it, you can see that one match was played on the 15th of February, but the remaining 9 were played on the 8th of February as the game doesn't reschedule these along with the broadcast picks. EDIT: In addition, the December midweek games are not all televised as they are in real life on Amazon Prime. The Boxing Day matches do get televised, so this is correct. I am checking to see if this only occurs due to real fixtures being used. G-SAV-002.fm
  11. Sadly, it's just not possible or feasible to recreate in the current version. The way you would get this done is to make use of the currently existing continental rules and the rules for the Europa League to get the teams. Sadly, these are either hardcoded or not entirely softcoded with FM18. In fact, this hasn't been possible since the competition editor was made available despite requests in the past by then prominent editors in the community. You could recreate the entire continental system but you'd lose coefficients and it would be an incredibly tedious task and likely resulting in a poorer gameplay experience. You could also use one of the options in the Advanced Rules to replace the rules built into the game but keep the rules that you don't change, however you would have to build the Continental file by scratch which would likely take hundreds of hours of trial and error with no guarantee of success whatsoever. It's why requests were made to include the file in the game so you had a base to start on. There was a request in an editor wishlist which is "The ability to make "qualification system" with working coefficients for new added competitions. I know coefficients system is hardcoded but im sure this can be done. Now we can change Champions and Europa league but we cant add more than 54 nations or change qualification system." So maybe this may be possible with FM19 or FM20.
  12. If it still works, you can use the editor to change their nation (which should be blank) then convert that nation to Advanced Rules. It should bring up the rules along with the rest of that nation's rules (this used to work, not sure if it still does).
  13. This file is where all the soft coded competition rules are stored. It is possible to extract the individual files from this but they are encrypted, so it is pointless. The information is generally available anyway when you use the Advanced Rules in the editor.
  14. @forzali Perhaps you mean IRL that's how the Turkish League works? If that's the case, then the rules in the game for sorting teams need to have this included because right now it is not. It is only recognising the result as W, D or L, and you both have 3 points each. That means if they won the 3 remaining games and you lost all yours and they had better GD than you then they would win the league.
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