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    Project co-lead of EEE project which is currently on hiatus, I also research local non-league clubs and leagues for SI.

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  1. @majesticeternityWith regards to British Media & Journalists data I will be in touch with you shortly. I may be of assistance.
  2. Mike "Four-****ing-Two" Bassett has come out of retirement for one last go on the management merry-go-round. Coming to your stricken managerless club very soon! Just a bit of fun. Simple file which adds Mike Bassett and his assistant manager Dave "Doddsy" Dodds to the FM21 database. I've meticulously added as much detail from the film, TV series and failed reboot as I possibly can. Hope you can spot all the "easter egg" style content! STEAM WORKSHOP LINK
  3. Cheers. Will hold off for a bit then. Still forming an opinion on where to start but know I need to start my journeyman career earlier this FM as I always start it after the final major patch and then don't get enough time before being tempted by the shiny new FM release as I tend to play it in spurts.
  4. My thinking is based around realistic expectations for some random bloke getting a chance to be involved in the coaching/management setup at these clubs plus also the natural level where if you go any lower the game can't really simulate the level of football very well on the 0-200 CA system. (the parallel in England is the 9th tier/maybe 10th tier - or English County Leagues are they are called on the FM db)
  5. @Rainbowz I always like to start low down in countries avoiding England as one day I have an epic save planned once I get my editing head kicked into gear again.. but I digress... I'm thinking of playing in Wales lower leagues for FM21 but probably won't need to go down as low as level 10, just a level or two below the vanilla FM which is already quite a low standard in terms of CA/PA of the players etc. What level would you suggest to start from and how far are you away from a working file for that level?
  6. Just my two cents but a 14 team PL with the split seems the best way. Whether that works for a bottom level league in the editor im not sure.
  7. This field is to determine the standard of the 3D environments in-game. For Stadia this includes the dressing room, the dugout and press conference facilities. For Training Grounds, this includes the Boardroom or the manager's office.
  8. Yeah. I had a feeling lv13 was a little low when i quickly googled the league. Point is still the same whether they're level 11, 13 or 21 though. We're lucky SI bother with level 10 in any form at all to be honest.
  9. I hate to disappoint, but the Ludlow Town you refer to that are on the database are not the same Ludlow FC. Town went bust 8 years ago and the new Ludlow play far too low to be created for the (official) FM database (nominal level 13 though technically below level 10 there arent any levels in the NLS). Any mods which create the lower levels shouldn't be using extinct clubs as bases for this precise reason re the kits/name etc
  10. SI have always invited people to assist with research but the take-up has barely changed over the years, so there's some disconnect there. As above we would always encourage people to assist SI directly if one is this way inclined to make these kind of releases. Unfortunately though it IS a different thing going to matches on a regular basis and just "watching" a league, region or even club. That's not even considering the league rules, additional resource time etc from SIs point of view I'd imagine. It's probably not going to happen anytime soon (and I don't really think it is required as long as the pre game editor is in a decent state).
  11. The reason SI haven't enabled step 3 and below is nothing to do with licencing. It's purely just a reflection of the availability for data and research at that level. SI struggle to get detailed research via ARs for all the National League clubs and they are very busy with the professional English data understandably. The player movements alone are far too fluid and everchanging also. Saying that though it is actually quite good in places. Far better than where it was 8-10 years ago.
  12. I should also add that I have been personally trying to get more DB coverage for L9 and L10 done as an extension of my research responsibilities for SI. As a few of you noticed, the L10 divisions have been created in the vanilla DB and things like stadiums and clubs in these leagues, histories are getting more accurate/filled in but there is still a long way to go.
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