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  1. All good then. I only asked as I noticed when browsing through your collection that the English L20 file has the following statement and there is already an existing file hosted here on these forums which does a similar thing.
  2. I assume you've got permission to add these to your collection from the alternate authors? Especially as you are still asking for donations?
  3. Mike "Four-****ing-Two" Bassett has come out of retirement for one last go on the management merry-go-round. Coming to your stricken managerless club very soon! Just a bit of fun. Simple file which adds Mike Bassett and his assistant manager Dave "Doddsy" Dodds to the FM20 database. I've meticulously added as much detail from the film, TV series and failed reboot as I possibly can. Hope you can spot all the "easter egg" style content! STEAM WORKSHOP LINK
  4. No problem. @magicmastermind124 last message sums up our thoughts. Just a misunderstanding.
  5. Thank you. That seems to be the best one I've been able to find. @Timo61's one was pretty good too except Regionaliga West completely didn't generate any fixtures for 2019/20.
  6. Hello, These changes you have made. Are they based on RL elements at all or is it just your personal preference. I'm looking for the most accurate and in-depth version of the German structure to start a save in. Thanks
  7. Just in case I'm not being clear... In principle, we've got no problem with anything which can be shared for the community to use. Especially something as generic, simple and portable in many FM saves in this case. I know personally I would like to repurpose all the work we did so it's not just sitting dormant in our project cloud folders. So look out! It's more proper procedure and common courtesy that needs to be adhered to.
  8. I only came across someone posting the "Level 9 and League Cup" files this afternoon on this thread or we would have sooner! A PM would have probably sufficed.... but @magicmastermind124 contacted the mods after I informed him earlier. He made that decision not me although i can see why he did it even if it's caused a more dramatic development/escalation in the thread. Either way, the point still stands that we would like to have control over how the files we created are shared. We've not actively been working on FM modding for several years now due to time constraints and other commitments. Although separately we have both held out wishes to do something again in the future, for example we kept our discord server up and project organisational stuff live in case we ever did come back.
  9. Personally, I know myself that I spent tens of hours creating the shared files and many more like them. Alot of it is a real slog. So its more the principle than anything else. But we do know that no genuine malice was intended on anyone's part. After all, we're both fulfilling the same role by giving something for the community to benefit from. We would rather just wish that the files are kept under the jurisdiction of their owners, especially as we are in the process of announcing the release of some similar data files (which we are happy to co-operate on if you wish )
  10. He merely helped out, wasn't creator/leading on the project etc. So they weren't for sharing without permission.
  11. @Ivs Unfortunately these files were not necessarily available to be shared. These files date from work undertaken several years ago for the EEE (England, Expanded, Enhanced) project. I spent countless hours adding and making these files, so see them randomly pop up is slightly annoying. In an almost unbelievable set of coincidence. Myself and @magicmastermind124 had a chat last week about how we might come out of semi-retirement and start publishing some of our data for the community to use (touched up to include until 2019 of course).
  12. That is how I did it years ago. I've lobbied for a County FA field to be added to the database before.
  13. Germany Regionaliga west isnt scheduling. Have the Argentina issues been fixed now? Can I also request the third tier in Uruguay please? It is the only S. American country not touched by your work.
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