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  1. I wish SI could get the entries for the DFB Pokal correct. Although I understand it's a complex qualification system.
  2. Great new typeface and general look. Despite the naysayers each year this 'game' providers 100s of hours of joy. Long may it continue.
  3. jWaSiMhE

    Map of Clubs

    Or an Europa League midweek trip to the Far Eastern 'Europe'?
  4. Current each tactic has to have it's own set piece takers setup. This is a massive pain to do. While the customisation would be nice to keep if you wanted. Can there not be a toggle to use the same for all three? Or have a main list which can then be modified per tactic? I should that add that this doesn't affect the Penalty takers whichare the same across all three.
  5. Management stats need more fleshing out. Especially win percentages, its the one stat managers can be judged on if they don't win any silverware or bring about other changes at clubs.) Additions like this would be great: (Its Bobby Robson btw). Team Nat From To Record P W L D Win % Fulham January 1968 November 1968 36 6 21 9 16.67 Ipswich Town[51] January 1969 August 1982 709 316 220 173 44.57 England[52] 1982 1990 95 47 18 30 49.47 PSV Eindhoven 1990 1992 76 52 7 17 68.42 Sporting Lisbon 1992 1994 59 34 12 13 57.63 Porto 1994 1996 120 86 11 23 71.67 Barcelona 1996 1997 58 38 8 12 65.52 PSV Eindhoven 1998 1999 38 20 8 10 52.63 Newcastle United September 1999 August 2004 255 119 72 64 46.67 Total 1,446 718 377 351 49.65
  6. It is great to see this is still going.
  7. You aren't. It is only from the start of the save that the game counts these.
  8. Bit of fun this. This small add-on includes Mike Bassett and David Dodds as unattached non-playing staff in the db. Realistic entries and correct histories from the film and short lived TV series have been added. Will post some screenshots up when I get the chance.
  9. Mike "Four-♥♥♥♥ing-Two" Bassett has come out of retirement for one last go on the management merry-go-round. Coming to your stricken managerless club very soon! Steam Workshop Link
  10. If you manipulate the shirt numbers manually and then use this as a template to create all of your tactics this can negate this problem. It would be useful to allow more customisation though.
  11. I remember playing a PS2 game which gave you this option. You were created as a 30 year old with middle of the road stats. I don't how this could translate to FM though.
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