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  1. Meh, I am what I am. I don't mind. Although being perma-banned wouldn't be too bad as I'm finding this site more pointless the older I get. So mods do me a favour if you read this.
  2. I hate hate the fact we lost. I hate the fact it was to Arsenal and their entire ***** little fan base. However, we dominated them for the entire game but just couldn't get that perfect chance or when we did we just didn't finish it. No doubt some Arsenal **** will come wade in here and somehow say they weren't totally non-existent for at least half that game. Embarrassing to watch them cheer every Cech save and celebrate winning the Community Shield like the Champions League they will never win. People claiming our team last year were the worst champions, let's hope this average team doesn't win it. That would be a letdown for the league in general.
  3. They've also got a Petr Cech is Magic chant. He hasn't even played a game yet and even then they talk about winning the cup. Not even ambitious enough to aha league!
  4. The way the media are banging on, I feel like we are the underdogs today. Also we SOLD Cech to Arsenal. They didn't buy him from us and the media also going on about that as though they prized away our starting keeper.
  5. Came into say that I have been impressed with Moses. His strength offers something a bit different on the right and has looked the best for us so far. I do think he's one of those players that plays better with better players around him. If he creates chances here there's more chance someone is going to finish them off.
  6. Played almost 3/4 of a season with Chelsea over 5 days which culminated in me playing too long last Tuesday night and raging deleting after a few bad results. Haven't got as much time to play the game as I used to but still tempted to start again and keep it cool this time! Anyone else's Chelsea save not their first one on this version?
  7. Had a brilliant Chelsea save going until I played one too many games last night, went on a bad run and rage quit. Probably for the better anyway as I don't have enough time to play it as I used to and I always end up playing 4-5 hours straight
  8. Any recommendations on how to play Costa? 2 games in and he hasn't scored (not a lot I know) but hasn't been getting many chances. I did play Swansea away (beat them 3-1) and United at home (2-0) but hoping he can start banging them in. Was hoping not to sign anyone but injuries have forced me to buy Reinhartz for £3.3million. He can cover Matic, a CM spot and can drop into CB if needed and chose him over the more expensive but better potential or Kranvevitter/Carvalho. Also have promoted Christensen, Baker and Boga to the first team. Baker and Boga came on against United and did well but I was already 2-0 up. Might send Christensen on loan with Reinhartz now in though.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I decided on Reinhartz purely because he's the cheaper of the 3 and the other won't get enough game time over Matic. Might think about them both in the future and will probably have to pay more but want to keep as much money as I can to try and get Pogba whenever he decides he wants to come.
  10. Right bare with me guys, got a dilemma here. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: William Carvalho Your Team: Chelsea Buyer/Seller: Sporting Player's Value: £5.5mill Offer: £15million Transfer/Wage Budget: £43M Patch: 15.1.4 Season: 14/15 Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Matias Kranevitter Your Team: Chelsea Buyer/Seller: River Player's Value: £2.1mill Offer: £9million Transfer/Wage Budget: £43M Patch: 15.1.4 Season: 14/15 Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Stefan Reinhartz Your Team: Chelsea Buyer/Seller: Leverkusen Player's Value: £3.2mill Offer: £3.3million Transfer/Wage Budget: £43M Patch: 15.1.4 Season: 14/15 Background: I'm Chelsea in the first season. I didn't really need to buy anyone but Mikel got injured for 8-9 months with a virus so need a defensive midfielder. Now they will be rotation/backup to Matic but all of them can play CM (and 2 CB) so they will be rotated with others. Question is who do I go for? Reinhartz is rated 2 stars by my scouts (maybe 2.5) and he would be good cover for 3 positions. Carvalho is the most expensive also 2 stars but with 3 stars potential (4 black) and can also played in 3 positions. Kravevitter is rated 2 stars but has 3.5 stars (4.5 black). My head tells me Reinhartz as he's the cheapest but the other two offer more potential although I have no real intention of anyone replacing Matic anytime soon. Advice guys?
  11. Didn't go to plan, got a couple of hours into to sorting out all my friendlies, tactics, scouts, coaches etc. Then I realised that a certain national team had completely unplayable players and that unfortunately ruined it for my OCD. Sorted that now but will have to wait until tomorrow morning to start again. I did save a quick screenshot of my tactics/transfers/coaches just so I don't take as long setting up this time.
  12. New patch is here, finally time for me to start FM with Chelsea! Going to go grab myself a coffee and sort out a good session tonight
  13. Steam says it has downloaded two updates for FM and the editor. Doesn't appear to be trying to download anything else?
  14. Is there any reason it only gives me the default database as an option when starting the game and not the option to choose 15.3.0?
  15. Home to Arsenal for Valencia's first CL game of the season and I draw 2-0 after being 2-0. Every single highlights was me except their 2 goals and should have scored 3 or 4 easily. Sporting and Celtic the other teams in the group so hopefully we can still do well.
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