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  1. Started my Chelsea save on Friday and went with no first window budgets so have the same squad. I haven't had the greatest start drawing 1-1 at home to Southampton and 0-0 away to West Brom. Dominated both games and missed loads of chances so hopefully it will click soon! I stupidly set my reputation as professional footballer (regional level) for a bit more of a challenge so you have to win round the players but about 10 of them oppose me and the board aren't happy about that. So I may have done myself over there!
  2. Haven't played much of the game yet but I'm interested in starting my main Chelsea save on the beta. Is there anything glaring (bug wise) etc. that should mean I should wait a couple of weeks until full release?
  3. It would be interesting to be fair but my issue isn't with tactics in general just the finishing. I have many many games where I miss countless chances that are either one-on-ones or easy shots they just miss. Players drag it wide for no reason hit it straight at the keeper or just miss. I would rather not create the chances, than to miss them as the amount they miss is quite silly. It does happen to the opposition as well but I genuinely feel as soon as I see an easy chance, I will 100% miss it. I get the tactical debate but like real life, finishing chances as easy as these shouldn't be anything to do with tactics. The most common text on my commentary is he can't believe he missed it, that's an absolute sitter, he's got his head in his hands etc. The only thing I can possibly think tactically is that I play a high tempo but does that mean the players even rush their shooting and finishing? It shouldn't.
  4. Enjoying the game as a whole but going to take a break for a while in the nope of new match engine patch. I'm having way too many results where I'm not being outplayed but my players are missing ridiculously easy chances, one-on-ones etc. I understand they can't score them all but ultimately it's not realistic to miss THAT many chances of such ease.
  5. Tried searching for another thread about this but couldn't see one. I signed Latauro Martinez in my 2nd season as Chelsea and one of the promises I made him was that I would improve thw squad (specificallhy attackers). I don't know why I didn't just try and remove this but I didn't want to risk him leaving the initial talks. I was already in talks with Sancho so I thought it would be a nice win-win as he'd be happy I'd signed him. It turned out that Sancho signed before Martinez did, even after I delayed Sancho's transfer for a week. I delayed it as I was worried Martinez might not realise it's a new signing if they were already there when he's got there. It seems as thought this has happened as Martinez currently has a negative bit in his happiness saying he hopes the squad will be improved soon. I've signed Chilwell as well but this hasn't imrpoved it. Has anyone had this happen to them? Maybe he just doesn't think it's strengthened enough as it would be silly if he doesn't realise a player signed before him but in the same transfer window still counts! Also anyone have any experience of how upset he will get if I don't improve the squad any further?
  6. First two signings have been made for me in my second season, Sancho and Martinez. That's my wingers and strikers sorted for quite a while. I obviously paid a lot for Sancho and Martinez I upped his wage after agreeing 250k (to 275k) as Liverpool came in for him and I couldn't let them have him! I did sign Willian to an extra year only to try and get a fee for him and will then get another right winger. Undecided on who yet. Don't know how some of you got such great fees for Barkley! I've had to accept £13.25mill from Bournemouth and still pay him 16k a week. Did manage to sell Alonso to Arsenal for 50mill though. Trying to get Chilwell but is he worth £65mill that they want? 2nd choice is Digne for about £25mill. Maatsen is developing nicely for me as a backup. Connor Gallagher also had a great season at Charlton so is taking Barkley's place! Also want to fit Ampadu in as he looks great so might need to sell a CB. Rudiger is my best on paper but I would prob take a big fee from Barca who are sniffing around.
  7. I was quite surprised to see that there was no Brexit in my game either!
  8. No mine was rejected and we also didn't leave the EU! Have finished my first season with Chelsea. Will try post screenshots later if I can! It was a strange season. I started off with a few straight wins and then hit some bad results around September/October. I had a generally good results between November and April which left me 4th, 9 points clear of United and Spurs with just 7 games left. Then it happened. A draw with West Ham, loss to Atletico in CL 1/4s, draw with Watford, loss to Atletico, loss to Liverpool in FA cup semi, draw with Palace. I then finally manage to bear Sheffield United and I am 3 points clear. With 3 games left, Norwich at home, Liverpool away and Wolves at home. I go into the Norwich game relatively confident and lose 2-0. I then get beat 4-2 at Anfield. United are now 1 point ahead of me with 1 game left. I've been 4th for about 6 months. I play Wolves at home with United away at Leicester who have been okay but nothing special. I'm beating Wolves early and I check the score updates. Jones has been sent off and I'm up to 4th. I don't trust United not to win with 10 men so I keep checking the updates. Nothing for ages. Until the don that is James Maddison scores. I'm still not relaxed even when my game is in to the 94th minute. Another update, Ndidi has scored. The games finish and I've finished 4th. The board were satisfied with what I'd done and a few of the players went from supporting me to having no opinion due to the amount of abuse I gave them in the bad stretch! Tammy scored 20 goals for the season but didn't score in his last 11! Now time to actually buy some players!
  9. Laporte came back from injury for City in January in my Chelsea save. He was transfer listed because they didn't have a role for him and he went to Spurs for £54million. They signed Armando Izzo to replace him and then also bought Zaha for around £45mill and then Wilson for a ridiculous fee (might have been 92mill but I will check). Seem they want to get homegrown quota up and don't negotiate well 😂
  10. Steam says it has downloaded two updates for FM and the editor. Doesn't appear to be trying to download anything else?
  11. Is there any reason it only gives me the default database as an option when starting the game and not the option to choose 15.3.0?
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