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Hednesford Town F.C.

Season 1 - 2010/2011 - Blue Square North

Preseason / Media Prediction: 18th / 1st report


Newly promoted semi-pro club from Hednesford is my first shot at this challenge. The club is often called 'Pitmen' and their trophy cabinet is almost empty. Althrough they were founded in 1880, last title (only one) was won back in 1995 (Zamaretto League Premier) and they were 3rd only a year after that in Blue Square Premier.

Our home matches are played on Keys Park, Hednesford. Our stadium can take up to 6500 people and its capacity is a positive thing in this league as other stadiums' can take around 4000 supporters.

The media are predicting low 18th place (from 22 clubs, 20-22 are relegated), I believe we can do better and I'm going to try to be in top half. For that, I got Ł4500 per week for wages (at start, the club was spending around Ł1000 p/w) so I can attract some better players who can rise up to the challenge.

Transfer-update tommorow :)

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Dartford - Barclays Premier League - 2037/38

This was going to be a tough season and another one of transition. I predict I will need at least three more years (this included) before we're winning the Premier League & Champions League again.

League Table

League Table Graph

This season started off with a ridiculous amount of lengthy key injuries, included one for top striker Conor Buchanan which put him out until March. The younger ones did what they could but most of the season we spent in mid-table obscurity. The results against the top sides weren't bad surprisingly but our form was not good until it reached March or so. Buchanan returned and him alongside Marko Grgic really transformed our side into one that was going places. It's amazing what a bit of extra fire power can do for overall team performances.

We ended up clinching third place which was a success believe it or not and I think I should be confident enough I can win the title again within the next two years.

Towards the end of the season it became apparent a change of chairman was around the corner. Eventually it came through and the new guy added £100million to the funds. He had the cheek to suggest he was going to change manager but eventually let me stay - ungrateful git! ;)

Carling Cup A good run which got us to the final against Liverpool. It wasn't our day as we had two men sent off and that pretty much ended our comeback.

FA Cup A decent run which ended when we met Premier League and FA Cup winners to be, Man City.

UEFA Champions League Considering how we struggled in the league, the CL seemed to be a doddle! We cruised through to the knockout stages where we put out Juventus in the quarters and Inter in the semis. We had a few key injuries to the midfield come the final against Atletico Madrid and on the day, we suffered in the last few minutes.

Squad Looking good for the future but we still need the experience of the older ones.

Transfers Jan Karg moved on Man City for £20million purely because I felt to keep the transition going I would need to move on somebody in the midfield to let a few young ones get games.

Finances Looking very prosperous now but still no word on a new stadium :(

Key Players This Season

Marko Grgic Broke his own record for goals scored in a season, picked up the Premier League golden boot, picked up the FWA Footballer of the Year award and picked up the European Golden Boot. Decent enough :)

James Day A young lad who come through well this season and popped up with a few goals in times of need, including in the CL Final even though it was a consolation come the final whistle.

Conor Buchanan Being out until March, he played his heart out for the final few months and deserves a mention for the amount of goals he scored in a short space of time.

Cemil Dilmen Great performances in the CL. Missed the final which I contribute to our lack of invention on the night.



After winning the Confederations Cup I expected us to kick on - the international management curse is still well with me.

For starters we only managed to come runners up in our World Cup qualifiers group.

We then drew my own home country and incredibly we became another famous upset for the green and white army.

It is taking the **** now how much I suck at International Management. I might just give it up until I win the Premier League with the youngsters.


Club Career Overview

Season    League                   Position    Achievements

2010/11   Blue Square South        4th         Promoted Via Play-Offs
2011/12   Blue Square Premier      5th         Defeated in Play-Off Semi-Final
2012/13   Blue Square Premier      1st         Promoted as Champions
2013/14   Coca Cola League Two     10th        n/a 
2014/15   Coca Cola League Two     2nd         Promoted
2015/16   Coca Cola League One     6th         Defeated in Play-Off Semi-Final
2016/17   Coca Cola League One     9th         n/a
2017/18   Coca Cola League One     1st         Promoted as Champions
2018/19   Coca Cola Championship   13th        n/a
2019/20   Coca Cola Championship   3rd         Promoted Via Play-Offs
2020/21   Barclays Premier League  8th         n/a
2021/22   Barclays Premier League  10th        Qualified for Europa League via Fair Play League
2022/23   Barclays Premier League  16th        n/a
2023/24   Barclays Premier League  15th        n/a
2024/25   Barclays Premier League  5th         Carling Cup Winners, FA Cup finalists, Qualified for Europa League
2025/26   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League Winners, Europa League Winners, Qualified for the Champions League
2026/27   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League Winners, FA Cup Winners, Champions League Winners, Super Cup Winners

[i]Challenge Complete[/i]

2027/28   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, FA Cup Winners, CWC Winners, CL Winners
2028/29   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, CWC Winners
2029/30   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, FA Cup Winners
2030/31   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, FA Cup finalists
2031/32   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, FA Cup Winners, CL finalists
2032/33   Barclays Premier League  2nd         PL runners up, Carling Cup Finalists, FA Cup Winners
2033/34   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, Carling Cup Winners, CL Winners
2034/35   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL Winners, FA Cup Finalists, CWC Winners, CL Winners
2035/36   Barclays Premier League  2nd         Carling Cup Winners, FA Cup Winners, CWC Winners
2036/37   Barclays Premier League  2nd         n/a
2037/38   Barclays Premier League  3rd         Carling Cup Finalists, CL Finalists

International Career Overview

Season    Nation                   Achievements
[b]Hired by Brazil[/b]

2027/28   Brazil                   N/A
2028/29   Brazil                   Qualified for the 2030 World Cup

[b]Sacked by Brazil[/b]

[b]Hired by Italy[/b]

2030/31   Italy                    N/A
Resigned from Italy[/b]

[b]Hired by Holland[/b]

2032/33   Holland                  Semi-Finalists in Confederations Cup
Resigned from Holland[/b]

[b]Hired by Spain[/b]

2034/35   Spain                    N/A

2035/36   Spain                    Lost out to Portugal in the Euro play-offs

[b]Resigned from Spain[/b]

[b]Hired by Italy (again)[/b]

2035/36   Italy                    Upon quickly realising the Italy squad is worse than when I managed it before I decided to not bother

[b]Resigned from Italy (again)[/b]

[b]Hired by Russia[/b]

2037      Russia                   Winners of the Confederations Cup
                                  Runner up in World Cup Qualifying Group/Lost Play-Off

[b]Resigned from Russia[/b]

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--NOTE: This season was completed months ago but I haven't had time to write up or to continue with the challenge. I am not a season and a half ahead of thsi so I wanted to write up the last 2 seasons. Screenshots are lacking so apologies for that!--

alig4321 - AFC Hornchurch - 2011/2012

My second season in charge was going to be of learning from my mistakes in the first season and hopefully pushing on to win more games than I lost. Maybe I could sneak a playoff place and gain some valuable experience but I won't be expecting promotion.

Media Prediction - 16th

League Table

League Graph


The season went pretty well and improvced as I went. Throughout the season I managed to ride Kisuka ll the way into the playoffs and then through them and into the BSP.

Playoff Semi Final - Leg 1

Playoff Semi Final - Leg 2

Playoff Final

Season        Division                           Position           Achievements
2010/11       Blue Square South                  14th            
2011/12       Blue Square South                  3rd                Promoted via Playoffs

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alig4321 - AFC Hornchurch - 2012/2013

After the previous joyous season of promotion, I just wanted to consolidate and try to stay in the BSP so my reputation could rise and I would be able to attract the next level of player. However, this season was going to be anything but consolidation.

Media Prediction - 24th

As you can see from the table and graph below, Hereford had the league sewn up with 15 games to play. They were over 20 points clear at one stage! Somehow I went on a streak of 27 games unbeaten from 9th January through to 11th May and I climbed the table. It culminated in a final day win at York and Hereford could only draw at home to Shrewsbury meaning we had pipped them on the last day. I was happy to see they won the playoffs and joined me in League Two as they deserved to!

The upturn in form was largely due to a few new players brought in mid season.

Roberto Platero banged goals in for fun finishing 2nd top scorer with 30 having played just 27 league games.

Yassine Naciri became the creative genius I needed to sit in the hole.

Steven Smith and then Nathan Porritt were loan stars for 3 months each from my parent club, Crystal Palace. They both banged goals in alongside Platero.

League Table



Season        Division                          Position           Achievements
2010/11       Blue Square South                  14th            
2011/12       Blue Square South                  3rd                Promoted via Playoffs
2012/13       Blue Square Premier                1st                Promoted

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After a solid mid-table finish last season I hoped to repeat the feat and possibly put on a push for the playoffs if I could bring the right players in to strengthen the team.


The screenshot is missing one key signing Matt Green who signed last season in May after the season had finished but for some reason his transfer has disappeared from both seasons transfer history page. 3 others came in on permanent deals and another 2 on season long loans each one playing an active role for us this season. None of those that left had impressed and so were allowed to leave without much ceremony from the club.

League Table | Graph

A huge 4-1 win in the first game of the season set the tone for this season. Another great defensive record but this time we could score a lot more thanks to the three key strikers Green, Bryan and Orr. Up until the midpoint of the season we we're keeping up with Nuneaton but an indifferent run of form meant they ran away with the league and in the end we squirmed over the finish line for the playoffs as despite going into them unbeaten in 5 we had drew the last 3 to eventually finish 5th on what was a tight run in for a place in the playoffs. This was partly due to losing the three key strikers mentioned due to injury at this crucial part of the season.

Playoff Semi Leg 1 | Leg 2

We faced Corby in the semi-final, and our head to head record in the league the past two seasons was 2 wins a piece, interestingly neither team managing to win at home. Richard Orr returned from injury just in time to be the hero of the semi-final for us as we managed to head through to the final with wins in both legs.

Playoff Final

Wealdstone awaited us in the final, recently moved from the BSS they had the upper-hand in the league after we had lost once and drawn the other against them. An early goal for them meant we went into the break behind and having not looked very impressive. We came out all guns blazing in the second half but nobody could make the breakthrough and become the hero we needed, cue our captain Jamie Baker the 32-year old scoring his 4th and 5th goals of the season late on to lead the team to the Blue Square Premier!

FA Cup

A better draw meant we progressed two round for some nice financial boosts but once more we drew Chelmsford, now in the BSP, away and although we looked better than before we rarely troubled to cause an upset.

FA Trophy

An away trip to BSS side St.Albans looked a tricky tie but an early Stanley goal and a solid defensive display meant we moved on to face BSP side Barrow, who we beat twice in the league last season even though they went up via the playoffs, but we lost this close battle.

Key Players:

Craig Stanley - The ex-Morecambe man had an amazing season, being far to good for this league. He added that spark in the centre of midfield which was missing last season.

Matt Green - The pacy striker had a great season scoring 18 goals in just 31 games with injury restricting his appearance total.

Anton Bryan - Less goals than last season but his teamwork with both Orr and Green depending on who he was playing with lead to some more impressive performances on the whole.

Richard Orr - Forced his way into the first team after starting as a substitute taking his chances when either Green or Bryan were out injured. His goals and assist tally speaks for itself.

Next Season:

Survive. Pure and simply. I don't plan on a huge squad overhaul, I'm just hoping to bring in some players in a few key areas plus a few more for added squad depth. That could all change though if things get desperate as the season progresses of course.

Career Overview:

[b]Season | League | Position | Achievements[/b]
2010/11 | Blue Square North | 12th | -
2011/12 | Blue Square North | 5th | Promoted via Playoffs

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GreyedOutMan and jordanswinburn, thanks. ;) It's keep it simple for me.

AliG, congrats on two promotions in a row.

LCFC, also congrats. I posted in your carrer update topic already. :)

Unfortunately, I'll have to quote myself.

Guys, I'm sorry for going into OT, but I wanted to ask someone to simulate a save so I can play by the rules. I hope it's not a problem (not for you guys with dual/quad core processors, but a problem for me with a single-core one) as it lasts around an hour. On my PC, it lasts at least 3-4 hours. Just the time needed for me to lose my inspiration.

So, small db, everything by the rules. Simulate 'till June 24th and I'll be thankful. :)

Thanks and sorry once more.

It's a shame I have to restart my challenge with Hednesford (after 7 matches, I'm 9th) but it is too damn slow. After a match, x leagues simulate their matches and I can camp in front of my computer waiting for the processing to finish...

Patch: 10.3.0

Leagus loaded: England (to Blue Square N/S)

EDT Files: NONE please, it loades more players and slows the game (or does it?)

Game start date: July 2009 (simulate until June 24th)

Database size: Small

Aprox. player count: ~10000

Tick: Use real players, Use real fixtures when available, Allow transfer budgets and Enable Player Attribute masking

Untick: Add key staff

Basically, it should look like THIS, only DB size should be small. On my PC, this runs 'on' 3 stars, and this on 0,5 stars...

If anyone has some free time... Thanks.

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Boston united season 23 2032/33

League Table, Position Graph final position - 1st - 3 in a row.

After having a bad start to the season we finally managed to hit the top spot and stay there. We had the title wrapped up with 3 games to go.


Community Shield

Beat Arsenal in the shield to record our 3rd straight Community Shield.

FA Cup

The cup final run saw us face Liverpool in the final. A tight final where one of the Red's players was sent off saw us run out 2-1 winners.

League Cup

Three in a row here now.

Champions League

After a fairly straight forward draw in for the group stage which saw us come up against Real Madrid for the first time in the clubs history we had a fairly difficult route through the knockout stages facing A.C Milan, Liverpool and Olympique De Marseille. Having brushed the three of them aside we came up against Real again. After splitting the ties in the group stages 1 win apiece this was the rubber match. A tight fought game saw us edge out our illustrious Spanish opponents 2-1 to record the first ever Champions League win at our 3rd attempt.


Two big money transfers in here with us signing young Itallian left back Roberto Catalano for £12.5 million from Juventus and Paying over £19 million for Terry Campbell from Portsmouth.

Star Player

The star player this year has been James Farrell

Farrell who has been subject to the advances of Juventus has once again proved his worth to the club. He was awarded the CL best Player and also a place in the CL Dream Team along with Antonis Labakis.

Key Players

Roberto Catalano Catalano has basically taken over in the Left back slot from Iain Mackay although they do tend to share playing time. This guy has lots to give at the age of 19.

Raul Goikoetxea

Roberto Allevi My first choice keeper for almost 10 years has been great again this season

Terry Campbell Campbell slotted straight into the side with my other strikers. Honestly I didn't think he'd be a starter but with injuries to a couple of the strikers I had to play him and what a decision it turned out to be with him taking the clubs top scorer slot this year.


Other News

In other news I got the Manager of the year award and Catalano got the Premier League Young Player of the Year award.

I have also taken the Brazillian National job and hope to qualify for the World Cup.

best 11

New inductee's into Best 11

James Farrell

Season           League              Final Position               Achievments
2010/11       Blue Square North          7th                         none
2011/12       Blue Square North          2nd                       Promoted Via Playoffs
2012/13       Blue Square Premier        15th                        none  
2013/14       Blue Square Premier        20th                        none
2014/15       Blue Square Premier        12th                        none
2015/16       Blue Square Premier        3rd                       Lost in Playoff Final   
2016/17       Blue Square Premier        1st                       Automatic Promotion, FA Trophy
2017/18       Coca Cola League 2         2nd                       Automatic Promtion
2018/19       Coca Cola League 1         21st                      Relegated to League 2
2019/20       Coca Cola League 2         4th                       Lost in Playoff Final
2020/21       Coca Cola League 2         4th                       Promoted via Playoffs
2021/22       Coca Cola League 1         9th                         none
2022/23       Coca Cola League 1         11th                        none
2023/24       Coca Cola League 1         1st                       League 1 Champions
2024/25       Coca Cola Championship     11th                        none
2025/26       Coca Cola Championship     14th                        none
2026/27       Coca Cola Championship     5th                      Lost in Playoff Semi Finals
2027/28       Coca Cola Championship     1st                      Championship Champions 
2028/29       Premier League             7th                      Qualified for the Europa League
2029/30       Premier League             2nd                      Qualified for the Champions League
2030/31       Premier League             1st                      Premier League and Carling Cup Winners
2031/32       Premier League             1st                      Premier League and Carling Cup Winners
2032/33       Premier League             1st                      PL, CL, Carling Cup and FA Cup Winners

Other Winners

Premier League - Boston Utd

FA Cup - Boston Utd

Carling Cup - Boston Utd

Champions League - Boston Utd

Europa League - FC Bayern

So a famous Quadruple for the Pilgrims there. it was a tough seaosn with games against some of the top european sides and also at least 4 games against both Liverpool and Arsenal.

Aims for next season

Keep hold of as many titles as possible.

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Congrats Almondo! All that hard work finally paid off!

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Just as matter of interest how many feeder clubs do people have, i've just managed to get 2 in just over a month bringing my total up to 13, none of which are a commercial link.

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I have 3. 2 for Work permit purposes and Tamworth for youth players to get experience.

Tamworth - what division are they in?

My better young players are refusing to go to huddersfield on loan now and they are in the championship and only the very worst will go to Billericay in League 2.

I have 3 wp clubs, 3 english clubs (the 2 above and championship stoke) and various others from around the world.

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Congrats everyone :D

I've been giving the challenge a go. Was going to post some updates but a crash wiped all my screenshots. I'd backed up my game in a fit of paranoia though so I've been able to continue playing at least.

I was wondering if anyone had any stadia/finance advice?

I've gotten Retford promoted to L1, and survived the first season there, but mid way through my second season in L1 and things are looking grim. I'm around 200k in the red, have no transfer budget (well technically I had £8!) and my small wage budget is maxed out. I'm getting sell outs almost every match. And if I don't sell out I get at least 1900, which out of a max of 2000 isn't bad. It's not enough to bring money in though.

I can't get planning permission, ever apparently, so it looks like I'm stuck with the stadium as it is until the board splash out or I somehow make some money. Any words of wisdom or should I look brace myself for financial ruin and relegation in the coming season?

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Methyr Tydfil Premiership 2033/34



FA Cup - Winners

League Cup - 3rd Rd

Cl - 1st Knockout Rd

World Club Championship - Runners Up

After last seasons poor league effort i was looking to get back into title contention, however morale was so poor i was fighting relegation instead. I agreed to sel De La Fuente at the end of Nov and my league form picked up winning 18 of 25 games with only 3 losses to reach 4th place. A last day loss to Newcastle cost my CL football for next season.

In the Cups i progressed to the final only facing 1 prem club in Man City, in the final i faced championship West Ham winning 2-1.

In the league cup i lost 2-1 to Aston Villa.

I lost on penalties to Sao Paolo in the WCC in the final.

In the CL i faced Bayern Munich and after a 0-0 first leg the tie went into extra time with no goals before Bayern got their revenge for last seasons final loss. Sergio and Francisco were badly missed.

My finances are in a poor state with only 10 million in the bank by the end of the season, the chairman has loaned the club 37 million to improve things. Most of the problems are caused by the 26000 stadium which i am filling so this news was good. Its not as big as i was hoping but i may be able to expand it and the debt won't be too big.


This season was about moving some young players on and bringing in others.

The only exceptions to this were De La Fuente (history) leaving and Bianchi (history) being let go. My midfield is crowded with so many players so Vara and Donoso were sold.

Meira was never near the first team nor was Stein. Stein was bought for 5k and became an u19 player before being sold after 4 years for 2 million :D.

I had high hopes for Mettlen when i bought him but he never quite progressed.

Coming in were 2 players who surprised me, Williams had only just come into Bristol City's U18 team and i signed him as he was on a youth contract. He made a lot of appearances as my backup right midfielder and did well. Robertson was signed 18 months ago for 110k in order to make some money on and was rated at decent championship standard and good prem potential. When he came in dec he was good prem standard and leading prem potential, by the end of the season he had played a few games and was leading prem standard.


A lot of the players have good ratings due to their exceptional form after xmas. Hadland and Hernandez were an exception to this and are likely to be leaving.

As usual Aslan was a class act all season.

Up front Sergio and Marini formed a deadly partnership, Marini became a wonderkid.

Star Player - could have Aslan for the 3rd year running but with such a great goal haul Sergio just edges it.

Career so far:

Season    League                       Position    Achievements

2010/11   Blue Square South             3rd         Promoted via playoffs
2011/12   Blue Square Premier           9th         None
2012/13   Blue Square Premier           2nd         Promoted via playoffs
2013/14   League 2                      15th        None  
2014/15   League 2                      13th        JPT Winners
2015/16   League 2                      5th         Promoted via playoffs
2016/17   League 1                      13th        None
2017/18   League 1                      14th        None
2018/19   League 1                      12th        None
2019/20   League 1                      15th        None
2020/21   League 1                      14th        None
2021/22   League 1                      1st         JPT Winners,Champions
2022/23   Championship                  16th        None
2023/24   Championship                  8th         None
2024/25   Championship                  10th        None
2025/26   Championship                  6th         Playoff semi-finalists
2026/27   Championship                  6th         Promoted via Playoffs
2027/28   Premiership                   15th        None
2028/29   Premiership                   14th        FA Cup Winners
2029/30   Premiership                   12th        None
2030/31   Premiership                   4th         None
2031/32   Premiership                   1st         Premiership Winners
2032/33   Premiership                   10th        CL Winners

----------------------------Challenge Complete--------------------------------------------

2033/34   Premiership                   5th         FA Cup Winners

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Tooting & Mitcham United FC - Barclays Premier League - 2045/46

With the title won last year with the all-T&M squad, the Champions League was our aim this year.

League Table

League Positions Graph

Things were pretty straightforward as we almost led from start to finish.

Community Shield - a goal from the new boy got our season off to a great start.

Carling Cup - a mixed team was put out and they lost in their first match.

FA Cup - the highlight of the run was the comeback against Burnley, but we went on to win the cup with a penalty win over Manchester United.

UEFA Champions League - the group stage was easy enough, but our first two games in the knockout rounds were far from that. The semi final was a bit of a relief but the final did not go to plan.

Squad - we are still weak on the wings but with strength everywhere else this team is capable of winning the big one, one day.

Key Player Profiles:

Paul Moran - he was our top scorer but I'm sure there is more to come from him.

Andy Greenhouse - goals from midefield is something we have lacked in recent years, he already looks like an important player for us.

Billy Brazil - I'm still not convinced whether to play him AMC or ST, but he's looking decent in both.

George Fry - solid at the back.

Stuart Talbot - the second striker had a decent season.

Career Overview

Season    League                   Position    Achievements
2010/11   Blue Square South        5th         Promoted via playoffs
2011/12   Blue Square Premier      8th
2012/13   Blue Square Premier      2nd         Promoted via playoffs, FA Trophy finalists
2013/14   Coca-Cola League 2       6th         Lost in playoff final
2014/15   Coca-Cola League 2       1st         Promoted as champions
2015/16   Coca-Cola League 1       4th         Promoted via playoffs, JPT finalists
2016/17   Coca-Cola Championship   9th
2017/18   Coca-Cola Championship   6th         Lost in playoff semi
2018/19   Coca-Cola Championship   4th         Promoted via playoffs
2019/20   Barclays Premier League  16th        
2020/21   Barclays Premier League  11th
2021/22   Barclays Premier League  3rd         FA Cup finalists
2022/23   Barclays Premier League  7th         Carling Cup finalists, FA Cup winners
2023/24   Barclays Premier League  3rd
2024/25   Barclays Premier League  5th         Champions League finalists
2025/26   Barclays Premier League  3rd         Carling Cup finalists
2026/27   Barclays Premier League  2nd
2027/28   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League and Champions League winners
2028/29   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL, CL and CWC winners, Carling Cup finalists
2029/30   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL, CL, CWC, FA Cup and Carling Cup winners
2030/31   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL, CL, CWC, and Carling Cup winners
2031/32   Barclays Premier League  3rd         Club World Cup winners
2032/33   Barclays Premier League  2nd         FA and Carling Cup winners
2033/34   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL, CL and Carling Cup winners
2034/35   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL, CWC FA and Carling Cup winners
2035/36   Barclays Premier League  1st         PL, CL, FA Cup and Carling Cup winners
2036/37   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League and Club World Cup winners
2037/38   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League and Champions League winners
2038/39   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League and Club World Cup winners
2039/40   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League winners and FA Cup finalists
2040/41   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League and Carling Cup winners, Champions league finalists
2041/42   Barclays Premier League  3rd         FA Cup and Champions League winners
2042/43   Barclays Premier League  5th         Club World Cup winners
2043/44   Barclays Premier League  2nd         Carling Cup and Europa League winners
2044/45   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League winners and Carling Cup finalists
2045/46   Barclays Premier League  1st         Premier League and FA Cup winners, Champions League finalists

Next Season

The Champions League is our main aim once again, it was gutting to lose it sfater reaching teh final this year.

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Ouch losing to city like that Daf

Also my Brazillian managerial career got off to a good start. I took over after they were eliminated from the Confederations cup with a game against Senegal to go. We beat Senegal 2-0 and then moved onto a friendly against Holland which was a walkover with us running out 4-0 winners. I will have screenies with my next season update.

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It's a shame I have to restart my challenge with Hednesford (after 7 matches, I'm 9th) but it is too damn slow. After a match, x leagues simulate their matches and I can camp in front of my computer waiting for the processing to finish...

...If anyone has some free time... Thanks.

Croman, I have a present for you :)

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Big thanks, mate ;)

Update tonight.

Again, I owe you one ;)

(I'll probably get a RS premium acc in the following days, should I send you a pm (username / pass) if you're interested?)

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el sid - Canvey Island - 2013/2014

Squad Stats

Media Prediction - 24th

League Table

Loads of new signings, as I looked for that much needed quality in the team to stay in the top half of the Championship. We hit a good run of form in March-April, meaning we sneaked into a playoff spot :thup:


Semifinal First leg

Semifinal Second leg - What a game :eek:


I love playoffs!




League Cup - Lost on penalties to Yeovil in the 1st round

FA Cup - Knocked out by Middlesbrough in the 4th round

Key Players :

Daniel Saez - Absolutely fantastic player, bought for 230k and has some big clubs from Europe chasing him now

Juan Jose Gamboa - Best player in the team and the most expensive purchase by miles. Scored vital goals in the playoffs.

Daniele Colombo - On loan player, and did a good job

Eric Nys - Another player that has many clubs chasing him, very good at the back

Rhys Taylor - Signed on a free from Chelsea, and saved me on more than one occasion, fantastic keeper, although his ratings might not reflect this

Season            Division                   Position                 Achievements
2010/11       Blue Square South                  5th                Promoted via Playoffs
2011/12       Blue Square Premier                1st                Promoted - FA Trophy winners
2012/13       Coco-Cola League 2                 2nd                Promoted
2013/14       Coco-Cola League 1                 6th                Promoted via Playoffs
2014/15       Coco-Cola Championship             5th                Promoted via Playoffs

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My start to League Two and professional football is going well. 8 games in and I'm top with 19 points. 22 goals scored too!

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Season 1 - 2010/2011 - Blue Square North

Preseason / Media Prediction: 21st / 1st report


After an unsuccesful start with Hednesford and jordanswinburn's free time and good will, I'm starting a new season with Farnborough Football Club. Promoted from Southern League Premier, The Boro' players and staff were my first choice. Our home ground is known as Cherrywood Road, based in Farnborough, Hampshire. It has a capacity of 4400 (622 seated).

At first, our best player had most of the technical abilites at max. 2 or 3. Not to mention that the only staff in the club was the chairman, Mr. Keegan and me, the newly appointed manager. The media are predicting relegation and 21st place (22 clubs) and my first thing I will have to adress will be appointing my new assistant manager. After that, it will all be easier. I expect at least ten new faces in a month time.

Our players are not capable of staying in the league at the moment so I will have to bring new players on almost every position. I will keep you posted with the transfers.

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How does my striker score 8 goals in 4 games with an average rating of 9.32 and NOT win player of the month??!!??!!

A centre back with 4 games at 8.13 did!

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No idea,

I'm too lazy to do the updates some of you lot do, so I'll give you all a heads up.

First season in League1 - currently 5th, performing FAR better than I expected, though scoring goals is a big issue. Only got 49 goals in 37 games, but luckily for me I dont concede many and get a fair few 1-0's :)

Achieved my aim of staying up, so I want to try to stay in a playoff spot, but if not thats fine, I need to build a bit more of a creative side. I think sometimes not going up straight away can be of benefit ;)

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FC United of Manchester

Season 9 - 2018/19 - Premier League

Preseason - Media Prediction: 6th

The Special One?


Club Info

This was the big one. After last years success. The pressure was on. Although the media only predicted 6th, and the board 4th. I wanted what the fans wanted. More. Title challenge was the only option low enough for me to consider. I also wanted the League Cup again, and this time the FA Cup. Champions League Knockouts were also on my to do list. The board, once again showing their amazing financial abilities, gave me £45m to spend... when we only had £30m in the bank.

Before all this though, there is something that takes priority at FC United. The Manchester Evening News Cup.

The teams included two Manchester teams, FC United and Man City. And as part of the new customs of the cup, two guest teams. This years guest teams were Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. This is how things went.

FC United v Atletico Madrid | FC United v Man City

Manchester Evening News Cup Results

The preseason tournament didn't end on the high I'd hoped. But now came the important things. First off came our shot at our first real silverware, to some extent anyway, of the season.

Man City v FC United

Community Shield

Premier League

We went into the start of the season on a high. But we were quickly brought back down to earth after a loss to Newcastle. Wins against Everton and Spurs followed, before we crashed to a 4-2 defeat at Old Trafford. Another win followed against Burnley, and then came our first Champions League game to Benfica in the groups. A reality check came when they trashed us 3-1. This defeat hurt. But it seemed to do wonders...

Following the Benfica defeat, we beat Hull 8-0, Middlesbrough 4-0, Birmingham 2-0 and Roma 3-0. This triggered that FC United passion, which we have seen throughout the years. The results just came and came. 6-2 against Liverpool, 3-0 against Man City, 5-3 against Spurs, 6-1 against Boro. The wins came in huge numbers. 5 draws all season, with 6 'blips' all season. This is how it ended.

Premier League Table | Position Chart

League Cup

No matter what. I wanted this again. Losing just wasn't on. Our journey didn't leave the North. We either faced North East teams or North West teams.

League Cup 3rd Round | League Cup 4th Round | League Cup Quarter Final

League Cup Semi Final Leg 1 | League Cup Semi Final Leg 2

League Cup Final

FA Cup

After winning the League Cup again, I wanted the cup that evaded us last year.

FA Cup 3rd Round | FA Cup 4th Round | FA Cup 5th Round

FA Cup Quarter Final | FA Cup Semi Final

FA Cup Final

That win felt good. We beat our most fierce rivals, and the team that knocked us out last year, in the final.

Champions League

Our first year in the Champions League. And I wanted to get to the 1st Round at least. We came in the group stages, and got a group of Benfica, Roma and Panathinaikos.

Group Stages

Benfica v FC United | FC United v Roma | FC United v Panathinaikos

Panathinaikos v FC United | FC United v Benfica | Roma v FC United

Group Table

The groups went better than I expected. We came out top, when I was expecting 2nd. And we got some pretty good results in the process.

1st Round

After our good group run, my hopes faded when we drew Lyon in the 1st round. Our first game took place at OL Land.

Lyon v FC United | FC United v Lyon

A shock victory. I never expected a win. We just scraped through, but it was enough. Into the Quarters we went.

Quarter Finals

In the quarters, we drew Aston Villa, who are now a very hard team to face, but we'd beaten them the last two times we played them. We faced them at home first. I was feeling confident.

FC United v Aston Villa | Aston Villa v FC United

We got the win, only just, again... We managed to hold them off in the second leg. Into the Semis.

Semi Finals

Now it got really difficult. The teams in the Semis were us, Valencia, Bayern Munich and Man City...

We got Man City.

Just like the Lyon draw, my hopes faded. I knew how hard Man City could be, and the results they were capable of. The only thing that kept my hopes up, was the fact we'd played them 4 times already this season, and we won 3 of them. Two quite comfortably. The first leg was at our place.

FC United v Man City | Man City v FC United

The most tense, heart-pounding 2nd leg I have ever encountered. After drawing the match at home, I didn't expect much. I was just glad we didn't concede and away goal. When they went 2-0 up, my heart just sank. I thought it was over. Then Marco Ferrari scored in the 68th minute, I gained a glimmer of hope. The minutes passed by though, and no goals came. I just felt gutted. Injury time came, and I just didn't look, I couldn't. I looked back, and the words I saw... "Goal for FC United!"... I had to rub my eyes in disbelief. Marco Ferrari scored again, in the 94th minute. And the whistle blew. We had done it, I have no idea how, but we did. We were in the Final.

Champions League Final

We had done it, we were in the Final. The only team standing in the way of FC United and glory, quite oddly, were Bayern Munich.

FC United v Bayern Munich

Champions League Final

We... had... done... it.

The team that had continuously been the surprise team, shocked the world once again.

Post-Season & Misc

Transfers | Squad

Confidence | Finances

Stadium Expansion Plans

Manager of the Season

Jordan Swinburn

The Millward Player Choice Award (Manager's Player of the Year)

Riad Belkheir

Riad played 56 games this season, scoring 40 goals. Top scorer in our squad by about 20. He also got Goal of the Season in the league, but missed out on Top Goalscorer in the league by 1 goal, Ransford Osei got 26, Riad got 25, and would have won on appearances. A great season from the Algerian. It's worth saying Marco Ferrari would have been a contender for this, had he not won last years.

Fan's Player of the Year

Riad Belkheir

That's it. Challenge complete. But the story has only just begun. The Super Cup is to come, the Club World Championship and my national management career, which has started with Brazil! Plus... I have to defend my championships. Updates will continue to come.

Career Overview

Season          League                League Finish     Achievements
2010/11        Blue Square North         5th              Promoted - Playoffs
2011/12        Blue Square Premier       15th
2012/13        Blue Square Premier       1st              Promoted - Champions
2013/14        League Two                6th              Promoted – Playoffs
2014/15	       League One		 1st		  Promoted - Champions
2015/16        Championship              5th              Promoted - Playoffs
2016/17        Premier League            11th
2017/18        Premier League            1st              League Champions. League Cup Winners.
2018/19        Premier League            1st              League Champions. League Cup Winners. FA Cup Winners. Champions League Winners

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nice one roseboy. hope I can emulate that with our Pilgrims.

Yep now means though I'm off the top but with games in hand to Man City, who I actually play next in the league after a Carling Cup QF with Man Utd. Also have Celtic in the 1st Knockout Round of the Champions League. Can't remember who I have in the FA Cup. Could possibly win every trophy this season.

Also, have let a few staff go in the last few months of the season as they were to become managers at clubs so let them go. The improved capacity has improved finances and I'm getting regular appearances over 41k since.

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Nice one Jordan on completion. I know what you mean about letting staff go. I had an ex player on the backroom staff who wanted to manage spurs so I let him go. I also have the current and former England managers on my backroom staff. The England manager is called Nabil Sharif and his predecessor is Michael Mancienne.

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Been away for a while with work and other commitments, but now I find myself with time on my hands, thought I would try and get back in to FM2010. So, the task is set, and the (not so) mighty Boreham Wood have been chosen!


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Good job Jordan, one of the quickest completions thus far I think!

Edit: A small update on my Tiverton progress, with 8 games to go it's equally likely that I'll win League Two as slip out of the play-offs altogether, brilliantly close-run thing right now!

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Nice job on completing the challenge. You did a massive job on the transfer market. I am curious about the guy (Horatio Zarate) from FC United reserves. How do you buy a player from your own reserve team?


That was pretty odd. What happened was I bought that kid from Newell's in Argentina two years back on the game, but he was only 16 so I had to wait till he turned 18, but when he signed, his contract had expired, so I had to give him a new contract. It was really odd :confused:

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SnakeXe's Tiverton Town - Season 3 - 2012/13

Story of the Season:

So, would Tiverton's first season as a professional club in the Football League be another barnstorming triumph like the previous two in non-league? Or would they be sent back with their tail between their legs?

The answer, surprisingly, was both! We were an absolute Jekyll and Hyde team this year, either demolishing teams by 5 or 6 goals or losing by 3 or 4 in big streaks across the season. With 8 games left we were just 3 points off top spot, but the clubs below were also ominously close, so it could have gone either way really.

As it was, our form collapsed and we won just twice more that season - crucially in the last game against Accrington to at least secure ourselves a playoff spot. Luckily that last win wasn't a fluke, it was a 3-0 hammering as a result of some tactical tinkering, so we headed into the playoffs with slightly more confidence than we might otherwise had done.

Port Vale were up in the semi-final, with the away leg first. Disaster struck in the opening minutes, as our familiar defensive fragility was exploited with their first attack of the game - 1-0 to Port Vale.

From then on we got ourselves back into the match, but couldn't find the crucial equaliser - until the one and only Jabuti popped up in the last 10 minutes with a cool finish to give us a slight advantage heading into the home leg. Game on!

I was quietly confident that our excellent home form would see us through to the final - and two early goals supported that notion, putting us firmly in control of the tie. Port Vale came back into the match much the same as we had in the first leg, but even one goal back was beyond them, and it ended 3-1 on aggregate!

The final saw us take on Shrewsbury, who had finished above us in the table and had demolised Crewe 6-1 in their semi-final. I was expecting a tough fight, and if I'm honest, that we'd be spending another season in League Two - not such a bad thing considering our rapid rise.

The early exchanges went Shrewsbury's way as expected, but we started to get chances of our own as the first half wore on. The finishing was poor on both sides' accounts, and it was no surprise that 0-0 was on the scoreboards at the break.

The second half progressed in much the same fashion, and I was getting nervous. Our keeper was undoubtedly inferior to theirs, and we had missed several penalties across the season, so we had to win it in the 90 (or 120) minutes. The minutes ticked past, until just after the 90th minute had ticked past we won a corner.

"Everyone forward!" I shouted at the players, as the pair of neanderthal-a-like centre halves trotted forward, gurning back at me as if to say "deeerp!".

The ball came across from Michael Noone's cultured right boot.

Everyone held their breath.

Aarran Racine rose to meet it at the far post.

He connected.

It was on target.

The keeper dived.


And we were up again :)

As for the cups, we pulled off a couple of giant-killings, taking out Championship Leicester City in the League Cup, before falling to Middlesbrough, and seeing off League One Bristol Rovers in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. FA Cup was pretty rancid.

I continued my streak of Manager of the Year wins, but Jabuti couldn't join me in celebrating this time, although he did manage to become our record league goalscorer.

Next Season:

Well, I achieved my aim of the playoffs from last season, but it could (and maybe should) have been much better. I'll give myself more leeway this season as League One is a toughie, and aim for the top half.

5 Most Important Players:

5. Anton Peterlin MC - Less effective at this level, but still an important part of the team. Closing in on the 100 club, and will probably play at least some part next season

4. Michael Noone MRC - A much more technically gifted midfielder than had previously graced Ladysmead, his wonderful ability from a dead ball plus the odd pinpoint through-pass made him invaluable

3. Alex MacDonald AMR/ST - From being a bit-part man last year in the BSP, he became a key foil to Jabuti this season, his strength and pace making him ideal at drawing defenders and creating space

2. Aarran Racine DC - Finally found the rock at the back I was looking for, now we just need the other 3 knuckle-draggers to step up. His goal in the dying seconds of the playoff final has to go down as one of my happiest FM moments!

1. Jabuti FC - A trickier season for Tiverton's main man, but he still scores goals and still looks dangerous. I've got a decent partner coming in for him this summer, so a hatful of League One goals should be possible.

At a Glance:

League Two - 5th, Promoted through Playoffs

FA Cup - 1st Round Replay (lost v Southend)

League Cup - 2nd Round (lost v Middlesbrough)

Johnstone's Paint Trophy - Southern Quarter Final (lost v Coventry)

Transfers - Lost £6k


Season   League               Pos  Achievements
2010/11  Blue Square South    1st  Promoted as Champions
2011/12  Blue Square Premier  1st  Promoted as Champions, FAT Runners Up
2012/13  League Two           5th  Promoted through Playoffs

Tiverton 100 Club:

Name                Position  Era            Apps  Goals  Ave. Rating
Jabuti              FC        2010-Present    139    127         7.56
Craig Gray          AML       2010-Present    111      6         7.10
Kyle Letheren       GK        2010-Present    109      0         6.84
Kevin Little        AMRLC     2010-Present    101     13         6.93

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Cheers Holyehsauce :)

Stupid question probably, but where do you find the 100 club thing. Or is it a case of searching through every player?

As I'm only 3 seasons in, they're all still in the Best XI. Dunno how I'm gunna keep track of it later :(

Edit: Just checked and it's already wrong! Noooo this is going to be impossible... I'll try and fix it now

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You won't need to if they are no longer in Tiverton :p Unless you're doing some sort of "Where are they now" section.

Think I've sorted it now, doesn't help that a lot of the Best XI stats are wrong :confused:

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Maidstone Season 8 Update 2017/18 - League 2

Position - 1st

League Table

League Positions

A much easier season than expected. I absolutely smashed the league to pieces dominating from start to finish. This was helped by the fact I had built up a pretty decent squad over the last few seasons and was finally able to get some decent players in on loan. I had a couple strikers who banged in a hat-full of goals and played a very attacking formation in every game.

Star Player: Roberto - On loan striker from Reading.



Transfer History

Manager Profile

Manager Personal

Manager Information

Career Overview:

League         Season    Finished   Achievements
BSS            2010/11   19th
BSS            2011/12   19th
BSS            2012/13   15th
BSS            2013/14   10th
BSS            2014/15   5th        Playoff Winners
BSP            2015/16   10th
BSP            2016/17   1st        FA Trophy
League 2       2017/18   1st        

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Ok another update done....

Maidstone Season 9 Update 2018/19 - League 1

Position - 1st

League Table

League Positions

Wow another consecutive promotion \o/ I think the signing of my star player was massive, I found him on a free and he was willing to come, he was probably the best striker in the league and was an absolute steal. I also picked up a couple ageing players which gave my squad some good experience that was needed, I think they key to my success is spending all season scouting and building a shortlist for the upcoming summer. The ability to scout in France and loan better quality players has proved to be useful again

I was also named a Maidstone legend :cool: and even better news the board annouce a new stadium was to be constructed and completed in 2 years time.

Star Player: Luis Alexandre



Transfer History

Manager Profile

Manager Personal

Career Overview:

League         Season    Finished   Achievements
BSS            2010/11   19th
BSS            2011/12   19th
BSS            2012/13   15th
BSS            2013/14   10th
BSS            2014/15   5th        Playoff Winners
BSP            2015/16   10th
BSP            2016/17   1st        FA Trophy
League 2       2017/18   1st        
League 1       2018/19   1st

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Cheers :thup:

I have another season update to do but I am doing them at work :D so probably wont get the next in until tomorrow.

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In my 4th season and despite having won 2 promotions and been to the playoffs in the other season and I have, only now, finally managed to win my first manager of the month!

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1st season back in League 1 after being relegated last time, and we're promoted, think this is the best I've ever felt playing FM. Update tomorrow.

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