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  1. Some of you may remember the analysis of regens spawned in England in FM2009. This year I am ready to start up my FM10 version, which will once again cover England and also include Austria (same league reset date). Here is last year's thread if you want to a look at how this will end up looking: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=108196 I will lay out this opening post for the start of the experiment in 2009 to give you an indication of the format of future full updates. News: This section will recap who won each of the major competitions each year as well as any other interesting items. There will also be narrative on how the two tracked teams in the experiment do as well as some numbers on the regen intakes in each country. Just like last year, the team in England that I am focusing on will be my Blackburn Rovers. They start the game with a reputation of 6400, 6329780 in the bank, 500000 for transfers, 545670 for wages, and 23481 in average attendance. I will update those figures every year for you. The Austrian team that will be tracked is Grazer AK (GAK in the game). They start in the third tier of Austrian football with a reputation of 4000, which is the second-highest for a team outside the playable leagues. Their average attendance is 7372. The first intake of regens is not a full one, but only happens at the clubs that need more youth players to fill out their teams. In the first group in England, the high CA was 93, with one other topping the 90 CA mark. On the low end, the CA was 3 and the PA was 6. In Austria, the high CA was 86, with one other topping 80 CA and the lows were CA 6 and PA 13. A couple of other numbers of interest will be the amount of players moving between the two loaded leagues. At the start, there are 14 Austrians playing in England and 1 Englishman playing in Austria. Nationalities: Ever wonder what percentage of regens are not from the country of the team? I will be counting up the regens and nationalities in each intake. This should give you a pretty indication of the possible range of regens you can get without any special scouting knowledge or other factors. Here are the 2009 numbers: England: 0.13% 1 Australia England 0.13% 1 Canada England 0.13% 1 Costa RicaEngland 88.80%674England 0.26% 2 England Anguilla 0.66% 5 England Australia 0.40% 3 England Cyprus 0.26% 2 England Dominica 0.13% 1 England France 0.26% 2 England Ghana 0.13% 1 England Greece 0.13% 1 England Grenada 0.13% 1 England Guinea-Bissau 0.13% 1 England Hong Kong 0.40% 3 England India 0.92% 7 England Ireland 0.53% 4 England Jamaica 0.13% 1 England Montserrat 0.40% 3 England N. Ireland 0.53% 4 England Nigeria 0.26% 2 England Poland 0.79% 6 England Scotland 0.13% 1 England Spain 0.13% 1 England St. Lucia 0.13% 1 England Togo 0.26% 2 England Trinidad & Tobago 0.40% 3 England Turkey 0.92% 7 England Wales 0.13% 1 N. Ireland 0.26% 2 N. IrelandEngland 0.13% 1 Somalia England 0.13% 1 Wales 1.71% 13 Wales England Austria: 87.95%73 Austria 1.20% 1 Austria Bosnia & Herzegovina 1.20% 1 Austria Croatia 2.41% 2 Austria Serbia 7.23% 6 Austria Turkey Blackburn: This will be the section for Blackburn's regens once they get a youth intake. I will be collecting the nationality, position, and PA of each player coming through. I will also note if any regens get dubbed as the next version of a famous player. Each year I will be tracking their CA and any transfers they make. Grazer AK: This will be the section for GAK's regens once they get a youth intake. I will be tracking all of the same things as with Blackburn's regens England High PA: I will be tracking all regens spawned at an English club with a PA over 170 since that is the lower bound of -10 PA and a bit of a divider between the elite players and everyone else. Again I will be tracking the nationality, position, PA, CA, and transfers of these players. Austria High PA: I will do the same thing for regens in Austria as I am in England, but my cutoff will be 150 instead of 170 as this is the lower bound of -9 PA and any Austrian who reaches this level would be considered a real star. Interesting Screenshots: I will be combing the game and Genie Scout results for interesting screenshots to display for you. Last year these include star regens (usually 180+ CA) and international squads at major competitions so you can see the club breakdown of different national teams. This year, 8 screenshots will definitely be included in each season update. These are the transfers in the Premier League and Austrian Football Bundesliga as well as the teams of the year in those two leagues. Also included will be the World Rankings and team of the year and the UEFA Coefficients both by nation and by club. There are not a lot of things to take screenshots of yet, so i will show the top two regens spawned at the start of the game in both England and Austria.
  2. The Commonwealth Games

    The Commonwealth Games The FM 2010 Sign-Up Welcome to the Commonwealth Games, I am your host Greg Henderson and I will be keeping you up to date with all of the latest developments throughout the events. There are fourteen events planned for each quadrennial games, each games will be the equivalent of a season with the first games being based in Dehli, India and each games after that will be at home for the previous games Medal Leader. As we talk the Queens Baton can be seen arriving into the stadium ready to begin the ceremonies, and to present the Queen's message to the atheletes in attendance tonight. And it is being run the final steps to the podium by none other than Sachin Tendulkar, as he hands it over to the HRH Queen Elizabeth II and steps back, she steps up to the podium and begins to read: "Such strong words from the leader of the Commonwealth tonight, I hope it puts faith, honour and strength into the hearts of all our athletes as they prepare to compete in the events of the 19th Commonwealth Games, I'm Greg Henderson wishing all the athletes the best of luck as they participate in the events over the next two weeks."Well lets have a look at the events that the teams will be competing in over the period of the games, we will see competition in the Decathlon (Avg Rating), the Marathon (Most Distance Covered), the 400m (Avg Distance covered), Archery (Shots on Target %), Shooting (Number of Goals), Diving (Worst Discipline), Basketball (Dribbles per 90mins), Triathlon (Apps+Goals+Assts), Volleyball (Assists), Judo (Tackles won per 90mins), Boxing (Fouls), Wrestling (Man of Match), Synchronised Swimming (Sub Appearances), and of course the Medley Relay (Pass Completion Ratio). Now it is time to look at the athletes we have representing each of the Commonwealth nations for these games, first the representatives for Africa, we have Whoopy Dee'e (Cameroon), Kenco (Ghana), King Tikki-Man (Kenya), Les Otho (Lesotho), Phil Campos (Mozambique), Cristobal Blanco (Namibia), Uchewuchuche Ugchuku (Nigeria), Daniel Griffin (Seychelles), Super Shane (Sierra Leone), James Almond (South Africa), Desmond Tiny (Tanzania), Stewart Robertson (Uganda) and Daniel Kapepwe (Zambia). A very strong contingent from Africa for these games, and they will be trying to show their strength across all the events, King Tikki-Man is the favourite for the Marathon, while Phil Campos is a renowned 400m runner, but don't expect much from this group in the Synchronised Swimming. Now we will take a look at the competitors from Oceania, the island nations of the Pacific are always well represented at the Commonwealth Games and this year is no different, we have Brucie Bonus (Australia), Lucas Schaw (New Zealand), Mike Hill (Samoa), Tyler Burrows (Tuvalu) and Ryan Andrews (Vanuata). These nations are always strong at their water sports so watch out for Brucie Bonus in the Medley Relay, Lucas Schaw in the Triathlon and Tyler Burrows in the Diving. The teams from Asia are delighted to have only their second home games in Commonwealth history, and they have brought a large contingent with them, Mumbai Lala (Bangladesh), Zidy Bolkiah (Brunei), Robinder Singh (India), Alex (Malaysia), Oofindu Brettney (Maldives), Salim Achmed (Pakistan), Ben Chia (Singapore) and Happy GoLucky (Sri Lanka), the Asian teams normally are dominant at your teams events, so watch out in the Basketball, Volleyball & Judo for these opponents as they look to dominate these Asian Games. With only a small number of competitors from Europe, they are led by Paul Hart (Cyprus), Owen Refalo (Malta), Chip Butty (Scotland), Joe Tompkins (England), Steve Axworth (Wales) and Kelly Dawson (Northern Ireland). The Europeans are generally reasonably strong in all events, but in particular watch out for Owen Refalo in the Archery and Paul Hart in the Shooting, these guys are deadly accurate and have been known to take out their opponents with a perfect head shot. North America & The Caribbean are very well represented at these Commonwealth Games, as we see Liam Ferguson (Antigua & Barbuda), Robert Boyle (Bahamas), Arkano Serpico (Barbados), Miguel Vargas (Dominica), Tom Smith (Grenada), Marky Mark (Guyana), Halo von Stronburg (Jamaica), Chris Waddle (St Kitts & Nevis), Ben Craig (St Lucia), Selenga Dwight Bajhiol (Trinidad & Tobago) and of course Ricky Nakano (Canada). With a large group of island nations in attendance and Canada being the big dog from this area expect some tough battles as they fight for American pride. Let the Games Begin
  3. The Afrovision Managerial Contest (Much of this is a repeat from the opening post of the first thread. Please read it all though, as some details have been added in) From around the globe, 53 managers have come to Africa! Home to what is perhaps the most flamboyant football in the world, and what is essentially an underrated continent in footballing terms. However, the 53 impoverished nations that make up the continent can together boast a number of stars, which tells us that the quality is there. All that is needed is the public attention, and that is what the continent shall get as The Afrovision Managerial Contest lands upon the 30.2 million km2 of earth. The South African multimedia company known as Broadcasters, African Television, Radio and Complete Entertainment Revolution (BATRACER) is the key company behind the new scheme that will bring fame to African football. After some success after a similar contest was trialled in the Americas, and of course following the huge international celebrity of the Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Striking Contest, Africa is the next continent to be swept by the reality TV and interactive show craze. BATRACER will be broadcasting the Contest to all 53 African nations, and of course to the most interested of other nations (those currently being: the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, China and Japan), and will offer exclusive coverage of the finals. Here’s how it works: 53 of you have been selected to be the managers of the African nations. Mayotte and Réunion, not being FIFA members, have opted not to take part in the contest. The nation you will manage has been randomly assigned to you, and you can find out whose yours is below. With all the managers set at their nations, I will simulate two months of game time and provide a report. I’ll then do this again until I have done six reports and covered a year of game time. This is where you’ll come in: as Africa is such a huge continent, two nations will get a bye to the final. These will be the holder/host and the highest ranked African team at the end of the 12 months. If these are the same, the bye will go to the next-highest ranked team. The other 51 nations will compete in Semi-Finals, 17 in each of the three semi-finals. From each of the three, five nations will qualify, joining with the two biggest nations to make a 17-strong final. You will be expected to vote in the semi-finals and final, so it is essential that you are able to continue to follow the sign-up once you have signed up. If you are one of the two nations with a bye, I will get you to give your votes for a specific semi-final. The others will vote for their own semi-final. All 53 managers are expected to vote in the final. As per the Eurovision Song Contest, your votes will consist of a 12-pointer, a 10-pointer, an 8-pointer and votes from 7 down to 1 points. After the votes, the nations are ranked in order of the number of points they have earned; the top five go through from the semi-finals but only the top nation will matter in the final, as they will be crowned the seasonal champion and will host the next contest. If nations are tied, they will be sorted by the number of 12-pointers they have received, then the number of 10-pointers, etcetera, until the tie is broken. You have each created your manager and attributes have been assigned to that manager depending on how you valued different components of the Eurovision system. You have also been assigned a nation using a random number generator. Here are the managers of the nations that will take part in the tournament: [font=Courier New] [b]Username Manager NAT Managing...[/b] [/font][font=Courier New]DodgeeD David Dodgson ENG Congo (Republic of) [/font][font=Courier New]Whoopy D Whoopy Dee’e CMR Djibouti [/font][font=Courier New]weeeman27bob Weeman Fernandez PER Namibia [/font][font=Courier New]bergtaur Hryhorii Zahorchak UKR Chad [/font][font=Courier New]Cardiovascular Cardio Hernandes POR Sierra Leone [/font][font=Courier New]Pau[/font][font=Courier New]lHartman71 Jeremy English ENG Sudan [/font][font=Courier New]pompey13 Pompey 13 ENG Malawi [/font][font=Courier New]joetheref Joe Tompkins ENG Lesotho [/font][font=Courier New]MattFergie Matt Ferguson SCO Somalia [/font][font=Courier New]dafuge dafuge ENG Mozambique [/font][font=Courier New]NeoAC Ryan Andrews RSA Swaziland [/font][font=Courier New]rancer890 Ricky Nakano CAN Central African Republic [/font][font=Courier New]canvey!! Didier Dardon FRA Morocco [/font][font=Courier New]super_lampard Super Lampard ENG Seychelles [/font][font=Courier New]PluckaDuck Tyler Burrows AND Egypt [/font][font=Courier New]BenArsenal Ben Cee SIN Niger [/font][font=Courier New]coldkohmew Mentho Latum SIN Tunisia [/font][font=Courier New]Hamuel Alfred Jarry FRA Kenya [/font][font=Courier New]fergysafc Liam Ferguson ENG Cameroon [/font][font=Courier New]iacovone Sir Ronald Vaughan ENG Benin [/font][font=Courier New]Loojay Steve Axworth FIN Ethiopia [/font][font=Courier New]SJ234 Jose Rodriguez ESP Uganda [/font][font=Courier New]Ada[/font][font=Courier New]mw Adam Wilkinson ENG Guinea [/font][font=Courier New]hamilton162 Tom Hamilton AUS Comoros [/font][font=Courier New]manchester[/font][font=Courier New]07 Ricky Gill ITA Libya [/font][font=Courier New]Robert_296 Robert Boyle ENG Algeria [/font][font=Courier New]Lower Leagues Rule Des Tiny NZL Nigeria [/font][font=Courier New]Greasy Chip Butty Chip Butty ENG São Tomé and Principe [/font][font=Courier New]corinthiano Joaquim Ntadi MOZ Madagascar [/font][font=Courier New]jayatsena Be Jayatsena ITA Burundi [/font][font=Courier New]magvest Magnus Vestergaard SWE Burkina Faso [/font][font=Courier New]jack.browne Jack Browne USA Rwanda [/font][font=Courier New]chopper99 Craig Hopper KEN DR Congo [/font][font=Courier New]Almondo Alex Almond ENG Mauritius [/font][font=Courier New]Xx_WeeCoop_xX Mark Cooper SCO Guinea-Bissau [/font][font=Courier New]Dees-Blake[/font][font=Courier New] Dees Blake ENG Togo [/font][font=Courier New]Tomaldinho Tomaldinho POR Liberia [/font][font=Courier New]gavrenwick Kleen Shavern UKR Gambia [/font][font=Courier New]SCIAG Quandiose Yancy GAM Eritrea [/font][font=Courier New]Kenco Ken Co ENG Gabon [/font][font=Courier New]hasdgfas Albert Holstein USA Ivory Coast [/font][font=Courier New]Mikel LUFC Juan King ESP Angola [/font][font=Courier New]tomsmith1989 Tom Smith POR Botswana [/font][font=Courier New]sparta[/font][font=Courier New]ns5 Lawrence Lazewski POL Mauritania [/font][font=Courier New]stoehrst Charlie Henry USA Zimbabwe [/font][font=Courier New]el sid The Green Beret ENG Equatorial Guinea [/font][font=Courier New]Edinho Edward St[/font][font=Courier New]ill BOT Senegal [/font][font=Courier New]JSalter Karl Unpingco GUM Cape Verde [/font][font=Courier New]Elrithral Alfredo Dick ITA Ghana [/font][font=Courier New]Mk_Forest Matt Lepino ENG South Africa [/font][font=Courier New]himan Christina Modoglou CYP Zambia [/font][font=Courier New]MikaelS Mikael Schøler DEN Mali [/font][font=Courier New]Northerm Lights Thelonius Davis SEN Tanzania[/font] Each of these managers has been entered into the database and has travelled to their new nation to begin work. Pretty soon, BATRACER will send out its first broadcast updating 62 nations on the progress of the new competition. After six broadcasts, the competition starts properly, ramping up pace for live voting shows. Don’t forget, as a manager, you are expected to vote in the semi-final that you are involved in and the final, and if you receive a bye I will give you a semi-final to vote in. I have marked several of those who have signed up on a watchlist: if you are one of them and you miss a tournament’s worth of voting, you may be dropped without warning. If you miss one set of votes, your nation is deducted 12 points for that set of votes. The spotlight now turns to South Africa, the host of the inaugural tournament. It will be up to their manager Matt Lepino to ensure that the host nation delivers a good performance themselves. So, without further ado…let the games begin! Some Notes Each manager has started with a Current Ability of 130 and a Potential Ability of 160. They have a reputation of 7000 for each of the three reputation values. During standard update time, I will post an update every other day. Then updates will cease for a bit during the voting period, and updates will be every day during the tournaments. Managers mentioned in any reports will be mentioned using their manager name. The table above is a good example of one you can use to cross-reference if necessary. There will be times when I cannot make an update. I will tell you in advance and, if possible, will provide you with a few updates at once if I am going away for a week or two. The leagues loaded are the first divisions of England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and South Africa. These will be run on minimal detail while international friendlies, the World Cup, the African Cup of Nations and African qualifying for those two will be run on full detail. If your manager gets sacked or leaves his job, you will retain your place in the sign-up. However, other forumers will be made aware that your manager is no longer in his/her job, so your performance in the following finals may suffer, but would improve thereafter. You are at risk of losing your place in the sign-up, however, if you fail to vote (see the stipulations above). The image is courtesy of news.myjoyonline.com.
  4. Is there a team in the EPL you absolutely hate to see win at all? Have you been interested in the thread on General that claims that ManU never gets relegated? Or are you simply looking for a new challenge? Then may I present the Oops! We're going the wrong way challenge. Your mission is simple. Start a game with all English leagues loaded through BSN/BSS and large database. Then add yourself as manager of any team you want in the EPL, and attempt to make them unplayable by getting them relegated from BSN/BSS. Sound like fun? Of course, there are a few other things to be concerned about. This might be a little too easy to do if we don't first establish some little house rules. Here are some I've thought of before starting this challenge (although we may need to add more as time goes on): It's all about personel Here are a few rules about your squad: The We're all professionals here Rule - You cannot just sign grayed-out players from a level 9 reserve squad. You have to sign someone who actually wants to play real football for money. The No generous to a fault Rule - You want to give away all your stars? Well, you can only offer them out for their full value. If the AI comes sniffing around with a low-ball offer, you are free to accept it, but otherwise you have to ask AT LEAST full value. If no one wants to pay that much for your best player, you're stuck with him. The We don't give handouts Rule - You can't dodge the above rule by loaning out your best players. No loans out, period. (You can loan in, but why would you want to?) The Age before Beauty Rule - No, you can't just sign a gaggle of 47 year old strikers to 10 year contracts and watch your team decline. As a matter of fact, you may only sign one player over the age of 33 per season. If you're taking the team down, you want to do it with players in their prime. The Child Labour Law Rule - Similar to above, you can't just put your youth players out there. Only 2 players on youth contracts are allowed on the senior squad at any time. The Everybody gets a turn Rule - So, you can't give your star away, and the AI doesn't want to pay for him. Sorry - every senior player under contract has to start at least one league match a season. Makes for an interesting decision - start Rooney early in the year, or hope you can dump him in the January transfer window? The We may not have quality, but we have volume Rule - You can't just start every match with 10 men and an empty bench. You need to field a full team and bench for every league match. The Jobs are hard to come by these days Rule - If^H^HWhen you get canned for poor performance, you might be tempted to add yourself as a new manager and continue your quest. This is fine, but you can't do this until the post season squad break. You'll need to live with any moves the interim management makes while you're gone. (Hint - to stick around longer, you might want to see how well you can do in the cups, etc. Think how much fun it would be to play in Europe while you're in the BSP! And give yourself a lower rep - the board might be a little more patient. Of course, finances should be great, since you won't be buying anyone worth anything). It's Your Tactics! Of course, to be the biggest loser, you'll need some pretty awful tactics. And you're free to be creative, within these guidelines. The Funny Shirt Rule - You need to play an actual GK in goal. No outfield players in goal (unless you have no GK on your bench and your regular keeper is sent off). Sorry, but this one is just too obvious. The Well my scout said he was competent Rule - You can only play someone in a position when they are listed as Competent or better. Of course, "Competent" is a relative term. But still, you need to play someone in a position they're trained for; not just move them anywhere you want. The No 0-0-10 Rule - It's kind of hard to defend with all forwards, and hard to score when you play all defenders. You need a few of each. Your formation must have between 3 and 5 defenders, and between 1 and 3 forwards (and, of course, a GK). Other than that, anything goes. As mentioned, I'm sure we'll need some more rules as time goes on. So, who's game? Start your game and post your stories - I'm sure they'll be amusing. And best of all, no need to sim a year before starting - I'm sure you'll want to start dismantling your squad ASAP.
  5. Well seeing as I was responsible for starting this challenge a couple of seasons ago I'll take the responsibilty for starting this thread this year. I will also definitely give it a serious run for its money. Thanks to the editor and super bladesman's hard work we're going to do it a little different this season. First you will need to download super bladesman's English League level 10. This can be found HERE. Just follow his instructions, its real easy. RULES 1 - No need this season to go on holiday because as you have the ultimate challenge you can get to it straight off. Take control of a "level 10" club, anyone you like. 2 - Be honest when entering your nationality and of course your experience is "Sunday League Footballer". Tick the "Add key staff" button to get you started staff wise. 3 - Under no circumstances are you permitted to buy or loan players from any club or bring in freebies. Your only access to players are your youth system and your "grey players". I do believe the game will actually give you a full squad of regens. You can however loan players OUT. This may well become key in getting those regens upto scratch. How much detail you run with is irrelevant as is including other leagues or size of database as you can't buy those players anyway. 4 - You may only bring in a coach, physio or assistant if you haven't got one already. His/her reputation must be "obscure". The idea is that when your youth players get older you employ them as staff. 5 - The 1st part of this challenge is complete when you have won the Premiership AND Champions' League with a team made up entirely of your own youth products. Your staff must also be a product of your youth system. 6 - No international management until you have completed the 1st part of this challenge. When the first part of the challenge is complete you can take the England job (and only the England job). Then to be the ultimate supremo you must win the World Cup with a squad of ONLY your players and staff from your own club whilst still winning the Champions' League and Premiership in the same season. These rules may be updated along the way so keep watching. REMEMBER!!! There is no way anyone is ever going to complete this without cheating. The question is which one of us can get the furthest. Please give the sort of end of season reports you see in the other challenges. In this challenge avoiding relegation by a point, from say the North West Counties League Premier Division", is definitely going to be a major achievement. Cheers and the very best of luck
  6. 60 to One And now the sign-up begins! One person will be the CSE Endurance King! The Concept 60 promising football managers have been born into Europe’s, arguably the world’s, top divisions: the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. Their mission: to survive the longest without getting fired, resigning or moving clubs. He or she that does that becomed the CSE Endurance King or Queen. However, there isn’t just one opportunity to win the title. There aren’t two. There are three. Myself, Ridleys and weeeman27bob are each running three versions of the sign-up: an identical database with no changes in the manager qualities but in each one, different things will happen and as a result, anyone can win. Who will fare best, those at small clubs, those at big clubs, or those willing to settle for a 10th-placed finish? There’s only one way to find out…onwards we stroll! The Important Stuff Here’s a few things about your managers that you might need to know. Every manager has started off at the club given to them by the Live Draw (see the sign-up thread). They also have this club as their favoured club to a level of 80%, and are on a £10,000 Full Time Contract with no set expiration date. They have started with a Current Ability of 130 and a Potential Ability of 160, and Home, Current and World Reputations are initially set at 7000. They have been allocated 20 for some attributes and 1 for others dependant on their favoured ice cream from a selection of five, which they stated as they signed up. They chose their own nationality and also date of birth, although the game is slightly erratic in allocating the latter, although all managers are between 40 and 45 at the start of the game. Here is a list of managers, with their usernames and clubs. [font=Courier New] [b]Username Manager Club Div[/b] [/font][font=Courier New]dafuge dafuge Torino ISA [/font][font=Courier New]hamilton162 Tom Hamilton Mallorca SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Swafe Saul Goode Osasuna SLL [/font][font=Courier New]d-machine David Machine Athletic SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Ben Arsenal Ben Cee Inter ISA [/font][font=Courier New]canvey!! Fréderico Canvey Stoke EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Haowan Haowan Madridstas Barcelona SLL [/font][font=Courier New]clrkaitken Clark Aitken Roma ISA [/font][font=Courier New]conners Sirus Lannock Málaga SLL [/font][font=Courier New]IlikeJellybeans Jellybean Man Numancia SLL [/font][font=Courier New]mikeytwigge Mikey Twigge Palermo ISA [/font][font=Courier New]AtilasMiserly Will de Mote A.C. Milan ISA [/font][font=Courier New]pnefc22 Wobill Luman Betis SLL [/font][font=Courier New]spartans5 Lawrence Lazewski Valencia SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Jack Rudd Lisa Jeffries Juventus ISA [/font][font=Courier New]KiddingChoc Zach Machios Portsmouth EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Neji Neji Hyuuga Deportivo SLL [/font][font=Courier New]rancer890 Ricky Nakano Middlesbrough EPL [/font][font=Courier New]corinthiano Mathias Brunckhorst Chievo ISA [/font][font=Courier New]super_lampard Super Lampard Lecce ISA [/font][font=Courier New]ssestig Theo Stigarakis Catania ISA [/font][font=Courier New]tomsmith1989 Tom Smith Arsenal EPL [/font][font=Courier New]PluckaDuck Tyler Burrows Udinese ISA [/font][font=Courier New]weeeman27bob Lord Weeman Napoli ISA [/font][font=Courier New]Ridleys James Ridley Siena ISA [/font][font=Courier New]Romanista1994 Lucas Volman Real Madrid SLL [/font][font=Courier New]~Ian~ Bryan McGuinness Everton EPL [/font][font=Courier New]DiscoStu94 Da Hoover Man Sampdoria ISA [/font][font=Courier New]JSalter James Salter Reggina ISA [/font][font=Courier New]ian_1982 Maurice Jobson Man United EPL [/font][font=Courier New]markcator3006 Mark Cator Aston Villa EPL [/font][font=Courier New]m1234566778 Maz Armley Racing SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Neilio Neilio Almería SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Cardiovascular Cardio Vascular Genoa ISA [/font][font=Courier New]Martin_ Martin Bojangles Hull EPL [/font][font=Courier New]fergysafc Liam Ferguson Man City EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Lower Leagues Rule Jonte Rhodes Lazio ISA [/font][font=Courier New]bermybhoy bermybhoy Atalanta ISA [/font][font=Courier New]TaylorB Ben Taylor Fiorentina ISA [/font][font=Courier New]MikaelS Mikael Schøler Bologna ISA [/font][font=Courier New]Robert_296 Robert Boyle Blackburn EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Greasy Chip Butty Andy Morton Sporting SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Almondo Arnold J. Rimmer Bolton EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Waghlon Lars Tommersen Villarreal SLL [/font][font=Courier New]JoeLatics Joe Gleeson Espanyol SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Blanco Cristobal Blanco Recreativo SLL [/font][font=Courier New]Whoopy D Whoopy D West Ham EPL [/font][font=Courier New]ScottT! Scott Tysoe Sunderland EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Chimpos Phill Ewles Valladolid SLL [/font][font=Courier New]brettney1980 Brettney Joven Wigan EPL [/font][font=Courier New]Walcott’s Wonderkids Brucie Bonus West Brom EPL [/font][font=Courier New]el sid Cool Manager At. Madrid SLL [/font][font=Courier New]jack.browne Jack Browne Sevilla SLL [/font][font=Courier New]SCIAG Leo Dodge Tottenham EPL [/font][font=Courier New]TigerJoe Joe Seddon Getafe SLL [/font][font=Courier New]NepentheZ Neppo Monster Cagliari ISA [/font][font=Courier New]tadr Andre da Conceiçao Chelsea EPL [/font][font=Courier New]PaulHartman71 Jeremy English Liverpool EPL [/font][font=Courier New]kashmirshazad Shazad Ali Newcastle EPL [/font][font=Courier New]hasdgfas Tim Aubel Fulham EPL[/font] The Lives This is the heart of the sign-up. Each manager is given three lives. Once a manager moves clubs, resigns or is sacked in one save, run by either me, Ridleys or weeeman27bob, they lose that corresponding life. They do not lose the life if they co-manage a nation and a club, although they do if at any point they decide to leave the club and purely manage the nation. Once a manager loses all three lives, they are out. The last manager with a life left at the end of the sign-up is the winner. However, if a user has not made a satisfactory contribution to the thread, they shall not win and the title will be passed down to the second person, third person or even further until someone who has been regularly posting wins. Managers with the same number of lives are ranked by their job security. For two or more lives, the job security for all lives is summed and a score given, the higher the better. This is as follows: 1 Precarious 2 Very Insecure 3 Insecure 4 Stable 5 Secure 6 Very Secure 7 Untouchable Following this post I will post a current lives table. Bear in mind that this lives table will not be updated as the sign-up progresses, but new lives tables will be posted after every update. The Updates Updates come in threes: one from myself, one from weeeman27bob and one from Ridleys. These will be posted every weekend and reflect a month’s game time, although if for whatever reason we cannot post an update the schedule will have to change. After all three updates, a lives table will be posted. The user posting the update will select their “Manager of the Update”. This doesn’t score points, but is good to keep track of how you are doing and is a nice sideshow. The reports will focus on managers who got fired during the month of update, and is guaranteed to cover every one of them, but will not necessarily cover every one of the 60 managers. However, with each update comes a table giving your progress in that one save, so you will know how you are doing even if you are not mentioned. Managers mentioned in the report will be done so using their manager names. Hence it is important for me to post the above table so you can refer if you need to. Writer’s Notes Please contribute to the thread and enjoy yourselves. Remember that us three runners have other things to do and cannot always be writing and posting updates. We’ll try and notify everyone in advance if we cannot make an update. Further Writer's Notes (31/05) We've restarted the thread due to the disappearance of mikeytwigge, and we've brought in a new third co-runner, who is to be weeeman27bob. Obviously, weeeman has to catch up with his updates and we will try and get you a mid-week update. That means that, alongside him posting his update for the first month, you will see our updates again. This is to preserve continuity and to keep everything in a nice order for archiving/future viewing. You don't have to reread our updates if you don't want to, although for some people, you might savour the time when your job position was as good as stable! Link to the original thread
  7. Welcome to iacovone's Savona Project! A Brief Run Down of The Plan This has been something I'd planned to do ever since I began JoseRR's Challenge with lowly Savona. For those unfamiliar with the challenge, the rules are within the link above. Now that I've become the first to complete it () it gives me the opportunity to take a look at how the AI handles continuing my legacy! More on this to come. But let me firstly ensure no one gets the wrong idea - this isn't just a shameless plug for my completion of the challenge, its a genuine attempt to observe and study the FM AI deep into the game The History Lesson Who are Savona? Well they were a small Italian club based near Genoa on the Mediterranean. They had a 6,000 standing stadium called the Valerio Bacigalupo. They had never won a notable trophy and greatest claim to fame was being the birthplace of Christian Panucci, Pope Julius II and Pope Sixtus IV. Now (in 2029) they have grown to a football hub. They have outshone their Genovese rivals Genoa and Spezia and become the best club side in Europe. They have a sparkling new 35,859 all seater stadium and have won a number of trophies (see below). The city is now famed for being the birthplace of club academy graduate and Italian international Riccardo Rotunno. So what have I achieved at Savona? Well to put it bluntly I took them up from Serie C2/C to Serie A, eventually winning the Scudetto and Champions League. In total this took 20 seasons, making it a nice round number for me to end on. For anyone interested in the season by season reports they are all linked below: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 - Up to Serie C1/A Season 4 Season 5 - Up to Serie B Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 - Up to Serie A Season 9 - Relegated from Serie A Season 10 - Up to Serie A Season 11 Season 12 Season 13 - The First Scudetto Season 14 - The Worst Title Defence Ever Season 15 Season 16 - Our First Cup! Season 17 Season 18 Season 19 - 2nd Scudetto Season 20 - 3rd Scudetto, Italian Super Cup and European Cup Honours Records What I'm Going to Do and Observe Ok so I'm going to resign my post as manager of Savona on the 1st July 2029 and from here holiday the seasons on. I am particularly interested in who replaces me, who they sell and buy and ultimately how they perform. With the squad I've left them, they should maintain some semblence of success for at least the short term. In the longer term however I am intrigued to see not only the progress Savona make but also the performances of our rivals - the top 4/5 in Italy - currently Roma, Napoli, AC Milan and Juventus. I also intend to keep an eye on goings on around the world, something I've kept up to date with throughout the challenge. To Set the Scene A quick look behind the scenes: Stadium Finances Info In terms of current squad we have a few gems who I'll offer screenshots for: Enrico Costanza (GK) - Bought in Jan 2029 for £24m, widely considered the best GK in the world. Roberto Pecoraro (RB) - Best RB in the world by a way. Bought from Siena for £24m in 2023. Tommaso Cilona (DM) - My personal favourite signing, bought for £200k in 2017 from Cagliari has been ever-present ever since and a true legend at the club. Club captain. Giuseppe Quinto (LM/RM) - The 'Italian Messi', bought for just £1.5m from Cisco in 2023. Has always been the subject of a lot of interest from elsewhere. Jimmy Blixt (LM/RM) - Signed for £1.5m from Stabaek back in 2021 and has been so consistent down the years. Riccardo Rotunno(ST) - Entering his 14th season at the club. Came through the academy. Current club vice captain. Currently has 152 league goals from 390 league games (both club records). Michele Badini (ST) - Signed for £12.5m from Bari in 2023. Took a while to get going and had a number of injuries but has come into his own in recent years. The post following on from this opener I'll detail the entire squad's CA/PA. In terms of the staff, I expect a lot will leave the club as and when I resign so it will be intriguing to see who is brought in. The current chairman needs a mention, as without him none of this may have been possible. Kuwaiti Oil Tycoon Amir Cohen joined the club in November 2010 and threw money at the club! He bankrolled our journey to the top and only at the beginning of this season withdrew financial support. We're now in a position where we can sustain ourselves - a mighty stadium and fantastic sponsorship deals mean Savona can maintain an extravagant wage and transfer budget. The Predictions I have no idea who will get the job at Savona. I'd like it to be Costacurta as we had a good friendship! I think we'll see some interesting transfers. I have a feeling a big name will be sold - perhaps one of the wingers Blixt or Quinto. I also don't think we'll win the league again. Roma will take the title for my money! Thanks Firstly I must thank Kipfizh because without his pioneering Bandits experiment I don't think anyone in here would have the inspiration to attempt an experiment/holiday game. Secondly a thank you to dafuge as were it not for his challenge, I very much doubt JoseRR's would have been created. Finally a big thanks to the core members of the JoseRR challenge for making it such an enjoyable thread to take a part in - that's you rlipscombe, rancer and des Notes: I will be using Genie Scout to observe the CA/PA of players and staff in the game. Note to JoseRR challenge members - I understand this will mean I have an advantage and am going against the rules of the challenge. However I will keep playing the file as a 2nd save to this holiday game. If you're interested in my progress I will continue to post in there. I will be running Serie A and B on full detail, as well as the Champions League and Uefa Cup. International Tournaments will be on full detail too.
  8. The Inevitable Domination of Mediocre European Football Clubs (as well as awful puns) - The Sign Up! Hello and welcome to the opening post of the Inevitable Domination of Slovakian Football Clubs. This sign up has been about a month in the making (in terms of when the initial sign up was started) however it has been in my head for a long time. Around half-way through WW's Oceanic OOTP sign-up I dreamed up the idea of a European version. It would be different of course, I didn't want to do OOTP because I wanted to focus more on the domestic side of things. I thought that it would be interesting to see how the users of the forum would do as 'CEOs' of European Nations, and if their knowledge and expertees (yeah right) would be benefitial to some of the 'lesser' or 'mediocre' nations. The rest as you know, is history. This opening post will be mainly used to describe and explain how I will be posting the updates, no update will come tonight, the first will be hopefully released on Wednesday, however it will come out tomorrow if you're lucky. How updates will be presented... I've loaded the top division of all 20 'Mediocre' European Nations as 'view-only' with the first division of the English League loaded and I will use this as the 'playable' league. I will create an unemployed manager, and he will follow the European progress of our 60 (yes 60) mediocre clubs. I will most likely do 'monthly' updates, however obviously some months have more games than others. I will post the monthly 'points' in a 'WW Eurovision Striking Contest sort of format' with a league table in code (don't worry if you don't know what that is, it will become clear as the sign up begins). As far as 'screenshots' go, I will provide end of season updates on all of the 60 clubs Squads, I most likely wont bother with transfer screenshots due to the fact that a lot of leagues seem to have different Transfer windows which would be to confusing, so you will have to play it by ear and see what players the clubs have when you see the end of season squad screenshots. When I say end of season I mean the end of the English season, as not all of the leagues run on the same calender as the superior English. If there is anything else you would like to see in updates or feel would improve them, please post with your suggestions. Reminder of the Point System... 100 Points - Bonus for winning the Champions League 40 Points - Bonus for finishing runner up in the Champions League 20 Points - Progression from a round in the Champions League * 10 Points - A win in the Champions League 6 Points - A draw in the Champions League 2 Points - As a bonus for every game played in the Champions League (increases by 1 point per round) 50 Points - Bonus for winning the Europa League 25 Points - Bonus for finishing runner up in the Europa League 10 Points - Progression from a round in the Europa League * 5 Points - A win in the Europa League 3 Points - A draw in the Europa League 1 Point - As a bonus for every game played in the Europa League (increases by 1 point per round) * - Elimination from a Champions League round and then being placed in the Europa League does not count as progression from either Competition. ** - No points are to be given for teams that have players in who have won Champions League awards etc. *** - No points are awarded for wins in the Euro Vase **** - The 'European Places' have been unchanged from the original version, meaning if some of your teams aren't in the Champions League/Euro Cup/Euro Vase the first season this is why. This is because I wanted to create some sort of 'realism', as well as the fact it was a real pain to edit. Reminder of the Teams... 1. Wales CEO - NepentheZ Manager - YNWALFC Teams - TNS, Llanelli, Rhyl & Bangor City 2. Northern Ireland CEO - spartans5 Manager - TaylorB Teams - Linfield, Glentoran, Cliftonville & Ballymena United 3. Belarus CEO - corinthiano Manager - SJ234 Teams - BATE, Dinamo Minsk, MTZ-Ripo & Shakhter Soligorsk 4. Iceland CEO - Robert_296 Manager - fergysafc Teams - FH, Valur, KR & Keflavik 5. Ireland CEO - weeeman27bob Manager - blowcrapup Teams - Bohemians, Cork City, Drogheda Utd & Derry City 6. Finland CEO - rancer890 Manager - DanGLiverpool Teams - Tampere Utd, HJK, FC Inter & TPS 7. Slovenia CEO - pnefc22 Manager - JSalter Teams - Domzale, Maribor, Gorica & Interblock 8. Croatia CEO - canvey!! Manager - hasdgfas Teams - Dinamo, Hajduk, Rijeka & Slaven Belupo 9. Hungary CEO - dafuge Manager - Kenco Teams - Debrecen, ZTE, Ujpest & MTK 10. Poland CEO - Lower Leagues Rule Manager - Strawberry_fields Teams - Wisla, Legia, Lech & Polonia Warszawa 11. Slovakia CEO - PaulHartman71 Manager - jack.browne Teams - Zilinia, Slovan Bratislava, Artmedia & Trnava 12. Sweden CEO - Whoopy D Manager - <Ian> (I can't do the squiggly lines on my keyboard) Teams - IFK Goteborg, AIK, Malmo FF & Helsingborg 13. Israel CEO - mikeytwigge Manager - d-machine Teams - B.Jerusalem, M. Tel-Aviv, M. Haifa & H. Tel-Aviv 14. Serbia CEO - Ridleys Manager - 1690tommy1690 Teams - Red Star, Partizan, Vojodina & Borac 15. Austria CEO - PluckaDuck Manager - saint clark Teams - Salzburg, Rapid Wien, Austria Wien & Sturm Graz 16. Denmark CEO - tomsmith1989 Manager - super_lampard Teams - FC Kobenhavn, Brondby, AaB & OB 17. Norway CEO - DodgeeD Manager - Ediocy Teams - Rosenborg, Stabaek, Valerenga & Brann 18. Bulgaria CEO - minisav Manager - Chelsea4lyf Teams - CSKA Sofia, Levski, Litex & Loko Sofia 19. Switzerland CEO - Bermybhoy Manager - fdawsoniv Teams - Basel, Zurich, Grasshopper & Young Boys 20. Czech Republic CEO - Tomaldinho Manager - m12345666778 Teams - Sparta Prague, Slavia Prague, Mlada Boleslav & Slovan Liberec - Well, that's pretty much it from me. Any questions feel free to post them, otherwise good luck to all (except the Finns of course)
  9. A little history lesson Back in FM07, an experiment was created to analyse how the game engine would handle extreme circumstances. A fictional team, the Bandits, were created, given 22 superstar teenagers, a huge bank balance and the freedom to rise up from their initial starting point of the Conference South. In addition, two bad eggs were created. Equally as talented as the kids at the Bandits, they had abysmal mental statistics, with no intention of loyalty or even working hard. The experiment ran for over two years of real time, and nearly 70 years in-game. [EDIT - if you want to skip straight to the first update, you'll find it here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?p=2946303#post2946303]
  10. "Real London CSE - Small Club to Big Club Forum Challenge" Welcome to the Real London CSE - Small club to Big Club Challenge. Ask yourself, what am I here for? What separates this from dafuge's, Gundo's or Rancer's Small Club to Big Club Challenges? and Who the hell are Real London CSE? Well, Real London became a team name of my choice, way back in 2005 when I first bought "This is Football 2005" for the PS2. You could create your own club, and start them as School Boys, trying to get them up to the Prem, and Euro glory. When I created my club, I couldn't for the life of me think of a name. They had pre-determined starts and ends to names, such as "Real, Football Club, Athletic, United" etc - and you just had to fill in the other part. So, as I live in London, Real London was born. I further advanced Real London in dafuge's FM08 Challenge, Changing the name of AFC Wimbledon in-game, to Real London. I took that onto daf's FM09 Challenge, and the name has stuck, as many of you would have seen. So, who are Real London CSE? They are you. They are Us. The sign-up forum was just the beginning for the Real London CSE Project, and this is what sets us apart. The squad is filled with CSE members. The Board, Directors and Staff are also riddled with your very own incarnations of Staff Members. Real London CSE is just a bunch of forumites looking to take the world apart with dazzling football skills. Oh, so just another sign-up that will fade away? Not exactly. This is where the game will continue to stay interesting : The DB with the edited CSE forumites in, is available to download. (Download link is at the bottom of the post). So, you can download the DB, and start your very own career as Manager of Real London CSE, potentially managing yourself, if you were involved in the sign-up page. The aim, is to take Real London CSE to the top flight, using as many of the forumers as you see fit. Some forumites who were not lucky enough to get in on the action from the start, have provided me with info that has been put into a .edt file. This file contains them, and will allow them to be "born" into the game at any given season. (It could be season 2, or season 20). So as you make your ascendance up the division, be on the look out for these players (They will be noted later on in the post). The .edt file is also available to download. You can edit this yourself, to put you in the game. For those who take control of Real London CSE - I'd like you to update your progress like you would in any of the other challenges, with end of season updates and as many screenshots as possible. To make it more interesting, I will be creating tables for the players, to denote all-time, cross-game stats. You do not have to fill this table in, but it would be a very welcome addition. Rules - Leagues : England, Premiership down to BSN/BSS - Attribute Masking : Yes - Use Real Players : Yes - Add Key Staff : No - Allow Transfer Budget in first window : No - Database Size : As you wish. - Use of External in-game or save-game editors are forbidden. Thread Rules - Player Naming is allowed - Tactical Discussion is allowed - Screenshots are encouraged. - When you join the club, a screenshot of the manager Personal Screen is required. - Your progress should be documented. As little, or as much as possible. How to Post a Screenshot • While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard). • Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image • Save the file as a JPEG • Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket • Post the direct Url to the image here. How to Add Links At the top of the forum, go to 'quick links' then 'edit options'. At the bottom, select 'enhanced interface' and save the changes. This will give you access to the extra posting tools that make it easier to post links. Once you've done this, highlight the word you wish to turn into a link, then use the link button (looks like a little globe) to paste in the direct Url to your screenshot. Extra Players File Contains the following players : "FUTURE_REGEN" "Ben" "" "Taylor" "12.07.1994" "England" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Sinisa" "iacovone" "Lucic" "26.09.1998" "Croatia" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Albert" "Brick Wall" "Waldendorf" "27.11.1997" "England" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Tom" "" "Hamilton" "20.10.2000" "England" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Jason" "" "Demir" "10.03.1993" "England" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Craig" "NepentheZ" "Douglas" "31.10.1995" "England" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Theo" "" "Stigarakis Jr" "14.01.1996" "England" "Real London" "FUTURE_REGEN" "Bermy" "" "Bhoy" "12.10.1997" "England" "Real London" Database Download Link *Place DB in the following location : /documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 09/DB/ 3D Kits download Link - Be sure to follow the instructions in the Read Me file. **The "Future Regens" File can be found in /documents/Sports Intercative/FM09/DB/Real London CSE/edt/Future Regens Open it with a text edit program and follow the format to put yourself in the game. You must do this BEFORE you start a new game. Thanks to Croucaldinho for kits, and Tom for the badge.
  11. Some of you may remember the holiday game I did in England last year that reached 2207. I am trying to do the same thing this year now that the last patch and Genie Scout are out, but I will be posting up year-by-year results so you can follow my work on nationalities and regen breakdown. In this first post I will be laying out a sample of future reports by showing what happened with the regen intake created at the start of the game. This game has all English leagues running with a large database on the latest patch and data update. Blackburn: I will be following Blackburn's regens as they come through and either stick with them or move to another team. I am doing this because I want to understand how one of the teams in the top divisions manages their youth intake, whether or not they can judge their own talent, and what level PAs a player can reasonably expect to generate from their own youth team. Of course Blackburn did not get any regens at the start of the game, so their section of this report is not as detailed as it will be in the future. Blackburn are predicted to finish in 8th place this season. The start with a rep of 6700 and 14,226,950 in the bank, with 5,000,000 allocated towards transfers and 472,760 to spend on wages each week. Their average attendance is listed at 23944 while their training and youth facilities stand at 17 and 14 respectively. Nationalities: I will determine the nationalities of regens coming through English teams in every season. Please know that this is actually quite difficult to do perfectly, but I will try my best to get good numbers and not miss any regens. I will post the nationalities that were present in the intake at the start of the game. Keep in mind that this may not be representative of a regular intake because the top clubs have not gotten any regens. Also realize that the relatively high number of Welsh regens will always be present because of the Welsh-based teams in English leagues like Cardiff. 93.88% 767 England 0.12% 1 England Angola 0.37% 3 England Australia 0.12% 1 England Cape Verde 0.12% 1 England Egypt 0.12% 1 England Macedonia 0.24% 2 England Ireland 0.37% 3 England Italy 0.24% 2 England Ivory Coast 0.12% 1 England Morocco 0.24% 2 England N. Ireland 0.12% 1 England N. Ireland Italy 0.37% 3 England Nigeria 0.12% 1 England Norway 0.12% 1 England Russia 0.49% 4 England Scotland 0.12% 1 England South Africa 0.12% 1 England St. Vincent 0.24% 2 England Turkey 0.12% 1 England USA 0.12% 1 England Uganda 0.24% 2 England Wales 0.24% 2 Nigeria England 1.59% 13 Wales England High PA Regens I will be tracking 170+ PA regens that come through English clubs. I will note their club, position and starting CA and PA and then future CA improvements. Here is one from the first intake Jim Greenwood England MC Blackpool PA: 178 CA: 112 General Info I will be tracking some of the other little things of interest that occur in my game in the future. These will include winners of major trophies, large transfers, and some other little regen notes. This year's report is obviously not as complete as it will be in future years. Highest Regen CA: 112 1 Regen CA>90 Low Regen CA: 12 Low Regen PA: 15
  12. (This is my first challenge of any sort, so any guidance is welcome. :o) Introduction Ever since UEFA started the European Cup, it has only been shared among a few Western European countries, with only a couple of exceptions where it has been to Eastern Europe in the 1980s (Romania and Yugoslavia notably). This challenge, therefore, is to bring the European Cup to the furthest outposts of Europe. Aim To win the European Cup with Europe's Northernmost, Easternmost, Southernmost or Westernmost club (or even all four if you're up for it). In some cases, even bringing the Cup (geographically) out of Europe. Here are the eligible clubs: Northernmost Tromso IL plays in the Norwegian Premier League, and are the northernmost top flight club in the world. Being located above the Arctic Circle, their stadium often sees snowfall during the winter months. They are a relatively successful Norwegian club, having qualified for European competition a few times, but have yet to win the league and thus making it to the big time of the European Champions League. This could be the easiest challenge due to the fact that Tromso are already an established top flight team, but the Norwegian League's ranking in Europe might be a hinderance. However, as has been pointed out to me, Alta IF plays in the Norwegian First Division, and are located even further north than Tromso. This could be attempted as well for an even tougher challenge. Easternmost Luch Vladivostok are a small team located in Vladivostok, on Russia's eastern seaboard. Geographically, they are closer to Japan than Moscow, and this has caused some problems for visiting teams, having to travel vast distances across Russia just to play them. They too play in Russia's top flight, having been promoted in 2005 after spending years bouncing around in the lower divisions. However, they have been finding the going tough, fighting off relegation year after year. This is another top flight team to take on, although it would be slightly tougher due to the fact that the team isn't actually very strong and probably have some difficulty making it into Europe. Southernmost The Spanish Canary Islands, located just off the Northwestern coast of Northern Africa, are home to three major Spanish teams, namely Las Palmas, Tenerife and Vecindario. Both Las Palmas and Tenerife currently play in Spain's Segunda Liga, one division below the top flight. They have had some success in their past, but are now mid-tablers in the second division. Vecindario, however, are one division below and are lesser known. They did have a brief spell in Segunda Division, battling their fellow island-mates, but were swiftly banished back to the regional division. While this challenge requires a season to get promoted at least, the Primera Division's ranking with UEFA could mean an easier time qualifying for the Champions League, should you get promoted. There are also three clubs to choose from, thereby increasing your options. Westernmost Santa Clara are a team currently playing in Portugal's Liga de Honra, or second division. They are located in the Azores Islands, 1,500km away from the Portuguese mainland, and at its most Western point, only 2,000km away from Canada. They are a relatively modest team, but are definitely the biggest team in the Azores. Their biggest rivals are their fellow islanders from Madeira, Maritimo and CD Nacional, who are currently in the top flight. But certainly they cannot compete for isolated-ness. One of their most famous 'sons' was a certain Pedro Pauleta. Another challenge which requires a season for promotion, and also the additional task of breaking the Portuguese 'Big 3' to qualify for the Champions League. Countries to be loaded As above, the following countries must be loaded (up to the division the teams are in, obviously): Norway Russia Spain Portugal Any other leagues to be loaded is entirely up to your discretion, but the four above are a requirement. Rules I wouldn't like to implement many rules, for this is a simple challenge with a simple goal: Win the Champions League with one of those clubs. That said, some restrictions have to be imposed. - A large database is preferred, although if your computer is not up to it, medium is fine. - Players from those four leagues to be loaded, preferably - Use of any external editors and utilities are prohibited. Otherwise it's just simple. Become manager of one of those clubs and bring them to glory. Posting Player naming is allowed Tactics discussion is allowed Screenshots are recommended. I would love to see your progress. Some screenshots I would love to see: - Your manager profile - If you do qualify for Europe, screenshot of the league table with your final position - Your European progress. Every stage and team you knock out. - And of course, should you finally make it and lift the coveted cup, a screenshot of the final. That's mostly it. I wish all of you the best of luck in taking on this challenge, and look forward to your success. (Any advice and questions welcome. Thank you. )
  13. WW’s tribute to a commentator’s curse of an OOTP style dragon’s den adventure within a Eurovision land down under, not forgetting the old create a player and play for a small country adage Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to my FM09 sign up, which as you may be able to tell from the concise title – is a spinoff of Peter Kay’s show on reality TV shows, only for CSE sign ups. The Background An anonymous, rich Russian businessman is on a crusade to improve the fortunes of 8 lesser nations within the Oceania region. The Russian and his team has scoured the world for the best uncovered managers, players and footballing experts who have even the loosest connection to the 8 nations of American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga & Vanuatu. He has miraculously managed to find 5 potential legends for each nation: 1 striker, midfielder and defender, a footballing money man expert who will take on the role as Chief Executive of the Nations FA and finally the most important job of the lot – the manager to take the club onto a new level of achievement. He has generously set aside £1bn for each nation’s Chief Executives to spend on developing football in their country. The Russian has stated that it can be used in any way the nations want it to, be it establishing youth academies, conducting an advertising campaign to improve the reputation of football within these nations or merely being sneaky and poaching future stars from other nations with golden handshakes to play for their nations. Due to his contacts within UEFA and a lucrative deal with the Scottish FA, he has struck a deal whereby each nation will have a representative club in the Scottish 3rd Division, so 8 of the 10 teams will effectively be Centres of Excellence for the 8 nations. The remaining 2 teams in that league will be existing Scottish teams. The end result of this investment by the anonymous Russian is that not only will these nations attempt to generate better players to compete in major football tournaments, but they will also play against each other in a new Friendly Competition, called the Football Organisations de Oceania Trophy (FOOT). The 8 nations will play each other in a league based series of friendly matches over the space of 2 seasons to decide who is crowned the winner. Prize money will be given depending on where nations finish in this league, with the money being able to be spent on developing those nation’s clubs in the hope of developing new wonderkids of the future. His ultimate aim is to turn these nations all into worldbeaters in international football!!! So how does this transform into a sign up There will be 48 people taking part in the sign up, with 6 forumers assigned to each of the 8 nations. There will be 3 different levels of participation, each having their own different view on the sign up: Level 1: The gaffer – This person will manage their nation and will play an OOTP style game, submitting tactics and squads to myself for when their nation plays games. All games will be controlled by their Assman, under the proviso of setting team selection and tactics. Therefore the manager of each nation will also ‘create an assman’ during the sign up period to help guide their country to victory. Managers will be created with a Sunday League level of experience and will have sole nationality of their home nation. Level 2: The Players – As leaving the nations as they currently are would make this sign up pretty difficult for any managers to qualify for major championships in the short or long term, each side will given initially 4 star 18 year old players: A striker, a midfielder, a defender & a goalkeeper. For the 32 slots that are available over the 8 nations, each person who signs up will create a player for their designated position and I will track their fortunes throughout the sign up. Managers will be forced to select these players for national team matches whenever it is physically possible to do so. These players will have a PA = -10 and a CA = 90 and will start at their representative nation club in the Scottish 3rd Division. Level 3: The Chief Executive of the National FA - This person will be given the task of spending each nation’s bounty of £1bn at the start of the game, between schemes such as setting up training & youth facilities at their clubs, improving the importance of football in their country or creating / poaching superstars of the game already. They will also decide on how to spend the prize money given to each country after each FOOT tournament. However, the money given to them won’t allow them to make everything excellent from the start, so this person will need to be quite tactical in setting up a good infrastructure for the manager to work with. The main dilemmas for Chief Executives are whether they plan to be a specialist and devote resources to a particular area, or will they share the cash around, ensuring that all bases are covered with a certain amount of resources – do you buy current stars now to get an initial boost or do you build up the academies and youth facilities with an eye on the medium / long term future?! So who is participating in this sign up? American Samoa CEO: WhoopyD GK: [gD]Crimson Def: MeLikeFM Mid: Benjaminoo Stk: GazTheDoood Manager: roberto922 Cook Islands CEO: Blackcats GK: el sid Def: Pluckaduck Mid: weeeman27bob Stk: Haowan AMC: Toni Kroos Stk: Bojan Manager: PaulHartman71 Fiji CEO: wisla_krakow GK: fattyg Mid: TaylorB Mid: 5ergio Stk: blowcrapup AMC: Luis Valquez ST: Mario Balotelli Manager: Robert_296 Samoa CEO: DodgeeD GK: tommyh 16 Def: salma Mid: ssestig Stk: SuperLampard AM/FC: Jason Demir Manager: aaberdeenn Solomon Islands CEO: birdy123 GK: tomaldinho Def: BP Doosra Mid: tomsmith1989 Stk: Gilbster Manager: canvey!! Tahiti CEO: bermybhoy GK: JSalter Def: corinthiano Mid: The Golden Boy Stk: SJ234 Def: Mamadou Sakho Stk: Bermy Manager: NepentheZ Tonga CEO: route1 GK: greenwhitearmy Def: wandsfan93 Mid: mikeytwigge Stk: Icelander83 AMC: Barry McAllister Manager: dafuge Vanuatu CEO: Walcott's Wonderkids GK: hasdgfas Def: SuperCupra Mid: spartans5 Stk: Adam C DC Gerard Pique MC: Brucie Bonus AMR: Yoann Gourcuff Manager: rancer980 The thread containing all your sign up data can be found here. Link to database: WW's FM09 Conquer the World... or just Oceania Database - Rapidshare Filefront version Initial savegame: June 2008 - In the beginning Link to latest savegame: February 2009 Save Game Note: If you download the savegame, please do not post 'your findings' in this thread, if you forward the game at a faster pace than the sign up. Punishments will be severe - you have been warned! * You will need the WinRAR application to unzip the files. Finally, I would like to credit to bamble, wisla, bermybhoy & LokedOut420 for their sign ups which have all been partially merged for this sign up.
  14. The Race for the Whitehouse ‘I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ The race for the Presidency is hotting up! And one of 14 CSE Forumers will be inaugurated next year! I can hardly wait. Let’s take a look at the challenge that lies before them. The Parties As we all know, there are two major political parties in the United States, the Democrats and the Republicans. As some may know, the MLS is divided into two sections: The Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. The Democrats are the Eastern Conference. The Republicans are the Western Conference. This is based on Barack Obama, a Democrat, being senator for Illinois (Chicago Fire – East), and John McCain, a Republican, being senator for Arizona (closest match, Chivas USA – West). These parties, made up of 7 candidates each, will contest internally to determine who their candidate will be to challenge the opposition for the US Presidency. Choose wisely, delegates. The Primaries and Caucuses Every political candidate has to go through this process to win the vote from their political party. This involves 30 debates, 16 against candidates from the same party, and 14 against candidates from the rival party. After every set of debates, the party members then vote for which candidate they want to take their party’s nomination based on that debating performance. There are more details to do with debates, which will be introduced to you in due course. The votes are put into a league table of candidates to see who the front runner for the nomination is. After all the debates have finished, the party’s front runner is then put forward as the candidate. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to run for the office of the President of the United States. The Running Mate This candidate can choose a fellow candidate to run alongside them as a running mate, aiming for the office of Vice President of the United States. The Running Mate will also score points in the general election. To prove you have been reading this far, adding “I want Joe Biden as my running mate” is always a very useful phrase to add to your sign-up form. The Election Both parties have two candidates; both candidates have a running mate. Now, the MLS Playoffs begin. Eight candidates, three from each party plus two regardless of their party, enter the playoffs as the general election. Hopefully, the candidate and their running mate are involved in these, as otherwise they will score no points. At the end of the playoff system, the election opens to the general public. Initially, there is a voting registration period, everyone in the Challenges, Sign-ups and Experiments Forum is entitled to vote provided that they register. Once the registration is complete, the voters are split into their states and they wait patiently for their chance to vote. Anyone involved in the sign-up is also eligible to vote, including the candidate who is eventually picked, although voting registration will close well in advance of them knowing who it is. The Result After all the votes have been counted, the President can be announced. Voters, if there are more than 50, are split into states, and each state votes for a candidate, rather than each vote counting towards a candidate. If all goes well, we should have 5 or so people for California, all the way down to 1 for states such as Wyoming and Alaska. Of course, this may not be the case, but we’ll try and make do. Once every state’s vote has been determined, the winner can be announced. Then, a few months later (not real time), they are inaugurated and must take the oath at the top of this page. After that, they are in office as the President of the CSE Forum. Signing Up has now closed. This sign-up is now in progress. Writer’s Notes This is my second sign-up, and lets hope things go well. If there are any questions, please ask, and if I feel they are important ones I will add them to the final opening post. A new thread will be created for the actual sign-up event, this is just for getting managers. There will also be a thread for voter registration, anyone may register for that. Please ensure you have read this post thoroughly and appended all relevant information to your sign-up form. Image Copyright ©2004-2008 EnchantedLearning.com. The following people are not permitted to enter this sign-up: eldereth Good luck, start signing up! Let the race for the Whitehouse begin! The Sign-up starts here!
  15. Wallace v Roberts 2009: the CSE community challenge Danny Roberts and Paul Wallace are two legendary strikers who went on to have equally legendary managerial careers, the continuing adventures of which we will follow right here. Biographies Danny Roberts scored more than 1,000 goals playing for Braintree and won a record number of international caps for England. Credit to dafuge for guiding this guy through his playing career (in FM 2006) As a manager in FM 2008 he had 17 successes including cups and promotions as he guided the Southern Softies up the leagues, culminating in 2 Premier League titles and Champions League trophy. Paul Wallace scored a record breaking number of goals in Northern Ireland for Knockbreda and drew them close to unthinkable Champions League success. NepentheZ was the man who led Wallace to this incredible scoring record (FM 2008). As a manager in FM 2008 he had 15 successes, ultimately leading the Northern Monkeys to the Premier League crown and the Champions League trophy. The story With the release of FM 2009, these two will go head to head again. Wallace is to take control of Blyth Spartans. Roberts will become manager of his former club, Braintree. Every year, both endure a traumatic change. A new member of the forum comes in and takes them over, guiding them through the next season, before they in turn are replaced, ad infinum. This of course means that everything changes. Their strategies change. Their opinions on players change. Their approaches to scouting, dealing with the press, heck, we could go on - it changes, every year. The one thing of which we can be sure, is success; eventually. With the combined - if conflicting - skills of the forum behind them, it is surely inevitable. Right here, we'll read all about it. You can read a summary of the previous incarnation (FM2008) here. Everyone who took part might want to check out the awards ceremony here. But who will be the most successful? On the one side, we have Blyth Spartans, otherwise affectionately known as the Northern Monkeys. On the other side, we have Braintree, or as they are now also known, the Southern Softies. It works like this Two distinct games will be started, one starting out in the Blue Square North (Monkeys), one in the Blue Square South (Softies). Fictional players will be used so no advantage can be gained. Various forum members who have signed up will take control of the teams, one at a time. Each participant has a week to 10 days at most to complete one season only (note this may be less during holidays, when there’s high demand). If they haven't, they will upload it for the next guy to continue from that point. When the season is effectively over (the end of May works well), the person in the hot seat must save and upload it for the next player. If Wallace or Roberts are sacked whoever is responsible has to own up to their inadequacy, and the next person takes over at that point, until the end of the NEXT season. Players must read and stick to the rules set out below.
  16. The Aim To take a small club who were previously unplayable in the game from the Blue Square N/S to Premier League and Champions League glory. The Rules As an addition to this year's challenge, to make sure that the promoted clubs have the correct squads, you will need to use this DDT file. This file will load all of the players for the clubs eligible for the challenge and save loading the massive database created by loading all of the English players. Thanks go to michaeltmurrayuk for providing us with this. Here's where it needs to go: XP, patched: C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\data\updates\update-930\db\930\edt Vista, patched: C://program files/sportsinteractive/football manager 2009/data/updates/update-930/db/930/edt Steam, patched: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2009\data\updates\update-930\db\930\edt Mac, patched: /applications/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2009/data/updates/update-930/db/930/edt If you are not using the patch, use the data/db/900/edt folder instead Load a game with the English leagues only, with the Blue Square N/S selected, a large database (or smaller if preferred), the attribute masking, real players and transfer boxes ticked and the add key staff box unticked. No additional players from any nation should be loaded. It should look like this. The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference. Add yourself as an unemployed manager, the details are not important at all. I like to call mine 'Holiday Man'. Go on holiday until 25th June, this shouldn't take too long, perhaps about an hour. Saving on 24th June may give you a better choice of teams by reloading the game then going on holiday for one day, I would strongly recommend trying this. Retire your 'Holiday Man' manager. It is always a sad moment, a bit like the bit in Bambi, just without the deer dying. Add a new manager, the options are up to you but 'past experience' must be set to the lowest possible which is 'Sunday league footballer'. I understand that choosing different nationalities may have an effect later on, but I trust people will be sensible with this. I would expect people to use their own true nationalities. Take over one of the new clubs promoted to the Blue Square North or South, they should appear in this list which also shows the reputation of the possible clubs. The reputation should act as a difficulty level, the lower the reputation, the harder your game should be. Isthmian Premier League Dover 1400 Staines 1250 Sutton Utd 1200 Carshalton 1200 Tonbridge 1200 Maidstone 1150 AFC Hornchurch 1100 Billericay 1100 Dartford 1100 Boreham Wood 1050 Horsham 1050 Wealdstone 1050 Canvey Island 1050 Ashford (Middx) 1000 Ramsgate 950 Margate 950 Tooting & Mitcham 950 Hendon 900 Harrow 900 Harlow Town 900 Heybridge 850 Hastings Utd 850 Southern League Premier Division Farnborough 1250 Merthyr 1200 Cambridge City 1150 Tiverton 1100 Hitchin 1050 Bedford 1050 Halesowen 1000 Oxford City 1000 Chippenham 1000 Mangotsfield 950 Hemel Hempstead 900 Banbury 900 Gloucester 900 Clevedon 800 Corby 800 Yate 700 Evesham 650 Rubgy 650 Bashley 650 Swindon S 600 Stourbridge 600 Brackley 600 Northern League Premier Division Boston Utd 1450 FC United 1250 Guiseley 1200 Hednesford 1200 Bradford PA 1100 Ilkeston 1100 Eastwood 1050 Marine 1050 Witton 1000 North Ferriby 950 Buxton 950 Kendal 900 Ashton Utd 900 Matlock 850 Whitby 850 Frickley 800 Worksop 800 Nantwich 750 Cammel Laird 700 Ossett Town 700 Leigh Genesis 700 Prescot 650 * reputations updated to 9.3.0 patch It is now up to you to manage this club all the way to the Premier League title and UEFA Champions League crown. You may not move clubs unless you are sacked. If you get sacked, you can either take over a newly promoted club that satisfies the original criteria (check the club's league history), or just start again. Any form of international management is not allowed, until you have completed the challenge. After discussion, it has been decided that assigning parent clubs and loaning players is completely up to the player, although it should be noted that on occasions a parent club can lend players which will make the first season or two slightly less of a challenge. It is completely up to you how you play this one, but everyone knows real men don't use parent club loans. To sign a player, you must be able to scout them, this doesn't mean you have to, just he must be accessible to your scouts. If you have a foreign player on a free transfer who is willing to come on trial, you do not need to be able to scout them, as long as you have them at the club on trial so you can get a coach report on him. No external utilities such as FMScout should be used and the database should be unedited. Should SI release a data update, this would be allowed. It is advised that people should update using the latest patches as they are released. Rules for this Thread Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) Discussion on tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) Screenshots for anything are encouraged but please post links to your pictures, don't post them as images as it makes the pages slower to load. When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the 25th June like this. Progress of your club should be documented using this thread, we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing really badly. At the end of every season, could everyone post some kind of season review, including at least a screenshot of a league table and the clubs transfer page. If you give this a title in bold it makes it a bit easier to pick out. The Website Thanks to Allan our webmaster, we have our very own website: http://www.dafugeschallenge.com/ When taking part in the challenge you can register with the site which tracks your progress throughout the challenge. If you do not sign up to the website, your name will not appear on the list which I will post in this thread. Unfortunately, at the moment the website is unable to track anyone winning the Premier League or Champions League. To assist me in updating the table, can I request that people PM me when they win either of these competitions for the first time. How to Post a Screenshot While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard). Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image Save the file as a JPEG Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket Post the direct Url to the image here. How to Add Links At the top of the forum, go to 'quick links' then 'edit options'. At the bottom, select 'enhanced interface' and save the changes. This will give you access to the extra posting tools that make it easier to post links. Once you've done this, highlight the word you wish to turn into a link, then use the link button (looks like a little globe) to paste in the direct Url to your screenshot. Let the fun begin
  17. The English Football League & Walcott's Wonderkids presents... AI Experiment - an extreme league in an ordinary world Hello all, Welcome to my AI Experiment, where I have decided to try and investigate the effects of extremities within the structure of a football club. 23 of the clubs within Coca-Cola League Two for the 2007/08 season have been removed (Lincoln remains) and have each been replaced with a new club that has something unique about them. Each club has been given below average facilities / amentities, with the exception of one extreme characteristic in an attempt to see how this will affect the fortunes of clubs in the short, medium and long term. The extreme characteristics range from an ambitious sugardaddy to a club with fantastic youth setup, from having a team of superstars to being an amateur club. To aid for a fair test I have also included a 'control team' which has no extreme characteristics, but just the average abilities / facilities. I have used League 2 in England as the basis for this experiment, mainly because it means that any team that gets relegated won't disappear off the radar. Any team that gets promoted / relegated from League 2 after season 1 will still be followed, after all this experiment is about all 24 teams and how how they adapt not just in the short term, but also over a number of years. To ensure a fair test, the following criterion has been laid down as standard for every club, barring their unique selling point: Status = Professional Club Club Reputation = 2900 Opening bank balance = c.£500k Chairman CA & PA = 80 / 200 and must have average personality traits (10/20). Stadiums = 12,000 all seater, with average attendance of 6,000 Training facilities = 8 Youth facilities = 8 Club Morale = 8 Next up, lets meet the clubs...
  18. Hi, I play FM08 on a Mac. I've just downloaded updateted Kits and Logos...Where I've to put them ? Plz help me TNX... Daniel
  19. The Apprentice: Football Manager Edition *Winner: Best Sign-Up Idea FM08 - The CSE Community* [highlight]Fabio Capello:[/highlight] This is a job interview from hell. I’ve been in football for 40 years. Your prize is working with me. From across the country, 20 football managers of tomorrow have come to the Premier League. [highlight]Fabio Capello:[/highlight] Don’t start telling me that you’re just like me, because no one’s like me. I’m unique. They’re here to compete for a job with a six-figure salary, working for England’s most Italian boss. [highlight]Fabio Capello:[/highlight] I think this is outrageous. You haven’t got a bloody clue. Not a bloody clue. Famously hard to please, Fabio Capello has won 9 domestic titles and one Champions League. Now, for the first time, he’s on the search for an apprentice. [highlight]Fabio Capello:[/highlight] It’s up to you. You open your bloody mouth or I’ll fire the whole bloody five of you if I have to. I don’t give a sheep. To land their dream job, the candidates will have to play…and win against each other. But there’s just one job. [highlight]Fabio Capello:[/highlight] You’re fired. You’re fired. This was a total disaster; you’re fired. Welcome, candidates, to The Apprentice: Football Manager Edition. All 20 of you will be competing against each other for one job with England manager Fabio Capello. Week by week, you complete tasks, and week by week, Fabio Capello says, “You’re fired.” First, the candidates are given clubs. Each candidate got the opportunity to set their own Current Ability and Potential Ability, and it is their selfishness here that has given them worst clubs. Those who have given themselves lower CA and PA get a better club to compete for the one job. This system is based on the club’s predicted position. The clubs are as follows: [b]Username Manager Name Club[/b] Frazza Pee Gold Member West Ham mikey twigge Mikey Twigge Derby Ridleys James Ridley Bolton Robert_296 Robert Boyle Reading coldkohmew Browser Two Tottenham PaulHartman71 The Ideal Apprentice Man Utd Mistryman Mistryman Chelsea Living_Legend Brian Greene Newcastle JoseRR Robaldinho Liverpool JamesMathews Stefan James Man City barry the second King Tikki-Man Porstmouth Tomaldinho Tomaldinho Middlesbrough weeeman27bob Kim Jung Fine Aston Villa radicell Rick Adicel Everton Mikel LUFC Gonzalo Gonzalez Arsenal uusinjsh Ints Vancans Blackburn starburst91 Dr Pepper Wigan WBA4LIFE JJ Fernie Fulham spartans5 Billy Hagrues Birmingham eldereth George Robson Sunderland Using a seeding system based on predicted positions, the candidates have been separated into two teams, The Reds and The Blues. [color=Red]The Reds[/color] [color=RoyalBlue]The Blues[/color] PaulHartman71 Man Utd Mistryman Chelsea starburst91 Wigan mikey twigge Derby JoseRR Liverpool Mikel LUFC Arsenal WBA4LIFE Fulham spartans5 Birmingham coldkohmew Tottenham radicell Everton eldereth Sunderland Frazza Pee West Ham Ridleys Bolton uusinjsh Blackburn JamesMathews Man City Robert_296 Reading barry the second Portsmouth weeeman27bob Aston Villa Tomaldinho Middlesbrough Living_Legend Newcastle The Schedule Every Tuesday I post a task, and I post its report on the Wednesday. The next couple of days are then used to determine who is fired ready for the next task, which is posted on Friday. The report for that task is posted on Saturday, and another candidate is fired before the next task commences on the next Tuesday. At the end of 15 tasks we will have our new apprentice. After the task report is completed, I will ask the project manager of the losing team to call in two (or more) clubs from their team to the board room. Then, via email, the three forum users tell me why they shouldn’t get fired. Once all arguments are posted, the other team members get the opportunity to vote for which team mate they want to see fired by emailing me. The result is announced and one or more of the team members are sent packing. The Tasks Each week the teams are set a task. Although this is described in real life terms, it equates to a Football Manager objective. I then simulate the task taking place on Football Manager 2008, and post the results in a report. The scores of each team member for that task are added together to get a team score which determines the winning team. From the losing team, one person gets fired. The Project Managers Each week there will be a different team member assigned as Project Manager. This is drawn using a random number system. The Project Manager has to enter the boardroom along with two teammates. If there are no more Project Managers available for a team, the draw will be redone. The Project Managers will be announced alongside the task. Disclaimer: As this is the first series, I cannot guarantee there will not be bumps along the way. In fact, I am certain there will be issues. I’ll try to minimise these but with the clubs being unequal tension is always likely to arise. Remember it is just a game and to have fun. You can always participate again next series when I can be clearer on what should be done setting up the sign-up. Notes: The game is being played on an 8.0.2 large database, which has been edited only to put the 20 candidates in. The English Premier Division is the only league loaded, and no additional nations are selected. All managers were set to be born in 1977 but for some unknown reason the game changes their date of birth on startup. I will leave it as it is unless there is a major outcry. To email me, go to the Contact Info pane of my Profile and click ‘Send a message via email to canvey!!’. If your manager is fired in the game, you can continue the sign-up, but if your team loses you automatically enter the boardroom. All users are very much welcome to post in this thread, not just those competing in the sign-up. If you are going to be away it helps me if you tell me in advance so I know why you’re not contributing to the thread. If you do not submit your defence argument none shall be provided for you and if you don’t vote then you miss your opportunity to get someone fired. Only the members of the losing team have to vote for who they want fired.
  20. In my game, I was Portugal manager. This regen Brazilian defensive mid Elson had dual nationality and could be called up by me. Anyway, thought he had a lot of potential, so I played him in a senior cap, and hence he was claimed for my nation, and not Brazil. Turned out to be a win over 100 caps for Portugal - one of the great players. Anyway, just wondering, who is the best player you've got to play for your country that was originally from another country?
  21. Alright guys! In need of a world class cb. Sakho, Zapata, Barzagli, Breno are all taken, any recommendations?
  22. This is the fourth in a series of monthly challenges which will run for one calendar month and involve playing just one season with a chosen team. Anyone can take part as many times as they like. The aim is simple, just do as well as possible in your one season in charge. A running medals table will be kept, with only the highest entry form each user being entered. The current table looks like this: <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">Medals Leaderboard ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Username Gold Silver Bronze Challenges Played ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ridleys 1 1 0 2 NeoAC 1 0 0 1 ManU@oldtrafford 1 0 0 1 dafuge 0 1 0 2 minisav 0 1 0 2 CoachFlu 0 0 1 2 Jimbokav1971 0 0 1 1 G-Man11 0 0 1 1 Tom =) 0 0 1 1 migwar 0 0 0 1 Boskovic 0 0 0 1 Flashman's School Days 0 0 0 1 DodgeeD 0 0 0 1 bob66 0 0 0 1 Jonzii 0 0 0 1 OugaBagga 0 0 0 1 dublx 0 0 0 1</pre> The Rules Load a game with the Argentinian leagues only, a large database (or smaller if preferred) and the attribute masking and the transfer boxes ticked. No additional players from any nation should be loaded. The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you. Add a manager with automatic past experience and Argentinian nationality only. When you start the challenge, make sure you post a picture of your manager profile. You may only sign players for whom you can obtain a scout or coach report for, this means you can only sign players from within your scouting restrictions or players who you can attract on trial to the club. No external scouting utilities should be used and the database should be the official SI one with no non-graphical changes. It is suggested that the 8.0.2 patch and database is used. Exploiting the setting up of friendlies for reserve teams in order to make money is considered cheating. Anything related to the challenge may be discussed in this thread, including players, tactics etc. Feel free to update as you want, I think a monthly update should be sufficient. When you complete your season, post the following screenshots in your review: <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI>League Tables <LI>Squad <LI>Transfer History <LI>Finances Summary Almirante Brown - suggested by markcator3006 Club Almirante Brown is an Argentine football club from Isidro Casanova in the Buenos Aires Province, currently playing in Primera B Nacional, the second tier of Argentine football. The club were founded on 17 January 1922 with the name Centro Atlético y Recreativo Almirante Brown. They played in Primera B Nacional between the 1986-87 and 1997-98 season, reaching their highest ever league position in the 1991-92 season, when they finished 2nd in the table. They were within one game of gaining promotion to the Primera División, however they lost the playoff final to San Martín de Tucumán. In May 2007 Almirante Brown became champions of the Primera B Metropolitana Clausura tournament by beating Estudiantes de Buenos Aires in the final, the fixture was marred by violence and Almirante Brown were forced to start the following season in B Nacional with -18 points as punishment. Interestingly, they are not the only team in the league in this situation: Nueva Chicago is an Argentine football club based out of the Mataderos barrio of Buenos Aires, which is also called Nueva Chicago. The club played in the Primera Division Argentina during the 2006-2007 season, but they were relegated to Primera B Nacional after losing their promotion/relegation playoff against Club Atlético Tigre. The second leg of the playoff was marred by violence, The Nueva Chicago manager and players assaulted the referee after he awarded a penalty to Tigre. Following this altercation the Nueva Chicago supporters rioted, causing extensive damage to the Estadio Monumental de Victoria and the death of one Tigre supporter. The result of this was that Nueva Chicago were relegated and started the new season with an 18 point deduction*. Most Nueva Chicago fans decried the violence and lamented the death of the Cejas, the fan of Tigre. This was the first death ever related to a game of Nueva Chicago, and most fans are indignant that the violence of a few was not stopped by the police and club authorities and was even promoted by the coach at the time (Ramacciotti, who spend only a few games in Nueva Chicago and has no previous history in the club). *deduction is 20 points in FM The Expectations The media prediction is 19th (Independiente Rivadavia are predicted to come last) and the board's expectation is that the club fights bravely against relegation. The real challenge here is to see how the club can compete with Nueva Chicago and to see if both clubs can avoid relegation.
  23. This is the third in a series of monthly challenges which will run for one calendar month and involve playing just one season with a chosen team. Anyone can take part as many times as they like. The aim is simple, just do as well as possible in your one season in charge. A running medals table will be kept, with only the highest entry form each user being entered. The current table looks like this: <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">Medals Leaderboard ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Username Gold Silver Bronze Challenges Played ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NeoAC 1 0 0 1 ridleys 1 0 0 1 dafuge 0 1 0 2 minisav 0 1 0 1 CoachFlu 0 0 1 2 Jimbokav1971 0 0 1 1 G-Man11 0 0 1 1 migwar 0 0 0 1 Boskovic 0 0 0 1 Flashman's School Days 0 0 0 1 DodgeeD 0 0 0 1 bob66 0 0 0 1 Jonzii 0 0 0 1 OugaBagga 0 0 0 1 </pre> Busan Transportation Corporation Founded in 2006, Busan Transportation Corporation (or Busan Kyotong) are looking to establish themselves in the Korean National League. The Rules Load a game with the South Korean leagues only, a large database (or smaller if preferred) and the attribute masking and the transfer boxes ticked. No additional players from any nation should be loaded. The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you. Add a manager with automatic past experience and South Korean nationality only. When you start the challenge, make sure you post a picture of your manager profile. You may only sign players for whom you can obtain a scout or coach report for, this means you can only sign players from within your scouting restrictions or players who you can attract on trial to the club. No external scouting utilities should be used and the database should be the official SI one with no non-graphical changes. Exploiting the setting up of friendlies for reserve teams in order to make money is considered cheating. Anything related to the challenge may be discussed in this thread, including players, tactics etc. Feel free to update as you want, I think a monthly update should be sufficient. When you complete your season, post the following screenshots in your review: <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI>League Tables <LI>Squad <LI>Transfer History <LI>Finances Summary The Expectations The media prediction is 12th (bottom of the league) and the board are just happy for the club to enjoy the experience of participating in the N-League. How well can you do?
  24. Introduction Welcome to a sign up game - with a twist! Cliched start, I know, but here’s the deal - the basic idea of a lot of sign ups is that you create a footballing starlet who is entered into the database with a really high PA, and follow his career as he develops into a world-renowned superstar. But what would happen if we introduced a bit of chance into the proceedings? A kind of footballing genetics lottery, if you will? The basic premise of this sign up is that your player will not necessarily end up as a footballing god. All players will be assigned the same CA - but a randomly generated PA. Your player may be the best player in the history of Real Madrid - or he might be a footnote in the history of Rochdale. So, all you have to do is create a striker using the form below. Then follow your players unpredictable career trajectory and find out if you get to score goals in the World Cup Final... or the 1st Round of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. And remember - it could be you... who’s crap!
  25. Walcott's Wonderkids presents: The Eurovision Striking Contest Advocating plenty of Terry Wogan like banter and geopolitical voting **Winner of Best Sign Up Award 2008, CSE Forums** Welcome all to the beginning of a brand new pan-Europe contest, but one where semi-pointless getting one over on your rivals is put slightly on the back-burner, whilst the serious matter of European Football is brought to the fore. The football confederation of UEFA currently comprises of 53 nations and the boffins at UEFA have devised a new contest where it is hoped that all 53 nations will be donated an 18 year old wonderkid by the footballing gods. These wonderkids will compete for their new nations, earning points based on performances at senior international level for their countries and each year after the June Internationals each individuals points will be added up and the winner will receive the Annual Eurovision Striking Contest Trophy. The contest is designed so the wonderkids who play for the larger footballing nations will not necessarily be at a competitive advantage. Points Based System Int Appearance = 5 Int Goal = 10 Int MoM Award = 5 Int Yellow Card = -3 Int Red Card = -8 (2 yellows --> 1 red = -8) Team Win = 3 Team Draw = 1 Bonus 25 points will be awarded if player finishes top scorer in the EURO / World Cup Qual Tournaments. Previous rumours have been confirmed, as in addition to the trophy a league system will operate after the first season, with players performances each season determining whether they gain promotion up the ladder or are relegated to the depths of European obscurity. This also means that not necessarily the highest scoring person in that season will win this league format, but will reward consistent performers! More details of this to come at the end of the first season, but suffice to say with 53 members there will probably be 3 leagues, with promotion / relegation of 5 spots per league. Back to the details of here and now... Domestic Bases The 53 participants have been assigned to Regional Hub leagues to begin with, with all players being randomnly assigned a club in the 2nd tier of this country's league system. Details are listed below, together with the list of participants taking part: Player Name Username Country Representing Regional Hub League 1. Joo Ahjoo Russia Russia 2. Julius Kapono 5ergio Denmark Sweden 3. Triple H Tom =) Armenia Russia 4. Tom Collantine SuperCupra Spain Spain 5. Jason Demir DodgeeD Kazakhstan Russia 6. dafuge dafuge Macedonia Romania 7. Robaldinho JoseRR Czech Rep Germany 8. Mike Bird birdy123 Croatia Serbia 9. Ryan Andrews NeoAC Faroe Islands Sweden 10. Pablo Gonzalez Blackcats Switzerland Italy 11. King Queen GazTheDoood Ukraine Russia 12. Haowan Haowan Hungary Serbia 13. Derren Brown Whoopy D Serbia Serbia 14. In Der Van Dude The Golden boy Slovenia Italy 15. Robert Boyle Robert_296 Estonia Russia 16. Arthur White super_lampard Azerbaijan Russia 17. de Poopinho PoopyPants Italy Italy 18. David Pitt evry1sfavedave Slovakia Germany 19. Magnus Donaldson MagnusD N Ireland England 20. Sebastian Skywalker Liam =D Cyprus Greece 21. Sneaky Ninja Deadlydevices Moldova Romania 22. Jim Alex Jimalex Romania Romania 23. Alexei Lloyd-Hooker alexeilh Andorra Spain 24. Diego Polo Fudger San Marino Italy 25. James Knowles aaberdeenn Germany Germany 26. Damon Lowe lfcfannic Iceland Sweden 27. Juan King MikelLUFC Turkey Greece 28. Alex Drew wisla Rep Ireland England 29. Adam Moxon mocko666 Sweden Sweden 30. Tom Healy tomiscool Wales England 31. Mini Saville Minisav Austria Germany 32. Parker Reynolds Parker Poland Germany 33. Bob Van Bob Ruh Roh Portugal Spain 34. Robert Dillon Evil Dave Luxembourg Germany 35. Pendros route1 Greece Greece 36. Steven Kemp Spurs + Eastbourne 4eva Malta Greece 37. Brendan Petersen BP Doosra Liechtenstein Italy 38. Suk-yo Bum Scott1990 Bulgaria Romania 39. Ulf Chaoc CoachFlu Georgia Russia 40. Niall O'Donnell Everton_3_0_Liverpool Holland Germany 41. Paddy O'Furniture Living_Legend Finland Sweden 42. Ben Arsenal BenArsenal Norway Sweden 43. Felix Bububu Lithuania Russia 44. Benj Benjaminoo Belgium Germany 45. Bob McBob SJ234 France Spain 46. Tyler Burrows PluckaDuck Bosnia Serbia 47. Jason Healy coldkohmew Scotland England 48. Arthur Li Arthur Li Montenegro Serbia 49. Adam Wilkinson Adamw Latvia Russia 50. Yhon Wi ManU@oldtrafford England England 51. Kyle Van Smith kingrooney Albania Greece 52. Jaradafred Zadabheer jbleeds Israel Greece 53. Brucie Bonus Walcotts Wonderkids Belarus Russia The club you have been assigned to will appear on your player profile screenshot in a later post. I've had to use a bit of artistic licence with the allocation of countries to regional hub leagues to allow for a bit of balance and to prevent the Russian league containing half the participants!!! Right, I think that's everything - let battle commence...