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  1. 28.5.2017. Being 31, I decided to offer Medjani to clubs (he wasn't set on TL nor not needed status), but he wasn't happy with it - thinking I was forcing him out - and came to me asking for an explanation. In that conversation I changed my mind and told him I won't be selling him. That triggered a promise which is fine and pretty logical. But any promise made will make a player unhappy!? It's January 2018 now - Medjani's contract expires in June and I wanted to extend it. Surprise, surprise. So a player that doesn't want to be sold is unhappy after I promised him he won't be sold and thus won't extend his contract which means he will be leaving this summer when it expires. Also, that promise is active for 238 days and lasts for another 225 days so it's a total of 463 days, exceeding his contract expiry date. Why not use a fixed limit of 6 months/1 season/2 transfer periods etc.? I'm guessing the logic is definitely off here.
  2. Love how Cassar still earns a mere £100 weekly with those attributes. Class apart most def. Great job on bringing back those ex-youngsters, I see league rep is starting to rise and with it player values as well. Not that you need the money in this save but still... Also, I see that Peruvian/Spanish LB can get retrained to RB - his pref.foot is left (not left only) which means he is somewhat comfortable playing on the right side of the pitch as well. Having a Spanish duo on the right could be an idea worth exploring.
  3. I'm stunned they're both still at Al-Qadisiyah (which I thought was in Qatar, my mistake), looking at their wages, you could afford them both probably - no idea why they have no interest in joining their first ever club though. I'm assuming you did try to offer them a contract and they still weren't interested - because scouts will label the player as 'no interest' but in reality they are interested but they require some promises to be made before the actual negotiations start. Hopefully you'll get them both back in the future, they both look solid. Cassar at 17 looks promising as well.
  4. Any chance of attributes polygon of Cassar and Azzopardi? Some great players in your team now, hopefully that CL table means you finished 3rd What about that duo snapped up by Qatari side a few years back?
  5. Read the whole thread, I was excited reading the first post and seeing your long-term plans as I love saves like these - focusing on youth but still being active in the transfer market. Some fantastic trades throughout the years, I'm curious - what's your club valued at right now? It should be in hundreds of millions right? Good luck with the upcoming CL campaign, will be following!
  6. Onwards and upwards - a stadium, a professional status AND another title! Curious - I guess you maxed out junior coaching level? Will you try and bring back those youngsters that signed for Qatari Al-something a few years back?
  7. The Pride of the Pyrenees

    Fantastic CL campaign last season, and a great youth intake as well. In classic saves the fun would start after turning pro, as for you, upgrading facilities and hoping for solid youth players, while getting the results. Shame about Lusitans, when I played in Andorra they would regularly get great Portuguese youth players every year, hopefully you'll get the title back next year.
  8. Great read so far! Congrats on the first league title, but I must say adding the logos to the game was much more important to me Shame you lost three great players just because of a few facility upgrades in the past, that money would def give you enough in the bank to turn professional. Hopefully after this CL run you'll have more than the necessary €3M.
  9. Will be fun to watch. Had some great saves in Malta, I think the only bug in this database is the playoffs one - the lower league team has all gray players every time I think. I was gonna say it will be interesting to see if any Norwegian/Crimean youth players show up and that's exactly what happened. I guess more will follow through the years, unfortunately until you're semi-pro any solid player will leave you pretty quickly. Solid first couple of seasons, hopefully you can win another promotion to start banking money for professional status. Good luck!
  10. #1 doesn't happen often in RL but some aspects could definitely be added into social feed at least. #2 is possible right now, you can search for a "first team player - ST - target man only based in Africa": Personalities aren't revealed right away after the scouting starts, but that could be a good idea. #3 isn't manager work, it's more a Club Chairman 2017 suggestion, and as for #4 - currently the fans don't have any impact on the game whatsoever bar the gate income, so I would suggest making some changes to their in-game existence first.
  11. Yesss! Silly question - but was this properly tested for 15-20+ seasons - can you label it safe to start a major save on v1.0?
  12. #15 (Whichelow) shoots from 25m, the ball doesn't touch anyone before crossing the line - yet the goal is disallowed because of #9 being behind the lines. This looks like a coding bug unless it was a intentional ref mistake to bring more realism into the game. Since the ball is obviously high, I don't see how is #9 in the way of the GK which would make a case for disallowing the goal. Post-game analysis - the ref rating category - stated the ref made a mistake giving my team a penalty in the first half, but no mention of this. The players didn't complain to the ref either. .pkm attached, this happened in 77th minute of the match. Wealdstone-Bath-offside-77.pkm
  13. Gyor vs Celje friendly match (I was manager of Celje). The players in question Dzinic and Rozman have the following attributes: Decisions: 9, 11 Concentration: 12, 13 In 2D it just looks silly enough for me to mark it as a bug. It seems #5 tried to dribble the GK(?) but the game registered it as the GK's own goal somehow. .pkm is included, the goal in question happened in 45+2'. Gyor-Celje-ME-owngoal-45+2-TIR669.pkm
  14. As Mattyboy89 said, a RL manager could do it but doesn't. First off, it's highly unsportsmanlike and in a way hurts the unwritten rules of fair play. You wouldn't ask for a "instruct player to get 3rd yellow card intentionally" feature, would you? Football Manager limits all possible scenarios, styles of play and whatnot's to realistic features and ones based on fair play, allowing some features that make the game more enjoyable (such as build new stadium request which managers don't really use), but avoiding others.