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  1. This season was yuck. Useless youth intake, last place in CL, stoppage time title win after 4-1 down, and most importantly Beinir didn't get his diploma again.
  2. Mortensen with the promising midfielder description looks yummy. Pay attention to his min release fee and stuff. Also curious, I thought non-European newgens are always 18+ while the European ones come as 16yo, but I'm seeing a South African 16yo in the last one, Peru as well. Seems wild with no specific rules, i.e. why are AUS, CAM and USA 18+ but RSA, PER aren't?
  3. As I was writing "No news about Beinir in a while now" there he is Curious, why did you sell that American striker for such a low fee? Was he complaining, the board did it on their own or were you on holiday and DoF does business automatically when you're out? Shame about Non-Faroese youth being 18+ in the intakes though, but they're quality year after year. Following this as usual with your long term ones!
  4. Shoot on sight is the best possible TI to include this year, BY FAR. 9th minute goal, 0-1 Long shots 7 Finishing 4 Technique 10 Composure 8 23rd minute 0-2 Long shots 10 Finishing 7 Technique 10 Composure 9 44th minute 0-3 Long shots 7 Finishing 4 Technique 11 Composure 11
  5. I'll be quick and precise as most of the key stuff was already posted and explained thoroughly in my opinion, detailed enough for SI to fix those issues. I'll post two gifs from my latest game, lost 0-2. Two goals scored in 49th and 62nd minute, both classified as own goals. I'm going to say that the stupidest thing in this example is that a player that scored two own goals in a 0-2 defeat got a 6.7 rating, joint second-best in team. With one key pass and one key header made from his natural right back position. That fact is more than I could say on the level of brokenness and the shamble
  6. As always, this turns out to be one of the best updates for FM every year so can't wait to test this one as well. It's been 4 FM releases since I won the CL with a Maltese side so might go for it soon again. Mad props to you BurnCM4X, Mons and drinu for doing God's work all these years an hope it will continue for many years to come. These updates are always bug-free and on par with the official DB updates.
  7. Read through everything last night. What a campaign is all I can say. Absolutely love the save from day one. I was hoping you'd celebrate the new stadium back in 2037(ish?) by returning straight back to Ligue 1 after the relegation, but you got unlucky and the playoffs system is a bit hard as well. I'm curious about the finances, the income/expenditures breakdowns to be more precise. You limit yourself wage-wise, spending 25m p/a but it bugs me your balance is not that big and as if it's not rising as much as it should for a stable Ligue 1 side after all the prize/TV money, transfe
  8. Just tried it now, 3 season holiday brings up the same or alike issues - Pieta H. who originally play in 2nd tier are now top division team and can offer part-time contracts although some teams still have a lot of amateur contracts but that's expected from them. However in the 2nd tier 8 out of 14 teams have 0 salary expenses, i.e. can still only offer amateur contracts to players. But at least the top division bug is now hopefully in the past.
  9. You're updating this far too often for me to manually search last post I read so commenting to fix that. Been following for a while now, fantastic results so far!
  10. Just lost my top player to a semi-pro contract I wasn't able to offer myself. That's unfortunate since I've done 5 seasons and have no intention of restarting now, I'm assuming turning pro in a couple of years will toggle pro contract type.
  11. Some of the teams promoted from 2nd league have a few semi-pro contracts and a couple of them were definitely 100% semi-pro in second season. 5th season currently and this is what Premier league looks like: Mqabba and Qrendi started in 2nd tier, I started in 3rd tier and looks like Floriana and Mosta - which got relegated to 2nd tier for one year - all have just a few semi-pro players and all other are amateur contracts. Please take a look, definitely looks like a bug to me. It's nothing gamebreaking since solid players still want to join on amateur contract, but it's a pain ke
  12. Any idea why I can't offer any part time contracts to players although all teams are semi-pro from the start? Took over Siggiewi in 3rd tier, I was only able to sign players on non-contract/amateur contract whilst other Premier league teams and many 2nd league teams have lots of players on part time. Needless to say the update is absolutely fantastic, as every year.
  13. Point me where should I click to avoid this FIFA-scripting please. Mentality on attacking, I'm chasing a win here with solid 120-140 CA players, not random 7th league junk. 80th minute and instead of kicking it forward, my mid and FB(a) first ignore overlap (the only "slow down" TI active at the time), proceed to pass it to the keeper who disregards his pass to full backs and take short kicks PI and rather kicks it forward (to none). Cheery on the cake is this missed animation and fantastic ball control at the end, where my DC disregards the ball and my other DC continues forward lea
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