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  1. Definitely better off making the move B.W.G. Good luck!
  2. My few times trying the Gundo Challenge in NI would suggest you either turn professional when you have enough money (qualify for CL group stages) or if you win the league 6 or 7 times consecutively. The former is the most likely incident to occur first.
  3. Takes a couple seasons to get the players necessary to break the CL qualifiers etc. Once you do though (and the subsequent £6million cash injection), it becomes a lot easier to continually qualify for the group stages.
  4. Losing on penalties is sickening no matter what context it's in, so my sympathy for that alone. Still a pretty good season considering your half-way position. I'm sure you'll go one further this season.
  5. Nice work so far. I'll keep stopping in.
  6. Jesus that was a great first season. Immediately noticing the majority of your best players don't even have high determination - something I've (obviously foolishly) always assumed was necessary in the lower levels.
  7. Liking the ambition shown in the form of your formation. I'll be honest, I wouldn't have the stones to try a setup like that unless I had good players. Nice to the see it's paying off with a good start.
  8. Awesome seeing someone as successful as dafuge with FM, take on N.Ireland. Think I'll check in regularly at least just to pick up the odd tip for my own career. Good luck.
  9. Forgot to follow up but I'm managing Newington in Northern Ireland (tried the challenge with them with FM10 so very much at home.)
  10. Holidaying now. Tried this challenge for past two versions. About time I finished it.
  11. For me it would seem an easy addition. Board could give you suggestions (famous player etc) and then you could have the option if you're highly respected to name it yourself. It wouldn't come up that often and essentially some function to validate your chosen name of stadium wasn't already in the stadia list. I'd be happy with that. Long-term gamers would be happy.
  12. Solid career and you certainly seemed to have been very immersed in it compared some other FM careers out there.
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