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  1. Premier League isn't a doddle. I'll say that much. Got our first couple of wins there but lost our first two league matches pretty convincingly. Didn't get much out of the transfer window I have to say.
  2. Tale of the Swans - Season 2013/14 recap Took me a while to finish this season off but it's worth reporting on regardless.. League Prediction: 13th I'll be honest, it took such a long time to finish this off I forget all the ins and outs of it but I'll make a go of it. I think we never really left top spot in the league once we got there and pretty much dominated for the majority of the season. It was accompanied by pretty solid efforts in the other competitions and now with promotion to the Premier Division, we can start building that statue outside the stadium of yours truly. Final position: 1st League Table League Positions Graph Other competitions Irish Cup - Got put out by our parent club. Think that's part of the agreement isn't it? Steel and Sons Cup - A nice run until we met Carrick in the semi-final. A bad day in terms of goals conceded and out we went. Intermediate Cup - Never really paid attention to this. For some reason in my fixtures list, I can't filter in the Co.Antrim Shield, nor the League Cup. But whatever, we won the Shield with a win good win over NI giants Linfield and beat another Premier Division side in the League Cup final. Key players Stephen Wells - Our out and out goalscorer. Bagged this. Dario - Pretty solid purchase in the January window. I wanted someone to act as the creative forward alongside Wells and he did the job superbly. Matjaz Cander - Either played in the 'hole' as an attacking midfielder or in a three man midfield. He was a creative force and scored a few goals too. The club First Team Squad Transfers Staff Club Info Facilities Finances Affiliates History The manager My profile My personal screen My biography My history Next season Premier Division? Should be **** easy, right? Career history Season League Club Final position Achievements 2012/13 Second Division Newington 1st Promotion 2013/14 First Division Newington 1st Promotion, Shield Winners, League Cup Winners
  3. Football, football, football. Getting put out of two competitions in two matches consecutively (against teams we should be beating) is bad enough.. Steel and Sons Cup Semi-Final exit Intermediate Cup 2nd Round exit But for those to come after we beat the biggest club in Northern Ireland in the Country Antrim Shield Final?! Yes, football you brilliant, yet wonderfully sour-tasting sport.
  4. At this stage, apparently so. Cheers. Yeah I think he may do. Still a bit shocked he came through in the first place though. Random isn't even a strong enough term for it. Yeah for some reason Portadown (top repped club in NI at the minute) are interested in McCordick. It's fine that they're interested in him, don't get me wrong but why they're after him and not my 16 year old Wells is a bit strange.
  5. His debut: [video=youtube;7gAB3ydoS_E]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gAB3ydoS_E He set up one for Wells later in the match and picked up the MOM award. Well that tends to calm the nerves over a new signing.
  6. Saw this guy a few weeks back and eventually he's got a work permit to allow him to join the side. He's old as hell but I'm looking to match young Well's pace with a bit of experience and better finishing. 10k fee to bring him in. Hopefully it pays off and secures promotion given our good start already.
  7. Definitely better off making the move B.W.G. Good luck!
  8. Same. I'm half expecting things to pear-shaped all of a sudden but thankfully so far, we seem pretty solid. The young lad (turned 16) Stephen Wells has 16 for pace, so he's pretty lethal against these sorts of defenders.
  9. My few times trying the Gundo Challenge in NI would suggest you either turn professional when you have enough money (qualify for CL group stages) or if you win the league 6 or 7 times consecutively. The former is the most likely incident to occur first.
  10. Surprisingly, we've found this season pretty straightforward so far. Scoring lots of goals, conceding very few and haven't been knocked out of any competitions so far: Current League Table
  11. Takes a couple seasons to get the players necessary to break the CL qualifiers etc. Once you do though (and the subsequent £6million cash injection), it becomes a lot easier to continually qualify for the group stages.
  12. Doesn't seem to work (changing the attribute colours in preferences.) Just puts them back to default everytime. Do you have to make sure ALL the colours are only used once? EDIT: Nevermind, just realised Use Skin Cache wasn't ticked.
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