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  1. I've now uploaded "Crash.flv" - it took a while for it to happen this time, but it has now. Let me know what you find?
  2. I've uploaded "Successful Penalty.flv". Will upload a crash one when it happens.
  3. Where do I upload the video from when it happens? Have it all ready, just gotta wait for it to happen now! EDT: Hasn't happened yet, but I do have a video from a game where I got a penalty and it wasn't a problem - I didn't get a dialogue box popping up asking for a taker, so no crash. But obviously I'll keep playing until the crash comes.
  4. I'll have a go. If it fixes this problem, I'm all for it - but it has been happening for years.
  5. Also - how can I tell when to take a video since a) I don't know when I'm going to get a penalty and b) it doesn't happen every time?
  6. No, I haven't created him. I ticked the "use fake players" button at the start of the game though. Haven't played enough to know yet as I've been away for a few days but will let you know if it happens again.
  7. Done, still happens. Why does this keep happening every year?
  8. I'm not any more, though. I was, but I deleted that when this issue first came up.
  9. This is what the screen looks like immediately on the award of the penalty. Nothing works on the match screen itself.
  10. Attached. The game screen originally has a dialogue box asking for the penalty taker in it, but once you go back into the screen from the home screen, it's not there any more. I did take a screenshot of the original one, but stupidly took the next screenshot before I had pasted it into a paint file! My bad.
  11. I play in windowed mode so cannot adjust the resolution. I'll play for a bit now and send a screenshot when it happens.
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