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  1. A Traditional Gooner

    I broke my transfer record just now - £91m from Chelsea. I'm starting to think it was a mistake! Thoughts?
  2. A Traditional Gooner

    A new signing means that I now have a player named Xavier on BOTH wings. Might be a first! On another note, doing OK at the moment although MILES behind United. Any tips on how I could make this tactic a bit more consistent?
  3. A Traditional Gooner

    I said earlier in the thread - I can't work out WHY he has been so good, but he has! Anyway, couldn't retain our title, but hoping to get a couple of marquee signings in to push for it again next year.
  4. A Traditional Gooner

    Can you think of a WORSE circumstance in which to break the club's league goalscoring record??!!
  5. A Traditional Gooner

    Some of the best form I've ever seen on FM from Pacheco!! He is now one goal away from breaking Henry's league record - he has already smashed the overall one.
  6. A Traditional Gooner

    Snail's pace today but the first few results sum up how I feel about my team right now. We need to get some more consistency. Any thoughts on my tactics would be appreciated.
  7. A Traditional Gooner

    Ah - should have mentioned. I'm numbering them in order of their first appearance (and starting again whenever I get to 100). So, for example, Pacheco is the 70th player I used in a competitive game (where two or more appear in the same game, its done by their position in the team). Reiss Nelson, as the only surviving member of the original Arsenal squad, wears 18 (used him in the league cup in the first season). So the numbers have no correlation to position at all. But it helps me to track the careers of significant players, because I can order them by number and get their stats up quickly to add to historical data at the end of each season.
  8. A Traditional Gooner

    So, got trounced in the Community Shield. Any information you need to help me out here?
  9. A Traditional Gooner

    I started this a while ago - doing a save I do every 3 years or so, just a basic Arsenal save, although because I find stats and stuff cool, I always have things like youth projects and 1,000 appearance goals in mind (George Morgan is an almost nailed-on cert for that). I've finally won the league (at the 9th time of asking!!), and I'm starting to have a few superstars, so I thought I'd document it on here - partly to get some interest/support for my game, but also partly to record this as it may turn out to be one of my longest saves ever. So far, though I only just won the league for the first time, my roll of honour is a little longer: Champions' League: Winner in 2023 (first for the club), Runner-up in 2022 Club World Cup: Winner in 2023 (another first for the club) Premier League: Winner in 2025 (first for 21 years), Runner-up in 2022, Third placed in 2017, 2021 and 2023 FA Cup: Winner in 2023 (this was my first trophy in the save!), Runner-up in 2020 and 2025 Super Cup: Winner in 2023 (another first for the club) EFL Cup: Runner-Up in 2025 Community Shield: Runner-Up in 2023, yet to contest in 2025 This is my current squad on the eve of my title defence. Whilst Jack Wilshere currently holds the record for appearances under my management (304), Reiss Nelson will probably overtake him this season and has plenty of time to go - and he recently became the first to 100 assists during my tenure! But Luis Pacheco is the superstar of the side, currently just 11 goals off Sir Terence's all time record, although he's 25 off the league record, so whilst that should happen this season, it will probably be at the end of it. I still can't understand why he's done so well - he doesn't look THAT good to me! The actual prompt for this (although I've been thinking about it for a while) was this stunning victory. Yes it was a friendly, but they had their first team out, including a few former Arsenal players including their 'keeper. Not bad! I'll also be asking for tactical advice from time to time - but my formation has been fairly steady albeit with some tweaks for some time: this was the one that won me my first title last year, with my current first choice XI in position. It's working fairly well at the moment, but if anyone can suggest any improvements or tweaks to make it even more consistent, I would be willing to listen!!
  10. dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Just wanted to share this gem from my game - it's not a Dafuge one but I couldn't resist!!!
  11. dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Anyone know which teams are being replaced with which other teams for this challenge this year based on RL promotions and relegations? I want to do it with a new team next year but none catch my eye currently.
  12. [FM16] Swatemalan Morons

    Had hugely lost interest in FM for a while but I'm back to continue with this a bit...and although he isn't Guatemalan, the peformances of Marco Varillas are exciting me again.
  13. Leicester Icons/Legends in FM 17

    What an utter berk. If, when FM had come out, my game had spewed up Leicester as title winning in the first season, I would have called it a rip off. Similarly, if they had written this as a film before it became "based on a true story" (hitting all major cinemas 2018, folks), it would have been a totally unrealistic film. To suggest that FM should have had Leicester as being potential champions is simply absurd. Mahrez is very good in the game. Vardy is decent. Kante probably underrated slightly but then he was in real life too! No-one else in that team is anywhere near title winning quality themselves - and that is kinda the point of this whole story. It's about a team coming together thanks to great team spirit, a fantastic manager who had a lot to prove, and fair winds carrying them to the most ridiculous title win in history - given the changes in finances, Forest/Blackburn etc don't even come close. This team SHOULD have been bottom half at best: even the top pundits mostly had them as third or fourth favourites to get relegated (I think I heard that 70% of sports writers thought they'd be bottom 3 after Ranieri was appointed, he was definitely massive favourite to be the first sacking). They had a stellar - no, totally unbelievable - season that is never to be repeated in my lifetime. If FM17 has West Brom or Swansea coded in as title contenders in the first season, I shall return my copy to the shop. And that won't change if it happens (it won't, even with the £100m-odd that those teams will have to spend) - because that's football. If it happens in one save in every 5,000 that's fine - because that's about how likely it was that Leicester would do what they have done. In 5,000 games of FM17, I would expect (and quibble about precise numbers - that would be something for the researchers and developers to tweak--- but as a guide) the first league title to go to: Man City 1,600 times Chelsea 1,200 times Arsenal 600 times (more if Wenger leaves before the game is released) Man Utd 600 times (more if LvG leaves before the game is released) Tottenham 500 times Liverpool 400 times ...and the rest about 100 times between them. And by the way, whilst the money next year will keep things interesting, and there will probably be one team that "does a Leicester" to some extent (i.e. gatecrashes the top 4, not title winners), I fully expect Leicester to be mid-table next year. Probably higher mid-table, but I would be very surprised if they were even in contention for the top 4. And Ranieri knows that it is unrealistic to expect it. There's bound to be some joker who comes onto a football phone-in early next season though with Leicester in average form, mid-table, calling for Ranieri's head. Put it this way, if there's ever going to be a team to do what Chelsea threatened to do briefly this year and get relegated a year after winning the title, it will happen in 2017. It won't happen, but if it is ever going to, this is the time for it. Finally, Leicester are currently significantly shorter odds for relegation in 2017 than to retain their title. And this is quite right. I'd be astounded if either happened but they are far FAR more likely to go down than to win the title again....
  14. Leicester Icons/Legends in FM 17

    It really should be the majority of this squad. You really think any of these players will ever be forgotten????
  15. Draft Mode

    Want to have a go at draft mode - but can't work it out. Anyone able to point me in the direction of a draft game I could join??