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  1. I have only just noticed this (because Man U are my title rivals and I'm playing them at Old Trafford twice straddling a new year!), but for some reason I'm playing some teams twice at home and twice away (it's season 2025-26).
  2. No worries! Thanks for that anyway, it's only a small detail, it's already a LOT better!
  3. Thanks, that's brilliant! Is there any way to easily make the faces a bit bigger in relation to the pitch? Don't worry if not!
  4. For FM20 I got a skin that showed the players' faces next to their shirts on the tactics screen. It was a lovely addition that made me feel like I knew my players better. Does anyone know if there's a skin out yet for FM21 that does this? Ideally quite close to the original skin which I love (big fan of the purple look).
  5. I'm in my second season and suddenly every game is doing this: I get to the fixtures, click "Match" to take me to the team selection screen and I just get this (see screenshot). I can browse the game but I can't progress it. I've found a temporary fix (I go to the status screen and "relinquish control" - not sure why this is an option since it's not a network game), which means I skip the game and can resume after it, but obviously this is not a permanent fix, as it means I can't actually play games. Any idea how I can fix this?
  6. Huh? I always assumed AP was the most attacking role for the CM position?!
  7. At the moment I haven't changed anything else (though I realise I may need to). I was thinking that an AP on support might be as attacking as a Mez on attack...unjustified assumption?
  8. Well that's why I asked! Would the tactic above work with an AP(su) instead of the MEZ?
  9. Just by attributes - his fit being an AP best. Hasn't really got the work rate for the DLP role. He's basically an upgrade on Ozil!
  10. NB - in that formation, with Aouar (who I have signed in January), if I play him as an AP instead of MEZ, with a "Support" duty, is this still enough attack duties? That's his best role in the side but I'm wondering if two support and one defend duty in DM/CM is too defensive?
  11. Cheers - didn't know Ps&Cs had been updated. I think it mainly suggests that my tactic is already pretty much spot on! Any thoughts? The only thing I cant do specifically (although I think it happens naturally a bit) is to instruct my DM to cover when either wing-back gets forward, which is a clear tactic being used by the current team... (NB screenshot is of a semi-rotated team, don't worry too much about personnel!)
  12. I'm currently playing as Arsenal in preparation for FM21...my idea was to develop and perfect a tactic which would at least give me a good starting point for the new season. I know the engine will be tweaked but my thinking is that if I get it perfected in FM20, it'll at least be a good starting point in FM21. I've never really developed my own tactics on the more recent FMs, but I want to this time. My question is - is there a guide on the process of doing this? I know there's plenty of analysis available but I'm never quite sure what to look for and how to fix any issues I do see. Does
  13. I've had to accept that Stolworthy's time at the Dragons has come to an end. He leaves after two full seasons, with a pretty impressive record: 94 games 91 goals 21 assists 26 PoM Average Rating of 7.74 He is the best player we have ever had by a long lnog way. Nobody else has left yet with anywhere close to 100 games who also has an average rating over 7.15 (Ellis Harrison).
  14. He is older and unlikely to improve but I have found a half-decent Stolworthy replacement. He'll do!
  15. The first of quite a few legends to come in the next couple of seasons has left. As you can see from the screenshot, he just wasn't going to be up to it in the Conference. But he leaves after 6 years with an overall KD record of: 255 games 42 goals 75 assists 12 PoM Average Rating of 7.05 He joins Grubb, Raggett and Harrison in the ranks of the KD greats (my list, not FM), but at least one and up to four more will join him this summer.
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