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  1. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    My first league point against the Old Firm and I'm rather gutted it wasn't three!!!
  2. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Yeah largely it is that but it allows you to generate two custom players. You can then pick players yourself but it's time consuming.
  3. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Remember I'm playing on FM17. I opted for two gems from the two created players you're allowed which ate up a big portion of my budget. I'm not sure whether that was a good idea or not, but one thing I would definitely say is MAKE SURE YOU GET SELL ON FEES. I did for Lane but not for Hain, and his next transfer would have solved all my money worries.
  4. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Sorry - I've been moving and had no internet connection (and no FM for a few days either although I have played a fair bit...). So I failed to get promotion from the Championship at the first attempt, finishing just outside the three playoff places by three points (Champions get promoted, then the next three go into a playoff with the second-bottom team from the Premiership). However, with a couple of reinforcements, I am now heading for an exciting run-in with promotion looking a real possibility this time around.
  5. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    He has moved on to arsenal for just 2.5m sadly. Not as much as I hoped. im moving currently so have no internet (doing this on my iPhone) but I have to report my first non promotion season albeit without screenshots. Without Lane, we struggled for goals. I only conceded 32 - the lowest in the league - but 40 goals wasn’t enough for the playoffs as we missed out by 3 points. Still, it’s good to be pushing for playoff spots in the first season still. I need to find a striker to replace lane’s goals and whilst there are some promising ones in the club I’m not convinced yet. We shall see. Vladislav continues to impress as does Petrie.
  6. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    I've tried to get him back without success - but the 40% sell-on fee means this might end up being even better!
  7. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    End of Season 2: Paisley Splang 1. Basic season update. For the first time in my FM career, I've secured BACK TO BACK PROMOTIONS! Remarkably straightforward, actually, winning the league by 15 points despite losing two of my last four games. The bad news is that Henry Lane's career with the Sparks is over for the time being. I have the cash to pay his £500k buy back clause but he doesn't want to play in the Championship it seems, so I've already pounced for a decent replacement but I will find the Championship harder without Lane. I retain the 500k buy back so in a year or two, I might still be able to get him back on board. I doubt it'll be three consecutive promotions but I should have enough in the squad to survive without him. 2. Useful screenshots (league table, squad overview with stats, history pages etc). League Table Squad Overview Records Finances - problematic, clearly - I doubt I'll get a huge kitty for Championship improvements. 3. A list of records broken (this will happen a lot, and is part of the fun of this save). Lane sets a decent mark of 53 league goals, but Petrie is a full back who continues to impress so should extend his appearance record. Millar had a terrific season in a higher league with 19 clean sheets. 4. A list of key players with profiles and info. Henry Lane - should jump up two leagues this year and play for Celtic. If he isn't getting games there, who knows? I might be able to pinch him next year. Matthew McInally - did well to keep the impressive Barbour out of the side - but at 20, he is a good prospect. Serge Atakayi - I wasn't 100% convinced by him but I was wrong - he is a great player. Might try to get him on a permanent deal. Lewis Milne - involved in fewer goals this year but his averate rating shows he was involved in a lot that was good; more key passes than anyone else. Darren Petrie - Mr Consistent. Love this guy. 5. The same with any youth prospects. Stephen Jackson has already scored a couple of goals albeit in a team that had already won the league! Brian McIntyre and Tristian O'Toole could also be good prospects. 6. A nation update with info on any progress in coefficients, national team etc. National team going well now, although some of their top players are ageing. Another boost to the national co-efficient this season - could be just a couple of seasons from a second CL place. Odd since neither Celtic nor Rangers progressed from their European groups.
  8. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    yeah but you have a budget - it's a game mode. No editing needed.
  9. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    End of Season 1: Paisley Splang 1. Basic season update. A very satisfactory first season, with the title won with quite a few games to go. My two stars, Henry Lane and Lee Hain, were constant sources of speculation and in January, I had little choice but to sell them. I got £400k straight up for Lee Hain which instantly cleared my debts, although I should have got a sell on which was dumb. My business with Lane was probably a fair bit better, especially given that I didn't need the money as badly by then. I only got £200k for him, but I got him back on loan until the end of season TWO, so he should be able to get us a fair bit of the way up the table in League One - and then, if there's enough money, I have a buy-back for just £500k. Whether I'll be able to afford that right away, I doubt, but there's every chance I could get him back at some point, and I get a 40% sell on clause too, so in reality, he will cost me just £300k when I buy him back! I didn't lose a single game until 14th January, after which I did have a bit of a wobble, losing twice to Hibs in the cup (no disgrace, but I would like to have made a cup final) and eventually losing three league games. 2. Useful screenshots (league table, squad overview with stats, history pages etc). League Table Squad Overview Records - obviously all this season, and it's good that Lane will have another season to extend his record at least. Finances - much helped by two of the "ane" men! 3. A list of records broken (this will happen a lot, and is part of the fun of this save). All of them obviously - but the ones that I think might be significant are Jordan Miller's 18 clean sheets and 26 games without losing, as well as 12 games won in a row. 4. A list of key players with profiles and info. Henry Lane - the standout player by a mile. I guess I was never going to keep hold of him! Ross Barbour - really impressed by this guy, doesn't look special but was ultra consistent at inverted wing back. Given Fan's Player of the Season for Splang and their Young Player too. Darren Petrie - not sure I've ever had both full backs/wing backs standing out before! Lewis Milne - his average rating doesn't really do him justice: 25 goals in which he either scored or assisted, and more than twice as many key passes as anyone else! 5. The same with any youth prospects. Shaun Moore is the standout from this generation of youth products Yves Vladislav was a signing but I have very high hopes, and the fans voted him the signing of the season. 6. A nation update with info on any progress in coefficients, national team etc. National team moved up a little in the rankings The coefficient for Scotland took a big boost this season - Celtic got to the CL group stage, and indeed won their first game, against PSV, but then managed only two further points. Unfortunately, no other teams even made the Europa League playoff round, so beyond Celtic, there's really not a lot happening. That said, Rangers finished second in the league only on goal difference to Celtic - so hopefully they'll soon be challenging in Europe too.
  10. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Just experienced one of those great moments in FM. I'm chasing a title, one win away, and suddenly what comes up on the SSN videprinter? Chris Kane, my midfielder, has just scored IRL for East Fife! Wonderful!
  11. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    So I have sold Lane. But I've been clever with him. Got £200k for him, but also 40% of his entire next fee, a £500k buy back clause and I have him back on loan until the end of the second season! I'm pretty pleased with that. If things go well, I may even be able to buy him back before he leaves!
  12. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    This is now getting silly. I had Hain, Lane and Kane. I've now got Paul Slane!!!
  13. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    I got £400k for Hain but didn't think to get a sell on. Durr!
  14. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Should have seen that coming. Hain wants to go, I reluctantly agree to look to sell, and Lane follows suit :-(