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    I love FM! Check out my 'Moronic' career: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/363673-FM14-Morons-You-Bet!

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  1. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    Here. Can you solve this? DxDiag.txt
  2. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    I will do, Neil, but this or similar is happening EVERY year, and it's frustrating.
  3. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    No, I just get a blank screen, then a message when the screen returns that the display driver stopped working and was restored, and the game is not responsive after that. And sadly, I've spent more than two hours trying to get this game to work!!
  4. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    Now, it's crashing my display driver. Can I get a refund easily?
  5. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    Will give that a go. But if the game doesn't work with custom graphics installed, that's a real problem.
  6. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    But I am - when I get a penalty it still asks for confirmation of the taker...
  7. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty Crash

    I have. It just asks for confirmation, but I can't click the button, it's frozen.
  8. Happening again. Every time I get a penalty it crashes when I'm asked to select the taker. Happened in FM18 too at times. Total gamebreaker: is there any way to get my money back for a digital download?
  9. GreyedOutMan

    Penalty crash

    This is happening on FM19 too!!!!
  10. Starting to think about FM19 now. For various reasons I've never really got into FM18 and indeed when I have played lately I have been playing 17 mainly, so hoping to get into the new game a bit more. I'm considering going back to my "every couple of years" save, doing a long term Arsenal save with a focus on developing long-serving players, especially youth products - so I'd be focussed on the 1000+ appearance challenge and the various goalscoring ones too along with the youth tracking elements. But I'm not sure: I want a game that is going to make best use of the new features of FM19. I realise these aren't all out yet but I think actually from what I've seen my normal Arsenal save might be one that lends itself to the new training system, perhaps, with a real focus on player development. Any thoughts?
  11. GreyedOutMan

    A bit silly?!?!

    Wasn't particularly complaining about SI - I agree, this is a computer game and won't be perfect, although the bigger problem is the regular crashes when I get a penalty which they still can't find a fix for. As for this; just thought this was a bit silly and therefore funny that's all.
  12. GreyedOutMan

    A bit silly?!?!

    Yes, but when you consider that it takes at least 30 seconds to get back to the centre circle for a goal.... six goals in seven or eight minutes is not possible. Five in nine was absurd already. Absurd things happen occasionally. But there is a limit.
  13. GreyedOutMan

    A bit silly?!?!

    I never said it wasn't possible. It's just not realistic.
  14. GreyedOutMan

    A bit silly?!?!

    So when asked whether six goals had ever been scored in about seven or eight minutes, you tell me that five have been scored in 9? What is that meant to prove. Apparently, two goals have occasionally been scored in half an hour...!!!
  15. GreyedOutMan

    A bit silly?!?!

    There is a big difference between 4 and 6 when you're talking about a few minutes!