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  1. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Should have seen that coming. Hain wants to go, I reluctantly agree to look to sell, and Lane follows suit :-(
  2. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    So, it looks like one of the holy trinity (Hane, Lane, Kane) will be off soon - agitating for a move to Rangers. Nothing much I can do but hold out for a big price. It will clear the huge debt I'm in and then some. Might even allow for some sort of facilities upgrade. Will keep you updated!
  3. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    One of the most frustrating draws I can remember!
  4. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    I tried more than one tactic on 18 - I do think it's really tough. But I also have problems with its speed and general interface. It just annoys me.
  5. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    So far so good: The embryonic table My Squad I created Henry Lane (no prizes for guessing who he is modelled on) - amazingly I got Chris Kane and Lee Hain too! Maybe I should get Al-Ain as my affiliate?
  6. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    I've started this on FM17 because I am finding FM18 just a bit too tough!
  7. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    I can't sell any of them anyway!
  8. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    I've started again, but I have a bit of a problem. There's no way to see what the wage budget is when selecting the squad, so my default squad is a little expensive in terms of upkeep. I chose players that fit the budget in the original screen, though - and it's hard to know how else I'd do it. I would just get the Clyde squad but I decided I wanted a squad that roughly fit the shape I intend to play... Any thoughts on how to deal with this? Just gonna be a case of selling off the highest paid if possible?
  9. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Yeah - he wouldn't consider a new contract because he was far too good for us. If I do have to totally start again, I'll make sure he is old enough that he won't automatically be on a youth contract - 17, right?
  10. Anyone know if this issue has been sorted and if so what the fix is?
  11. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Had a bug in the middle of a game which meant I had to restart FM, so I have Lane back - but not for long. There is nothing I can do to stop him leaving, still...anyone know why?
  12. ME Freezes

    That was frustrating! I'm struggling in the Scottish leagues, held a decent side to 0-0 with 12 minutes to go and I got a penalty. My winger steps up...and then stops. And waits. And waits. And waits. The players are still moving slightly, so it's not just that the game has frozen; the ME has! I leave to go to other screens, then return. Still Carlo Monti stands there like a statue. Eventually I've had to restart: not a lot of point taking a screenshot since obviously that wouldn't be moving anyway! Hope this doesn't happen too often; it's happened a few times before but never as frustratingly as that!
  13. Create-a-Club Challenge for FM18

    Hmmm. May have to start my save again - really struggling, and that was with my wonderkid 15yo striker who I spent most of my original budget on. Had him on a youth contract and suddenly Hearts came in for him and he was gone. Not at the end of the season, and I had no say in it whatsoever, getting a risible £37.5k compensation. I'm really angry, because that was most of my budget which was significantly more than that. He had 19 goals in 19 league games, and we're still 7th out of 10, albeit 13 points clear of relegation, so this is likely to be the end of my save already I fear. I will start again; I put too much energy into thinking of a name to give up on Paisley Splang now!
  14. This has been a problem to varying extents for many years now but seems especially bad on the new tactics screen. It's very hard to set up the columns of my custom view correctly because the column that changes is not consistent when you click and drag. Then, when you finally get it right (took me 20 mins), it never stays the same when you return to the screen. Any idea how to fix? This is a big deal to me.