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  1. Not really, it's a tiny screen and the game isn't realistically playable on it.
  2. I am, and I only ever play FM on the big one (the other is too small).
  3. Done. And just to let you know, I updated the driver again - there was another new version. Still had the same problem (and I was 1-0 up with a penalty in the NLD!!).
  4. But the very fact you have to ask these questions shows that FM is not the game is used to be. Unstable, buggy and not very good. FM19 is my 24th and final purchase of the CM/FM series I feel.
  5. Think I've done this and it has just crashed on the penalty again. This is a really big bug and it has been happening for years. Poor.
  6. I will do, Neil, but this or similar is happening EVERY year, and it's frustrating.
  7. No, I just get a blank screen, then a message when the screen returns that the display driver stopped working and was restored, and the game is not responsive after that. And sadly, I've spent more than two hours trying to get this game to work!!
  8. Now, it's crashing my display driver. Can I get a refund easily?
  9. Will give that a go. But if the game doesn't work with custom graphics installed, that's a real problem.
  10. But I am - when I get a penalty it still asks for confirmation of the taker...
  11. I have. It just asks for confirmation, but I can't click the button, it's frozen.
  12. Happening again. Every time I get a penalty it crashes when I'm asked to select the taker. Happened in FM18 too at times. Total gamebreaker: is there any way to get my money back for a digital download?
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