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  1. Hey all - so I have now, it seems, hit a wall. I think I've got things wrong since my second promotion but I'm not exactly sure what I've done wrong. In that spirit, can people take a look through some of my recent videos and let me know what I need to improve on when I do this challenge in FM20?
  2. Never occurred to me to do this - does this help at all? This has happened on several FM iterations in a row for me and I don't really want to get FM20 just to find it happen again!
  3. So the experiment has gone really well...which is why I've neglected to post here as usually I only think of doing so if I'm struggling. But I would appreciate any feedback...I'm hoping to ensure my FM20 version of this is as entertaining as possible so any feedback, either video-related or management-related would be really appreciated. My playlist
  4. So I've decided on my game for FM20 and it's going to be a Level 11 save. So I can't start it yet. But I've never had a successful game at level 11 so I thought I'd practise a bit with FM19 before buying FM20 once the level 11 database is out and the game is fully patched. I think this is how I will consume FM from now on - it seems to make more sense, but it means my games will start in February/March usually. That's fine. So for now, I'm the manager of East Manchester in the...you guessed it...Manchester League (Premier Division to be exact). I've actually started this game already but I'm getting into it and wanted to get some feedback on my gameplay. For the first time, though, I'm starting to make YouTube videos. I think once I get used to it, this will suit my style and though I intend to keep documenting on here for my FM20 save (which is in the Middlesex Premier League by the way), the updates will be a bit less detailed, and instead will each reference a YouTube video to go with each post. I've made a few of the videos already, so please head over to my channel 'greyedoutman' on YouTube and check it out. I'd really appreciate comments, particularly on the tactical side of my play and anything to do with the video production/editing side, which I am still very new at (if you watch from the beginning you'll see a very sharp learning curve on even the first three videos, the last of which is uploading as we speak ready for publishing tomorrow afternoon). From the end of the first season, I will post regular updates (not sure what intervals just yet, but I will see how it goes), and link to all of my YouTube videos if you want to follow in more detail. I hope as my skills get better you'll find it entertaining but at least in this "experiment" with FM19, it will be more about improving both my FM skills and my video editing skills! Hopefully by the time I'm ready to move to FM20, I'll have a good idea of how to make them look better and what people are enjoying! If you want to check out the story so far, the first three links are below - usually these videos will be at 3pm daily although I decided to make a good start with three over the weekend: Episode One Episode Two Episode Three And between episodes I stream sometimes on Twitch - GreyedOutMan - do come and say hi!
  5. Haha - also just noticed that my logo pack is not right....I'm managing at Level 11 as practise for my save in FM20, and this is definitely NOT East Manchester's logo!
  6. Yep - been looking through, have found a few levels although they don't all seem to work! Just wondered if there were any packs for the whole lot that you know work?
  7. Brill. Let me know! Thanks for all your hard work! On a side note, any idea where I can find kit packs going down to 11? I've got badges!
  8. Sure...I've tried doing this kind of editing and I cant even get my head round doing the basics! Any idea when you'll know whether you can do it or not? And if so, any idea when it'll be done?
  9. OK - I will wanna wait for that then I think, I want this to be a long term game so realism is important to me. Any idea when this will be ready?
  10. Are there significant changes?
  11. When you say first release - would you recommend not starting a game on that release? I only need it down to level 11...
  12. I did - unless I missed the right thread, it suggested it was still a WIP?
  13. Anyone know where I can find level 11 kits? This is great for logos but the team I want is in level 11 and I can't find kits beyond level 10!
  14. Anyone know when a level 11 download might be available for FM20? Want to play with my local team in the Middlesex Premier League!
  15. Sorry to be anal, but it's "Association Football Club" - strictly speaking, all of these teams are "AFC". It's a way of distinguishing from "Rugby Football Club". Not really necessary these days, but in most cases this is simply a relic of a bygone age. Or an attempt to look older than they really are (like AFC Wimbledon or AFC Liverpool).
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