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  1. Just a quick one. Is anyone doing a Hall of Fame for the small club to big club challenges this time around??
  2. Interesting LLR. I'd have a go at this one as I'm planning on giving all the Small to Big Club challenges this time around
  3. like the sound of that challenge Rancer. It looks fun but also Evil at the same time. Would give it a go
  4. Can you close my Boston Utd: From the bottom to the top thread. I've lost all my save games
  5. Some people get all the luck. It took 15 years just to get 1 new stadium for me.
  6. Now that is true. Especially when Stoke do well
  7. I know what you mean Deisler. It sometimes seems as though it's just me and Nobby Mcdonald reading my thread. It would be nice to see some other comments as well.
  8. I know I enjoy having the comments there. It lets me know that people are reading and that there is a point to updating my career.
  9. Fine with one GCB I'd pick Arsenal, West Brom, Wycombe and Rochdale.
  10. GCb I remember your challenge last year. I gave it a shot and never finished so if you put it up I'll go at it again
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