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  1. For some reason the .fmf file isn't showing up in game, I've never had this issue before, any ideas? (Note... I am not lazy I did read the whole post, just makes sense to download the tactic!)
  2. Well I for one always manage LLM, it is great to see someone putting a tactic up. Good work Rosler buddy.
  3. Well it's a pretty p*ss poor final release then sporadicsmiles and I'm surprised and a little saddened by how many people in here seem to be fine with the fact the game is effectively broken with the stats bugs. SI have been aware of this bug for around a week now and have not fixed it, any new game you start will have bugged out youth stats. Wonderful. So yea, release day update notes... (lets not call it a patch for you pedantic souls without anything better to point out) should be the least we should expect from SI. Debacle.
  4. Don't forget to give them game time!!
  5. Side note, I'm conceding goals from corners with this tactic...
  6. Hi guys sorry for the nub question even though I've been playing this game forever....but I've never downloaded player filters before, where do they go?
  7. Ok played some games with good results I guess, wasnt too impressed with letting in 3 vs Sporting, but I scored 6 so nevermind eh The 3-2 loss vs Chelsea I was actually impressed with cos I played all my reserves/youth and only lost 3-2 away. However losing 2-1 to Everton was infuriating as I just didnt seem to get going. I'll keep going with it !
  8. I'm finally going to succomb and try this tactic myself I'll report back on my results (I'm gonna try it with Liverpool... I know prolly not the stiffest test - but hey i love em!) after 6 or 7 games.
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