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  1. Damn it, I sold Clayton for only 825k, missed a trick there but I haven't the heart to start again to rectify it
  2. Another example... Billy Clifford, plays for COLCHESTER on 1.4k per week...contract expiring so I approach him, low and behold he wants 13,500 pw. Stupid just stupid.
  3. I'm getting pretty fed up of this issue, for example, I want to sign a player from Leeds Utd who have just been relegated from the championship...I've been promoted as Crewe, the player earns 2.8k per week at Leeds....I get a transfer bid accepted and guess what, he demands 17k per week. It's rediculous, I've lost count of how many times I try to sign a player (I'm not a gung ho manager I'm careful over what I spend) to find him asking for rediculous wages, IM CREWE FOR GOD SAKE, only to sign for another sign on a tiny wage. It's really not fair and needs looking at seriously, it's a game breaker for me, so unrealistic. I refuse to accept there is any reason for these rediculous wage demands.
  4. Any chance this can be hosted somewhere I don't have to DL some third party software crap?
  5. It just doesn't feel at all "stable" I'm never confident of a result even against much inferior opposition, theres something wrong with it, and I do not believe for one second it's my tactics, so quoting well known forum posters/SI employees yields no ground for me.
  6. I've got to admit, for the first time since CM in my Amiga days, I'm VERY disappointed with this version, I'm sorry I like to think I've got alot of experience playing SI's footy sims, and for me this ME is just ridiculously too random, and the mistakes and some of the footage is ludicrous.
  7. I'm conceeding too many goals guys...any suggestions? Pls dont say get better defenders lol, I can't afford any, I'm playing Chester promoted up to CCC and my budget is very small. CCC first season I've tried a tactic like this as I felt I'd be certain for relegation without some aid
  8. Wrong screenshot foost mate
  9. I've had a pretty good start with Chester, 7 games in sitting 7th, 4 wins 1 draw 2 losses, not bad really!
  10. I'll be starting with my home town club, Chester this year!! First time eligible for the challenge!
  11. None of the download links work, and before RVP says it, no it isn't "me" the links don't work.
  12. Well, our team isn't as good as people imagine it to be for a start. Look at our bench for example, who would you have brought on to change it? Hardly have the likes of Kalou, Ramires and Anelka waiting in the wings ala Chelsea now do we? Got to accept that maybe 8/9 players aside - our squad isn't that great. Sympathy for Kenny because he needs time to sort it out - I think he's the man for it...but that's just my 2 cents.
  13. I'd say it's more of an exploit than a cheat, and I'm not slating anyone - this is a game afterall and everyone is entitles to play it how they see fit. I was just making my observation known really. I don't think you'd see clubs in real life spending 120mil + all on 48 month deals is all I'm saying - it's definitely taking advantage of a game mechanic (which isn't a realistic one). Anyway whatever - I'll play the way I enjoy and see fit!
  14. Hi, I've just started a game with Liverpool and I thought I'd have a trawl through this thread to see what people were up to. I'm usually an LLM only, and I tend to play by those rules, so to try to manage my team is out of the norm for me. I can't help pointing out that there seem to be an awful lot of people exploiting the engine here with the 48 month purchases. Surely this is cheating in a sense, I've made 1 signing; Eden Hazard at 16 million, he'll be my only signing this first season and I wont be selling anyone. Am I the only one that plays the game in a more realistic sense?
  15. I've just started using this tactic in FM11. I have to say I'm very impressed with it so far. I won every single friendly and have an unbeaten start in the EPL. I play as Northwich Victoria having guided them from the BSN up all the leagues.