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  1. Sorry for the delay, have been busy with school but will try and have it updated as soon as possible.
  2. I will upload a version of this tactic for FM19 this weekend.
  3. I will continue this thread for FM18 within the next few weeks.
  4. Either or but I feel it is hard to find a good BWM that can also offer something going forward also the BWM's will not sit in front of the defence when the team is defending deep, when you are deep in your own half you want your cm's to sit narrow and hold the teams shape and when the opposition have the ball out wide they aggressively press the ball. It is up to you whatever you think is better but I prefer the CM/s tactic as it has more a resemblance to Simeone's system.
  5. I would set their roles as CM/S, have one hold position the other roam from position, leave the closing down on sometimes and train them into these roles as I feel it better replicates Simeone's system as the CM's will not get dragged out of position and hold their shape whilst contributing to the attack more.
  6. If I am the favourite team I will set it to attacking, if I'm the underdog I will set it to defending and the overall training I set to balanced or team cohesion.
  7. Either set the in game man marking for the strikers to mark the opposition CM's or use the SS tactic and make sure the OI's are set and the oppositions wingers marking is set to "Never".
  8. I still use the same strikers but retrain them to the SS position and after a season or so they are competent with the role, they may score slightly less goals but the entire team seems to contribute more and the SS tactic overall is more solid. I chose to use WM's as they offer more defensively and help keep the team shape and you can achieve similar roles to the WP and Wingers with the amount of PI's that can be selected, another reason I don't use the WP is that a playmaker attracts the ball more and will become the teams main creative outlet whilst I prefer the responsibility of creating goals to lay on the entire team.
  9. Play on a standard/counter mentality and put the wingbacks on support.
  10. 100%, I wonder what the bookies are giving for a Dembéle top scorer
  11. Pray and counter attack , if you use the striker formation get atleast one of your strikers to man mark the opposition CM's and try to strengthen your CB's and Forwards, if you have an sort of cash I strongly recommend Moussa Dembéle consistent 20 goals a season in any league, Good luck mate.
  12. There is a tactic with forwards and a tactic without forwards which is better and resembles Atletico's playing style more as the strikers get more involved in the build up and track back further than the half way line.
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