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  1. I would guess they're pretty darn low as they're two divisions below VNN at the game start, it's not always that simple though, they must have a reasonable rep to have actually come up in the first place. Don't think they'll be much harder than some of the medium to low teams. Match engine patch is a massive improvement. @kingjericho @CMU Chips great starts both, keep it up!
  2. That's a very harsh sacking @lfc7 unlucky! Good luck with the next club, glad you're enjoying the save regardless. I think the answer is you don't! That's part of the reason I struggled in the first season - took so long to get responses to my staff adverts that there was no time to put a squad together really.
  3. SnakeXe @ Salisbury - Season 13 - 2032/33 Summary Having missed out on Champions League qualification on the final day of last season the aim was to go one better this time round, as well as have a good go in the cup competitions. With some improvements to squad depth and quality over the summer we were able to fully rotate between league and cup games which was very welcome, unfortunately we crashed out of the League Cup immediately despite dominating against Aston Villa but Europa League groups went by without issue and we put together a great unbeaten run in the league after a couple of
  4. Congratulations on promotion @KVJ92! Would've been very harsh to miss out on promotion after that points tally, so really well done keeping things together in the playoffs. Missed chances is something that doesn't really seem to end as your players improve unfortunately, had a game recently where we outshot the opponents 31-4 and lost 2-0!
  5. Bad luck losing the final @_JHTB_ but a great season nonetheless - 38 goals is a ridiculous return!
  6. Wow progressing like a train there @LeProfIamNot and not a rubbish British one! Championship is a much bigger jump, good luck!
  7. Almost everyone is yes, the only real player we have now is Bastoni - then there's the likes of Sancho, Alexander-Arnold, Zaniolo, Haaland and a few others still playing elsewhere in the league.
  8. SnakeXe @ Salisbury - Season 12 - 2031/32 Summary The aim this season was to achieve a little more consistency, and honestly we kinda failed at that, however what we did do is finally figure out how to beat the big boys, on our day with some great wins over Spurs, Man Utd and Man City. Unfortunately our inability to consistently beat mid table sides put paid to our Champions League qualification hopes, although we did take it to the final day of the season. We needed to beat Norwich and hope Arsenal dropped points at home against Everton, a 3-0 win for Arsenal fortunately made our shocking
  9. Bad luck, sometimes things just seem to spiral out of control and there's not much you can do about it. If you were conceding on first chances often it sounds likely your players' confidence had taken a hit and/or there was a weakness in your team/tactic that had been found out and exploited.
  10. The LLM playstyle is to do things as realistically as possible, so stuff like not using searches and placing staff adverts is part of that (however I think nowadays that's a little different with scouting databases that clubs can subscribe to etc - sure, at the very bottom it's probably more realistic to rely on your scouts but as you move up the league your club would be buying access to these things and I think that's roughly what the screen at the start of the season when you choose your scouting packages is trying to emulate). Basically I'd just use your judgement about what you'd consider
  11. Surprisingly we were only a win on the last day (and a bunch of goal difference admittedly) from that last European place this season. Assuming the bar doesn't change too much I think we could definitely do it, especially if we get a reliable goalscorer.
  12. SnakeXe @ Salisbury - Season 11 - 2030/31 Summary There was definitely progress this season as we didn't ever really worry about relegation, but not as much as I'd have liked. We're still struggling to score consistently and the floodgates seem to creak open at the back too often for my liking. I guess at least we've been able to play some proactive football this season, and another year of first team football under the belts of some of our talented young players has to be a good thing though, hopefully next season we can kick on properly. Competitions Premier League - 10th FA Cup
  13. That's definitely a pretty good option, in my save there were no changes at all as a result of Brexit which is best afaik. Given you'll need 8 homegrown players for European football anyway it's essentially the same as now. Unless non-EU players also don't require a permit? In which case your result is actually situationally better (as long as your 8 home grown players are also non-foreign). @G_D_K great season, your board sound awful though, that's a horrible budget. I guess that's realistic though right? I can see why you'd find it frustrating to continue with that kind of absurd level
  14. Congrats @The Regista! Very nice work getting promoted first season. Planning to try and build another loan ranger side next season or look for more permanent players?
  15. Thanks! Yeah we didn't play too bad we just conceded two goals early in the first leg and they picked us off on the break in the second leg unfortunately. Generally 12+ acceleration and pace is good for your attacking players, regardless of other stats. Finishing and composure seem to make very little difference overall in this game but even less so in the lower levels. Good technical stats are anything in or over the 9-10 region, good physicals are around 12. On the mental side avoid signing players whose determination is below 10 unless they're outstanding because their heads will drop
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