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  1. I'll keep chipping away at it in all likelihood, the AI have ruined Newcastle again so I have to finish the job with Verona then go back and fix the damage I did finally pick up FM14 (I was so underwhelmed by FM13 that I kind of gave up on it for a while) and started a save on there, I might start a thread in similar un-elaborate fashion if I manage a few seasons in that. So far I've been sacked by Stockport for nearly getting them relegated when they expected promotion and got another job with Guiseley, so it's going well!
  2. If a mod looks at this could they please amend the thread title with [FM12]?
  3. Indeed! I quit the PhD, currently working for a well known multinational company previously known for computer hardware. Much happier
  4. In case anyone is interested, I've carried on this save a little bit. I'm not going to do proper updates as I'm far too strapped for time these days, but thought I'd just drop a quick summary: Season 33 - 2044/45 Absolutely monstered our way to promotion, winning the title with plenty to spare. I seem to remember we won every game after I started playing the save again. Shifted to a 4-3-1-2 as I noticed Randanovic (a January window signing) and Cortelessa were a classic little 'n large partnership in the making, and so they proved. Carlo Olivieri, the one youth product who's done anything at Verona, was a revelation in midfield. Season 34 - 2045/46 Our small budget and reputation meant I couldn't rebuild the side quite as much as I'd have liked, but fortunately most of our key players were comfortably good enough to mount a survival bid. I did bring in a talented young AMC called Samuele Masi for a tiny fee from Serie C1 - he's gone on to win multiple Italian U21 caps so he's worked out quite nicely indeed. After a fairly shaky start we actually started winning quite a lot of games, and found ourselves inexplicably in with a shout of Champions League qualification, which we ultimately achieved with a 3rd place finish. Currently about halfway through Season 35 - crashed out of the Champions League group with one win and five defeats from a tough group including Man City, Spartak Moscow and Lyon. We're still in line to requalify for the Champions League, which had to be the main aim really. I managed to strengthen the squad slightly, with our midfield in particular starting to look the part, but our defence is still basically the same one which got us promoted, and although I've signed a couple of strikers since, Randanovic and Cortelessa are still the first choice partnership. Hopefully with another season of Champions League football secured plus the finances being strengthened by another season in Serie A plus this season's Champions League money we should be able to kick on next year and really establish ourselves as a force. Inter are insanely strong - they've dropped 2 whole points so far this season - so overhauling them should provide a challenge worth sticking around for.
  5. Unfortunately I don't - I can barely find time to play the game let alone do a bunch of screenshotting and type up an update about it the perils of having a career rather than dossing about as a student...
  6. Ahh back in the day... *nostalgia* Shame I don't have time to do that sort of thing any more
  7. Yeah that's the one, I can't remember the thread title any more but I was with Hellas Verona when I stopped playing. Glad you enjoyed it!
  8. Alright chaps! After a long time away from FM (cheers for that, Dota 2), I started playing my old FM12 save again last night - only a good 13 months since the last time I loaded it up definitely felt the old addiction coming back...
  9. Man it is dead in here.
  10. Better, cheaper, and most importantly - not Dell
  11. Didn't realise Colin ****** had come up from the basement like that. Mind you, I'm not sure where I thought he had come from.
  12. Yeah so long as you have the same patch and any custom league files on both computers it'll work perfectly.
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