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  1. Thats understandable. Frustrating though because I sold two of my best youths to INTER and FC Porto only for both of them to resign in Austria a year later with rival teams.
  2. Just a quick one, what's the rules around buying your own players back? Or even, say they leave on a free transfer but then you can resign them, is that allowed?
  3. Sportverein Grodig - Season 5 (2021/22) - Austrian Bundesliga Manager Profile Competitions - So the season followed a similar path to previous ones. We stayed close to Rapid for a while, then they pulled away and won the title at a canter. Then they beat us in the cup final, again. One thing to note, Austria Vienna and FC Redbull Salzburg continue to be middle of the pack teams but Sturm Graz were somewhat resurgent this year and really challenged us for second spot late into the season. I can only hope that trend doesn't continue. Cup Fixtures - See Season 4. Won at a canter into the final. Lost to Rapid. Champions League - A slightly earlier exit this time around with us losing the first tie against FC Porto. We came away with a 2-2 draw at home so had to attack in the second leg away from home. This backfired and Porto picked us apart winning the game 5-2 and the tie 7-4. Europa League - The slightly earlier entry to the Europa League meant that we needed to win a playoff to make the group stages. A good 2-1 victory away to Lech set us up and while we limped to a 1-1 draw at home, we progressed to the group stages. The draw was kind to us with Leverkusen posing the biggest threat. The other teams, Braga and FC Nordsjaelland, were definitely up for the beating and we did just that. We took 13 points from the 6 games and qualified comfortably. The draw gave us Tottenham, again. We were slightly more competitive but lost the tie 5-1 on aggregate. Transfers - Finances - Facilities - Squad 1Squad 2 Squad 3 Squad 4 End of Season Awards Season Review Youth Intake Youth Intake - Another solid intake with a few players in different positions. Stefan Janisch YP05A - A left back with great potential. Good news because we were really lacking high level prospects at full back. Rico Dreier YP05B - A towering centre back with potential to replace the likes of Hafner and Struzer. Should see game time very soon! Jonas Szabo YP05C - Another left back tagged due to the lack of prospects. Much further behind the development curve than Janisch but my staff like his potential. Malte Lemke YP05D - A central midfielder with potential but we are really starting build up a backlog of youth in the middle of the park. His development will play a big part in whether he actually makes the step up. Alexander Eder YP05E - An attacking midfielder who is developing for our number 10 shirt. Roman Distler YP05F - Probably our best goalkeeping prospect in hindsight. Since I finished the season and wrote this, he has developed beyond the likes of Grimm and Bittner already! Alexander Moritz YP05G Tino Frangen YP05H - A defensive right midfielder that I'm retraining to play right back as he has a good mix of attacking and defensive attributes. Other Developments Season Objectives Top 2 finish - Second. Yet. Again. Not even close this time either. With the European fixtures coming thick and fast, we really need help with the depth of our squad if we are going to challenge Rapid. I feel that we're getting closer, it just depends how quickly YP04 and YP05 can transition into the first team. Champions League qualification - Not this time. We actually lost our first tie of the two wins needed to get us there. We just have to hope for either (a) a kinder draw, (b) some luck or (c) beating Rapid. I think (c) might just be the easier of the three. Infrastructure - Continued improvement saw us improve mostly in junior coaching and youth development. This should increase the quality of our intakes. We continue to push for facilities to be improved and while the youth facilities are being worked on, I can't even ask for a training facilities improvement. Build new stadium - The owners continue to push back on this one. They are "expanding" the stadium in the sense that they've changed our 10,000 capacity down to 9,515 but at least they all have seats now! I expect they will expand to a full 10,000 seater stadium which is the maximum possible size for DAS.GOLDBERG. We currently run at 97% attendance and have done so regularly. I'm going to start quoting Field of Dreams to the board soon! Next Season Challenge for the title - Our financial situation has been vastly improved by the few years of Europa League competition so if we can focus on the Bundesliga this season, we may be able to make the Champions League group stage and really boost our reputation. Build New Stadium - See above, "if you build it, they will come!" Overall Progress Season League Position Achievements ======================================================================================== 17/18 AUT.1 1st Promotion! 18/19 AUT.P 2nd Cup runners up, Champions League qualification! 19/20 AUT.P 2nd Cup winners! 20/21 AUT.P 2nd Cup runner up 21/22 AUT.P 2nd Cup runner up
  4. Good luck, make sure you beat up on Rapid if you get the chance!
  5. @Mushtaq good luck in Wales, looks like you'll be battling TNS for sometime! @Bubbles_DK looks like you're starting to build some momentum with the youngsters coming through, this is proving the hardest challenge for me. The biggest players for me get game time, which gets them exposure, which gets bigger teams interested. It's a fine balance
  6. Sportverein Grodig - Season 4 (2020/21) - Austrian Bundesliga Manager Profile I've pretty much renamed this save the "when will I beat Rapid Vienna" save. In other news, we have now sold two of our best recruits in Fabian Dittmann and Tim Born. Dittmann has since been sold on to FC Redbull Salzburg who are all of 3 miles from Grodig! Born is still at Porto but both had 50% clauses and wanted to leave. The Pletschacher saga continues. He wants to leave but nobody wants to buy him. He spent the whole season unhappy so despite being the best striker at the club, I value morale too much to give in to his demands. He played just 5 games all year and then left on a free transfer. He is currently a 21 year old free agent. Enjoy your new career Michael! League - The season followed a similar pattern with SV Grodig beating most teams but not quite as well as Rapid would. A few draws here and there caused us to fall behind them and we never caught up. It appears that our tactics are too defensive and we don't score enough goals but if it continues to work then I'm not too worried. I think the developing attacking players will account for that in the long term. My main worry is that I'm starting to lose the originals from the squad and some of the replacements haven't developed as much. Unless they really push on, we could see a drop in results in the next few seasons. Cup Fixtures - Once again, we get to the final and lose to Rapid. Nothing more to see here. Champions League - An excellent victory over CSKA Moscow in the 3rd round put us through to the playoff. Incidentally, CSKA went on to win the Europa League so this was an excellent performance! In the playoff we played Leverkusen and were totally outclassed in both legs. But we were in the group stages of the Europa League again. Europa League - The draw, despite the media's claims, was quite kind to us. Panathinaikos, Sparta Prague and Gelsenkirchen. The German side were clear favourites but I fancied my chances against the other two outfits. We started with 3-0 victories over those teams setting us up well for the rest of the group stages. A loss and 3 draws saw us qualify comfortably. This time, we drew Tottenham who have an amazing squad. The beat us 7-1 over the two legs and we focussed on domestic competitions the rest of the way. Transfers - Finances - Facilities End of Season Awards Season Review Youth Intake Youth Intake - This intake could well turn out to be the one that shows an increase in our infrastructure. In total, I have tagged 8 players as worth watching and we will see how they end up. Florian Mair YP04A - Florian is technically the most advanced youth player I've seen so far. His personality is a little concerning so I started tutoring right away. He joined the club and complained about training on the same day. Time will if he is too lazy to reach his potential. Daniel Schrammel YP04B - Schrammel is the first player to join us that fits our tactical mold. A right footed left winger, primed to cut inside. Muhamed Lizalovic YP04C- Lizalovic is another central midfielder, one area we were weak in, so he could be a good addition. Hoping he can be another all rounder in the middle of the park, once again, his personality is concerning though. Gernot Kraft YP04D - Kraft is a little underdeveloped but he appears to have the potential. A better personality should hopefully lead to good development. Andreas Amen YP04E - Excuse the late screenshot. Amen is a decent sized centre back that we hope will develop into Hafner's replacement. Dennis Barthle YP04F - Barthle is a defensive midfielder/centre back hybrid. He is too short to play centre back though so I'm retraining him in the central midfield spot. We've picked up a few of these! Steffen Grimm YP04G - Grimm could be our future goalkeeper. He looks better than any of our recruits so far so the position is his for the taking. Marcel Ahn YP04H - Marcel is more of a long shot but I like his crossing so I'm interested to see what he becomes. Other Developments The board undertook a final stadium expansion of 43 seats! This puts us at the ultimate capacity of DAS.GOLDBERG. Now we need to fill it in the season ahead and convince the board that we need to build a new bigger stadium with much greater expansion. We also continued to improve facilities seeing an increase in youth facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment. Obviously we continue to push for more on this front as the bigger teams (Rapid) are a long way ahead of us. Season Objectives Top 2 Bundesliga finish again - Success Champions League qualification - Failure Infrastructure - Success Recruit improved coaches - Average, we didn't really recruit any new ones as none were interested. We did send some of our current coaches on courses though so we should see development there. Next Season Top 2 finish Champions League qualification Infrastructure Build new stadium Overall Progress Season League Position Achievements ======================================================================================== 17/18 AUT.1 1st Promotion! 18/19 AUT.P 2nd Cup runners up, Champions League qualification! 19/20 AUT.P 2nd Cup winners! 20/21 AUT.P 2nd Cup runner up
  7. @ChallengeMeFM good luck with that, only 13 players to start with will be challenging to say the least!
  8. Sportverein Grodig - Season 3 (2019/20) - Austrian Bundesliga Manager Profile League - This season was a definite improvement on the last one even if we ultimately ended up finishing in the same position (2nd). Last year, we battled our way to 2nd spot but this year we were way better than everyone except the fantastic Rapid. We were always slightly behind Rapid as shown by the fact that we lost just 4 league games all year, three of which were to Rapid. Two were both in Vienna where we lost 4-0 and 6-2 and the third was the stadium expansion opener towards the end of the year. We could have drawn level on points by beating them with just 4 games to play but they beat us and sealed the title. Cup Fixtures - We were determined to avenge the cup final loss of last season and once Rapid had been knocked out, we were favourites to lift the cup. The home semi final against Austria Vienna was the nerve wracking game which we managed to win on penalties. All the other games ended up being comfortable victories including the final which was a 5-1 victory over Altach. This sealed our first major trophy! Champions League - The draw rolled around and the quality of opposition shocked me! Seeing the likes of Chelsea in the bracket scared me! We drew Galatasaray and I knew we were in for a difficult time. The first leg was in Turkey and we actually outplayed them. I couldn't believe how well the team did. We drew the game 1-1 and should have won it as we missed an 88th minute penalty. I knew that with the away goal we could potentially seal the win at home. We played a solid defensive game with plenty of possession and it finished 0-0 sending us through on away goals where Napoli would await us. We played away first leg again and lost the game 3-2 but with 2 away goals, a 1 goal victory would probably win us the tie. Despite a great effot, we just couldn't get going in the second leg and lost 1-0 with just 1 shot on target. Europa League - The group draw saw us match up against Fiorentina, Club Brugge and Ludogorets. I thought we stood a chance of making second spot in the group with Ludogorets and Brugge being the easier teams to beat. We started well with a home win over Ludogorets and a fantastic win in Brugge. We then played Fiorentina twice and lost twice, no shocks there. A third loss in a row away to Ludogorets saw us 3 points behind the Bulgarians with one game to go. We would need something with a -2 goal differential and Ludogorets were at +2. Luckily, they were away to Fiorentina. We managed to win 3-1 at home to Brugge and Fiorentina won 3-1 sending us through by the most narrow of margins! In the knockout phase, we drew Southampton. Once again we played the first leg at from home where we drew 1-1. The away leg, we tried to implement the Galatasaray game plan, and snatch an away goal. This time though our luck had run out and we didn't manage a single shot on target as we lost the game 3-0. Transfers - Squad 1 Squad 2 - Finances - Facilities End of Season Awards Season Review Key Players Fabian Hafner - Hafner has once again been the central defensive rock in my team. With European games coming thick and fast, we had to rotate a lot of players but he made 48 appearances across the season once again leading the team in average rating. He didn't quite reach the heights of last season but he was still immense. Michael Pletschacher - Pletschacher and Fabian Dittmann YP01A rotated the lone striker role and both did well. With Dittmann leaving the club in the January transfer window, Pletschacher became the go to goalscorer for the team and performed admirably. It remains to be seen whether we can keep him at the club for next season though as he wants a move away. I'm looking very light in the striker spot with little talent coming through the ranks so I could do without selling him! Umberto Gruber - Gruber had been an average player in the first two seasons without every really standing out. He continued this form this season but managed to lead the team in assists from the right back spot. This highlights our tactics of getting our wingers to tuck inside and allow the full backs to attack down the wing. Honorable mentions - Maximilian Sturzer had played plenty of games and made mistakes at centre back but with the need to rotate he got more opportunities this year. He outplayed Markus Berger and has become the favoured partner for Hafner in the middle of defence. Julian Feiser won the young player of the year award for a second year. The converted winger didn't score enough goals for my liking but his assists show the he is contributing well. Fabian Herzgsell had 7 player of the match awards showing how streaky a performer he can be. A midseason injury caused his form to drop, expecting bigger things from him if he can stay healthy. Youth Intake Youth Intake - A bit more depth in this intake hopefully due to the increasing facilities and recruitment that we are pushing through. Marcel Agethen YP03A - With quality youth lacking from my central midfield due to the likes of Doll YP01B, Talha Yarat and Christopher Bachleitner not developing as well as I'd hoped, Agethen could become my central midfield stopper very quickly. He will need some retraining but I expect him to play some games in the season ahead and we can see how he does. Christoph Altenhoff YP03B - Altenhoff is an attacking midfielder who can pretty much step into the team now. With Holtschl demanding ridiculous wages, it looks like he will leave the team and Altenhoff can share duties with Karakaya. Michael Bauer YP03C - As with all of my wingers, I like to have opposite foot proficiency (RM is good with left foot etc.). This poses a problem with my intakes as I have almost never had this. As such, I have to retrain positions for all my wide players. Bauer is the latest convert who will be playing LM. His technical skills are a bit behind the curve but his physical traits should help him. Semih Saglam YP03D - Saglam is the second promising attacking midfielder in this intake. Not quite where Altenhoff is, he will have time to develop through the system. His passing skills look well developed so a bit of polishing and he could play a role for me. Other Developments The board completed the stadium expansion just weeks before the end of the season so we managed to play 3 games in there. We then received news that the stadium would be expanding a second time. This time though, we wouldn't be moving out to allow it to happen so we remain at the DAS.GOLDBERG for the whole season. This expansion though takes us to the limit of this grounds size and with our average attendance sitting at 8,500, we could be looking to build a new stadium in the near future. Season Objectives Top half Bundesliga finish again - Success Champions League qualification - Failure Infrastructure - Success Next Season Top 2 Bundesliga finish - With our striking department looking poor, we are going to struggle to overturn Rapid anytime soon. So we need to maintain our position and continue to build at the top of the league. Champions League qualification - Once again, I will aim for this but I underestimated the quality of opposition we would have to beat to get there. We won one of the two ties we needed to last time, we will try our best to do the same again. Either way, the European run certainly helped our finances! Infrastructure - With the European run putting millions in the bank, we need to continue to spend it on facilities. The board have been doing this and I will keep on asking to do so. Recruit improved coaches - Our current coaching setup is the best in the league but settling for this will not win us the Champions League. We will be looking to bring in a few more coaches to improve the quality of our training. Overall Progress Season League Position Achievements ======================================================================================== 17/18 AUT.1 1st Promotion! 18/19 AUT.P 2nd Cup runners up, Champions League qualification! 19/20 AUT.P 2nd Cup winners!
  9. I had no idea how the CL qualification worked! I won the first tie somehow with an incredible away performance against Galatasaray. Finished 1-1 including us missing an 88th minute penalty to win the first leg. Then we shut up shop and drew 0-0 at home. Our reward for this? A tie with Napoli! I would need miracles to get past them but still, losing at this stage nets the club over 2.5M so will be a welcome financial boost.
  10. Sportverein Grodig - Season 2 (2018/19) - Austrian Bundesliga Manager Profile League - (Positions) Our first season in the top division was always going to be a challenge. We would be facing some financial heavyweights in the likes of RB Salzburg, Rapid Vienna and Sturm Graz. We would target the weaker teams in order to aim to finish 9th and not get relegated. Two wins in the first three games got us off to a flyer and I thought life in the Bundesliga was going to be a stroll. Then reality hit us and we picked up 4 draws and 3 losses in the next 7 league games. This was our form heading into a crucial game against relegation rivals St Polten. A first half blitz saw us leading 3-0 at the break and despite an up and down second half, we ran out 5-2 winners. This result kickstarted our season and sent us on an amazing run. After losing to Altach, we lost just 3 games in our remaining 24 league games, picking up 47 points. It followed a similar story to the first season where we took the first quarter of the season to work out our squad and then just hit form and ride it. While we never challenged for the title (Rapid Vienna winning it with 7 games to go), we battled hard and finished in 2nd place which earns us entry into the 3rd round of Champions League qualifying! Cup Fixtures - After losing in the cup to Austria Vienna last season, we had the pleasure of hosting them at home in the semi final and we got our revenge with a 2-1 victory sending SV Grodig into their first ever cup final. The problem? Rapid Vienna awaited us. The final was a one sided affair really where the top club's quality shone through. We dominated possession but could only convert it into 1 shot on target but an early Rapid blockbuster from 30 yards put us out of the game. In the end, it finished 2-0 and the better team won. Transfers - Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 - Finances - Facilities End of Season Awards Season Review Key Players Fabian Hafner - The younger centre back of my main pairing outshone his older colleague this year. He took on the mantle of leading the team and he did just that. At just 25 years of age, we have a centre back who can stay in the middle of our defence for a few years to allow our youth players to grow. He was so immense that he was voted Austrian Player of the Year Thomas Holtschl - The attacking midfielder is the only player who really plays this position the way I want him to. I always feel like he can do better but then he produces games of such quality where he destroys the opposition single handedly. If he was consistent, he wouldn't be with this team. Robert Strobl - The aging left back has been an almost ever present for us. He extended his contract with us for another year which will allow Leonardo Lukacevic to develop a little bit more before taking over the role on a full time basis. Honorable mentions - Hans-Peter Berger the 39 year old keeper has been excellent for us and looks likely to retire, he will be tough to replace. Daniel Kogler has played on the right wing but also in the central midfeld and done admirably at both spots. Michael Pletschacher took over from one of last years bright spots, Mersudin Jukic, and lead the line well although Fabian Dittman is pushing for a regular spot already at just 17 years of age. Youth Intake Youth Intake - The intake has a few decent players but is missing that player who could make a difference. I suspect YP02 will end up being full of role players rather than 30+ game starters. Robin Allmeier YP02A - Allmeier has a good physical base from which to work but as I'm training him to be my LM he needs to work hard on his technical skills to get anywhere near the team. Tim Born YP02B - Born is a midfield all rounder. Due to his natural fitness and work rate, he is being trained as a bob to box midfielder which will fit nicely into my system. Johann Schneebaur YP02C - Johann is already over 6 ft at 15 so should grow into a towering centre back. He has a solid base to grow into a defensive player if nothing more. Other Developments The board once again agreed to send me on a coaching course so I have now completed my National B badge. The only facilities change I managed to get pushed through was an upgrade to training facilities. Next Season Top half Bundesliga finish again - RB Salzburg were in turmoil for most of the season, I cannot rely on that again. Champions League qualification - This would be incredible but with a single 2 leg tie separating us from the group stages, we are going to put everything we can into winning that. Infrastructure - We really need to push on and increase the facilities across the board. The stadium is far too small, the youth facilities are inadequate. Here's hoping the board can be progressive! ************ Just minutes after posting this, the board sent me this wonderful email! *********** So this means I will play the majority of the season in a stadium with a 31,895 capacity whilst our own ground is increased to over 7,000 seats! Happy days! I didn't even ask the board to increase it yet! Overall Progress Season League Position Achievements ======================================================================================== 17/18 AUT.1 1st Promotion! 18/19 AUT.P 2nd Cup runners up, Champions League qualification!
  11. @Bubbles_DK Good luck with Turkey! Hopefully the stadium won't feel too empty as you build your way up! @GloryFan2002 Unlucky with the sacking. @darren1983 Thanks for the help, the logo is now in!
  12. I've not tried to sign one as there was already one at the club when I joined. If he leaves then I'll give you an update.
  13. I hadn't even noticed that! I think I should refund their travel costs after having to sit through that!
  14. Sportverein Grodig - Season 1 (2017/18) - Austrian First Division Starting Profile - Manager Profile League - (Positions) We started with expectations of finishing in the top half. Based upon the squad I though we would be just about mid-table so I was happy to leave it there. The season started badly and we bumbled along in the bottom half but never too much in the relegation battle. Just before the winter break hit, the board lost their temper following a 4-0 drubbing at home to Austria Lustenau. They told me they were going to sack me and I convinced them to give me a chance but I had to earn it. I need to secure 9 points over the next 5 games. Two wins and two draws later, I needed to pick up a point away to LASK Linz. The lads pulled out all the stops and we ran out 4-2 winners. This period of form then continued and we didn't lose another game all season winning 13 of the remaining 17 fixtures. Combine this with Kapfenberger SV 1919 hitting a run of terrible form and we overhauled them with 4 games remaining. A final day of the season victory away to SV Horn secured the title at the very first attempt! Austrian Cup - A cup run started with a simple win over a regional side and then a penalties victory over SV Mattersberg. This meant that top side FK Austria Wien headed to our home in what would prove to be a tough match. We acquited ourselves well and could have won the game but took them all the way to penalties. At one point, we were 3-2 up with one penalty left each but the inevitable misses from us and their clinical finising saw them win 4-3 in the end. The cup was actually won by a second tier side in the end as SV Horn beat Kapfenberger SV 1919 in the final. This cup run likely didn't help their league form so I didn't mind at all! Transfers - Squad - Finances - Facilities A quirk in the Austrian league whereby you are given payments for playing Austrian players proved very useful indeed. A payment of £409,000 was received every 9 games for playing 12 Austrians in each game. Key Players Daniel Krenn - The right winger who converted to play on the left in my 4-4-1-1 tactic proved to be a handful. He finished as top scorer for us but sulked his way throughout the season. Seemingly unable to please him, I just accepted that he is a major pessimist and as long as he keeps performing I'll deal with his moods. Markus Berger - The experienced centre back was a rock for us. While we experimented through the season he appeared in a large number of games, not all of them though as he had a penchant for a booking. He was also our penalty taker and managed to miss a few crucial ones throughout the year. Mersudin Jukic - Upon accepting the job, the experienced striker looked like he would lead the line for me but by the time the season started, he just wasn't clicking. So we gave the job to young Markus Wallner who started with a good few goals. We persisted with Wallner through his struggles until Jukic became unhappy and we promised him a chance. We gave him that chance and never looked back. He hit form and stayed on top of it until the end of the season finishing tied for first in assists and second in goals. Youth Intake Youth players - The intake has a few promising players but if we are going to survive in the top division we need these to develop quickly. Fabian Dittman YP01A - Dittman is clearly the most talented of the bunch. With our lone striker approach, we will be training him for the deep lying forward role and hoping he can lead the line for a good few years to come. Carsten Doll YP01B - Hopefully Doll can become my midfield rock but he will need to show significant improvement. His low determination and positioning are definite worries. Kevin Bittner YP01C - With just two keepers on the books and one heading for retirement in the near future, developing Bittner is crucial. His personality should lend itself to spending long days on the training ground so heres hoping. Other Developments The board agreed to send me on a coaching course so I'm in the process of completing my National C badge. They also agreed to improve junior coaching to back the development of youth prospects philosophy. They have yet to agree to improve any facilties but I will keep working on them. Next Season Cling on for dear life. I'm hoping that the rapid ascent will not prove too much but I will be happy to finish 9th next season. The board however may have other ideas. I certainly hope not! Overall Progress Season League Position Achievements ============================================================================= 17/18 AUT.1 1st Promotion!
  15. @darren1983 well done! fantastic job! I'm coming towards the end of my first season in charge of SV Grodig and I've just seen the craziest, most frustrating match in my FM career. Playing away to Austria Lustenau and we blitz them, 4-0 up inside 16 minutes and then 5-0 up at half time. I made sure that nobody was complacent, they were all calm apparently. So I sent them out to finish the job. Just 11 minutes later and our lead is reduced to 1 at 5-4. We immediately make it 6-4 from the kickoff. Still over half an hour to play. They make it 6-5 and again we extend the lead to 2 at 7-5 with 10 minutes to go. Needless to say, they scored two in the final ten to finish the game 7-7. After all that, my experienced centre back decided to let me know he was feeling complacent! See madness within!