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  1. Interested in anybody else's experience of playing FM16 on a SP4. I took delivery of my new SP4 (i7, 16GB RAM) last week and it is superb apart from one issue. The fan sounds like an Airbus A380 at takeoff despite monitoring CPU and RAM utilisation and neither really being too taxing. When I load up FM16 and load a game, the fan kicks in. I have monitored specs during this process which is obviously intensive and I can understand but if I leave it to settle then CPU drops to 10-20% and memory is constant at 33%. However, the fan remains at full blown takeoff speed. Having raised this with Microsoft Support, the lovely member of staff told me it is normal and then disappeared when I queried their Returns Policy. I'm on the verge of sending this back (it might even fly back by itself) but I thought I would question the superior knowledge of the community here first.