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  1. @3rik hopefully Wikstrand can keep that scoring rate going into next season for you! A solid first season with plenty to build on. @Jaketomsett Congratulations! Well done on the league and Europa League double, good luck in the CL next season too!
  2. @thomas_e that first league title looks like it should be in the next few years with that youth talent youre bringing through! Good luck!
  3. Alta de Lisboa - Season 3 - 2021/22 Competitions Well the season proved as hard as I expected it to be and it was always extremely close. We started well with 7 points in our first 4 games and then reality hit and we picked up just 6 points in the next 4 months. A new year run of 5 games unbeaten (2W, 3D) helped us gain a few points over the bottom two and we somewhat fell over the line to survive relegation and finish 15th. We struggled for goals this year with the aging Sebastien scoring just 5 in the league, we don't really have an up and coming replacement for him either as he retires this summer. We will be splitting time between Mario Oliveira and Goncalo Filipe hoping that one of them or the young Sandro Veloso can develop enough to lead the line for us. The cup was fine until we met top flight opposition in the 3rd round and the new league cup competition proved to be just one more friendly preseason match as we failed to progress past the first phase. All in all, the season was an achievement of consolidation and next year will be the same. Until we can grow and hold onto our talent, the slog continues! Squad - Squad 2 - Squad 3 Stats - Stats 2 - Stats 3 Youth Intake Looks like a good crop of youngsters again, will be interested to see how they develop. Gaspar 22c - should go straight into the team with our midfield losses. Who doesn't love a player who is so good he only has one name? Paulo Silva 22d - will be trying to retrain him as a CD as I don't use a CDM. I've never really paid attention but I'd have thought players should still be growing at age 15 so would like him to gain some height. Paulo Silva 22f - not going to get confusing at all but I finally got my promising RD! Transfers So we've lost four of our top 6 players to pre-contract deals. Both of our centre backs and two of our three central midfielders. They will be very hard to replace and next year is going to be tough. I had to fight to keep the other central midfielder and Tiago Correira too! Transfers - Future Transfers Summary
  4. Just had my next intake and managed to get two Paulo Silva's!
  5. Time for some advice, is there any particular reason why I'm only able to offer players a contract for one year? This means that my excellent youngsters are signing their first deal and then refusing to listen to further offers because they've just signed a deal while negotiating with other teams on a pre-contract deal. I'm going to lose three of my best players already this year to this.
  6. Alta de Lisboa - Season 2 - 2020/21 So second season after a successful first one, we were predicted a more difficult time. A couple of useful veterans had left and retired so we were going to have to lean heavily on the youth to provide the spine of the club. The first month of the season was mid-table quality but then we put together a fantastic run on 18 games unbeaten and tore away at the top of the league. We suffered some injuries and tiredness in the squad and really limped over the line in the end. I didn't hold out much hope for the playoffs with our form especially when I was drawn against Vitoria de Guimaraes B but my fear was unfounded as the team won the first leg 4-0 and even won away 1-0. These results sent the morale flying up which I think carried them through a tough semi-final against SP Espinho. We won the first leg 2-1 at home and clung on to lose 1-0 away going through to the final on away goals. With both finalists being promoted, I wasn't too bothered about the final but a trophy would have been lovely. An injury time equaliser denied us the win and then we ultimately lost on penalties but promotion was secured! League Table - QF - SF - Final - Transfers Squad - Squad 2 - Squad 3 Stats - Stats 2 - Stats 3 No transfers in but we lost one of our best performers Diogo Ribeiro on a pre-contract deal during the season so we have to replace him next year. We will be in the same league as him next year too so we will be looking out for those fixtures when they're released. Summary
  7. @Fadedaf some quality youngsters there, I'm really in need of a future RB so I'm jealous of Forsnes!
  8. Full update to come tomorrow but I've secured two major milestones today. Promotion on away goals after which the board came to me and suggested we changed to a professional club!
  9. @Hovis Dexter Good job with Bari there. With the league’s 6th highest attendance and those facilities it’s just a matter of time before you produce some exceptional talent. Being in Serie A already means you’re less likely to lose your talent so quickly too so just stick with it and let those youngsters grow.
  10. Alta de Lisboa - 2021 Youth Intake Well this time I remembered to take a screenshot! Youth Intake Some much needed defensive talent in both Bruno Campos 21a and Ivo Jacob 21c along with yet more CM talent. With our best young player that we started with signing a pre contract to leave at the end of the second season, the abundance of talent in the middle of the park is very much necessary. Carlos Tchiaka 21e looks like he could a gap at the Inside Forward role on my LAM and finally Sandro Veloso 21f is next in line for leading the line. The team currently sits 11 points clear of 3rd place with 5 games to go so playoff qualification looks likely. But what team turns up in the playoffs I don't know. I've had some really strange results this year including the last game which was a 7-0 loss at home to Amora who are in the relegation zone. I hope that isn't a downward trend for our form!
  11. Thanks, in the 3rd tier in Portugal, it seems that a lot of the clubs are Semi-Pro so it's not too bad but with only 2 teams getting promoted out of 72, I just need that bit of luck to make the jump. Once I get that first promotion, I get the feeling the club will kick on. The finances are ok, we have just under 1M in the bank and lose around 15k per month but prize money was over 500k last year so we made a huge profit on the year. The slog continues.
  12. Does anyone have tips for securing professional status? This second season is proving tough and I really need to work towards being a professional club to secure the training sessions to develop these kids.
  13. Alta de Lisboa - Season 1 - 2019/20 So I decided to try out the youth challenge this year after conquering Austria (but not Europe) with SV Grodig last year. I tried a few different nations but none of them dragged me in so as a Wolves fan, I thought I'd give Portugal a go. With three playable tiers, the third tier consisting of 4 groups of 18 teams, it seemed like a good challenge. I then realised that 5 teams from each group get relegated so this would be tough. Upon loading, I found a team with a great starting infrastructure in Alta de Lisboa. Starting Profile So the season started fairly well with a couple of wins in the cup and some average results in the league. We managed to beat our board's expectation of 2nd round in the cup and made it through to the 4th round where we were dispatched 4-0 at home by SC Braga. Our focus returned to the league and attempting to claw our way away from the relegation zone and a poor return of 5 points from 5 games in November had me worried. A change of tactics saw us hit our stride and we went 11 games unbeaten rocketing us up the table. At this point in January, there were just 4 points separating the top 7 so it was going to be a long season. We continued our good form but drew some games we really should have been winning and going in to the final day, we sat 2nd just 2 points clear of 3rd placed UD Leiria. We lost away to Vilfranquense but luckily Leiria also lost meaning we qualified for the end of season playoffs. The format is the top 2 teams from each group progress to a knockout with both finalists earning promotion to the second tier. The draw was made, FC Porto B. I didn't have much hope and the bookmakers agreed making me 4-1 outsiders in the home match alone. We proceeded to lose the home game 2-0 followed by a 7-0 demolition away and the season was over. All in all, it was a fantastic season, one where consolidation was replaced by hope. With some of our better players being the veterans, next season will be a real test of the potential of the youth players in the squad. Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3 - Transfers League Table I managed to skip youth intake day and not get a screenshot but needless to say, a large number of them were quality and will be playing their part in season 2. The majority of the intake seem to be good midfielders and attackers, already our strongest area of the team, I could really do with a bumper intake of defenders next season.
  14. Thanks for the quick response. I am able to cancel both but will follow their early careers with interest to see if they we're any good.
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