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  1. Hi all - started this a couple of days ago but havent post my initial profile yet. Gave up trying to get a sub 1000 rep team and so chose Redditch. Profile Couple of quick questions from my first few days of playing the game: 1) do your scouts ever give you information on the size of your next oppositions pitch any more? I used to make changes to my starting tactics depending for narrow or short pitches in previous FMs 2) has anyone ever managed to succesfully appeal a work permit decission?
  2. Aario - Season 4 (2013-2014) - League 2 - 12th - Johnston Paint Trophy Semis Overview First season as a pro club and first season in the Football League was fairly successful. Managed to be safe in mid table and also had a decent run in one of the cups. League A poor start had us looking over our shoulder for the first 6 months or so (and fearing the bookies may have been right!) but I was always confident we had enough talent in the squad and our final position of 12th in the table was exactly what I had promised the board. Cups Tough draws against teams from League 1 meant first round exits in both the League Cup and the FA Cup. However, the Johnstons Paint Trophy was a different story. A couple of League 1 scalps taking us all the way to the semi and found us as the last League 2 team in it. However, the team at the top of League 1 gave us a right pasting, 0-3, in the semi. Squad Here is the first team. Basey had a solid season, my amazing youth team product Holmes was great when he played (I have not used him all the time just yet despite him being the best player I have by some distance!). Not sure how long I will be able to hold on to him. Up front was were I had problems with injuries and losses of form meaning I never had a settled pair. Mid season signing Reid showed some promise though. Here are the seasons transfers over two pages! Aims for next season Try not to build a whole new team(!) just add a couple of players here and their and decide on a first choice pairing up front and keep them fit! Aim for playoffs and hopefully get a bit further in the FA Cup to get some cash in. Finances Lost a bit of money over the season but still not looking too bad. Profile Here you go Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square North 1st Promoted as Champions 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Playoff semi-finalist, FA Trophy semi-finalists 2012/13 Blue Square premier 3rd Playoff Winners, FA Trophy Winners 2013/14 League 2 12th Johnston Paint Trophy semi-finalists Season 1 report Season 2 report Season 3 report
  3. In my 4th season and despite having won 2 promotions and been to the playoffs in the other season and I have, only now, finally managed to win my first manager of the month!
  4. Thebaker and Almondo - yep, have got him signed up for as long as possible Just find a bit strange that such a good player would only be noticed by a club of our standing. Sure you get a few players who come up through the non-league ranks to make the highest standard but normally they come through late as they are doing something else when they are teenagers. In real life if a teenager from the Nottingham/Derby area was known nationally (i.e. played for England school boys you would imagine) there is no way he would not be signed to one of Forest, Derby or at a stretch Notts County. Anyway, I shall enjoy it for as long as I can
  5. Hmmmmm - I feel like I have somehow cheated here....... .... or is this some kind of bug :confused: Anyway, about to start my 4th season (first as a pro club and first in the Football League) and I get the usual message about new youth intake. The majority are, as normal, rubbish however there is also this guy As I say, first season as a pro club with training and youth facilities as poor as they come. Seems ridiculous that one of Forest, Derby (both in the top 10 of Championship in all seasons of the game) or even Notts County (won League 2 in holiday season and in League 1 ever since) would have let a talent like this be missed. He is, after all, already described as being of national reputation. Oh well, guess I will lose him pretty soon anyway
  6. Aario - Season 3 (2012-2013) - BSP - 3rd - Playoff and FA Trophy Winners Not been on here, or able to play for ages but have finally finished my 3rd season! Overview After last seasons disapointment (playoff semis and FA trophy semis lossers) this time round we managed to go that little bit further in both competitions to win promotion to the football league and also win our first trophy League After winning the BSN and finishing 3rd in the BSP due to great home form and being in leagues were no-one else wanted to win it in my first 2 seasons this time we were never in with a shout of winning the league. We were always confortable for the playoffs though. The playoff semis were both comfortable games and put us into the final against Farnborough who had finished 5th and surprisingly beat Wrexham in their semi. Again the game was very comfortable, probably helped by the fact that both Farnboroughs first choice strikers missed the game through injury. Cups Went one better than last season in the FA Cup by getting an easy draw through to the 3rd round were we get thrashed by Premier Division QPR. Another easy draw, not having to play anyone else from the BSP until the final, sent us to Wembely for the FA Trophy Final against high flying Wrexham. It was a very tight game but a single goal in extra time was enough to see us win our first silverware Squad Here is my first team squad. A better keeper was added along with Mitchel-King and Craney in central midfield to replace the aging Keates. I think Mitchel-King (another find from the backroom advice screen) may get more games at centre half in the future. Basey at left back had a solid first season as well. Here are the transfers made during the season and those who I have managed to get in for next season already. Aims for next season Get myself into midtable and stay there! Also see if my policy of recruiting staff as much for their knowledge/nationality as their stats leads to a few more foriegn players fancy us now we will be a league club. Finances Winnings and TV money from Cup games lead to a profit for the year. Profile Still need to find a tactic which works away from home, which explains the tactical consistency stat. Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square North 1st Promoted as Champions 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Playoff semi-finalist, FA Trophy semi-finalists 2012/13 Blue Square premier 3rd Playoff Winners, FA Trophy Winners Season 1 report Season 2 report
  7. It might not be - I believe a few teams reputations changed a fair bit with the patches - so depends on what game version you have and (whether the first page has been updated with post patch reputations).
  8. Aario - Hucknall - Season 2 (2011-12) - BSP - 3rd - Playoff semi lossers Overview A strong season but one that finsihed in disapointment - 1 win away from winning the league, lossing in the playoffs and also suffering defeat in the FA Trophy semi League As you can see from the table it was (as with last season in the BSN) my home form that almost won us the league as yet again I found myself in a division that no-one seemed able to stamp their authority on. I really need to sort out my tactics away from home it appears :confused:. My strikers getting small injuries and suffering losses of confidence through Jan and right at the death eventually did for us when it appeared for a bit we may run away with it. Ultimately this defeat in the penultimate game against eventual winners York was decisive Cups [From last season report] "Nothing to see here - move along please! (aim for next season is to do a little better to get some cash in!)" Well achived that! Got through to the 1st round of the FA Cup and had our first giant killing as we got a lucky 3-3 away at League 2 Shrewsbury before a deserved 2-1 home win put them out! Came down to earth with a bump in the 2nd round though - getting spanked 0-4 by League 1 Swindon in front of the TV cameras. Bought in much need cash though. FA Trophy was even better making it all the way to the semis but 2 below par performances against local rivals Mansfield meant we missed out on the chance to win a trophy I felt was there for the taking. Squad Here are the first team Here are my transfers - about half of these were youngsters as the youth players that came through our systems would have been thrashed every week - doubt any of them will ever make the first team. Best player was a bit of a surprise - he started the season in the reserves as I thought he had over performed in my season in the BSN but after getting his chance early on due to injury he never looked back. Will be interrested he can repeat this coming season. Captain Keates was also great but I fear his legs maybe gone next season. Aims for next season Definitely want promotion - need to get the away day tactics sorted and probably find a decent central midfielder and a new keeper Finances Still lossing money each month. But thanks to the income from the 2 home FA Cup games against higher opposition we managed to turn a small profit over the season Profile Here you go Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square North 1st Promoted as Champions 2011/12 Blue Square Premier 3rd Playoff semi-finalist, FA Trophy semi-finalists Season 1 report
  9. Its a bit late now seeing as your misses 2 weeks ago ended our season!
  10. Play off semi - 2nd leg - not happy As you can see we had 5 Clear cut chances - 1 off the woodwork whislt until the 85th min when I threw everyone forward they had 1 shot - 1 on target - 1 long shot - 0 clear cut - 1 goal Was a 35 yard free kick - have not had the courage to see how low the guys free kicks and long shots are yet but assuming both will probably be below 5 Don't really feel like a full update now - will be post in a few days when I next have time to play - suffice to say a season which saw us top for around a third of the campaign and into the semi finals of the FA trophy has fallen somewhat flat
  11. I realise I am a couple of days behind here and he has already been signed but 24 goals and 14 MOM in 28+2 appearances in (presumably) La Liga looks fairly handy at one of the highest levels.........
  12. Whats this all about :confused: If we loose does it become at lot more than 7 miles
  13. About time to! - 16 hours in which our season has been in serious danger of falling apart!
  14. Interesting stuff - thanks for the tip - although in this case I don't think it was an issue - generally I don't let in a whole load of long shots - just a case of their player having a red letter day. He was one of their two strikers and both efforts were first time snap shots when he was being well marked by my centre half
  15. As if lossing 0-2 to a team that only had 2 shots in the game wasn't bad enough a few games later this happens :mad: I watch on extended and their 4th so called shot was a cross which was blocked for a corner so they only actually had 3 shots and scored all of them - both of Medley's goals came 30 yards plus - and he has 3 for long shots
  16. I have not managed (or even really tried / played long enough) to gain knowledge through friendships since FM08 but I definitely did gain knowledge back then but praising another manager. In FM10 however, one of my staff (Mel Gwinnet) has knowledge through friendship of another person (Northampton Manager Paul Tisdale) as you can see here.
  17. Spankie - SnakeXe - good season guys and good reports. Spankie - what skin is that?
  18. Yeah - Lasserre looks seriously good for league 1 - position would ideally be higher for top level championship / prem but at your level for last season I guess 15 pace got him out of trouble a few times. Also his jumping and heading must have meant when he was in position he did losse much in the air. Assuming from the 12 goals you have a decent corner routine involving him as well. 9 Mom from a defender is also pretty special
  19. I really do love the backroom advice (have just played my first game in the BSP for those who cannot remember what level my Hucknall team are currently at!) Not that this would ever happen in real life but it is part of the way this game I am play works so I am happy to make believe. He looks like he should do a job in the BSP How the mighty have fallen judging by the interest And yes - he is prepared to talk to us Bet he will either have work permit issues or chose someone else though.......................
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