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  1. 4-4-2 all the way. Shape: Control, balanced, balanced, balanced. Defense: Balanced, Own Half, Normal, Yes, No Attack: mixed, mixed, mixed. Get players with high pace. They will rule the league, especially attackers and left/right midfielders. You can usually find good players on Free Transfer. Ignore finances as you won't get fired from having the wage budget in minus.
  2. Let's try this one. PreScoutReport.zip
  3. I don't have a save just before, but I can provide you with a save where he is not scouted yet. Will that do? And yes, this is the only player I've seen this issue happen with.
  4. Save game: ScoutReportFaulty.zip
  5. When I click on the scout report for Gianluca Fort, I cannot swipe and the bottom bar is missing some text. Other scout reports are fine.
  6. @Sebastian Szlenkier Whelan moved to Luton when his contract expired in 2025. However, Florian Escales is still at my club, even after his contract expired.
  7. I got a new stadium and got to name it. However, when I went into the news, I only got a pop up that said “submit stadium name - confirm/cancel”. I got confused about this since I didn’t name anything yet, and therefore clicked cancel. This made the board name the stadium instead of me. Perhaps make the text a bit clearer or make it so you get a text box up at the first thing. unfortunately I do not have a save before I clicked the news.
  8. No problems here. I have the occasionally fails, but most of the times my coaches improve. If not, I fire them and hire new ones
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