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  1. I'd like an option saying 'FMM is easy', not 'FMM is too easy' because I do loose matches. Tbh I am a lazy FMM player. I don't pay any attention to opposition tactics - I only focus on away/home. I play the same tactic for all matches - I only changed mentality from control to counter if it's a stronger opponent. I also use AssMan to set players. I rarely set the players myself - I only do this if the AssMan selects a player with low condition or if I really want a specific player to play. Transfer wise, I go for players with pace and general good stats.
  2. MikaelS

    Player skills decrease

    There are no such thing as silly questions, just stupid answers Zip it up and send it to help@sega.co.uk with a reference to this thread.
  3. How many staffs you got with Cambridge in L1? With Chippenham I've got 2 silver coaches, 1 silver scout and 1 silver physio.
  4. My guess is that as soon as FMM2018 hit the stores, previous version was removed.
  5. As stated in your other thread, I don't believe this is possible unless the team is promoted. What I usually do, is that I go as unemployed a year and then take over one of the newly promoted teams - if they want me that is You can try that and hope your preferred team gets promoted.
  6. MikaelS

    Cross Save

    Oooh, my mistake then! I thought it was the same for both OS.
  7. MikaelS

    FMM 2018

    Unfortunately no.
  8. MikaelS

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Would be fun to see a screenshot of him
  9. MikaelS

    FMM 2018

    It is not possible unless the team itself will get promoted. See this post:
  10. Only Mourinho can unlock that ;-)
  11. I believe wage budget is separated from normal finances, so what does it say in Financial State?
  12. MikaelS

    Cross Save

    Yes, as long as you use the same account on both devices.
  13. How's the finances? I'm in League Two with Chippenham and due to poor financial state, no facilities have been upgraded and I still only have 1 of each staff.
  14. Some quality work there mate.