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  1. Cup adventure comes to an end, but we didn't get a beating and I'm proud of the team. @XaW
  2. Thanks! I hope the home team fans didn't hurt you after their defeat My cup run stops here though - I've got Rosenborg in the next round.
  3. Hell yeah! Sogndal was no match for me *cough*, but another penalty shootout saw us prevail!
  4. Oooh rub it in will ya? But yes, it is probably a viewable league, not a playable league.
  5. Warning, warning. warning! Be careful doing this - its a trap! I did it to a player and now I have half a squad being angry at me because I changed his proposed playing time.
  6. If the transfer was made/agreed before you took over, it is ok. If you get the option to cancel the transfer, then do so. And then you are ok
  7. Honestly, let's see how it goes. So far I am not having the best time with senior star players not wanting to extend contract
  8. Youth intake is here Not the best bunch of boys. I was really hoping for a promising striker.
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