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  1. That really sounds like a whole lot of work, more than I want to spend
  2. @Marc Vaughan Could you at least make Scandinavian characters available in names? It's annoying to see my ø being converted to an o.
  3. Typical. Now I can't seem to get it to do it I wonder if it my ass. man doing tricks if he is set to handle friendlies?
  4. When I reach seasons end, I can save it and then you can simply reproduce it by going into the new season. I will return once I have reached the seasons end. I should send it to help@sega.co.uk ?
  5. This is something I also noticed in FMH2015. When you start a new season, the current formation gets reset (or changed) to something else. Couldn't it just stay at the current selected one? (Yes I know Alari that this does sound more like a feature request, but I see it as a bug )
  6. I will keep an eye out for it, perhaps see if I can force it. I've been requesting the increase of save games for a couple of years now (I'm pretty sure Miles know it), but I will do it again
  7. Unfortunately not Jamie. With only 4 spaces for saved games (nudge nudge ), I tend to only have one save per game.
  8. Playing as Salford and currently in year 2017 and in VNL. In August I played 6 games (won 5 and drew 1). In the last one, Tyler Dickinson played his only match so far and got a rating of 8. He ended up with August Player of the Month. Does the game just take average rating into account and therefore gives Tyler the award since he has an 8 "in total" ?
  9. The only place I notice it, is in the team selection/overview screen.
  10. Curtneedsaride: I've noticed that as well. The scrolling is not smooth at all.
  11. I was unemployed in the game at the time if that has any relation. I can see that the boxes are gone when I progressed further into the game.
  12. Device: Iphone 6 OS: iOS 9.1 (13B143) Game: FMM 2016 (forgot the 2016 in title) In the news items white boxes appear. When I press on them, I am taken to either a club or player etc. mentioned in the news item. Surely the boxes should either be a name or a club or the boxes should show what it links to. Edit: it seems linking to screenshots doesn't work. Where should I post these? http://imgur.com/ZyxIWC3 http://imgur.com/0urMIz7
  13. Welcome mate. I hope you enjoy the ride