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  1. Let's try this one. PreScoutReport.zip
  2. I don't have a save just before, but I can provide you with a save where he is not scouted yet. Will that do? And yes, this is the only player I've seen this issue happen with.
  3. Save game: ScoutReportFaulty.zip
  4. When I click on the scout report for Gianluca Fort, I cannot swipe and the bottom bar is missing some text. Other scout reports are fine.
  5. @Sebastian Szlenkier Whelan moved to Luton when his contract expired in 2025. However, Florian Escales is still at my club, even after his contract expired.
  6. I got a new stadium and got to name it. However, when I went into the news, I only got a pop up that said “submit stadium name - confirm/cancel”. I got confused about this since I didn’t name anything yet, and therefore clicked cancel. This made the board name the stadium instead of me. Perhaps make the text a bit clearer or make it so you get a text box up at the first thing. unfortunately I do not have a save before I clicked the news.
  7. No problems here. I have the occasionally fails, but most of the times my coaches improve. If not, I fire them and hire new ones
  8. Dammit and here I went through all this trouble with screenshots and save game for once But thanks for the info
  9. I've noticed that you can exceed the wage budget quite a bit without getting sacked. So if you sign a lot of free transfer player at the same time, it will not stop you. I don't see player aged 15-23 is that big a deal? I tend to sign players around 15-19 yo so I can develop them the most.
  10. Save game is available here. No_Transfer_News.zip
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