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  1. @Donsthe skin you are using, is the equivalent to a full blown gaming PC with RGB lights all over Man, that takes some to get used to Oh, and grats on the promotion
  2. @goonergezTough challenge and I fully understand. Word of advice if I may. If you are gonna pick a new team, don't go for the same players as you had at Lancaster. I know from experience, that it is a tendency to go for familiar players. I'm not saying you shouldn't if they are good, but just keep in mind there are other players out there Good luck!
  3. Oh yes. Same in my game. Dorking was smashing it with 12 games unbeaten, but have now lost the momentum and are only leading with 2 points.
  4. @CMU Chips: did your youth go from Average to Adequate and then back to Average?
  5. Hopefully this is not a prediction of the season to come... Shot to pieces by a 17yo regen striker..
  6. I've decided to give this another go, after skipping it the recent versions. Since I can't coach my beloved Chippenham, I'll have to settle with something else, something new. Haringey Borough will have the pleasure of being put through hell by me. May God help us all.
  7. One. But apparently its important to have 16 rooms, 8 bathrooms and 2 kitchens
  8. It's only a matter of money. Or so I've heard
  9. I've been dreaming about making a website for it for years. Never got around to do anything about it, and now I'm too old..
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