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  1. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    So! In real life, Chippenham Town FC is about to ruin a lot of Dafuge's Challenge players by only needing 2 points to secure the Evo-Stik Southern Premier League Title. On Saturday they will play St. Neots Town and hopefully do what is needed. Question is, what team will we have to pick next year then?
  2. Jack, this might take some time. My PSU on my computer decided to die on me last night, so the save game will have to wait until I get a new one.
  3. Hang in there Jack! I will not let you down! To infinity and beyond! Oh wait..
  4. Hi, I sold a 17yo player and when I clicked on him to see his new value, I noticed he suddenly was listed as a player/physio. A bit ambitious to say the least, but then I checked his badge and it turns out he is Gold certified. Did I just sell a physio prodigy? I will upload a save game to help@sega.co.uk once I get home.
  5. Aah good to know. Thanks Jack! And keep up the good work
  6. HI, I've experienced on several occasions, that the app crashes when I am trying to switch players. It can be either in team overview or in a match when trying to sub. It doesn't give an error, so I am not really sure how to provide more details for you guys. Device: iPhone 6 iOS: 10.1.1 (14B150)
  7. Hi Alari, Yup, sent it to help@sega.co.uk, ticket ID 164207.
  8. So, I finished my season in VNL with Hendon and had a very good season. I was therefore pretty excited to see which player (hopefully one of mine) got the PotY award. However, it wasn't really what I expected. The player - Joel Asoro - a loanie at Sutton Utd from Sunderland, won it. I have a hard time see why though. He isn't in top 10 of Average Rating or Goals. In fact, his history indicates he hasn't played at Sutton Utd at all. I will upload a savegame once I get home later tonight.
  9. Save games uploaded. fm_save3.dat is for the first report and fm_save4.dat is for the 2nd time he reports players.
  10. The scout continues to give me reports about more players but the list is the same 9 pages.
  11. 120%. I checked all 9 pages and there were none from a Scandinavian team. It looks more like players I have scouted at some point.
  12. I sent my scout on a quest to the Scandinavian region in order to find me some youth players. Excited I was, when he returned with 17 players. Upon inspecting said players, I didn't find a single player from said region. I will upload a save game once I get home later on.
  13. Dammit, unfortunately no I will make sure I remember that, if I experience it again.
  14. Hey-ooo, Opponent got 2 players sent off. Only one of them is showing in the match overview screen. I have checked both players at Morecambe and they are both suspended.