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  1. Unlucky. Totally lucky to reach this stage anyway mind. Easy run to the semis and almost faltered against a decent Colombian team without their best player. Did collapse against a good Croatia team. Can't just depend on set pieces and penalties. 3 goals from open play all tournament I think.
  2. He does that sometimes at Utd. So he can cross with an in-swinger with his left or run the channel
  3. Martinez will need to fix his defence/formation. If Japan can cut them open like this then Brazil definitely will.
  4. Some of it is because when his touch is bad, it's really bad. But yeah the rest of it is people confirming their biases.
  5. Harsh to put Hart in the same line as Smalling. The former has been shocking. I know that's not your intent though.
  6. I think I asked and got rejected. Don't think my status was secure though so should have asked again before the choice I guess
  7. So I started a save from the beta. Not been able to play as often as I wanted but finally am at the start of the January window. At the start I disabled the first transfer window budgets, however in January now and when I got the option to change expectations it didn't give me the option to select anything with a transfer budget. I was able to get more wages though. Turns out this only affected me. Other teams have been buying players. I sold someone and kept that budget so it's not completely broken but I didn't get a chance to get a budget. Potential bug? I have a save game from December 30 so one can forward to January 1st to get the option for the budget, if I need to post this in the bugs forum
  8. Happened two times. Not again since. Had to load up the game the next day for it to work properly.
  9. I've just had this happen right at the end of the game. I clicked Dressing Room and it's stuck telling me the players are warming up.
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