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  1. Can't believe how long I've been off this. All the negativity just threw me for a loop. But Cup won, new manager, new possibilities.
  2. Yep draw is tomorrow.
  3. Memphis skill
  4. Great second half that. First half was good but we whalloped them second half. Completely deserved thrashing. Hopefully we can go on a run in it, secure CL next season and LVG can retire not having disgraced himself. FA Cup win would be fine as well.
  5. That's not true really.
  6. Not if he takes his chances unlike Welbeck
  7. Pretty sure not every hand ball is a yellow. So wasn't surprised Pantilimon wasn't booked.
  8. Wall of text so I'm going to be simple in reply. From what I've seen so far and heard it's unlikely LVG is intentionally restricting us. We're supposed to keep possession until the final third and draw the opposition out of their organisation. The front 4 and the fullbacks have licence to be creative and go at the opponents. Problem is we're not penetrating enough in the final 3rd. There's a leash but it's a very loose leash.
  9. FFS. Came home planning to watch the match having had no news except the starting lineup. Site I'm going to watch it on as a highlights package as well as the full match and I see a warning that graphic content is involved. Found out Luke Shaw's leg got snapped. Can't watch it now. Just horrible. Awful game regardless of the result and how we played that. Don't care how bad or good we played. Just have to wipe that match away.
  10. Because they put a good deal on the table. What's the problem with blinking when you finally get something good?
  11. This really. Real knew all along what we wanted and only bid right near the end. It wasn't what we were holding out for but it was a good fee plus a replacement player. Couldn't knock that. De Gea will sort himself out and start the Liverpool game or the one after.
  12. Playing against Brugge wouldn't have cup-tied De Gea.
  13. Thought people would have realised the complexity of the clauses with the 2 summer Herrera transfer.
  14. Who said they weren't good enough?
  15. Points will always be dropped.