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  1. ME Freezes

    Happened two times. Not again since. Had to load up the game the next day for it to work properly.
  2. ME Freezes

    Uploading this as roseboy64-crash in the FTP
  3. ME Freezes

    I've just had this happen right at the end of the game. I clicked Dressing Room and it's stuck telling me the players are warming up.
  4. Been unable to play for a couple days now. Monitor acting up so can't verify.
  5. Wait a minute. Seems this might be related to the setting in Responsibilities where players not match fit are made available regardless. Seems to have overridden my instructions.
  6. All players are black - KNOWN

    Happened to me also. Ajax v Man Utd.pkm
  7. Tried to make it reappear when viewing the match but that didn't happen. Have uploaded the save file from before the game. It's West Brom v Utd-roseguy64. In case it's needed.
  8. In the match attached, the opposition (West Brom) made a change. From that point until the 90th min when the extra time was indicated the notification kept appearing as if it was new. The change was Nyom on for Evans. West Brom v Man Utd.pkm
  9. Unfortunately the save was after the bug. It's uploaded as roseguy64-U23
  10. Mata, Herrera and Jones the players
  11. So a couple of my players played in an U23 match the day before my league game despite my instructions. In that same week they had been selected to be available for it until match fit but I unticked that from them. Still played in it anyway. Will upload the save soon.
  12. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    And so I do with Ashton United
  13. dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Going to start this challenge this week. Was fun when I was doing it a few editions ago.
  14. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Can't believe how long I've been off this. All the negativity just threw me for a loop. But Cup won, new manager, new possibilities.