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  1. roseboy64

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Unlucky. Totally lucky to reach this stage anyway mind. Easy run to the semis and almost faltered against a decent Colombian team without their best player. Did collapse against a good Croatia team. Can't just depend on set pieces and penalties. 3 goals from open play all tournament I think.
  2. roseboy64

    Quarterfinals: Brazil vs Belgium

    He does that sometimes at Utd. So he can cross with an in-swinger with his left or run the channel
  3. roseboy64

    Round of 16: Belgium versus Japan

    Martinez will need to fix his defence/formation. If Japan can cut them open like this then Brazil definitely will.
  4. roseboy64

    Round of 16: Belgium versus Japan

    Some of it is because when his touch is bad, it's really bad. But yeah the rest of it is people confirming their biases.
  5. roseboy64

    Belgium vs Tunisia - 1pm BST - BBC1

    You missed the first game?
  6. roseboy64

    2018 World Cup squads

    Are you sure he played?
  7. TBF in his movie he's just starting out in magic. He's a natural at it so he progresses fast but not enough to match up to be amazing. It's expected his powers would be greater now.
  8. roseboy64

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Wish I'd seen the start of this event. Only saw it today. So easy to get the badges. Just need to download and start the games.
  9. roseboy64

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    I've got 75% off coupon for NBA 2k18 if anyone wants it.
  10. I totally wasn't surprised that that guy turned out to be a racist. People who feel offended by being called a straight, white male and compare it to being called the n-word are usually alt-right folks who are worried that they're no longer going to be the majority and that what they held true as values are being challenged. Those values are rooted in them being the majority and oppressors and minorities not being given a voice before to illustrate why those values despite being the norm are actually. Also, want freedom of speech except when it criticizes them and that they can no longer make their racist jokes.