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  1. Duly noted, but people do still have issues with codes from some of these guys right? Or should I literally be going for the cheapest one possible?
  2. That's just a list, I wasn't struggling to find somewhere selling it
  3. Ever since Steam became the platform for FM games I've always just bought it there, and as a result I've always ended up paying approx 50 euro, which is what they're charging this year also.Every year I see people talking about getting the code for 20 quid or thereabouts but I've always been sceptical, afraid my code wouldn't work or that I wouldn't have it on time, and I've read reports of things like this happening to others.Is Steam still the number 1 place to go to get the game or have people found a place just as reliable for half the cost?
  4. How does a freak thing like that happen though if it isn't a weakness in the code?
  5. Absolute nightmare, had to quit the game and having to replay the match now
  6. My match is currently in the 92:23 minute, it has been for approximately 10 minutes now. The match is still taking place, just still playing. No goals or anything significant has happened, but the match won't end? Common problem or freak occurence? Jesus Christ Sports Interactive you've really let the ball drop this time out.
  7. CHESHAM UNITED F.C - Season 2012/13 League Table | Squad | Transfers In/Out Super start to the challenge. Promotion in my first season despite taking a miserly 5 points from my first 7 games. In truth, that was more down to over-intricate tactics that weren't suitable to the calibre of player I had at the club. Once I got rid of a bit more of the deadwood already in the squad, added a bit more quality to the squad, and underwent a bit of simplification, we found our winning rhythm. If the start of the season hadn't been so poor, we probably would have won the league instead of a very comfortable playoff win. 6-3 aggregate Semi-Final win over Salisbury in the semi-finals, followed by another 6-3 final thriller over Truro. It wasn't all joy though, as I went down 2-1 in the FA Trophy Final to a far superior Stockport side. Further to the promotion, the other big positive I'm taking from the season, is having achieved it while making a 130k profit for the season, something I've never come close to achieving in previous years. Season Division Position Cups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2012/13 Blue Square South 3rd Playoff Winners, F.A Cup 1st Rnd, F.A Trophy Runners Up
  8. Chesham United for me, just a week ago this side's match had to be abandoned because an opposition player punched the referee. They think that was controversial? That was just the entreé. Profile
  9. Getting the same 6 teams every time, this has never happened before. Infuriating.
  10. Not exactly a major issue here (seeing as I usually want to watch the whole game) but still, not in love with the latest change. As it is, if I press the windows screen to look at something else, the game pauses. All well and good except..........we already have a pause button. Particularly in pre-season, sometimes I don't mind to have the match run while I'm doing something else. Now it isn't an option?
  11. Hastings United FC - Blue Square South - 2012/13 Media Prediction: 24st Actual Position : 3rd Promoted again first time out, can't ask for much more. Playoffs again, again after falling early enough out of a title race. Our home record just wasn't the invincible beacon it was last year, and our defence became alot more leaky, however we scored the most in the division this year and that got us through. Will have to work on the defence to even compete in League 2. League Table FA Cup After doing so well against Luton, I had to go and mess it up by losing my chance of a big 3rd Round payday to Hucknall. FA Trophy Looks like I won't ever be trying in this. Transfers Had to up the standard to play in Blue Square Premier, having gone up, I'll have to do it again now, so there'll be lots more change. Squad I would prefer to keep alot of the squad next year for stability, but we'll have to see. Career Overview Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 Blue Square South 4th Playoff Winners 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 3rd Playoff Winners Next Season Last 2 seasons I aimed initially to stay up and ended up promoted, I'll take that again, thanks.
  12. Just had another amazing FA Cup win. Got Luton in the First Round, who are 1 division ahead of me in League 2. Scraped a 1 all draw in their place, and have just gone on to beat them 5-1 at home. Chuffed. I've drawn Hucknall (who are below the Blue Square Regionals) away in the second round. Could I possibly get into the Third Round and sneak an away draw against one of the big boys?